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Missing Tourist Found Dead in San An Port

Body Identified as 24 Year Old British Tourist Missing for 3 Days.

tourist that died in san an portOn the day that the town was celebrating El dia del mar (Sea Day) in the port of San Antonio, the owner of a Llaut (typical Ibicencan sailing boat) went to get his boat to take part in the planned activities, only to discover the body of a young tourist dressed in shorts and a T-shirt floating alongside his vessel. Identified as a 24 year old British tourist who had been missing for three days, the body was recovered from the water creating a lot of attention from those who had gathered in the area for the Sea Day events.

The autopsy report has not yet been transferred to the magistrate court, but the first impression is that there are no signs of violence and the involvement of third parties is not being pursued. A statement published yesterday by the High Court of Justice stated that “We will have to wait for the final report to confirm the exact cause of death. The tourist, who was 24 years old and whose identity has not been disclosed, had been dead for about three days. The 061 emergency services received, at 11.25am Saturday morning, a call that warned of the presence of a corpse. The body floated near the bow of a llaüt that was moored at dock number 2 at the Club Nàutic.”

The Group of Underwater Special Activities (GEAS) took the body out of the water when the duty coroner arrived. A friend of the deceased identified the body and explained to the officers they were on holiday in Ibiza. At the moment, it is unknown in what circumstances he came to be in the sea.

Another witness said the young man, who was not carrying any identification documents, wore shorts and a black shirt. He was wearing a pink bracelet, of the type used by clubs and hotels.






Fishing Shacks Resolution.

The legal situation of the 1500 privately owned fishing boat houses dotted around the islands coast has finally been resolved. Originally only sixty of these huts were declared as of historic interest and were going to be allowed to remain because all these houses are built illegally, without permissions, on what is publicly owned coastal land. However after three years of negotiation between the owners, mostly Ibicencos, and the coastal authorities, a new agreement means that all 1500 will be allowed to remain. The owners will be granted a legal concession to use the property for at least fifty years. It is also envisaged that the use of the huts can be passed on as an inheritance or sold whilst the concession lasts. Also, they will be able to be renovated and structurally changed to blend in more with the natural environment. This is something many of the owners wish to do, but have dared not touch the structure until the legality of the huts had been clarified.


Ebola in Spain

  • Husband of Infected Spanish Nurse Being Monitored Closely
  • 2 More Suspected Cases.

ebola-virusLast Monday a nursing assistant was diagnosed with the Ebola virus and now her husband is being closely monitored in hospital, due to him being the person with whom the infected woman has had the most contact, and is of greatest concern for the authorities, according to Mercedes Vinuesa, general director of Public Health.

Vinuesa stated in an appearance in Spain’s Congress on Tuesday that the man “has been admitted so that he can undergo quarantine with greater monitoring.”

There are two other Spaniards suspected of having caught the virus: a nurse from the Intensive Care Unit at La Paz hospital and an engineer who travelled from Nigeria to Spain.

Fernando Simón, coordinator of the Health Ministry’s emergency response centre, admitted that it would have been better to have admitted the nurse to hospital when she first fell ill on September 30th, rather than on October 6th, when she was already running a high fever. He also said she is not presenting serious symptoms. According to Simón, when she fist reported felling ill to the health authorities she didn’t meet the criteria to be suspected as a case of Ebola, but having been in proximity with one of the two Spanish missionaries that were brought back to Spain to be treated for the virus, another approach should have been taken.

Simón also informed that the nurse’s assistant has been able to give a list of people with whom she was in contact and that it is possible that someone on that list has been infected. “That does not present a risk for the population, but we have to guarantee that this same situation is not repeated. This cannot happen again,” he ended.


Poor Water In Sant Josep.

Ninety percent of the wells supplying public water in Sant Josep register one of the highest salt level counts in the Baleares. For example, the wells supplying San Jordi area have 7000 milligrams of salt for every litre of water, whilst the maximum experts say there should be for water to be drinkable and used by the public is 800 milligrams. Despite this alarming water supply situation, environmentalists revealed that the new planning regulations for the borough of San Josep allow for urban development which will allow the population to increase from 37,500 residents to 55,396, an increase of forty eight percent. They question is where does the Town Hall hope to get an adequate water supply if it is planning for this increase in building and population? It appears that linking the desalination plants of San Antonio and Ibiza will not help solve the water supply problem or the quality of the water in Sant Josep as some have suggested.


No More Resident’s Travel Certificates.

The necessity to print a resident’s certificate and show it at the airport or ferry terminal to obtain resident’s travel discounts will become obsolete from November 1st. Improved technology will allow companies to verify a traveller’s status as resident when booking the ticket making the need for a physical copy of the certificate a thing of the past!


Ibiza’s Dumbest Criminals

Ever had the feeling you know you forgot to do something? The small petrol station on the Santa Eulalia to Ibiza road near the Sant Joan turn off was robbed this week. It was reported that at least one man, captured on CCTV wearing a balaclava to hide his identity, entered the premises after it closed on Sunday night. The thief, and possible accomplices, tried to make a hole in the wall of the petrol station but only succeeded in making a 30cm opening because of the strong construction of the station. This was too small to get through so the thief changed plans. Opting for forcing the security bars of a window and getting in to the petrol station that way, he made off with 500€ from the till. The robbery was discovered by employees when they came to open the petrol station in the morning. The following night the thieves returned to the petrol station and forced entry again—this time taking off with just the security camera recording equipment that had taken their pictures the night before.


Ibiza Port Reform To Start.

At a reduced cost of 5,5 million euros, it was announced that within two or three weeks the reformation works planned for the port area of Ibiza Town will commence. The work will take seven months and will centre on the inner port area and the section where the ferry boats leave for Formentera. The idea is to make the connection between these inner port areas and the town easier for travellers. They will eliminate barriers and a public square will be built along with a bike lane. Only public transport will circulate in the area but parking will be allowed for residents and those that use the marina. Where the present harbour building stands, a new 400m2 ground level structure with a 200m2 porch will be built providing office, ticket sales, bar and restaurant space.


Madrid Budget No Bien!

The Madrid Central Government budget for the Baleares, and Ibiza and Formentera in particular, was presented this week and it does not make good reading Whilst the budget has increased by 87% from 74,02 million euros to 138,45 million euros next year, we are still the autonomous region of Spain which receives the least investment by the central government per inhabitant.

Important projects for Ibiza, which will now not go ahead due to the lack of financing, are the much needed new sewage works for Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia. These were promised at the last elections by the PP Conservatives who run the Madrid Central State Government and the Balearic Government as well as both Town Councils. Also the promised desalination plant for Santa Eulalia will not be financed in this budget. The Mayor of the Town warned that this situation was not acceptable stating that the demand and quality of the water were at the limit and the desalination plant was needed urgently to improve the situation. Also, once it had been built, the plan was to interconnect the desalination plants on all the island to improve the water supply and quality of the water all over Ibiza. Something that will not happen unless projects planned for Mallorca are sacrificed and the money diverted to Santa Eulalia.

