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The Ibizan 849 ~ 20 Oct 16

Front Page


Tri Buy Cherry Pie

Pacha Group Sold For 350€ million

  • Equity Investment Group Trilantic are reported to have purchased the Pacha empire.
  • Sale includes the Pacha, Destino and Lio clubs and the Pacha Hotel in Ibiza, all worldwide Pacha venues, and all merchandising businesses.
  • Owner Ricardo Urgell talks publicly of his views on Ibiza, the sale and the future.

Talk of a potential Pacha sale was first noted in this office following a report by Ibiza based journalist Nick Clayton, several months before the rumours became widespread conjecture.

Nick talked of a potential buyout by a then interested Chinese investment concern. As it has materialised the business is indeed to be passing into a private investment equity group.

The company, Trilantic, are said to be buying the entire Pacha group. In the context of shareholder satisfaction it is unlikely the Pacha pie will be sliced up. Nick Clayton’s report on the sale states that last year “Pacha announced that it had a turnover of €78 million, with €11 million in net profit. It expected that to grow by 8-10%. About two-thirds of its turnover comes from nightclubs and restaurants, with most of the rest coming from hotels, with a rather smaller contribution from fashion and franchises.

He goes on to say that  Pacha also said last year that it planned to open 85 new establishments, including hotels and resorts, restaurants and nightclubs before 2025. Then, last week,

The Sunday Times reported that the company would  focus on opening 25 hotels and resorts in Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, China and Japan.

In a recent interview with the Diario de Ibiza, owner Ricardo Urgell appears ready to say farewell to the brand, “It hurts a lot to sell Pacha in such a sweet moment,” he said.

“I feel like an honest person trying to do the best possible,” Urgell said legacy on the island. “We have to want more for the island, invest in it, appreciate it and love her, so that we’re not only benefitting ourselves. People need to promote projects to improve Ibiza. It’s important that the island does not lose the magic.”

“The island has spoiled areas that will be difficult to recover.

“If we continue at this pace, it will eventually move to the north of the island. Music should be controlled (in its legal space).

“We cannot have music everywhere.,” he said when asked his opinion on the island’s future. He also explained his distaste for party boats in the effort to preserve the island’s natural elements.

No interview would be complete without asking about all of the recent inspections of the super clubs, including Pacha.

Urgell confirmed that Pacha’s finances were transparent and all in order.

Talking of his future, he concluded that he has many ongoing projects, including the possibility of new hotels and a new venture in Cuba.



A Destination For Health, Beauty & Wellness

The Council of Ibiza has shown full support to the new group -Ibiza Tourism Association, Health, presented today at a ceremony with the president, Vicente Torres, and representatives of the four developers: Fiesta Hotels Resorts, Polyclinic Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Eiviluxury aesthetics clinic and BFIT fitness. It is an association that aims to promote health tourism, the health and beauty of our island and will include all those companies or professionals that in one way or another, can be linked to this branch of tourism.

The president of this association is David Medina, representative of the Polyclinic of the Rosary, and the Secretary General is Christopher Martos. The event also was attended by José Luis Benitez, representative of Fiesta Hostels & Resorts, Ruth Ripoll of Bfit and Daniel Terrace, Eiviluxury Clinic.

The president has congratulated and offered the support of the Council, with the objective to extend the tourist season and avoid the two or three very strong months. The President stressed that “health tourism, wellness and beauty is a product that we can offer during all months of the year, it is an all year product “.

Audi In Ibiza

Council President, Vicente Torres believes Ibiza can open the door to business tourism and conventions of major global brands, “It means a lot to Ibiza a prestigious brand like Audi has chosen the island to present their new models. We must use it well for the future because other brands Ibiza can choose to make their conferences, congresses or their presentations,”

The Audi dealer’s worldwide convention will be held in Ibiza from next Monday until 1 November. The locations are the Fairgrounds, where the cars will be presented, the Parc de Sa Coma for track driving, and Heart for the evening event.

Audi expects an attendance of approximately 2,700 CEOs Audi dealers and importers from around the world, with a maximum of 200 guests per day. Audi will reveal the following vehicles: Audi Q2 Dynamic Experience in versions S Tronic 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 TDI Quattro S Tronic, the R8 Spyder and S5 Coupé Dynamic Experience.

‘Put The Sporting Into Sports At School Age’

The Council of Ibiza has organised the first conference ‘Promoting Sporting Values in Schools’, which will take place from 21 October to 15 December 2016 at the Cultural Centre of Jesus, and are aimed at all participants in the Ibiza sports world interested in educating values in sport at school age.

The program ‘We put values in sport at school age’ aims to reduce behaviours contrary to Fair Play in sport among young people; through lines of action focused on intervention with athletes, the parents of athletes and the social fabric.

This is only one of many specific actions planned during this term, together with the Governments and councils of the Balearic Islands in collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands and Sports Federations of the Balearic Islands. It was also highlighted the valuable support and participation of the Education offices and Ibiza CEP for physical education teachers to actively participate.

Finally, the Council of Ibiza encourages anyone who is involved in sports to participate in this conference, information and registration can be found on the website.


Cala De Bou’s New School

The Insular Committee of Planning, Urbanism and Historical Heritage (CIOTUPH-) has approved the specific amendment number 4 of the Rules Subsidiaries of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, which will get a plot of 8,100 square metres allocated to the new school Cala de Bou. The suitability of the modification is based on the need to expand public allocations, as it is the new school, in addition to improving the road connectivity between urban roads and the existing roads, as well as infrastructure and the obtaining of a public car park.

The CIOTUPH- also has already approved the transcript for the Declaration of intangible cultural attractions, the knowledge and the procedures of the traditional dry-stone on the island of Ibiza. The statement is intended to help prevent the disappearance of this traditional procedure that forms part of our cultural heritage and determines, to a large extent, the cultural landscape of the island.

CIOTUPH- has also reported that a total of four requests concerning housing construction in protected areas have been declined, in accordance of Decree-Law 1/2016 of urgent urban prohibiting these uses in natural areas of special interest.

Ibiza Drugs; “No Worse Than Mallorca or Madrid, But 20 Times More Ketamine”

  • Can Misses deals with 6 cases of drug abuse per day.
  • 60% of cases have tested for multiple drugs
  • 20% of cases in Ibiza test positive for Ketamine

In a presentation by two of the Balearics most senior emergency services and toxicology staff, detailed information has been released regarding the level and type of drug abuse cases being treated on the island.

Attending was Jordi Puiguriguer, a toxicologist and Balearic president of the Spanish association of accident and emergency medicine (Semes). He was joined by María de los Ángeles Leciñena, head of the Can Misses emergency department and also Pitiuses representative to Semes.

Polydrug Use

They revealed that more than 60% of those being treated for drug related issues at Can Misses emergency department had tested to show they had taken more than one substance.

This polydrug usage was found to be far higher in Ibiza than other areas.

Testing is being undertaken as part of a study by Mallorca’s hospital de Son Espases.


Ibiza also has a far higher level of Ketamine usage. Results from Ibiza found 20% of patients to have consumed Ketamine, compared to just 1% in Mallorca.

The most common drug identified was Ecstasy, identified in 90% of the 150 cases analysed.

Drug abuse accounts for 3% of all cases dealt with at Ibiza’s Can Misses hospital.

Chemical Submission

Some of those included in the test were patients stating they had been drugged as a result of attempted rape or robbery. This ‘chemical submission’ is considered an increasingly common problem.

Both Puiguriguer and Leciñena stressed that though Ibiza’s drug abuse treatments were different in nature, overall the level of cases is not considerably greater than areas such as Mallorca, Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid

In The UK Press

    • In an unsurprising move the UK press overlooked the majority of the presentation by Puiguriguer and Leciñena, choosing to cover only one item; that of the confirmed use of so called designer drug ‘Flakka’ . This report by the Daily Star

Naked Ibiza Brit in ‘violent’ rampage had taken terrifying new designer drug

  • A British tourist found naked and “extremely violent” in a popular tourist resort in Ibiza was high on a dangerous new designer drug, according to doctors.

