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Front Page

2 Years, Seriously?

  • A 27 year old Spanish man has received a suspended sentence of 2 years for the crime of reckless homicide when he lost control of his high performance Audi R8 on the airport dual carriageway, killing a scooter riding Moroccan tourist.
  • The convicted, aged 24 at the time, was found to be almost 3 times over the legal limit for alcohol, and tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamine.  
  • It was determined he was driving at between 113 and 123kph, in a zone designated as having a maximum speed of 80kph.
  • The accident occurred in 2014 at the Salinas intersection. The scooter rider died some days later. His passenger was also seriously injured.
  • The convicted man will serve no time in prison, providing he does not break the law in the next 4 years.
  • He is also ordered to pay 132,000€ to the family of the deceased in an agreement between the prosecution and defence. The prosecution were asking for 4 and a half years in prison.
  • The practice of financial compensation to victims and their families is common in Spanish criminal law.
Editorial Comment
  • Nick Gibbs

Though usually an advocate of a ‘when in Rome’ approach to  living in  Spain, there are occasions when the difference in cultural and historical outlook and legal framework can become difficult to accept.

That a young man can kill a person whilst driving his high performance car way over the speed limit, almost 3 times over the drink drive limit,  test positive for cocaine and mdma, and though there is no dispute of those facts, he can in effect buy his way out of serving a prison sentence. That is one of those situations that feels very difficult to accept.


There was also considerable reaction in the native Spanish community following the sentence handed out by  Judge Clara Ramirez de Arellano in Ibiza criminal court number 1  this week. Considerable, but in the circumstances, perhaps not as much as you might expect?

Can you imagine the level of outcry in such a set of circumstances in the UK? It would minimally be national news. And  it feels rightly so. To put it in some sort of context, this is not in the Diario de Ibiza’s top ten most read news articles this week.

The issue is not one of saying our way is better than your way. It is one of saying people, all people, being equal in the eyes of the law is a fundamental principle that is always better than any other way.

This doesn’t feel equal. And  I am sorry but I really can’t see the same outcome if it were a Moroccan  tourist killing a Spanish man in the same circumstances.

If You Don’t Like It ….

But when all that is said and done I am aware of what I may have said to any foreign national living in the U.K. if they had pointed out any failings in our moral code or legal structure.  “If you don’t like it, get out of the country”.

So best I shut up and move on, before the desire to at least say something sarcastic about the report on Ibiza Town’s drink drive ‘clampdown’ this week, becomes impossible to resist.



Spain & UK ‘profoundly intertwined’

  • As reported by the BBC

Britain and Spain can overcome their differences and maintain strong ties after Brexit, the king of Spain has said in a speech at Westminster.

King Felipe VI said he believed they could begin “the necessary dialogue” to form an arrangement over Gibraltar.

The start of a three-day state visit to the UK by the king and queen of Spain ended with a Buckingham Palace banquet.

While discussing Britain’s decision to leave the EU, he said: “To overcome our differences will be greater in the case of Gibraltar. I am confident through the necessary dialogue and effort, our two governments will be able to work… towards arrangements that are acceptable to all involved.”

The government of Gibraltar said it would have to be involved in any discussion between Spain and the UK. It added that two referenda in 1967 and 2002 showed the people of Gibraltar voted to remain British.

During the speech, King Felipe said Britain and Spain were “profoundly intertwined” and he respected the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons live in Spain, and a similar number of Spaniards live in the UK, King Felipe told MP and peers. They “form a sound foundation for our relations,” he added.

“These citizens have a legitimate expectation of stable living conditions for their families,” he said.

The king highlighted the two countries’ important trading arrangements, adding that Britain is “the second largest investor in our country”.

Family Ties

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh greeted King Felipe and Queen Letizia at Horse Guards Parade, in a traditional welcoming ceremony.

The trip is the first state visit by a Spanish king to the UK since Felipe’s father, Juan Carlos, came 31 years ago.

The Queen gifted King Felipe copies of love letters from his great-grandmother to King Alfonso XIII.

Queen Victoria’s grand-daughter Princess Victoria Eugenie met King Alfonso on a state visit to Britain in 1905.

