The Ibizan 881 25th May 2018.

  • A-HA!, join me, Alan Partridge, in Spain, at The Ibizan. I know what you’re thinking, first, what is The Ibizan, and second, is Ibizan even a word. Well ‘it’ is a newspaper (of sorts) and second, they insist it is, despite me telling them they are wrong – you can’t argue with the red squiggly line in Google, not in this lifetime brother. I’m meant to tell you what is in it this week. I threw ‘an introduction by Alan’ in FOC to sweeten the deal. Worked like a charm, job done, but the upshot is that what you are getting here is for free. I’ll stick to the bargain, but you’d have to be nutty as a fruit and nut bar, and one during a 30% extra nuts promotion, to expect my best work for free. So here goes, well it is the Newspaper in Ibiza, containing matters relating to Ibiza I expect, all the local news and gossip. That should do it – keep your expectations as low as you possibly can, and you won’t be disappointed. I’m om page 12, which if I’m honest I find ridiculous. I should be page 1 and 2, or a colour pull-out centre-spread. Page 12, I ask you, it’s the last time I let Lynn deal with the small print.
  • Clubs cry foul, Es Paradis and Privilege take action against Mayor. Portugese Man O’War, Jet2, Cala Gracio Chiringuito, Jackfruit, New ITV, Cubanito, Fire Station Move, Cala Vadella Parking, Ibosim, Dystopia, Sueños de Libertad, and Alan Partridge, Scum on the Run.

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The Ibizan 881 25 May 18