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The Ibizan 868 20th July 2017
The Ibizan 868 20th July 2017


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Balearic Tourist Letting Laws Passed & Enforced

  • Nick Gibbs
  • The much anticipated new laws governing the rental of private property to the tourist sector have been approved and in force from Saturday 22nd July 2017.

There are 4 key points of change.

  • Holders of existing tourism licences – unaffected.
  • Houses without a licence – new registration criteria. new 5 year licences, applications subject to area zoning.
  • Habitual Housing – new scheme allowing private home owners to let their own house for up to 60 days.
  • Apartments- – prohibition on private letting of apartments repealed.
Tourist Letting Laws Explained …
Existing Licences; No Change

Owners with an existing licence are given a right of continuance in the new law which says they can retain their licence regardless of whether their property falls within an area that is zoned permissible or exclusion established as part of the new legislation relating to new applications.

Documentation stressed that this could only apply to detached houses and town houses, as until this point in time they are the only types of property that have been able to obtain a legal licence.

New 5 Year Licences  from 2018

Houses without a licence – 1 year moratorium, new registration criteria. new 5 year licences, all applications subject to an overriding criteria of needing to be within a permissible zone for an application to be made.

As from Tuesday 18th July a one year moratorium is in effect which will prevent any further homes being registered for tourism rentals. During this year the island must decide what areas are suitable for the issue of tourism licences and which areas should be excluded. It is required of them that they must have this in place by the end of the moratorium.

Once applications for licences are available again, and assuming the applicant can fulfil all the requirements for registration, the licence will only be issued on a 5 year term. No new permanent licences are available in any circumstance.

There is no information available on whether the island is required to allocate areas for tourist licences on any given criteria such as a ratio of the land area, or ratio of properties. From the information provided there is nothing to say how much of the island the Consell is obliged to allocate as permissible, if any at all, nor how it must be shared.

Let Your Own Home Scheme

Habitual Housing – new scheme allowing private home owners of any type to let their own permanent residence for a maximum of 60 days per year, subject to a 2,000€ registration fee.

In a new development to our property and rental regulations, a scheme of allowing owners to rent their own permanent place of residence to tourists has been confirmed. The emphasis is on permanent place of residence, not a facility to let a second home.

Under the scheme, a home owner can legally let their own property to tourists for up to 60 days a year. Owners wishing to take advantage of the scheme must obtain a valid licence at a cost of 2000€. From our text it is not clear whether the fee is for the year or all five.

Apartments; Prohibition Repealed

Apartments- total prohibition of private letting of apartments removed. It is now technically possible, but requires more legislation before it becomes allowable.

In a last minute change of outcome, the absolute prohibition of renting apartments in multifamily buildings was repealed. It is now technically possible to rent an apartment to tourists; however there are considerable caveats and further explanation required.

To explain:-

  • Yesterday it was, by definition, illegal to rent an apartment to the tourist sector.
  • Today, it is not by definition illegal, but it is not authorised or allowed either.
  • For it to become possible to legally rent apartments to the tourist sector, the island Consell must pass further laws allowing that to happen in any given zone.
Balearic Big Picture

To understand some aspects of the new legislation you must consider the different property availability and pricing in different areas of the Balearic Islands.

The legislation is regional and has to be applied on a regional basis. However each island has its own Consell who are given delegated powers to implement the law according to their own island’s needs.

It is perfectly reasonable to assume that there could be areas in Majorca where there is considerable further capacity for tourists, where they do not have the infrastructure pressures experienced in Ibiza and that the local community would be in support of legislation that would increase tourism and the income of the local resident community. This last minute change to the previously absolute and sacrosanct prohibition on renting apartments was made to allow that flexibility at local level.

Ibiza Interpretation

The situation in Ibiza is very different and it is fair to say that even if a political party’s doctrine made them inclined to remove restrictions and allow the open market, it would be political suicide to do so at this moment in time. Imagine a political party running for the UK general election on a mandate that they would double income tax. That is probably a fair analogy to a party running who wanted to allow open market tourist lettings.

Though it is unlikely we will see any party in Ibiza putting their head over the parapet to propose any removal of restrictions on the letting of apartments prior to an election, the possibility must be conceived that once in power, there would be nothing to stop a party changing the regulations.

Black & White, Now Grey

Whilst understanding the needs of the other islands, there will be many people involved with Ibiza’s housing issues who will have felt a moment of dark terror to hear that that absolute rule is no longer so.

Ibiza’s political parties have a history of each holding just a single term in office before being voted out and the opposition taking over. A game of political see-saw ensues with each undoing the other’s work and reversing policy. This factor alone will cause some concerns.

Also there is the nature of the grey area that has been created. The issue of rentals to the tourist sector is one I have heard many different people giving different versions of the regulations, all of them equally sure they are right.

Until this point in time a response could be given that ‘it cannot be possible under any circumstances for that flat to be let to tourism’. That response is no longer available. To put that in a practical context, a resident in a multiple apartment building bothered by rowdy tourists knew absolutely 100%  that the apartments was being rented illegally. Now they do not. That puts dealing with the situation in a totally, especially in terms of making any complaints.

A similar loop-hole has been created through the ability to legally let for 60 days. The owners who let illegally already know their chances of being caught are extremely low. But this new scheme may have given them absolute protection.

The consell’s inspectors struggle to make prosecutions as it is. How much harder have they just made that when every claim will be accompanied by an owner swearing that it is the property they consider their main residence, and that the day the inspector came was in their 60 day allowable period? It feels akin to the police giving the bank robbers a faster getaway car than their own squad car.

Great Expectations

There will be many people in the groups worst affected by the current shortage of affordable housing who will have been hoping for some good news in the new laws. Some initiative, or reason to think there was hope along the line.

It seems they will be disappointed. I cannot see anything in the regulations that will improve Ibiza’s situation, and in some areas possibly worsen it.


In news such as these changes to housing/rental law I would like nothing more than the simple job of reporting straightforward facts in an easy to understand way. That would be quicker, and in terms of imparting information, more effective.

Alas, such hopes are dashed. I have news of this fundamental piece of law affecting many of our readers, and yet in conveying it on the page I am left honestly baffled as to what it is for, what it is meant to achieve, and in this particular case why it even comes with an inbuilt self-sabotage function.

I do not set out to pull holes in the text. I do not have an agenda of wanting to out smart the text. But when I read it, and reread,  and read it again, it is just baffling to me.

The task of revising our legislation was required in reflecting a difficult housing market and increasing tourism pressure in all aspects of our Balearic lives.

For a whole year the best minds we have to offer have been on the case.

And the result is,… well it’s nonsense isn’t it? Am I going insane?

To work through the points as I see them.

  • Licences

Those who already had a licence will continue to have a licence. Their situation is unchanged, the market is unchanged, and their operation is unchanged.

Given the highly attractive returns of letting to the tourist market, we must consider that a large proportion of properties that would ever be let to tourists already are let to tourists. Let us call it 80% for arguments sake.

Add to that there is absolutely no prospect of any relaxation in new building developments that would increase that stock by any significant amount.

So in reality any changes you make to the system will have a very small effect on the actual property in use. By 2020 the new rules might be covering 2% of legally registered private tourism  rentals.

Also those properties with existing licences will be unaffected by the new zones. So again a huge amount of work going into a minute ratio of properties.

Taking all of these points together, what the legislation has achieved, is that 80% in the business of renting to tourists continue to do so as they have always done and the small number that will follow under new and more stringent administration will be  of  negligible effect to the property supply.

The net result is nil in improving our availability for residents, and a few percent in greater controls of the tourist sector.

  • Zones

It feels that the last thing our politicians need is another issue to squabble over. I can think  of no issue more likely to attract squabbling than the opposite sides of the ‘can rent/can’t rent’  zones.

