Ibiza and Formentera Contra Cancer President, Helen Watson M.B.E. opened the island’s newest food store today, ‘The Food Co.’ British Supermarket in Ibiza Town.

Accompanied by the great and good from the Food Co. and a typically Ibiza DJ, a crowd were ready to start shopping at 11am today, 30th June 2020.

The Food Co has created 15 new jobs in Ibiza

Referred to by many locals as ‘the new Tesco’ due to the high ratio of tescos branded products on sale, it will be the Food Co’s 4th store in Spain, though strictly speaking one of the four is on British soil in Gibraltar. 

The Food Co. is situated on Av de Sant Joan in Ibiza Town, heading out to the Jesus overpass/roundabout. For locals it’s where the Leroy Merlin Store was, in the same drag as Eroski and Fita.

IFCC President Helen Watson, MBE, opens the new Food Co. Store in Ibiza Town

The Food Co. is a sister company to Overseas Supermarket who opened in San Antonio in 2019. Though they work in close partnership the product range differs between the two stores. Whereas Overseas is based in large part on products from Waitrose and Iceland, the Food Co. does not sell Waitrose or iceland products, with its range focussed on Tesco and branded goods. The Food Co. is also a good deal larger, with an impressive 20,000 products stocking the shelves.

Early doors, the first shoppers into the store at 11am.

Speaking to Helen Watson after she had cut the ribbon at today’s official opening ceremony, she said the IFCC was pleased to help support the store who have given to the Cancer charity generously both at the Overseas supermarket, and also with a permanent donation installation at the new Food Co shop. 

Branch Manager Ben told us he was delighted that the store had finally reached the opening day, after numerous setbacks caused by the Covid-19 crisis, and the inevitable administrative hurdles.

Kid in a sweet shop – The Ed’s son finds himself the only shopper in an aisle full of sweets and crisps.

With that in mind it is worth mentioning that there is intent that the store will be able to open Sundays, but for now it is 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday.

The store opening has created 15 new jobs, and a welcome addition to the range of produce on sale in Ibiza.