The pair married and Princess Victoria Eugenie became Queen Ena of Spain, making King Felipe a descendant of Queen Victoria.

Full report here


Irish Tourist In Critical Condition after Balcony Fall

The 27 year old tourist was seriously injured Friday 7th July when he fell from a first floor balcony into the swimming pool at Hotel Piscis in San Antonio.

Reports are unclear whether he jumped or fell. The incident happened just after 6am and the man was taken to Can Misses but due to the severity of his injuries was transferred to Son Espases in Majorca.

He remains in a critical condition with suspected life changing injuries.


Fake Holiday Sickness Claims Update From Gov.UK

  • Plans to clamp down on bogus holiday sickness claims have been announced by ministers

The move follows concerns from the travel industry that more and more suspected false insurance claims for gastric illnesses like food poisoning are being brought by British holidaymakers, partly fuelled by touts operating in European resorts.

Advice from the travel industry shows the upsurge of claims in this country – reported by the industry to be as high as 500% since 2013 – is not seen in other European countries, raising suspicions over the scale of bogus claims and damaging our reputation overseas.

Due to the reported increase in claims, and as many tour operators appear to settle them out of court, the costs to the industry are increasing.

This is raising fears of higher package holiday prices for the majority of law-abiding holiday makers.

A major barrier to tackling the issue is that these spurious claims are arising abroad. Legal costs are not controlled, so costs for tour operators who fight claims can be out of all proportion to the damages claimed.

Ministers today said they want to reduce cash incentives to bring spurious claims against package holiday tour operators. Under these proposals tour operators would pay a prescribed sum depending on the value of the claim, making the cost of defending a claim predictable.

Justice Secretary David Lidington said:

Our message to those who make false holiday sickness claims is clear – your actions are damaging and will not be tolerated.

We are addressing this issue, and will continue to explore further steps we can take. This government is absolutely determined to tackle the compensation culture which has penalised the honest majority for too long.

A system to control costs already exists for most personal injury claims in England and Wales, but a loophole is being exploited in foreign holiday claims.

To prevent this ministers have asked the Civil Procedure Rule Committee, which is responsible for setting rules on legal costs, to urgently look at the rules governing the costs of holiday claims. As a result of these proposed changes, fixed recoverable costs can be extended to cover claims arising abroad, closing the loophole and meaning that pay-outs for tour operators will be subject to stricter controls.

The vast majority of holidaymakers will not make false claims, and those with genuine claims will still be able to claim damages. But these changes will crack down on those who do make bogus claims and help stop the price of package holidays soaring for the honest majority.

In addition to today’s action, ministers will ask the Civil Justice Council in the coming weeks to look at the rules around how low value personal injury claims more generally are handled to reduce the incentives to bring claims lacking merit.

The government will also be bringing forward proposals to tackle the continuing high number and cost of whiplash claims via the Civil Liability Bill.

Further information:

A system of Fixed Recoverable Costs already exists for most personal injury claims in England and Wales, limiting the legal costs that are paid out. This does not currently apply to a tour operator if the incident happened abroad, however.

Costs for tour operators who are unsuccessful in challenging a claim arising abroad are uncontrolled and can be out of all proportion to the damages claimed. Extending Fixed Recoverable Tour operators would instead pay a prescribed sum, making the costs of defending a claim predictable.


Pegasus Is Watching

  • ‘Pegasus’ the new DGT helicopter on the Balearic Islands has started monitoring Ibiza’s roads since Tuesday 11th July.
  • (Photos Pere Joan Oliver)

The helicopter’s powerful camera can distinguish whether a driver sends a WhatsApp from their mobile; see a passenger not wearing a seatbelt or any other infraction including speeding.

Government delegate for the Balearic Islands Maria Salom, and the Provincial chief of traffic Cristina Gago, presented the helicopter at the Son Sant Joan air base, and for the first time its presence will be permanently in the Balearics. Salom said the main aim of the helicopter was to “avoid accidents” and in this sense act as a “deterrent” to motorists.

55 people died last year on the roads of the Balearic Islands and 26 have died so far this year. “We hope these figures will be reduced with the presence of the helicopter” Salom said.