Furthermore there is no money available in the State budget for road building in Ibiza and Formentera during 2015. Luckily the remnant from the 2014 budget will allow the Sant Joan to Ibiza road to be improved (10,9 million €), the Jesus village bypass (2 million €) and the first section of dual carriageway between Ibiza and Santa Eulalia (3,7 million €) to be built. The dual carriageway between Ibiza and Santa Eulalia will be finished with the 16,7 million 4 promised in a previous budget.


Hit & Run Driver Turns Himself In

car-crashA 29 year old Spanish man turned himself in to the police after initially running away from his vehicle after causing an accident on the Avenida San Agustin in Cala de Bou this week. Driving an Opel Astra, the man collided head on with another car which was then hit by a car and a bus. Instead of stopping the man drove off but 200 metres further on he collided with two more cars. At this point he got out his car and ran off leaving his passenger with head injuries to receive treatment from the emergency services along with two other occupants of the other vehicles involved.



Cash Point Robberies.

Using a piece of metal forced into the machines, two men were detained this week by police in San Antonio accused of having stolen 3000€ from people trying to get cash out of bank cash points in the town. Police received several complaints that cash machines were not paying out and set up an operation to monitor the machines. This led to the arrest of the thieves red-handed when they went to remove the piece of metal blocking the machine from paying out the cash and retrieve the money.


Lucky Escape For Child.

A 3 year old boy fell from the 3rd floor balcony of his home in Ibiza Town at 3.30pm on his birthday last week. Though the child needed initial hospital treatment, he had a lucky escape because a clothes line on a lower floor reduced the impact of his fall to the pavement below.


Marsh Harrier Rescued

Marsh-harrier-for-news-NT-061014A marsh harrier (Circus aeruginosus) bird was rescued by specialist firemen, trained in mountain climbing, when it got trapped in the water of the steep sided drinking water reservoir in the Santa Eulalia area of the island. The bird with a 1,20m wing span was relatively unharmed by the experience and was released back into the wild the next day after being cared for and fed over night.





Unemployment Figures.

7,119 more people registered as unemployed in Ibiza and Formentera this September. Though this is an increase on last month, it is less of an increase than in September 2013 signifying a small but positive improvement in the economy of the islands.


Only 22% Package Holidays.

August highlighted the trend of tourists no longer using the holiday company package for Ibiza and Formentera. Only 22% (134.909) of the 618.092 tourists in August used traditional tour companies. Statistics show that 80,9% of our tourists use internet to prepare their holidays here and 79% now pay for the holiday online.
Interestingly 59% of the 618.092 tourists who came to Ibiza and Formentera in August were between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. Only 4,9% were below the age of 15 years old signifying that, at least in August, the islands are catering to the youth market and are no longer family destinations. This is reinforced by another statistic that only 18% of our visitors were between 44 and 64 years old this August. Finally, another interesting statistic shows that more women have visited than men. 1.112.651 women came in the first nine months of the year, 121.095 more than men.


Postbag – Parasailing Accident Family Respond

This letter has been received from the family of the brother and sister injured in the parasailing accident reported last week. It has been edited only so far as aiding translation is required.

Dear Sirs,

I am referring to your article “Parasailing Skipper Says Not At Fault. Actions Saved The Day.” (issue 754 2nd Oct)

There are extremely one-sided statements in the article.

Jimmy (James Killen) says “people shouldn’t be blaming me, but should blame the weather forecasts”

There was a yellow alert warning on that day. So why is this guy taking passengers out on a parachute? He should blame himself for trying to make fast profit without caring about safety (and the weather forecast) at all!

Jimmy said his actions “were a result of 30 years experience”. In this 30 years he obviously managed to forget about safety measures and instead learned how to alter facts. Why else would evidence like the GoPro camera and photos shot from the boat have disappeared?

He goes on to say “These reports are rubbish. It was an unforeseeable accident at sea, I saved their lives” and “putting them down on the hotel was a planned manoeuvre”.

There were dozens of eye witnesses who saw that the parachute was in free air over a large distance. Nothing planned at all!

Of the injuries suffered Jimmy said “He was pretty well untouched”, “The girl had two stitches but was otherwise fine.”

Does this sound like pretty well untouched? Anggi the 30 year old young lady is suffering from a severe skull brain trauma and is at risk of loosing eyesight in one eye. She has cuts and bruises all over. Florian, her 21 year old brother is also suffering from severe skull brain trauma and has cuts and bruises all over. Plus he has partially fractured his wrist (he is a musician and so will be out of business for three months). Both were hustled by having to hurry from one medical specialist to another, having to worry how to get well again.

Jimmy now makes a hero out of himself when in reality he nearly killed two people. He has changed the facts, just the way he wants.

That accident was not a result of any heroic action, but of the most irresponsible set of actions!

Releasing the parachute and so sending two young people into nirvana, just to save his own skin and not getting his boat scratched, is just disgusting!

Best regards,

Anggi Kristianti / Florian Gruber / Anton Gruber









Nick Gibbs

mintWe all have  certain aspects of our work that are more enjoyable than others. Undoubtedly one of the perks of writing for a newspaper is the restaurant review. You learn to shut up about it among friends. Nobody wants to hear about your jollies around Ibiza’s wonderful range of eating establishments. For this column I must abandon any pretence at working for a living and concur with those acquaintances who tell me often enough I have it cushy.





Mint in October is a date many look forward to. m1The return of their ridiculously good value low season menu del dia which, at only 12.50€ for 3 courses of fantastic fresh prepared chef fayre, would be great value anywhere. That it is available on the sunset strip (from 1 to 5pm daily) pushes the bounds of  value beyond those we normally expect in Ibiza.



Greeted by manager and Mambo group stalwart Jonny  my initial questions from the standard text of food reviews were what he would particularly like to feature? When Jonny replied that he needed photography of the entire menu—5 starters and 5 mains—so did I mind if he brought it all out I was a bit stuck for words. On the one hand who could say they ’mind’ being given an entire menu. On the other hand my invited guest had to leave unexpectedly and so I was there on my own. What’s a boy to do? I called everybody I could think of in close proximity. Out of the area, answer phone, phone off, the latter two  resulting in some pretty disappointed people when calls started being returned later.  Ah well, best I just get on with it then.  Those behind the decks along the strip often say they are going to take you on a musical journey. Here then is the foodie version, my Mint magical mystery menu.




