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The Ibizan 838 ~ 04 Aug 16

Front Page


Formentera 2, Eivissa 0.

In this issue we ask whether Ibiza could learn a thing or two from its little sister as Formentera shines as Pride of the Pitiuses in two of our lead reports on waste management and online services.

  • In looking at our dismal performance in waste recycling, Formentera achieve three times that of one Ibizan Municipality.
  • Though having a far lower ratio of English speaking residents and in all probability tourists, Formentera Island Council is the only public body in the Pitiuses offering its services in English and thereby adopting a position of inclusion to the non native Catalan or Castellano speaking members of its community.

Formentera Island Council Online Services in English

Most of us understand and accept that living in a foreign land we have no right of expectation that Government services should present themselves in English, however taking into account the tourism lead nature of the island’s economy not to mention the large international resident community, this policy does sometimes feel counterproductive to the community’s best interests. .

A good case in point was San Antonio’s October festival, an initiative that the town hall specifically stated was aimed at extending the tourist season, particularly in the UK market, yet all publicity and promotion was produced in Spanish and Catalan only – so excluding a huge percentage of its target market.

At a practical level it is irrelevant whether the limitations of public services to Catalan and Castellano are a reflection of a political agenda/principle, or more simply a lack of resources to translate into additional languages. The consequence is that one proportion of the community is excluded to some extend from participating in that community, and sometimes to the public detriment. For example is it better that a non Spanish speaker can understand and access the public service to have their large and bulky waste collected from their home, or unaware that the resource is available have them continue to dump it by the bins as they have seen other people do? Of course it is important to learn our host’s language, but it is a ridiculous and actually quite insulting assumption to draw that because any given individual has not yet achieved a degree of Spanish fluency, or is struggling in their efforts to do so, they do not wish to be a responsible citizen in all aspects of their daily life, indeed some who do struggle learning the language may be all the keener to demonstrate their Ibiza-worthy-credentials through other contributions – I can think of one particular group of generationally-linguistically-challenged people who do a huge amount of community work and fundraising. If access to public services and information is purposefully restricted to non-Spanish speakers as a matter of political principle, it seems to me a rather sad and negative approach that does us all a disservice.

Formentera’s Island Council is one public body that should be applauded for making a clear commitment to inclusion of native English speakers and of course in reality also to the many Dutch, Scandinavian etc residents.

The Consell Insular de Formentera is to my knowledge the first public body in the Pitiuses to provide all of their information and services on their website with the option of English translation, and very well translated at that.

We must not look at their English translation as an excuse not to learn Spanish and/or Catalan, and it seems very unlikely anyone would as access to online services is just one small part of life covered. But regardless, I feel that in reality far from running a risk that making services available in English will be taken for granted or make us less desirous to learn the language, it will actually increase our participation in local life and that interaction with local life is said by all to be one of the best ways to learn language.

This report is not the only article in this issue of The Ibizan that singles out Formentera for credit as a result of a forward thinking and progressive approach. Notwithstanding Formentera’s very different population, economy and resources that in some areas would make direct comparison with Ibiza impossible, there are perhaps some aspects of our little sister’s life that Ibiza could learn a lot from.

If anything Formentera had the least reason to offer their services in English. With what would be in numerical terms miniscule, and even in percentage terms far lower, number of its residents needing that English translated service compared to all of its Ibiza neighbours, why are they the first to do so? The only logical conclusion is one of inclusion, one of a political predisposition for the inclusion of all its residents and its visitors.

In that respect I do think Ibiza could learn something from Formentera and hopefully they may come round to doing so. Then it is up to us to return that commitment from our hosts and have the most positive effect on our community we are able.



Day by Day…

l Also see articles on this page and throughout the newspaper. Agenda continues on back page.


l 16th July to 16th August Bloop Arts Festival, San Antonio & Ibiza Town

Thursday  4th

l San Carlos, Laid Back @ Las Dalias. 20€ advance, 25€ on the door.

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Playa d’en Bossa, Monarchy (acoustic concert) Dorado Live Show @ Santos. 10€ with a beer. From 8pm.

Friday 5th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday  6th

l Cala Llonga Free films on the beach  9.30pm How to train your dragon.

l Ibiza Town, Festival of the Earth 22:30 h. Ressonadors Simfònic – classics of popular music played with a full symphony orchestra, in the Reina Sofia Park

Sunday 7th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday 8th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Ibiza Town, Slim Samurai & Pandawigga, Cristo Corona, Konami Mafia, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila at 9pm. Tickets are 2€ at the door from 8pm.

l Ibiza Town, Festival of the Earth, 20.00 h. ‘Berenada popular’ paella feast for all in Puig des Molins

l -Ibiza Town, Festival of the Earth Midnight – Fireworks from Port Vell in Ibiza Town

Tuesday 9th

l Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Slim Samurai & Pandawigga, Cristo Corona, Konami Mafia

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Wednesday 10th

l San Antonio, Dizzee Rascal / Mike Skinner @ Ibiza Rocks

Thursday 11th

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb), The Big Short

Friday t 12th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l San Jose, walk from the church to the Festival Club ruins to see the Perseid meteor shower. 9.30-midnight, with Ibiza Walking Association

Sunday 14th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l Playa D’en Bossa, Cinema Dorada, Grease FB Santos Ibiza

Monday 15th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Figueretes Festival of the Earth – midnight. Fireworks  on the beach

Tuesday 16th

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Thursday 18th

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb),  Reservoir Dogs

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Playa d’en Bossa, Dorado Live, Mystery Jets

Friday 19th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 20th

l Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Quin Delibat and Morning Drivers

l Ibiza Town, Nits de Tanit, Joana Amendoeira – the Portuguese singer sings Fado. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.

Sunday 21st

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday 22nd

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 23rd

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Talamanca Beach: 10pm, Space films, Public & Free 2001 – A Space Odyssey


Salinas National Park

  • Ses Salines
    • Claire B

There are free guided visits to Ses Salines National Park every Wednesday in August from 10.00am-12.30. The park is situated in an area that lies between southern Ibiza and northern Formentera and includes the sea channel between the two islands, the coastal areas and the salt flats and areas behind the coast. On the visit you will learn about some of the diverse natural and cultural features of the park. 210 different species of birds have been registered in the park and of particular importance are its populations of water birds, including flamingos, the black-winged stilt, the shelduck, the snowy plover and sea birds like Audouin´s gull and the Balearic shearwater. The tours leave from the Centre d’interpretació de Sant Franscesc. Reservations are required by telephone 971 17 76 88 ext 3.

Catwalk Fashion @ KM5

  • San Jose

Ibizan designer Virginia Rovira  is holding a catwalk fashion show at what many would say is the original Ibiza lounge bar KM5 this coming Wednesday 10th August at 23:30. Virginia is showcasing forty looks – some of which were included in Adlib 2006, and all of which have been inspired by the Mediterranean using sequins and rhinestones combined with gauze in black, silver, gold, red and pink colourways. Virginia said that the show will encompass everything from party dresses to hippy-chic. The night has been perhaps unfortunately titled ‘Trendy Night’ and though in native English ‘trendy’ sounds ironically dated, we are sure the fashion on show will be anything but.

Joan Escandell, Ibizan   Illustrator

  • Ibiza Town, Calle Aragon, 17

The Sa Nostra exhibition hall in Ibiza Town is hosting the work of Ibizan artist Joan Escandell from 3rd – 31st August.

Joan is best known for his comic illustrations including the well-known Spanish characters Capitán Trueno, Sergeant Fury and Astroman, however the artist born on the island in 1937 points out that this is far from his entire repertoire.

This is evidenced by a series of erotic nudes included in the exhibition in addition to previously unseen works depicting Ibiza and its people.

Escandell’s commercial career has included work in France, Germany, the UK and the United States including a spell for Disney where he had a hand working on some of the most well know characters including Dumbo, Pinocchio, Beauty & the Beats, Alice in Wonderland and of course Mickey Mouse.

The exhibition is open from 3pm – 8pm.


Walking and kayaking

  • Claire B

Walking Ibiza have published their schedule for August, with some lovely evening sunset walks, full moon and stargazing walks and sunset kayak tours.

