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The Ibizan 841 25th August 2016, Ibiza News, Social, Style, Advice & More
The Ibizan 841 25th August 2016, Ibiza News, Social, Style, Advice & More

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The Ibizan 841 ~ 25 Aug 16

Front Page




Day by Day…

  • Also see articles on this page and throughout the newspaper. Agenda continues on back page.


l San Antonio’s Sant Bartomeu Fiestas , from 18th August to 4th September A full programme of the fiestas is available for download below.


l 3rd – 31st August. Ibiza Town, Calle Aragon, 17, Sa Nostra exhibition hall, exhibition of Ibizan artist Joan Escandell, daily 3pm – 8pm.

l To September 4th, Marina Botafoch, Julian Lennon Photography exhibition, 8pm to 3am daily


Thursday 25th

l Cala de Bou, Paco Fernando Live on Rooftop Nine 7pm-midnight. See Advert on Front page.

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb),  The Godfather

Friday 26th

l Ibiza Town, Nits de Tanit, En un Salón de la Habana – sopranos Irantzu Bartolomé and Núria Orbea with pianist Mentxu Pierrugues offer a lounge concert in Havana. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Cap des Falco sunset walk. 6pm FB Walking Ibiza

l Ibiza Town, Skyts and Big Rot, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, 9pm. 2€ on the door.

Saturday 27th

l Platja de Compte, Make a nuisance of yourself at the coastline protest—see news page 4

l Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Skyts and Big Rot

l Ibiza Town, ‘En un Salón de la Habana’ – sopranos Irantzu Bartolomé and Núria Orbea with pianist Mentxu Pierrugues offer a lounge concert from Havana. Part of the Nits de Tanit (Tanit Nights) cultural festival. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night. 10pm outside on the terrace of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, the old military command building just outside Dalt Vila on Calle del Calvario. Tickets can be bought in advance from La Sirena, or 2 hours before at the box office.

l Cala Llonga, Free cinema on the beach—Inside Out—see full size advert on back page  for details

Sunday 28th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6pm FB Walking Ibiza

l San Carlos, Las Dalias Night Market 7pm-1am

l Santa Eulalia, Nimmos Wild Rover, 9 pm onwards: Open mic jam session, all comers invited to come and contribute. If you can play, come and play…

Monday 29th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 30th

l Cala de Bou, Jose Padilla Sunset Sessions on Rooftop Nine, Ibiza Rocks Sol House Hotel 7pm-midnight.

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Ibiza Town, Sinestesia – dance from the emerging dance company from Barcelona Iron Skulls set in a post-apocalyptic world. Part of the Nits de Tanit cultural festival. 10pm on the terrace of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, the old military command building just outside Dalt Vila on Calle del Calvario. 10€ in advance from La Sirena or 15€ on the night from the box office on site.

Wednesday 31st

l Ses Salines, National Park Tours, 10am to 12.30pm, Centre d’interpretació de Sant Franscesc. Reservations are required by telephone 971 17 76 88 ext 3.

l Pou des Lleo short and sweet sunset walk. 6.45pm FB Walking Ibiza

l San Antonio, Faithless at Ibiza Rocks


Thursday 1st

l Playa d’en Bossa, Kitty Daisy & Lewis (acoustic concert) Dorado Live Show @ Santos. 10€ with a beer. From 8pm.

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb), Whiplash

l Playa d’en Bossa, Dorado Live, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis (England) / Uncle Sal (Ibiza)

Friday 2nd

l San Antonio’s Sant Bartomeu Fiestas, Romans v Carthaginians fiesta from 6pm-2am including the inauguration of the fiesta with kids events, music, and DJ’s

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 3rd

l San Antonio’s Sant Bartomeu Fiestas, 6pm on S’Arenal beach for the main event as the Romans and Carthaginians battle it out with the much loved tomato fight scheduled for 8pm

Sunday 4th

l San Antonio’s Sant Bartomeu Fiestas, Holi Festival of Colour 7pm at Ses Variades adjacent to the Sunset Strip

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l Santa Eulalia, Nimmos Wild Rover, 9 pm onwards: Open mic jam session, all comers invited to come and contribute. If you can play, come and play…

Monday 5th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 6th

l Cala de Bou, Jose Padilla Sunset Sessions on Rooftop Nine, Ibiza Rocks Sol House Hotel 7pm-midnight.  Every Tuesday—see main advert page 8

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Cas Serres – 10pm, Space films, Public & Free Guardians of the Galaxy

Thursday 8th

l Cala de Bou, Craig Charles live on Rooftop Nine, Sol House by Ibiza Rocks.

Friday 9th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Sunday 11th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l Playa D’en Bossa, Cinema Dorada, Cry-Baby FB Santos Ibiza

l Santa Eulalia, Nimmos Wild Rover, 9 pm onwards: Open mic jam session, all comers invited to come and contribute. If you can play, come and play…


Ibiza & Formentera Contra Cancer Gala Dinner

l Ibiza Town

As part of Ibiza and Formentera Contral Cancer’s celebrations to mark their  15 years in operation, a Gala Dinner will be held on  Friday 16th September 2016 at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Ibiza Town.

Priced at 42€ per person which includes a 3 Course Meal, Welcome Drink & Live Music by The Mardy Johnny Depps. For reservations email


San Antonio’s Sant Bartomeu Fiestas

Sant Bartomeu is San Antonio’s patron saint, and the fiestas in his honour run from 18th August to 4th September.

During that time there will be all manner of arts, dance, music, sports and cultural activities and events, with some geared specifically to children.

Key highlights during the coming weeks are:-

  • Friday September 2nd and Saturday September 3rd – annual Romans V Carthaginians fiesta

Friday 2nd from 6pm-2am including the inauguration of the fiesta with kids events, music, and DJ’s

Saturday 3rd 6pm on S’Arenal beach for the main event as the Romans and Carthaginians battle it out with the much loved tomato fight scheduled for 8pm

  • Sunday September 4th – Holi festival of colour

This year’s Saint Bartholomew (Sant Bartomeu) fiesta in San Antonio includes a Holi Festival of Colour for the first time. This seems an appropriate inclusion as Bartomeu is credited as taking Christianity to India. 7pm at Ses Variades adjacent to the Sunset Strip

A full programme of the fiestas (Spanish and Catalan only) is available for download below.


Beer Festival

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

A bit of advance notice of one of Ibiza’s greatest annual events – The Beer Festival – which this year is held between September 16-18. There will be more than 150 beers from around the world, plus food and a children’s area. Each night there are also DJs (well it is Ibiza) and this year there’s a great roster: Friday night is Jordi Cardona, Saturday is La Movida DJs Petit and Vasquez and Sunday is Javi Box. So once the hips have been oiled with a couple of choice cervezas you’ll be ready to dance the night away. It’s held in the Recinta Ferial from 7pm, just outside Ibiza Town on the road to San Antonio. Entrance is usually about 3€, but that includes a free beer.

