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Front Page

Flying High

Air Passengers Double in a Decade * 2017 Set to Break 8 Million * June Arr/Dep every 4 mins.

Ibiza continues to break its own records, month on month and year on year.  Ibiza airport throughput to the end of June was just under 3 million passengers, a 10% increase on 2016. If the same level of increase is achieved for  the entire year it would take passenger throughput past 8 million for the first time.

In June 2016 AENA official statistics show a total of 10,069 arrivals/departures, an average of 336 per day, 1 every 4 minutes.

But perhaps the most startling figure is the comparison between now and 2006. In just over a decade the number has increased from 4 million to 8million. It is not as if anybody would have said Ibiza was quiet in 2006, far from it.

The number of air passengers near doubling in a decade puts into sharp focus our success in promoting Ibiza as a destination, and our greatest challenges in now meeting the high expectations of our visitors, balanced wit the needs of the resident community.

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Benirràs: Drum Circle Want Square Deal

  • Sunday night drumming was suspended
  • The drummers organiser says “It’s over, I’m sick of the system.”

Benirràs was the night of Sunday the scene of an unusual “strike”, when the musicians who play during the sunset decided not to play as a sign of protest. The motive that silenced the drums is that “the commodification of the restaurants, markets and parking” does not extend to the musicians, who do not receive economic compensation when they are considered “the bargain of Benirràs”. The Italian musician and promoter who handles the organisation of this event, which does not have permits, announces that there will be no more parties of the drums: “It’s over, I’m sick of the system.”

His grievances are numerous, but boil down to the commercialisation of the drumming at sunset with no regard to the musicians themselves.

Thousands flock to see the sunset at Benirràs for the drumming, and it’s fair to say businesses have seen an increase in the number of visitors every Sunday, this is reflected by the implementation of shuttle buses to the beach.

Not So Friendly Neighbours

Owner of Restaurante 2000, Joan Escandell has spoken unreservedly “At night we were full and someone exclaimed: ‘The drums are on strike.’ Then I answered that’s not so bad, if they strike every day and do not return, I will be very happy”. According to Escandell, who is also the president of the Association of Neighbours of Benirràs, the organiser asked him, and the other restaurants, to pay between 600-700€ a week for the music.

One former member of Benidrums, Francisco Mula, said “Everyone here has their own business, they have set up a handicraft market, there is paid parking, restaurants, nightclubs and we don’t see a penny, when people come to this beach to see us”. He also stated he had slept on the beach to clean the rubbish left in the morning.

The rest of the members of Benidrums are no longer habitual on Sundays. The person who coordinates the party and prompted the strike on Sunday agreed to talk to the Diario de Ibiza as long as his name was not mentioned, although he admitted that “all the people of Benirràs, the Town Hall and the Consell” know who I am.” “I wanted to have a beautiful and well organised party, but we are already fed up…”

The Organiser

This person denies that he is now asking for money, but admits that businesses in the area were approached “for professional musicians, because tourists stopped coming due to people merely making noise with drums.” According to him, two restaurants and a parking lot delivered 100€ each, but, the following Sunday, the 2000 Restaurant refused to continue paying. “I had to pay 150€ out of my pocket for the musicians, it lasted only a week,” Escandell lamented.

Beach Vendors

This organiser also attributes other achievements to the beach that have contributed to improve businesses : “There was a lot of street vending here and the police called me, by order of the mayor, so that I could gain order. Nobody has thanked me for anything now that the restaurants have rows and rows of customers to drink, when before it was full of people selling mojitos, drinks, sandwiches and croissants. He also says he ended the handicraft selling: “The market you see now, I started it, so that the vendors did not bother the beach with costume jewellery and sarongs, I had them put on that corner then that market is legalised and they start to collect, but I do not see money or receive thanks.”

The Conclusion

And so his explanation ends: “No one has come to tell me ‘this is for you, to remove the street vending,’ or ‘this for the market, which gives a lot of money’, this is survival, and when one makes the effort and is not thankful, then he is fed up. When I go into a restaurant to ask for water or a plate of pasta, I have to pay. The coordination of musicians and the harmony I take, I also take care of security so there are no fights. There is too much speculation with the drums and it will end, “he says.


Self Serve Rental Bikes

  • 60 docking stations throughout Ibiza
  • The price is yet to be decided
  • Minimum 59% will be electric

The councillor for territory and mobility of the Consell de Eivissa, Pepa Marí, and mobility coordinator, Gian di Terlizzi, have presented to municipal councillors, the draft of the bicycle rental service (bicing) that the institution wants to promote at the insular level.

Marí announced the draft of the Convention to the councillors of each city council to develop this system of management and provision of the bike rental service in order to create an “alternative mode of mobility that is clean, viable and attractive for the citizens”.

In this agreement, the Consell undertakes to establish this service and manage it by means of a concession, carrying out the corresponding tender and award, in addition to the coordination, management and supervision necessary to ensure its proper functioning.

For their part, the municipalities will allocate spaces of the public road for the installation of docking stationsfor the rental bicycles, and expedite the procedures for the electric connection needed to recharge the bikes.