  • Friday 5th: Atlantis and Es Vedra, sunset walk. 6pm
  • Sunday 7th: San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 10th: San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6.30pm
  • Friday 12th: Santa Agnes stargazing and meteorite walk. 9pm
  • Sunday 14th: San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6.30pm
  • Wednesday 17th: San Miguel to Benirras full moon and sunset kayak tour. 6.30pm
  • Thursday 18th: Full moon and sunset walk – place and time to be announced
  • Sun 21st: San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak 6.15pm
  • Wednesday 24th: San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6.15pm
  • Wednesday 24th: Cala Compte to Ibiza Henge – short and sweet sunset walk. 7pm
  • Friday 26th: Cap des Falco sunset walk. 6pm
  • Sunday 28th: San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6pm
  • Wednesday 31st: Pou des Lleo short and sweet sunset walk. 6.45pm

Kayak Tours need to be booked in advance so they can provide the kayaks. Full details on booking and where to meet are on Facebook – Walking Ibiza

Benirrás Sundays

  • To Get It Or Not To Get It, The Benirras Conundrum

Having seen this photograph published in the Spanish press of the first Sunday in August at Benirras beach , famed for its salute to the sunset and hippy drumming sessions, I made comment on social media that “I just don’t get it”

The post bought in considerable comment with people coming down on both sides of the ‘get it’ question.

What do you think? Have you been before? Does this photo make you want to go?

Here are a few of the comments I received.

  • Cat Milton

I get it, for I’ve never forgotten my first time there. The amazing cove, the gorgeous sunset, the hippies and the hypnotic beat. Others selling trinkets and drinks, the freedom and complete escape from grey suits, rainy days, bankrupt credit cards and endless fear. For a moment there’s none of this as you stand on the beach and watch the changing light ripple oo the waves. Some things are worth the return to the car, the one queues to get out, for this is the life you know, but even here, it’s more fascinating as strange characters walk by and you know you’ve had an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. xxXxx

  • Nick Gibbs

I too have a similar memory of my first visit Cat, but is that still possible? Can you be in that special moment away from all the trappings of the modern world whilst surrounded by a sea of mobile phones held aloft in whistle stop bucket list fulfilment? Feels like a sex pistols reunion, the same in theory but in practice leaves more shame than joy. Anyway, makes a change to moan about the north, I don’t get brand benirras any more than hooligan hellholes, but clearly a lot of people do so what do I know.

  • Anthony McDowall 

Benirras is what you make it, I love it there, it’s an escape for me from the chaos of San An life.

I enjoy going up and getting involved in the drumming, swimming out to the rock, climbing up and looking back to the beach and listening to the drums getting faster and faster with the sun going down at my back…

If you hang back til after the tourist masses leave just after sunset, this is when the experience becomes special for me….

  • Pedro Peter 

The 95% are tourists, going there because they seen it in a guide that shows the best secret places in ibiza, (if Benirras was a secret), the other 5% is just a few “Hippitalistic Egotriptted Hippies” Showing their skills. my first time there i felt that everything there just was fake, and this sensation that maybe you can feel in the parking of any of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. just plastic people in a paradise.

  • Toby V Clarke 

I visit this beautiful place 2 to 3 times every week (yes by easy kayak) and I see happy, smiling, relaxed, dancing people, the whole beach having a great time! If you don`t like it just don`t go – simple – or wait till the quieter winter months.

  • Billy Orafferrty 

Shame what you describe bears absolutely no resemblance to this infierno if i was asked to describe Hell on earth this is it …and when oh when are they going to drive the gentiles out of the temple which not so long ago was Beautiful Benirras on a Sunday afternoon or any other day!

Perhaps the only conclusion that we can draw from this is that there is no conclusion. As with so many things in Ibiza it is all down to personal taste, to put it simply Benirras is a marmite question – you either love it or hate it and there seems to be no middle ground.

Food & Drink



Ibiza Food Tours


  • Text & Photos Claire B

I’ve had some amazing experiences in the four years that I’ve lived in Ibiza, but one of the best I’ve had to date was going on an Ibiza Food Tour in Ibiza Town. The brainchild of Toby Clarke who is behind Walking Ibiza, it’s a great idea and a natural extension to offering guided walks. Instead of heading out into the wilds of the island, you walk around parts of Ibiza Town, learning about some of the history of the areas you pass and sample some of the amazing food and drinks that are on offer along the way.

I joined a party of 4 people on a Wednesday morning with tour guide Vinny. Our meeting point was by the sailor’s statue in the corner of the port at 10.30, where after introductions, we were told all about the statue.

  • Bar Peixet

Heading along the waterfront to our first stop at Bar Peixet we learnt more as we went. Breakfast was provided in the form of the 4 different coffees on offer, 2 types of ensaimada (one with a delicious, sweet, pumpkin filling which was gorgeous) with a bottle of brandy on the side for those wanting to turn their coffee into a carajillo (coffee with brandy). Well, we were sampling local delicacies, so when in Rome! Next was a stroll through some of the narrow streets in La Marina, through the tree-lined Vara de Rey, pausing to hear about the statue in the middle, en route to our next stop, the delightful tea shop that is…

  • Queriendo-Té.

Owner Felix who took over what was his Aunt’s sweet shop made us an infusion from local herbs and plants – thyme, rosemary, fennel, lavender, herbas and sweet and bitter chamomile – served in tea pots and cups and saucers with a jug of local honey for those who had a sweet tooth and 2 types of turrón. The shop is a cornucopia of bits and pieces, probably handed down from Felix’s Aunt – sweet jars, boxes of tea, display cabinets full of teapots, teacups and other curios, old photos, pictures, mirrors, chandeliers and a grandfather clock – it was a feast for the eyes, just as the tea was a feast for the palate. Undoubtedly the best tea shop in Ibiza! Next we were off to …

  • Forn Vadell

the oldest bakery, where we had freshly made magdelenas (a kind of doughy biscuit coated in crispy bits of sugar filled with almond paste) and slices of flao, the local flan made with goats cheese and mint, both gorgeous. We were even treated to a brief peek into the kitchen where we could see the men at work rolling out dough amongst the machinery and ovens used to create their breads and pastries – fascinating! Having indulged in pastries and coffee and tea, it was nearing midday, and time to head off to the Mercat Nou (New Market) for some savoury snacks. Our first stop was …

  • Su and Lu’s Pescadería (Fishmongers)

where we marvelled at the array of fish in front of us – everything from lobsters, to tuna, sardines, boquerones, salmon, oysters, octopus and lots more – until our beautifully prepared snacks came, beautifully presented on a piece of slate. There was 2 types of salmon, one cured with beetroot and vodka, the other with whisky, boquerones (anchovies in vinegar) and some smoked sardine, which was my favourite (although it was all delicious). A short walk up the isle and we arrived at …

  • La Casa de la Jamones

where Margarita offered sobrassada and butifarra for the meat eaters amongst us and slices from a lovely handcrafted goats cheese with a slice of membrillo (quince jelly) and a small cup of local white wine – all lovely. Another short hop and we were at …

  • Salazones Virtudes

for some bacalao (dried salted cod), which was served with tomato, green olives and drizzled with olive oil. It wasn’t to everyone’s taste in our group, but I liked it and the tomato and olives served to take away some of the saltiness. From there it was a short 5-minute walk to …

  • Moniberic

for some jamón (cured ham) and cheese tasting. Half of our group were vegetarians so we were lucky to be able to sample both the jamón and cheese, served with a drink of our choosing, in my case a glass of vino tinto, which was the perfect accompaniment to the food. We were given 3 types of jamón which was cut freshly for us and you could see and taste the difference from the cheaper Serrano to the more expensive Iberico and Bellota where the black pigs roam and feed naturally in the woods and eat a lot of acorns. As a result, I now understand the difference and what I’m getting and paying for when I buy jamón. We also had 3 types of cheese – an aged Manchego, a smoked cheese and another one that I can’t remember, but it was all beautifully mature. Our taste-buds were well and truly awakened by this time and we were whisked off to …