Can Misses Launch  ‘Dogspital’ Pet Therapy

  • Ibiza Hospital now has its own ‘Dogspital’
  • Benefit of pets to their owners recuperation recognised by Can Misses in a pioneering initiative, Ibiza Hospital is the first in Spain to open a Dogspital

Can Misses have launched a canine care programme to help get patients on the mend. We are pleased to reassure readers that it is not a desperate measure to offset the recruitment crisis at Ibiza Hospital, the dogs will be helping their owner patients by going to a new dog-visitor centre, the  ‘Dogspital’.

A room has been set up in the entrance of block D, where inpatients can pet their pooches. And yes it is actually called Dogspital – that isn’t a bad translation!

This is a pioneering initiative in Spain that the Patient Unit, in Spanish the Unidad de Seguridad del Paciente (USP), has been working on in recent months.

Delegates of the Balearic Islands College of Veterinarians, Jordi Massip and José Méndez as well as canine monitor Toni Torres, have also been part of establishing the scheme.

All of the collaborators who made the initiative possible have worked in an altruistic way; thereby there is no cost to the public administration, according to Health Area of the Pitiüses.

The dogs will need to go through medical and veterinary assessment before they can enter the hospital so patients interested in using the service need to make the request through their referral nurse.

Dogs will be received in the Dogspital, which is equipped for patients and pets. In special cases where patients have reduced mobility, dogs can be taken directly to the patient’s room.


Mother Arrested Using 4 Year Old Child As Pickpocket

  • Two women were arrested after a tourist reported the child stealing a purse on Playa D’en Bossa Beach.

National Police Corps arrested two women who allegedly used a 4 year old child to steal on the beach.

The agents arrested the women, both of Romanian nationality, after a tourist informed them that he had observed the theft, stating that the child had been instructed to take a wallet from the bag of tourists.

The police officers interviewed the witness and subsequently arrested the women. One of them was found to be the child’s mother.


Security Workers Strike At Airport

  • Employees of Prosegur report “excessive workloads”

The CCOO maintain that the indefinite strike set to start on the 18th July will go ahead following an unsuccessful meeting between the Prosegur management and the works council. Trade Unions representatives said “it was not possible to reach an agreement in the first instance; this is why we call for a strike in the service provided at the airport”.

The strike has been called following complaints of “excessive workloads, a breach of breaks between shifts and the systematic breach of the collective agreement” as far as promotions are concerned.

It is likely that 156 employees will take part in the strike which will take place during the hours that have been assigned to workers of the private security company in Ibiza airport.


Vila vs Drink Drivers

  • The Local Police of Vila (Ibiza Town) have denounced four drink drivers in a weekend, one behind the wheel of a minibus.

A citizen alerted the police after seeing the driver of the minibus stopped in the middle of crossroads preventing passage on a street near Pacha on Friday 7th July. On seeing the agents arrive at the scene, the driver started to head in the direction of Talamanca, however was apprehended and breathalysed.

The 36 year old Argentinean gave a result of 0.82 and 0.81mg/l, he was denounced for a crime against road safety.

On the same day, another driver aged 29 years and of Spanish nationality, was stopped on Avinguda Santa Eulalia and gave a result of 0.59mg/l.

Two other drivers were also denounced on the Sunday. The first, a 36 year old of Spanish nationality tested positive for 0.38mg/l on Avinguda de España and the second, the driver of a Ford Mondeo, hit two stationary vehicles causing minor damage with a positive test of 0.62mg/l on Pere Matutes Noguera.


Ibiza Needs Blood

  • The Fundació Banc de Sang i Teixits de les Illes Balears (Fbstib) are asking for urgent donations of blood,
  • most needed are blood groups O+, A- and B-.

The heatwaves we have been experiencing and the return of seasonal work has lowered the number of regular donations, however the rise in accidents and population during the summer is higher than usual and the blood banks are suffering. The hospital needs 1,000 units to meet the expected demand this summer.

Blood can be donated at the old Can Misses hospital building. They are open every Thursday from 10am – 2pm and 5pm – 9pm, you will need photo identification. In order to give blood you must be in good health, aged between 18 and 65 and weigh at least 50kg. Men can donate 4 times a year and women 3.