By definition in every situation you will have a person on both sides of the line who wants to be allowed to rent and not allowed to rent. The regional government may call it devolution, but it feels more like passing the buck.

There will be a huge amount of effort in this revised system and the set up of zones, when for many years to come rental properties affected by those zones will amount to no more than 1/2/3% of the available stock.

  • 60 days Private House Rental

At first sight I thought there could be some positive motivation behind this. For example a family paying more than they can really afford, can let their house for one month, snuggle in with the in-laws and get back the Ibiza premium covering their rent for much of the year. But then you come to the clause that they have imposed a 2000€ levy on the registration fee. This levy can be in no relationship to the cost of actually registering a property, it is clearly designed in some way punitive or dissuasive.

So why do it? What is the point in taking all the time to put in place a system, to use up public services and administrative services to establish a scheme that you know you have made pointless by the price? Baffling.

  • Apartment Prohibition Repeal

And then the final step of removing the absolute prohibition on apartment renting. The creation of the grey area, and even the public perception of the relaxation of the stance,  can only have a negative effect if it has any at all.

  • Policing

The issue that encompasses all of the legislation is that of how it is applied, more specifically, how it is policed.

The people of Ibiza know that the regulations are not policed to any level of effectiveness. Yes, you may be the unlucky landlord caught, but it is a needle in a haystack possibility.

  • Summary

So to me it seems that in a year we have achieved 3 additional administrative requirements for our town councils to give their attention and resources.

The establishment of zones/new reasons to squabble.

The administration of a strange rental option that has been purposefully set up with fees so high few people  will want it.

A new system for applications for legal tourist rental houses  which will change nothing other than the amount of administration because it has been set up 25 years too late.

Am I missing something here? Because it feels to me that if a person actually set out with the objective of ensuring they  did absolutely nothing of any benefit whatsoever, there  wouldn’t be a much more feeble outcome than this.

Seriously, I am starting to doubt my own comprehension as more and more nonsense comes across the desk. If anybody can interpret the changes in a different way, see something I have missed, please do get in touch – I would really appreciate it. But until then, I say once more, Bunch of Arse.




Forest Fires In Formentera & Sant Antoni

  • Can Rafal in Sant Antoni and Cala Saona in Formentera.
  • Lit cigarette butts are thought to be responsible for most fires
Can Rafal Fire
  • In the Can Tomàs area, very close to the highway of Sant Antoni
  • A thrown cigarette the probable cause

Once again, the speed of firefighters of the Ibiza and Ibanat Consell, both from the air and by land, was essential to avoid a greater forest fire.

A neighbour alerted the emergency services just after 2pm after noticing the fire in the Can Rafal ravine which is full of dry wood. The fire was immediately declared level 1 due to the houses in the area, however fire crews had the blaze under control by 4pm and while 13,400m2 was damaged by the fire, the houses were safe.

The fireplane and Ibanat’s helicopter were in attendance dropping water and ground crews also fought the flames. Firefighters, 17 fire fighters from the Ibanat, two water trucks, three agents from the Balearic Ministry of Environment and a technician were all in attendance.

During the extinction, a fire fighter of the Ibanat received treatment for the inhalation of smoke. He was taken care of in the place and his condition is not serious.

Cala Saona Fire
  • 200 holidaymakers were evicted from their hotel and several houses
  • The 3rd fire in 2 months – arson is suspected

The fire devastated around 6 hectares of pine forest and Sabinas in the Cala Saona area of Formentera. This is the third fire in two months, and to date, more than 30 hectares have been savaged by fire.

According to sources of the investigation, the fire that occurred Tuesday 18th July started almost simultaneously in 3 separate places – near the entrance of the Punta Rasa road, and two located 500 metres away in near the Cala Saona torrent, on either side. These two fires were a mere 200 metres from the Cala Saona hotel and workers soon realised the fire. They used domestic hoses, buckets of water and shovels of sand in an attempt to extinguish the flames; they managed to get the fires under control.

The hotel evacuated guests and workers to their lobby where they waited until 7.30pm and the fire declared stable.

Many crews attended the Punta Rasa fire, the local Ibanat brigade, Consell Firefighters, Guardia Civil and the Local Police. Just after 3.30pm the first plane was already dropping water on the area and this was followed by the Ibiza Ibanat helicopter, which came to assist. In total three planes were used to extinguish the fire, one of them the Canadair of the Ministry based in Palma, three helicopters, a water truck, 18 firemen, two environmental agents (AMA) and two technicians.


Tourists Withdraw Fake Sickness Claim Against Ibiza Hotel

  • The British couple stayed all-inclusive in 2016, but did not claim until 2017

An Ibicenco hotel has managed to refute a claim for a gastric illness by proving evidence that both were drinking heavily during the dates in which, according to their complaint, they had eaten something bad at the buffet and subsequently had violent/colossal diarrhoea.

Hotels in the Pitiuses have had to take drastic action in legally protecting themselves against such fake sickness claims, which have been likened to the wave of whiplash claims in the UK a few years ago.

In the case of the two Brits, it was not the Macaroni Bolognaise that may have upset their stomachs, but the daily consumption of alcohol which caused their illness. The Ibizan hotel where they stayed was able to provide a list of the alcoholic drinks that were ordered from the free bar at the all-inclusive hotel, little did the couple know that every time they showed the card (totally white) at the bar when ordering drinks, those drinks were being recorded, every gin and tonic they drank. Therefore their visits to the bar incriminated one or both of them as liars, as they could not have drank so much alcohol with their ‘supposed’ illness.

Unsurprisingly, upon hearing the evidence the hotel had, the couple withdrew their complaint.


Injured Irish Tourist Rickie Healy Home

We reported last week that a 27 year old Irish tourist, now named as Rickie Healy, was seriously injured when he mistakenly jumped into the shallow end of the swimming pool of the Piscis hotel in San Antonio. He remains in a critical condition with spinal injuries in Son Espases, Majorca, his family with him as soon as they heard the news.

A crowd funding page was set up to get Rickie back home to Ireland – the estimated cost to fly him around 25,000€.  In just 7 days the amount received is 54,335€, and arrangements are being made for his return home.

Posted by Katie Healy (sister)

“We would like to thank everyone for their generosity and support. We cannot put into words how grateful Rickie & his family are. Currently the family are still in the process of arranging to get Rickie home. We will update everyone as soon as a we know more. We do know there is a long road ahead and we hope that we can all help Rickie & his family on his journey. Regards, Tracy.”

  • Update

Rickie was flown home to Ireland on Wednesday 19th July and is now in the Mater hospital. The crowd funding is still active and they have updated their target to 150,000€ to cover his rehabilitation and medical bills.


200 New Snake Traps For Santa Eulalia

Snakes are becoming an all too frequent sight on an island they are not indigenous. Because of their recent insurgence, Santa Eulalia town hall has spent 7,200€ on the manufacture of more snake traps. These are in addition to the 200 already delivered in autumn last year to combat the proliferation.

Residents can purchase a maximum of 2 boxes each from the Agricultural Cooperative in Can Marçà for the reduced price of 15€ each.

In each trap you will receive a user manual including the maintenance of the trap and what to do if you capture a snake, and also the bait – a live mouse. Whether you agree or disagree with the use of live bait, on purchasing the trap, you are making a commitment to replenish the trap with bait, and contact the correct authority if a snake is captured.

This intervention aims to contribute to the control of these invasive species, which proliferate very quickly in the absence of natural predators, and which seriously endanger some endemic species of lizards.


San Jose Taxis Must Prove They Are Not Avoiding Taxes

In the continuing taxi rows, salaried taxi drivers have reported ‘layoffs’ by licenced taxi holders. According to salaried drivers, licence holders are not fulfilling their duty to be available for hire as they do not wish to exceed the 150,000€ income thus paying a lower rate of tax under the new tax regime.