Don’t worry – I’ll remind you about it nearer the time, but for now, put it in your calendars.

Details on Facebook – IX Feria de la Cerveza 2016

  • More agenda on the back page

Special News Feature


The Peasants Are Revolting!

Seize control of the shore!

  • Russian tycoon’s efforts to exclude public from shoreline of his mansion result in planned civil rights protests, but in true Ibiza style.
  • Further case of wedding organisers excluding public from beach for private event.
  • Our guide to the Ley de las Costas, Spain’s law of the coast, and how to access precise information on public areas.

The issue of public access to Ibiza’s coastline and beaches has arisen regularly this season and last.

It is widely understood that Ibiza and all of Spain’s coastlines are in public ownership; however there is considerable misinformation as to the regulations in force. There are several types of situation that have been causing public outcry in what many people see as private business and landowners abusing the protected status of the coastline and the beaches for their own use.

A very common complaint has been of the ever expanding sunbed concessions. It is felt by many that the many ‘beach club’ businesses catering for higher end business have had a particular effect on reducing the area of beach available for use by non-patrons.

Another ever more frequently occurring situation is that of private event organisers taking over coastal areas for weddings and other private functions. We reported on this recently detailing the Balearic governments request that the public are encouraged to report any such unregulated events highlighting both the anti-social and environmentally detrimental aspects of such functions.

A further type of restriction on public access which has caused isolated problems for many years is that of seafront property owners attempting to take over the shoreline for their own exclusive use and to prevent the public right of way that must exist without exception on every centimetre of Spain’s coastline.  This has caused particular outrage amongst Ibiza’s residents this week resulting in some planned events of ensuring public access rights are not lost – but in a wonderful Ibiza twist plaquards and demonstrations have been replaced by BBQ’s, sardines and mass swimming. It is however worthy of note that some property owners feel they have justifiable grievances for the loss of land they have experienced without compensation under Spain’s Ley de las Costas. Formentera has made the national news in this respect where seafront property owners have lost more land as a result of the coastal reforms than any other area of Spain. This is relating to land further away from the actual shoreline and so a very different situation to one where property owners are preventing access across their land.

In our comprehensive report we include:-

  • Report of the Russian mansions owner’s actions and details of the planned civil rights protests.
  • Report of recent beach takeovers by wedding parties
  • Guide to the Ley de las Costas with details of how to access precise information on what is public land.
  • Report of the Formentera property owner’s grievances

Playa de Comte Mansion

The mayor of Sant Josep, is due to meet the head of the Balearic Coastal Authority on 6th September, to discuss coastline concessions (see guide to Ley de las Costas) they have granted directly to private individuals in various areas of the municipality and particularly reports of abuse.

Mari said that ‘termination should be implemented’ for the most controversial concessions, as given to a tycoon at the foot of his mansion in Playa de Comte which has been subject of numerous complaints regarding access, measures taken to prevent access, and also the hostile attitude of the security guards.

Complaints are being made on a very regular basis against the owner of the house who has ‘expanded’ his property to include a jetty and shoreline terrace.

In the past few days two residents have filed complaints with the Civil Guard. One of them, who has lived in the area for many years, said that when approaching the rocks he was told he could not “sit on that land”. After a discussion with the guard about the legality of the concession, ‘the owner appeared yelling, threatening, insulting and assaulting him where he was sitting’.

As a result, they had to call the Civil Guard. While waiting for the agents, “the owner of the house went on his yacht, knowing that when the police came, there would be problems.” When the agents arrived, they corroborated the right of public use to the area.

A woman who arrived to the area a few days ago by yacht  said that the occupants of the house ordered her to leave because she could not anchor in these waters, where they and their guests used jet skis etc.

Ibizan writer Claire B had a less aggressive response when venturing onto the land. “I’ve walked through that property! You’re actually allowed to do it. They’ve put doors on either side but they can’t actually by law stop you from doing it! The security guards there will come out and watch you but just wave and say hello! “

Walking Ibiza’s Toby Clarke told us of the latest technique employed by the owner. “Walking though the other day and they have now planted really prickly cactus to make it more difficult. The guy next door is also saying you can`t walk though his garden, it’s a really dangerous route you have to take“ .

Councilman for Beaches and Environment of the City of Sant Jose, Pep Cardona, has stated that “this is a matter for the general direction of Costas” but confirmed that “to prevent access to the sea is illegal”.

The mayor also has first-hand experience of the Playa de Comte mansion on his visit a year ago, 17th July 2015, shortly after taking up office. He was there at the request of Miguel Vericad, who had just been appointed Ibizan Minister of Environment and wished the mayor to know of “the abuse that was committed in that part of the coast”.


Impromptu  protests have already been held by individuals with around 15 people choosing to make use of the owners jetty to swim, and then extensively shared on social media with the slogan ‘Reclaim the Beach’ (though such things should really be left to the experts as our ’Seize the Shore’ is both catchier and technically more accurate.

One planned protest event (we believe there to be others also being arranged on the same day) is this Saturday 27th 5-9pm, and organised by the group Unitat Vigilancia Eivissa through Facebook.

At time of going to print approaching 500 people have expressed interest in attending the event— with the organisers posting there will be no alcohol or fire and that cleanliness and respect for the environment is first and foremost.


Beach Closure for Wedding

Last week a local resident reported the apparent ‘closure’ of the beach Ses Estaques in Santa Eulalia, with hammocks displayed as reserved so that no one could use them. The complainant also added that at 1pm they changed the area to ‘no unauthorised use’ due to a private celebration.

It is not the first time that public access to this particular beach has been prevented. A restaurant-beach club in Santa Eulalia closed a stretch of coast in the area of Ses Estaques to celebrate a wedding on the 31st July. After receiving a complaint from a neighbour, local police rushed to the scene and forced the business owners responsible to remove the chairs placed in the area of coastal public domain. It was also reported in the Diario de Ibiza that those who had allegedly hired the service had paid around 10.000€ for the use of the beach.

Issued via a statement, the Town Hall of Santa Eulalia said “The fact of having a grant does not enable hammocks to be used in other unauthorized uses and, much less, to close a stretch of beach for private use.”

ibizan-841_Page_04Guide to Ley de Costas – Spanish Coastal Law

Social media can be a great source of information, but in some areas it can be more misleading than helpful. Whenever we have seen reference to the coastal law regarding the extent of public land it has always been given in a metre measurement of coastline – but that has varied from 3 to 20 metres according to views shared with equal confidence as to being correct.

From research we have undertaken it seems that the law is nowhere near that simple.

The extent of public ownership is determined by many factors, and most are not easy to assess through measurement or even the currently observable physical environment.

The authoritative Spanish Property Insight blog by Mark Stücklin gives a very useful guide to the Ley de Costas, and though it has been amended in some respects by legal cases of property owners objecting to its consequences to their land ownership – see Formentera article below – it can be considered as current and correct in terms of public right of way and access to the coastline.

