Jacaranda Lounge

  • Carly S


For those who don’t know it, Jacaranda lounge is a sprawling white haven atop the cliffs in Es Canar, stylishly fitted out in Asian influenced white bali beds, pallet furniture, thatched cabanas, sunbeds and tables and dominated by an azure blue pool overlooking the glittering Mediterranean sea. It is a beautiful venue, popular with locals and tourists alike and one of the islands go-to destinations for weddings and events as well as day and night time visits for delicious food, amazing signature cocktails and relaxing with a shisha pipe. It’s a stunning venue with professional, white dressed staff waiting on you as you unwind.

They’re also known for flying out celebrity guests from the UK and this year they’ve a whole host of ‘Celebrity Sundays’ planned featuring performances by former Boyzone star Keith Duffy, star of our own Colin Butts’ ‘White Island’ and West End performer, Darren Day and former Westlife heartthrob Bryan McFadden, as well as reality TV celebrities from X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and  TOWIE. This week was their ‘soft launch’ and I caught up with former X Factor contestant Johnny Robinson for a quick chat before he performed.

Johnny is a bit of a Peter Pan character, looking nothing of his 50 years and being full of energy as we chatted, despite having only just arrived due to airline problems- ‘It was a nightmare!’ he tells me in his gentle, high pitched voice, ‘Bloody Easyjet cancelled my flight from Luton so I had to get in a taxi and go 90 miles down to Gatwick, fly across to Madrid then come from Madrid to Ibiza. I haven’t slept all night, I’m knackered!’ It was with this candour and humour that he chatted for next fifteen minutes or so, telling me how he was scared when he first came to Ibiza last year as he’d got the impression it was ‘all drugs and lager louts’ but had been pleasantly surprised to find that ‘it´s just lovely. Not at all like I expected. And Mandy (Jacaranda’s owner) is a darling’.

He also talked about his X Factor experience, he was sent away by the judges in week five, despite getting the majority of phone votes, saying ‘I can’t believe how naïve I was really. I genuinely thought I might get to record an album or something. It’s all rigged. And they’re not nice people working on that show. They’re really not interested in the contestants, it’s just about how much money they can make. They don’t care about us. I was alright, because I’m older, but some of the little nineteen year old kids on there were heart-broken and in tears. No-one cared. It’s sad really.’

When I asked him if he would do another TV talent show, he said The Voice producers had already been in touch and that he actually was thinking about it. ‘What have I got to lose? I’m 50, no spring chicken. I love to sing, I’ve always sung, and I like entertaining people. I know the score with these things now, I know what I’d be letting myself in for. I might go for it. We’ll see.’ Chatting to Johnny is like chatting to your old friend. He’s affable, down to earth and hilariously funny in the way that only camp British men can be… he’s like the reincarnation of Kenneth Williams but with more glitter and whiter teeth.


It was, therefore, the perfect choice to have Ibiza’s tribute to one of the campest, sparkliest bands ever to warm up for him on the stage at the end of the massive, ambient lit pool. The Abba Angels, also known as Lauren Kaycee and Claire Turley, have been impressing Abba fans all over the island for the past few years with their well choreographed, slick and excellently sung performances and comical Swedish accented banter with the crowd. They put on a fab show at Jacaranda, performing authentic renditions of all the Abba classics, from dance along songs like Waterloo and Take a Chance on Me to slow and heart felt numbers like The Winner Takes It All. They’re well worth a watch if you’re an Abba fan. Everyone was clearly having fun, including the girls themselves, and the crowd were clapping, singing along and ready for more when Johnny took to the stage.

As soon as he started to sing, I could see why The Voice want him. From this tall, skinny, bespectacled fifty year old man came a pitch perfect falsetto voice I could have sworn was emanating from a young woman. Not at all what I was expecting. He launched into energetic renditions of several disco classics, starting with Cher’s Believe, going on to ‘All the Lovers’ before blasting out some numbers by Culture Club, Kylie and the ever popular ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ and finishing with Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. The set perfectly suited his character and he impressed me with his vocal range, he didn’t sound tired at all. He was also at ease in front of the audience and cracking jokes between songs, my favourite was when he said ‘Do you know, they’ve said gentlemen prefer brunettes now. Yeah, apparently so. I’m a brunette though and none of them want me. I should have been a lesbian.’ He certainly knows how to entertain a crowd and had people laughing, dancing, clapping and singing. He may not have had the X Factor, but he went down a treat at Jacaranda. I had a great night.

Sunday 5th June sees the official launch night of Celebrity Sundays at Jacaranda with Ibiza’s newest girl band Electric Dreams taking up their residency slot and performances from Shane Ritchie Junior (singer and son of Shane Ritchie and Colleen Nolan) and DJ and former boyband and chart star Dane Bowers as well as several other surprise guests. It looks set to be another night of fun and laughter under the Ibiza night sky…check it out! For full details, visit