In car parks, schools…

The project initially consists of about 60 docking stations and is considered a priority to be installed in spaces such as disused car parks, educational and sports centres, health centres, bus stations, major tourist areas and the pedestrian and commercial areas of urban centres.

The price of the subscription is still to be decided, but the objective is to be annual and at a very competitive price for residents, six-month options for those living in Ibiza during the tourist season, as well as the option for days or weeks for tourists.

From the very beginning, the service will have a minimum of 59% of electric bicycles. In addition, secure parking for private bikes will be installed in the vicinity of public ‘bicing’ parking lots.

“The high rate of motorisation and the traffic and environmental problems that this generates make it necessary to search for alternatives to the use of private cars,” said mobility coordinator Gian di Terlizzi.

Reduce number of cars ..

The objective, he said, is “to reduce the role of cars inside the urban nuclei and provide competitive, modern and healthy alternatives, always thinking of encouraging inter-mobility.”

During the meeting the representatives of the municipalities were given the draft agreement and the study of economic and technical feasibility. In addition, municipalities were asked to make a list of priority sites for the location of bicycle stations.

The Consell expects that the municipalities will approve this agreement fully after the summer.

The implementation of this system will not entail any expense for the municipalities, since it will be covered economically with the price of subscriptions, with publicity or sponsorship and with an economic contribution from the insular institution.

San José Beach Clubs get 65 decibel limit

  • Sant Josep council will approve new noise regulations this week, the first of the Island municipalities to directly target the Ibiza beach clubs that have grown hugely in recent years.
  • Among others, this includes the beaches of Playa d’en Bossa, Cala Bassa, Salinas, Cala Jondal

Speaking at a press call on Monday 24th July, Mayor Josep Marí Ribas Agustinet and first deputy mayor, Paquita Ribas, said the new 65db limit will  applicable to all beach club venues will be “very acceptable” so that the noise “does not cross the borders of the premises and will allow the beaches to be used as beaches and not discos as is happening  now”.

65db is between ‘normal conversation’ at 60db, and a vacuum cleaner at 70db.

In place for 2018 season

The plans will be formalised at a council meeting on Thursday, however there will be a period of public consultation before final ratification. The clubs will then have 6 months to “adapt to the new conditions”.


‘Ticket seller’ Arrested In MDMA Death

The Guardia Civil have arrested a 30yr old Italian man for allegedly selling the drug that caused the death of a 30yr old South African woman.

The Guardia Civil have reported that the detainee was a ‘ticket agent’ and would have sold the woman entrance to a club, in addition to narcotics.

According to reports, when she began to feel bad she was initially attended by employees of the DC-10 club itself, but her condition worsened and it was necessary to call an ambulance.

When the emergency services arrived, they found her conscious and able to clarify what substance she had taken, but she was already in a coma when she arrived at ER. And, after two days with no brain activity, she passed away.


Two Burglars Detained

Police have arrested two men accused of five robberies in Ibiza the police have said in a statement. On July 6th a Spanish man, aged 55yrs was detained and four days later, agents detained another Spanish man aged 37.

Between them they are accused of five robberies with force in establishments, the robbery of a vehicle and two further robberies.


Man Arrested 3 Times In Two Months For ‘Possession’

Agents of the Sant Antoni Local Police Summer Night Team (ENEV) detained a 35-year-old man found with 23 MDMA pills and six doses of cocaine, among other drugs.

On Saturday 15th July, uniformed officers were carrying out their routine patrol on St. Agnes Street in the West End when they entered a bar to identify two men who were attempting to escape from them. When the agents asked for identification, one of men adopted an aggressive attitude, running from the premises and violently shoving past several passers-by until being intercepted by the Police.

He then tried to fight his way out of being arrested and in his attempt to escape he threw a wrapper which was found to contain 23 tablets of MDMA and six doses of cocaine, among other substances, according to the Sant Antoni City Council.

This is the third time that the ENEV has arrested this individual in the last two months. Previously he has assaulted a police office, arrested on drugs charges and this time, for resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and drugs charges


2 Guardia Injured In Blaze Attempting Dog Rescue

Two Guardia Civil agents who tried to save the lives of two dogs trapped in the basement of a burning house in Cala de Bou were injured.

The incident occurred Saturday 22nd July at 11pm when burglars entered the property, stole items and started the fire.

In spite of their best efforts, the two animals died from smoke inhalation. One of the officers suffered two cuts, one on his leg, for which he received seven stitches, and another in the arm, which the doctors closed with four more stitches. The other agent received treatment for smoke inhalation.

The Guardia Civil have opened an investigation into this robbery that resulted in a fire that, in turn, caused the death of the two dogs. Fortunately, the residents of the house were not at home at the time of the fire.

An ambulance was in attendance until 2am and the medical team assisted several neighbours that were affected by the smoke.

No arrests have been made so far in this case; although the investigators are clear that someone came to rob the premises and that the fire occurred as a result of that robbery.


Coastguard Rescue

A man of around 35 years and of Spanish nationality fell into the sea on Tuesday 25th July from a height of about twelve metres in the zone of Salt de s’Ase, in the south of the island. According to reports, the man was at sea and could not return to land.

