We all know it is bad, but how bad? 

We need to make it clear that we are not publishing these statistics as yet another piece of doom and gloom in a world that does not need it.

We are publishing the tourism statistics as a matter of record – we always publish tourism statistics as they are important to many of our readers.

Also the 2020 figures have a specific use of measurability to businesses that are open. In this unique year tourism reliant businesses will find it hard to measure their success. Comparing the tourism statistics to their level of business will allow them the context to measure how well they are doing. For example, if business is down 50% but tourism is down 70% a business can consider itself as doing well during the pandemic. But if business is down 70% and tourism only 50% there may be other factors that need attention.

Let us continue with the numbers, as gloomy as they are. 

Latest Air Passenger Statistics

The most up to date figures available as compiled by the Balearic institute are that of the raw air passengers figures. These statistics are available up to the end of July 2020. It is important to understand that these figures include all air arrivals, so travelling residents and family visitors, business travel etc, along with tourism. 

July 2019 – Ibiza – 676,561

July 2020 – Ibiza – 240,123

Change – Down 64.5%

How do you react to that? I am surprised the drop isn’t greater, it certainly didn’t feel as if we had a third of our usual tourists on the island. 

I decided to find out the amount of regular, non tourism, air passenger traffic. I looked at the figures for November and December 2019, and January 2020, which were 92,000, 96,000 and 93,000 respectively. So it is reasonable to consider our regular non-tourism air passenger arrivals in the region of 90,000. I then ran the numbers again after deducting this level of non-tourism traffic. 

July 2019 – Ibiza – (676,561 – 90,000) 586,561

July 2020 – Ibiza – (240,123 – 90,000) 150,123

Change – Down 74.4%

This outcome, showing we had 25.6% of our usual tourists on the island in July, feels more in line with what I would have expected. 

FRONTUR Tourism Statistics

These are the full and official tourism statistics that are more detailed and do exclude non-tourism travel. They are better statistics in analysing tourism data, but they take longer to be published, and as at now they are only available up to June 2020.

Strap yourselves in as they do make for pretty dire reading. 

January to June 2019 – Ibiza – 1,169,083

January to June 2020 – Ibiza – 87,148

Change – Negative 92.55%

In the year to June Ibiza only had 7.45% of its 2019 visitors.

However, the number is even lower for British visitors. In the year to June 2020 Ibiza’s british tourists stood at a 0.76% of the 2019 year, when 294,194 tourists arrived from the U.K. In the same period in 2020 the number shown is just 2,246.