The Spanish Coastal Law (ley de costas 1988) defines a public domain area along the coast and a further zone where special restrictions apply to private ownership. The aim is to make the whole length of the coastline accessible to the public and to defend the coast against erosion and excessive urbanisation.

Basically there are two zones separated by a demarcation line (deslinde). The two areas are, the public domain, in which there can be no private ownership, and then a zone of 500 meters in which there are several areas and various restrictions to private ownership, the restrictions are very stringent nearer the sea but get more lenient as you get further away from the sea..

The public domain (dominio publico) has a very wide definition, including:

  • The surf zone and the beach
  • All areas where the sea waves reach or have reached in the worst known storms
  • All areas where there is sand, shale or pebbles, whether or not it is built on or whether or not the waves ever reach there, up to a point where the effects of the coastal winds are negligible and the area has no effect on coastal protection
  • All areas reclaimed from the sea

Inside that area everything is deemed to belong to the state, and any historic ownership is forfeited.

However there are usage exceptions. If a property owner can prove that buildings on that portion of land are legal, and were constructed before 1988, they can apply for compensation, but only in the form of a concession to use the property for 30 years. If they cannot prove legality and age of construction it can be demolished.

Even if that concession of use is granted, it can be rescinded at any time by the authorities if it is considered to be in the “public interest”. In that situation the property owner would only receive financial compensation to the value of the building construction, not the market value of the property including the plot of land it sits upon.

The private area on the other side of the demarcation line (deslinde) is split into two zones, the first 100 meters is the protection zone and the next 400 meters is the zone of influence.

Inside the 100 meter protection zone the only private property allowed is legal property built before 1988 and on land officially recognised as urban land in 1988 and even then it must be a minimum distance of 20 meters from the demarcation line or else it can be demolished.

Within the zone of influence restrictions apply, for example, it is not allowed to build high rise properties.

A resource on Mark’s website is the Spanish Government Map which shows the two coastal lines in incredible detail, together with property boundaries etc.

In the detailed screenshot we have shown Cala Bassa, one of the beaches that has received many complaints of private business taking over what was previously open public beach.

  • See the Coastal Map here


  • and see Mark Stücklin’s full article together with a wealth of other information on buying and owning property in Spain here


Formentera Coastal Boundary Changes Struck Out by Court

  • Article by Mark Stücklin November 2015

In a big blow to many property owners on the Balearic Island of Formentera, Spain’s Constitutional Court has struck down parts of the 2013 Coastal Law reform that would have redrawn the public-private boundary on the island.

In 2011 the new Government set about reforming the Spanish Ley de Costas, or Coastal Law, introduced in 1988.

The reform was passed in 2013, including measures like extending concessions (for buildings) on public land from 30 to 75 years, and reducing the area of special protection inland from the waterfront from 100 to 20 metres in some areas.

Formentera: A Special Case

The reform also mandated a new boundary between public and private land for the Balearics island of Formentera, reflecting the “exceptional character” and “special geomorphologic configuration” of the island.

Thanks to Formentera’s small size and coastal landscape, private property owners were hit hard by the 1988 Ley de Costas, which confiscated proportionally more private land there than anywhere else. This reform was intended to address that injustice, and return some land to private owners.

But the 2013 reform was contested in the Constitutional Court by the opposition Socialist Party, supported by organisations like Greenpeace. The Court has just ruled that some elements of the reform, such as the new boundary for Formentera, are unconstitutional, and must be removed from the statute books.

The Court ruled against the new public-private boundary (or deslinde in Spanish) for Formentera on the grounds that it lacks “rational justification” and objective criteria. It’s a big blow for numerous residents of Formentera, who were expecting to get their properties back, but now have concessions instead.

Jaume Ferrer, President of the Formentera Island Council, described the reform as “ill advised”. He commented, “the strong wording and decisive nature of the sentence demonstrate that the previous work by the legal teams of the central government – which called into question the past divisions – were poorly prepared”.

Call For Public To Report Illegal Events

This article was first published 23rd June 2016, we reprint it in this edition due to its relevance to coastal access

The director general of nature and biodiversity Catarina Amengual has urged people to use the 112 emergency lines to report organised events being held in protected areas.

This follows complaints by a group of visitors who had tried to access the open area under the tower of Des Savinara which is considered to have one of the finest viewpoints of Es Vedra.

On their approach their way was blocked by staff from the private company saying that a wedding was being held and that that area was closed.

San Jose Interior councillor Paquita Ribas, has said she was unaware that prior approval of the department of environment was required to organise an event.

The esplanade is used for all types of events but Amengual said that it is included in the Natura 2000 network and therefore approval is required, especially when the movement of people and vehicles is to be expected.

According to the Director, the problem is widespread and though wedding celebrations are one of the more common, there are also large parties and sporting events – particularly mountain biking that are held without the necessary authorisation.

She continued to say that the promoter of any such event must ask permission detailing the activity for it to be evaluated to ensure that it has no detrimental environmental impact.



Consell Clampdown on Car Rental Rip Offs

One of the most common complaints to our inbox this season, and reflected by a steady stream of negative posts on social media, has been that of consumers feeling ripped off by car rental firms.

Sometimes it is a case of reading the small-print, if an offer sounds too good to be true it often is, but there are plenty of cases that have caused enough concern at the Ibiza Consell that they have seen fit to introduce an initiative aimed at advising consumers as to how they can avoid problems, and what to do if they have them.

Ibiza and Balearic Government Council launch an information campaign on consumer rights in car rental

The director general of Consumer Rights of the Balearic Government, Xisco Dalmau, and the President-in-Office of Ibiza, Marta Diaz, presented the information campaign on consumer rights in car rental on August 22nd.

Posters and brochures were presented, published in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and German, with information aimed at both tourists and residents of their rights during different stages of car rental, namely Reservation, Collection, Use and Return.

Included are tips to prevent abuse and to have a ‘satisfying experience’.

The initiative, launched by the Directorate General of Consumer Affairs, in collaboration with the Directorates-General of Tourism and Mobility and Transport of the Government of the Balearic Islands, includes the creation of a quality mark which will identify companies that comply with the code of good practice.

The initiative is launched as a result of “various irregularities which have been detected this year in promotion and hiring of rental vehicles.

The aim is to strengthen the information available to car rental customers and alongside increased inspections during the summer they will encourage customers to make claims against those flouting the guidelines.

Included are factors such as how fuel policy is detailed, and the expectations of insurance coverage – stated as two of the main areas of conflict between customers and rental firms.

President-in-Office, Marta Diaz, has welcomed this initiative, which joins others already in place to combat illegal tourist rentals or pirate taxis “It is important to fight against the bad practice, which degrades the quality of our tourism product and the image of the island. ”

The Consell has received over 500 complaints in the past two years which have resulted in 55 actions being taken.

Download the advisory leaflet and poster here:-


Guiri Guide to Consumer Rights in the Balearics

If you have a problem with any business transaction in the Balearics, your first port of call should be to the Consumer Rights web portal of the Balearic Government, the Portal del Consumidor.