Daniel Torres, a snorkeler who was swimming in the area, assisted the stricken man after the police gave him a float to aid the victim. He had to be rescued by sea by Salvamento Marítimo (Coastguard), which mobilised the boat Salvamar Markab.

The man was suffering from hypothermia and was exhausted.

He had several blows on his back and pain was apparent. The boat took him to the port of Vila, where an ambulance was waiting for them and transferred him to Can Misses Hospital. Firefighters also attended the scene.


Cathy Guetta’s Cala Molí Beach Club Fined 12,000€ for Excessive Noise

  • Her lawyer demands apology for the interruption in the celebrations of French dignatories.

Sant Josep town hall have issued proceedings against Cathy Guetta’s new beach club in Can Moli, for what it considers a “very serious” breach of regulations by exceeding the authorized noise limit by 15 decibels, according to the first deputy mayor of Sant Josep, Paquita Ribas.

The ordinance that regulates the noise and vibration (bass) emitted by establishments calls for a fine of 12,000€

Following a complaint by a neighbour, officers from the council’s environmental health unit attended. A party was in progress celebrating the French national ‘Bastille’ Day.

As part of the inspection it is necessary to turn all music off for a period of time, and this caused consternation from Cathy Guetta’s lawyer who was in attendance along with around 100 others.

The lawyer told the Diario de Ibiza that he was very uncomfortable about the “interruption of a significant social act” with French VIPs . He said that he had contacted the French consul on the island to ask for “explanations and an apology” from the mayor, Josep Marí Ribas, Agustinet . It is understood none have been forthcoming.

  • See also article, San Jose impose 65db limits.


Drunk Tourists Who Require Hospital in Ibiza to pay 2,000€ of Their Own Money

  • The local health authority, Ib-Salut, have issued a warning of how much it will cost somebody to attend their services due to excess drink or drugs.
  • They also report a huge increase in bogus gastroenteritis cases, costing an average 3,659€
  • The raw cost of needing medical attention after too much partying.
  • Stay in hospital (13h+) ICU 1,593€
  • Services or the A&E 194 to 370€
  • Transger by ambulance or specialist UVI – 222 to 1,071€

Ib-Salut have issued a statement to serve as a reminder of the high cost of attending the hospital due to excess drink or drugs, and a warning that the inebriated person will be left to foot the bill themselves.

Ibiza’s hospitals and local medical centres come under extreme pressure during the tourist season, and much of their additional work is caused by late night excess.

Their statement says that in cases of attendance due to drink of drug related issues, the patient will have to pay the bill, and the European medical card will not suffice.

The urgencies department at San Antonio suffers more than most from the pressure of summer season excess.

Their presentation also includes the example of where drink and/or drugs are found to be the cause of a ‘balconing’. In that situation a medical stay bill of 30,000€ would not be unusual, with the patient again expected to pay.

“Drunk or drugged tourists who collapse in emergency services will not get our services for free” said a spokesperson for Ib-Salut.

Bogus Claims

Another figure referenced in the report was the sharp increase in attendance of British visitors claiming gastroenteritis, reflecting the current wave of fraudulent compensation claims being made against hoteliers and tour companies.

The hospital say that attending to such a case costs them an average 3,659€. There is no specific mention of whether they will be expected to pay if they are found to be misrepresenting their symptoms.


Airport Security Strike Ends After Mediation

The Comisiones Obreras, CCOO, and Prosegur, have reached an agreement that ends the airport security strike. The Director General of Labour, Isabel Castro, travelled to Ibiza and mediated between the two parties on Thursday and Friday, which has resulted in a satisfactory agreement.

The Prosegur staff have been on strike since the 21st July and it has caused some considerable delays in passing through Ibiza’s airport. One of their specific issues was that of working 12 hour shifts when their contract allowed a maximum of 9 hours. There were also questions over foreign workers being paid more, a strategy apparently employed to encourage more workers.

Castro criticised AENA for their lack of involvement in negotiations, and went on to state that this issue, and that of the cleaning staff in May, could have been avoided if the Government could assume the management of the islands airports.


Waiter Finds 77,000€ & Returns it to Owner

It is not every day you find a bag containing 77,000€. Knowing the cost of living in the Balearics and the likely pay rate for a waiter, even the 17,000€ that was in cash would have been a temptation too strong for many people to resist.

Lahouari Saidani, an Algerian waiter who has lived in Mallorca since 2001, never had a moment’s doubt, and handed the find over to the National Police.

The money and a further 60,000€ in cheques was claimed by a Romanian property consultant.

As he was photographed outside the restaurant where he works by the Diario de Ibiza, one of the customers shouts out “he is a hero”, and his boss chips in with “we now have the most honoured man in Mallorca working here, plus the best kebabs in Palma” (love it).

Lahouari simply said, “I am a Muslim, and my religion does not allow me to keep what is not mine.”


3 British Lads Cycling Paris to Ibiza

  • Three friends are cycling from their hometown Colchester, to Ibiza (with a bit of assistance London to Paris)
  • Bradley Phillips, 23, Andrew Barber, 26, and Marcus Spindler, 23, are now on route since they started their journey on the 22nd July.

The total distance they will travel will be 1,273 miles, and they have little experience on bikes.

