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The Ibizan 871 18 Aug 2017
The Ibizan 871 18 Aug 2017


Please note: The text version is abridged. It includes all content not published separately. Where articles have been published, a link is given. The full newspaper is available via a download of the pdf above. 


Front Page

Love & War

“It feels a confusing world right now.

Tourist numbers are up but some of the locals are fed up. Some do not believe the numbers are up at all, though by the roads and crowds it is hard to conceive taking many more.

Tourism seems to be creating a division between VIP and its standard self and we are being encouraged to use an app to report on our neighbours exploiting Ibiza’s tourism without due permissions.

You might be able to go to a beach bar next year, you might not, but if you can it will be a lot quieter.

You will also be likely to see some ‘public art’  suggesting that you should bring your holiday to an early end. You could always come up with a witty response.

Perhaps of all possibilities, the one most certain is that there will not be enough taxis. The lack of flexibility among the taxi drivers is something that we go into in some depth on page 6 . I am not obsessed honest.

But for all these situations and opposing positions, the events in Barcelona and now in Finland remind us that in comparison our problems are nothing.

We need more love, less war, that’s all that really matters.



Chaos Predicted as 25 Days of Spanish Airport Strikes Confirmed

Chaos Predicted as 25 Days of Spanish Airport Strikes Confirmed


The Maltese Falcon

We love super yachts. There seems to be no shortage of them arriving in Ibiza, and the latest to feature is The Maltese Falcon. A spectacular super yacht 290ft in length, 88 metres high and with speeds of up to 24.9 knots (46kmh).

Her revolutionary sailing system – the Falcon Rig – sets a new milestone in yachting history: 3 self-standing and rotating masts hosting 15 sails with a total sail area of 2,400 square metres that can be automatically deployed in 6 minutes.

The Maltese Falcon was built for the late Tom Perkins, an American millionaire, by the Italian company Perini at the Yildiz factory in Tuzna, Turkey. She is now a dedicated charter superyacht.

With 6 cabins, she can sleep up to 12 people and costs a mere 400,000€ – 440,000€ for a week (that figure does not include expenses/fuel – so you can add about 132,000€ to those figures).

The interior is nothing short of flamboyant, with Japanese themes running through the bedrooms and leather, ebony and marble all there. The yacht boasts a wealth of water toys including an inflatable slide, fly board, jet skis, windsurfers, Seabob. If you wish to gaze some more at her beauty follow the link for the brochure.

28 Year Old British Man Dies in Another Ibiza Balcony Fall

28 Year Old British Man Dies in Another Ibiza Balcony Fall


British Wedding Scammer Flees To Ibiza

  • The American owner of the Castle, Dan Pena has personally paid more than £130,000 to cover refunds and honour bookings taken by the conman.

Craig Williamson is facing jail after conning £130,000 from dozens of couples when he failed to record their wedding bookings at Guthrie Castle, Angus Sctoland, where he worked. Instead he pocketed the money and spent thousands on gambling and even jetted to Ibiza.

The couples were completely unaware their special day was in jeopardy and certain dates were double or tripled booked as a result. He gave them his bank account details instead that of the castles, receiving their money directly.

The court has heard that he went on the run with the stolen cash after telling colleagues at the castle that he was going to visit his sick father in Glasgow.

Prosecutor Eilidh Robertson said: “A missing person’s inquiry was launched and it was established he had withdrawn £6000 in cash on April 4 and boarded a Eurostar to Paris that day before travelling to Ibiza on April 25.

“It was also established he was spending at least several hundred pounds a week gambling – on some days spending £5000 on gambling. The accused had been taking bookings for weddings without informing anyone else.

“In total, 39 bridal parties had paid a total of around £130,000 to the accused. Some of these weddings had gone ahead as planned, with the accused keeping the funds paid by the bridal party himself.

“Some of the weddings were in the future, with the accused having kept the initial deposit or the initial deposit plus later payments.”

Williamson handed himself into the police on May 8th, he is facing charges of fraud since July 2015. He will be sentenced next month.


GRV Call on Helicopter in Rescue of the Man from Atlantis

The specialist team of firemen known as GRV (Vertical Rescue Group) had to rescue a young man who suffered an accident in the zone of sa Pedrera of Cala d’Hort, more commonly known as Atlantis, in Sant Josep. The man fell several metres down a steep slope and thankfully his fall was broken by several Sabina trees, had they not stopped him, he would no doubt have hit the rocks. The fall caused considerable injuries to his arms and legs.

Firefighters worked on the rescue between 3 and 6.45pm. They installed a load brake to put the man on a stretcher and lower it to a safe place where they were rescued by Guardia Civil agents in a helicopter that arrived from Palma. He was later transferred to Can Misses Hospital.

The Park Consell of Ibiza firemen stated that every year they carry out several rescues in this zone, and warn repeatedly the dangers of trying to access the area without proper footwear.

Who Are Grupo de Rescate Vertical (GRV)?

The Vertical Rescue Group of the Ibiza firefighters was born from a need to rescue people from situations that could not be accessed by normal means.

Members of the unit undergo extensive training, which is continued every  month.


Drugged Biker & Passenger Arrested

A 25yr old Italian man was arrested on Wednesday on the San Joan road El-300, after testing positive for alcohol 0.65mg/l and positive for cocaine. A patrol of the Can Sifre traffic detachment had seen the rider driving in a reckless manner and attempted to stop him. The rider ignored the police and in attempting to escape from them, he and his passenger fell from the bike.

In addition to the driver’s arrest, his female companion assaulted the Guardia Civil agents and was also arrested.


AENA’s Air Traffic Figures Show Increase, But Slowdown

Number of Operations 13,039

July 2017 (in & out)        +2.4%

Number of Passengers 1,369,182

July 2017 (in & out)        +4.3%

Total Passengers            4,273,583

Jan to July 2017               +8.4%

Average              2008       5.5

Nights 2016       5.0

Spanish Airport Authority Aena, have issued their returns for July 2017, to an increasingly prevalent reaction of scepticism—in so far as the figures do not reflect the experiences of those living and working on the Island, or annoyance—at the ever increasing numbers and the pressure placed on the island.

Well numbers can’t have gone both up and down, so what is the real situation?

Trend Only

Aena’s figures are always a good guide, by they are not the much more detailed Fitur official statistics.

Aena’s include non-tourism traffic, and as well as excluding that, Fitur also include tourists arriving by ferry, the duration of stay and type of accommodation etc—though as with any statistical return, they are far from perfect.

Up, but Slowing

In raw numbers the air passenger throughput is up on July 2016 , but by a far lesser extent. 4.3% is the lowest high season increase  I can recall for several years.

This compares to May, 7% and June 6%, however increases in the double figures have been commonplace in the last few years so it is quite a slow down overall.