Aubergine Parmigiana. One of several starters where the generosity of the portion would have been happily accepted as a main. The Aubergine was interleaved with melting tomato and cheese and topped with several big shards of parmigiana, very similar to in taste to parmesan though softer. A delicious fresh basil flavour worked perfectly.


m10Esqueixada Salad. Definitely a contender for dish of the menu. Described as shredded cod, peppers, olives, greens and red onion the menu did not mention the fantastic Sicilian patterini (sure that’s not correct spelling—all I can be sure of is they were not the famous Sicilian pochino) tomatoes that were new to me. Wonderful taste and they were served in a sticky marmalade salsa—an epic combination.


m8Steamed Vegetables. Topped with a knob of herb butter. Vegetarians are well catered for with 3 starters and a main (often 2 mains with the pizza) to choose from.




Pumpkin Soup with Croutons. m9 Don’t fill up on bread was Marge’s advice to Homer at the outset of a similarly daunting eating challenge, but how could you not tuck in to fried points embedded with green peppercorns. I thought pumpkin soup might be heavy on a hot afternoon but not at all—a very light soup.

San Daniele Ham Croquettes. The real deal chef croquettes. Oozing with flavour and I dare say calories, though any weight watching concerns were clearly for another day.




m7Seasonal Mushroom Lasagne. Contender number 2. A gorgeously creamy lasagne with the nuttiness of the best mushrooms in every mouthful. Even a sprinkling of miniature Japanese enoki mushrooms made the plate, and probably made chefs job of achieving his GP pretty tricky too.



m4Sausage and Italian Chicory Pasta. A great choice for kids, and in a week or two for anybody wanting that winter comfort food fill up.





m6Pizza of the Day.  A glance at the pizza and you’ll see this is not a second best choice at Mint. Today’s was ricotta and spinach complete with an egg fried into the centre. I’ve always wondered how they do that—blowtorch apparently.





m3Beef Burger with Tomato Rocket and Mayo. Were my wife here instead of sitting at home with a Samsung Galaxy that has a dicky battery, this may well have been her first choice. A fat homemade beef patty—bone dry yet moist as it should be—came topped with some really tasty sundried tomatoes—much better than a regular salad. The mayo was lovingly prepared and the fried potatoes as good as mum makes.



m2Tuna Tataki. Best till last? In my case yes. Love it, just love it. Served with an Italian twist in the form of an olive tapenade and some more of those superb pop in the mouth green peppercorns.





Can’t end without a mention of the staff. Head chef Lorenzo has put together a fantastic menu. The front of house team are all friendly and attentive.


The menu alternates weekly. Jonny invited me back next week. To everybody I know, please form an orderly queue.








Parenting Pages.

Carly SorensenImagen1

Last week, I googled ‘signs of a growth spurt’ as my little one was sleeping and eating more than usual, and, as well as getting the simple, factual response I was seeking (yes, she is going through a growth spurt. The fact she almost outgrew a shirt pretty much over night confirmed it), I also happened upon a whole host of patronising, preaching, pomposity.

Don’t get me wrong, there are real positives to having the world’s knowledge at our fingertips. NHS direct and other medical websites can be fantastically helpful. I also find the Haynes baby manual brilliant in giving no nonsense responses to general questions any new parent faces regarding the health of their little prince or princess. It even has flowcharts to help you decide if that rash, poo, irritability, elevated temperature, cough etc is something to worry about.

However, there are a whole host of other books and sites where mums and dads who profess to know best spout advice, warnings and sometimes even scoldings at less confident and assured parents. One website tells you to let your baby cry, wean them early to encourage independence and stick to a strict routine, whilst another tells you if they’re crying, there’s a reason and you should comfort them, to breastfeed as long as possible as it’s good for their health and to let them decide on a routine. One advises getting your baby into her own cot from day one, whilst the other advocates co sleeping. One tells you to let your baby sleep when they want, whilst another dictates a strict napping regime. Some of the ‘advice’ given was little short of bullying. So, when it comes to raising a baby, what is right? What is best? You want the answer? There is no universally correct way to raise a baby. It’s whatever works for you. Every baby, mum and dad are different, so it’s insane to believe that there’s a magic formula. ‘

Take myself and my sister, for example. We have babies of roughly the same age. Hers is bottle fed, mine is breastfed. Hers has slept in a cot from early on, mine has slept with me (mainly because of the breastfeeding) since day two and is only just sleeping in her cot at ten months old. Hers uses a dummy, mine doesn’t. Hers eats purees tidily and rapidly, mine eats some, plays with some and mushes some into her highchair, hair and clothes. Yet both are growing and developing, and are healthy, happy and full of smiles and laughter (with the odd, perfectly normal, bout of grizzling, crying or grumpiness).

Their generally happy characters have got nothing to do with the feeding or sleeping, or any of the other short term and, in my opinion inconsequential, habits and routines they do or do not have. They are happy and healthy because they are adored by their families. They are loved, nurtured, played with, given time and encouraged and that makes a bigger difference than anything material. They won’t remember how and when they were fed. They won’t remember whether or not they had a dummy. They won’t remember where they slept or what brands of food, nappies or clothing they were given. They will remember you, your smile, smell, feel and voice. They will fill you with emotions you never knew you had.

Every parent needs to find their own way of parenting, yes it’s hard work, but it’s worth it. There are huge changes and challenges, there are days when you struggle and strive and question your ability to do the best by this little version of yourself, but equally there are marvellous days, countless tiny rewards which mean the world to you and all those milestone moments and firsts to witness.

At the risk of sounding preachy myself, I offer this advice…The next time you find yourself contemplating visiting a parenting website, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my baby loved?

2. Is my baby healthy?

3. Is my baby growing and developing? (I’m deliberately omitting the word ‘normally’ as they’re all different)

If you answer yes to them all, what are you worried about? You’re doing a brilliant job. If you’re not sure on numbers 2 or 3, consult a medical site, ask a friend or see your doctor, but please don’t get sucked in to the world of competing, know it all parents online. It’ll do your psyche no good whatsoever. When it comes down to it, you know your own child better than anyone. If it works for you, it’s right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




San Antonio Hair & Beauty

Sophia V

Hair,-beauty-and-health-photo-SV-290914San Antonio is home to many salons, all offering a different range of hair treatments, as well as other beauty treatments. Living in a hot climate, or even just in Ibiza on holiday, hair can get extremely dry and damaged, as well as the skin. With the popular restaurants, bars and clubs, everyone wants to look and feel their best. Below are some of the salons that can be found in San Antonio, some of the treatments they offer and prices.