 Food & Drink

Wild Asparagus Restaurant For Sale After 49 Years

  • Sale Includes the Restaurant, plus 3 Apartments, a Shop, a Laundrette and 2 Garages. Restaurant Seats 62 Plus Terrace Seating 62

With 49 years of fond Wild Asparagus memories to look back on, owner Luis has finally decided to look towards retirement and hence the sale of his beautifully positioned restaurant.

Anybody looking for their chance to be ’living the dream’ may well have found it, as the sale comes with much more than a restaurant with sea views.

You also get somewhere to live and all importantly somewhere to put all the distant relatives who suddenly want to be close again—the sale includes 2 apartments.

You also get somewhere to put all the boxes you bring from the U.K. and never get around to opening– the sale includes 2 garages.

You also don’t have to worry as much about the Ibiza prices, you can set your own- the sale includes a shop.

And you also never have to do another moments laundry if you choose to employ somebody in your very own laundry– as one is also included in the price.

So that ticks pretty well all the boxes, the only one left for you to worry about is transport. Who knows, for a full offer perhaps he will throw in his car too.

The Wild Asparagus is set on a hillside behind Cala Llonga beach.  It is within the Pueblo Asparagus apartment complex which has two swimming pools and three bars all open to the public but of course particularly popular with pueblo owners.

The restaurant is in now in its 49th year with Luis at the helm. It is highly regarded for its Mediterranean and international cuisine within a traditional Spanish styled setting, complete with its unique quaintness and charm.

I don’t think Luis will be too offended if I say his priorities are not in the sphere of digital media and the internet. Unfortunately this does have a consequence that good photos are few and far between. But to give a good idea of exactly what you are buying in terms of the setting, this photo is taken from the terrace of next door neighbour bar Mariposa. A fine, view from the office by any standards.

It is with mixed feelings that we wish Luis a smooth transition o a life outside of the Wild Asparagus. It will feel strange without him, but Ibiza is all about evolution. Let us hope he finds some great new owners to start the next chapter.


Feeding of the 500, Fiestas Es Canar

The Es Canar fiesta went down a storm with around 500 people joining in the festivities including a rather large community Paella.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside their control,  the fireworks did not take place, perhaps fire risk? which I think we would all understand in the current tinder box conditions.

A great turnout and time was had by all.

The Origins of Paella …

The dish Paella is said to be a perfect union between 2 cultures from Spain , the Romans, for the pan and the Arab, that brought rice.

There is an old story of how the Moorish kings’ servants created rice dishes by mixing the left-overs from royal banquets in large pots to take home. It is said by some that that word paella originates from the Arab word “baqiyah” meaning left-overs. The term Paella actually refers to the pan that it is cooked in. All the way back to the ancient Sanskrit language the term Pa means …to drink, and the Roman culture from the Latin made words like Patera, Patina , Patella which could mean a container to drink, or perform other culinary functions.

It would seem a natural dish, since rice is grown in Spain, and all meats, and seafood in some regions are plentiful, that this dish would be a natural. Since there are many workers in the fields, cooking it over an open fire also would be the most practical. Spain is not known for forests and lots of timber, so the small available twigs and branches from pruning that are green gave a quick hot fire instead of a slow burning one from logs. So the size of the pan grew instead of the depth, so you could get a hot fire a maximum evaporation.

Most experts agree that the dish was developed in the Spanish city of Valencia. Valencia is where the Romans introduced irrigation and then the Arab conquerors that brought rice, perfected it. Many folks say the best Paella and most authentic still comes from Valencia.

Well that is one version of its story anyway. There are quite a few variations, just like Paella.



Fiesta – Virgin del Carmen

  • Claire B
Sunday July 16

sees the annual Fiesta in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of seamen. The name Carmen is a derivation of Carmel (a mountain in northern Israel) which is one of the titles given to Our Blessed Mother, namely, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary in her role as patroness of the Carmelite Order. Events take place in many parts of the island because of the importance of protecting the island’s seafarers and fishermen and it’s usually celebrated in Ibiza Town, San Antonio, Es Cubells and Portinatx. It all starts with mass followed by sea processions and ends in many places with music. Check locally for details and what time it’s happening in the evening.