Within the municipality, there are 103 seasonal licences and 83 fixed. The decree has been issued and the taxis must justify they worked four days of the week between 19th and 25th June. The deputy mayor, Paquita Ribas has given them the choice of which four days they wish to present and they do have 10 days to present their proof – which could be in the form of GPS or tickets.

The mayor has assured the public they are aware that “there are taxi drivers who do not do everything they have to do” and that during the period chosen, calls were not responded to and services not provided due to a lack of vehicles.

The councillor explained that taxi drivers have an obligation to serve the hours that are needed, whether “24 or 35” because they have been granted licences. “The car has to be working,” insisted the mayor.

In this sense, what is sought to check are the hours of some vehicles that could be stopped during the month of June. “A taxi stopped from 5.00 to 7.00 hours because there is no work is not the same as 19.00 until 8.00 the morning of another day,” said the mayor.


Head On Collison Near Santa Gertrudis

Two cars crashed head-on on Wednesday 19th on the Santa Gertrudis road, near the ITV roundabout.

The impact was hard and firefighters were needed to remove the injured people from the vehicles. A 30 year old woman and 40 year old man both driving and both seriously injured, were taken by ambulances to the Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

The cause of the accident is under investigation, however a witness has said one of the vehicles invaded the opposite lane.


Balearics Limit Booze On Flights?

The Balearic government has called on Spain and European Commission to limit the sale of alcoholic drinks per person during flights and possibly in airports as well, to ensure safety on flights and curb on-board anti-social behaviour.

The Balearic government considers that the unlimited sale of alcoholic beverages during flights is “not only unnecessary, but detrimental to safety”.

This follows numerous, and more frequent incidents on flights to the Balearics. Passengers have been arrested upon landing; performed inappropriate acts and flights have been delayed and diverted as a result.

Pilar Carbonell, head of tourism for the Balearic Islands said the limit in airports and on flights would “guarantee security… and tackle anti-social tourism”. It is unclear whether the limit would be imposed on Balearic bound flights or the wider European Union.


Emergency Landing At Barcelona As Cabin Pressure Drops

  • The Ibiza-Leeds flight was diverted and landed at Barcelona

Jet2 have apologised to the passengers on board the flight which started losing cabin pressure. Panic ensued and the oxygen masks were released while the pilots dropped altitude.

The plane made an emergency landing at El Prats in Barcelona and the passengers changed planes for the rest of the journey.

Jet2 released the following statement

‘Our flight was diverted due to a minor technical issue’

‘We would like to apologise to customers who were affected, however their safety and well being will always be our number one priority.’


Airport Security Strike Will Go Ahead

  • If you are travelling after Friday, queues through security will be longer than usual.
  • Keep hand luggage to a minimum, arrive well ahead of time, and expect delays

The Prosegur security strike, which was due to start on the 18th July, was postponed in a hope an agreement could be reached. Unfortunately this has not happened and the indefinite strike will come into effect 00.01am on Friday 21st July.

The website EasyTravel Report has details of all European strike action and gives the following advice

Call your airline it may not use Prosegur workers. If leaving from Ibiza get to the airport minimum of three hours early to get through airport security. Keep hand luggage to bare minimum, and then be prepared for a flight delay. To keep up to date go to


14 Yr Old To Sail Solo From Valencia To Ibiza

14-year-old Valencian Quique Urios, ‘Quicorras’, has been sailing and competing since childhood with an Optimist. At 15 he will be unable to compete in that category so in a bid farewell, he is sailing solo from Cabo de San Antonio to Ibiza and does so in the aid of the charity ‘Formación Senegal’.

The date of departure will depend on weather conditions and he already has authorisation from the Maritime Captaincy of Alicante to carry out the crossing between July 15 and September 15 of this year; provided that the conditions of support and safety are met. However, his father, Quique Urios, believes that it will probably be in September as there is more maritime traffic during August.

Quicorras will not be crossing alone. Alongside him will be a 12 metre sailing boat, a pneumatic boat with 40hp engine, a rescuer, radio equipment with communication between the three boats and the Coastal stations of Valencia, Cabo de la Nao and Ibiza, and two professional divers from the company Politsub, collaborating with them in this challenge in a hope to gain more sponsors.


Cala Llonga Does It Again – For Free

I take my hat off to those involved in the preparation, planning, paperwork and pretty much all the Spanish hoops and obstacle courses they have to go through to be able to provide such quality family orientated entertainment for that magic word “free”. But let’s face it, it costs to have these events; the people working on the night, the additional work involved to make the beach clean for the morning – isn’t free. So if you’re going – find a donation bucket and give a little back.

  • Brian Whetton
Cinema On The Beach

Viva Cala Llonga, in conjunction with Vecinos de Cala Llonga and kindly sponsored by Amante Beach Club, present their summer season of Sunday’s ‘Cinema On The Beach’. The film being shown this week is Nanny McPhee which starts at 9.30 pm (see poster ad for full info). A different film will be shown every Sunday evening up to and including 27th August. Full details will be in your weekly copy of The Ibizan. All showings are Free, but donations buckets will be available. There is plenty of free parking available so why not make it a family evening out in Cala Llonga.

Full Line Up
  • Sun 30th July, Cinema On The Beach ‘Finding Dory’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm
  • Sun 6th Aug, Cinema On The Beach ‘The BFG’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm
  • Sun 13th Aug, Cinema On The Beach ‘El Rey Leon’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm The Lion King, in Spanish English subtitles
  • Sun 20th Aug, Cinema On The Beach ‘Mamma Mia’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm
  • Sun 27th Aug, Cinema On The Beach ‘Trolls’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm


Flamenco Show

Then on Monday 24 July starting at 8pm Viva Cala LLonga are presenting a Flemenco show, again on the beach, opening with a Puppet Show for the children (adults love it)

Flamenco Dance Show by Querencia photo above and ending with Oggie The Fire Juggler. (see ad for full timings info).

It’ll be a fabulous evening and again it’s all free.


San Antonio Harry Potter Day to mark 20th Anniversary

  • A programme of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel
  • The Espai Jove centre, San Antonio, Saturday 29th July 2017

In a celebration of the books and films of the Harry Potter, the Espai Jove of Sant Antoni weill become Hogwarts for the day on Saturday the 29th with a programme the San Antonio town council say will be a “day of alternative entertainment to delight the young ‘pottermaniacos’, who will be able to enjoy different activities related to the magical universe created by JK Rowling” – and we have to agree it does look to be a fantastic programme.

The day will begin at noon and will continue until three in the morning, although for children the activities will end at midnight.

At the beginning of the day , the ‘sorting hat’ will decide which Hogwarts house each of the young witches and wizards will join. All will receive their house emblem and must compete with their teammates to accumulate points in each of the trials and become the winning house.

Butter Beer at the Leaky Cauldron

On the first floor of the Espai, fans of Harry, Hermione and Ron will be able to go through the photocall ‘Have you seen this magician?’, While on the second floor they will be able to portray themselves as villains in ‘he who must not be named’.

The Espai will house its own tavern, ‘El Caldero Dripping’ or the leaky cauldron for those of the book’s native tongue. Inside you can taste a selection of appetisers and the famous (non-alcoholic) butter beer of the magic world.

In addition, it will also have its Diagón Alley, with the collaboration of the bookstore Sa Cultural.

Throughout the day there will be table games for the young wizards and a role playing game entitled ‘The Order of the Phoenix’, set in the time of Mr. Tenebroso’s boom.

The Delicious Flavours of Rotten Eggs & Earwax,

The trolley witch will offer sweets of all flavors and competitors will be able to beat their rivals and accumulate points by tasting delicious flavors such as a candy cloud or disgusting rotten egg and ear wax.

Other good opportunities to get points for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin houses will be the Horcrux hunting, the magician or magic creature costumes contest (6pm) or Potterquiz (7pm). Plus on the second floor, alchemy fans will enjoy a class in potions and spells.