The portal is available in Spanish or Catalan, and we would rate the Google auto translate as fair to middling. If your Spanish is not fluent you may need the assistance of a bi-lingual friend to help you navigate through the range of facilities offered by the website.

Details are given as to how you can submit a complaint via an appointment system, though the complaint can be dealt with online if you are a registered user, or have another form of accepted access such as an electronic dni.

Among the resources on the site you have details of regulations and standards, services offered by the department, details of the arbitration service, contact details of various consumer associations (see link below) and even a special section on dog ownership.

Access the main website portal here


and for the list of consumer associations go directly here


San Jose Beaches go Disabled Friendly

  • San Jose unveils equipment to facilitate beach access for people with physical disabilities
  • Lifeguards assist 142 disabled people in season to date

In a move which has to be applauded, the San Jose Council have unveiled a range of new equipment aimed at making beach access easier for people with disabilities.

Pep Cardona, councillor for beaches, inspected the equipment which includes:-

  • 6 amphibious chairs, (4 new added to 2 existing)
  • 32 beach crutches (being stainless steel and plastic they can be used in water and also float)
  • 4 rolling beach zimmer frames

The amphibious chairs should be booked in advance for delivery to many of the beaches within the borough of San José. Call 663 261 367

The Councillor for Beaches considers this increase necessary, “to improve service and reflecting this years’ experience of a growing demand. The lifeguards have undertaken almost 150 assists, and the service is very much appreciated by users. ”

According to the coordinator of aid, Marcos Chércoles, many users who try the service will repeat it every day of their vacation.

Users are also residents on the island, and several use the service on a regular basis throughout the season.

The beach with most assists is Playa den Bossa, with 55, followed by Port des Torrent (28), Salinas (25), Cala Tarida (18) and Cala Bassa (16).

Thanks to the additional material, service can now be extended (always with prior booking) to users who request the beaches of Cala Comte, Pinet Playa and Cala Vedella.

This newspaper, along with many others, feel San José got it totally wrong with their handling of the beach sunbed concessions this year, but for this initiative they deserve all due credit.

  • Bookings to be made in advance on 663 261 367

Parking Like The Biggest Ever Tw*t In Ibiza

Ferraris can park wherever they want, or at least the driver of this one does.

Badly parked across the pedestrian crossing outside Cala de Bou’s medical centre,

with witnesses stating it was there for at least two hours with actual spaces within 40 metres.

  • Photo Sergio G. Cañizares via Diario de Ibiza

Sign Up & Support to Stop the Street Sellers

A petition has been launched by San Antonio Resident and Businessman Martin Makepeace, calling for the local town council to take steps to stop the “Illegal and aggressive street sellers” that blight the resort’s Paseos (promenades) and other tourist areas.

The petition through change.org is directed at San Antonio Mayor Pep Tur Cires, along with other politicians and both the Local Police and Guardia Civil.

In the petition wording, provided in both English and Spanish, Martin says, “Illegal & aggressive street sellers have been operating on the seafront between the Egg and the Hotel Arenal in San Antonio, Ibiza for too many years. They prey on unsuspecting tourists forcing them to buy expensive, substandard bracelets & braids through subterfuge and aggression. We know who they are, where they are and what they do yet still nothing is being done allowing them to carry on their illegal activities on a daily basis. It intimidates tourists and gives our town a bad name. We ask you to sign this petition and call on the authorities to finally put a stop to it.”

We can state without reservation that the harassment and intimidation of tourists (and to some extent residents) by illegal street sellers is by far the greatest complaint and negative comment we receive. This problem alone outnumbers all other negative views of any aspect of Ibiza combined.

Sign the petition here




Amanda Zips It Up

Hola from the white isle.

It has been super hot here in Ibiza this week. August can be an odd month when it comes to weather. This time last year, I remember it actually rained! Yes, rain indeed. How very dare it.

This week has been bubbling around the upper 30s, which sounds gorgeous, but it’s a nightmare to sleep through – even with air conditioning. I spend all night waking up on the hour, turning mine alternately on and off.

Of course, you’re probably wondering who actually sleeps through the night in Ibiza anyway? Well, it seems most people, as daytime clubbing is now well and truly established..

I can’t remember the last time I got dressed up for a late night on the tiles. The daytime options are endless, with venues like Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Ushuaia and Ocean Beach Club attracting thousands of Ibizan partygoers under the sun.

This week I went to Craig David at Ibiza Rocks and his set time was 3 – 5pm. It was absolutely heaving and too hot, but actually the perfect day out. Home in time for tea.

Daytime clubbing means that the little black dress we used to save for a night at Space or Amnesia is now replaced by the even smaller black bikini. It’s all about swimwear, dutch braids, the full length lace cardi and block heeled white sandals.

And good luck if you attempt to wear make up in the Balearic heat. Craig started out impeccably dressed and by the time he had finished his rapping/Djing/singing, he looked like a drowned rat. Soaked right through.

Anyway, if you’re around next weekend (Sept 2nd) it’s his last party of the season, so get down to Ibiza Rocks and check out CD.

On to this week’s Zips It Up and we look at VB’s new makeup range, the fringed clutch and next month’s hottest calendar date – London Fashion Weekend.

Mop that brow and enjoy.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog


Victoria Beckham Makeup

Victoria Beckham or Posh Spice as we all remember, is now best known for her fashion, and the pouting, non-smiling Spice Girl incarnation is all but forgotten.

But the pout remains, and so it was clearly in the pipeline that a make-up range might happen.

VB just announced she’s launching a limited-edition makeup collection with Estée Lauder.

The designer shared a teaser video on Twitter which unfortunately shows no actual makeup, but contains posh attempting a beauty ‘vlog’, trying to convince us she does all her own make up plus it takes just five minutes. Yeah right.

The limited-edition line, called VBxEsteeLauder, will hit stores this autumn.

In the past, VB collaborated with Nails Inc on a limited-edition nail polish duo, but this will mark her first full beauty collection.

Prepare your pout accordingly.

London Fashion Week

The advent of September means one thing: London Fashion Week is nearly upon us, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to start working on next year’s shopping list.

As the capital’s hottest fashion talent adds the finishing touches to their collections, there’s just enough time to note these key dates in your diary and catch up on the designers to know right now.

Of course, it’s only for the likes of Anna Wintour and strictly VIPs only, meaning us mere fashionistas have to catch up with the hottest shows in town via social media but there is the Weekender!

What is London Fashion Weekend? A four-day event that’s open to the fashion-loving public, London Fashion Weekend promises an insider’s perspective on the industry. Just like its sister event, the line-up features catwalk shows from the city’s best designers, talks from a host of industry talent and plenty of opportunities to shop pieces from big brands at discounted rates.

This year’s event will take place from Thursday 22 to Sunday 25 September at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. Ticket prices start at £21.60 for the bronze ticket package.

The Fringe Clutch

Fringing is synonymous with Ibiza fashion and boho chic.