Ego offers services such as professional make-up from 18€ – 40€ for day, night, party and bridal looks. Waxing is also available: legs, bikini – Brazilian or Hollywood, arms, lips, face, eyebrows and nose. Prices start from as little as 3€ to 18€. Tinting can be applied to eyebrows, eyelashes, with perms, false lashes and semi-permanent. For nail care, you can receive manicures, pedicures, paint, polish, art, and shellac nails. Shellac nails are 27€. Facials are also on offer, as well as massages, whether it be full body, back, foot or legs.
Example prices for hair care are a whole head of highlights 45€, root touch up 26€, tint for medium hair 30€ and 40€ for long. A ladies cut is 15€, with a blow-dry, it’s 28€. OAP wash and blow-dry is 12€. Hair styling is also on offer.

Semi permanent hair straightening is only 25€, repair treatments, intense moisture and Botox hair repair start from 8€ to 12€.

Japanese straightening, Brazilian blow-dry and hair extensions can be discussed on a visit.

Not forgetting the male grooming of course, waxing is provided for chest, stomach, back, full legs and arms. Prices start from 15€ to 25€. A haircut is 14€, head shaved 10€, and children’s cut, also 10€.

IBZ Look is another salon, also offering hair and beauty treatments at reasonable prices, not to mention semi-permanent make-up, eyebrow and eyelash tint, and for a more lasting micropigmentation application, eyeliner, lipliner, and eyebrows are 180.00€ which is extremely reasonable given some prices on the Internet alone. Laser treatments are available.Women’s cut is 14€, men’s cut 11€, and 9e for children under 12. Hair colour starts at 26€.

SOL.T offers the usual hair cutting, colouring, blow-drying services etc, as well as advice for wedding looks, keratin treatments, fotodepilation, radiofrequency, dermobrasion and solarium use. The price list can be found in the salon.

Solarium Gilda has sun beds starting from 6€ for 8 minutes up to 9€ for 16 minutes. Holistic treatments are offered for the ears, kinesiology, foot reflexology, quantum SCIO and more. Prices start from 20€ – 45€. Other treatments are peeling, Chocó spa – the new weapon to preserve the beauty and beat stress, Dead Sea shell wraps whereby treatments are exclusive to the Dead Sea regions, treatments making use of the seas resources: face and body packs, back cleaning, anti-cellulite treatments, radio frequent facials, electrostimulation for body toning and massaging, mesotherapy treatments which are non surgical solutions used for cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, face and neck rejuvenation and more. Pressure therapy to improve circulation and cellulite. Prices start from 30€ – 50€. Collagen, hyaluronic and oxygenating facials are good for rejuvenating sluggish, stressed or acne affected skin (Aloe Vera and vitamin treatments are also offered) prices start from 30€ – 42€. Massages, professional nails, waxing, make-up and tinting are more of what can be found at this salon.

Nino’s salon offers the usual hair services, as well as chemical hair straightening from 38€, Japanese straightening from 200€, Keratin treatment from 180€, and more.

LUZ Salon is another reasonably priced hairdressers / salon, which also offers manicures, pedicures, eyebrow and lip services.

If you’re looking for an ordinary, or a little bit of an edgier style, C4 is a salon whereby different hair designs are created: Mohicans’s, unique, outrageous styles, patterns /words shaved into the hair, funky colours and more. They don’t call it explosive hair for nothing. The pricing is good, especially for the Ibiza workers whereby discounts are offered.


Amanda Zips It Up

Amanda O’RiordanScreen-shot-2014-10-01-at-19.10.06

Welcome to October. In one final summer stand, I’m Balearic bound again Friday for a last blast of sunshine. I’ll be presenting my Saturday fashion slot live at 9.30a.m. on radioonemallorca.com and then on to Ibiza, for Flower Power and the October Festival.

TOWIE cast member Bobbie Norris turned up in Ibiza last week introducing the world to the ‘Ball Bag‘, ditching the ‘Schlong‘ he invented and debuted at the beginning of the summer.

Despite the fact he was pretty much naked, save the silver thing attached to his manhood, the inventor looked more than comfortable strolling along the beach. To me, ‘it’ looks like a burnt baked potato in tin foil straight out of the oven. Not something I’d like to eat at all.

Google Glass — Tech Specs

So you’re on that holiday of a lifetime. Or your annual messy one in Ibiza. Hands up who has left their camera phone in the taxi, dived into the pool with it or (so typically) smashed their iPhone on the dance floor at Amnesia? And it always happens on the first day, right? So you end up with just memories, and sod all pictorial evidence that you actually left the country.

Imagine capturing everything you see with your own eyes while you’re on a sun lounger, riding that elephant or falling out of Pacha. And then immediately storing it all on your computer. How does ‘wearable tech‘ sound?

Google have only gone and come up with the ‘Google Glass’ specs. They sound scary… visions of looking like some cyber nerd, scrolling information in one eye whilst analysing one’s surroundings, ‘Terminator’ style. However, they’re actually simple, quite funky spectacles that you can speak to.

Google-Glass-the-Sex-with-012Getting too weird? I can only describe Google Glass as ‘wearing’ your computer. They have the same functionality as a smartphone. You command the ‘on screen options’ using your voice, i.e. “Take a photo”. After your command, a small screen appears at the top corner of your right eye’s field of vision, and bingo, you have a picture of whatever happens to be in front of you (still or video). The glasses will also give you Google Maps-based directions and, at the swipe of the arm of the specs, you can activate apps, videos, information — basically everything Google offers. The search engine for that Chinese restaurant you’re looking for at 3am — even booking a table!

The good thing is that you’ll stop constantly playing with your phone and actually engage with the rest of the world. But as with everything, there’s a downside. Apparently they have a really poor battery life and they get too hot — just like your own phone does – and switch themselves off. Also, there is a whole ‘invasion of privacy’ debate kicking into action. Should be people be allowed to film others in public situations with the glasses without permission?

Whilst I like to be the amongst the first to adopt many fashion styles, I think I’ll hold fire on this one. Let’s see how Google Glass takes off, and (most importantly) how they look in the flesh. One things for sure though, with all that info flashing before one’s eyes, a few are bound to end up addicted to headache medication.

Google Glass is available in prototype for £1,000


To view Amanda’s full fashion blog visit






Ibiza Life

Romance Alive & Well

Imagen2The title was to be “Is this Ibiza’s most romantic man?” but thinking of the ribbing Nick Ferguson may then receive from his mates, some editorial control was required.

Nick is known to many as boss of Cream Ibiza and we couldn’t help but like, as did 924 others at the last count, his post on Facebook this week announcing his engagement to Charlotte Street. Though this is great news in itself, it is the manner of Nick’s proposal that will have women swooning and chaps muttering under their breath bemoaning him having set the bar rather high for the rest of us. We asked Nick for the full story.