The event is organised by the Department of Youth, with the collaboration of the association Dracs d’Eivissa.


We regret that information on enrolment is a little ambiguous and there is no information on age range. We think it is stating that you enrol on the day. Unfortunately their website agenda does not seem to be updated since May. We will clarify on our website if we can.

Espai JoveCultural center in Sant Antoni de Portmany, Spain

  • Address: Carrer Bisbe Torres, 13, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain
  • Hours:  9am–2pm, 5–7pm
  • Phone: +34 971 80 31 63


 Day to Day

  • Keith Haring Exhibition @ La Nave, Salinas near Salt Dock, Tues – Sun 11am-1pm and 5pm-10pm

  • Colours Of Ibiza Exhibition, P-Gallery, Ca na Negreta, from July 14th until September 30th, 10-2pm and 4.30-8.30pm, A collective exhibition featuring photographs, sculptures and paintings from national and international artists. Free entrance
Sat 22
  • Ecological Market, Sant Josep, 9am-1pm, Organic food and craft market
Saturday Workshops

Every Saturday at 11am during the month of July, the Sant Josep market are holding workshops of traditional Ibizan cultural activities. Each week there is a different activity. On the 22nd there is a workshop on carts and on the 29th you can create a type of bagpipe.

For more information call 971 801 598 or

Sun 23
  • Cinema on the Beach ‘Nanny McPhee’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm Bring a blanket and make sure you arrive early to get a good spot! Free with ample parking.
  • Celebrity Sundays, Jacaranda, Es Canar. See advert for line up.
  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, from 8pm Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.
  • ‘Back To The Future’ @ Cinerama Dorado, Playa d’en Bossa, Santos, 9pm
  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm
Mon 24

l Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am, Evening market often with live music.

Tue 25
  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am Evening market often with live music.
  • Double Bill of VOSE (English with Spanish subtitles), Cine Regio San Antonio.

5.30pm Cars 3

7.30pm War for Planet of the Apes

Wed 26
  • Hippy Market, Es Canar, Punta Arabi,  10-7pm. More than 500 stalls, paella from 1.30-3.30pm at the Grill restaurant and ‘Hippy Kids’ area with activities.
  • Querencia Flamenco @ Villa Mercedes Restaurant , San Antonio
Thu 27
  • Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party @ Ibiza Rocks. Opening party with Craig David, Blonde, Patrick Nazemi and and Ibiza Rocks DJs. 2pm-9pm
  • Hippy Market, Cala Llonga, Beach Promenade, from 6pm Plenty of free parking and live music!
  • Artisan Fair, Sant Rafel, 7pm-11.30pm. Exhibitions of handicrafts and food set along Pintor Narcís Puget and the Church Square. There will be a free train leaving San Antonio bus station at 6.30pm to the event and returning at 8.30pm
  • Nell Shakespeare live @ Pura Vida Beach, from 3pm
Fri 28
  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm
  • Carly & Chris Unplugged/Plugged, Vista el Puerto, Cala de Bou. 9-12pm
Sat 29
  • Harry Potter Day, San Antonio, A programme of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel, See Article
Sun 30
  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm
  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm. Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.
  • Cinema On The Beach ‘Finding Dory’, Cala Llonga Beach, 9.30pm, see article
  • Celebrity Sundays, Jacaranda, Es Canar. See advert for line up.



Butt Me No Butts!

  • Huge kudos to Piers Dupoy for his self help approach to a blight on our beaches.
  • Nick Gibbs

We all do a bit of scrolling now and again don’t we? Whether our nosey nature or putting off doing something more tedious, and it is amazing what can catch your eye for further investigation. Quite often our curiosity is rewarded with nothing more than a rabbit hold of nonsense, but every now and again you can be pleased you ‘wasted’ that 5 minutes.

A photo of fag butts in a bottle. On another day I could have put it down to a new Spanish edition of hoarding weirdos, and being on the page of a film company, Ibiza Film Crew, it wouldn’t have been that unreasonable assumption. But thankfully my finger must have had a bout of cramp and I was interested to read it was the result of a self appointed Womble in our midst who had taken it upon himself to clear Cala Salada of cigarette butts, and obviously had quite a successful harvest.

I put a message through and the man behind the lens, Piers Dupoy, explained what he was up to.

“ I have been collecting over the last 2.5 weeks, mainly at Cala Saladeta, but also Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, Port des Torrents and Cala Nova.

I noticed the discarded cigarettes when on the beach with some friends, and now I can’t un-see it.

It normally takes an hour and a half to fill a 1ltr bottle with cigarette butts, but have also been collecting plastic as the beaches are in a terrible state”.

I was even more impressed when Piers sent me some more photos, then some more—a man on a mission!

“As the island has been under increasing pressure with tourism numbers, it seems the pollution, rubbish and recycling problems have been left to one side. The clean up operation in San Antonio every morning is staggering.

“However, I also noticed the state of the island when I arrived back in April, and I am shocked by the local’s attitude to their own island. I live in a Spanish area in Ses Paisses and the amount of dog mess, street rubbish and litter on their own land shows me they haven’t got the message themselves, but are quite happy to blame the tourists for the state of their island.

“If the island was spotless, and laws in place, and then enforced, locals and tourists might respect the place more too.

“I’d love to get the message over to the island authorities and get them motivated to work on the solutions, not just blame tourism. Since posting these pictures and videos people have contacted me with examples in Portugal, the smoking ban in Santa Eularia etc.

“Education is key, but we also need practical solutions  like reusable ash trays on all the beaches”.

I am sure many people will applaud Piers’ direct action. We all do a fair bit of moaning, rental prices, traffic, club prices, rental prices again, and it is a refreshing change to see somebody just get up and help deal with the problem.

Good work Piers!

  • You know what it’s like, you’ve been waiting ages for a Butt, then 3 come along at once! Over to Claire B


Free Beer For Butts

  • Playa d’en Boss, White Beach Cluba

Congratulations to White Beach Club on Playa d’en Bossa for participating in this great initiative – and yes, you read it right – they’re offering free beer. You can exchange each full cup of cigarette butts (colillas) collected on the beach for a beer or soft drink. (ed: look Piers—you could get drunk on your haul)

It can take from 18 months to 12 years for a cigarette filter to fully decompose. But that isn’t the worst of it. The core of most cigarette filters, the bit that looks like white cotton, is actually a form of plastic called cellulose acetate, which degrades very slowly. Add to this that used cigarette filters are full of the toxin tar and that those chemicals leach into the ground or the sea, damaging any living organisms that come in contact with them. Most filters are discarded with bits of tobacco still attached to them, further polluting the environment with nicotine, which is poisonous.

So, not only is it unpleasant to find discarded cigarette ends on the beach, but they are actually harming our beautiful island. Any initiatives to combat this practice have to be commended – it shouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately it is.


Portable Ceramic Ashtrays

Here’s a great idea for smokers to do their bit for the environment. If you’re a smoker who loves to go to the beach, you can be responsible and stylish at the same time by buying and using one of these beautiful portable ceramic beach ashtrays. Or you can take them to the campo too if you have a picnic and help protect our island from the risk of forest fires – a real problem at this time of year.

They are handmade by an Ibizan artisan using local clay and have a natural cork stopper. They are made with love and not for profit – they are selling them for about 3€ and asking retail outlets not to sell them for more than 5€. There are 3 places currently selling them, but also look out for them at local environmental events:

Sea Energy eco shop in San Rafael, by the church

Chiringuito Cala Escondida @ Cala Contita

Madre Tierra in Es Canar.

It’s great to see local artists doing something positive to help to protect our environment and in a bid to rid the beaches and the countryside of cigarette ends and to cut down the serious risk of forest fires. They say on their Facebook page: “Cigarette butts are highly toxic, especially when they come into contact with water, thus affecting biodiversity and even affecting our own food chain. Although it can seem like cigarette butts just disappear in the sand, they actually take up to 12 years to fully biodegrade. Unless we do something, it is possible that in just a couple of years, you will be laying your beach towel down on a bed of cigarette butts instead of sand.” Something to think about!