So here in Ibiza, one’s standard uniform must include fringing somewhere. For me it’s all about the fringed bag – or clutch in this case.

The White Ibiza Conta Clutch is an easy way to add beautifully bohemian style to any simple outfit, with long fringing and subtle metallic embellishments, meaning you need very little in the way of other accessories. The camel-hued faux suede is ultra soft to the touch and also vegan friendly – perfect for today’s Ibiza babe.

During the day, this particular clutch is big enough to contain all the white island essentials for girls-on-the-go. Think shades, lip-gloss, credit card, hotel room key, phone and even your iPad.

At night, it’s the perfect accessory to place on the dance floor and dance around, but don’t despair if you worry about losing it along with your memory and a few brain cells, because it comes complete with a detachable shoulder strap for those classic Ibiza moments, when you want to throw your hands up in the air like your just don’t care.

Food & Drink


Rooftop Nine, Seventh Heaven on Floor Five

  • Words Nick Gibbs, Main Photo Max Lawless

The bay of San Antonio is undergoing something of a rejuvenation. The 2016 season has brought considerable investment, but alongside it a good helping of style.

With the owners of what was a non-descript GPS hotel taking it through a reinvention to the much acclaimed Beach Star, and a few metres along the bay the destination of our visit tonight, what was the Pinet Playa hotel but now owned by Melia and rebranded as Sol House mixed by Ibiza rocks.

The partnership combines Melia’s corporate resources in the hotel  sector and Ibiza Rocks‘ pedigree in providing the entertainment, plus their own very special something.

Rooftop Nine is, as the name suggests, on the rooftop of the hotel, however not as the name suggests it is actually on floor five. I mention this as it may save you the dithering I went through trying to find a number nine button in the lift and then looking for stairs upwards from floor five which of course do not exist. Despite my visit starting in this hopeless tourist fashion, the moment I stepped out onto the fabulous terrace I felt immediately at home.

This is no small feat on the part of Rooftop Nine. It is easy to create a high end bar with luxury trappings but much more difficult to make it feel accessible and not intimidating to those of us with more modest day-to-day aspirations.

To explain this, let us start at the beginning.

Rooftop Nine is open to all; you do not need to be resident in the hotel nor pre book for any particular events or functions. There is no charge for entry and everybody is welcome from its opening at 11am through the day and night.

All sunbeds and seating areas are open to all with no charge or minimum spend. The only exception is for the few Bali beds, but even there with a 60€ full day tariff and lots of goodies thrown in, it is a bargain in Ibiza’s world of beds.

The only caveat I would add to the refreshingly inclusive approach of Sol house is I would expect that in the not too distant future, it will have become so popular that they would have to restrict numbers in some way shape or form, but as Ben Hartmann, Rooftop Nine’s Promotion Manager and host for this evening told me, it was most unlikely that would need to happen in this, its first season.

Continuing on the ‘accessible to all’ front, the pricing at the bar and on the menu is extremely reasonable, and frankly way below that of what you can expect to pay in many similar venues. By example a white wine is 3.50€ and a pint of beer 5€.

The menu is exactly what you would want poolside. A range of international favourites but with that little extra pizzazz that comes with such a chic setting.

I particularly liked the look of the brisket of roast beef, roasted for a mouth-watering 12 hours and evidenced by the OMG reactions of those eating it close by. The menu is all about this slow roasting technique with only the salad not having a 6 or 12 hour roasting time shown on the menu.

Unfortunately tonight was not about the food, but we couldn’t consider ourselves hard done by as we had come along to see Ibiza’s Café del Mar sunset legend Jose Padilla play his weekly Tuesday night session.

This is where you have to start pinching yourself as it does all seem – in Ibiza terms – somehow too good to be true.

Prices you can afford, no VIP or entry restrictions, contemporary and comfortable surroundings and routinely not just any old DJ, but one of Ibiza’s true legends. And I haven’t even mentioned the infinity pool and spectacular 360 degree views of the entirety of San Antonio, the Bay and the surrounding countryside—which has never looked as good as it does up here. Come to think of it, even Ben is one of those chaps who is annoyingly handsome—and that is not something you will find me writing often, or as I recall ever.

So am I overstating it? Seriously no. I was expecting somewhere that I would consider fantastic for the upper end of our tourist visitors. but only for special celebration days for those of us earning a regular living. But it simply isn’t, it is somewhere that we residents will be very pleased to go any day of the week.

Talking of days and more specifically nights, Jose Padilla is not alone in big names on the Rooftop Nine decks.

During September History of House will be holding three more nights with no less than Elisabeth Troy of Clean Bandit heading the bill.

A regular event Thursdays is one of Ibiza’s most successful new parties for 2016 – Faction, who  hold a mellowed out version of their night time parties during the day, and on Mondays Rooftop Nine’s resident DJ Camilo hosts their ‘Homies’ party which is also broadcast live on Sonica Radio from 4-6pm.

Showing the eclectic scope of their terrace – Thursday 25th they have the hugely popular Paco Fernandez and on September 8th in as opposite a direction as you could think to go they have Craig Charles.

See our bio of Jose and the second in our serious of Legends posters in the at night section.

In closing I can’t help feeling that towards the end of this season when the time becomes available for a leisurely afternoon on Rooftop Nine, I will regret having given this rave review.  When I step out of the floor five lift and through the floor five door, like a local, only to find it already full of lots of other locals I’ll probably wish I’d kept it to myself.  Actually forget everything I have said, er, Rooftop Nine, er, decidedly average, er, overpriced, er, and too VIP. Please don’t go.

Sorry, I can’t do it, please do go. It’s brilliant.


Community & Agenda


Tarotscope Thurs 25th August to Weds 31st August 2016

ARIES – King of Wands (Reversed)

You could be accused of acting in an immature manner or have to deal with someone close who’s throwing their toys out of the pram; so to speak.  Mercury turns retrograde next; disrupting travel plans as well communication between you and others.  Secrets come to light and if you’re being deceived you’ll find out how, why and by whom!

TAURUS – Five of Swords

You have to contend with others back-biting and snide attitudes this week.  Don’t let naysayers grind you down or stop you from achieving your goals or let your emotions get the better of you; especially if you’re questioned professionally.  You may not win the battle this week Taurus, but if you keep your cool, you might just win the war.

GEMINI – Seven of Wands

Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself or stand your ground over something that’s a matter of principle.  You struggle with energy levels so make sure you give yourself opportunities to rest.  You may be superman or woman normally, but this week will seem extra draining.  Help is at hand however; so muster the troops to do your bidding!

CANCER – Eight of Cups (reversed)

If you’ve cut yourself off from those you care about the most, this is the week to make amends and come in out of the cold.  It’s been a somewhat lonely journey emotionally over the past couple of months.  You feel no-one understands what you’re going through.  Well others do and have; they’ve been waiting for you to be approachable.

LEO – The Fool

You’re anything but a fool Leo; often it’s the behaviour of those around you that causes a knee jerk reaction from you, so avoid biting back at any perceived slight.  The Fool is adventurous and this card encourages you to think and act outside the box whilst facing challenging situations without fear.  Expand your horizons make bold decisions this week.