The Brit – who has not been identified – was pictured lying on the ground handcuffed in shocking scenes in the popular resort of San Antonio in September.

He was arrested by police because of alleged aggressive behaviour and “violent attitude to people who crossed his path”.

He was restrained in the area between Piscis Park hotel and a nearby bus station, and later taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Police suspected he had taken legal high Flakka, which causes intense anger, panic attacks and paranoia.

It’s a variant of the infamous synthetic substance “bath salts, and has been dubbed the “insanity drug” due to its effect on users.

Users have had sex with trees and even believed they were the mythical god Thor in bizarre hallucinations.

At its worst, it has been linked to several terrifying “zombie” crimes in which those under the influence have killed in a fit of rage.

Toxicology reports released this week showed the Brit had indeed taken the popular new drug.

But head of toxicology, Jordi Puiguriguer said that it was an isolated case and rejected the idea that the notorious party island was becoming a hotbed for new experimental drugs.

Doctors presenting a report on drug-taking in Ibiza this summer refused to say how many cases had been reported to the police but confirmed the allegations of “chemical submission” had been taken seriously .

On the closing weekend of the Ibiza party season, six were treated in hospital. Half were Brits.

Flakka has grown in popularity worldwide, particularly in Florida where it is sold cheaply on the streets

Property News


Second-Home Market gets a Spring Clean

  • The Second-Home & Resort Industry Observatory (SHARIO) has signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish Land and Business Registrars Association aimed at improving the transparency of a market that sustains an important industry for Spain.

Under the agreement, the Registrars Association will provide the Observatory with quarterly figures on home sales to foreign buyers for expert analysis in market reports for the second-home & resort industry in Spain. A better understanding of foreign demand for property in Spain will help an industry that, despite its size and strategic importance to Spain, has never been organised or well understood.

Foreign buyers invest billions of euro in Spanish property each year, supporting an industry that provides hundreds of thousands of jobs, and has a big impact of Spain’s image abroad. According to a recent study by the Provia developers’ association in Alicante province, the industry supports 200,000 jobs in the Valencian region alone.

Foreign demand for property in Spain reached a record of 13.18% of the Spanish housing market in 2015, with close to 46,000 sales, according to data from the Registrars. Growing foreign demand between 2010 and 2014 helped to mitigate the Spanish real estate crisis, and foreign buyers have played a key role in Spain’s recent housing market recovery.

“An industry so big and important to Spain needs better market information to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, like overestimating demand and building too much,” says Mark Stücklin, Director of SHARIO. “Good market analysis helps reduce risks, improve investment decisions, and increase the confidence of buyers and investors in Spain.”

For more information contact Mark Stücklin


About the Second-Home And Resort Industry Observatory (SHARIO)
  • Launched in the Spring of 2016 with sponsorship from industry leaders, SHARIO is a think-tank and information hub for the Spanish second-home & resort industry committed to raising professional standards and transparency in the business. SHARIO is sponsored by Iberdrola Inmobiliaria, Acciona Real Estate, Neinor Homes, Tinsa, KPMG & La Zagaleta.
About the Land and Business Registrars Association of Spain
  • The Spanish Registrars Association is a Public Law Corporation. All the Land and Business Registrars in Spain are members of it. These registrars are civil servants, attached to the Ministry of Justice, and legal professionals responsible for monitoring the legality of documents authorized by notaries or issued by judges and administrative authorities, in order to ensure that only completely valid documents can be registered. The purpose of the Land Registry is to provide legal security to legal transactions concerning property rights and publicity concerning ownership and charges of the property registered.

What’s Your Best Offer?

  • Don’t know where to pitch your offer? Leading Spanish Property Portal Idealista have published statistics on the amount offered for property compared to its listed price.

Despite the fact that the property market is in a much more positive state at the moment, and the number of sales are going up, as are property prices in many areas, the reality of it is that prospective buyers are still asking sellers for substantial discounts on the sale price of their homes.

In many cases, these discounts are as much as 20% or even more depending on the autonomous region that the property is situated.

Statistics have revealed that on average in the month of July, prospective buyers were offering approximately 20.9% off the purchase price fixed by the property owner.

This figure is slightly less than the average discount wanted last year, when buyers were offering 21.6% less.

Autonomous regions

The biggest difference between the amount of money offered for a property and the price being asked for by the seller is found in the region of La Rioja. Here, those wanting to purchase a home are offering around 23.6% less than the sale price of the property. La Rioja is followed by Cantabria (-23.5%), Murcia (-22.7%) and the Valencia Region (-22.6%).

Madrid, on the other hand, is the region in which the amount of money being offered and asked for is closest, with approximately 16.5% lower than the asking price being offered by purchasers. Madrid is followed by Navarra and the Basque Country, at 19.7%.

Madrid is also the region where buyers have most reduced the amount of discount asked for off the sale price. This could be an indication of the fact that property prices are rising and the offer of property available is reduced. This is followed by Andalucía and Castilla-La Mancha.

However, there are seven autonomous regions where prospective buyers are offering even less money (bigger discounts) than they were a year ago. The list is headed by Cantabria and followed by Asturias, Galicia, and the Balearic Islands.

Large cities

There is also a big difference in figures offered and asked for in Spain’s largest cities. In Cuenca, for example, buyers are only asking for a discount of 10.9%, while in the cases of Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Jaén, the figure is more than 25%.

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal and property matters.


Fancy Your Very Own Balearic Island?

Five Million & It’s Yours

It is not often Island’s come up for sale, but if you have a spare 5,250,000 euros hanging around this could be just the job.

It goes under the name of Colom Islet, has an area of 58 hectares of land, and is situated just 200 metres north off the coast of Menorca.

In actual fact, the islet belongs to the municipality of Mahon, the capital of Menorca, and forms part of the natural park of s’Albufera des Grau. It is actually the largest of a small batch of islands that surround the larger island.

The islet possesses just a handful of buildings that include a 100 square metre main residence dating back to the 18thcentury. This has six bedrooms and a 30 square metre annexe that serves as a storehouse. There’s also a wooden cabin that can also be lived in as it contains two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom.

With regards to outside space there are two white sandy beaches, a boathouse to house vessels of up to 20 square metres, plus remains of the old miners’ house.

And if you haven’t got five million no problem, thanks to our ‘what’s your best offer’ article left, you should be able to shave a cool million off the price. No need to thank us, just send cash J

Buying Property in Ibiza

Buying property is serious business … 

Buying property abroad comes with the additional challenges of an unfamiliar legal system and language barriers.

Buying property in Ibiza is more challenging still.  Demand and values are unique to the Island and the market will not necessarily reflect  general economic trends affecting Spain nationally.

A very serious business indeed, and one where the clever money will see the benefit of putting your financial interests in the hands of a specialist.

Bettina Lorenz of Balearic Mortgage Services knows the Ibizan property market better than most.

Here she gives the benefit of her 15 years experience in addressing some of the most important factors for anybody looking to buy property in Ibiza.

  • Are Spanish banks currently willing to lend?

The Spanish banks are much more willing to lend now than they were during and immediately after the mortgage crisis. The Spanish mortgage market is actually very competitive., however the banks are still cautious about the non-resident clients they will lend to. Generally speaking, the client needs  to have a deposit amount of minimum 30-40% of the purchase price of the Ibiza property for sale, plus must also have further funds to cover the taxes and expenses involved in the purchase – I usually advise to calculate between 12-14% to cover these expenses.

  • How easy is it to obtain a mortgage in Ibiza and what criteria must an applicant fulfil?

I would not say that it is particularly easy, especially if the client applies for a “no standard” mortgage, that could mean to buy a plot and construct their own house or to buy a property in name of a Spanish company. But I know which bank is helpful and willing to land for each purpose or requirement the client may have. Also the way that the application is presented is extremely important. I try to keep my client’s applications as simple as possible so that I ensure a quick approval from the lender.

The Spanish banks offer fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages and the client has to decide with my help which is the best option for him. There are no interest only options available now, but as the interest rates are actually very low and the euribor about one year is in negative, the monthly payment is tolerable.

