and their package holiday division Jet2 Holidays, are getting a headstart on their Ibiza 2020 recruitment.

  • by Nick Gibbs, Editor


First I have to state our interest as this article being, perhaps a suitable term is ‘semi-sponsored’. Yes, Jet2 are supporting advertisers and so I cannot claim to be totally impartial. But Jet2’s contract with The Ibizan, what they have paid for, is an advert in the newspaper and banner adverts on the website. This additional article is not something they have requested or expect, it is my choice to take the time to support their recruitment with this brief text. 

But though they may be paying for advertising, it does not alter the fact that I do have a lot of time for Jet2, and the people at Jet2.


Jet2 are looking to fill roles for both resort customer helpers and airport customer helpers. 

Here is their press advert. A link to their recruitment site is at the foot of the article, and I will share this again prior to the March 2nd interviews.

For anybody about to head off on their winter travels, or to work a ski season, it may be worth taking the time to get an application in before you leave, there is nothing to lose as interviews are not being held until March and it is always good to have something ready in the pipeline. 

For anybody resident in Ibiza and interested in a career with Jet2, apply away. 

And for everybody else, please think of it, and help spread the word to anybody you feel coud be interested. 

Should you want the reasons why I choose to take the time to make a personal vouch for Jet2 instead of signing off for the night to enjoy the slap up curry and El Camino on Netflix that awaits, I shall now witter on for a bit…

Personal Take on Jet 2

I will start with the people.

I have known Andrea MacConnell since she was Jet2’s Ibiza Manager. Andrea’s good work in Ibiza inevitably resulted in a promotion, but though now overseeing several resorts we still see her often in Ibiza. How can I put this tactfully so as not to upset Ibiza’s neighbours? No good parent would ever say they had a favourite child any more than Andrea would say Ibiza was her favourite resort, but every parent has a special love for their first born, and it would be reasonable to think that regional tourism bosses have a similar ‘first love’ outlook. 

Sitting in Tulp Beach Cafe one day (another plug – I’m shameless) and Andrea introduced Steve Heapy, Jet2’s managing director. You do not expect to have the M.D. of a major airline join you for an end of the day caña or two, but Steve is a very personable chap. Very hands on. 

The thing that Andrea and Steve share, and I have a lot of respect for, is a genuine interest in Ibiza and its unique challenges. Of course they are coming at things from a business viewpoint – why shouldn’t they, it is their business – but I like that they want to know about it, both in how it affects their business, and what feels to me a very genuine interest in Ibiza. 

The business bit is easy to understand. Forget JET2 for a moment, this could apply to any tourism operator. Let us assume that across all summer sun destinations in Spain a tour operator’s workforce is paid within +/- 10% for equivalent jobs. Chances are they also have living expenses within +/- 10% too. So whether in Palma, Benidorm, Menorca, everybody is in the same situation. Except of course Ibiza where the ‘norms’ go out of the window. Summer season accommodation is so ridiculously expensive if you can get it at all, and even day to day costs are a lot higher. Ibiza becomes the least attractive option for your experienced reps. And who could blame them? Result, if you are not careful, is a workforce with a much higher ratio of inexperienced staff, a very high turnover, lower motivation due to the effective take home pay lower rate, and the list goes on. For a business such as a tour operator where the entire focus is on delivering good customer service, it becomes a real issue. Have you ever wondered why Ibiza’s high end restaurants charge so much yet the service is still often very poor? This is why, the same reason. The best of the professional hospitality staff do not want to come to Ibiza. Financially it doesn’t make sense. 

I wonder how many of Europe’s airline and holiday company Managing Directors would even be aware of the issue, let alone be hands on enough to want to come here, find out about it on the ground, and work on solutions? I am not privy to what steps Jet2 may have taken, but to me it says a lot that they approach it in the way that they do. Recruitment is only one example, I am sure there are others – landing fees at the airport for instance. Did you know that after landing it is cheaper for a private Jet to fly to Mallorca and wait for their passengers, then fly back and pick them up from Ibiza, than it is for them to park and wait in Ibiza? Our issues extend way beyond the standard benchmark of exorbitant drinks prices in the clubs. 

That is business. I like the way Jet2 approach it, and if I hear of the MD of TUI or Vueling with their sleeves rolled up in Ibiza, I’ll be pleased to say the same of them.

The ‘genuine interest’ in Ibiza is harder to qualify, but worthy enough to give it a go. Many of us living in Ibiza will speak of the feeling the island is just being used up. It has developed this awesome and unrivalled brand, which most see in an entirely exploitative context. Their only interest in Ibiza is how much it can earn them, and they have little or no regard for the impact on our island. I do not have this feel of Jet2. Of course they want to earn a profit, but their interest does not feel as cynical, as false, as so many. If I went on about this too much I’d bore you rigid or have you sobbing into your cocoa – but there is a quick and easy way I can avoid either.

For the last two years Jet2 have teamed up with Mambo (third client plug) for an end of season football fundraiser. This year they raised 14,000€ for Ibiza’s disabled people’s charity APNEEF. OK, that is nothing to the earnings they generate in Ibiza – but it is something. It is giving something back. Again, show me another tour operator doing the same? 

There are many more factual reasons why Jet2 deserve our support.

British tourists are by far the biggest proportion of Ibiza’s tourism, and Jet2 bring more of them to Ibiza than anyone else. They are hugely important to our economy, that is enough of a reason in itself. 

Every year they increase their seats to Ibiza, and they have started flights earlier and ended later, extending the season as so many have wanted, that should be enough enough reason in itself. 

They bring an annual influx of TV Soap Stars to the charity event that make Maz King very happy. That reason alone would be enough for some of us. 

To my mind Jet2 are the type of business Ibiza should want to work with. We support those who support us. 

Right, now for that curry and the ongoing adventures of Jesse Pinkermann.  Below are a couple of ‘more info’ links and the Jet2 recruitment link.