Ibiza Town

In Ibiza Town the statue of Carmen resides in the church of St. Elmo (Iglesia San Telmo) in La Marina. During mass the statue is blessed and then carried along Calle de Virgen, which is decorated with palm fronds and flowers for the occasion. She is carried onto a boat in the port and taken out to sea accompanied by a flotilla of boats. Once out of the harbour, there is a blessing and a floral sacrifice is offered to the sea in a bid to ask for protection for the seafarers for another year. It’s not a sombre occasion – the boats all sound their horns and in many places after the ceremonies there is a party with live music.

San Jose

In San Jose there is a full day programme around the procession at 8pm.

11.00 h Classic Car display by the Club de Moto Clàssica d’Eivissa i Formentera.

20.00 h The procession, ‘Missa Solemne seguida de processó’
Ball pages, Ibizan folk dancing, by the ‘Grup Folklòric de Sant Agustí des Vedrà.’

21.30 h Party time with live music by  The Frigolos.


Cuerdas Rock Duo Live @ Maxims Rock  Bar

  • Lower Bay Road, San Antonio Bay, from 9.30pm

Paul and Rav HaleCuerdas are a hard hitting female and male duo combining both acoustic and electric music.

We asked Paul to tell us a little more …

“We play many different styles but we specialise in Rock music.

“This Sunday and every Sunday we will proudly be playing at Maxims Rock Bar. We love this place , it’s welcoming great vibe, drink and of course most importantly great rock and indie music!! “Our set will be one half unplugged acoustic rock followed by a full on electric rock set! So get yourself down to one of the best Rock bars in Ibiza Maxims! And come and rock with us on Sunday!!”


Oceanic Ibiza Festival

  • Cala Jondal
  • Claire B

On July 20, the non-profit organisation Oceanic Global Foundation will bring together leading musicians, conservationists, speakers, artists, institutions and brands for a day-long festival in Ibiza to raise awareness and promote action on ocean conservation. Starting at 4.30pm at Blue Marlin Ibiza and Yemanja in Cala Jondal, the event will be headlined by award-winning DJ Solomun, plus BLOND:ISH, Valentin Huedo and other DJs that will be announced soon. As well as music, the experiential event will showcase an expert speaker series, art installations, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content, an eco marketplace and film screenings. There will also be a designated children’s area and exhibitions from Oceanic Global’s NGO partners.

Co-founder Lea d’Auriol says: “Oceanic Global is thrilled to bring awareness for ocean conservation to the island of Ibiza. Ibiza has longstanding roots in sustainability and we hope that Oceanic Ibiza will inspire both locals and visitors alike to take action towards restoring the health of our global oceans and the harmony of the local atmosphere.”

It’s a non-profit event that promises to provide a musical and experiential journey into ocean preservation.

Free tickets for residents with ID. From 4.30pm until midnight. For more information, full programme, buy tickets or make donations:


Sant Josep Saturday Market Workshops

Every Saturday at 11am during the month of July, the Sant Josep market are holding workshops of traditional Ibizan cultural activities. Each week there is a different activity and on the 15th you can learn to ‘tir amb Bassetja’ (a traditional sport where you spin a weighted piece of leather of fabric at a target similar to archery, extremely popular in Ibiza), on the 22nd there is a workshop on carts and on the 29th you can create a type of bagpipe.

For more information call 971 801 598 or go to the website


Space Warehouse

Pepe Rosello and Carl Cox presented the opening of the ‘Space Warehouse’ on Monday 10th July, no, it’s not a club, but rather living memories of the iconic Space club that most of us frequented.

“This new space recalls the history of Space with photos, personal memories, collective, artistic, lighting, sound, chairs, tables … in short, it keeps Space alive,” said Roselló during his presentation speech.

The warehouse is on the main Ibiza –San Antonio road – you can’t miss it if you look out for the Space sign. Open every day from 9am until 3pm, if you want to reminisce about the good old days, or even take a look at all the things you missed while dancing the night away; it is definitely worth a visit, you can even get yourself a commemorative t-shirt while there!