We will have to wait for the Fitur occupancy returns to find out if this is because we are finally approaching full up., but with the private rental market impossible to count, the true picture of total beds available is something we can only estimate.

Bigger increases earlier in the year still put us on course to break the 8 million barrier, however the 25 days of strikes coming up from September are bound to put a big dent in the figures.

Average Stay

A very common reaction to the AENA statistics is that the raw passenger number increase is due to a major shift in the demographic of our market, and there being far more short break holidays.

This view is so common that there must be something in it, but the official numbers, i.e. the Fitur statistics, nothing to do with AENA do not bare it out.

I have republished our 2016 end of year figures (the latest available).

Taking Ibiza overall, in 2008 our average stay was 5.5 nights. In 2016 it has decreased to 5.0. A drop, but of nothing like the significance people seem to think it is.

The British are by far the biggest group, and over that 8 year period their average stay has decreased from 6.2 days, to 5.7. If duration of stay is your thing, the German market is where it is at, with just a 0.2 day reduction in that same period, from 6.9 days to 6.7 days.


Hotel Paradiso, Cala de Bou, Opens 2018

  • An impressive and super-stylish art deco makeover will transform Cala de Bou’s relatively humble Blue Star Apartments into the Paradiso Art Hotel for 2018.
  • The full article is on our website. Here are a couple of artist’s impressions to give you a sense of the style


 Food & Drink

 Ice Cream Review

  • By Blue Gibbs Age 7 and a half

My  dad said he had an important job for me to do. Normally that means helping to deliver newspapers  which is quite good because I get some pocket money to buy Lego. Sometimes he wants me to do really boring jobs too.

But today I had to go to some different Ice Cream shops and taste their ice cream to see if it was good or bad. Quite a good job, and I got a new journalist’s notebook and pen.

Dad had to stay and write at his desk, so I went into town with mum, who dad said was my assistant.

Com A Casa Gelateria
  • Carrer Ample, San Antonio (Fountains Paseo)
    • 90€ per scoop

I can’t believe one tiny place has loads of ice cream flavours (24 flavours in total) and even sundaes.

The menu is really big in a folder with pictures. It is a great place and very nice.

My ice cream was really minty with loads of giant chocolate pieces. They also have slushies – coca cola, raspberry, lemon and strawberry.

They also have teas and coffees, lots of ice lollies, drinks and the lady, Marga, was very polite and helpful.

They open at 10am and close at 1am.

Star Rating : 7/5

Grown Up Note: Don’t just look at the (Carte D’Or) ice cream counter, take a seat and take a look at the amazing photo menu they have – 29 sundaes from 4.50-7.20€, milkshakes, coffees – it may look like an ice cream counter but there is much more on offer (Think American style sundaes).

  • Fountains Paseo, San Antonio
    • 00€ for 1 scoop

They have 8 flavours and a nice ice cream cart. You can add whipped cream or chocolate to the ice cream.

The flavours are Chocolate, vanilla, mint chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, caramel, vanilla cookie.

The caramel has tiny bits of caramel in it and the whipped cream is lovely. The caramel is very nice, it’s a bit like butterscotch with caramel in it, but a bit ‘grown up’.

They open from 8.30 in the morning until 2am.

Star Rating: 5/5

Grown Up Note: The ice cream is Carte D’or which I always a good sign, Bondi is not a specialist ice cream shop, you can add whipped cream and chocolate which can turn any ice cream luxury. In addition to their ice cream they make some delicious smoothies and milkshakes.

Capítulo Dos
  • Church Placa de S’Esglesia, San Antonio
    • 40€ per scoop

Fantastico! They have 24 flavours of homemade ice cream. I had coconut and it had loads of real coconut in it. It was giant nearly; as it was so big it nearly exploded. As exploded I mean it went on my hands and on the table, and was dripping on the floor.

They have slushies, even mint flavour.

Open 3.30-00.30 Monday to Saturday and 4-00.30 on Sundays.

Star Rating: 5.5/5

Grown Ups Note: All the ice cream is homemade, you can taste it; they not only have 24 flavours, but also sugar free ice cream and milk free ice cream. They have vegan approved ice cream They also have slushies – but a more adult orientated variety – coffee, almond, lemon an mint. Definitely worth seeking out.

Yog Good
  • Cala des Caló, Cala de Bou
    • 59€ per 100g

Its frozen yoghurt. They have 8 different flavours. They always have plain yoghurt but there are 7 more and you can mix them if you want. You can do it all yourself and you can choose how much you want and there’s even sweets.

Right now there is plain (Greek yoghurt) and mango, strawberry and vanilla, chocolate and white chocolate and green apple and watermelon. You can have them separate, if you want both you just use the middle handle and they both come out.

They have delicious toppings, even fruits and she is very kind always. She is always polite, every time, I love it here.

They open from 11am until 1am.

Star Rating: 9/5

Grown Ups Note: Sandrine (the manager) is lovely; she is always happy to help, always has a welcoming smile and makes the venue what it is. There are many Yog Goods on the island but this place is a little special. The available flavours change (we’ve listed those current) and the toppings are vast. Just a word of warning – the ice cream is weight measured and the variety of sweets can easily add up!  

Assistant’s Summary

Our reviewer was given a 5 star system; we seem to have exceeded that, and given the taster brain freeze in the process! Please remember that prices start from those mentioned.

The route was a little restricted due to timescale. A shame because there are other very good ice cream parlours throughout Ibiza.

One of our favourites has always been a made on the premises Italian maker in a small place next door to Hotel Garbi in Bossa.

And of course Nico Rosberg’s wife opened her own place Vivi’s Creamery, in Ibiza Town near the d’alt Villa.

Let us know your favourites and we’ll try to get round them all, I’m sure Blue won’t object :-)



Taxi Drivers, Take All, Give Nothing.


  • Proposed taxi strike is called off as taxi drivers’ representatives reach agreement with the Minister of Transport for Ibiza, Pepa Mari.  

The Minister of Transportation of the Island Council of Ibiza, Pepa Marí, the representatives of the organisation Elite Taxis (in effect the Taxi Drivers’ union) and councillors of municipalities of Ibiza, San Jose and Santa Eulalia have held a meeting this morning at Marine centre in Ibiza Town.

Agreement with Consell
  • New website to catch pirates.

To work with other public authorities to promote a joint website to monitor activities of VTC (vehicles with driver) outside its scope. Elite Taxis are working on the initiative with the regional governments of Catalonia and Andalusia. The aim is to create a common tool that can be extended to the whole country.

  • New 3 digit hotline.

A government authorised/controlled/operated (difficult from translation) 3 digit hotline to order taxis.

  • Police training.

Special training would be arranged for local police so that officers were proficient in transport matters.

  • GPS Development.

Develop the rules of application of the proposed GPS system, including disciplinary regulations. The GPS system would use the technology to allocate drivers and provide exact address information. It has been long resisted by the Taxi drivers.

