The Balearic Government and Ibiza Consell have announced details of a new conservation plan to protect Ibiza’s endangered flora.

The initiative will be funded by the sustainable tourism tax.

‘Pla Font I Quer’ was presented at Ibiza Consell headquarters, and detailed plans to conserve and replenish 19 species of flora categorised as being endangered or of special interest.

One project involves an investment of 248,000 euros from the funds made available by the sustainable tourism tax, levied on all overnight stays in the Balearic Islands since its introduction last year.

In attendance were the Deputy President and Minister of Tourism and Innovation, Bel Busquets, accompanied by the Minister for the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, Vicente Vidal, President of the Council of Ibiza, Vicente Torres, and the island councillor of the Environment, Michael Vericad.

The scope of the plan “covers various areas of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera and the surrounding islands. It includes areas that are part of Natura but, but will also extend to include studies to identify populations elsewhere” Minister Vidal explained.

To mitigate threats to the endangered species, and 8 point plan has been put in place. Steps include the control of invasive species, creating a seed bank and taking specimen plants, and issuing environmental advice through information campaigns and outreach activities.

The minister also said that the nineteen species and subspecies have been selected taking into account state and regional regulations on the protection of species and the Red Book of Flora of the Balearic Islands, among other documents.

Silene d’Ifac (Silene hifacensis) is one of the species listed as endangered in Ibiza

Speaking for the Consell, Miquel Vericad said the initiative was welcome and much needed following many years of “chronic neglect”.

Deputy Bel Busquets stressed that “tourism benefits directly, since maintaining and improving the natural beauty of our islands, in this case the richness and originality of flora of the islands, is important in maintaining Ibiza as an attractive place to visit.”