The man who has been publicly outed on facebook as being ringleader of an Ibizan date rape gang has hit back at his persecutors, making an official complaint to Santa Eulalia police.

The man in question is 31 year old Brasilian Maycon Ferreto, who sports a pirate style of dress many have likened to Jack Sparrow, the character played by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

On July 30, a British tourist on vacation in Ibiza published on her Facebook profile a very long post in which she explained that in a nightclub in Ibiza a man characterized as Jack Sparrow had spiked (added drugs to) her drink. The young woman goes on to describe feelings of paranoia for the rest of the night, saying she felt “observed” by other men and that “she was very scared” because there were “hundreds of guys in plain clothes just hanging around, by the toilets in corners, by the bar and on their phones”. She says they were “looking at me”. Her post has been shared 21,000 times and already has 7,200 comments.

According to reports in the Diario de Ibiza, who state they have documentation from Maycon in their possession, a few days later on August 4, an Ibiza resident wrote another post on his profile with a photo of the same man, stating “It’s not a joke! If someone from Ibiza sees this boy in any club, who apparently is abusing girls, seems to go with a group of people who plan sexual abuse. ”

On August 7th that same resident posted a picture and a video of Maycon stating “Warning!! In Ibiza!! This apparently is the bloke who is spiking drinks in Amnesia, Privilege & DC-10. Please be careful.”

In the video clip Maycon is seen putting a drink to a girl’d mouth – dependant on how you wish to interpret it, offering it or forcing it upon. You hear another girl say ‘Jack, she doesn’t want it’, and though the clip is very short he appears to take heed.

Both these additional posts had huge reach and comments.

On August 6th Maycon went to the Police in Santa Eulalia to denounce both the young woman and also the local resident.

The complaint includes “the slanderous and defamatory messages that have been poured into the social network” and adds that “he fears for his safety and that his life is in danger.”

Maycon Ferreto explained to the Diario de Ibiza that he is “no sexual predator”. “They are ruining my life and I am afraid of the threats on my life I have received. I do not drug anyone and I only drink soda. I do not have any drugs or alcohol.” Maycon says that due to the accusations “his future work in Ibiza has become very complicated”.

He says he is in Ibiza making a documentary about Jack Sparrow, which consists of going to different places and photographing himself with people. He insists that he does not work for any club.

There is no complaint against him

The Civil Guard has confirmed to the Diario de Ibiza that Jacinto Maycon Ferreto Anderson has not been reported for harassment or sexual abuse or any other crime.

Although there has been no proof offered beyond the accusations of the original post, the consequences of the claimed defamation are difficult to stop, since they have been shared almost 50,000 times.

The Diario concludes that “the seriousness of the accusation and the feeling of insecurity that has generated especially among the British tourists who are in Ibiza has made at least two British publications, and echoed the news warning their readers that “a sexual predator” It’s loose in the clubs of Ibiza”.

The Spanish daily newspaper continues to say that “In all the profiles that Maycon has open on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) It can be seen that the young man dresses  himself as Jack Sparrow for years. He started doing it in his native Brazil and has numerous photos in which he appears accompanied by women, men and children. Also it has been characterized of other personages carried out by the actor Johnny Depp, like the madman’s haberdashery in ‘Alice in Wonderland’.”

We contacted both the author of the original post, and the local resident author of the secondary posts. Neither have chosen to make comment at time of going to press.

Comment: Whatever the rights and wrongs of the case, it does seem odd, perhaps a sad reflection of our times, that given the seriousness of the accusations reports have been made to facebook, but not to the police.