VIRGO – The Emperor

Taking responsibility for ones actions is a sign of maturity and this week associates and partners will sit up and take notice.  They sense a “new” you; someone more determined and single minded about what they want to achieve.  You’ve laid foundations for a new way of life and will only operate on your terms and not someone else’s.

LIBRA – Page of Wands

You’ll have good news regarding future creative business projects; it’s like getting the green light you’ve been waiting for.  This card takes you on new life adventures so it’s good to start something new.  Those of you waiting any kind of exam result will be pleased with what you hear. Children and education also take up much of your week.

SCORPIO – The Star

Your path becomes clearer this week as a sense of optimism replaces the world weary feeling of late. Your positive attitude will be infectious so that those around you are happy to step in line with your plans.  The Star brings hope and encouragement after a stressful time.  Any health concerns/issues fade as you feel energised and up for adventure!

SAGITTARIUS – Seven of Swords

Your bright light attracts the jealousy of others and some in particular are finding it difficult to cope with your success.  Keep quiet about your plans as you’re by nature an open book.  Friends who act like enemies will soon be part of your past.  This is a test of strength of character and discernment; dismiss detractors from your life.

CAPRICORN – King of Pentacles

Money matters need your attention this week. You may have to deal with financial contracts, accountants, tax officers or such like. You will have to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours; therefore don’t make situations a power struggle. If you must confront someone, make sure you have your facts straight.

AQUARIUS – Four of Pentacles

Clever ideas generate income and you’ll be busy entertaining useful connections in order to establish credibility business wise. You’d be wise to plan for the future by consolidating capital or income this week.  You’ll generate more than you think however; don’t let that stop you from saving for a ‘ rainy day’ which in uncertain times isn’t a bad thing!

PISCES – Ten of Cups

Your social life picks up so expect a few visitors, although you’d prefer to get out and about.  This happy card reminds you to celebrate and appreciate friends, family and the good times.  Others show generosity on many levels, plus expect more than your fair share of romantic opportunities.  If you’re in the public eye; you’ll be hugely appreciated!

View From The Pew

Heaven Now

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

When the early Christians gathered together for worship they had an experience of heaven.  They were in the company of the angels and of departed spirits.  The book of Hebrews is a first-century text, originally in classical Greek, by an unknown Jewish-Christian rabbi, teacher, and follower of Jesus.  The author takes it for granted that followers of Jesus when they gather together for worship already have an experience of heaven.  Heaven is not just a vague hope that maybe there is an afterlife and that hopefully, I will go there when I die.  The first followers of Jesus experienced the reality of heaven, especially in worship.

“But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering, 23 and to the assembly of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven, and to God, the judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, 24 and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.” (The Bible, English Standard Version, Hebrews, chapter 12 verses 22-24).

Notice the already tense: “you have come”.  You have already arrived in heaven!  The author is not saying that this is our hope and that one day we will get there.  In the original classical Greek text, we have the word “and” seven times describing seven experiences that take place in Christian worship.  The two translations of the Bible that pick up on this are the English Standard Version (ESV) and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

In worship the followers of Jesus:

  • have a taste in the here and now of the heavenly Jerusalem (see The Apocalypse 21:2-10)
  • join with the innumerable angels (see The Apocalypse 5:11). “Festal gathering” signals celebration and festivity
  • join with the uncountable throng of believers from every nation
  • experience God
  • join with the innumerable departed “spirits” who have reached their fulfilment and their salvation is now complete in Christ
  • encounter Jesus
  • remember the death of Jesus for us and celebrate God’s love

Images of humans and the inhabitance of heaven united in worship also appear in the Dead Sea Scrolls: “God has given His chosen ones His mysteries and knowledge as an everlasting possession to inherit the lot of the Holy Ones and He has joined their assembly to the Sons of Heaven”. (1QS 11:5).

  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. Church Services 10.30am Sunday 28th at Santa Eulalia, Chapel of Lourdes, Carre Sant Jaume 85 (the main street) and at the Chapel at Es Cana.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383



Men’s Monthly Breakfast

Our next Morning Monthly breakfast will take place at Sa Creu restaurant in St Rafael at around 9.30 am on Saturday 27th August. Sa Creu is conveniently situated next to the Spar supermarket in the centre of the village.

We have an esteemed pastor in our midst; who can’t wait to join us for our next monthly feast!. He is currently looking after Es Canar and other chapels during our vicar Peter’s vacation. His name is Rev Canon Herrick Daniel, and is most welcome to give us some spiritual guidance for the month.

Look forward to seeing you.

God Bless, China

Its Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

I am depressed I have days when all I want to do is stay in bed, sometimes I manage to get to the sofa and watch TV all day, I’m eating rubbish junk food, putting on weight and generally feeling like life is pretty pointless. Even writing this is an effort but I am desperate and hope you can help. I am not suicidal so please do not worry I want to be well, I want to enjoy life and be happy but right now I just can’t. Yours truly, RG

Dear RG

Thank you for your e mail and I am sorry to hear you are finding things so difficult at the moment. The fact that you have written tells me that like you say you do care and you do see the need to get better which is a great thing, it may not feel like you are motivated to do much but it does sound as if you are motivated to get better or you would not have written the e mail.

There are two things that I feel you may want to address the first is the impact of your depression and I feel that if you are able to establish some sort of routine in your day to day life however small it may seem. SO for example set yourself a time by which you will be out of bed, the bed made and you will have a 10min walk. Then later in the day a time when you will eat lunch and a task however insignificant for every afternoon. It maybe the washing up, talking to a friend, or reading a book whatever it is it begins to create a routine and once you start to feel more structured the tasks and routine can be slowly made a little more challenging. The second area that needs to be addressed is the route cause of your depression, and though this may seem like the more significant of the two areas it can only be addressed once you are feeling a little stronger and able to delve into various aspects of your life that might have contributed to this. You may need some professional help for this and your GP will be able to advise you on where / who you can go and see.

You can enjoy life and you can be well, this is the beginning for you and writing in takes courage and motivation. All the best and please do let me know how you are getting on.

Warm regards, Kate

All people are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  • Nick Gibbs

Watching a mid-distance (I think 5k?) women’s race in the Olympics with Blue, age 6. The race had split into the lead pack with a second group 30 or so meters behind.

“Dad, why are they running together and the other ones running behind them?”

“It is a long race; the fastest runners have got ahead of the others”

“But why are they different colours?”

“They wear different colours to show what country they are from”

“No, I mean why are they all black and those ones are all white?”

Penny drops. lead pack of are entirely black athletes from Ethiopia, Kenya and other vests i don’t recognise, second pack of 8 or so are all white.

“er”, I’m playing for time, how do i handle colour of a person’s skin not making a difference when on screen evidence from a 6 year old perspective shows it kinda does?

“Are the black ones better than the white ones?”