If you have a business you can order large quantities and have them specially personalised. More details @


At Night

DJ Awards

  • Claire B

Voting is now open for the DJ Awards, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary and which will hold its award ceremony this year in Hï Ibiza on September 26.

Celebrating 20 years of DJ Culture, the 2017 categories and nominees include 9 music categories covering the broad spectrum of electronic music, including Bass, Big Room House, Deep House, Downtempo & Eclectic, Electronic Live Performer, House, Tech House, Techno & Trance, plus a further 3 non-music categories, Breakthrough, Newcomer and International DJ.


The final list of nominees has been compiled with the help of a panel of industry professionals and is more extensive than ever. They reflect a wide range of DJs and producers, including many that remain at the forefront, as well as some exciting new talents. In addition to the music categories, there will be 12 Special Industry Awards, which are awarded by a panel of judges, including Producer, Track of the season, Record Label of the Year, Ibiza DJ, Ibiza Music Event, Ibiza Night and International Festival also including this year an Eco Award and a special award for the 20th anniversary.

Voting Now Open

Voting is open now until the beginning of August so be sure to vote now and have your say at their website.


DJ Award Radio Show

A new collaboration this year is the DJ Awards Radio Show, which launched its summer residency on Ibiza Global Radio on July 4. There will be a weekly radio show every Tuesday at 10pm from July 4 for 14 weeks, with some of the shows being broadcast live on Ibiza Global TV. The weekly show will feature exclusive mixes and interviews with some of the nominees from a selection of the categories. You can listen to the DJ Awards Radio Show on 97.6 FM in Ibiza and Formentera, or online at:

For voting and more information go to


Flower Power Fiesta

  • Destino
  • Claire B

Flower Power at Pacha is one of Ibiza’s longest running parties and last week the party moved outside to Destino for the day. The Flower Power Beat Experience Festival saw the venue decorated to the nines in Flower Power’s inimitable style with a soundtrack of music from the 60s and 70s – think lots of Beatles, Rolling Stones, Motown, Beach Boys, rock and roll and much more. With market stalls, roving performance artists, dancers and decorations hanging across the venue and around the pool it all added up to a fun and cool party. And making it free for residents to access before 5pm was a nice touch.


Ibiza Reggae Festival

  • Thu 3/Fri 4 August, San Carlos

August 3rd marks the 4th Ibiza Reggae Festival in Las Dalias Ibiza.

This year they will be celebrating the visit to the island of reggae legend Bob Marley in 1978. Joining the festival is one of Bob Markey’s own children Ki Many Marley. Organisers said he will be the first member of the Marley family to perform on the island in the last 39 years. “With this performance we will be able to enjoy a concert in which the great themes of Bob Marley certainly will be remembered. Ki Many Marley, comes to Ibiza to leave a mark, and turn the date into another memorable day on the island.”

Also on the bill great legends of reggae, Xana Romeo, daughter of renowned singer Max Romeo. The festival organisers are proud of their home grown talent too.

“Also, someone who for us could not miss in this edition of the festival, El Hermano L, one of the greats of the national scene, and that one more year comes from the neighbouring island of Mallorca, to offer a performance of the Which we all like! Raggamuffin Style !!”

A great line up for a great Ibiza event.

You can now purchase your early ticket at a reduced price at


Original Funky Material

  • The Funky Room, Wednesdays, Pacha Marina Botafoch

“There cannot be many, possibly any, parties that have the stamina to survive 21 years in Ibiza’s fickle clubland.

The funky room at Pacha started with a simple outlook and has kept to the same idea since.

It is not a difficult concept to get your head around but given few have emulated that sort of longevity it does seem to elude most.

Ask the inimitable Vaughan what its all about and the answer is quite simply “get people dancing, and keep them dancing”.

When you say it like that it seems obvious. that is what its all about.

the people charged with making that happen are DJs Pippi and Willie Graff with Paul Powell holding the MC mic with which he will bewitch any unsuspecting female within earshot of that deep siren sound.

The funky room has welcomed many an A-lister  including the likes of Jamiraquoi, and there are plans for a big celebration in the  latter part of the season. Until then the message remains as simple as it ever has been…


(it’s all about the hips, dancing from the hips, Vaughan will provide assistance to the groovely-challenged)



View From The Pew

“The mouth of the Lord has spoken”.
  • Dr Peter Pimentel

This is a frequent saying in the Bible. Why not just say, “the Lord has spoken?”

“The mouth of the Lord” suggests that the Lord is speaking a contemporary word in the present moment. Most of occasions when this phrase occurs is immediately after a prophecy. There is a prophetic utterance by one of the prophets followed immediately by: “the mouth of the Lord has spoken”. When they spoke an oracle they were convinced that it was God speaking through them. They were a mouthpiece for God.

A variation on the phrase occurs more than two and a half thousand years before Jesus in the ancient Near East: “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there until they have watered the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, 11 so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” (The Bible, Isaiah 55:10-11). This seems to be saying that when God speaks into a situation what God has said will surely happen. God’s spoken word does not return empty.

The prophet gives us some clues about how to hear God’s voice. Firstly, he says “incline your ear”. (Isaiah 55:3 & 6). The original Hebrew word pronounced natah literally means “to stretch out” or “to spread out” or even “to twist”. That’s very suggestive I think. What does it mean to “to stretch out your ear”? Secondly, he says: “Seek the LORD while he may be found, call upon him while he is near.” The Hebrew word translated here as “seek” is pronounced darash, a well-known word in ancient and modern Hebrew, meaning: “to study”, “to enquire”, “to search”, “to interpret”, “to investigate”, “to question”. The main obstacle to hearing the voice of God is, I suggest, complacency! The Bible says: “For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it!” (Job 33:14)

  • Church service 10.30am Sunday 23rd Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street), Santa Eulalia
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


 Nicky Holloway Appeal

  • Claire B

We’re sad to report that Nicky Holloway, one of dance music’s pioneers was diagnosed in March with prostate cancer. Influenced by what he experienced on that infamous holiday to Ibiza in the summer of 1987, Nicky and his chums went on to change the face of clubbing in the UK.

He is currently raising money via Go Fund Me to have Proton Beam Therapy in the Czech Republic, because the treatment is not currently available on the NHS in the UK. The treatment there has a 97% success rate and unsurprisingly it’s not cheap. He’s trying to raise £25,000 to cover the cost of this treatment, so if you’ve been touched by what he has contributed over the years, then please donate whatever you can to make a difference to his life. Nicky promises “the mother of all thank you parties once it is all taken care of”.

More info and donations here:


Giles Sawney R.I.P

  • Ed: The following text was written by Colin Butts, and is published with his blessing. Colin will be known to many of our readers as facing his own fight with cancer. From what Colin has told me directly, the bond between Giles and himself had grown strong in recent months. A mutual support of empathy that must have given strength, but also make it all the harder for Colin in it being ended so quickly. Few of us could hope to leave our epitaph in better hands than those of Colin. A full obituary by his hand will follow in due course.
  • Colin Butts

It is with deep sadness that I relay the passing of my dear friend Giles Sawney.

I know this will come as a shock to many of his friends and associates who didn’t even know he was ill but typical of Giles, he didn’t want to make a fuss and felt that those who were in touch with him as a matter of course would know anyway. He asked me that when the time came, to let people know via here and that time came in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday 19th July 2017.

Giles discovered he had lung cancer in March this year and as a result, moved back to his mum and sister in Westgate-on-Sea. I came and saw him about a month later and although it was an aggressive form of lung cancer he was talking about Christmas and the New Year. Knowing how important it is to have friends as well as family around (and being partial to a bit of seaside) I decided to move nearby but alas, over the course of the last month he went downhill rapidly and for the last couple of weeks has been in Pilgrim’s Hospice, Margate, which is where he peacefully passed away a few hours ago (well, peacefully after having a bit of a typical Giles moan about being made comfortable, according to his sister Heather).

