Imserso, Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales, is the Spanish government department responsible for services to the elderly.

Each year they offer Spain’s OAPs the opportunity to take heavily discounted holidays out of the main tourist season.

Historically the scheme has often been criticised for failings in the administrative delivery of the programme. In some years Imserso have not announced details of the holidays offered until after the period of availability was already underway.

Despite its problems, the Government estimates the scheme to brings 62 million euros additional revenue to the Balearic Islands. It costs the Balearic Government 13 million euros in subsidised accommodation and transport.

Ibiza Imserso 2018/19

In Ibiza for the 2018/2019 duration of the programme, 7 hotels will be remaining open to cater for the 37,000 holidays offered, a small increase on the 35,000 last year.

Spain’s pensioners can take a 15 day Ibiza Imserso holiday for between 240€ and 300€, which includes travel costs from their local departure point.

Ibiza’s Own Pensioners

Unfortunately Ibiza’s own pensioners have a bit of a tough deal for their participation. They are again complaining that the trips are all scheduled to depart from Mallorca, and that they have to both cover the additional costs of getting to Mallorca, and arrange any accommodation if connections do not allow them to join the holiday immediately on arrival.


All Spanish residents may participate in the Imserso tourism program, providing they meet one of the following requirements:

  • retirement pensioner of the Spanish public pension system.
  • widow’s pensioner aged 55 or over.
  • pensioner for other concepts or a beneficiary of benefits or unemployment benefits, in all cases aged 60 years or over.
  • holder or beneficiary of the Social Security system, aged 65 or over.

More details on the imserso website