  • Bar le Bodeguilla

With drinks on order, pinxtos of seafood cocktail arrived, as we marvelled at the array of old farming implements, photographs and other paraphernalia adoring the small but perfectly formed bar. A dish of hot pulpo frito (octopus – their best-selling dish) and a huge portion of freshly-made tortilla arrived before us. We liked the place so much we decided to stay for an extra drink and were rewarded with another plate of food – the waitress didn’t know what they were called and we couldn’t locate them on the menu, but they were like a cross between a croquette and a Spanish-style scotch egg – a filling of chopped cooked egg, minced pork and some finely chopped vegetables, wrapped in a thin piece of pork loin and coated in breadcrumbs and lightly fried – different and very tasty. A stroll to the edge of the Plaza del Parque meant we could walk off some of our food, ready to sample the delights of the …

  • Poma Sideria

the Asturian cider bar. We were taken outside and shown how to pour the cider from a great height to aerate it to improve the flavour. To our relief we didn’t have to do that ourselves – they have ingenious little machines where you put the bottle in place, press a button and it siphons out the cider and delivers it into a glass at just the right height to serve the perfect glass of cider. Not only did it taste great and smell beautifully of apples, but it was such fun to take it in turns to our your next glass. At 6% it was quite strong, but some jamón croqetas (croquettes) arrived and a plate of fried potatoes with 2 types of sauce – a strong ali oli (garlic mayonnaise) and a very spicy bravas sauce to balance the strength of the cider. It was all great, but I loved the spicy sauce – think Spanish-style chips and curry sauce (I’ve already been back to the bar to get another fix). And we all enjoyed the cider so much that we stayed and ordered some more. Slightly behind schedule now, it was time to go up into Dalt Vila for a quick ice cream at …

  • Punto Gelato

where their homemade ice-creams (some are vegan) went down a treat in the July heat. My pistachio and chocolate were both spot on and apparently they have a shop in Playa d’en Bossa too, which I’ll have to seek out.(ed – it is next door to Hotel Garbi, highly recommended, and readers of a certain age will remember it as being Lynn’s Tea Shop.)

Our tour ended with a shot of local hierbas (an aniseed flavoured liqueur) in the Mercat Vell (Old Market) by the entrance to Dalt Vila. A lovely ending to what had been a fantastic tour around the town.

We visited 11 establishments in 5.5 hours – normally the tours take about 4-5 hours but our group loved some of the places so much that we stayed a little bit longer than was scheduled. Ibiza Food Tours organise morning/afternoon tours and afternoon/evening tours and some of the places you visit may change depending on the time of day and day of the week (some are shut at certain times).

The tours are limited to about 6 people to keep them manageable and by the end you’re sure to become pals with your companions, so it’s a great way to meet like-minded food-loving people. What I liked is that you are taken from place to place and in each establishment the food just arrives (you are asked when you book for specific dietary requirements and the food on offer is adjusted accordingly) so you get to sample things that you might not know about or would normally chose. Plus you learn a lot about Ibiza and its history and food as you go.

I thought I knew Ibiza Town pretty well, but having done the tour I realised that I didn’t. But I now know some great new places for buying food in and places that I can hang out in when I’m in town. And one of the things that I love about this little amazing island is that there are new, fantastic places to be discovered all the time if you take the opportunity.

For more info and to book go to:





Ibiza Consell’s Live Video Streaming Of Council Sessions…

I can’t pretend watching Ibiza Consell’s live broadcasts of their meetings is the most exciting thing I have done on the island, however it should be applauded as a great initiative by the Consell to publicly broadcast their decision making meetings.

Plus, unlike attending the meetings, if you don’t understand anything you can rewind and listen again. Unless they are speaking Catalan of course, which for many of us is still a bridge too far.


Summer Delays Hit A&E With 5 Hour Waits

  • Rhian Gibbs

We came across an interesting report in the Diario de Ibiza written by Marta Torres Molina which appears to depict a morning spent within the emergency department giving a candid view of the service patients are receiving.

‘6am on a weekend morning, there are four patients, two of them writhe in pain. The triage team have seen all and by 8am, no doctor had been out to call them. Aware of the desperation a physician tries to see them if only to give them pain relief, but the answer is the same “there is no one free”. The doctors come out, shrug, but nothing. There is nothing more that can be done when you have been through triage’.

The problem appears not only to be with the number of doctors available, but the layout of the new A&E department with many corridors, rooms and beds; patients can face hours without seeing anyone aside from service staff, patients are left on beds in corridors.

‘It is almost 10am when two patients almost faint from pain. While the nurse is convinced of the cause, they have to wait 3 hours and at the risk of fainting they are placed on stretchers in the hallway where patients are admitted by ambulance. After 10am a doctor is surprised to see patients in the hall, after a while, and with one patient squatting in the corridor crying, a doctor administers pain relief’.

The few doctors they have there cannot cope, and they cannot serve the patients in the new design layout of A&E – a network of interlinking corridors, turning back on themselves. Patients can spend hours without ever seeing a doctor.

Upon trying to discharge themselves British tourists were told by with doctors “Do not understand”, “I do not know what to say, now looking for someone” and “do not speak English.”

A Doctor explains they feel powerless when he sees people waiting for hours. Another recognises that in addition to lacking physicians, they lack organisation. All are confident that the new head of A&E, Maria Angeles Leciñena will “end” the living chaos. “The ideal would be able to pull walls and rethink the space,” she says.

Ibiza Town’s Iconic Hotel Montesol Reopens

  • Claire B

The much-loved Hotel Montesol in Ibiza Town has reopened its doors after a substantial refurbishment. It has been closed since December 2014 and has been converted into a five-star hotel whilst retaining its original character but giving it an upgrade worthy of the 21st century. The building, built by Joan Gómez Ripoll in colonial style after a visit to Cuba, was opened in 1933 and was Ibiza’s first purpose-built hotel. As such it was officially declared a building of special historical interest and so the renovation has had to preserve the architectural features of the building. And it looks stunning – the façade has been cleaned up and repainted and the café inside and terrace facing the Vara de Rey has been retained as an important part of the hotel. Inside the café is stylish but in keeping with its colonial heritage – the large bar in the centre is a focal point and there are lots of tables for both dining and sipping drinks at, and the kitchen is visible at the back of the room. I read in the Diario that the owners are keen to retain the spirit of the old place and keep the café as a focal point and somewhere that everyone can sit in or relax on the terrace and enjoy a drink or something to eat. And I can happily report that the drinks prices are reasonable and will allow island residents to be able to do this and continue to enjoy one of the best spots in town – coffees from 2€, teas and infusions from 3€, beer from 3.50€ for a medium caña. The food menu is now much more extensive than it was, serving everything from pinxtos to large plates and everything in between. And it’s going to stay open in winter too for those all-important stop-offs in town as the sun streams down the Vara de Rey onto the terrace. Website:


  • Why are we so rubbish with our rubbish?
  • Ibiza’s recycling statistics show no noticeable improvement over a four year period.
  • Formentera surpasses all 5 of Ibiza’s municipalities with recycling levels three times better than Ibiza’s poorest performing municipality, San Antonio.

With San Jose town hall reporting bullish statistics of a 57% increase in their recycled waste for the first quarter of 2016 compared to the previous year, we thought it time to look at how all of the municipalities are performing, and sorry to say the statistics make for very poor reading.

San Jose certainly has most reason to be positive in their performance having risen from approx. 11% in 2012 to 14.3% in 2015. However, whilst not wishing to acknowledge this improvement it has to be noted that the borough has hugely increased the availability of recycling containers.  The availability of separated waste disposal locations almost doubled in 2015 from 132 to 244 and so it would surely be reasonable to expect a far greater rise in the proportion of rubbish sorted for recycling than has actually been achieved.

For once, we cannot lay the blame here with the government. Clearly San Jose is putting in place the tools for the job but it seems evident we the public are still not using them.

Indeed San Jose has initiated many additional environmental facilities and resources available to residents in the borough via their dedicated website. These include online collection requests for bulky items and, what must be in environmental services a ‘state of the art’ app where residents are invited to photograph any problems located in the borough such as vandalised public furniture, street lights not working, or fly-tipping which are then submitted directly through to the town hall for their attention.

It seems the four remaining municipalities are making little to no progress in their recycling efforts with only marginal improvements over the period these recycling statistics have been maintained.

Ibiza Town comes in second highest on the island but has made no real improvement in four years.

Santa Eulalia has held top spot throughout, but again only shows an improvement of 0.05% in four years.

San Juan has improved by just over 1% but with its level of recycling still at under 10% it is the second worst on Ibiza.

