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When the opportunity to attend 7 Wallace presents Idris Elba and friends at Ibiza Rocks House at Pike’s presented itself this weekend I jumped at it. The reasons were numerous. Firstly, as Mum to an eight month old who still breastfeeds, a night out for me usually consists of dinner at a family friendly restaurant with her in tow. Secondly, my parents are currently staying with us and were happy to babysit. Thirdly, I’d get to go out with my husband and friends, minus baby, for the first time since she was born. Furthermore, I’d never visited the legendary Pike’s before and, last but by no means least, Idris Elba was playing. That towering, muscle-bound mass of dynamic energy and charisma who I’ll admit was better known to me as Mumbles, Mandela, Stringer Bell and Luther than he was as a DJ. The man can seriously act, so I was keen to see how his skills as a DJ compared to his acting chops. And, like most women out there, the idea of sharing the same space as such an undeniably attractive man definitely appealed. I am happy to report that I was impressed on all counts. As a venue, Pike’s is awesome. It’s in a gorgeous setting, decorated in a timeless yet quirky style and is every bit as individual, unique and charming as it’s legendary owner, who regaled us with some of his stories prior to the gig. It feels like a ‘grown up’ club night, devoid of neon clad, hotpant wearing teeny boppers and filled with an eclectic and eccentric mix of people of all ages, cultures and walks of life.10595845_10153072988739128_630348485_n Every DJ who took to the decks impressed me. All of them were happy, energised and fully engaged in their art. MistaJam and Felix Da Housecat mixed up a storm and produced a sea of smiling faces, stomping feet and raised arms. As a child of the nineties, I adored their choices of anthemic old school tracks and samples to uplift and enthuse the crowd. The vibe was most definitely a happy-to-the-point-of-euphoria one. The main event, Idris, or Driis as he’s known in the music world, was every bit as dynamic on the decks as he is on screen. When he took to the mic before his own set to say hello, the crowd erupted into cheers. He laughed, grinned and banged away on a little drum as he danced around the back of the booth. Clearly a man totally in his element. I also had the pleasure of meeting Mr Elba, and he is every bit as lovely, down to Earth and charming as I had imagined he would be. He mingled amongst the revellers without a bodyguard in sight (mind you, when you’re built like he is, why would you need one?) and freely flashed his megawatt smile. When the time came for his own set he leapt up with all the energy of a kid at Christmas, and played a brilliant mix of up tempo, high energy, feel-good beats, whilst banging his drum, cheering, dancing and sending the already enthusiastic crowd into an almost Bacchic frenzy. For me, as first nights out post-baby go, this one was unforgettable. If you get the chance to attend an Idris and Friends night, don’t pass it up. You definitely won’t be disappointed.


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