He faced his Illness with awe-inspiring courage and dignity that was very humbling.

I saw him yesterday lunchtime and he still had his wits about him. He asked me to get him a bag of Fruit Pastilles when I came back in the evening (I should just interject here that Giles hadn’t turned into a Fruit Pastilles kind of guy and that most of his time in the hospice was spent most definitely breaking the rules, having Bloody Marys and champagne for breakfast – and that’s only the stuff I can tell you about).

I ended up buying 2 packets (I ate the first one so no, I haven’t changed either) and went back in about 7pm last night. He was laying there with his head back and…well, if you’ve seen people die before you kind of just know. I left them on his bedside and said good-bye without him knowing. I’ll love his sister Heather forever for telling him I’d been in and for her telling me he gave a little smile at that before he closed his eyes.

Many of the younger and more recent visitors to Ibiza will know Giles for running the Apolo hotel for the previous two years prior to this summer, which he did with a Fawlty like finesse and a belliegerence that was usually for his own rather warped amusement. He took great pleasure in relaying a conversation with a worker who asked him if the washing machine was free (as in available) to which he replied, “No, it’s 2 euros,” and kept the conversation going for a couple of minutes just so he could watch the worker struggle to unsuccessfully find another word for “free”.

Others will know Giles for when he owned Kasbah up until a few years ago and for being Judge Jules’ partner in Judgement Sunday during its heyday in the early noughties. Giles brought in DJs like Stanton Warriors, The Plump DJs and tapped into the worker culture vein so that as well as the main room, the back room in the club had what was its most halcyon days.

What many don’t know is that at one point just before the turn of the millennium, Giles was the manager of Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Tiesto, who he also brought to those wonderful Sunday nights.

Giles was a highly intelligent, darkly funny, amusingly opinionated man, who’s antics not so many years ago would put most young pretenders to shame.

He has died young but like most stars, he lived the life and crammed a lot into that time.

I’m going to miss him terribly and as I now start a new chapter of my own life it is going to be in a wonderful place I wouldn’t have been in were it not for him so in that way he is still and will always be a part of mine.

RIP old friend, you will be sorely missed.


Margaret’s Moonlight Walk Raises 2,000€

Margaret Nawaz has such a knack of fund raising quite astonishing amounts from what would appear modest events, that were she doing so in the middle ages we fear she would be up in front of the Witch finder general with some explaining to do.

The latest in Margaret’s magical money making was a moonlight meander followed by what was described as ‘a picnic and a chat’.

So how much did the efforts of the 18 in attendance raise? Well 2,000€, I already said that in the headline so little point building suspense. 2,051.54€ to be precise, to go to the Ibiza and Formentera Fight Against Cancer (IFFCC) fund.

Margaret asked us to convey her thanks to all in attendance. And on behalf of the Ibiza community we would like to offer our thanks to Margaret for her awesome efforts.


Help Needed: Santa Gertrudis, San Jordi/Jose/Juan, …

Many of our readers will know Richard Lawson and the one of a kind China, who between them had taken care of newspaper deliveries around the island.

A sad year for the newspaper loosing Richard Lawson before his time.

And though sad in as much as he is such a great chap to have around, we  have to admit that delivering papers in the July midday sun with ever worsening traffic is no fun for somebody half China’s age, even a quarter his age—or is that insulting? I’ll stick with half his age.

We have the biggest urban areas well covered by a 5am express drop beating the heat and the cars, but we would love to hear of anybody with an hour to spare who could help us with any of the smaller villages.  We can work out a convenient pick up point for a bundle of papers if  anybody can help drop to a few places in any of the list above or other village or rural area.  Call 638 923 119 or mail



20th July 2017— 26th July 2017

ARIES – Knight of Wands

Take opportunities to travel; especially for career or to further your education.  The people you meet and what you will learn could end up having a big impact on your future.  Creative Libra’s do especially well this week as others are more than willing to back your bright ideas.  New business opportunities will also flourish and colleagues are appreciative.

TAURUS – The Tower

If it looks like important plans are going pear-shaped this week it’s because something’s been overlooked and you’re possibly the culprit. You’ve been in such a rush to complete a project and impress others, that you may miss something. Go back to the drawing board and review. This card also indicates that eureka moment; so all is not lost!

GEMINI – Eight of Swords

You feel a little ‘off’ and are likely to be overwhelmed by deadlines or the demands of others; you feel like running for the hills!  Stop struggling with impulse to take a couple of duvet days.  You need this to restore your equilibrium; others will just have to get on with it.  Next week you’ll be back in the game.

CANCER – Knight of Pentacles

Younger members of your family or friends need support and are looking to you for inspiration.  This may be intrusive at times but you will be rewarded by seeing how much they flourish under your guidance.  If you’re put in the position of mentor; give them encouragement.  Some will be thinking of relocating in order to pursue a financial ambition.

LEO – The Emperor

Taking responsibility for ones actions is a sign of maturity. This week, associates loved ones and family will sit up and take notice. They sense a “new” you; someone more determined and single minded about what they want to achieve. You’ve laid foundations for a new way of life and will only operate on your terms and not someone else’s.

VIRGO – Five of Swords

It may be difficult for you to keep a lid on your temper as you discover what’s been going on behind your back.  You’ll be pretty upset by the underhanded dealings of others as you are usually a good judge of character. Sometimes you trust unconditionally only to find you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude.  Time to wise up!

LIBRA – Two of Wands

Don’t sit on the fence this week Libra, time to get back into the swing of things.  Life’s a party that’s waiting for you to join it!  Your problems are solvable; don’t waste valuable head space inventing problems where few exist.  Your mind is your biggest obstacle this week; don’t give in to negativity when in fact everything is fine.

SCORPIO – Ace of Swords

Clear decision making is a rare ability however, this week you’re able to cut through the indecisiveness and procrastination of others, in order to get your desired result.  If you’re involved in any legal matters, it denotes triumph over your opponents.  If you’re the sporting type, you make a formidable opponent.  No-one will get the better of you this week!

SAGTTARIUS – Six of Swords

Release recent emotional pain by creating some distance physically from those that hurt you. You’re moving out of stormy waters and into calmer seas, so it won’t do to dwell on the past.  The waters of emotion depicted on this card work to heal old wounds. Music becomes your healing; turn on and tune into sounds that make you happy.

CAPRICORN – Five of Wands

Time to grips over the actions of someone close that’s been troubling you for some time.  If a friendship, relationship or business association is niggling; communication’s the key to sorting the problem.  Find solutions in a harmonious way and you will be surprised at the love that comes your way.  In business you’re a smooth operator with powers of persuasion!

AQUARIUS – Two of Pentacles (reversed)

A disorganised week as nothing seems to go according to plan.  Don’t give up though as it’s only a temporary glitch.  It means that you have to get on top of practical matters, which you can only do if you adhere to some kind of schedule.  Keep a tight budget and if you lose something it will eventually turn up.

PISCES – The Hierophant

If you’ve been experiencing a little chaos in certain areas of your life, then you will need to set boundaries or impose some much needed discipline or routine.  Have faith that the structures on which you base your life are sound and reliable.  You’re experiencing a profound shift in the way you live your life; so enjoy and embrace it!




Amanda Zips It Up
  • Amanda O’Riordan

Buenos Dias everyone, and welcome to another weekly instalment of Amanda Zips It Up, coming to you from Love Island itself – Mallorca.

I’m in full summer swing, spending alternative weeks in Mallorca and Ibiza over these summer months.

Love Island (Mallorca) is super hot this week busy, busy, busy. There’s no space by the pool and every sunbed has – you guessed it – a towel on it by 7.30am. Even on a Sunday.