  • More Police.

Increased police presence at critical points where an increased presence pirate-taxis is detected.

  • Plan of Action

The Council has agreed to undertake these activities during the winter of 2017/2018. This agreement will be extended to other municipalities of the island so that they can join.

Because of these commitments, Elite Taxis decided to call off the protest planned in Ibiza for August 28.

Opening the meeting, Councillor Pepa Marí said, “It is imperative that all governments and all sectors are working together” insisting on a need for “the central government to send more agents and more resources to Ibiza to fight against intrusion in the taxi industry. We need the state involved and to cover the vacancies in both National Police and Civil Guard, and that these provisions are given greater priority for the protection of the population of Ibiza”

8   Comment
  • Nick Gibbs, editor.

Today is the 17th of August. There are two weeks until we get through the month with the reputation for making us all a little tetchy. Last week I promised myself to try and get through the rest without getting hotter under the collar than was unavoidable from the heat. But it is so difficult when such a succession of news that generate the ‘seriously?’ response come across your desk. I wonder if it is intentional on the part of Ibiza’s politicians? It has long been accepted in national politics that the day after some very bad or even good news the Government will slip through some piece of unpopular legislation on the grounds no one is paying attention. Perhaps Ibiza’s equivalent is to get it all done in august. Half the population is too busy to notice, and the rest are already tetchy from the heat, so just get all the controversial stuff through then when the public are fed up anyway.

Though that may be a general rule it will not have applied here. The meeting was in anticipation of the drivers’ ‘protest’ (strike) planned for August 28th.


To understand the decisions perhaps it is important to understand the mindset of the politicians taking part. They will have been keen to avoid the strike if at all possible. It would have added another problem in an already trouble filled season.

But is that the right way to approach it? The government’s record with the taxi drivers is one of perpetual appeasement. It seems that in the face of complete intransigence to any changes that are desperately needed to cope with the increased number of people wanting taxis, the island’s tourist numbers have doubled in a decade, Ibiza’s taxi licence owners still demand their complete attention. The government does not seem to want confrontation with them at any cost. Well that is my opinion anyway. I will relate it to the meeting’s decisions.

These all relate either side of the issue. The Taxi drivers’ wanting to stop pirates, the government wanting new working practices (and also to stop pirates)

Taxi Driver Achievements

The Taxi drivers had agreements on 3 topics for pirate taxis. 1. Use technology to help catch pirates. 2. More Police training. 3. More Police to catch pirates.

Interesting side note that they are so keen to adopt technology to catch pirate taxis, but have given a complete refusal to see the advantages of GPS technology in assisting theirs.

So from there side they have a government commitment to participate in the catch-a-pirate technology. They have gained a commitment to train police to catch pirates, and they have gained a commitment for more police on the beat to catch pirates.

What Police?

But from where? They know that there are no police. They know the island cannot fill its vacant police posts. They know that the island has many problems needing the police time.

But where is their priority? Entirely themselves. And this despite the fact, I would argue, they are the cause of the problem and reason so many pirates exist. They absolutely refuse to allow more licences, that creates the demand, and as with many things the criminals will move in to fill it.

It is akin to a person refusing to put locks on their doors or close their windows, and then demand extra police to stop them being burgled.

But not only won’t they see that their intransigence to even discuss ways to resolve the situation of insufficient taxi numbers, is a huge cause of the pirate taxi problem, they then demand we devote a disproportionate amount of our scarce police resource to help protect their wages.

They refuse to participate in finding a solution, but want our police to help protect their wages in a way that no other group in our society enjoys, and only the clubs would have the cheek to request.

Whatever additional police are given to the taxi driver’s cause will come off something else. Most likely traffic. It is a shame there were not a few corpses in the meeting today as they could have argued the case for a reduction in fatal road traffic accidents as being of rather more importance.

I don’t know where the taxis think they get this privileged position of entitlement from, but I certainly do not think they carry the support of the public in so far as the ‘ranking’ they give the issue of pirate taxis.

Simple question: you have 2 police officers free today to work in traffic. Would you prefer their time was spent catching overtaking nutters with the potential for murder every mile they drive, or allocate them to ensure no taxis were losing fares to pirates?

Or how about devote those 2 policemen to catching street thieves vs pirate taxis?

I’ll guess very few people will answer that in the same way the taxi drivers do. So the Taxi drivers came out of the meeting very well, 3 commitments addressing their prime concern.

Government Progress?

At first glance you could say the government had made some progress too. Implementation of a GPS system is something long resisted by the drivers and today’s meeting confirms that there is agreement to “Develop the rules of application of the proposed GPS system”. But the key word is ‘proposed’.

The taxi drivers haven’t agreed to it at all. This has all the hallmarks of a pre press conference face saver. Something like, “We have just conceded all that to you, we need something in return, how about the GPS”. Taxi:“no, we will not agree to the GPS”. “could you agree to saying that we will commence plans for the GPS.” taxi“no we will not agree to the GPS”, “How about we say develop the rules of the GPS if it should ever be implemented which we are in no way saying it will be?” taxi“what is the point in saying that?” “er, stop people laughing at us”.

It means nothing.


However there is the new 3 digit hotline agreed. Now I have to admit that I am surprised the Taxi drivers have agreed to it, just because it is change and they normally dismiss anything that is change – but exactly how the funk does a 3 digit hotline help us?

I have heard hundreds of taxi complaints over the years, but ‘an unreasonable amount of digits in the telephone number’ has never been one of them. ‘Mate, I’ve just called one of your taxis and me finger’s proper done in it is’, I mean what the bloomin’ ada is that about?

Missing words

I said ‘at first glance’ the government may look to have made some advantage. But you would have to stare long and hard to read where they really haven’t. Because it doesn’t exist.

The outcome of today’s meeting was not remarkable by what it included, but by what it didn’t. Where is the single most important subject of ‘more taxis’?

The fact that the matter is not even on the agenda shows the taxi drivers for what they are, and shows the government’s position for what it is. Weak.

They make commitments to the taxi drivers. To prioritise their wages over the lives of the rest of us on Ibiza’s roads. To participate and support a pirate taxi catching website, despite the taxis refusing to look at technology for years in their own job. But nothing in return.

If these concessions and commitments had been made in exchange for progress on the issue of more taxis there may be praise due for politics serving their purpose. But we don’t have that. We have a situation where the most important issue is not close to resolution, it is not even on the agenda. Very weak.

It does all come down to one thing. The taxi drivers are bullies. The only way to deal with them is to stand up to them, and the government seems unable or unwilling to do so.

  • Not all just about moaning though, I did write a piece on pirates and potential solutions for the island’s taxi issues, which is available on our website. Search ‘who are the pirates’


Migrant crisis: Spain rescues 600 people in busiest day

  • As reported by the BBC

Spain’s coastguard says it has rescued 600 migrants crossing from Morocco in a 24-hour period, amid a spike in the number of migrant arrivals.