  • Will Brexit affect mortgages in Spain?

Spanish Banks for many years have granted mortgages in Spain to most nationalities so technically UK residents should not be affected by the leave vote. As the biggest buyers of second homes in Spain it is difficult to imagine a situation where Brits are barred from owning one  or being able to apply for a mortgage in Spain. The non-resident Spanish mortgage market currently is such that, only countries on the Bank of Spain watch list , which includes those countries where due diligence on affordability and for money laundering cannot be undertaken, find it impossible to get a Spanish mortgage, and the UK will certainly not fall into this category despite the referendum result.

Where things may change is on the level of risk willingness and flexibility the Banks in Spain may face mortgage applications from a UK applicant. Spanish Banks may also look to increase pricing to reflect the higher risk they feel they are taking in granting a loan to someone living with so many unknown issues regarding to future laws and fiscal stability. I have spoken with the Spanish lenders and at present this is just speculation. The key impact on the terms and conditions for non EU residents is not getting 70% of the purchase price as a mortgage, and in consequence means that the banks look to keep loan to values at 65% or below for all new applicants who hold a UK passport. Although no Spanish bank at present have actually changed its terms and conditions as standard,  they´re weighing up being more cautious at this point in time until the total situation on future legislation becomes clearer.  Because the second key consideration for the Banks in Spain is that there is no clear view on what effect on the fiscal stability of the UK the vote will have. There is no way of knowing at this point whether the exit from Europe will have a long term positive or negative affect on the economy and if so to what level.

  • Do you only organize mortgages on Ibiza?

I occasionally arrange mortgages on the mainland and in the other Balearic Islands; however Ibiza is my target market. I recently signed a collaboration with an international bank in order to offer a wider range to my international clients.

  • How has the Ibiza mortgage market developed this year?

There has definitely been a positive evolution in the Ibiza mortgage market this year, both in the number of mortgage applications and also the amount that the clients are buying for. The real estate market is picking up in the Balearic Islands and in the first half of the year 4.679 home mortgages were signed, representing 25.2% more than in the same period last year.

According to data published by the INE, in June 2016 have been established 1.061 mortgages in the Islands, 48.6% more than the same month last year. This means that the Balearic Islands is the third community with the highest rate of increase, behind Castilla-La Mancha and Catalonia and well above the 15.5% increase recorded state average.

  • What would you highlight most about working at BMS and what is your day-by-day?

As I am originally an utterly banker, now I really enjoy the privilege of working not only for one bank but for all the banks on the place and also international banks. This gives me much more satisfaction as I am really able to offer the best deal for my clients. Also to alternate the work in my home office with the visits of clients and spots is a big plus. A typical day will involve speaking with several lenders, possibly meeting up with clients as well. Although sometimes I will not see the client until signing the mortgage because during the whole process we are in contact by email and over the phone. I normally spend about 2-3 hours speaking with the lenders and making public relations contacts with real estate agents which is very important for my job.

For the other 4 to 5 hours working on emails and processing information received from clients.

My work consists in finding out the personal situation of my clients first, then helping the banks to understand the application from my clients and after that finding out the best option for my clients as I know where best to place a client for the best result.

  • What about floor clause?

As Reuters reported in April 2016 a Spanish court ruled that the country´s banks including leaders Banco Santander and Caixabank can no longer sell mortgages with so-called floor clauses. The court said banks had to repay customers what they had lost since May 2013, when Spain´s Supreme Court declared these mortgages, who’s rates cannot fall blow a benchmark, were invalid if they had not been presented clearly.

As Bloomberg informed in July 2016 the Top EU court will rule the coming months on the Spanish mortgage case. Lenders including CaixaBank and Banco Popular have removed the limits in their mortgage contracts and have provisioned for legal risks linked to the possible elimination of the clauses. CaixaBank said in July it estimates it would have to provision an extra 750 million euros to cover for possible impacts if retroactivity is granted. It has already provisioned 515 million euros.

  • See Below for Bettina’s contact details. Link is live in the online edition




Welcome to weeks Zips It Up from the Balearics.

This week I’ve been in Mallorca and Ibiza.

October is such a nice time to venture down here. The weather is still warm and the flights are so much cheaper. Mallorca is as busy as ever, except for Magaluf, which was so quiet this week. I actually heard the waves gently lapping up against the shores of Magaluf beach. I bet very few of you will ever get to witness such a phenomenon.

Unfortunately, it does tend to rain here in Oct, but what do we do when the weather lets us down? We go shopping, of course.

Mallorca, being a larger island than its little sister Ibiza, has a wider array of shopping options that are perhaps more mainstream, in contrast Ibiza’s hippy markets and small independent designers.

I ended up at a brand new mall called FAN Shopping Precinct, five minutes fro Palma airport. The place was heaving at 10am on a random Tuesday morning. And the busiest store in there? Primark.

Before you flick the page, give this place a break. I NEVER visit Primark in the UK, but there was something special about this particular branch. Perhaps the warm temperatures and swaying palm trees outside influenced me, plus the fact that it was brand spanking new. And gigantic.

I ended up buying a pair of sexy black satin pyjamas, black lace panties, a star print “Kate Moss’ shirt and a punk style pure wool star print sweater. Guess how much I spent?

40 euros.

Yep. And that, ladies & gents is why Primark is spot on and corners that sector of the market. Affordability, quality and the fact that you can wear their basics for a few weeks, and give them to charity afterwards without any guilt whatsoever.

It serves a brilliant purpose. But only in Mallorca.

I’m not sure whether Ibiza will follow suit.  Ibiza has a local government-imposed ban on large square meterage stores, so maybe Primark Ibiza is out.  Anyway, next stop is Ibiza for me on my Oct travels.

Onto this week’s blog and we check out the new Kenzo at H&M collection and London’s new naked only restaurant.


Read Amanda’s fashion blog


Kenzo/H&M  Collection

H&M announced back in May that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon from KENZO are the latest designers to collaborate with the high street giants and bring their work to the masses at affordable prices.

The collection launches in store on November 3 2016, but here’s a sneak preview of the range, just in case nothing appeals and you end up wasting that night camped out on Regents Street.

My advice – stay indoors, go online at precisely midnight, and take your chances.

My opinion is a little….  ‘meh’ but see you what you think. I’ve never been a fan of Kenzo but there are a couple of bits I’d go for.

The price range is good though. From £29.99 for T-shirts through to £199.99 for coats.

Plus, you won’t be lost in the crowd wearing these garments. … Good luck!

London’s 1st Naked Restaurant

Here’s a unique first date if you’re about to arrange one. Prepare to strip off!

London’s first naked restaurant, where diners eat completely in the buff, is set to return permanently, as more than 46,000 people were on the waiting list to dine at what was billed as London’s first-ever naked eating establishment this summer – but only a fraction actually got to try the experience during its then temporary opening.

Welcome to BUNYADI.

The restaurant, which offered a vegan or non-vegan £69 tasting menu, claimed to offer diners ‘pure liberation’ by eating food ‘in its purest form’ while it was open for three months between June and August.

Divided into clothed and naked sections – where photography and the use of phones was strictly banned – bamboo walls divided the handful of tables to guard diners’ privacy. The naked theme extended as far as the décor, as the clientele were only illuminated by candlelight.

And the waiting staff were just as naked as the customers, with their genitals only covered by some shrubbery. Wretching here…

Diners are invited to undress in a changing room, where they are given slippers and a robe to keep. Guests are then asked to strip when they have reached their seats in a private booth, sitting on their robes.

The ‘naked’ menu, which has been described as an ‘afterthought’ by some critics, has a focus on organic and vegan cuisine, featuring dishes such as sun-dried tom stuffed courgette flowers, cauliflower couscous and seaweed flakes.

I could only image how awkward the silence would be on a date as you both sit naked and dumb on tree trunks surrounded by bamboo.

PLUS no phone to fiddle with?

Give me Tinder any day of the week.