No reference to any particular tourists, I must add. It’s just so hot that you have to get that spot by the pool, and if you don’t, your only other option is to get sand in parts it shouldn’t reach, on the beach.  Or go out and eat and shop. Which is exactly what me and my little fam have been doing.

I thought I’d recommend a wonderful afternoon out, if you’re ever here in Mallorca. A drive out to the scenic Port of Soller, taking in the breath-taking scenery en route, followed by lunch at the super stylish Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Famous in Dubai of course, and now tastefully recreated on the cliff tops of Soller, overlooking the Med.

We had hand made Italian pasta and delicious fresh salads, eaten oceanside in peace and tranquillity. The views are phenomenal and the hotel boasts the same OTT VIP attention you expect in the UAE. I have to now get in that pool and burn off the calories though. It’s a must-do, as ‘they’ say.

Anyway, onto this week’s blog and we check out the new H&M designer collab, who’s rocking the new buzz cut, and which particular detail of Love Island have the fashion crowd caught onto?

It’s all here. Happy mid July. x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog


Erdem For H&M

To say I’m excited about this upcoming collection is an understatement. Those of you who know me, will be aware that I love a boho, floaty midi length dress.

Around this time every year, we start hearing rumours and reading stories about H&M’s designer collaborations. Previous pairings have included the likes of Kenzo, Balmain, Versace and Karl Lagerfeld, to name but a few.

This year, the high street giant has announced it’s teamed up with one of my favourite designers ever – London-based brand Erdem – which will also include a menswear edit, a first for the Canadian-born designer.

While I don’t know a lot about the collection thus far, you can take a sneak-peek at the teaser campaign trailer online, made by film maker Baz Luhrmann. This sees models running through a country estate donning the label’s signature florals, tiered hemlines and silk fabrics.

The collaboration will launch instore and online at on 2 November 2017. Until then, here’s a little bit more about Erdem Moralioglu and his famous clientele.

Born in Montreal, Canada to a British mother and Turkish father, Moralioglu studied fashion at Ryerson University in Toronto before interning for Vivienne Westwood at the London office. After receiving his master’s degree in 2003 from the Royal College of Art, he was selected to be part of the final collection in their graduate showcase.

The show led to an internship at Diane von Furstenburg’s New York HQ in 2004, before returning to London the following year to launch his own label.

He made his debut Fashion Week 2015’s Fashion Fringe and this catapulted him to fame and led to various awards and accolades, including the British Fashion Council’s fashion enterprise and Elle’s Fashion Future Award.

The brand is now sold in over 170 retailers (as well as its own e-commerce store, launched in 2014) and finally opened its flagship store in Mayfair in 2015.

So who has he dressed?! From actresses and models to royalty, the label is popular with A-listers but his number one fan has to be the Duchess of Cambridge. If Erdem’s showstopping catwalk shows are anything to go by, think dramatic, ethereal dresses, feminine blouses with a twist and of course, his signature floral prints.

If you’re looking for something extra special for your Christmas party this year or want an investment piece with a slightly more realistic price tag, this is the H&M designer collaboration for you.

Race you to the front of the queue in November…


The New Buzz Cut

It’s the new hair craze.

The bleached blonde crop.

It was seen at the official fashion event of the year – Paris Couture Week – in particular, Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel show.

Rather than the latest Chanel couture collection, everyone was talking about the battle of the buzz cuts. As seen on Cara Delevigne, who started the trend, Kristen Stewart, Tilda Swinton and Katy Perry.

We’ve seen the look before, circa early 90s  – think Roxette – but this time round it’s signifying feminism in its most fashionable form.

It’s not a number one all over by any means. Katy rocks the ‘bangs’ (fringe), Tilda opts for a grown out fringe parted at the side and Cara and Kristen both look like they’ve whipped their clippers out and shaved their heads in front of the mirror at home. All topped off with a large dose of peroxide.

Of course, strong eye makeup is a must. As Karl’s muse, Kristen leads the way and others follow.

The other side to this is that both Cara and Kristen are out and proud lesbians. Grazia reported an overheard conversation in the fashion audience mentioning this new look symbolised ‘Lesbianism’, but Katy (to my knowledge) isn’t. In other words, it’s for everyone. If you’re brave enough.

Downside? It’s drastic and masculine, to an extent. Cara has a beautiful and perfectly symmetrical face, which would work with a ginger afro, let alone the bleach blonde crop. But it might not suit everyone.

Upside? It’ll grow out in a few weeks.

Until the next hair trend…


I Heart Love Island

So we know that Love Island fever has swept the UK. Two million tune in every night to watch the twenty-somethings, all waxed, plumped and groomed to within an inch of their lives trying to have sex with each other to win the prize money.

Twitter and Instagram are buzzing about it, and in addition to the Primark range featuring slogans from the show, you’ll be surprised to know that the genuine fashion crowd is getting caught up in the “Love” action too.

I’m not talking about the metallic bikinis and oversized sunnies. It’s the red love heart motif, which is taking over our printed garments and accessories.

It’s the new alternative to polka dots or floral prints. With love hearts seen on everything from sweatshirts, to trousers, socks and bras.

It’s very ‘Valentine Card’ esque, but it seems fashionistas everywhere are embracing hearts.

Paris Haute Couture’s take on love couldn’t be further away from ‘100% My Type On Paper’ and the actual Love Island villa, just up the road from me here in Mallorca.

It’s not for me – a little too much teenage girls pyjamas for my liking, but you could opt for heart-motif accessories like kitch sunglasses and clutch bags.

Time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Literally.




Summer Art Part 1

  • Claire B

There are some prestigious and interesting exhibitions on in Ibiza at the moment if you want a short respite from the summer heat and catch some culture at the same time. Here is part 1 of my round up …


Keith Haring Exhibition @ La Nave
  • Ses Salinas

THE exhibition to see in Ibiza at the moment has to be the Keith Haring exhibition at La Nave in Salinas. The exhibition features four monumental works by the American artist: Channel Surf Club, Knokke (1987), Untitled (DV8, 1986), Untitled (Headstand, 1988) and Tokyo Pop Shop (1988).

I covered this exhibition a few weeks ago—you can see the full version online here


Almond Trees Of Ibiza
  • Ibiza port, Jesús and Santa Eulalia

Sustainable Art and Mondo Galeria present ‘The Almond Trees of Ibiza’, three interactive installations and exhibitions in Ibiza Port, Jesús and Santa Eulalia.

It is a project in which art is being used to raise awareness of Ibiza’s dying almond trees and the preservation of the environment.

Instigated by the artist Sophie Stinglhamber (the founder of Sustainable Art) with the curator Diego Alonso (Mondo Galeria), each installation consists of a stunning sculpture of an almond tree by Sophie Stinglhamber.

New Lease of Life

The sculptures, more than four meters high, were created in Ibiza from dead almond trees extracted from a field in Santa Gertrudis. The sculptures are to be auctioned on July 21 by Sotherby’s at Ibiza Gran Hotel to raise money to help replant almond trees and fund the seed bank that is preserving the endemic varieties of the island.

“Taking care of the almond trees means understanding the problem at the source, at the roots. What is happening in Ibiza is an example of what is globally happening to the environment. Today we can not change the past, but we can work for a more respectful world. Visual art makes it possible to challenge human sensibilities differently.” Diego Alonso.

The 3 exhibitions are at:

  • Es Martell, Ibiza Port, interactive installation – a sculpture accompanied by videos by John Janssen and Elise Guillaume, until July 25
  • Centro Cultrural de Jesús, exhibition, until July 30
  • Plaza de España in Santa Eulalia, installation, until 30.

For more information on the project and to donate:



Jezzas World of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Not a lot of time this week, as I’m already late for this week’s copy, so straight in to it and what a week!