“Charlotte woke to her favourite breakfast with a post card of Ibiza telling her to be at the place where we first met in 30 minutes where they were collected in a Mercedes convertible and presented with a another clue which sent them to the crazy frog ride that we used to always go on. There I had hidden a bag full of supplies for the day— champagne, sweets, chocolates etc. Then she was sent to where we had our first date and then another clue which sent them to Amnesia where she found some spending money with a note to go to her favourite shop in Ibiza town and buy a dress and shoes. The next clue sent her to our favourite cafe in Es Cubells for cake where the worlds funniest waiter gave her another postcard sending them to Blue Marlin for cocktails. From there another clue sent her to Destino for sushi, wine and an afternoon of spa treatments. Charlotte was then driven blindfolded to the Hacienda where I waited quite nervously in the suite. I proposed on the balcony in front of the amazing view before we had dinner. We then spent the morning in the cascades before heading to Amante for lunch and then as a final surprise to a villa I had rented which had all our Ibiza friends waiting for a celebration barbeque and pool party before heading to the Amnesia closing party. Bloody tiring thinking about it but a lot of fun!”


Black Door Cinema Club

Claire B

Ibiza Town now has its very own cinema club showing independent films and it is set to reopen its doors for the winter season on Tuesday October 14th. The Black Door is a members-only club, and will show two films a week in the small cosy cinema, where you can watch a film on the big screen from a comfy armchair. The lounge bar sells a range of drinks and popcorn, plus there’s an art gallery and event space which is also available for hire. Films for children are also screened regularly.

You need to be a member to be able to buy tickets. Basic membership is free and Gold membership costs 25€ and gives a range of priority and discount benefits. Sign up for membership on the website (see below for URL).

Most films will be in English, but it will say if not or if there are subtitles.

Screenings for October:

  • Tues Oct 14th: Garden State
  • Thur Oct 16th: Hard Eight
  • Tues Oct 21st: Safety Not Guaranteed
  • Thur Oct 23rd: Snowpiercer
  • Tues Oct 28th: The Wicker Man
  • Thur Oct 30th: An American Werewolf in London

Doors open at 8pm and you need to be inside for 8.45 for the film to start at 9pm. Tickets cost 10€. Gold members can purchase guest tickets for 9€. Note that you can’t buy tickets on the door – they have to be purchased online in advance. Website:


Facebook: Black Door Cinema Club Ibiza


Ibiza Design Awards

Nick Gibbs

best-music-design-talentsThe Santos Ibiza Club was host to the first Ibiza Design Awards established to recognise the artistic merit in the world of Ibiza’s clubbing and music community.

Pacha’s Flower Power won top prize with the gold in the grand prix, with Enter (Space) silver and a tie for bronze with Ants (Ushuaïa) and Phantasmagoria (Booom!) sharing the honsours.

In total there were 25 awards across 8 categories entered by 17 clubs and promoters.

best-audience-favouriteSpeaking at the event the organiser’s director, Ibai Cereijo said “We are overwhelmed with the incredible support received from clubs, sponsors, media and, in general, the large clubbing family of Ibiza. Introducing a new concept in the island is not easy and we have done it, far exceeding the expectations we had set for this first edition. The final ceremony has been entertaining and elegant, and has settled a historic debt that the music industry had with the professionals of graphic design.

The winners in each category were:

  • best-grand-prix-2014Grand Prix: Flower Power (Pacha) (Pictured Left)
  • Best Illustration: Insane (Pacha)
  • Best Image: Glitterbox (Booom!)
  • Best Typography: Elrow (Space)
  • Best Media: Enter (Space)
  • Music Design Talents: Rodrigo Valdés Mora (Madrid) with an idea based on music is revolution (Space) (Pictured Above Left)
  • Best Graphic: Flower Power (Pacha)
  • Audience Award: Suara (Booom!) (Pictured Right)
  • Best Creative Concept: Ants (Ushuaïa)







At Night

Privilege/SuperMartXé Closing

Nicole Torressupermartxe-4-nt-061014

Friday night was the Privilege and SuperMartXé closing party, which was meant to last twelve hours as they announced in the Diario (I didn’t last that long, six hours dancing is enough for me!)

Everything was as spectacular as it was meant to be! I took a friend that has come out for two weeks and had never been to Privilege or SuperMartXé. We decided to have a couple of drinks in the Ibiza Town port, where we saw some of the gogo-dancers promoting the night’s parties. Arriving at the Privilege door shortly after 1am, I used the resident’s free entrance, went to the tickets door to wait for my friend and showed her around the club before it was all open. The beat was harder from the start and they remixed so many great songs from Red Hot Chilly Peppers, R.E.M., Eurithmics apart from the newest hits. It looked very empty when we first arrived but it filled up quick but never too much (I love that about Privilege, there might be 8.000 people dancing around you, but you always have plenty of room to dance!) and then it was time to open the curtains and out came an opera singer! There was a children’s train merry-go-round on the stage with Disney characters. Supermartxe-1-nt-061014Nalaya looked great and sounded better, she even gave us some beatboxing! One of the main stage dancers was dressed as a tin man. I recognized one of the dancers that get into the champagne glasses and splash the public, she went to school with me and looked superb! Congratulations! The guy who cycles inside a round cage hanging from the sky always wows me, especially when the cage is lit on fire! All together a fantastic night! And I’m sure the rest of the morning was also.

They have had an amazing seventh season at Privilege and I can’t wait to see what season eight will bring! I will be checking their websites to find out:




Imagen3Café Mambo Closing Party

Café Mambo, rounds off 20 years with a closing party featuring summer residents, Jason Bye, Pete Gooding, Andy Baxter and Danny O on Saturday 11th October.

Ibiza’s legendary sunset destination venue and free party hub has notched up another standout year and will continue its 20th Anniversary World Tour through the winter.
Cafe Mambo has been at the forefront of Ibiza’s music and club scene since 1994 and hosted its first BBC Radio 1 Weekend the following year.

Some of the star names who have graced the decks at this legendary venue include Pete Tong, Swedish House Mafia, Carl Cox, Solomun, Bob Sinclar, MK, David Guetta, Tiesto, Hardwell, Fatboy Slim, the Godfather himself Frankie Knuckles and many more. Cafe Mambo owner Javier Anadon says ‘We can hardly believe it was twenty years ago when we first opened our doors. Sunset after sunset, year after year, we have shared great moments, have made great memories and have built friendships to last. What once started as a small sunset bar has grown to be a staple in the electronic music world. We wish to deeply thank everyone who has been part of our journey at Cafe Mambo. Never stop dreaming!’

For reservations and further info +34 971 346 638




Sankeys Awards

Claire B

Sankeys-Awards_claireb4_061014Just before it wrapped up the summer season for this year, Sankeys Ibiza held its first underground Award Ceremony. Having celebrated 20 years of Sankeys this year, at the ceremony David Vincent regaled the audience with an amusing and insightful half hour talk and slideshow about the history of Sankeys – where it came from, and where it is going.