Bradley, of St John’s Green, said: “We will be cycling for 80 miles a day for two weeks and it was only planned six weeks prior to leaving.

“I booked two weeks off as holiday as I saw how far we could go pushing ourselves to the limit.”

From Colchester the team will cycle to the Eurotunnel station at St. Pancras in London, they will get the train to Paris and from there; the real work begins in a mere 725 mile trip through France and Spain to the Port of Barcelona. They believe they will camp along the way.

The nine hour ferry will bring them to Ibiza and they should arrive on the 5th August.

It will be a huge challenge, but the group is staying positive.

Bradley said: “We have all wanted to raise money for charity and we all feel optimistic… The support has been phenomenal.”

He is raising money for Refuge for women. On his fundraising page he said: “I needn’t have to explain why I have chosen to support this charity as their message is clear.

“It is imperative that we live in a world where women feel safe, empowered and appreciated the way they affect, protect and project their love to their children.”

Andrew Barber, of Shakespeare Road, is raising money for the British Red Cross and Marcus Spindler, of Creffield Road, is raising funds for East Anglia Children’s Hospices. To make a donation, please follow the links below.


Formentera Families Get Keys to Ibavi Homes

  • 13 families have received keys to their new homes in Formentera
  • Rent does not exceed 300€ and contracts last 3 years

The President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, the President of the Consell de Formentera, Jaume Ferrer, and the Balearic Councillor for Territory, Energy and Mobility, Marc Pons delivered the keys to the 13 families selected to occupy the new Ibavi homes in Sant Ferran, Formentera.

The homes, which are all two/three bedroom apartments with a garden or terrace, cost the families a maximum of 300€ rent, for a 3 year term, and the building, which was initially projected in 2008 is energy efficient – saving the residents 50% on their energy bills and 70% on water.

Armengol said “the constitutional right to housing is not met and from public administrations, when there is political will and in this case there is, we must do everything possible so that people, who need a home can, in circumstances.”

She also said that “housing policies are a priority and will be in the 2018 budget, in broad terms with different promotions and other housing policies to make access to housing possible.”


Ángel Nieto ‘Serious But Stable’

  • Former 13 Time World Champion Ángel Nieto is in a serious, but currently stable condition in Ibiza after being rear ended while riding a quad bike in Santa Gertrudis.

On arrival at the Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Nieto was in surgery for more than two hours and neurosurgeons are monitoring the pressure in his skull. He is intubated and in an induced coma in ICU. Beside the head trauma he suffered, Nieto has also been treated for fluid on the lungs.

The driver of the Fiat 500, a 30yr old German woman says she did not see the quad braking and hit the back of the quad causing Nieto, aged 70, to be thrown and hit his head. The accident wasn’t at speed and the driver was breathalysed with negative results.

Relatives and friends have been at the Polyclinica enquiring after his health and several photographers were there taking pictures of the visitors including Ricardo Urgell, founder of Pacha and Nieto’s good friend, ex motorcyclist Sete Gibernau, footballer Aitor Ocio.

Ángel Nieto is an international legend in motorcycling. He is one of the most successful junior racers of all time with 13 World Championship titles and 90 Grand Prix victories to his name.

He is now one of the most visible representatives of the Association Affected by the Cantera de ses Plans, a group that has been fighting for years against the activity of a quarry that it considers illegal, a matter that has reached the courts .



Amanda Zips it Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Welcome to this week’s fashion instalment, from Ibiza.

The island is super busy and everywhere is packed. I live 2km outside of San Antonio and often pop down to the port for breakfast at the infamous Rita’s Cantina, for a fresh juice straight from the orange groves of Ibiza.

It’s perennially busy at this lovely café and perfect for breakfast or lunch. The owner has recently opened a second eatery, further along the same road, opposite Club Nautica. If you’re aware of the area, you’ll know that there are awesome views of the beautiful port.

Es Petite is open from 5pm for dinner every night and is all about bistro food cooked the ‘Dutch way’ – as the owner is indeed Dutch. We had dinner there last night and I just had to write about it today.

If you fancy a delicious steak and homemade chips – this is the place to go. Plus beautiful salads, fish and fresh vegetables and the chocolate fondant for desert is jaw dropping.  A smaller menu with reasonable prices makes this the ideal location for a celebration meal. I took my Mum for her birthday and she was suitably impressed.

On to this week’s Amanda Zips It Up and we check out one of the best make-up artists on the island, plus the most fashionable beauty treatment on the island – Lash extensions. And plenty of summer fashion.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Lash By Jayne

Lash extensions seem to be everywhere, from London to Ibiza.

Yes, I have them too.

I have been going to Lash technician and artist Jayne Brami for a few years now, here in Ibiza.

We should really let our own lashes grow in between treatments, and Jayne has created a new serum, which will maximize and enhance the growth and condition of natural lashes.

NEW ‘Lash by Jayne’ Lash Maximizer 5ml (Oil-free… specially made for use with or without eyelash extensions!!) ‘Lash by Jayne’ Lash Maximizer is a NEW Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum. It’s unique formula of lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that synergistically work to help improve the overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows naturally with no side effects on the eyes Certified FDA/ MSDS/ ISO 9001/ SGS ‘Lash by Jayne’ Lash Maximizer formulation is rich in a multitude of highly effective ingredients that not only promote the appearance of more youthful, beautiful lashes and brows, but also help provide beneficial care and nourishment to lashes and brows.