The rescued migrants were in 15 vessels including toy paddleboats and a jet ski and included 35 children and a baby.

The UN says more than 9,000 people have arrived in Spain so far this year – three times as many as the previous year.

More than 120 people are believed to have drowned attempting the crossing.

The increase in crossings means Spain could overtake Greece this year in terms of the number of migrants arriving by sea, the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) said earlier this month.

Migrants on flimsy boats leave Tangier coast for Spain

The deadly Spanish route attracting migrants to Europe

Are migrants paying price as EU targets Med smugglers?

Most are sailing across the 12km (seven-mile) Strait of Gibraltar and many are choosing cheap, child-sized paddle boats without motors that allow them to bypass people-smuggling networks and their fees.

The majority are West Africans, with Nigeria, Guinea and Ivory Coast the top countries of origin. But Bangladeshis have also been leaving North Africa in their thousands.

Unlike Syrians, Iraqis or Afghans arriving in Europe, these groups are mostly treated as economic migrants, rather than refugees.

Pressure on Italy

The numbers heading for Spain are dwarfed by the boatloads that have sailed to Italy this year.

Nearly 100,000 people have crossed from Libya to Italy since the start of the year. The IOM says 2,242 people have died on that route.

In June, about 5,000 people were rescued in one day in the Mediterranean off Libya, Italian coastguards said.

But in July the number crossing to Italy dropped by 57% compared with June, according to the EU’s border agency, Frontex. It was the lowest level of arrivals in July since 2014.

Frontex described three factors contributing to that fall: bad weather, clashes in areas of Libya where people-smugglers are active, and more systematic patrolling by Libyan coastguards.

Some migrants are using social media to contact the Spanish authorities and inform them of their location once they are in territorial waters, the BBC’s Gavin Lee in the Spanish city of Tarifa says.

The number of migrants arriving in Spain by sea does not include those entering the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, which are the EU’s only land borders with Africa.

Both enclaves are tightly guarded, and ringed by high fences topped with razor-wire, yet migrants regularly try to storm in, usually at night.

Greece was the main Mediterranean pressure point until March 2016, when the EU reached a deal with Turkey to intercept migrant boats crossing to Greek islands near the Turkish coast.

After that, the numbers on that route dropped sharply. But tighter border controls in the Balkans also made it much harder for migrants to journey to Central Europe.

The death rate among migrants at sea is greater this year than in 2016. The Libya-Italy crossing is longer and more hazardous than the crossings to Greece or Spain.

In other developments:

Bulgaria’s Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov said up to 600 soldiers would be deployed along Bulgaria’s fenced-off border with Turkey, as an armed deterrent to keep out migrants. He announced the plans in an interview with Germany’s Die Welt newspaper

A Spanish NGO called Proactiva Open Arms accused a Libyan coastguard boat of chasing its vessel Golfo Azzurro north in international waters, preventing it from rescuing migrants at sea. Three charities – Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Sea Eye – have suspended their rescue work, alleging threats from the Libyan coastguard.



Live the Posidonia

  • Ibiza Town/Figueretas
    • Claire B

The Ibiza local council is organising ‘Vive La Posidonia (Live the Posidonia)’, a programme of activities that focuses on raising awareness of Posidonia Oceanica and its preservation. The posidonia is a protected species and is important to protect the coastline and the quality of water in Ibiza and Formentera and in the surrounding areas. The activities being run combine nature (kayak tours), art and gastronomy.

Free kayak tours

Every Saturday until September 30 there are free kayak tours from Figueretas beach to visit the Posidonia. The values of the Posidonia will be explained, plus snorkelling and the possibility of taking underwater photography is also offered. From 9.30am to midday, in front of the jetty where the boats leave from. Free and limited to 25 people and it is essential to reserve a place by telephone (971 399 232) or email (

Photograph Exhibition

Open air exhibition of photographs by Xavier Mas in the Port of Ibiza, beside the jetty where the boats leave for Formentera. The exhibition features 20 photos with explanatory texts (also in English) which relate the importance of the Posidonia, one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems for reasons of its life cycle, the variety of species that it houses and the threats posed to it by illegal moorings and the dumping of waste and plastics. On Saturday September 23 from 12pm until 1.30pm, the artist Xavier Mas will give a guided tour through the images.

Posidonia, a jewel

Two local artists will show and talk about their work on Saturdays from midday until 2pm.

Enric Majoral has an exhibition ‘Posidonia is a jewel’, which features large-scale one-off pieces, personal notebooks and sketches in addition to a number of designs in which he attempts to recreate the seabed. Visitors will receive a complementary bookmark. Carrer d’Annibal, 8.

Elisa Pomar is a jewellery designer, whose work has been featured on international catwalks. Her Posidonia collection and the artistic development of her work can be seen. Calle Castelar, 1.


Some 20 restaurants in the area are offering a variety of special dishes and menus. Full details of who is participating, what they are offering and prices is in the online programme (see below for URL). Only available on Saturdays and at certain times until September 30.

Every continues until September 30.

Full programme online:


Saint Bartolome Fiestas

Sant Bartomeu Day
  • Nicole Torres

Even though this is not the town’s official patron saint’s day, Sant Bartomeu (Saint Bartholomew) is the most fervently celebrated fiestas in the Sant Antoni de Portmany calendar.

St Bartolomé

According to legend, the people of Sant Antoni held worship at a Holy Cave before the church was built in Sant Antoni. Sometime around the 17th century the Holy Cave came to be known as the Cave of St. Agnes, due to the fact that a carved wooden figure of this saint was found inside the grotto (when it was placed there is unknown, but legend has it that on the day of Saint Bartholomew a sailor who had nearly died, having prayed to the saint that if he lived he would leave the image at the first port he found, arrived in Sant Antoni and gave the image to the priest who took it up to the Holy Cave). After being found, the icon was taken to the Sant Antoni church but it repeatedly and unexpectedly appeared in the Cave, so the baffled people of town decided to leave it there (today it is the church of Santa Agnes de Corona). So since then, Saint Bartholomew is celebrated in honour of Saint Agnes.

In the fiestas programme there is something for everyone:

18th Aug

  • 7pm – Open air painting workshop, at Sa Punta des Moli, open to the public, part of St Bartolome

19th Aug

  • 10am—Otaku Meeting Ibiza 8, Espai Jove

Kids/teens will be taken into a fantasy world of cultural activities and games. Manga, anime, comics, video games, movies, both board and role-playing games will all play a part. Contests, tournaments, karaoke, cosplay workshops and more activities relating to Japan.