San Antonio has also achieved a 1% increase but both San Antonio and San Juan actually slipped backwards from 2014-2015.

Of course the figures in isolation do not give the full picture necessary to accurately compare one area to another. If, for example one area has half the number of recycling stations and additional commercial considerations, such as the level of tourist accommodation, these factors will of course have an effect.

But that said, even setting aside any issues of comparison, the figures being achieved and particularly the level of change over the period has to be considered truly appalling.

It does seem that Formentera holds some secrets to success. Many may consider even their 21.5% recycling percentage in 2014 as modest, but at 3 times the level of Ibiza’s worst performer they are at least worthy of whatever credit is available in the Pitiuses.

The information contained on Formentera’s public services website is a good indicator of the greater priority Ibiza’s little sister is placing upon environmental services.

Along with a regular series of news updates around such initiatives on recycling in schools, they have long standing facilities for managing their waste more effectively and have been undertaking some home collections since 2007.

Ibiza’s landfill is struggling to cope with the demands of the islands overpopulation however on this issue there are clearly steps we can all take to improve the situation. On the issues of street crime, publicity corruption and many more of Ibiza’s much debated ills we can of course all hide behind the protection of blaming those in power for mismanagement of the situation. In recycling, the fault is nobody else’s but our own. To show that we care for the island we have chosen to call home, we need all attend to the simple domestic task of dividing our waste onto the four basic categories and using our local facilities provided for the purpose.

For many of us recycling is not an issue of whether we should or should not, it is simply a case of changing our habits and particularly for the many people living in apartments with limited space, just finding a practical way to sort your waste.

One simple and very low cost solution that also takes up very little space. Ikea sell recycling bags at just 2.50€ each. A very simple, easy solution that once dumped, just fold flat for you to carry on about your business.

At Night


Eric Prydz and Armin van Buuren

  • Ushuaia , Playa d´en Bossa
  • Stephen Donovan

Many people might consider Eric Prydz and Armin van Buuren rather odd sunbed-fellows, though looking out across Ushuaia’s typically busy terraces today it seems there is no shortage of people wanting to do a taste test of this unusual yet intriguing cocktail.  Armin best known as the King of Trance and Eric Prydz responsible for commercial hits including ´Call On Me´ and famed as an original member of Swedish House Mafia – though his recent output has taken a deeper tone into the techno scene. You´d think it doesn´t really mix well together, but that’s what they said about fruity mojito’s and now you can’t move for mixology menus of melon and mango along with your muddled mint, and though I’d be strangulating the analogy to say which of these two electronic superstars was providing the melon and which the brown sugar, this potential fat frog turned out to be a refreshing sensation to quench the musical thirst of partygoers across the trance, techno and house spectrum.

When entering Ushuaia there really is a sense of something in the air, you can´t help but have a smile on your face. You instantly fall in love with everything about this now iconic Play d´en Bossa venue. The open air, the sunshine, the gorgeous dancers and of course that sound system, you just know you´re in for an unforgettable day.

As I enter, Eric Prydz is just finishing up the first of his two sets for the day and the sun is still high in the sky. Prydz who is also known by Pryda & Cirez D, has a fear of flying and often touring can be very difficult which means his dates in Ibiza this summer are few and far between. So when one comes up I know I have to be there!

Dutch superstar, Armin van Buuren was next to the stage for a one hour set. I´ve always felt trance doesn´t quite work in the daylight. I remember going to my first trance gig years ago in Privilege and it was just perfect. A giant dark room with a massive sound system and an extravagant production show. So I had my doubts with Armin’s first set being in the Ibizan sunshine – but boy was I wrong? Armin started off with a more down tempo set and brought the beats up more and more as the sun began to set. The hour flew by with some trance and even house classic along the way, he certainly got the crowd ready for Eric Prydz.

Prydz has never been about showmanship or about jumping around and talking during his sets. No, he´s only about the music. You´ll rarely see him lift his head from the decks, always seems so concentrated. The visuals Prydz brings are truly outstanding, I´m sure you´ve seen the videos online. Playing his own track ´On/Off´ as ´Cirez D´, he builds up the track and then bang, unleashes ´the show´. ´HIT ME WITH THOSE LASER BEAMS´ It can only be described as an eye and ear orgasm, sex on (well nearby) the beach. From the front of the stage all the way to the back of Ushuaia, is covered with green laser beams and the crowds goes absolutely mental!!

He follows this up with another of his hugely successful tracks from last summer, OPUS. This track is, in my humble opinion, something only a genius could write and he know exactly what to do with it. The onlookers and more importantly myself are in awe.

The Swede finishes off his set slightly deeper, venturing into his espresso martini darker library but still with some fantastic beats. Prydz applauds the crowd for the final time, gives Armin a hug and hands to decks over to the Dutch legend.

Van Buuren starts the set off with his typical vodka red bull energy and asks the crowd ´are they ready for a state of trance?´. He brings the tempo back down just as quick dropping his remix of Alan Walkers ´Faded´ and everyone sings along in the Ibiza 2016 equivalent of a London 1916 gin palace.

Armin played a very trance heavy set, much more than I have seen from his past 2 appearances this summer in Ibiza but still included some surprising tracks in between.

Suddenly the lights drop and the music pauses for a moment only to hear the unmissable old school classic ´Still Dre´. The 6000 or so in attendance erupts like a Glaswegian Buckfast sale and bounces to this incredible moment. Armin has done it again!! The show sadly finishes just before midnight finishing with his track ´Another You´ and a huge production show. An amazing day from start to finish from both DJs.

Prydz has no other gigs lined up as yet for 2016 but you can catch Armin Only in Ushuaia on September 11th.

Thirsty work this writing malarkey, I fancy a drink.


2016 Radio One Weekend Line Up

Thursday 4 Aug

  • Annie Mac, 9-10pm

Annie Mac broadcasts live from Ibiza – playing the best of new and underground music

Friday 5 Aug

  • Cafe Mambo, 7:30-11am

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw is LIVE with a massive mix to get you in the mood…

  • Ushuaia, 8-12pm

Danny Howard B2B MistaJam

Toddla T B2B DJ Target

Annie Mac B2B Heidi

B Traits B2B George FitzGerald

Pete Tong B2B Kolsch

  • Essential Mix at Space, Midnight-2am

Carl Cox Essential Mix, recorded live at Space

  • Essential Mix at Paradise 2am-5am

Jamie Jones and Nathan Barato Essential Mix, recorded live at Paradise, DC10

Saturday 6 Aug

  • Dance Anthems at Cafe Mambo 5-8pm

Danny Howard

Martin Solveig



  • MistaJam at Cafe Mambo 8-11pm

Dizzee Rascal

Katy B

John Newman


Kideko & George Kwali

& MistaJam spinning Ibiza Classics

  • Dance Anthems at Space 11pm-2am

Radio 1 Goes To Space!


The Sunset Sessions Vol 4

Jockey Club, Salinas, Ibiza, The Sunset Sessions Vol 4 is collaboration between Ibiza beach institution the Jockey Club and Danish Balearic label Music For Dreams, who are hosting parties at the venue this summer.

Music For Dreams founder Kenneth Bager will be playing at the venue alongside special guest DJs Vidal, Pippi, Cesar De Melero, and more as part of a larger presence for the Music For Dreams label on the island in 2016. The label is also hosting monthly parties at Las Dalias hippy market, with Kenneth Bager also playing Pacha, Space, Pikes on Sunday, Babylon Beach, Raco, and more.

Jockey Club was launched as a restaurant at Ibiza’s legendary Salinas beach in 1993 with the spirit of a lively, original chiringuito (outdoor bar). The bar became infamous for its DJs who create a laidback beach soundtrack every day from 3pm until sunset.

Kenneth Bager is Denmark’s most prodigious DJ, and a global torchbearer of new Balearic and chilled electronica. He exported his sounds back to Ibiza last year for a second 3-day chill festival at Sir Rocco, following a series of parties at Cafe Mambo. Kenneth is also the music curator and promoter of the Apple Flower Festival as well as the internationally renowned Coma Club in Copenhagen. He also hosts his own 2-hour weekly eclectic national radio show in Denmark on National Radio P6, and a weekly show on Ibiza Sonica plus he has just launched his own streaming Radio Music For Dreams radio on:

Community & Agenda


 Tarotscope, Thursday 4th August to Wednesday 10th August 16

ARIES – Five of Pentacles

Someone will want to do you a favour and help with a money matter.   You’ve been worrying about what to do about a financial situation; but take heart, things are about to change.  Be aware of your thoughts and try not to see everything so negatively.   It’s great to have a helping hand, but do something to help yourself also.