Moschino’s ‘Capsule’ Collection

Moschino recently launched its spring/summer 2017 “Capsule” Collection – a colourful take on the word capsule, with the line inspired by prescription drugs. On sale in upmarket department stores, it has drawn much criticism for making drugs look cool, funny and chic.

The Jeremy Scott-designed collection features massive orange drug-bottle bags silver bags resembling giant blister packs, iPhone cases in the shape of pill bottles, T-shirts shouting, “Just say MoschiNO”, an orange drug-bottle minidress emblazoned with the words, “WARNING! Do not take medication on an empty stomach,” and, “KEEP ALL CAPSULES OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN”. The invitation for last month’s fashion week show was a pill bottle and a handwritten “prescription”.

Not cool.

Doctors, addiction specialists and parents of overdose victims have spoken publicly about their anger that the collection has been launched when the world is experiencing a crisis in opioid addiction and deaths from overdose. There are petitions to have the articles removed from public sale.

Moschino and Scott both have a history of provocative branding. Pills were a motif on Scott’s own autumn/winter line in 2011 and, this February, he showed a collection inspired by cigarettes. Neither met huge controversy.

Here, the line doesn’t reference brand names or specific drugs – it’s just pills. Or, is it?

Scott says in his defence: “It’s literally a collection of capsules!”

My advice? Just say No kids.

Season Past


Stephen Donovan

As if it’s the middle of October already? Where has the summer gone?

Well for me it’s defiantly been my best season. I seriously can´t wait for next year already.

I got to do so much. Been to some crazy parties, met some really cool people and even got to interview a huge idol of mine (read my Ferry Corsten Interview).

So as it is the end of the summer season I thought I would ask the people of Ibiza some questions and see what they thought of this season and what they´re plans are for the winter.

Big thank you for everyone who took part. Hopefully I’ll be back writing again for summer 2017.

Adiós mis amigos.


ibiza_feat_2016_review-2Name: Liz Lehane.

Age: 29

From: Cork, Ireland.

Work: Flathertys

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? Renting a boat for the day with all my best friends. Such a fantastic day! Drinking beers, having a laugh and watching the sunset at Mambos.

Favourite Party/Club night? Above & Beyond closing party at Cream. It was amazing!!

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Tapas 100%. Love their food and their sangria. This place never disappoints.

Favourite Song of the season? Drake – One Dance.

Plans for the winter? Andorra baby. Paddys Bar Pas de le Casa.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-3Name: Stacey Crilly

Age: 31

From: Dublin, Ireland

Work: Manager, Joe Spoons.

Season: 11

Favourite memory of 2016? That’s really tough! Probably our Christmas party! It was so random and everyone got in the spirit! Loved seeing Santa hats bobbing up and down the west end all night.

Favourite Party/Club night? Elrow.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Bar, Joe Spoons (Lol). Restaurant, Imagine.

Favourite song of the season? Calum Scott – Dancing On My Own

Plans for the winter? Family time, BBQ’s, bike rides, sleep and Madrid to watch the football… A lot!!

Name: Daniel Spugz

Age: 2(?!); From: Wales; Work: Assistant Manager, LYT Ibiza.

Season: 8

Favourite memory of 2016? Has to be holding ABODE´s first Ibiza workers party in LYT and what a night that was before they went on to smash Sankeys!

Favourite Party night? Craig David Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Cotton Beach Club. The views and food are just another level.

Favourite song of the season? Offaiah – Trouble

Plans for the winter? This winter is my first winter staying in Ibiza and I am looking forward to it after a hectic summer to relax and spend some time with the family.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-4Name: Candice Waugh

Age: Never mind :-)

From: Grimsby, England

Work: Tapas

Season: 16

Favourite memory of 2016? Paddy blagging that he was a DJ in Privilege and getting free drinks all night!

Favourite Party? You having a laugh.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? There really are too many to choose from, Ibiza has such an amazing choice but Tapas restaurant.

Favourite song of the season? It’s not from this season but Metallica – The Unforgiven II

Plans for the winter? Being a responsible adult in Andorra. PADDYS AND DUBLINER BARS Pas de la Casa!

ibiza_feat_2016_review-5Name: Emma Jai

Age: 25

From: Dublin, Ireland

Work: DJ

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? Space Closing Fiesta… Emotional!

Favourite Party/Club night? Music On.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Joe Spoons.

Favourite song of the season? Aurora – I went too far (MK Remix) Many memories to this!

Plans for the winter? I haven´t a clue yet, going to get home spend time with my family and new baby niece Millie. Work on production.

Name: Oliver Jermey

Age: 25

From: Surrey/Wolverhampton, England.

Work: Faction @ Eden

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? My mate James Campbell letting me play a track on amnesia terrace during one of his sets.

Favourite Party/Club night?

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Favourite bar will always be Koppas on the westend.

Favourite song of the season? Solardo – Tribesmen

Plans for the winter? I´ve had options for doing a ski season to working in Vegas, but I haven’t been home properly in 3 years so I’m going to spend it back home this year!!

ibiza_feat_2016_review-6Name: Stephen Donovan

Age: 26

From: Cork, Ireland

Work: Donnegans Irish Bar

Season: 4

Favourite memory of 2016? Interviewing Ferry Corsten for Cream. Love his music, was amazing to him a chat with him.

Favourite Party/Club night? Has to be Cream. Never missed a night.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Joe Spoons and Tapas.

Favourite song of the season? Mark Knight – Yebisah. Fantastic song by the main man!

Plans for the winter? Somehow I´ve blagged a DJ job in Andorra. The Dubliner is going to be jumping every night! Can´t wait to get back on that mountain.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-7Name: Gav Millar

Age: 26;

Season: 3

From: Greenock, Scotland.

Work:  Joe Spoons

Favourite memory of 2016? Has to be seeing Eric Prydz and Armin van Buuren at Ushuaia with my best mate Steve. Was a sick day!! Think Amanda was there too!

Favourite Party/Club night? Flower Power. Was my first time going this year. Such a good night.

Favourite Restaurant? Casitas.

Favourite song of the season? Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon – Freak Like Me

Plans for the winter? My first ski season in Andorra. Can´t wait to get there!

ibiza_feat_2016_review-8Name: Kirk Grewar

Age: 26

From: Scotland

Work: Mint Lounge

Season: 5

Favourite memory of 2016? Ibiza was Vibing in VIP with OC & Verde and Hot Since 82 for his Birthday party! Sick night!

Favourite Party/Club night? Favourite party night is a hard one to choose, for day time I would say ANTS at Ushuaia and nighttime it’s between Elrow at Space and Knee Deep In Ibiza at Pacha.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? I don’t usually eat out much but there is a nice little burger joint in town called 202 Burger which is delicious! Little hidden gem!

Favourite song of the season? Favourite track of the season for me is Maasai – OC & Verde

Plans for the winter? For winter after Ibiza I will be having a couple of weeks break and then it’s back to the mountains to Andorrra to start work again in Paddys Bar ? can’t wait to get back on the slopes and see everyone.

ibiza_feat_2016_review-9Name: Roberto Campoli aka Crazy Piano Man

Age: 31 years young.

From: Sunderland, England.

Work: Musician/Singer/Hat lover

Season: 3

Favourite memory of 2016? Without a doubt travelling to Ibiza from England in my VW Camper with my GRANDPA has to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.  What an absolute Legend my gramps is!

Favourite Party/Club night? Obviously Flower Power at Pacha is my church.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Let’s just say it’s a Cala D’hort secret stroll through the sea….those who know Cala D’hort will know

Favourite song of the season? I don’t really have one but my favourite album of this summer is Richard Ashcroft’s album ‘These People’ I’m an indie lad at heart

Plans for winter: I´m putting together a band of some sort so watch this space for ‘High Brids’

ibiza_feat_2016_review-10Name: Dwayne Nolan

Age? 26

From? Enniskillen, Ireland

Work? Owner – Ibiza Club News

Season number? 6

Favourite memory of this season? Standing in Space Car Park while Carl Cox played Imagine by John Lennon – Goosebumps

Favourite party night? Don’t know what I’ll do on a Tuesday anymore, it’s got to be Carl Cox at Space Ibiza

Favourite bar/restaurant? It’s got to be Amante Ibiza, the all round perfect place

Favourite song of the season? Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon ‘Freak Like Me’

Plans for the winter? I’ll be spending some much needed family time back in Ireland whilst using the advantages of Dublin Airport with many flying visits around the globe, I love the winter in Ibiza but I need a change

ibiza_feat_2016_review-11Name: Grant Collins

Age: 31

From: Originally from Surrey England but lived in Spain since I was 4 years old.

