The Ibizan. Issue 878 April 2018.

This is the online eissue of the print newspaper.

  • Will The West End? Details of San Antonio’s strict new controls on the West End plus opinion articles from Martin Makepeace and Danny Kay.
  • Government predicts Ibiza’s economic success will result in full employment in the summer.
  • End of the death-trap crossings in Ses Paisses.
  • Seven Pines Resort & Tourism Round Up.
  • Ibiza Spring agenda, IMS preview, Guide to Ibiza markets and our home-grown Dance troupe in the España got talent final.
  • Amanda puts some He into Shebizan with overalls for men, plus foreskin facials and the 500€ plastic bag.
  • We pay our respects to Chris ‘China’ Vanssen, a great loss to the community.


The Ibizan 878 April 2018 eissue
The Ibizan 878 April 2018 eissue