Tennis:  Roger Federer Takes Record 8th Wimbledon Title!

Absolutely incredible as my prediction at the start of Wimbledon fortnight comes true. OK, I predicted a Federer/Nadal Final but I did predict a Fed win! For Federer to go right through to win it without dropping a set, the first time that the eventual winner has done that since Bjorn Borg in 1976, is something to behold and add to that two more records: (1) that he became the second oldest winner of a Major since Ken Rosewall in 1972 as well as the oldest winner of Wimbledon in the open era and (2) that this was his 8th Wimbledon title, surpassing Pete Sampras and William Renshaw, who both had 7. And did he win it in style, straight sets, 6-3,6-1,6-4 against Croatian Maron Cilic, appearing in his first Wimbledon Final, although he had won the US Open in 2015, defeating Federer on the way to the Final. You had to feel for Cilic tho’ as he appeared to suffer, whether from the pressure and/or a blistered foot, in the 2nd set but give him his due, he came back to at least make a fist of it in the final set. So, a grand finale to the Mens, despite the loss of Murray, Djokovic and Nadal but as for the Women, great to see Spaniard Garbine Muguruza take her first Wimbledon title as she demolished Venus Williams, conqueror of Brit Jo Konta in her Semi, 6-4,6-1. Also congrats to Jamie Murray, as partnering tennis legend Martina Hingis in the mixed doubles, they beat Brit Heather Watson and Kontinen in straight sets to take the title. All in all, a good but not great Wimbledon but at least we don’t have to suffer the voices of those two Terrible Twins, the equally ubiquitous Castle and Balding, for at least another year!

Cricket:  Upper & Downer For Root & England!

Welcome to the idiosyncrasies of the England captaincy Mr Joe Root! After stuffing South Africa at Lords in the 1st Test at Lords by a mere 211 runs, England did their usual and were themselves stuffed, this time by a mere 340 runs, in the 2nd Test at Trent Bridge on Monday to leave the 4 Test Series tied at 1-1. This is the beauty of sport, one minute you’re up and the next, you come crashing down but the test for any team or individual is how they react to defeat so well done to the Proteas, superbly led by returning skipper du Plessis, for coming back so strongly. As for England, two batting collapses which must spell the end for Jennings and Ballance, and in the bowling department, Dawson (to be replaced by Patel?) so work to do for the selection committee, methinks, and quick, before the next Test!

As for the Women in the current World Cup, great news for them as they won their 6th consecutive match, this time beating the West Indies by 92 runs at Bristle to top the qualifying Group and take their place in the Semis where they will take on South Africa after they qualified in 4th spot, despite losing twice against England and Australia. The other semi promises to be a humdinger as the Aussies, still favourites, take on India so I expect an England/Australia Final with the 3 Lions winning the Cup at Lords – just!!!

Cycling: Froome Retains The Yellow Jersey!

More excitement at the Tour de France as defending champion Chris Froome lost the overall lead but then regained it after Stage 15, despite a broken wheel scare. At one stage he was 50 seconds behind close rivals France’s Bardet and Italy’s Aru while his rear wheel was replaced but caught up and retained the Yellow Jersey with a lead of 18 seconds. Monday was a rest day so all to play for then as we reach the critical stages.

Football: England Win An International Tournament!

Yes, yes, as yet another of our young sides takes Gold as they beat Portugal 2-1 in the Final of the U19 European Championship in Georgia to take the title for the first time. So congrats to them but I have to add that the manager did highly commend the Chelsea contingent of 4 as the backbone of the team which augurs well for the Blues future. Talking of the Blues, and in transfer news Conte, having lost out to Man U with Lukaku, has just spent ₤70m on Rudiger and Bakayoko and is hell-bent on signing a world-class striker to replace Costa who looks on his way out. Talk is of Man City’s Aguero but I can’t see Pep selling!

Finally, good luck to England’s Women as they embark on their crusade to win the European Championship which started in Holland on Monday. England face Scotland on Wednesday, then Spain on Sunday and finish their Group with Portugal on July 27 so let’s hope they (a) qualify from the Group and (b) bypass Germany, England football team’s bete noir, in the k/out stages.

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Formula 1

British Grand Prix

Rhian Gibbs

  • Hamilton takes 4th consecutive victory on home soil
  • Kvyat the ’Torpedo’ hits again
  • Ferraris struggle

“It’s Hamilton’s race to lose”, those were the thoughts around the paddock ahead of the British Grand Prix. Hamilton had pole with Raikkonen second on the grid, easy.

Hamilton made a great getaway and was looking to pull away when Kvyat collided with his teammate and brought out a safety car. Kvyat has been nicknamed ‘the torpedo’, three races, three crashes, all his doing, I recall saying he was ‘one to watch’ but it seems now for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, the safety car did nothing to quell Hamilton’s desire to win on home turf and to be honest, we saw very little of him in the race, there was mild concern over tyre blistering but he took his 5th victory (4th consecutive) relatively easily. The action in the race was all behind him.

Raikonnen tried to compete but the Ferraris just weren’t in the same league on the day and Vettel, who’d been held back through a simply awesome move by Verstappen, just couldn’t make his horse prance either.

Ferrari brought in Vettel after he almost collided on the 14th lap with Verstappen; he then got the undercut lap 19 when Verstappen’s pit stop was held up by a sticky wheel nut.

Red Bull’s Verstappen had started to fall back, but Bottas, who had a grid penalty for a gearbox change, started to creep up, he moved past Verstappen, thanks to that sticky nut, ran long on soft tyres and managed as high as second as the Ferrari’s stopped, Bottas went on to battle after with his super softs.

Vettel succumbed as Bottas slammed past him lap 43 and then Bottas began to eat away at Raikkonen’s advantage.

Who would have thought that Ferrari would see tyre delamination on the front left and the team brought Raikkonen in as he was losing tread. His words “****** me my left front tyre is broke”, seeing that incident Red Bull brought Verstappen in, and that ultimately cost him third, but despite the Dutchman’s protestations at the precautionary move, Vettel then suffered the same fate as his teammate – tyre failure – which dropped him right back and gave Raikkonen the final podium spot. Confused? Hamilton took the chequered flag, Bottas P2 and Raikkonen P3. Although on the podium, Raikkonen’s disappointment was plain to see, another Ferrari mistake?

P4 was Verstappen for Red Bull and as his teammate Ricciardo managed a drive of his life to get P5 (from the back of the grid no less). Vettel’s blowout gave Hulkenberg P6 for Renault and himself P7 – taking his championship lead to 1 point mid-season.

Force India were back on form with both in the points, Ocon just ahead of Perez, P8 and P9 respectively. Williams nabbed the last point with Massa making the best use of his tyre.

Vandoorne for McLaren just missed out P11, with Alonso (no you’re not psychic) retiring due to mechanical problems.  Haas took P12 and P13 with Magnusson and Grosjean and Sauber, racing their own ‘team race’ finished with Ericsson P14 and Werhlein P17. P15 fell to Kvyat, after his drive through penalty for forcing his teammate off track and P16 was Stroll for Williams.

Jolyon Palmer just can’t catch a break – he didn’t make the formation lap before retiring his Renault and Sainz retired thanks to teammate Kvyat.

Whether you love or hate Hamilton, you cannot argue with the British fans – and not just for the Brits, but the whole package that Formula 1 is.

Was it harsh for the BRDC to want to re-negotiate their future at Silverstone? Not at all. Did they choose a good time? Maybe not. But if it’s costing them more to host the event than it’s reaping, who can argue. It would be just awful to see the British Grand Prix disappear, with such a deep imbedded history of James Hunt, Stirling Moss, Sir Jackie Stewart and Nigel Mansell, to name a few in no particular order.

Personally, I think an Ibizan street circuit would be awesome…but nothing can replace a British Grand Prix.

  • We have a break and back for Hungary, Sunday 30th July, 2pm local time

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