This summer Sankeys has helped to define the sound of Ibiza with more than 200 DJs playing at the club, offering up fantastic sets of proper electronic music week after week. The Award Ceremony was deigned to represent and reward the artists who play forward thinking music. All the award winners were chosen through public voting, except for the awards for Best Ever Sankeys Essential Mix and Best Resident, which were chosen by Sankeys staff.

The winners were:

  • Best newcomer – Jozef K
  • Best techno DJ – Shlomi Aber
  • Best house DJ – Darius Syrossian
  • Best tech house DJ – Steve Lawler
  • Best resident – Duke Dumont
  • Best Sankeys essential mix – Greg Vickers
  • Best Sankeys club night – Tribal Sessions
  • Best Ibiza club night – Music On
  • Best Ibiza DJ – Apollonia
  • Lifetime achievement – DJ Sneak

By the time you’re reading this, Sankeys Ibiza will have closed for this year, but they’ll definitely be back again next year. For info see:







I Wonder If …

Dear Driver of the dark blue ‘SB’ plated VW Golf,

We drove down the same road this morning and I wonder if like me, you’ve driven it literally hundreds if not thousands of times before. A road where every year I can sadly tell you where the dead hedgehogs will be, where the potholes refilled year on year are that make you bump a little as you ride over them. Where the blind spots are for others pulling onto this fast but narrow community road. Where people have been killed and which trees you’ll find the most tributes tied to.

I wonder if like me, you saw me this morning? Maybe not. At first glance in my rear view mirror, I noticed your fantastic sunglasses and dark hair. Compliments to you, you looked marvellous. Then I noticed the paperwork you were balancing on the steering wheel and the phone held to your ear. Yes, you were close enough for me to observe all this. Frighteningly close. In fact so close that only for a moment could I see your number plate, before it disappeared beneath the line of my car.

I watched, with some concern I admit, as I slowed by the sadly famed San Lorenzo corner, where so many have died, wondering if you would slow too. Hoping, praying you would because I didn’t want either you or I to have an accident. I didn’t want the old man walking towards us on the side of the road to be hurt, or even frightened, but you were so close. We made it round the corner and then, then, you drove closer still. I am guessing by your expression, the conversation wasn’t going well.

I tried to think what in the World was worth taking such a risk for? Driving at high speed, glancing at paperwork, talking on the phone. What could demand your attention, be so vitally important that you would risk your life, my life and the countless others we passed, as we both sped along this nightmare road—so nightmarish the Government are going to rebuild it this winter?

I wondered if you had a partner, like myself. How would they feel at losing you or sitting by your side in the hospital as you fought to recover from a coma, perhaps with permanent damage. Would I be beside you, also fighting for my life? I wondered if you had children and what in life you were teaching them, when something else was more important than your life or their future.

I pulled off finally and sent a text to my client with an apology for running late. I didn’t want to risk you behind me any longer. I hope your journey continued safely and I hope whatever was concerning you so acutely has since been resolved.

I hope you will never do what you did this morning, for I genuinely can’t think of a single thing worth risking your life for, in such a manner, although you are a stranger to me.

Be safe and please by the grace of the powers that be, keep others safe too.


Cat Milton




EastThe Far East

Two Old Rockers

The Viva Cala Llonga team, together with the Asociación de Vecinos, bring their season to a close with a Caribbean Beach Party this Saturday 11th Oct. Starting at 2pm featuring live music from Ja Bless, Limbo dancing and more from Jessica of Passion Dance, plus Filipe’s amazing Paella, it’ll be a fitting finale to a wonderful year of staging a variety of successful events which have rejuvenated the entertainment for tourist and locals alike in and around the Cala Llonga area. The Thursday evening Hippie Market has gained strength throughout the summer and will hopefully, subject to demand, continue until the end of the month. So as the man said “Come on down” to Cala Llonga and join us all for a party on the beach. Do you enjoy singing in the shower then perhaps you’d be interested in joining the Cantaires de Cala Llonga, a group who get together to sing for the sheer enjoyment of it. For more info call Jane on 639169701 or call in on Monday from 6pm to the social centre situated next to Supermercardo Maria, just as you enter the village. Although it may not seem like it, it’s two years since the last Contra Cancer Ibiza & Formentera Christmas Fair. This year it’ll be held on Sunday 14th December at the Recinta Ferial in Ibiza town. Between now and then members of the committee will be appealing for donations of items for raffle prizes, good quality Bric a Brac, almost anything that can be used to raise money for this very worthwhile charity. Raffle tickets are now also on sale from various people and at various outlets. So please be as generous as you can to make this year’s fair another huge success. Remember that every euro raised remains here to be used on Ibiza & Formentera. If you’d like to offer a little time to help, either prior to or on the day, then call Lyn on 677 630514. Another way you can do your bit is by taking part in, or sponsoring someone to join, a Two Hour Walk on Sunday 19th and 26th October. Meeting at Bar Jacaranda in Es Canar at 9-30am the walk is a gentle stroll in the countryside. Again the money raised will go to the Asociacion Ibiza & Formentera Contra Cancer. For more info or sponsorship forms call Margaret 971 196394.

Welcome back. You may remember the visit to the island earlier this year by the Irish walking group. Well they enjoyed it so much that a number of them are making a return visit this week. They arrived on Sunday and were welcomed at The Terrace Restaurant in Cala Llonga with a dinner and entertainment from the “evergreen” Mr Frankie Riley. A programme of walks and social events, including a night at the Wild Asparagus Restaurant with music from the Calypso Steel Band, ending with the aforementioned Caribbean Beach Party, has been arranged and we hope they enjoy this second visit as much as their first. And Finally! We’ve just returned from a trip to Greece, via Italy, taking a total of four Ryanair flights, all of which arrived early. We didn’t however hear the famous, or infamous, bugle call, instead it’s been replaced by what can only be described as a dirge played by trombones. Mr O’Leary please bring the bugles back!


JuanLetter from Juan

The smoke is rising in the hills, autumn has certainly arrived. Bonfires are once more allowed to be lit on the Island. From now until May you will probably be able to tell the weather by the telltale plumes of smoke rising from bonfires lit by the locals because they know sometime during that day it will rain and their fire will stay under control. So if you see the smoke rising don’t forget to take a raincoat or umbrella with you if you go out shopping! Mind you if you go out shopping at the moment you will no doubt have the same experience as me and struggle to find a parking space. Last week I had the pleasure and excitement of driving round and round Sant Josep looking for a parking space and in the end had to park 500 metres down the road out of town. Then two days later I had the same experience in Es Canar, round and round I went through various back streets to no avail. It certainly makes you feel a bit like the Ibicencos, the bar, hotel and restaurant workers, enough is enough we would like to have our Island back and enjoy once more the peace and tranquillity of Ibiza. The only problem for us residents is that many of the restaurants we would like to visit close down for the winter but no doubt it won’t be long before the cycle starts all over again. So now is your last chance to visit some of your favourite haunts before the big shut down. So best to get out there and enjoy them. Have a good week whatever the weather,
yours, Juan.