A potent blend of ingredients functions as effective moisturizers, conditioners and strengthening agents. Together they help promote lash and brow durability, shine, sheen and overall healthier-looking appearance of lashes and brows. Many ingredients in the formula have soothing and calming properties to ensure a gentle application each time.

Apply morning and/or evening… Within 1 week your eyelashes will gradually become darker, 10-15 days they become thicker, longer and stronger! Keep using for some months, and your eyelashes will become even more naturally charming, longer, thicker and stronger! Yes, they can also be used on eyebrows!!!

Marie Duchar Clark

Ibiza make-up artist Marie Duchar Clark has been firmly established on the white isle for over 10 years and is at the fashion fore front of modern, contemporary make-up, ideal for everything from the fashion catwalk to the Balearic beach wedding.

The qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist first trained in the UK in 2001, specialising in make-up and working for some of the most prestigious cosmetics brands including Benefit and Estee Lauder. But a love for the Ibiza meant that by 2006, she was ready to move here full time and launched her now incredibly successful career as a mobile beauty therapist and make-up artist.

Forward-wind to 2017 and Marie has a thriving business, dividing her time between private clients, photo shoots, fashion shows, weddings, television shows and looking after her family. In addition to beauty, hair and make-up, Marie is also an Amazebrows expert – an eyebrow makeover technique involving tinting, waxing, trimming and threading, which lifts your face instantly – plastic surgery not required. A serious requirement for every fashionista and style setter.

Working with high-end brands like MAC, Laura Mercier, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Kryolan and Illamasqua among others, her make-up kit is brimming with all the shades, colours and contour kits. Opt for a natural minimal bridal look or full on high glam vixen complete with lashes and a full red pout. Your unique look is perfected by Marie. Constantly up to date with the latest beauty trends, Marie also speaks fluent Spanish and Italian and can make any Balearic bridal or luxurious party preparation a breeze.

Contact Marie Duchar Clark via

Fashion Queen Letizia

Europe’s female royals are fast becoming some of the most stylist women in the world. We’ve got our very own Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (although she borders on boring – except in Erdem), Charlene, Princess of Monaco and Queen Rania of Jordan.

But Queen Letizia of Spain has impeccable style. Always perfectly turned out, her outfits are simple and sophisticated, but never too garish or OTT.

It helps that she is beautiful too, to be fair.

The former journalist ascended the throne in June 2014, alongside husband King Felipe VI, whom she married in 2004.

Like Kate, she mixes up her style with picks from high street favourites Zara and Mango and Spanish designer Felipe Varela . While her daytime looks are tailored and polished, she knows how to turn on the glam for formal evening occasions.

How To Reduce Cellulite

  • Sophia Valentine

93% of women, all shapes and sizes have cellulite. It can be due to lack of exercise, a poor diet, and it’s also genetic.

Cellulite is when underlying fat deposits give a dimpled appearance. Circulation, good diet, and cardio exercise can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. There are also other methods, and everything is detailed below:

  • Drink plenty of water – This flushes out bad toxins, and can also keep you feeling fuller for longer, and not constantly hungry.
  • Improve your diet – Eat foods high in fibre, along with red and orange fruits, and vegetables, which can remove waste and toxins. Sunflower seeds are also good for your diet, apple cider vinegar, green / herbal tea, olive oil, nuts, avocado, sardines, and olive oil etc. If you need to have chocolate, choose dark chocolate. Whole bread wheat and pasta can also keep you fuller for longer.
  • Avoid too much salt as this can cause fat cells to swell. Also sugar, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and heavily processed foods.
  • Exercise regularly – Exercising helps circulation, reduces fat, and increasing muscle tone under the skin can help disguise lumps. Workout gear, such as lycra shorts help keep circulation moving up to your heart.
  • Dry brushing / massage the area – This stimulates circulation and can help break up the lumps. You can massage with normal hand held massages / body brushes, and even electric massagers.
  • Exfoliate – Caffeine body scrubs help tighten the skin. You can make your own coffee scrub by mixing together: ¼ cup of coffee grounds, 2 tablespoons of brown / white sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Store it in a jar and use up to 2-3 times a week, by scrubbing it into the problem areas.
  • Laser treatment – There are more expensive methods such as laser treatments.

If you want to see how Victoria Secret Models get runway ready, at the bottom is a link to an exercise video; they’re simple exercises you can do daily at home, and you don’t need any fancy equipment.

View From The Pew

Mary Magdalene

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

Mary Magdalene was a primary witness of the death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus.  The 1st Century biography of Jesus, St. John’s Gospel (20:1-18), says:

“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the tomb.” She then runs to tell the disciples Peter & John that someone has stolen the body of Jesus. Peter & John run to the tomb to see for themselves. John outruns Peter and gets there first.  He bent down to look in and sees the burial shroud lying there. Then Peter arrives and straightaway enters in. He too sees the burial shroud. Then John went in too. “He saw and believed.”