  • 5pm—Club Supergarrits – Kids fun day

From 5-8pm in the courtyard of the Cervantes school. An event for the whole family with workshops, bouncy castles, snacks, face paints, foam parties and surprises guaranteed. Endowed by the magician Albert of The bar collection and donations will go to APNEEF.

5pm – Face paints and fun, 5.30pm – Zumba, receiving the Holi Colour festival, 6.30pm Foam party. Bring balloons, buckets and water guns. Do not forget a hat, bathing suit, a towel, and non-slip shoes.

  • 6pm— Solidarity Market, Passeig Ses Fonts, in support of Care4cats and RqueR
  • 30pm – C’mon Everybody! Ballroom dancing party with free lessons from the Sunset Swing Club. Classic swing and rock ‘n’ roll from the Bluesmafia and es Saligardos. Eddies Diner, S’Arenal  beachfront, San An
  • 9pm – Inauguration of the exposition ‘Art Experience’ by Lula Martins.

At Faro de ses Coves Blanques (the old lighthouse), San An, Open Tues to Sat 6-9.30pm, until the 16th September

20th Aug

  • 10am – Otaku Meeting Ibiza 8, Espai Jove, San An, see 19th for details
  • 2pm – Texas Girls! Showing the feminine side of rock & roll with performances from WindRose and Poison Ivi. Free dancing classes from the Sunset Swing Club. Eddies Diner, S’Arenal beachfront, San An
  • 6pm – Solidarity Market, Passeig Ses Fonts, San An, in support of Care4cats and RqueR
  • 6pm – Fiesta Payesa with traditional dancing, music and games, Moli d’en Simo (cultural centre just up from Ibiza Rocks hotel), San An

21st Aug

  • 7pm – Surf Bartomeu, Surf Lounge Ibiza, San An Bay

‘Come and surf the endless wave’. No experience necessary, kids up to 18yrs, minimum height 1.10m, and minors must be accompanied by an adult. 5€

22nd Aug

  • 8-11pm – Funfair ‘Day of the Children’, Avda Dr Fleming, all rides 1€, 10€ for the slingshot

23rd Aug

  • 7pm – Science workshop for kids, age 10+, Sant Agusti

Limited places, registration is compulsory via email

  • 10pm – Jarabe de Palo concert, the courtyard of Cervantes school

A bar serving food and drink will be open with proceeds going to APAAC cancer charity.

  • 12/Midnight – Firecracker display at the Plaza España

24th Aug—Sant Bartomeu Day

  • 8am – Great Mascletá (firecrackers to welcome the Saints day), Plaza España
  • 30am – Chocolate party, Plaza España
  • 30am – Children’s party with Piruleto, Plaza España
  • 7pm – Traditional Mass and Procession
  • 9pm – Ball Pages (Traditional Ibicenco Dancing) from Sa Colla de Can Bonet, the square behind the church (Carrer Amples) with wine and ‘bunuelos’
  • 10pm – ‘Furia Flamenco’ from Adrián Pineda, Passeig de Ses Fonts

A Flamenco extravaganza showcasing different styles of dance and Spanish music, from Boleros to Tangos, Rumba and Soleá

  • 11pm – Fire jumping, Passeig de Ses Fonts
  • 12Midnight – Fireworks over the San Antonio Bay
  • 30am – the Party continues with music from local bands Loquillo, Rosendo, Joaquin Sabina and many more.
    • Tulp (Above)

The S’Arenal beachfront chic and chill ambience we love at Tulipan, is a great setting and on the night of Sant Bartomeu they are taking bookings for their prime frontline seating areas. A minimum spend of 100€ will get you comfy couches from which to watch the display, and between a few people that really is no money at all.  For bookings


  • Villa Mercedes

Villa Mercedes are offering their regular and always excellent range of set and a la carte menus and will also be providing live music to add to the fiesta feeling. One of the great advantages of Villa Mercedes is that their stepped terrace affords plenty of unobstructed viewing positions but we would still advise to book ASAP


Fiesta de Sant Agusti

On Friday 18th, the Teatre de Ponent has prepared a performance of farces in the Tancó de Can Curt with the ‘Farsa del sabater i el ricàs’ (1612) and ‘El Ferro calent’ (1551).

On Saturday 19th, the Festa de sa Xindria will be held, with performances by Morning Drivers and Tonto in the orange garden of Can Berri, and on Sunday 20th you can enjoy the dance in the aljub of sa Quintana d’en Berri. Wednesday 23rd is a science workshop for children and on the 26th there will be music with Uncle Sal and The Dublin Legends.

On the 27th, ‘Un Parell de Tres’ will perform their songs at the Santa Mónica a Capella Mass.

The big day, August 28, will begin with a performance of the parish choir at the mass and the traditional procession will follow. Sa Colla des Vedrà will start the evening that will feature performances by Toni Manonelles, Vicent Palermet, Isidor Marí and Projecte Mut, as well as Musicaires Swing Band & Swingulars and Son de Nadie.

The feasts of Sant Agustí will continue until 9th ​​September, when they will end with a night of dancing and poetry in the square of the church, organized with the Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs. Residents and visitors can also enjoy the payesa party at the Pou des Rafals with a carriage ride, contests pouar with leg, dancing, singing and payeses games. On the other hand, on the 6th will be held the Campaign Solidària sa Garrova with departure from the town square.

To conclude the wide repertoire of Sant Agustí parties, the VII Trobada Folklòrica will close with a fair of artisans and performances by GF Sa Colla des Vedrà, the Dance Group and Traditional Music Tahúme, which will visit Ibiza from Galicia, and the Colla d ‘ Ibiza.


 Cinema On The Beach

As part of the Cala Llonga Fiesta,  this Sunday 20th August at 9.30pm Viva Cala Llonga will be showing ‘Mamma Mia’, which is “possibly” the most fun filled musical film ever to be made, and always leaves everyone in a happy mood. The showing is FREE; there will be donation buckets available, plus freshly made popcorn will be on sale. The showing is kindly sponsored by Amante Beach Club and Kids in Ibiza.

Don’t forget every Thursday there’s a Hippie/Artisan Market with entertainment and tonight 17th Aug is an Acrobatic Workshop with Circolar.

Saturday 19th Aug 4 – 8pm you can take part in the Kayak Family Challenge.

Thursday 24th Aug from 8.30pm (ish) brilliant  Mardy Johhny Depps will be playing live.

There’s all sorts of other things happening during the Fiesta just turn up and enjoy. Remember there’s lots of FREE parking in Cala Llonga, just look for the P’s .



Welcome Leia…

Leia Elora Elizabeth was born at 2.42am on the 15th August, weighing 10lbs.

A beautiful baby sister to Kai, Neo and Joey.

Massive congratulations to Adam and Lizzy (particularly Lizzy, 10lbs! wow), who’ve added a perfect little princess to their family.

(ed—about bloody time, well done Adam, you’re done with)

Love from everybody at the Ibizan and we are sure everybody in the Ibiza community.