TAURUS – Two of Cups

It’s love, love, love this week, as your relationships with others are both heart-warming and sincere.  You find it easy to get what you want as lovers and friends are so considerate of your needs.  They’re looking out for you!  If a business venture has been stuck in a rut, then you can look forward to some real progress now.

GEMINI – Ace of Pentacles

The money train has come to town and has parked outside your home and you’ll finish the week feeling a lot more secure about your financial future.  Opportunities come in thick and fast so make sure you make an informed decision affecting money matters.  You can also think about branching out into other areas to attract the cash.  Consider everything!

CANCER – Page of Cups

Questions of loyalty arise this week; you know what you owe and to whom, especially emotionally.  When it comes to personal relationships, you’ll be able to communicate your needs and desires more objectively than normal and you’re willing to see situations as they really are rather than how you’d like them.  There’s good news for parents regarding a child’s progress.

LEO – Eight of Swords

You feel besieged this week and trapped by a certain situation.  Don’t put all your stress eggs into one basket!  Not everything is bleak in your world and if you stopped struggling with problems you would find adequate solutions.  You can’t do it all alone; seek trusted advice from professionals or friends who have your best interests at heart.

VIRGO – Transformation

A week to make some bold changes in direction; time to say goodbye to the old lifestyle and to surprise others with the decisions you’ve made.  You cannot and do not want to live life stuck in the same old rut. This of course will upset those closest to you.  However you must opt for change to gain personal freedom.

LIBRA – Ace of Cups

Good news is on the way and with it a reason to celebrate.  It’s a time of new beginnings and for some a birth that brings friends and family together. If you’re awaiting an outcome to long running saga the indications are that you get the result you want.  Emotional balance comes easy after a period of stress and vulnerability.

SCORPIO – The Tower

Somewhere in your life, a false ideal or belief requires dismantling. This involves great courage on your part as this will have consequences in all your relationships at work and play.  If you don’t initiate this process, events could be taken out of your hands.  The result will be the same, radical change.  See this as an amazing opportunity.

SAGITTARIUS – The Wheel of Fortune

Remain optimistic if you’re to get the best out of this week; avoid being fixed in your opinions or closed minded and be open to change.   Be expansive in your thinking and you’ll attract new opportunities as well as some much needed money luck.   Trust that life is looking up so stay positive and keep it up the good work!


Trust is a key issue for you this week.  The Fool card certainly doesn’t mean you are one; quite the opposite in fact.  He’s urging you to take risks and to be fearless; that you won’t fail if you follow your heart and intuition.  There are no wrong moves; it’s your reaction to unfolding events that makes the difference.

AQUARIUS – Three of Wands

You’ve every right to be pleased with the way your creative talents are being recognised by colleagues and associates. You’re pushing the boundaries of your knowledge, but are having a great time exploring new techniques. International travel is indicated and you’ll want to plan a trip to distant shores. You also have contact with others from overseas regarding your work.

PISCES – Page of Swords

If challenged, stand up for your principles or be prepared to confront those who seek to question your motives.  A situation may feel like you’re walking over hot coals as others around you might be oversensitive, just make sure you don’t add to the fuss!  If a reasonable approach isn’t working, think don’t overreact; come back with an alternative approach.

View From The Pew

The Golden Rule

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The so-called “golden rule” is perhaps the best known saying of Jesus and has entered the English language as a colloquial saying.

Jesus said: “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

The “law and the prophets” is a typical first century Jewish way of saying “the Bible”.  By adding that the Golden Rule is “the law and the prophets”, Jesus is saying that this one pithy saying actually sums up the whole Bible!

The Golden Rule is the entire Bible in a nutshell.  It is also a very typical first-century Jewish thing to say.  In the time of Jesus, in Israel, in the first century, there were two universities of rabbinic teaching.  One was called “the house of Shammai” and the other “the house of Hillel”. These two universities were always at loggerheads with each other.  The argued about everything.  Shammai was a great rabbi born in 50 BC and died in 30 AD.  Hillel was born in 110 BC and he died in 10 AD. These two great rabbis were founders of two universities or opposing traditions.  Even after they died the universities continued arguing with each other.  The ethical teaching of the house of Shammai was very austere and dogmatic and very strict.  The house of Hillel was more lenient and understanding and accommodating.  Some scholars and historians say that Jesus may well have been schooled in the university of Hillel and that when Jesus is debating with the so-called Pharisees he is actually arguing with the house of Shammai.

On day, according to ancient Jewish tradition:

“A certain heathen came before Shammai and said to him, ‘make me a convert (to Judaism) on condition that you teach me the whole Torah (the Bible) while I stand on one foot.’  Thereupon Shammai repulsed him with the builder’s cubit which was in his hand.” When the heathen went before Hillel, he made the same request. “Hillel replied, ‘what is hateful to you, do not to your neighbour, that is the whole Torah, while the rest is commentary; go and learn it.” (The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 31a).

Like Jesus, Hillel says that the Golden Rule is the whole Bible in a nutshell.  The whole Bible can be taught whilst standing on one foot.  But notice the difference between the Jesus and Hillel.

  • The Services this Sunday 7th August 9.30am traditional & 10.30am contemporary, both in the church at San Rafael and 10.30am in the Chapel at Es Cana.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

Care4Cats need money for Eivissa Animal Center

  • Claire B

Care4Cats Ibiza is making its biggest appeal in its history. They are currently raising funds to start the Eivissa Animal Centre. This huge project will encompass all aspects of animal care, control and education and they need your help to make it happen.

The international centre will serve two main purposes: first a fully equipped veterinary clinic with a small shelter for the most extreme cases of abandoned, abused and sick animals. The second purpose will be to house the Care4Cats charity. This is a centre for the island and the animals that inhabit it and it cannot be created without help from island residents. The centre will be created by the purchase of a shop in a central location, almost solely from donations from incredibly generous animal lovers and through a range of fundraising events. They have currently raised a little over 100.000 euros out of a total of 300.000 euros that is needed. Once purchased the clinic will run as a viable business and costs for feral cat neutering will be minimal. This is the future for Eivissa’s animals … and your chance to be part of it. To learn more about the appeal and to donate, please visit their website:

Interview ~ The Return of Phats and Small


  • Carly S

When DJ and producer Jason Phats heard a sample from The Glow of Love by Change looping around as he worked in his Walthamstow studio back in the late 90´s, he thought it could be the beginning of a great new house track. He and then collaborative partner Russell Small got in touch with their vocalist friend Ben Ofoedu and they worked to turn that sample into what was to become one of the defining dance tracks of the era. ‘Turn Around’ hit the shelves on New Year’s day 1999 and was an instant and massive success. 1999 was the year I turned 18 and this was playing everywhere I went – clubs, bars, radio stations, MTV – I even heard a few guys trying to sing it on karaoke. The up-tempo beats and Ben’s infectious lyric made it catchy, uplifting and filled the floors of clubs and discos everywhere. It was the anthem of the club/commercial crossover of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and the soundtrack to my youth. I was therefore incredibly excited to hear that Phats and Small were making a comeback, to see their name in the line up for Jacaranda Lounge’s Celebrity Sundays and even more so when I learned that I was going to meet and interview these icons. I was instantly struck by how friendly and warm they are. It was like chatting with old friends, as we discussed their success, the party lifestyles they enjoyed here at the peak of their success, what they learnt from it, how they’ve changed, what they’ve been up to and what’s next from here.

`Turn Around’ was far more than just the anthem to my, and many others, coming of age. It was a global phenomenon, a multi platinum selling, multi award winning, Brit nominated juggernaut of a track that catapulted Jason and Ben to stardom and saw them globetrotting, rubbing shoulders with celebrities, partying, touring and attending awards ceremonies. Did they expect this level of success? Well, in a word, no.

