“F#@king Whore”, Julie Morris’ Drunken Abuse on Ibiza Flight Could Cost Her a Cool €100k

54 year old Julie Morris is being tried in Britain for forcing a Ryanair flight to divert due to her aggressive and abusive behaviour.

The flight was departing Manchester for Ibiza on September 17th this year. The magistrates heard that Morris embarked on the Ryanair flight FR 1263 bound for Ibiza in a drunken state.

It was stated that her drunken state and abusive behaviour only became apparent after the flight had departed. The prosecution said that in one of a series of abusive and aggressive acts, Morris called one of the flight attendants a “Fucking Whore”.

Her behaviour was said to be so bad that the commander decided to return to Manchester airport. Once at the British airfield the woman was arrested.

Julie Morris has pleaded guilty in the Manchester court. But despite holding the power to deal with the case, district judge James Hutton referred the case to the higher Crown Court so that tougher sentencing could be imposed.

Fines for bad behaviour can reach 5,000€, however the airline has the right to claim the cost of redirecting a plane to an alternate airport, which can be around 100,000€.

The tough stance comes a month after warnings that people causing problems on flights would face serious consequences.