17th August 2017— 23rd August 2017

ARIES – Two of Pentacles

Keep an eye on your finance’s this week as this card indicates monetary losses or that you’ll have to pay out for something you’ve not planned for.  You’re also juggling social commitments; so take care not to upset family or friends if you can’t make every party or event.  Make career or business opportunities your first priority; concentrate on that.

TAURUS – Ten of Swords

It is said that when you’re hit rock bottom the only way to go is up!  If you’ve been feeling low and really can’t take much more negativity or pain then take heart; figuratively speaking, there’s now a break in the clouds.   You’ll soon experience a lightening of your mood, and have reasons to be more optimistic about life.

GEMINI – Seven of Swords

You’ve a big heart and are kinder to others than you are to yourself at times, therefore some might try to take advantage of you this week. Sleep with one eye open and watch that others don’t attempt to steal your ideas as you attract jealousy though you success. If you are battling with officialdom, expect a few frustrating moments.

CANCER – Six of Pentacles

You’re rewarded for past efforts by an act of appreciation or monetary gain from the boss.  Continue to throw your energy into tasks as further rewards are coming. If you’re expecting some kind of promotion, or success in a job interview, it all looks good. Loved ones and associates are likely to be generous if you need some financial help.

LEO  – Page of Wands

You need to listen to what a younger member of your family is saying, either verbally or non-verbally. Pay attention to their wants and needs as they may be going through a sensitive phase and need extra encouragement.  Otherwise for some Leo’s there’s news of a new business opportunity or a potential career option will make you rethink plans.

VIRGO – Four of Swords

You’ll value time alone as this card indicates that you’d rather withdraw from life than be sociable.  It’s a chance to reflect and revaluate on what’s important; what you hope to achieve in the months or years ahead.  Pamper yourself and rejuvenate your physical and emotional strength.  If you must venture out, spend time with those who make you happy.

LIBRA – Five of Pentacles

Someone will want to do you a favour and help you with a money matter.   You’ve been worrying about what to do about your financial situation; but take heart, things are about to change.  Be aware of your thoughts and try not to see everything so negatively.   It’s great to have some help, but do something to help yourself also.

SCORPIO – Seven of Pentacles

You’ve planted the seeds for a new lifestyle and all you have to do is be patient while plans are germinating.   If you’re the creative type, now’s the time to get cracking on an important project as you’ll be inspired to create masterpieces!  For other more practical Librans, you can confidently invest in a new venture, it will pay off.

SAGITTARIUS – Seven of Wands

Competitors will keep you on your toes this week, but that shouldn’t worry you too much as this card indicates that you have the strength and perseverance to see off any opposition comfortably.    You’re willing to work hard towards a personal or professional goal so won’t mind the extra time needed to see dreams become a reality.  Stick with it!


Trust is a big issue for you this week, not so much with other people but in trusting that the unknown territory you’re about to fling yourself into is a wise move.  You’re now entering a new phase in life; one that could prove exciting.  New situations introduce you to new people; both great professionally and personally, so fear not!

AQUARIUS – Transformation

A week of endings and beginnings and you need to remember that as doors close, others will open to you.  Don’t hesitate to cut loose from associations or situations that no longer serve the new life journey you’re on.  This clear out also gives you a great opportunity to declutter; go through and recycle any household items, clothes or shoes.

PISCES – The Devil

The Devil backwards spells lived, and this week the universe gives permission for you to live it up without being irresponsible and throw caution to the wind without being foolhardy. However, keep it balanced and don’t make the material side of life your reason to be. Keep a sense of humour and don’t worry too much about what others say.


 View From The Pew

Fine Tuning of the Universe Pt2
  • Dr Peter Pimentel

Last week I wrote about how astonishingly fine-tuned our universe is to support carbon-based lifeforms such as ourselves. There are very precise numbers in the equations. If the numbers were very slightly different from what they happen to be then we would not be here to wonder about it! In Newton’s formula for gravitation, the gravitational force between two objects is:

F = G x M1 x M2 / R2. Where F, the force of gravity, = The mass of the first object (M1) multiplied by the mass of the second object (M2) multiplied by the gravitational constant (G) and divided by the square of the distance between them, (R2).

The gravitational constant (G in the equation) is a very precise number that always stays the same. The number is: 6.673 x 10-11 that’s 0.00000000006673. If this incredible number happened to be very slightly different, infinitesimally different, then carbon-based lifeforms such as ourselves could never exist. The Astrophysicist, Hugh Ross, lists 122 equations with very precise numbers in the constants. He has calculated what the probability is, that these 122 constants would by chance exist for any planet in the universe. Assuming there are 1022 planets in the universe, the probability is one chance in 10138, that’s one chance in 10 with 138 zeros after it. He says there are only about 1070 atoms in the entire universe!

All these fine-tuned numbers need also to be exquisitely coordinated. The mathematical equations with their uncanny beauty must be just as they happen to be. It certainly does look like the universe has been engineered by an infinitely brilliant mathematician! Freeman Dyson is one of the very greatest scientists of all time. Last week I quoted him as saying, and it is worth repeating: “The more I examine the universe and study the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming.”

Some sceptics have argued that every possible universe is equally improbable; therefore this universe is no more improbable than any other!  But this argument has lost the plot. The point is not just that this universe is very improbable. The point is that this universe, rather than any other from an infinite number of possible universes, is the only one that can provide a habitat for self-conscious lifeforms that are able to form relationships with one another and with our maker.

puts it in a nutshell too, referring to the Cosmic Christ, St. Paul says: “He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17).



Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

We’re in the middle of August and as much as I love spending a chunk of my summers on the Balearics, this month, and this week in particular, it’s so busy it’s actually annoying.

The negatives

The Ibiza traffic is so heavy that a simple 20-minute trip to the airport now takes an hour.

Getting off a plane takes longer than flying from Gatwick to Ibiza, because it seems as if there are only 2 or 3 buses available to lug all the passengers from 20 or more planes from tarmac to terminal. And trying to get out of the airport is like leaving Wembley stadium after the Cup Final at full time.

Tables are full in restaurants, car park spaces are few, and there’s the usual complaint about Italian male tourists pinching the bottoms of English girls in front of their boyfriends.

Mallorca isn’t as bad – mainly because it’s a larger island and its infrastructure can better accommodate the masses. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a space on beaches, whichever you go to.

The positives

The crap mid July-mid August weather in the UK means last-minute tourism to Spain has increased by 150%. Plus Love Island’s massive popularity and lasting legacy means Mallorca is perhaps overriding Ibiza in the young tourism stakes.

The ‘Love Island’ look is everywhere too. It’s my job to spot trends and the ‘Boobs & Bum’ with ‘Lips & Sunnies’ and ‘buff bods with smart hairdos’ image is to be seen all-over the streets of San Antonio and Magaluf.