View from the pewView From The Pew

Walter Robbins

Getting used to driving the rather large Chaplaincy car that has the steering wheel on the left hand side took time. Now five weeks on in our time as locum chaplain we really appreciate the very good main roads which are in far better condition than many roads in the UK. Generally, people here drive with a good space between vehicles which again is very different to things in the UK.

We are reminded of the teaching of Jesus through the well known story of the ‘Good Samaritan’. Jesus had been asked a question by expert in the Jewish law. Jesus explained that what the Lord God wanted from people was ‘for them to appreciate Him the loving creator by appreciating Him in the heart, the soul, the strength, and the mind.’

We meet people who came to Ibiza many years ago, looking for spiritual enlightenment and found the moving beauty of the Island an inspiration to believe in God and to understand God’s love for each person.

Jesus also explained to the expert in the Law that secondly God would be very pleased if we ‘loved our neighbour as ourselves.’ So keeping a safe distance from the car in front, so that if sudden braking is required, is doing just that.

What a difference it makes if we smile and appreciate the many kind things that people do for us as we go about our daily lives. A warm ‘thank you’ at the Supermarket check-out; being ready to help anyone in difficulty, particularly the people next door; driving with the well-being of others on the road would all be examples of what Jesus taught us from the story of the Good Samaritan.

You can find the story of The Good Samaritan in the Holy Bible in the book of St. Luke, Chapter 10 and verses 25 to 37.

Walter and Diana Robbins (971 343383)

Sunday 12th October: 11am Santa Eularia – Holy Communion with Praise and Worship (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, Main Street) Seasonal Ministry led by Rev. Colin Pontin (638373479) – 10.30am Holy Communion at RC Chapel at Es Canar







Business Makeover

Part one

simon-at-workIn this new feature a local business seeking guidance gets a ‘makeover’ and the progress is detailed here.

The ‘makeover’ is courtesy of John Kavanagh of Kavanagh Consulting. Regular readers will remember John’s ‘Business Matters’ section over the last two years. If you are interested in getting a ‘makeover’ for your business as part of this feature please send John an email (address at end) with a brief background of your business and why you feel it needs a makeover. Over to John…

The background and initial meeting.

I met with Simon Crooks who has a clothing store in the centre of Ibiza town. He explained that he began selling white clothing at the markets and progressed to having a store, Just Cruizin’, selling white, and hand-painted, clothing. This had grown well over a number of years especially considering it had originally started out as a hobby. As he put more time and effort in to the store he greatly reduced the time he spent on his job hoping that the store would become his only occupation.

Four years later the store had reached a level of sales that was just covering the bills and did not seem to be progressing noticeably past this point. Simon admitted to me that I was his last roll of the dice. He was ready to pack it in and didn’t seem to be very confident that anything was salvageable. The challenge was to help him make changes, over a very short time period, to increase the profit the store was generating and to help him turn his business around.

He firstly showed me around the store followed by a chat about the business and its background. He explained how he has, reluctantly, reached the point where he is willing to seek help and take ideas and suggestions from somebody else, as his way is not giving him the results he is after.


In the initial meeting I asked him if he was open to considering, if necessary, changing the name, and other key aspects, of the business and he said he was. This, to me, was a sign that I could work well with Simon as people often want to improve their business but are unwilling to make the changes necessary.

The time-frame I had to work with was two weeks. This was very short however both Simon and I were committed to achieving as much as we could over this period.


When I spoke with Simon about this he went a little pale and gave me an answer I was not unfamiliar with. There was no budget. The budget would be gleaned from future sales. When I asked Simon about these sales he explained that, although most days he had sales, some days there were none.

Simon looked at me expecting to see a cloud of dust as I ran away, however, although it was not an ideal situation, I knew there was still a lot we could do.

Business name.

The name of a business is very important however often they are chosen hastily. The name ‘Just Cruizin’’ did not clearly indicate what the store sold. Simon explained that it was a name used by a manufacturer of much of his clothing previously, however, the general public were unlikely to make this connection. After discussing the different options and criteria Simon chose the name ‘Ibiza Design’ which represented, much more accurately, what the store was all about.


A new name needed a new logo. I spoke with Simon about some ideas for a logo and, as he is creative by profession, he spoke with a graphic designer and they came up with a new logo for the business. This is more important than people often realise as many people judge you on this as much as your business name, location, size etc. Previously this had been given too little emphasis and the name, which was also the logo, almost went unnoticed.

Exterior changes.

With a new name, the outside of the shop, needed to be reviewed. The name and logo are the first steps however no one change is going to make a big enough impact on its own. To get the best result many small tweaks, and a few larger ones, needed to be made.

The outside of the store was white and the window was full of white, some of them hand-painted, clothing. To a passer-by there was very little appealing or attention grabbing about this. The building itself was looking run down which didn’t help. People don’t want to buy anything in a run down building unless they are looking to spend little or nothing. Simon explained that he was restricted by his landlord and other rules as to what changes he could make to the exterior, however, even allowing for the restrictions and rules, a freshly painted front, preferably in a different colour, was needed. With a little bit of encouragement Simon’s landlord painted the front of the building in the colour he deemed to be correct. A yellow/ beige colour. This meant that the outside of the shop was now freshly painted, in a new colour, which now made a much better frame for the window.

Meanwhile the logo, signs and business cards were being produced. ‘What about the budget?’ I hear you say. Yes, these were going to have to be paid for, however, the existing signs were being reused with a vinyl printed covering which had a very low cost.


One thing I couldn’t help noticing, and it is quite common, is that the window was filled with a mixture of the most attractive products. This made for a very cluttered window. It was with great reluctance that Simon reduced the number of items in the window thus giving the passer-by the opportunity to see in to the store and form a better opinion of what might be inside.

The store floor area was full of rails of clothing and the walls, and anywhere Simon could find to display another shirt or dress, were covered. It seems logical that if you display as many products as possible you save your potential customers from having to search however the reality is that if the store is uncluttered people can easily find the section they want and they can then search easily.

Now when a passer-by looked at the store the combination of the name, new logo, the freshly painted, non-white, exterior, the open window with a tidy store inside made it much more appealing.


Follow John & Simon’s next steps in coming weeks.

Featured business: Ibiza Design. Carrer de Miguel Caieta Soler 7, Ibiza.

Photography: Tim Reeves, Reeves Photography.