There is something very mysterious about this. Both Peter & John see the same thing – the burial shroud. But only John sees and believes! What did John see that Peter didn’t see? One recent scholarly suggestion is that if the Turin Shroud is authentic (and there is much evidence to suggest that it is) then perhaps John saw the miraculous image on the burial shroud!

Then Peter & John return home. Mary Magdalene stays. Now she too bent over the entrance to look in. She has an experience of angels and sees Jesus standing there but she did not know that it was Jesus. It is only when Jesus mentions her name that she has eyes to see that it is Jesus. Jesus said to her, “Mary!” She turned and said to him in Aramaic, “Rabbouni!” (Which means Teacher). Jesus said to her, “Do not hold on to me, because I have not yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and say to them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'”

Peter saw only the burial shroud. John saw something more and believes. Mary lingers. Her love for Jesus sees through to Jesus himself. Jesus is both not recognised and recognised.  He is different. He has a body of a different space-time dimension. Jesus speaks Mary’s name. She catches the characteristic inflexion of his voice as he would so often speak her name. She becomes an Apostle to the Apostles & prepares the way for them to encounter Jesus too.

  • For information on the times and locations of the Church services in August, see website
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


 Summer Driving Tips from Liberty Seguros

Once again, summer is here with a vengeance. Temperatures soar and with the influx of tourists, you have to keep your wits about you at all times when driving.

Holiday makers who rent a car, may also be driving on the opposite side of the road to their home country, so you need to be extra vigilant and try to anticipate their possible mistakes. One very common incident happens on roundabouts where drivers take the wrong lane. For example, if you want to carry straight on then it’s best to take the outside lane, and if you intend to turn left, take the inside lane. What many people do, is take the outside lane with the intention of turning left but the driver on the inside lane who is going straight on, has to be very careful to avoid a collision with the vehicle going all the way round.

Aside from the inevitable increase in traffic accidents with the huge influx of tourists from around the world, you need to make sure your car is up to scratch too.

For example, always make sure that your tyre pressures are correct by checking them at least once a month especially as road surfaces become very hot indeed and will affect the pressures. Needless to say, check the tyres too and make sure they are in good condition with enough tread. Also check the car’s radiator water level; the last thing you want is to overheat if you’re stuck in a queue and worse still have to wait for a breakdown truck. It’s also illegal to run out of screen-wash so keep this topped up. Driving with flip-flops or shoes without backs is not permitted either.  Obviously seat belts must be worn all round and children need safety harnesses. And stating the obvious too, mobile phones must not be used for speaking (unless using a built-in hands-free device) and definitely no texting!

If you do have an accident, remember the following:

  • Stay calm and use the reflective vest.
  • Use your vehicle’s emergency flashers and use two warning triangles at appropriate distances from the vehicle. Stay away from oncoming traffic.
  • Call 112 if necessary.
  • Take photos of the incident when safe to do so.
  • Get statements and contact information from any witnesses.
  • Complete the accident report forms.

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Happy holidays!

Open Letter to UK Citizens Living in Spain, from HMA Simon Manley

Given the success of the Spanish State Visit to the UK the week before last, which, among other things, highlighted the importance of people to people links between our two countries, I thought it timely to return to the subject of citizens’ rights in the negotiations on our departure from and future partnership with the EU.

In the year since the EU referendum, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you across the country, from the Balearics to the Canaries, along the Costas and in Madrid, and our consular teams have met many more.

I know from those conversations that there has been uncertainty for many of you. My teams and I have listened to your concerns about the future, including about your residency status in Spain, the level of your UK pensions, and your access to Spanish health and other social services, and have noted the questions you have about tax, inheritance, right to work and the implications of applying for Spanish nationality.

At our meetings, on our social media and in interviews, I have also pledged to keep you up to date as negotiations on our exit from the European Union continue. So, let me update you on where matters stand now, in light of the latest negotiation round in Brussels last week.

The UK Government has been clear that citizens are our top priority in the exit negotiations. We want an agreement that provides citizens with greater certainty about their future.

Last week, we held constructive and substantive discussions with the European Commission on the bulk of the issues underpinning our respective positions on citizens’ rights.  Together we have taken a big step forward. There is a much clearer understanding on the detail of the positions on both sides and significant convergence on the key issues that really matter to citizens. You can read this technical note which compares the UK and EU positions on these issues here. It is clear both sides want to move towards an agreement.

As you know, on 26 June, the Prime Minister outlined to Parliament an offer to protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK. We are entering the negotiations with the European Commission and the other 27 EU Member States constructively and we therefore hope that the EU27 will offer reciprocal treatment for British nationals resident in the other Member States.

Many of you will have seen press reports of our 26 June offer, whether in the UK or Spanish media. I hope you will also have read the detailed proposals which are set out in “Safeguarding the position of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU” (see link at foot of article) and I would encourage you to sign-up for email alerts (you can do so on the Home Office page) to receive updates, to ensure that you are receiving information and guidance from official sources.

The first key element of the new proposal is residence status and working rights. Until the UK’s exit, EU citizens in the UK will continue to enjoy all the rights they currently have under EU law; they can continue to live and work in the UK just as they do now.