‘It was crazy,’ says Ben ‘One minute I’m in the dole queue and the next I’m taking, what was it J twenty seven? (Jason agrees) Yeah, twenty seven flights in one week.(…) We made a record which became it’s own entity and bigger than either of us.’

Jason nods along and continues, still obviously incredulous at the craziness of the time, ‘We were the first dance act to play in Georgia or Jakarta, and were even given the keys to the city in Jakarta. We were on Top of the Pops, nominated for a Brit for best newcomers – that was just amazing – won an Erikson award…’

Ben joins in, ‘MOBO’s, multi platinum sales, playing all over the world, MTV, Radio One…’

Jason continues ‘Zoe Ball had us as her tune of the week and we were in Radio One’s playlist for over 12 weeks, which is pretty much unheard of.’

This easy back and forth and adding of memories and thoughts to each others speech, which only comes from years as close friends, continues as they reminisce – part laughing, part cringing – about the lifestyle of non stop partying, drinking, drugs, and hedonism they suddenly found themselves living. They were a big part of a thriving house scene at home and here in Ibiza, where they indulged in the trappings of fame whilst they regularly played clubs, villa parties and televised events such as MTV shows.

‘I can’t watch that MTV footage anymore’, says Jason. When I ask why, he says ‘I just can’t get over how wasted I look on it!’

Ah, so a bit cringey? I offer

‘Yeah, definitely!’

‘Oh yeah, I remember that MTV thing,’ says Ben ‘Weren’t we licking stuff off Cat Deeley’s back or something?’ he chuckles.

Jason shakes his head and smiles ‘It was a mad time. If you look at all the DJ’s who got divorced or split from partners in that era – it wasn’t a good time for relationships. You can’t keep up that lifestyle. Something’s got to give. I came to the realisation that that lifestyle was all just an illusion.  Nothing was really real or meant anything, you know? You think you need the booze or drugs or whatever to have fun, but you don’t. That’s part of the illusion.  I haven’t touched anything for seven years now and this  visit to Ibiza has been the best so far. I’ve still been out dancing all night a few times with my twenty year old daughter and it’s been brilliant.’

I’m curious to know how else things have changed and am surprised to learn that they rarely used to perform together on the same stage.

‘Back in the day, I’d go off and do live PA’s while you (looks at Jason) did DJ sets,’ explains Ben ‘Yeah, ‘ Jason continues ‘we only ever really performed together for Top of the Pops or MTV. Then in 2011 I think, (Ben nods) I got asked to do an after party. I asked Ben if he wanted to join me and do vocals live and he did. It was unplanned and unrehearsed but we loved it and so did the crowd. It’s how we’ve worked since.’

Ben continues ‘The way I see it is we’re just conduits for the music. Whether we’re doing our own stuff or covers we just transmit a vibe and want people to have a good time. We played a festival recently (Beats for Love in Ostrava, Czech Republic) and had over twenty thousand people singing Turn Around back at us. It was amazing. When that many people sing at you, you can feel the warmth of their breath blast you. I was telling my mum the other day, it was just unreal, to have thousands of happy people dancing and singing your song back at you. That is not just a feeling. It’s something tangible.’

‘It was incredible,’ says Jason ‘There were just seas of people as far as I could see. We had no idea how many would turn up to watch us but it seemed like the entire festival did. And they were all ages too, young teens and people who’d never seen or heard us before mixed with people who remembered us the first time around. All singing and smiling. It blew us away.’ So we’re privileged to be getting a gig from them in such an intimate setting, I say. ‘Haha, I suppose you are’ says Jason. ‘Yeah, it’ll be a good night,’ adds Ben, scanning The Jacaranda Lounge ‘we do what we do. Whether we’re playing to thousands of people or a smaller place like this, we perform the same way. We play what we love, how we like to play it and, well, it works. People always respond really well.’

It’s clear that Phats and Small love what they do. They thrive on the buzz their music creates and have developed a wonderful relationship which is evident as we talk. I comment on how lovely it is to see how close they are after all these years. ‘He’s a good man,’ says Jason, his hand on Ben’s shoulder, ‘a genuine, honest bloke. He’ll be my best man at my wedding. He’s always got my back, no matter what. I’ve got a lot of love and respect for this man…I’m getting emotional!’ ‘Aww,’ laughs Ben, ‘I feel the same. He’s a good bloke and a true friend. We’ve been through a lot together.’

Time has ticked away quickly as we’ve been talking and I see a photographer waiting to talk to them too so reluctantly wrap up the discussion (I honestly could have carried on nattering all night with these two, who appear to love a chat as much as they love their music and each other!) and ask them how their musical resurgence came about and what’s in store for the future. They tell me that last year a soundcloud mix sampled one of their old tracks and created quite a buzz. The results of this were that a bidding war to sign Phats and Small ensued, eventually won by Amsterdam label Armada Music who released a newly recorded version of Turn Around this May. The boys went on a UK tour and have recently recorded idents for the BBC and performed live on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side as well as several festivals, including the ‘mindblowing’ Beats for Love mentioned earlier. They’ve also set up social media pages and a website, ‘We had none of that,’ Jason tells me, ‘so we’ve had to start up from scratch, and we’re running them all ourselves.’ ‘We didn’t want to go down the route of buying likes,’ Ben adds ‘we want it to be real and grow on its own. It doesn’t matter that you’ve got 50000 likes on Facebook or Twitter if only a handful of people are coming to your gigs or buying your music. The music is what it’s all about.’

To listen to their music, keep track on what they’re doing and see where they’re performing next, you can follow them at

As well as managing their internet presence, they’re managing themselves musically and booking their own gigs at the moment (with the occasional help of friends, Dane Bowers got them the Jacaranda gig – ‘He’s brilliant to have on your side, he knows everyone’ says Jason) but are on the look out for management who know the business and ins and outs of it as well as they do. ‘We made some mistakes the first time around,’ Jason says ‘ And this time we want to make sure we do things properly. We want a team behind us who can help us do that.’

On top of all this, they’re spending up to six days a week in the studio working on a new album and say their process for this is ‘organic and improvisational’ and that they spend hours just talking before laying ideas down. They also still surprise each other when inspiration hits. Just before he flew out to join Jason in Ibiza, Ben surprised him by sending him the vocal to a track they first began working on eight years ago ( a teaser can be found at the end of Calvo’s remix of Turn Around on YouTube, they tell me) and which is now, finally, almost finished.

‘What we try to do,’ explains Ben ‘is create a vibe. We get really excited with a rough cut, but it can be hard to re-create that when you hear and edit something hundreds of times. What we want is to capture that initial feeling in just a few minutes of music. And give that feeling to listeners or a live crowd.’

On Sunday 24th of July, they certainly did that. The atmosphere at Jacaranda was the most electric I have experienced to date. Every single person was on their feet, dancing, stomping and singing along as Jason dropped creative and nostalgic house mixes and Ben provided an energetic, soulful vocal and plenty of old school MCing as he strutted poolside encouraging us to clap, dance and sing. Their passion and energy were infectious and palpable and the energy and vibe they created was euphoric. They achieved their objective of giving everyone a great time and proved that their music is universal as toddlers, teens, and twenty to sixty-somethings happily sang, danced and clapped along… There’s no school like the old school and these guys are the headmasters. They’ll be back at the Jacaranda on August 11th, so get down there and experience them for yourselves, before they skyrocket once more into superstardom.



Amanda Zips It Up

“Happy” August everyone!

I know I bang on about the weather constantly, but last week Zips It Up came to you from the poolside in Ibiza. This week I’m in miserable, grey, rainy, cloudy London. Thank heavens I’m Balearic bound once again next weekend. All in the name of Zips It Up research. Promise!

So, there’s never much news in the summer, largely because everyone is on holiday. But what has caught my eye is the massive backlash against America’s former sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

She has become hate figure number one since I left the UK and returned.

Do you hate Taylor Swift? How much do you hate her? When did you start hating her?

So, she ‘lied’ about that Kanye song (you remember, the one where he casually said he might have sex with her, and then took credit for that ‘bitch’ getting famous)? Or are you one of the many indignant who cannot understand how she moved on from her relationship with Calvin Harris so quickly?

Well I never.  I’ve not seen this level of seething anger directed at one person since, well, probably since the last wildly successful female celebrity got too big for her boots. Certainly, I didn’t see this level of hatred directed at Chris Brown when he hospitalised Rihanna.