“er”, I’m being a bit hopeless but am let off providing an answer as blue goes into a song of “whites are losers, whites are losers …”.

I let it go.

It is an odd thing but growing up in Ibiza kids can get a very negative image of Black people. No idea why but Black people are proportionately under-represented in the British/Irish community and most awareness they gain is of illegal street sellers – children pick up on the negativity most people show towards them.

So on balance I’m comfortable with there being a positive association, without having to do the ‘all people equal’ thing. Anyway, looking at the podiums for 100m, 200m, 400m and their relay counterparts, he does have a point.

At Night


All Saints

  • Ibiza Rocks, San Antonio
  • Claire B
  • Photo: Emir Hasham

All Saints at Ibiza Rocks?? Well, yes, actually – last Wednesday All Saints performed on the Ibiza Rocks stage. It was to many the surprise booking of the season, but just as many other people I knew were hugely excited to have the opportunity to see them perform on the island. They did have 5 number one hits back in the day, which is no mean achievement. They’ve reunited this year (for the second time after their split), released a new album (in April), performed live at Koko’s in London to promote the album and are embarking on a short UK tour in October. And yes, they did have a band with them and yes they could sing live.

All Saints always had a big appeal with the girls, and this was reflected in the audience, which was predominantly female and consisted of a lot of islanders who were fans back in the day. The four-piece male backing band of drums, bass, guitar and keys took to the stage first and dressed all in black, they took up their positions at the back of the stage where they stayed in the background for the whole of the gig. The girls entered the stage clutching their microphones to screams from the excited crowd and began with ‘Chick Fit’, with some coordinated dance moves along the way. The set mixed in songs from the last album (‘One Woman Man’, ‘Ratchet Behaviour’), with tried and tested favourites ‘Bootie Call’, ‘Rock Steady’, ‘Lady Marmalade’, ‘Black Coffee’, ‘Under the Bridge’ and ‘Poison’. They also performed Cold Play’s ‘Viva La Vida’ – apparently they’re big fans of the band. With just the name of the band emblazoned behind them in large white letters, the girls danced in synch every now and again and took it in turns to sing the lead vocal. And the crowd loved them and sang and danced along with them. The largest screams came when they launched into ‘Never Ever’ towards the end, clearly everyone’s favourite. After this came recent single ‘One Strike’ and they ended the set with ‘Pure Shores’ to rapturous applause.

Mystery Jets

  • Santos, Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

The Mystery Jets played an acoustic gig at the Dorado Live Show at Santos last Thursday. Blaine and Will from the group treated the audience to a great show next to the beach, whilst the full moon shone out over the sea and bathed the pool area in moonlight. Playing a combination of new and old material, it all sounded great in pared-down versions played by the duo on just keyboards and a guitar.

There’s two more Dorado Live Shows left, so if you haven’t been yet, make a note in your calendar.

Kitty Daisy & Lewis, with support from local band Uncle Sal, September 1

We Are Scientists, September 15

Tickets cost 10€ which includes a free beer. It’s a great venue and an opportunity to see some good live music in dance-oriented Bossa.

Details and tickets at:



Open Your Mind – Trance Music Contains Secret Coded Messages

Next time you feel the music is speaking to you, it turns out you might be right.  To the delight of any tin foil hat wearing technologists, there is now no need to do a one fingered analogue backspin of a 60s grateful dead record to reveal the secrets within. The new age of subliminal messaging is upon us and its medium is inside trance.

A report on the Digitaltrends website has revealed details of a new form of cryptography called “StegIbiza” that can hide messages inside a unique form of trance music.

A cryptographer at the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, going by the appropriately indecipherable name of Krzysztof Szczypiorski, has made a breakthrough in the musical form of the code world by developing a technique that embeds secret messages into trance music.

According to the report, hiding secret messages within a musical composition or other form of creative work is nothing new. The technique of stenography is first known to have been used in the 16th century, when Benedictine monk Johannes Trithemius hid his treatise on cryptography within a book about magic. Since then the discipline has improved immensely with researchers now encoding messages inside the digital music.

Digitaltrends state that Szczypiorski  “uses variations in tempo to encode secret messages in Ibiza dance-club music, a type of music originating in the Balearic islands that are known for its heavy, trance-like beat. He uses the tempo changes as a digital Morse code — speeding up the tempo for a dot and slowing it down for a dash. These tempo changes are then added to a song using software like Apple’s Logix X Pro and used to spell out words. It’s so easy to apply that Szczypiorski expects someone can easily create a software program that will introduce these tempo changes automatically.”

They go on to say that “The technique is so subtle that listeners cannot detect these tempo changes, hearing only the music itself at parties. When testing this method, Szczypiorski found he could alter the tempo by 2 percent without people, even trained musicians noticing the changes.”

Szczypiorski said to MIT Technology Review that he called his technique “StegIbiza” after the music’s Mediterranean origins.

We are not sure that Szczypiorski’s accreditation of Ibiza being solely responsible for the trance genre would stand up in a musical court, but we’ll take his association with brand Ibiza as a compliment. As for DJs not noticing a 2% shift in tempo? We think the message may be an SOS warning of some pretty bad mixing to come.

Jose Padilla. Ibiza Legend#2

Words Nick Gibbs, Photos Max Lawless

José Padilla is the man who put the set into sunset.

The #1 of the ambient scene, Jose is the #2 in our series of Ibiza Legends, caught on camera by Max Lawless.

Famed for his time as Mister Café del Mar, he has probably played out the sun more times than any other, and with it created some magical memories for many a loved up couple.

Jose was born in 1955 in Girona, the next town to Barcelona in Catalunya, and close to the French border. He grew up between France and Spain, his early childhood in France on his father’s farms.

As with many families in the South of Spain, Jose had music all around him from a young age and says his teddy boy older brother’s rock and roll was his earliest influence.

He moved to Ibiza in 1975 to avoid the career his family had mapped out for him, and spent the first years in everything from construction to waiting tables.

His first job as a DJ in Ibiza was at Bergantin in the bay of San Antonio.  “It was a very little box, in a little room. I was playing Barry White, Abba, Julio Iglesias and all that shit. But, you know, it was decent wages. This was about 1976. Then I had the chance to play in Es Paradis, which was the main club in San Antonio, an open air place. In those days, they test different DJs, so you had to go and prove yourself. I went there and proved myself and got the job.”

Padilla took up the residency at Cafe del Mar in 1991.

In 1994, he compiled the first Cafe del Mar album for the React label. The series is now in its 21st volume and has spun off several related compilations, as well as leading to the creation of the bar’s own eponymous label. Padilla selected tracks for the first six, as well as the 20th Anniversary commemorative release.

While several tracks of Padilla’s appeared in his various compilations, it was not until 1998 that he released his first album, Souvenir, on Mercury Records label. The CD featured collaborations with several chill-out musicians, including Lenny Ibizarre and Paco Fernández.

Still very active in Ibiza’s music scene you can see Jose playing in front of the sunset for which he is synonymous on Tuesday throughout the season at Rooftop Nine. See feature on page 8.

