Kenneth Bager Biography

Music for Dreams was founded in 2001 and is a sonic kaleidoscope of musical tones and colours. The label’s boss is the legendary Kenneth Bager, who has released records under several aliases, such as Dr. Baker, The Kenneth Bager Experience as well as his own name Kenneth Bager.

Having grown up with music from an early age and been fascinated with the electronic sounds, it felt natural for Kenneth to become a DJ and musician. This has made Kenneth a truly beloved DJ and musician, who likes to stand out of the crowd, a man with a vivid imagination and a leader of a whole generation of dancers and music lovers. Bager is a musical tastemaker and a cultural trendsetter and therefore has the magnificent skill to spot talented artists and carefully handpick releases to Music for Dreams.

The corner stone of Music for Dreams is the globally appealing sound and encompassing range of genres spanning from danceable Balearic and electronic to beautiful ambient music.

Kenneth Bager Interview

Kenneth Bager is a well-known and much loved DJ among the Ibiza DJ fraternity. He is the man behind the Music for Dreams label. In Ibiza Kenneth is probably best known for his Balearic Chill sessions, and it is his newly launched Sunset Sessions at Hotel ME by Melia that prompted cause for a catch up. We arranged to meet Kenneth an hour before his first Saturday night show.

For anybody who can’t place it, Hotel ME is adjacent to Nikki Beach Club. If you don’t know that either, you turn off to S’Argamassa on the Sant Eulalia to Es Canar Road.

I do rather like Hotel ME. Though aspects of the hotel proclaim its 5 star pedigree, not least the Concierge Rolls Royce on standby by the entrance, in other ways it feels just too informal, too comfortable, certainly in comparison to the sometimes stuffy 5 star big city feeling. It is a clever trick though given ME is owned by Spain’s biggest hotel company with 380 hotels across 40 countries, perhaps not too surprising they know what they are doing.

The rooftop restaurant and terrace were new to me though, this my first visit. For anybody following in our footsteps you access it via the lifts to the left after the main reception area.  

Wow! What a setting. ME is unquestionably a full member of the Ibiza spectacular rooftops club. There do seem to be a few of them springing up of a standard that begs the question why we would ever bother going down to ground level again.

I spot Kenneth hunched over his laptop but as he sees us approaching across the deck his set preparation concentration is replaced by his trademark beaming smile. Greetings are exchanged, cold drinks obtained, and we settle down into a comfortable corner.

NG So why this event for 2019 Kenneth?

With the infinity pool straight ahead of me, gorgeous bodies draped on gorgeous loungers dotted all around, the only sound the chink of glasses at the bar, and all to a backdrop of Ibiza’s East coast and seas stretching out all around, I couldn’t help but think what a preposterous question to ask, who wouldn’t want this? If Kenneth thought the same, he was too much the gent to pull me up on it.

KB A leap into the unknown. We had four offers come in over the winter. All had their merits and were interesting, but for me this was the one with the greatest possibilities and also the greatest challenge.

NG Tell me what you have in store, will it be under the Music for Dreams colours?

KB We have 14 weeks of Saturday night sunset sessions up here on the Rooftop – what do you think of it?

NG Amazing setting.

KB It is wonderful, very special, so yes, 14 nights until the last on 14th September, and a good Balearic vibe, a good feeling I hope. And of course playing to dinner guests, that will be different.


NG Does that concern you at all. I noticed in their bookings diary on the way in, it is pretty busy later. You don’t mind the idea of people concentrating on their dinner with you the DJ not the main focus of attention?

KB I quite like the idea. It is a beautiful restaurant serving special meals. I like the idea of being a part of that fine dining experience.

NG I can see this being the perfect spot for a chap to pop the question. You will probably end up being the soundtrack to some engagements.

KB Even better, as long as she says yes!

NG Do you have any special guests coming along?

I could have just as easily asked that question as ‘what’ special guests are coming along. Kenneth is a very well connected guy.

KB Yes, it is looking really good. Willie Graf, DJ Pippi, George Solar, Alfredo, Chris Coco, all people you will know, but also we have some surprises, some new faces to bring something a little different, some new ideas. And I have to mention new danish talent DJ Disse, Mike Salta & Dj Divo. 

For the benefit of readers you can now see the full line up below with a click or a swipe through the dates

KB The events man at the hotel, Bernardo, has been a great help. He is a DJ himself, so he has been fantastic in getting everything organised for us.

NG You mentioned on the telephone that you were releasing a double CD this year?

KB Yes that’s right. We have a Double CD companion for the ME sunset sessions – compiled by me and mixed and edited by Willie Graff.

There followed a bit of a diversion chat in which Kenneth and I both praised the virtues of owning the physical object in both literary and audio form. I need not bore you with it, though it is relevant to mention that the CDs can be purchased at the airport Shops, Pacha Hotel, The Hippy Market and various other outlets. We’ll be sure to let you know when they come along.

NG How have you been keeping busy over the Winter months?

KB Actually this year we had an amazing project with Music for Dreams in Denmark. We held a writers’ camp for aspiring producers. We had 16 people in 4 studios over 8 days, and we output 63 tracks. The energy was fantastic. We had created quite a gently and easy schedule finishing quite early in the evenings, but people did not want to stop. The way the ideas were bouncing off each other was infectious. We had so many nationalities too. People from Brasil, U.S.A., Belgium, Ibiza, the U.K. and Denmark. It was such a positive outcome that we have decided to release all of the finished tracks in a compilation.

As we were talking about this writers camp Kenneth’s dinner arrived and was consumed in the few gulps of a man well versed in eating in the 5 minute window from arrival to set to finish to taxi to plane, and such is the life of the jet setting DJ, it is not all a bed of roses.

But with dinner consumed and the allotted hour of his set arriving, as Kenneth organised himself behind his decks I did have to think that this gig definitely was a bed of roses. Kenneth is always smiling. A very happy chap who has a positive energy about him, but even his aura seemed to be burning extra bright here.

“He would be perfect at that camp” My wife had been listening as Kenneth and I talked and had met him on several occasions previously. “He is an ideal role model” she continued, “he is totally his own person, follows his own path without worrying about other people, and he is always positive and happy. Perfect role model.”

An absolutely spot on assessment. Lovely. So as my next drink arrived the chanclas came off and I settled back to enjoy.

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