• Man Discharges Firearm in Jesus Bar.
  • Claims Shot Fired Accidentally, and that He Disposed of the Gun by Throwing it in a Rubbish Bin

Rhian King

The man, aged 41, is charged with the illegal possession of a firearm and is released with the precautionary measure of reporting to the court on the 1st and 15th of each month.

The incident occurred at the Bon Lloc restaurant in Jesus on Saturday 16th December shortly after 9pm.

Jesus Shooting; Accused Says He Threw Gun In A Rubbish Bin
Jesus Shooting; Accused Says He Threw Gun In A Rubbish Bin

The suspect fired a small gun towards the entrance of the restaurant’s kitchen and was apprehended 15-20 minutes after the shot was fired.

Police sources said that the bullet was embedded in the wall and no-one was injured in the incident, adding that the weapon was fired accidentally.

The suspect is charged with possession of an illegal firearm. There are no charges relating to the firing of the weapon, nor any attempt to cause harm. (Ed; Perhaps there should be a charge for the stupidity of disposing of it in a public waste bin)

The police statement said that the man left the scene after firing the weapon, however returned to the establishment and handed himself in to agents of the Guardia Civil who were taking witness statements.

He was arrested and taken to the Can Sifre barracks.

The gun is yet to be recovered, with the accused stating he had thrown the weapon in a bin.

The victim of the robbery has also been arrested for possession of cannabis.