Work: Resident DJ at Ocean Beach Ibiza

Season: 9

Favourite memory of 2016? Favourite memory of the summer was Space closing party, even though it was so sad to see this iconic club close their doors for the very last time, it was definitely up there with one of the best nights of my life.

Favourite Party/Club night? Elrow

Favourite Bar/Restaurant? Its a tie between Cafe Macao & Coricancha.

Favourite song of the season? Grant Collins & Sam Dungate  – Detroit Playerz

Plans for the winter? Plans this winter are to stay in Ibiza and focus on my production and possibly going to Dubai in the new year to play for a few months.

Food & Drink


Gastronomic Days of Autumn “Ibiza Sabors”

We recently announced the launch of the 2016 Sabors (Tastes) gastronomic festival.

We are spoiled with seemingly never ending food and drink promotions during the close season, and Sabors has to be up there as one of the very best.

Sabors is all about the true taste of Ibiza. A celebration of the island’s produce—home grown, reared, fermented and, now with our favourite ale Ibosim joining the party, even brewed.

Running from 15th of October until the 30th of November, the festival of feasting has 40 restaurants participating in 2016.

As you can see from the event map, right, Sabors is an event that covers the entire island.

Each restaurant or bar offers a 3 course menu for 20€, (excluding drinks), and/or a Tapas with beer or wine for 5€.

Alongside the opportunity to eat and drink for fantastic value in a truly diverse range of establishments, Sabors also includes a programme of special tasting and other cultural events.

In this article we have listed a small selection of events and menus to give a flavour of sabors, which is after all exactly what it is all about.

We also have to congratulate Ibiza Travel and the Consell de Ibiza for publishing the full programme in English alongside Spanish and Catalan. It is clear from their wording that the festival is considered an event that will attract tourists to Ibiza during the winter months, and in that context it is logical that promotional materials are as accessible as possible.

The full 29 page programme is available to view and download on our website.


Some Forthcoming Events …

To take part in any of the activities advance booking is necessary, Tel. 626 90 47 28 or email at


Sunday 23rd October

  • The inauguration of the new mill d’Oli Evissenc in Sant Joan.

The opening will be attended by Council President, Vicente Torres include the tasting of local products and folk dances.

Saturday 19th November

  • Children’s Flaó Workshop

Chef Inigo Rodriguez, the restaurant at Hotel Pacha, offers children from 8 to 17 years a journey in the traditional medieval version of this recipe through to the modern version. The workshop will start at 11am and there are 12 places are available, the workshop is free until full capacity.

For all activities, except the mill opening, booking is required by email and places will be confirmed following order requests until the maximum capacity is reached.

Typical Menus …


Paseo Marítimo s/n · Ibiza, Tel. 971 316 551

This menu will be served every day. Hours: from 8.30pm to 11pm. Advance reservations required


 Bread, sobrasada sausage and olive oil

 Octopus with foam and olive oil spheres

 Black Ibizan pork hot dogs, crispy onions, and olive oil foam

 Chocolate Romero, with olive oil and almond ice cream

Recommended wines

Can Rich


Paseo de Vara de Rey, 16 · Ibiza, Tel. 971 311 274

This menu which will be served from Tuesday to Saturday. Hours: from 8pm to 11pm


 Octopus and anglerfish salad

 Pickled amberjack in Ibiza vinegar

 Shelled fava bean cream with sobrasada sausage and blood sausage

Main Course

 Fillets of red mullet in brine

 Baked smooth-hound fish withquince alioli

 Pig’s trotters stuffed with mushrooms


 Ibiza cottage cheese with dried figs, quince, almonds and honey

 Rice pudding mousse, fig ice cream and chocolate

Recommended wines

Yviça, a young Monastrell red wine from Can Rich; a white Malvasía Muscatel wine from CanMaymó or a pale Monastrell rosé wine from Sa Cova.

Babylon Roast Sundays

Having just missed the cut last week, we had to add Babylon’s Sunday Roast to our Autumn round up. You know things are going to be that little bit extra special at Babylon, and if you don’t know please trust us, they are. I mean look at those Scotch Eggs, worthy of a visit on their own. Top tip, get purposefully waylaid by a couple or three Bloody Mary’s to get that special Sunday feeling going. Top tip two, don’t hang about, they close on the 31st October.

Sunday Lunch Menu
  • Starters

Butternut squash soup, pumpkin fritters, rosemary croutons V

Scotch egg with a honey chilli glaze & cornichons

Sardines with aubergine chutney & black toast

  • Mains

Rare rib eye beef

Buttermilk lemon chicken

Shoulder of lamb

Quinoa nut roast V

Sea bream & prawn fish pie

  • Sides (Included)

Cauliflower cheese, Broccoli, Glazed carrots, Duck fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire pud, French beans

  • Dessert

Lemon tart

Apple & blackberry crumble


Community & Agenda


Tarotscope Thurs 20th October to Weds 26th October 2016

ARIES – Ten of Disks

Now’s a great time to spruce up your environment (work or home), as funds are more readily available this week. Others are willing to pay good money for your services so don’t sell yourself short.  Time to get yourself organised financially so you can relax more.  This card promises gains not only now, but in the months ahead.

TAURUS – Justice

Legal or bureaucratic transactions are swiftly dealt with.  Get back into balance with routines that align your inner and outer world; in other words, walk your talk and don’t give in to negative thinking.  If you do a kindness for someone, expect a pleasant and unexpected outcome that will pay dividends for you in the weeks ahead – instant Karma!

GEMINI – Page of Pentacles

Time to take stock and to weigh up your options.  Some Gemini’s will be spoilt for choice this week but may be overwhelmed with indecision; what path should you take?  There’s a creative element to this card and someone will recognise and want your talents.   However, there may be an angle therefore make sure you’re clear about what you expect financially.

CANCER – Six of Cups

If you’ve a sense of déjà vous meeting new people, go on your intuition; embrace them into your life or give them a wide berth.  There’s a sense of renewal in life and a spring in your step. Healing takes place between you and those you’ve been at odds with; if an olive branch is offered be gracious and accept.

LEO – The Empress

A week to nurture and support yourself. Women play an important role; by helping or encouraging you to realise that plans you want to put in motion are achievable.  The energy of The Empress helps to balance your emotions, making you less nervous or erratic. Go for walks or just sit and enjoy nature.  Reconnect with who you truly are.

VIRGO  – Queen of Wands

Your creative fire and vision is activated through this card and with it the ability to ‘know yourself’.  Important tasks get done effortlessly this week and with the full cooperation of colleagues or business associates. Virgo woman; you succeed in getting what you want by turning on the charm.  Virgo Man; a woman you meet through work intrigues!

LIBRA – Two of Swords

Blessed are the peacemakers; is a phrase that you’ll do good to remember this week. Your calm and careful handling of tense situations will be much appreciated by associates, which in turn enables you to make personal decisions that bring you peace and clarity of thought. New and intellectually stimulating acquaintances will fast become firm friends or a romantic interest.

SCORPIO – The Wheel of Fortune

If you are to get the best out of this week try not to remain fixed in your opinions, closed minded, or continue following routine habits.  By allowing yourself a broader outlook in life, you’ll attract new opportunities as well as some well needed money luck.   Trust that life is looking up so stay positive and keep it up!

SAGITTARIUS – The High Priestess

Trust your intuition this week as you’ll be guided to meet people who will make a huge impact on your life in the months or even years ahead. You’re becoming more resourceful and more independent of what others say or think; you can now stand alone but without feeling lonely.  Others are drawn to you like moths to a flame.

