Photo John Stables

It is hard to keep up with the booze and business bans imposed around Ibiza in recent years.

But until now all but one of the endless stream of restrictive regulations imposed upon San Antonio and other Ibiza resorts have been entirely local affairs, Town Halls doing what they felt fit to put their own public houses in order.

However, this week a whole new twist came out of nowhere with an unexpected announcement by the Balearic Government in Mallorca that they intend to introduce new laws to curb party tourism, or what it terms ‘excess tourism’, laws that will override the actions of the local town halls – not to presume that the Town Halls will necessarily object to this particular piece of outside interference anyway. 

The Bans

We had a quick brainstorm of Ibiza’s bans – let us know which one’s we missed.

The New Balearic Ban

While people are debating whether or not San Antonio’s newly elected PP controlled town council are making changes promised to improve the lot of the much maligned San Antonio hospitality sector, particularly businesses in the West End, the Balearic Government have announced its own plans that would override any local intentions.

The PSOE of San Antonio, who lost power as part of the left of centre coalition in the May 2019 elections, have issued statements Thursday 17th October denouncing the efforts of the new PP controlled town hall in so far as their management of San Antonio’s party West End, among other things, is concerned.

While the inevitable mud slinging back and forth was taking place, the Balearic Government announced that it was drafting new laws to curb what it describes as ‘tourism of excess’ before the end of the year.

Balearic Parliament

Balearic Minister for Tourism, Employment and the Economy, Iago Negueruela announced the plans on Thursday. Appearing before the Parliamentary committee on Tourism and Employment, Negueruela said that “this type of tourism continued to have a negative effect on the image of the Balearic Islands as a destination”.

The Minister said it was the government intention to ‘zone’ certain areas where the commercialisation of tourism has resulted in a reputation for excess and unruly behaviour.

Three Zones

The Minister has indicated three main areas where action is needed. In Majorca, Punta Ballena and Playa de Palma, and in Ibiza, only San Antonio was stated as a target destination.

Hotels May Be Included

Negueruela says the regulation of excessive alcohol consumption is the main issue to be addressed. He went on to say that the limitation of consumption in hotels had to be considered on the agenda, “it would not make sense to regulate the excess consumption of alcohol in bars and yet not do so in hotels”.

There is no mention in the statements as to exactly what form the regulations would take, or what is considered excessive.