I don’t mind this at all. It means we’re all a little more health and body conscious and less ‘lager lout’ and beer-belly tolerant.

So from my summer observations to this weeks blog, we check out autumn /winter ’17 trends, Oriental fashion and a must-have for girls with large bosoms.


Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Autumn/Winter ‘17

Autumn / winter 2017 fashion trends: Style notes for the season ahead

Just as you are lying by the pool with your summer head still on, the A/W ’17 fashion trends are already landing in stores… so put down the trashy novel and start making notes.

From futuristic fabrics, to tonal dressing, fashion’s throwing some frivolous and occasionally revolutionary ideas our way next season. There’s nothing to stop you from getting ahead of the pack and working a few of these into your wardrobe right now. These are the trends worth noting…

Photos left to right.

Hi, Shine

When Karl Lagerfeld built a Chanel rocket launch pad in the middle of the Grand Palais at Paris Fashion Week, the trend for space-age fabrics was confirmed. Fluid silver lamé is used for evening dresses at Paco Rabanne, while Christopher Kane uses iridescent foil and J.W. Anderson declares chainmail to be the unexpected new party fabric.

Get the gloss

Raf Simons made his debut at Calvin Klein, coating every outerwear option in his collection in clear plastic. Elsewhere, Miu Miu, Roksanda and Fendi are also going big on the patent and PVC.

Tonal time

Roksanda, Preen and more of the big names in London have declared that it is time to brush up on our colour coordination, championing top-to-toe tonal dressing for all. The key to getting it right for now, it seems, is to offset with one accessory in a contrasting hue.

Corduroy comeback

Prada, Mulberry and Lemaire lead the charge for a cord revival, reimagined in new, feminine silhouettes. The new corduroys come in blush, terracotta or teal – a far cry from the geography professors of yesteryear.

Sharp suiting

The top takeaway from the latest round of shows? Get yourself some decent tailoring. For the new season, jackets are more fitted and less shoulder-padded than the last. Celine, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and more, say that looking the part is as good as being the part.

Granny knits

If Christopher Kane says the cardigan is back, who are we to argue? His come readily pilled with shiny buttons, while Gucci even team theirs with Nanna’s pearls.

Oriental Fashion

The Oriental trend has been everywhere since springtime.

Exotic floral prints and grown-up kimonos are just a few ways the high street is offering up Eastern styles. And they’re surprisingly easy to work into your everyday wardrobe.

Dame Helen Mirren, 71, looked gorgeous in an eastern flowing wrap style dress recently, while Celine Dion, 49, is continuing to ‘have fun’ with fashion, stepping out in Paris wearing a silk purple Oriental style dress and an embroidered Gucci bag.

Actress Naomi Watts, 48, opted for a sequin beaded midi dress with a cherry blossom printed skirt and ankle strap heels.

The point being, these celebs (and many younger ones too) demonstrate that you can wear the trend, wherever you are and whatever your age.

Here are a few simple ways you can taste the Orient…


At Night

 The Blues Brothers Band

  • Pacha 50th Birthday
  • Claire B

There was a live show from The Original Blues Brothers Band at Flower Power at Pacha last Monday, all part of Pacha’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The group of top musicians included two of the original members.

Steve Cropper on guitar – guitarist in the Stax Records house band and Booker T and the MG’s amongst others.

Also Lou Marini on sax – Blood, Sweat & Tears, Saturday Night Live Band and more.

Plus they had the full band including a brass section and 3 singers that filled the stage.

Opening with Booker T and the MG’s ‘Green Onions’ they played hit after hit of blues and soul classics, including ‘Peter Gunn’ and ‘Soul Man’.

They ended their hour-long set with an encore of ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Love’.

They were everything you expected them to be! A very tight band of talented musicians with entertaining front men who delivered a great and varied set of classic tunes.


Purple for Prince

  • Pantone name Purple “Love Symbol #2” in honour of Prince

Pantone have created a special colour purple in honour of Prince, the international superstar who died aged 57 in April 2016.

The Prince Estate, alongside Pantone Colour Institute, announced the creation of a standardised custom colour “to represent and honour” the international icon.

The purple hue is named “Love Symbol #2”, not ‘purple rain’ as reported by some news channels, and making it slightly more confusing it is not named “Love Symbol #2”, it is that symbol. The colour does not have a name. Prince fans will understand it.

Love symbol #2 is the emblem used during the years most media called him ‘the artist formerly known as prince’. Prince had stopped using his name during a dispute with Warner Brothers music in 1993,. This ended in the year 2000 when he again started performing as Prince

the colour formerly known as purple

About Prince

Prince endures as one of the most important and influential artists in history.

Selling 100 million records worldwide, he remains one of the best-selling artists of all time. A 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, he won a 1985 Academy Award in the category of “Best Original Song Score” for the film Purple Rain, a total of seven Grammies , a 2006 Golden Globe Award for “Best Original Song” in Happy Feet, and an American Music Award, among countless other accolades.

He holds #27 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Artists.

1984’s Purple Rain had sales exceeding 22 million, the sixth best-selling soundtrack album in history.



Defected Sundays

It’s Defected and Eden. A top notch sound system, combined with a top notch label –it can’t go wrong. Ever.

Pre parties at Mambo are an event to remember alone making San An Sundays a must do holiday essential.

Mansion Mondays

“When Beauty Meets Madness You’ll Find Mansion Somewhere in Between!!” We think you should make your own mind up…

Touch Down Tuesdays

Urban meets Eden.  R&B resides in Ibiza. Would I have paired an R&B legend with Eden? Perhaps not, but then I’m not in charge of bookings and thank god, because it works! – R&B, Fatman Scoop and Eden are like the weirdest sandwich that you can’t help but love.

Audio Rehab Wednesdays

With Mark Radford, Martin Ikin, Carnao Beats, Thee Cool Cats, Skapes and Joziff Jordan

Time is running out for all you rehab fans, with the main man himself Radford dropping some bass heavy beats, this night is not to be missed. The line-up speaks for itself and the crowd will dance like a shoal of fish moving in fluid sync.

Faction Thursdays

With Burnski, Leftwing & Kody, Proudly People, Javi Bora and Piem. Keep a look out for next week when Faction merges to become ‘Strictly Deep Showcase’ with Flashmob, Chad Andrew B2B David, Gtronic, SY B2B Edgar Peng Kaily.

Trance Family/Taste The Punch Fridays

Let’s face it, Trance family Unite speaks for itself – if you like Trance, you’ll love this! Alex Ryan’s Connect Ibiza and the Dutch 24 7 Management crew promise to give you heady electronic beats and bleeps which leave you in that euphoric ‘trance like’ state.

Taste the Punch is two Luton brothers brainchild, they’ve stormed into the techno scene and held a dancefloor that has seen many a devastated partygoer groan when the lights come up in the morning.