CAPRICORN – The Lovers

You’ll get yourself into a right old dilemma this week as you struggle with your choices.  You want to make a life changing decision which when made, will irrevocably alter your present course.  Do you go with your head or your heart? On a mundane level, there’s plenty of romantic fun to be had if you’re up for it.

AQUARIUS – The Tower

A week when you get a few wake up calls. What was has to change and unless you start orchestrating change, life will throw up a few curved balls. The positive out of this is that you can rebuild your life on firmer foundations.  The lightening striking the tower allows you to see situations and people as they truly are.

PISCES – Seven of Pentacles

Overcoming fear of failure or success isn’t easy, but now’s the time to work on and banish these old worries. You can succeed by believing in yourself.  Having planted the seeds of your delivery, cultivate your new found confidence like blossoms on a cherry tree.  You may not be harvesting the fruit right now, but all in good time!

View from the Pew

Curtain of the Temple

Rev. Dr Peter Pimentel

The Gospel of Mark (a 1st Century AD ‘biography’ of Jesus) is one of the books of The Bible that narrates the execution of Jesus.  At the moment when Jesus, with a loud shout, breathed his last, “the curtain of the temple”, Mark tells us, “was torn in two from top to bottom”.  (Mark 15:37-38).  That’s a remarkable piece of information.  In order to appreciate this snip-bit of historical data, we need to explore some 1st Century AD Jewish sources.  What was the curtain of the temple?  What significance would the event have?

The curtain of the temple was well known in the time of Jesus in Israel and was called in Hebrew parochet.  Early rabbinic sources in the Mishnah give us a description of this magnificent curtain: “Rabban Simeon b. Gamaliel says in the name of R. Simeon, Son of the Perfect, the curtain was a handbreadth think, and was woven on a loom of seventy-two cords, and each cord was made up of twenty-four threads.  It was forty cubits long, and twenty cubits broad.  It was made by eighty-two young girls.  And they make two a year.  And three hundred priests immense it.” (The Mishnah, Tractate Sheqalim, 8:5).

A cubit is reckoned to be the length of a man’s forearm and so about 52cms.  40 cubits long is then at least 20 meters and 20 cubits wide is of course about 10 meters.  It seems that it was made from 72 pieces of fabric each a handbreadth wide and on 24 linen warp threads.  It took 300 priests to immerse it in holy water for purification!

Josephus (a Jewish historian and politician AD 37 – AD 100, who was 7 years old when Jesus died) wrote that the curtain was an image of the universe.  He says: “It was a Babylonian curtain, embroidered with blue, and fine linen, and scarlet, and purple, and of a texture that was truly wonderful.  Nor was this mixture of colours without its mystical interpretation, but was a kind of image of the universe.” (Josephus, Wars 5:212).  He says the colours represent fire, earth, air and sea.

The curtain, therefore, signified matter.  The veil that stands between us and the glory of God.  Another first-century book in the Bible picks up on the rending of the curtain from top to bottom.  The curtain signifies the flesh of Jesus.  Through his crucifixion, Jesus has opened up for us access “through the curtain”,that is through matter, and into the presence of God. (Hebrews 10:20)

  • Church service 10.30am this Sunday 23rd at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street), Santa Eularia. See our website for directions and info:
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383



San Raf Fiesta

  • San Rafael
    • Claire B

The San Rafael fiesta is in full swing until December 4. With the Day of San Rafael taking place on Sunday October 24, there are lots of cultural, gastronomic and sporting events taking place in the town over the next few weeks. Full details in the online programme:


Food for Ibiza

  • Claire B

Now that the end of the season is here, if any restaurants and bars are closing, seasonal workers are leaving the island and have any food no longer required, please don’t throw it away, donate it to Food for Ibiza. Contact them and they can pick it up from you.

Food for Ibiza is a local charity run by volunteers to feed struggling families in Ibiza and Formentera.

They always needs food and cash donations to fund its work. Help to avoid food waste and at the same time feed the struggling people on the island!



Sing-along-a Rocky Horror

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

On Saturday October 22 there’s a special sing-along screening of the 1975 cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Can Ventosa. Starring Richard O’Brien, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Meat loaf amongst others, the film never fails to entertain and needs no introduction. The best way to warm up for Halloween with this theatrical sing-along screening of the film in English with Spanish subtitles and on screen lyrics so everybody can sing along. Dress up, participate and sing along!

For over 18s or accompanied 15 year-olds. Starts at 10pm. Tickets cost 10€ Info on Facebook



  • ibizan-849_page_11
  • Events ;Claire B and Nick Gibbs

Halloween is approaching fast and it’s time to start planning where you’re going to go and what you’re going to wear. Ibiza takes Halloween very seriously – we don’t need much of an excuse for a party here and the island’s creative’s come out in force with their ghoulish costumes and theatrical makeup. Do not dare to go out without making an effort!

Babylon Beach Family Party

  • Santa Eulalia

Babylon’s much talked about family friendly Halloween party returns from 13:00 on 31st October – which will also be their end of season closing party!

All are welcome for a fun filled, family friendly afternoon & evening – with fancy dress a must for adults and children!

Expect pumpkins galore, a delicious spooktacular menu & blood bath cocktails. Music will be conjured up by our resident DJ’s George Solar (Babylon Beach) & Willie Graff (Pacha funky room) plus live music ensuring you Babylon zombies have a thrilling afternoon & chilling evening with us to end the season.

There will be plenty of spooky Halloween fun & games planned for all – watch out for those vampire bats & sneaky witches hiding in the cobwebs!

Table reservations recommended – +34 971 332 181


Hard Rock Hotel

  • Playa d’en Bossa

The Hard Rock Hotel has its Hardrock Ween on Saturday October 29. There are 2 parties – one during the day for children and families and one at night for adults.

Trick or Treat is for the whole family from 11am to 6pm, with a host of monstrous activities.

The Monster Ball Night is for adults only from 11pm and features special guest DJ Xicu Portas.

Both events are free to enter and valet parking is available.

The hotel is also offering a number of special dinner and room packages that also includes access to the spa and a drink at the party. The dinner package is 50€ per person (with discount if you dress up), the 1 night room package costs 250€ for 2 and 2 nights is 350€ for 2.

Jam Shak

  • San Antonio

On Sunday October 30, Jam Shak has a kid’s Halloween costume contest and what is probably Ibiza’s first ever Halloween costume contest for dogs. There are prizes for the scariest and cutest costumes. Free to enter but donations will be accepted for Ibiza’s animal shelters. Amazing guest judges and DJs are promised, plus great food and drink will be on offer as usual, so get creative, get your dogs and kids in costumes and go and join in the fun! From 3-7pm.


  • San Antonio

Pikes has been throwing fantastic Halloween parties for the last few years and it never disappoints. On Monday October 31 the party starts at 9pm going on until late, with a broken bodies BBQ (from 9-11). Tickets cost 15€. The Brothers Grim are closing the 2016 season with a Halloween party bang and a seriously gruesome line-up over 4 rooms. In Freddie’s Chamber are Justin Robertson, Bushwacka, Justin Harris, Melon Bomb, Jon Woodall B2B with Simon Morell and Blondewearingblack live. In the Bat Cave is Andy Wilson, DJ Callum B2B with Riccio, Bones and The Guiricencos live. Room 12 has Harley Maxwell’s Hip Hoperations, Warren Xclnce, Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn, Jack Anderson plus a special guest. And finally in The Spider’s Nest there’s The Brothers Grim and Ruby Murray.


  • Marina Botafoch, Ibiza

Heart is also throwing a Halloween Party this year, combining it with its closing party on Monday October 31. Powered by Open Lab, it will feature Matthew Dekay, Davi, Robert Miles and Hraach. From 1am until dawn.

Pacha & Bambuddha

  • Ibiza Town

On Monday October 31 Pacha presents the Bambuddah Infamous Fetish Halloween Dinner Ball. DJs and ticket prices are yet to be confirmed.

The Ghost Train

  • Santa Eulalia

Ibiza Mamas, actually no start that again not Ibiza Mamas, the Green Witch is again organising a ghost train for children in Santa Eulalia.