The same rights also apply to you, British residents in Spain.  You can continue to live and work here in Spain as you always have done.  After the UK’s exit from the EU, we are proposing a reciprocal deal that would protect the right of UK nationals already in the EU to continue to live and work in the EU.  We hope that the European Commission and the 27 other Member States will agree to this.

The second key element is healthcare, pensions, education and access to benefits. It is our intention to treat EU citizens with settled status in the UK in the same way as if they were UK citizens for the purposes of access to education, benefits and pensions.

For you, the Government has announced that the UK will continue to export and uprate the UK State Pension and provide associated healthcare cover within the EU, issues which I know from my conversations over the last year were important to many of you.

At the moment, those of you who are UK pensioners and resident in Spain access healthcare through the S1 form.  This means the UK reimburses Spain the cost of providing medical treatment.  After the UK leaves the EU, we want to continue your healthcare entitlements on the same basis. Healthcare in Spain was indeed one of the case studies cited in the detailed proposals made by the British Government on 26 June (see link at foot).

Subject to negotiations, we want to continue participating in the European Health Insurance Card scheme meaning EHIC holders continue to benefit from free, or reduced-cost, needs-arising healthcare while on a temporary stay in the EU — and vice versa for EU EHIC holders visiting the UK. We hope the European Commission will agree to this.

The British Government has repeatedly said that, until exit negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the European Union and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force.  You can continue travelling throughout the EU on your UK passport, without any visa requirements.  You can continue to access Spanish healthcare and draw your UK pension.  If you have any difficulties accessing those rights, do please let our Consulates know

I will continue to engage with you and listen to you, as will my consular teams across Spain.

Simon Manley,

British Ambassador to Spain

  • The links referred to are given below, and can be accessed directly from our website.


ARIES – Two of Swords

You should be feeling less upset about recent differences in opinion that can now be settled amicably.  Blessed are the peace makers, as the saying goes.  Admit where you went wrong and partners or associates will be keen to kiss and make up.  When emotionally challenged you more than most, feel discombobulated. The week however, ends on a calmer note.

TAURUS – Nine of Pentacles

An important relationship helps you make financial gains, and new projects hold the promise of a future monetary windfall. Keep an open mind at what’s offered this week; some of which comes far from your current locale.  Issues around diet also preoccupy your thoughts; you’re caught up with either gaining or losing weight, as you’re very body conscious this week.

GEMINI – Ten of Cups

Extra happiness for Gemini’s as you come closer to realising a personal ambition.  Romantically you attract someone special so don’t be a stay at home; get out and about as you never know who you’ll meet, someone who’s uncomplicated for a change.  You don’t even need to try to heal or fix them; they’re perfect just the way they are.

CANCER – Page of Pentacles

You’ll find yourself at a bit of a crossroads this week especially when deciding what’s the best way to improve finances.  There may be more the one opportunity to choose from so think carefully about your next move.  If you are undecided then wait awhile; be sure that over the next couple of months you get on the right track!

LEO – Knight of Swords

You’ll be challenged to stand up for your principles or even to take on those who seek to question your motives. You may feel at times that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you tend be prickly. If the patient approach doesn’t work, get creative and think outside the box in order to reach the right solution.

VIRGO – Seven of Swords

It’s hard to be a light that burns brightly, especially if you’ve recently been subjected to a character assassination or had criticism from those you thought you could trust. Remember though, your inner light can never be extinguished; you’re getting better and better at discernment. Just be careful of the company you keep and don’t give up on your dreams.

LIBRA – Knight of Pentacles

You’ve got your practical head on which is good, as muddled thinking gets you nowhere.  You’re looking for opportunities to increase earnings however; situations won’t shift if you just sit there.  Make a concerted effort to seek out like minded or influential people who can point you in the right direction.  Diversity should be your middle name this week.

SCORPIO – Justice

Get to grips with health matters; decide on the right diet that suits you. You feel more balanced about situations that left you sensitive and out of kilter recently; they are now resolved in a more harmoniously.  For those of you that write for a living; time to start an important project as your imagination/mind could improve your bank balance!

SAGITTARIUS – Nine of Swords

Worrying about problems won’t solve them.  Have a good talk to someone you trust, they will offer fresh insights into your situation and possibly a solution.  Most of your worries may never happen, so why give ‘problems’ power in your life? Avoid important financial deals until the end of the month, as all may not be what it seems.

CAPRICORN – Queen of Cups

You had this card a few weeks back so you may need to revisit how you handled certain emotional situations then.  Time to be more authoritative in areas of life where you feel you’re not being heard.  You get your point across in a gentle but firm way.  Remember, your kindness is not a weakness; just remind others of that.

AQUARIUS – The High Priestess

You have a calling and are being summoned to take action.  You have the power this week to attract exactly what you need to move along your chosen path.  You’re being asked to trust your intuition so you can be guided to meet people who’ll play a huge part in your future.  Others are drawn to your charisma and wisdom.

PISCES – Eight of Swords

There are times when we over-analyse the situations we find ourselves in; especially if faced with an important decision.  The agony of indecision is represented by this card; a feeling of being trapped.  You may be mirroring what your opposite sign Virgo is experiencing. Read what I’ve said for them; the same advice could be meant for you also.


