Ibiza bans and regulations have been coming so thick and fast in the last few years that it is hard to keep up. The latest proposal to ban has a different twist in coming direct from the Balearic Government.  Read more about it here https://theibizan.com/just-another-san-an-booze-ban-now-from-the-balearic-government/

Just a bit of fun mind, we had a shout out to whoever was in earshot over the last few days and these are all of the bans and restraint of trade regulations we could remember.

These are bans that have been announced – not all have necessarily been enforced rigorously, and one or two seem to have been quietly forgotten.

To the best of our knowledge all these were introduced by the local town hall, except where stated otherwise.

We listed the bans and regs in terms of what they do, though to be technically correct some are part of the same overall regulation. 

The Bans

  • All-inclusive package holiday alcohol ban (Balearic Government).
  • Ibiza Town retail alcohol sales restricted hours.
  • Ibiza Town ban on alcohol consumption in public. 
  • San Antonio retail alcohol sales restricted hours.
  • San Antonio (West End) creation of special acoustic protection zone (audible limit of music played in bars).
  • San Antonio (West End) ban on terraces from midnight. 
  • San José ban on all beach clubs. 
  • San José ban on outdoor performances, subsequently reduced to outdoor performances being allowed for very limited duration under tough restrictions.
  • San Antonio (West End) restriction on opening hours of bars unless they offer certain kitchen/food service facilities that we do not fully understand. 
  • San Antonio (West End) restriction on latest opening of all bars (we think reduced from 5am/effective 6am to strict 3am).
  • Anti-excess tourism Zones (in Ibiza applicable to San Antonio only and imposed by the Balearic Government) 

What did we forget? please let us know.