Day to Day

  • Tanabata Festival @ Sushiya Aoyama, July 7 until July 15, from 8pm

The Milky Way separates the lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi who are allowed to meet only once a year – on the seventh day of the seventh month. In Japan this is celebrated on this day by writing wishes on small pieces of paper and hanging them on bamboo. They are burned after the festival.

Tanabata is celebrated at Sushiya Aoyama, every night from July 7-15 from 8pm for you to make your wishes. Sushiya Aoyama, Plaza sa Drassaneta 13, Ibiza Town. More details on Facebook: Sushiya Aoyama

  • Keith Haring Exhibition @ La Nave, Salinas near Salt Dock, Tues – Sun 11am-1pm and 5pm-10pm
  • Colours Of Ibiza Exhibition, P-Gallery, Ca na Negreta, from July 14th until September 30th, 10-2pm and 4.30-8.30pm,

A collective exhibition featuring photographs, sculptures and paintings from more than 10 national and international artists. Such as the applauded David Dalmau, Ramón Tormes, Paola López Guerra, the Ibizan sculptor Andreu Moreno, Sebastià Reig, Flora Borsi, Miguel Vallinas, Claire Fontana, Ninon, Curia or Gerard Mass. Free entrance

Fri 14th
  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm
  • Carly & Chris Unplugged/Plugged, Vista el Puerto, Cala de Bou. 9-12pm
  • Opening of ‘Colours Of Ibiza’ Exhibition, P-Gallery, Ca na Negreta, from July 14th until September 30th, 10-2pm and 4.30-8.30pm,
  • A collective exhibition featuring photographs, sculptures and paintings from more than 10 national and international artists. Such as the applauded David Dalmau, Ramón Tormes, Paola López Guerra, the Ibizan sculptor Andreu Moreno, Sebastià Reig, Flora Borsi, Miguel Vallinas, Claire Fontana, Ninon, Curia or Gerard Mass. Free entrance
  • Secret Gigs Ibiza @ the Atzaro Vibe Lounge.
  • Hosted by Lettice Rowbotham the world-renowned violinist, and singer songwriter Justin Manville, with live unplugged music from David Block. A donation will be suggested at the door at your discretion. More details on Facebook: Secret Gigs Ibiza at the Atzaro Vibe Lounge
  • Glitterbox @ Hï , Playa den Bossa
  • with David Morales, Joey Negro, DJ Spen, Karizma, Purple Disco Machine, Melon Bomb and DJ Pippi.
Sat 15th
  • Ecological Market, San Jose, 9am-1pm Organic food and craft market . See inset article.
  • Spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh , @ Recinto Ferial, Ibiza Town With Blaumut and local group WindRose live. 15€ in advance from La Sirena and 18€ on the door.
Sun 16th
  • Fiesta del Carmen. In various locations on the island including Ibiza Town, San Antonio, Es Cubells and Portinatx. Mass followed by a procession out to sea.
  • The Frigolos live in Es Cubells, for the Fiesta de Carmen. 9.30pm
  • Free concert from The Symphonic Band of Eivissa (Banda Sinfònica Ciutat d’Eivissa) in the port in Ibiza Town at 10pm.
  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm
  • Enjoy the mellow ballads and groovy swing of Peter & Winni as JazzYbiza, whilst watching the sun go down from the Villa Mercedes terrace. Bookings advisable for dinner, or for the music without a meal, take advantage of their cocktail bar.
  • Cuerdas Rock Duo Live @ Maxims Rock Bar, San Antonio, from 9.30pm see article
  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm
  • Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.
  • ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’ @ Cinerama Dorado, Playa d’en Bossa, Santos, 9pm
Mon 17th
  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am Evening market often with live music.
Tue 18th
  • Dua Lipa, Shy Luv and DJ Fat Gordon (Rock Nights) @ Ibiza Rocks.
  • Poolside stage from 2pm with Mistajam, Patrick Nazemi and Ibiza Rocks DJs.
  • Outdoor cinema – Rush, in Can Escandell. 10pm. Free
  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am

Evening market often with live music.

Wed 19th
  • Hippy Market, Es Canar, Punta Arabi,  10-7pm

More than 500 stalls, paella from 1.30-3.30pm at the Grill restaurant and ‘Hippy Kids’ area with activities.