Business Consultancy/makeover: John Kavanagh, Kavanagh Consulting, 0034-671928835








Jezza’s Sport Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Well, Sports fans, here we are at another end of season with the Clubs closed, the beaches clear and reduced traffic and easy parking back with us so Amen to that! However, the Ibizan goes on as does the Sporting world and yours truly is obliged to keep his readership, however reduced, up to date with events in the sporting world.

In Golf, after the hullabaloo of the Ryder Cup victory, it was down to earth for Rory McIlroy at the Dunhill Links Championship at Carnoustie, as he came in joint second, a hole behind eventual winner Brit Oliver Wilson. What a story for Wilson, ranked 102 on the Tour, as it was his first Euro Tour win at his 200 and something attempt so congrats to him. Also congrats to Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley who, unsurprisingly, won the Golfer of the month September Award for his leadership.

In Tennis, Our Andy Murray was looking good for the Final of the Chinese Open but came up agin one of his nemesis’, this time Djokovic, in the semis and succumbed to a straight sets loss and with Berdych reaching the Final, Andy is now 9th in the World and needs to climb in to the top 8 to qualify for the ATP Finals at the O2 next month.

Rugby League and two great semi-finals in the Super League play-offs as St Helens and Wigan reached the Grand Final this weekend at OT, the former overcoming Catalans and the latter beating Warrington with a last-minute try.

In Union, Northampton top the Premiership after their win over London Irish, Bath returned to winning ways to end Saracens unbeaten start to the season, Newcastle ended their 20 match run without a win by beating Exeter, Leicester lost their 3rd consecutive match, this time at Gloucester, Sale overcame Wasps and Harlequins stuffed bottom side London Welsh.

Finally, what an international played at Ellis Park, South Africa where the Springboks sprung a surprise with a last minute penalty to bring the All Blacks winning run to an end in the southern hemisphere Championship.

On to Footie, and in the Premier, leaders Chelsea continued their unbeaten run as they beat arch-rivals Arsenal 2-0 with Costa again on the score sheet, his 9th goal in 7 games, in a feisty match at the Bridge where there could and arguably should have been 4 red cards, 3 for the Gunners and 1 for the Blues. And as for Mnsr Wenger, well, he should be ashamed and no doubt will be reprimanded by the FA for his actions as he stormed in to Mourinho’s technical area and was lucky not to be sent to the stands. Man City jumped in to 2nd after 2 goals in the last 10 minutes to beat a determined and resolute Villa at Villa Park; Southampton suffered a 1-0 defeat at the Lane as Tottenham’s manager, Pochettino put one over on his former club, Man Utd at last got their act together and won 2-1 against Everton at OT; Swansea are up to 5th after their 2-2 draw at home with Newcastle, Liverpool got back to winning ways with a 2-1 win at Anfield over West Brom, and OMG, 2 surprises in one w/end as Sunderland won for the first time this season, 3-1 at home to Stoke and Burnley scored their 2nd and 3rd goals of the season as they drew 2-2 with Leicester. Poor ole Our ‘Arry must be now feeling the pressure once again as his QPR team, propping up the rest, lost yet again, this time in the London derby at West Ham and, finally, Hull brought Crystal Palace’s winning run to an end with a 2-0 home win.

In Europe, last week saw the second Group matches of both the Champions League and Europe and in the former there were wins for Chelsea and Arsenal, while Man City drew and Liverpool lost to keep their hopes to qualify for the knock-out stages on a knife-edge. In the Europa both Tottenham and Everton drew and Celtic won.

Finally, just to keep the lasses happy, and maybe, just maybe, a pointer for the season, as in the Womens Super League, Chelsea Ladies lead the table with a match to go closely followed by Liverpool, a point behind and Birmingham a further point behind. Had to throw that one in didn’t I!!

‘Tis all for this week, no Premier footie matches this week due to the International break so I can relax, just like the majority of you after your summer exertions. Enjoy!


Japan Grand Prix

Rhian Gibbs

hiroshi-yamamuraSuzuka stood still on Sunday but it wasn’t in celebration.

The race itself was in question as a typhoon was due to hit at the weekend, but starting behind the safety car, off they went. It soon became clear that visibility and standing water made the race impossible and lap 2, all cars were brought into the pit lane with the race red flagged. 25 minutes later, and with the rain easing, the safety car once again led the pack out.

Rosberg led the group in the early stages behind the safety car with Hamilton in hot pursuit, and lap by lap the Brit closed the gap, pressuring his teammate who had oversteer issues and did not look as comfortable as usual. With Hamilton biding his time, the pass came when Rosberg defended too deeply and Hamilton in an effortless move, swept around the outside on turn 1. Hamilton went on to take the chequered flag – his first at Suzuka.

McLaren’s Button made a brave choice pitting early and switching to intermediate tyres – this was an excellent move and he spent most of his race running 3rd – unfortunately a steering wheel change lengthened his second stop and he was forced to claw his way back up to 5th. Magnussen also suffered a steering wheel change and could only hold onto 14th.

The two Red Bulls fought hard and had some great battles with both William’s and Button. Vettel took 3rd on countback leaving his teammate Ricciardo 4th. Williams had a frustrating day in that the cars did not have the pace in the wet as they did in qualifying; Bottas took 6th and Massa 7th. It does move Williams up in the constructor’s championship.

Force India had a great day with both cars in the points. Hulkenberg was fortunate in taking 8th as his car rolled to a stop on the pit exit with an electrical problem, however due to the countback he kept the points. Perez had a steady race coming 10th. Vergne of Toro Rosso did fantastically well coming from the back to take 9th and Kvyat did well keeping 11th ahead of

Raikkonen’s Ferrari which took 12th. Unfortunately for his teammate, Alonso retired lap 3 with electrical failure.

Sauber’s Gutierrez had a solid drive finishing 13th and his teammate Sutil was classified as 21st – his car slid off the track at turn 7 a lap before Bianchi. Lotus struggled in the wet and had bad tyre degradation, Grosjean and Maldonado could only manage 15th and 16th respectively.

Ericsson of Caterham took 17th despite spinning in the opening stages of the race, Marussia’s Chilton came 18th and Kobayashi for Caterham battled hard but could not beat him and took 19th.

toru-hanai-2The race was red flagged on the 44th lap due to an accident involving Marrusia’s Jules Bianchi. As the safety car was deployed due to excessive rain and worsening visibility, his car slid and hit a recovery vehicle which was removing Sutil’s Sauber from the same place. At the time of going to press his condition is ‘critical but stable’ after suffering severe head trauma and undergoing several operations.

The accident itself is under review by the FIA and many are questioning whether the race should have taken place earlier, if at all, and what can be learnt from it. It’s a stark reminder of the dangers involved in motorsport.

Our thoughts are with Jules Bianchi and his family.





The Ibizan Pool league is cueing up for it’s fourth season of winter balls and banter.

We welcome new teams and individual players looking to join a team.

For information go to the Facebook group.





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