Spells are still being cast to confirm the full itinerary, but the motion potions have revealed the first stops of the train of terror.

We talked to the Green Witch earlier, and here is what she cackled back, “the train is  leaving Can Xarc at 4pm full of ghosts, skeletons, spiders and jacko laterns….zombies too.

“First they stop, just outside Santa Eularia at the Restaurante Cami del Rei, tha place is haunted, but they are funny ghosts …will u be ready to meet them ??? Trick or treat !!!

We left her pulling the legs of newts, but a kind lady at Ibiza Mamas was able to confirm the price of 15€ each with drink.

The Fish

  • San Antonio

The Fish are keeping their plans close to their chest. Presumably an axe impaled chest. Deduce what you will from their devilish ditty.

It’s that time of year again, come join us if you dare; For the streets are cold and the night is dark; And terror fills the air.  We have the things you want; And we have the things you need; You may not know it yet; But on halloween you’ll crave these things indeed.

Don’t thank us now; For the night of your life; Just plan what you’re going to wear; However once you’ve taken your first sip; You shall not have a care…

Maxim’s Rock Bar

  • Cala de Bou

Maxim’s are doing a bit of monstrous multi-tasking with a combi-zombie Halloween and end of summer party. They promise Scary Bodypainting, as if there is any other sort, Terrifying Tunes, to be fair that’s pretty well business as usual at Maxim’s (sorry Jane), Creepy Cocktails and Frightful prizes for best fancy dress.

Boutique Hostal Salinas

  • Salinas

We also have it on good authority that Boutique Hostal Salinas will be holding their annual Halloween party, starting in the early hours of the morning on Monday 31/Tuesday Nov 1. No details have been announced yet.

Local Life


Ibiza Light Festival

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

The first Ibiza Light Festival took place in Ibiza Town last weekend. Many emblematic places in the port and La Marina were transformed through lighting, video, sound, dance and theatre performances. As darkness fell, 16 art installations (some of them interactive) brought the town to life, as never before. It was a collaboration between the Ayuntamiento de Eivissa, the Consell Insular de Eivissa, La Asociación de Comerciantes del Puerto-La Marina and La Autoridad Portuaria (port authority), and the idea is that this will become an annual cultural event to bring in visitors to the island and into town at the end of the season.

It was a great event, which brought lots of people into town to see the festival and which gave local bars and restaurants more custom than they would have normally had. It was exciting walking around town to suddenly stumble across an interesting installation or a stunning illuminated performance. My favourite was the narrow street next to the walls of Dalt Vila that was filled with beams of lights and lasers, and was like an open air disco, and which had everyone who walked along the street smiling and enjoying the experience. It was fun, there was a great atmosphere in town and it was a fantastic cultural experience. Here’s hoping it becomes an annual event. More info and photos on the Facebook page: Facebook – Ibiza Light Festival:


Ibiza Fashion Festival

  • Sophie Valentine

34 sizzling boho and swimwear brands revealed their collections in London’s Grosvenor Place recently, at The Ibiza Fashion Festival. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come next June in Ibiza.

The fashion show accommodates women of all shapes, sizes and race, promoting healthy role models, and spreading positive body images. Headed by Bono was the Buy Vision Give Sight campaign, and sunglasses brand Revo, to support the fight against blindness in children.

With its live art and exhibitions, the event went all out, resulting in a lively atmosphere. MTV DJ Damon Hess, DJ Greg Mason, and Lydia Lucy from BBC’s The Voice helped make it a memorable event. Artist Paul Beer also auctioned off live art, signed by celebrities for the Buy Vision Give Sight campaign.

As stated by Karen Windle, ‘Boho is a look that you can wear no matter what size, class, gender or race, and Ibiza does it brilliantly. People love the commercial benefit of beautiful people but we can’t ignore the effect it has on young adults and their self-esteem.

“I like versatile beautiful but yet practical fashion. Rigid fashion is ok cool for editorials but try and work that look for everyday ?! Not practical – and sometimes this high end fashion trend is unobtainable.

“Why not look beautiful everyday with natural beauty , precious stones, silver, feathers, lace and leather – all obtainable and beautiful in their own right, not just because a label is attached.’

The catwalk wear came from many different fashionista’s such as Black Velvet, Bossa Nova Bikini’s, Beth Richardson, Pretty Mi and FAC Designs. Hair was taken care of by celebrity stylist Daniel Jordan of Unite Hair. Charlotte Dawson applied makeup. You can see more at


Pujada a sa Cala

  • Rhian Gibbs

Pere Mayol Wins, Ibicenco Dani Ramon Takes Third

Mallorca’s Pere Mayol (Silver Car S1) set the fastest time on Sunday in the thirty-first edition of the Pujada a sa Cala, the traditional Sant Vicent Hill Climb. He took the title thanks to a best lap of 2:12,443, eleven seconds faster than Ramon Moya (Speed Car GTR). Finishing off the podium, Ibicenco Dani Ramon (Demon Car) took third place just 11.322s behind the winner.

The main attraction in the rounds played this weekend has been the ‘Copa drifting de Montana’ where cars drift around a circuit, much to the delight of the 5,000 spectators.

An accident of Rodrigo Martin (BMW E-38 V8) in Saturday’s practice spilled oil on the road and the race had to be suspended. The incident was more crucial at times on Sunday, as motorists had to take care on slippery asphalt.

In addition, another accident was Ruben Bolaños (BMW Turbo) who has lost control of his vehicle before turn four. The driver made a spectacular exit at turn three, when he asked for the support of the fans moments before the impact against a guardrail. The car then flew through the air and finished on a wall of dry-stone just twenty meters away from the asphalt. Luckily, Bolaños emerged unscathed and the competition was been able to continue normally.

Despite the reported accidents, no driver has been hurt in the different clashes that have occurred during the trials organized by the Automobile Club of Ibiza.

The Guide




¡Força Formentera!


Forget Man City, United, the Pool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and the Premier, big news this week, following on from Our Ed’s snippet last week (on the inside page in case you missed it!), OMG! Formentera has to be buzzing this week as, having dispatched Tudelano in the 3rd Round of the Copa del Rey (the equivalent of the English FA Cup), our gallant Pitiusans were drawn against Spanish giants Sevilla, winners of the last 3 Europa Leagues (beating Liverpool in last season’s Final). What a draw, akin to, say, Tottenham drawing Hereford FC in the FA Cup and OK, not Barca or Real Madrid, but certainly the next best thing.

With the tie being played over 2 legs, with the 1st being on November 30th, supposedly on our little sister isle, one wonders where they’re going to play as I understand Formentera’s ground only holds around 750. Best bet has got to be Ibiza’s ground at Can Misses, but, personally, if I was their manager, I’d insist on the match being played in Formentera. I mean, c’mon, can you imagine what it’s going to be like for those multi-millionaires of Sevilla having to fly to Madrid (as there are no direct flights to Ibiza), change planes to Ibiza, then take a bus to the port, and then a Formentera ferry. So, let’s hope it’s a really rough, stormy day and the ferry is delayed!

So, bon suerte, Formentera, go for it and really enjoy the away leg in December in Seville, you’ve earnt it!

So, back to the Premier, as I must, and Pep’s little wobble at Man City is beginning to get a little bigger as his much vaunted team could only draw 1-1 at home to Everton over the w/end and to make matters worse, they missed not 1 but 2 penalties and now only lead on goal diff from Arsenal who scraped yet another home win, this time 3-2 over Swansea. Only a point behind lie Tottenham in 3rd, having drawn 1-1 at West Bromwich with an 89th minute goal and hot on their heels, another point behind, lie Liverpool after their MNF 0-0 draw at home against Man U. This was such a hyped-up match by the UK press I thought I’d better watch it,  (especially as ‘er indoors has just jetted off to Blighty on a much delayed Irish airline, for a bit of R & R with her g/friends leaving me to hold the fort) y’know, Klopp v. Jose and at Anfield where the latter just loves to score points (on and off the pitch!). Unfortunately, as per usual with these big matches, all a bit of a bore really (bit like England v. Slovakia) as proven by the fact that I dozed off for 40 mins of the 2nd half! Elsewhere, Chelsea are up there in 5th only 3 points off t’top,, after their 3-0 Bridge demolition of champions Leicester who are now lying 13th and without an away win from 4 with 13 goals conceded, followed by Everton in 6th. Southampton are next after their 3-1 home win over Burnley, Watford won 1-0 at Middlesbro’, West Ham got their act together with a 1-0 win at Crystal Palace, Sunderland continue to prop up the table after yet another loss, their 6th from 8 games, this time 2-0 at Stoke, and finally, perf of the w/end has to be Bournemouth’s 6-1 annihilation of Hull on the South coast.