Or when an ex-girlfriend of Michael Fassbender filed a restraining order against him, claiming he, ‘threw her over a chair, broke her nose, dragged her alongside her car, and caused her to twist her left ankle and blow out her left kneecap’. He was never charged.

What has Taylor done to deserve more hatred than the men above? I think it boils down to having the audacity to get a new boyfriend very quickly after breaking up with Calvin Harris.

Let’s get one thing straight. I do not care how quickly she moved on. If one of my friends went through a heartbreak, and then just weeks later met a hot guy who made her feel amazing and happy again, I would be delighted. I might secretly think it was a rebound, but wouldn’t mind, provided it made her happy. So what’s the big deal if Taylor is rebounding? I don’t even mind if it’s a fake relationship to get attention.

It was leaked that she co-wrote Calvin’s song “This Is What You Came For”.  Some hate her for that. Then Kim Kardashian ‘exposes’ Swift for speaking on the phone to Kanye. Yawn.

We unquestioningly forgive after certain men in the public eye commit acts of violence against women yet use our collective power to officially hate a 26-year-old whose worst crime was rebounding hard after a relationship and lying about Kanye

Why am I focusing on this story? Because it’s summer and there is no news.

Which is why everyone else focused on it too. Bring back BREXIT! At least it gave us something proper to discuss.

Onto this week’s installment and we look at a brand new supermodel, take a peek at H&M’s collab with Kenzo and look at my fashion crush – the star print trainer.


Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Star Print Trainers

Those of you who follow us regularly will know that Zips It Up is a huge fan of star print, be it on clothing, footwear or accessories.

Saint Laurent’s star sneakers are the object of much desire but, typically, set you back mega bucks. However, I have found two cheaper alternatives to get us through until pay day (and beyond).

Designer star-print trainers have been worn by the likes of Taylor Swift and there is no doubt that fashion’s obsession with the five-point star continues for another season. Saint Laurent’s sneakers are made from white leather and feature embroidered black stars with metallic detailing – but you can also get them in a reversal of this colourway, as preferred by Swifty.

These are the Saint Laurent versions, clocking in at £380. Ouch. Court Classic star-appliquéd leather sneakers, £380, Net-A-Porter

But I’ve spotted a similar pair at Ash, featuring metallic stars on white leather.

Ash MAJESTIC Star Motif Trainers White Leather, £159

And if you’re festival-bound, you might prefer a pocket-money version, to pound the muddy fields. Converse have also tapped into the star-print trend with this pair.

Chuck Taylor All Star II Reflective Star Print, £60, Converse

Now which to choose? All three, naturally.

HM Kenzo Collab

Remember when we first zipped up the news that a Kenzo and H&M collab was happening? Well, today H&M have revealed a sneak preview of the upcoming collection. And I’m not exactly cartwheeling down the street.

These exclusive images reveal that vibrant tiger prints and faux-sherling pink coats are on the cards this November.

Kenzo is known for their playful aesthetic, wild prints and covetable logo pieces. This collection will surely go down a storm with some shoppers. Just not me.

The drop date in over 250 selected H&M stores worldwide is 3 November 2016; also available online.

H&M rule the high street when it comes to designer collaborations. Whoever they team up with – whether it’s Isabel Marant or Versace – one thing’s for certain: the collections sell out. And they sell out fast.

Last year’s Balmain collab caused stampedes at stores across the country, and H&M reported record sales figures. Balmania will be hard to top, but if anyone can do it it’s this collaborator.

Kenzo creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon will bring the spirit of Kenzo to H&M, creating men’s and womenswear collections, as well as a selection of accessories. Whilst I won’t be camping outside the Regents Street branch, I will be carefully scrutinising those who do via twitter.

The New Face Of Topshop

Are we all bored of seeing and scrutinising the same supermodels? Mossy, Cara, GiGi etc? Well, move over girls.

‘Who is this chick?!’ I heard myself mumbling under my breath, after seeing a recent Topshop press release.

Have a butchers at Taylor Hill, who became a full-time Victoria’s Secret angel last year. Since her standout debut, the VS squad member has walked for top designers from Dolce and Gabanna to DKNY, and starred in a couple of new flicks.

To add to her growing CV, the 20-year-old model on the rise just landed a huge contract – having been revealed as the new face of Topshop’s global Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign, joining illustrious predecessors like Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss.

Check out my sneak preview of the new campaign. The stunning images, set in New York and shot by acclaimed photographer Giampaolo Sgura with styling by Topshop’s Creative Director Kate Phelan, is a 1990s dream.

Think edgy LDB’s to cool-girl hoodies (yes, they’re back, thanks to Bella Hadid et al). And we’ve got that embroidered leather jacket in our sights…


Brand New Heavies

  • Music For Dreams and Vaughan at Las Dalias

The first of the good time guy’s collaboration at Las Dalias was a huge success and certainly vindicating organisers Ken Bager and Vaughan’s view that the north of the island has sufficient demand for some live music events on a large scale.

Photos by Phrank give a great feel of a fantastic night which will be followed Thursday 4th August with a second party with Laid Back headlining.

The Danish duo, who have sold over 35 million records worldwide, will be playing all of their beloved hits including ‘Sunshine Reggae’, ‘Bakerman’, the electronic masterpiece ‘White Horse’ and the modern Ibiza anthem ‘Beautiful Day’ – expect a very special – once in a life time concert – with stunning visuals.

Guitarist Jacob Gurevitsch will be performing too. He is most notably known for tracks on compilations such as Cafe Del Mar, and Buddha Bar, and his tracks ‘Mexican Margarita’ and ‘Lovers in Paris’ will be sure to please any Balearic aficionado.

Bongo Entp. will be the third live act of the night. Featuring percussionist and frontman Jacob Andersen, the band will be performing their Brazilian meets funky, world music soundtrack including  ‘Lujon’ and ‘Foto Feita Do Avia~o’, both standout cuts from the newly released album ‘Debut’ on Music For Dreams.
Carrying on the party will be original Ibiza DJ, Pippi, who has just released his beautiful debut artist album on Music For Dreams. Entitled ‘Bocadillos Variados’, it’s an exciting journey full of funky and Balearic grooves.

Also behind the decks will be Music For Dreams label boss, Kenneth Bager, who has also just released his brand new album ‘Premiere Classé’ featuring Damon C Scott (Storm Queen) and Danish actress Sophe Gråbøl – known from the cult TV Series ‘The Killing’. Kenneth is also known for his 9 years as a DJ/presenter on Ibiza Sonica Radio.
The full DJ line up is as follows: A stellar cast of local and international talent including Ibiza legend DJ Pippi, Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams), Willie Graff (Pacha), George Solar (Babylon Beach) and Justin Mallett (Babylon Beach).
The parties start at 21:00 hours and will continue until very late…

Entrance is €20 euros in advance or 25 euros on the door.

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Jezza’s World of Sport

August In Ibiza!!

Sorry, Sports fans, ’tis going to be a short report this week as just incredibly busy at the moment especially as I’m still sitting at my pc using my one digit and it’s now 01.45 Tuesday morning! Anyway, my problem, not yours!


Somebody else who has a problem which is rather more worrying with the Ryder Cup on the horizon, is Rory Mac, who missed the cut yet again, this time in the last Major of the season, the US PGA Championship in Batrusol, US of A which finished on Sunday. Let’s hope he can get his act together soon with the rest of the European team in time as the Americans certainly seem to be leading the way at the moment, summed up by Jimmy Walker who pipped World No 1 Aussie Jason Day to the title by a shot. Good though to see Europeans Stenson, Kaymer, Hatton and Casey all in the Top 10.


And after England’s hammering of Pakistan in the last Test at OT, to draw level at 1-1 in the 4 match series, let’s hope it’s more of the same this week in the 3rd Test at Edgbaston, which started on Wednesday, one of England’s favourite venues. Shame about losing Stokes, but with plenty of choice around (Ball, Finn, Wood) and Woakes playing the way he is with both bat and ball, his absence should be minimal, especially if the batting supremo’s of Captain Cook and Root continue their fine form. Good to see Anderson back in wicket-taking form but Broad needs to get in on the act more, as I am sure he will.