8 Date for your diary,  1st Sep, Taste The Punch presents Faithless (DJ Set)

Faithless, at Eden, it’s a match made in heaven and it’s real. Oh yes, we’re not sure there’s much more to be said, than see you on the dancefloor.

Pukka Up, Wonderland, Saturdays

It’s probably the most well-known boat party on the island, and it’s moved to dry land. Think tropical (the clue is in the name) Flamingos, coconuts and pineapples. As for music, well it’s Pukka Up and their motley crew of usual suspects – so if seafaring isn’t your style, or you just can’t get enough – this is for you!



Jezzas World Of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

This week we are lucky enough to have a guest rookie journo here in IBZ so read his Premier League report at the end of this article.


Athletics – GB Hit Their Target Led By, As Always, Sir Mo!

At the World Championships just finished in London, it was good to see that GB attained their target of 6 medals to end up 6th place in the medal table.

Led by Sir Mo Farah’s Gold and Silver, GB’s Men did brilliantly to take another Gold in the 4 x 100m relay, beating the US and favourites Jamaica, for whom unfortunately a certain Bolt suffered injury in his last track event, while the Women took Silver and the Men Bronze in their respective 4 x 400m relays.

So, not a bad return, but so many medal hopes floundered compared to Rio and London and with Sir Mo now concentrating on the Marathon you wonder where the next track hopes are coming from, n’est pas?

Golf – A New Name Win’s The Year’s Final Major!

Congrats to American Justin Thomas who won his first Major at the USA PGA in Quail Hollow, the final Major of the year, with a final round of -8, 2 ahead of Italian Ryder Cup star Francesco Molinari. Great to see the European right up there after a fairly mediocre season so far but commiserations to Jordan Speith who fell away after 3 rounds in his quest to become the youngest holder of all 4 Majors.

Cricket – Here Come The Windies!

Good to see the West Indies hitting form in their two warm up matches before Thursday’s 1st Test, with 4 of their under-rated batters scoring tons. Everybody and his dog seems to think the upcoming Test Series will be a walkover for Root’s England, but I’m not so sure. After all, having already been written off by the press and media, the Windies have got naught to lose so don’t ease up England but it would be nice to end the season with yet another Series in the bag, following their 3-1 win over South Africa.

Rugby Union – England On The Up!

Yes, favourites England got their Women’s World Cup sojourn off to a flyer in the Group stage as they recorded two hammerings, the first 56-5 against Spain and then 56-13 against Italy. So, almost qualified for the knock-out stages but they need to beat USA on Thursday, 43-0 winners over the hapless Spanish, in a group decider to go thru’ as leaders with, hopefully an easier knock-out opponent.

Tennis – A New No 1 Next Week!

Amazing that Rafa Nadal will be confirmed next week as the new World No 1, as he takes part in this week’s Cincinatti ATP Tournament. This is mainly due to Andy Murray’s continuing injury problems meaning he is not in the US, combined with Roger Federer’s back injury meaning he’s not taking part either, but, nevertheless, great to see the Mallorcan back up there after an absence of some 5 years. Shame for Federer tho’, as although he reached yet another Final, this time in Canada, due to his injury he was beaten by Zverev in straight sets. Let’s just hope he recovers in time for the final Major of the season, the US Open, as with the Australian and Wimbledon already in his locker it would be fantastic to see him hold 3 of the 4 Majors at the tender age of 35!

Premier League – Yes, It’s Back, At Last!

As mentioned previously, occasionally we invite certain sports-mad friends to “guest” in this article, and this week I have the honour of introducing “Our ‘Arry” (no, not Redknapp!) Bick, currently on a quiet break from the UK; which incidentally to date, includes all night visits to Hi and Amnesia, and an all-dayer at Ocean Beach, so welcome, my boy, and over to you!

  • ‘arry Bick

Thank you for the kind introduction Jezza but now onto more pressing matters, the new Premier League season. The opening weekend started on Friday evening with Leicester travelling down to North London to play Arsene Wenger´s Arsenal, with newbie Lacazette getting on the score sheet within the first 3 minutes. An exciting game for the neutrals that saw Arsenal come back from behind late on to clinch all 3 points winning 4-3 on the night. Moving on to Saturday and the Premier League saw a few surprising results with Champions Chelsea falling 3-0 behind to Burnley before half time. The game saw two red cards for Chelsea and a disallowed goal and finished 3-2 to Burnley, Antonio Conte will surely be hoping Russian ´guzillionaire´ Roman Ambramovich puts his hands in his pockets and recruits a few more players to bolster an already depleted squad. It was a brilliant start for Huddersfield who managed to get past their first Premier League test with ease, slotting 3 past De Boer´s Crystal Palace with new French signing Steve Mounie scoring twice.

The only boring result of the day coming from Southampton and Swansea City´s scoreless draw, providing little entertainment for the poor sods who spent time and money on one of their August weekends supporting their teams, however on a plus side for Swansea, Tammy Abraham, on loan from Chelsea, looked impressive and potentially could be their saving grace this season. Paul Clement will surely be hoping for a more successful season than the last.

A solid 1-0 victory saw Tony Pulis´West Brom take all 3 points against Bournemouth, Wayne Rooney scored on his return back to Goodison Park, with Everton beating Stoke City by one goal to nil and might I add, he looks a lot better in blue than he ever did in red.

Liverpool, once again, like too many times last season, lost out on all 3 points due to some leaky defending. Jurgen Klopp must be growing more and more weary of his underperforming squad, also the expected departure of Coutinho to Barca may prove costly for their title hopes. Sunday saw anticipated victories for Spurs and Man United, with big money man Lukaku snatching himself a neat brace, silencing his critics at least until next weekend.

Gotta finish with the trials and tribulations of superstar Ronaldo as, in the 1st leg of the Spanish Supercup and playing Barca at the Nou Camp, he came on as a second half substitute, scored an absolute cracker to put Real Madrid 2-1 up, took off his shirt (yellow card!) then 2 minutes later, he’s in on goal, gets clipped from behind, goes down – def penalty! – Whereupon the ref gives him a second yellow, meaning red for a dive – no way! – is sent off, upon which he gently shoves the ref and then gets a 5, yes FIVE match ban from the Spanish FA, one for the red and four for the push. Incredible!

Good to see a 3-1 win tho’ for the Madridistas to take back to the Bernabeu for Wednesday’s 2nd leg.

‘Tis all from the two of us, until next week …Jezza and Our ‘Arry



Cala Llonga

Above: Images from the sand castle competition, part of last week’s fiesta in Cala Llonga. By Toni Escobar

Cala de Bou

With all the backlash against VIP Ibiza, perhaps it is time for our Cala de Bou to cash in. Always read the T&C, No poncy nonsense – guaranteed.