  • Jeremy Parementer

The only item to start his week has to be a tribute to England’s ladies, firstly in cricket and secondly in footie! So, firstly and as it concerns the winning of an actual worldwide trophy, in

Cricket – England’s Women – Top Of The World!

Incredible! At the start of the World Cup, we all had high hopes for Heather Knight’s 3 Lions and expected them to reach the semi’s at least, but after a shattering loss to India in the first game in the Group it did not augur well. But, 6 consecutive wins, including the favourites Australia and twice against South Africa, England arrived in the Final on Sunday, determined to avenge their only loss as they came up against India, who themselves were looking to win their first World Cup and who had surprisingly but deservedly knocked out the Aussies in their Semi. So, it was all set for a great match at Lords, as 3 time winners England batted first and scored a workwomenlike 228 off their 50 overs.

India certainly fancied their chances at that target, especially with their young star Kaur in fine form, having scored 180 of 120 balls in the Semi, and so it appeared as they reached 191 for only 3 down and basically needed 38 runs off 45 balls. Easy peasy you would think, especially as both India’s batters were looking so comfortable and England were running out of ideas as they headed, so we thought, to inevitable defeat and desperate for a heroine to appear. Well, their prayers were answered immediately as Anya Shrubsole came back on to bowl and turned the match upside down, as she took 5 wickets and a runout, to close out the match as India lost their last 6 wickets for only 30 runs and Shrubsole had taken her 5 wickets in 4 overs, compared to 6 in her last 55 World Cup overs! Stunning, and a credit to England’s determination, character and dogged will to win. So, congrats to all those  involved, whether as players, management or fans in a tournament that was amazingly competitive, truly exciting, well supported culminating in the Final at a sold out Lords, and hopefully, a big dig at those old farts who decry and denigrate women’s cricket!

Cycling – Fantastic Froome Only One Behind The All Time Greats!

Wow, he did it! Yes, England’s iron superman of cycling won his 4th Tour de France from the last 5 AND became only the 5th cyclist to win 3 in a row and is now only one win behind such all-time greats as Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault and Indurain with 5 each. As he said “this was the hardest of them all” and you could see that by the look of absolute relief etched on his face as he took the flag at the Champs Elysee, 54 seconds ahead of Columbia’s Uran and 2m20secs ahead of 3rd placed France’s Bardet. Amazing too as he won the race without actually winning any of the 21 stages. Mind you, as he also said, he couldn’t have done it without the incredible support and assistance of his Team Sky riders so a big well done to him and them! And who’s to say that he won’t join that pantheon of greats on 5 wins next year as he has stated that he does intend to go for it.

Football – England Leading Their Group!

Yes, the Sports news gets even better as England’s women are currently leading their Group and looking good to progress through to the k/o stages of the Euro 17 Championship, after two wins from two, the first a 6-0 thrashing of Scotland and the latest a very nervy 2-1 win over Spain, courtesy of goals from Kirby and Taylor, having conceded a penalty which was given and then overturned by the ref! So, with one to come against Portugal on Thursday, barring any mishaps, the 3 Lions should take their place in the Quarters. As for Scotland, not good so far, with 2 defeats from their matches with England and Spain and they need a miracle as they go in to their final match against Spain.

Golf – A Mcilroy Surge But Just Too Late!

Disappointment for Brit Rory at The Open at Royal Birkdale as, despite a last round of 67, including a magnificent eagle on the penultimate hole which put him in touching distance of 3rd place, he ended up 5 under and a share of 4th place, still worth ₤204,500, enough to buy yet another top-of-the-range Ferrari. Not bad for 4 days work! It’s now 25 years since The Open had an English winner, having been dominated by Americans, and so it continued as Jordan Spieth, America’s wonder kid, won the Championship (and the small matter of ₤1.4m!) by 3 from Matt Kuchar and became only the second man, after the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus, to win 3 of the 4 Majors before his 24th birthday. More important though is the fact that if he wins the US PGA next month he can surpass Tiger Woods as the youngest to a career Grand Slam. Mind you, as in the past, he had a huge wobble at the 13th hole of his last round as he drove the ball behind a hill but was able to, somehow, extricate himself and end up with a bogey. Congrats as well to relatively unknown Matthew Southgate as he shot a final round of 5 under to tie in 6th and become the top Englishman. Congrats also to Alfie Plant as he won the Silver Medal as the top amateur and thereby realising his dream of becoming a pro. Also congrats to crowd favourite Andrew “Beef” Johnson (by the way, a member of the famous Cruttwell golfing family currently resident here in Ibiza!) as he gained the Spat of The Week in the Mail. He took exception to talkSPORT’s host Mike Parry’s proposition that he was a clown rather than an inspirational figure to which Beef hit back calling Parry “sad”, “pathetic and a d***head” comments to which I wholly endorse as any famous person who devotes 2 to 3 hours a day chatting with his fans and signing autographs is a hero in my book. Mind you, it didn’t help his cause when that famous, incredibly talented prat of a footballer, now retired I hope after being given the heave-ho, yet again from Burnley, also endorsed Beef’s comments on Twitter!

‘Tis all for this week, have a good ‘un…Jezza