Rugby League

and before the Super 8’s start, it was the turn of the Challenge Cup Semi-Finals at the w/end with 3 of the top league four in action but despair for Wigan as they went down, at home, to Hull whilst Warrington took Wakefield to the cleaners to set up a Final at Twickenham with arguably the best two teams on current form. Incredible, rugby league at Twickers, the bastion of Union. It wasn’t that long ago when the Union completely shunned League and we were frowned upon as union players if we even watched a league match. Oh, how times have changed but for the better, I must say!

Olympics, Rio ’16

In case you are on Planet 9 or Zog, just to let you know that this 4 yearly jamboree starts all over again tomorrow (Friday) so I’ll try and keep you abreast of the goings on especially with regard to Team GB and their medal quest. London 2012 was the team’s highest medal count but on their travels Beijing’s 47 (19 Gold, 13 Silver and 15 Bronze) was their best ever so would be great to beat that mark. Watch out for these superstars as probably our best bets for Gold: Mo Farah, Jess Ennis-Hill, Greg Rutherford/Athletics, Nicola Adams/Boxing, Chris Froome, Jason Kenny, Sir Bradley Wiggins and Laura Trott/Cycling, Andy and Jamie Murray/Tennis, Giles Scott/Sailing, Adam Peaty/Swimming, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning/Rowing and finally Charlotte Dujardin/Eventing but good luck to you all and keep away from the Zika mozzie!

Footnote; why oh why is golf now being included? – sorry but has the world gone mad!


Ladies, you only have a few more days to get him to sort out the toolshed, pool, terrace, garden etc. before the Premier League starts so get on it! I, trembling at the knees, very gently informed “’er indoors who must be obeyed!” the other day of this fact and her reaction was just as I thought, “OMG, what a dreadful thought, Gary Lineker and MotD, BT Sport and old Geoff Stelling on Sky Sports Saturday with those boring old pundits!” and although the real action doesn’t get under way until Saturday week, at least Jose will be at Wembley before Pep as his new style Man U team, (by which time they will probably have spent ₤100 million on a certain Mnsr Pogba) as FA Cup winners take on Ranieri’s  PL Champions Leicester in the season’s traditional curtain-raiser on Sunday. Having said that, the Championship gets under way on Friday as relegated Newcastle take on Fulham down by Old Father Thames followed by a full programme on Saturday, including Our Ed’s Ipswich taking on promoted Barnsley in East Anglia hoping to actually break in to the promotion places at last. So, there you go, ladies, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Until next week

F1 Germany

  • Hamilton wins in Germany to maintain F1 lead
  • Hamilton wins fourth successive grand prix with Hockenheim triumph
  • World champion beats German team-mate Nico Rosberg in his homeland

Hammertime, which seemed to be an almost leisurely and unnecessary call over the team radi,o resulted in a victory of 6.9 seconds for Lewis Hamilton over second-placed Daniel Ricciardo in the German Grand Prix – and that was with his engine turned down in order to make it last longer.

The pole-sitter Nico Rosberg appeared stuck in reverse gear when the lights went out and Hamilton streaked past him followed by the Red Bulls of Ricciardo and Max Verstappen, who then made a bold move to go round his team-mate on the outside. We did not know it at the time but that was about as good as it got.

There was some racing going on, such as that between Rosberg and Verstappen, and Fernando Alonso and Sergio Pérez, but up front Hamilton took on the feel of driving an F1 car on cruise control.

This was his 49th victory, which leaves him only two behind Alain Prost in the all‑time list. But it is the Briton’s irresistible form that makes him such a tough adversary for Rosberg – and everyone else for that matter. This was his fourth win in as many races and his sixth in seven outings. And he controlled the race from the front with the manner of a man about to win his fourth world title.

In a three-stop race Mercedes and Red Bull split their strategies. But whatever you do with Hamilton makes little difference; he increased his pace only occasionally when he felt he had to kick clear of Ricciardo once more.

The Mercedes head of motorsport, Toto Wolff, referring to Rosberg’s problems, said: “It seems that he did not have good setup and he was lacking grip. When he was trying to go faster and trying to attack he overheated the tyres and lacked pace.”

When asked whether Rosberg could recover Wolff said: “A big yes. We have seen him starting the season extremely well and he had a very good end to 2015. There are still nine races to go. There are more than 200 points to collect and recover, so everything goes.

“He is mentally very strong and nothing is done yet. He had a bad day but once he has recovered in the next couple of days I have no doubt he will come back very strong to Spa.”

Referring to the incident that resulted in Rosberg being given a five-second penalty for forcing Verstappen off the track, Wolff said: “People get pushed out of the circuit all the time. One is being penalised and the other is not, so this is what I mean by inconsistent penalties. What is the remedy? We want to see hard racing but I can sympathise with the penalty. It is not that I am saying it was completely wrong.”

Verstappen said he thought he and Rosberg would crash. “At one point I thought he was going to run into me, so I opened up. He didn’t turn in, he just kept driving straight, so I had to go off the track, otherwise he would’ve crashed.”

Meanwhile, the Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, was clear where the fault was. “The problem is [Rosberg] did a pretty bad job of it,” he said. “It looked like he kind of stopped and then kept going as if he was off to Cologne, and that’s a bit naughty. So that’s what caught the stewards’ attention.”

Horner, though, looked delighted. This was the first time that Red Bull had achieved two podium positions since Hungary last year and it led to them leapfrogging Ferrari in the constructors’ championship; Ferrari were fifth and sixth, which is about what they deserved. There is much work to be done there; too much to fit in a four-week break.

It was one of Jenson Button’s better days, with the McLaren driver finishing eighth. His team-mate Alonso, though, had a tougher time, finishing out of the points in 12th place. “We had to save a lot of fuel in the final part after all the battles we had in the first half of the race,” he said. “At the end I think we finished with 100 grams of fuel.”

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Festival of the Earth

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

The annual Festival of the Earth (Festes de la Terra) is in full swing in and around Ibiza Town and continues until August 15. The period is one of great significance in Ibiza Town and its environs as it includes three important fiestas. Friday August 5th is the saint’s day of the patron saint of Ibiza Town, Santa Maria De Les Neus or ‘Mary of the Snows’ in English, and to whom the first Catholic church and the cathedral in Ibiza are dedicated. August 8th commemorates the day in 1235 that the Catalan army overthrew the Moors, bringing Christianity to Ibiza and Formentera. It is also the saint’s day for Sant Ciriac, who was adopted as the patron saint of the island because of the significance of the date, which has become the most important holiday on the island. The festivities of August 8th culminate with the mother of all firework displays over the port in Ibiza Town. And last but not least, it includes the fiesta of the neighbourhood of Figueretas from August 10-15, which always ends with a fantastic firework display.

The program this year combines cultural events, concerts, sporting events, traditional festivities, children’s activities and activities for the whole family. Some highlights:

  • August 4 – 22.00 h. Concert of the Earth with the Symphonic Band of the City of Ibiza in the Reina Sofia park
  • August 4 – 22.30 h. Concert with Duncan Dhu, formed in San Sebastián in 1984 in the Reina Sofia park
  • August 6 – 22:30 h. Ressonadors Simfònic – classics of popular music played with a full symphony orchestra, in the Reina Sofia park
  • August 8 – 20.00 h. ‘Berenada popular’ paella feast for all in Puig des Molins – free
  • – midnight – Fireworks from Port Vell in Ibiza Town
  • August 15 midnight. Fireworks on Figueretes beach

Most events are free. Full programme online:

Royal Plaza Gala Dinner & Fireworks View Fit For A King

  • Ibiza Town, August 8th

Hotel Royal Plaza’s rooftop terrace restaurant is a fantastic setting for a summer meal anytime, but will be the best place in Ibiza on the 8th August as the island capital throws a spectacular firework display. (see festival of the earth article).

The Plaza’s rooftop restaurant enjoys fantastic unobstructed views over the Dalt Villa and escapes the heat of the streets below to benefit from any cool breeze coming off the Marina which is just a 5 minute walk away.

But on 8th August there can be no better place to get a panoramic view of the firework display, plus the Royal Plaza hold an annual Gala dinner as part of their own celebrations. The 4 course menu will be to their own exacting standards in cuisine and service and at 48€ per person which includes drinks, it has to be considered fantastic value even without your front row seats.

For bookings and contact info see advertisement below