‘Tis Europe again and the 3rd Group games in both Champions and Europa Leagues, and in the former, big, big test for Pep and Man City as he went back to his glory days in Barca on Wednesday, Arsenal should canter past Ludgorets at the Emirates, Leicester could actually qualify for the next round if they beat FC Copenhagen at the KC, and Tottenham are at Bayer Leverkusen. In the latter on Thursday, Man U are at home to Fenerbahce (before Jose faces his old club Chelsea at the Bridge on Sunday) and Southampton face a daunting task at Inter Milan, so good luck to ’em all!

Rugby Union

In the European Champions Cup what a stunning performance by England’s top club Saracens as they took on 3 times Euro champions Toulon on the Cote d’Azur, as they became the first team to triumph in Toulon in the Cup, running out 31-23 to lead their Group. Wins too for Northampton at home to Montpellier, Wasps with a record 82-14 win over Zebre but not good news for the other England reps as Leicester surprisingly lost to Glasgow, Sale lost at Scarlets (Wales) and Exeter were trounced 35-8 at home to Clermont. In the second tier Challenge Cup, wins for Bath at Pau, Gloucester at Bayonne and Harlequins over Stade Francais but Worcester lost at Enisei-STM (who?!)


Yet another tournament triumph for Our Andy as he won the Shanghai Masters for the 3rd time, making it not only a very successful visit to China, having won the Chinese Open beforehand, but more importantly his 10th tournament win of the year. An added bonus was the demise of World No 1 Djokovic as he was seeded to meet Murray in the Final but was knocked out in the semi, giving the Scot a very slim chance of overtaking the Serb to become World No 1. I can’t see it but you never know!


England’s tour of Bangladesh continues and what was supposed to be a 4 day warm-up match became a bit of a wash-out due to the weather and so Captain Cook’s men go in to the 1st Test of 2 on Thursday a little bit under-Cooked (sorry, couldn’t miss that one!), especially the man himself as he’s only just arrived on the sub-continent having been in UK for his wife’s childbirth. Still, let’s hope, having beaten the hosts already, 2-1 in the ODI’S, their successful tour continues. Also, congrats to my old buddy Chris’ son Stuart Broad, as, if he plays in both Tests, the 2nd will be his 100th Test.

Gotta go, ’tis now 01.10 so need my beauty sleep, so they keep telling me, ’til next week


1,000+ on the Marathon Trail

  • With less than a month to go before what has become one of the Balearic Islands’ key sporting events, organisers are delighted with over 1,000 entries.

There are three main races, the 10 kilometres (Light Trail), the 21 kilometres (Medium Trail) and 42 kilometres (Trail Marathon).

Each race starts and finishes in San Antonio, with the trails taking competitors through some of Ibiza’s most beautiful countryside and small beaches, with the reward of some spectacular views on their way.

Last year’s race was won by Italian Franco for the men, in a time of 3 hours, 43 minutes and 44 seconds; while in the woman’s race it was local lass Sabina who got home first with a time of 5 hours, 51 minutes, 54 seconds.

The event’s ever growing stature has attracted some of the sport’s top runners for what will be its 9th annual competition. Josef Ajram and Marco de Gasperi are both in the upper echelons of international trail running and are tipped as ones to watch.

This year organisers have also introduced a range of children’s races at 500, 1,500 and 4,000 metres.

The event takes place on October 30th from 8:30 to 17:30.

Ibiza Cricket Club

vs Goring on Thames CC (est.1876)

  • 8/10/16 30 overs per side.
  • Ibiza (167/5) beat Goring (158 all out ) by 9 runs.

Ibiza Skipper Paul Cruttwell chose to bat first and set a total. Thus openers Sam Gooda and Adam Johnson began steadily against accurate bowling and enthusiastic fielding from the visitors, which kept the run rate to 4 runs per over at first. However Adam Johnson began to accelerate, helping Ibiza post 90/2 at the halfway point, and continued to bat throughout the innings, scoring a chanceless 94 not out. Martin Cooper (15) and Robin Parmenter (20) supported him, but the visitors’ bowling continued to restrict Ibiza, and they finally finished on a reasonable, but not daunting 167/5. Of the visitors’ bowlers, Alex Crawford stood out with an economical 2/23, ably supported by Peter Slade, Andy Benning and Tony Breakspeare who all contributed a wicket each.

Goring then batted and with opener Glen Ashby looking fluent and settled with his 58, the Ibiza bowlers had to get wickets at the other end. This happened rapidly after the change of bowling with Goring on a stable 73/2 off 11 overs, after which a flurry of wickets reduced them to 76/6, then 89/7. But then all rounder Alex Crawford (53) and Pete “Maestro” Slade (22) came together and brought the score to 144/8, before the former was bowled going for another big hit. The visitors then required 24 runs off 7 overs with just one wicket left, and once Pete Slade had hit 3 consecutive boundaries, leaving only 10 more runs needed, victory looked assured for Goring on 158/9. But Ibiza’s consistent spin bowler Mike Amos had the last word, tempting the batsman forward and getting him caught behind, thus handing Ibiza a good team win by 9 runs.

All the Ibiza bowlers contributed, however Graeme Cooper (4/30) and Jim Harvey (2/33), who both started the slide of wickets, stood out, while Mike Amos (2/45) was successful and both Paul Cruttwell and Jeremy Parmenter obtained a wicket each.

The next day was supposed to be the second game of the weekend, but the autumn weather decided otherwise, with torrential rain falling in the morning and drenching the pitch, most unfortunately for both teams, who were looking forward to another competitive contest. It was not to be, for although the sun did appear in the afternoon, the pitch stayed wet for several hours, and the football club was due to play later as well.

However, many thanks to “Tour Daddy” Rhys Tong-Jones, who organized Goring’s trip, after successful recent tours to Mallorca and La Manga, as well as Skipper Ollie Carrier, without forgetting umpire Steve “The Cheese” Purnell and his personalized white coat! We look forward to hosting them again in the future.


Ibizan Pool League

It’s Just an Illusion

“Could it be that, potting the black, could it be that, potting the black, could it be that, it’s just an illusion” So said eighties pop-funkerteers Imagination, well something like that anyway. “Searching for a destiny that’s mine” – prophetic words from the sequined soul sensation? It’s hard to tell among all this confusion, but with a 9-0 victory over Father Jacks in the first game of the season, we think there might be a few more “hoping that they’ll never have to say, It’s just an Illusion”

  • Report by Jack Wharrie

Well, pool season is back with a bang folks with 4 great matches following the news that the two Stevie Ds teams have had to postpone their fixtures for October with many of their squad still working on nights.

Starting with the reigning champions, the Boulevard Spaniards, we saw them pick up where they left off last season with a convincing win over the visiting Storeroom Knights after a fairly even start at 2-2. Next up we had Maxim’s taking on Boulevard, a match in which the visitors had taken an early three game lead before the home side managed to fight back to secure their first win of the season, something which took them 4 games to do last season. Now we have what was called the closest match ever played by some of the players between Storeroom E-leats and The Ship with every frame going down to the black ball and neither side going more than a game ahead, having to be settled in a final game which was won by The Ship. Now finally we have one of our new teams Illusions stake their territory with a 9-0 thrashing of last year’s runner-ups Father Jacks after a technical problem saw the game played on Friday in Illusions. Was this a bit of beginner’s luck or the start of something deadly? We’ll have to wait and see…