There is little argument that Jet2 are one of Ibiza’s most important names in the tourism industry.

This week they took 5 minutes out of their hectic flight schedule to mark the fifth year of their East Midlands to Ibiza route. During the ceremony, the traditional cake was cut and handed out to passengers arriving from the East Midlands.

Jet2 have been operating at Ibiza airport for 13 years during which, they have transported more than 2 million passengers on almost 15,000 flights between Ibiza and the UK.

Last year saw the one of the highest number of travellers, thanks to a growth of 47% compared to 2016.

  • Jet2 have flown 2 million passengers on 15,000 flights to Ibiza since 2005
  • Jet2 bring more tourists to Ibiza than any other operator
  • In 2017 Jet2 increased their Ibiza seats by 47% on 2016
  • Their fleet of 90 Boeing 737-800s will increase to 124 in 2019
  • In 2018 Jet2 fly from 9 UK airports to 14 Spanish destinations

More & Cheaper Residents’ Inter-Island Flights Predicted After 75% Travel Discount

President of the Government Francina Armengol met with airlines, shipping companies and travel agents in a bid to get their agreement not to increase prices for inter-island flights. Although Armengol was unable to get their commitment, the sector forecast that the increase in the discount will translate into more demand in the connections between islands and mainland, and an increase in the frequency is already planned.

The meeting was attended by Air Europa, Vueling, Iberia, Norwegian, Binter and Air Nostrum, in addition to the shipping companies Transmediterránea and Baleària, and the Association of Travel Agencies of the Balearic Islands (Aviba).

On behalf of the airlines, the commercial director of Air Nostrum Juan Corral said, “logic tells us that if there is more demand, there will be more competition”. He also pointed out that “each company has its own pricing policy” and when asked about a possible increase he said, “when there is more demand and more supply, price competition increases”, so he predicted a drop in the cost of tickets. “The demand will grow, and passengers will pay less,” was the airline’s forecast.

Flying High, Ibiza Airport Passengers Double in a Decade