  • Huge thanks to Max Lawless Photography



The Guide




Jezza’s World of Sport

A “Treble Treble”, A “Double Double” And Record Medal Haul For Team Gb!

Olympics Rio 2016

Incredible, stunning, amazing, what more can I say! Now that the Olympics are over for another 4 years, being in Tokyo next in 2020 (when I’ll have probably retired from “journalism”, or been sacked or even passed away, take your pick!) time to reflect on what has been not only been a superb Games but Team GB’s achievements have been stunning having ended up with the biggest haul of medals since 1908 and coming 2nd in the medal table to the might of the US, they must now be classed as a “world superpower” in the sporting world. If I was to list all the personal and team achievements it would fill probably 2 pages so rather than that, how about these astounding Team GB facts:

  • 67 total medals with 27 Gold, 23 Silver and 17 Bronze, beating the haul of 65 from their home Olympics at London 2012 and smashing their target of 47;
  • Medals were won in 16 different sports, more than any other nation, with the top 5 being Track Cycling (11), Athletics (7), Gymnastics (6), Rowing (5), Equestrian (3);
  • At least 1 medal was won every day of the 15 apart from the opening day, with the most successful days being 11 (9 medals), 8 and 9 (both 8 medals) but day 9 had the most Golds (5) in a day;
  • GB became the first team ever to actually better their medal tally the Games after they were hosts;
  • Rio was the first Games that GB have bettered more than 50 medals away from home;
  • 11 Olympic and World records were broken by Team GB members;
  • All 14 members of the Track Cycling team won a medal;
  • they achieved their first ever Diving Gold;
  • Justin Rose became the first golf champion for 112 years and the first ever to score a hole-in-one;
  • Max Whitlock won GB’s first ever Gold in Gymnastics;
  • Adam Peaty won GB’s first ever Gold in the Breaststroke as well as beating his own world record;
  • Mo Farah with his Double Double, 5000m and 10,000m Golds in consecutive Games, proving once and for all that he has to be the greatest British middle distance runner ever;
  • Laura Trott became the first Brit woman to win 4 Golds;
  • Katherine Grainger, the first Brit woman to win 5 medals;
  • Andy Murray, the first tennis player to defend his singles title at the Olympics;
  • Alistair and Jonny Brownlee becoming the first Brit brothers to win Gold and Silver in the same event;
  • In Womens Hockey, the first British team to win Gold;
  • Sir Bradley Wiggins, the first Brit Olympian to win 8 medals;
  • Bryony Paige, the first Brit to win a Trampoline medal;
  • Nick Skelton, 58, became the oldest Briton to win a Gold medal since 1908;
  • Amy Tinkler became the youngest Briton ever to win a medal at the age of 16.

Some records and I could go on, but methinks I’ll run out of space.

However, I cannot complete my final Rio Olympic Report without mentioning Jamaican Usain Bolt once again. He achieved his dream and the Olympic Holy Grail of the TripleTriple/Treble Treble, winning the 100m, 200m and 100m relay for the 3rd time in consecutive Games, Beijing, London and now Rio. Bolt proved once and for all that he has to be the greatest sprinter not only currently, but ever. A truly outstanding achievement and a record I doubt will ever be surpassed.

So, an end to a wonderful Olympics and well done to Rio for making it trouble-free and a Games to remember.


and after Our Andy’s Wimbledon and Olympic exploits, it looked odds-on that he would continue his 22-match unbeaten singles match run as he reached the Final of the Cincinnati ATP but he obviously ran out of steam, and understandably so, I’m sure, as he was beaten by Croatian Cilic in the warm-up for the upcoming US Open.


With England’s summer Test Series now over (won 4 drawn 3) all eyes turn to Captain Morgan’s ODI and 20/20 Series with Pakistan that starts on Wednesday so let’s hope for an enthralling and exciting 5 match ODI Series followed by a one-off ODI and some fireworks from the England batsmen!


And with the PL in full swing, only 4 teams left now with a 100% record after 2 games with Man City on top after their 4-1 win at Stoke, followed by an Ibrahimovich-inspired  Man Utd as they won 2-0 at OT over Southampton, Hull City as they surprisingly won 2-0 at Swansea and Chelsea, last-gasp 2-1 winners for the second weekend running, over Watford at Vicarage Road. Everton came from behind to win 2-1 at West Bromwich, new boys Middlesbrough won their first match back in the PL as they won the North-East derby 2-1 at Sunderland, Tottenham won their first match of the season 1-0 at home to Crystal Palace, Burnley caused the surprise of the season so far as they humbled Liverpool 2-0 at home, West Ham celebrated the opening of their new home at the Olympic Stadium (generously funded by the British taxpayer I may add!) with a 1-0 win against Bournemouth, and finally, runners-up Arsenal and Champions Leicester recorded their first point respectively of the season in a scoreless draw at the King Power Stadium.




Ibiza Marathon Returns

Next year the island of Ibiza will host its own marathon which organisers hope will become international. On 8th April 2017, the first edition of Ibiza Marathon will run through the municipalities of Santa Eulalia and Vila. On the same day a smaller race, with distance of between 12 and 15 miles – will also be held and both are expected to bring around 3,000 athletes together.

The event budget is 400,000euros, of which about 20% will go to the institutions involved, the Consell de Ibiza and the municipalities of Santa Eulalia and Vila. Registration is now underway on the website detailed below, where you can also find race information. The first 500 athletes will receive a discount on the price, paying 40 euros instead of 50 and work is underway for the Pitiusan athletes to receive some sort of bonus.

It will not be the first time the island has hosted a competition of 42 kilometres. Back in 2001 it took place in Santa Eulalia and the marathon which became the Championship Balears specialty and ran for three years. Now, just over a decade later, the Talentum Group (organisers of the Valencia Marathon) have revived the race and with the hope of national and international status over the next three years.

The circuit is yet to be confirmed, although organizers believe that it will start from Santa Eulalia heading towards Es Canar. Runners will then advance to Ibiza through Camí Vell de Santa Eulalia, after returning to Villa del Rio. The start of the marathon will be at 15.30 or 16 hours: “The hour we are defining and depends somewhat on the instructions of Traffico [Civil Guard] and in order not to create problems for citizens”, said Francisco Larrey, responsible for Talentum Group with Manuel Casanova, both present at the press conference.

Follow the link for more information and to register


Free Beach Cinema 

  • Cala Llonga

Showing at 21-30hrs this Saturday, 27th August, on the beach in Cala Llonga; The brilliant film ‘Inside Out’.

Screened in In English with Spanish sub-titles, and free to all, this next in our series of summer film nights is presented by Viva Cala Llonga & Vecinos de Cala Llonga, and kindly sponsored by Amante and Kids In Ibiza.

There is just one more Saturday Movie on 3rd Sept. Info will be in your Ibizan.

Remember there’s lots of FREE PARKING in Cala Llonga, just follow the “Ps”