Thu 20th
  • Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party @ Ibiza Rocks.

Opening party with Craig David, Blonde, Patrick Nazemi and and Ibiza Rocks DJs. 2pm-9pm

  • Hippy Market, Cala Llonga, Beach Promenade, from 6pm

Plenty of free parking and live music!

  • Artisan Fair, Sant Rafel, 7pm-11.30pm

Exhibitions of handicrafts and food set along Pintor Narcís Puget and the Church Square. There will be a free train leaving San Antonio bus station at 6.30pm to the event and returning at 8.30pm

  • Nell Shakespeare live @ Pura Vida Beach, from 3pm
  • Oceanic Ibiza Festival @ Blue Marlin and Yemanja with music from Solomun, BLOND:ISH, Valentin Huedo and others plus an expert speaker series, art installations, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content, an eco marketplace, film screenings and lots more. Free tickets for residents with ID
  • ‘Trainspotting 2’, with Cinema Paradiso @ Baluard de Sant Pere, Dalt Villa, 10pm
  • Wax Da Jam 100% Disco @ Las Dalias, San Carlos., from 9pm until late

Nightmares on Wax vs Seth Troxler, with Negghead and Shovell. On the terrace – Andy Wilson, Adam Regan (Leftfoot) and VJ Ton Ton. Also with the Great Ibiza Vinyl Fair with 10% of profits going to the Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation

Fri 21st
  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm
  • Carly & Chris Unplugged/Plugged, Vista el Puerto, Cala de Bou. 9-12pm
Sat 22nd
  • Swingers Party, Liberty’s, Port Des Torrent. From 11pm to 5am, a night for liberated lovers. Price tba, check directly for entry conditions. Liberty club Ibiza, Calle Valencia 22, 08729 Ibiza, Spain
Sun 23rd
  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm

Enjoy the mellow ballads and groovy swing of Peter & Winni as JazzYbiza, whilst watching the sun go down from the Villa Mercedes terrace. Bookings advisable for dinner, or for the music without a meal, take advantage of their cocktail bar.

  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm

Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.


At Night

Royal Blood

  • Ibiza Rocks, San Antonio
  • Words Claire B, Photos Elliot Young

The first live bands played at Ibiza Rocks Day & Night on July 4, the first of their new events on select Tuesdays throughout the summer. This year the events start around the pool at 2pm with DJs before the live bands take over on the main stage from 7pm, which has now been moved back to its original position, facing the balcony.

Playing live were two bands from Brighton – headline duo Royal Blood, and support act Black Honey. Female-fronted Black Honey played a great, engaging set of indie rock, combining some 60s style surf punk with twangy guitars, haunting vocals and shoegazing, all delivered with youthful energy that made it current.

They warmed up the crowd perfectly for Royal Blood who are clearly still celebrating the success of their second album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ going straight to number 1 in the UK official album charts.

Stage Shenanigans

They entered the stage with drummer Ben Thatcher carrying a bottle of champagne, which he sprayed into the crowd. Wearing matching pink tropical shirts over their T Shirts, they took up their positions on the stage – Ben thrashed his drum kit whilst vocalist and bassist Mike Kerr commanded the front of the stage, occasionally going over to join Ben by the drums. They make so much noise for just two of them, and the stage and venue was more than filled with their dirty, heavy rock sound.

Clearly enjoying themselves, there were plenty of on- and off-stage shenanigans. Ben joined in the fun by periodically standing on the stool behind his kit to egg on the crowd, taking an occasional walkabout around the stage in between songs swigging champagne from the bottle and bizarrely pouring champers over his cymbals as if to baptize them.

Towards the end of the set he engaged in some crowd surfing and ended up strumming an inflatable guitar amidst the crowd.

It was an amazing and powerful performance that had everyone jumping up and down and singing along and proof that two can have a party on stage. It was a great opening night to the season, with two great bands that definitely put the ‘rock’ back into Ibiza Rocks!


Defected: Eden

The line ups for the next 13 dates have been announced and headlining will be Dennis Ferrer, Claptone, Ninetoes, Amine Edge & Dance, Sam Divine and Low Steppa plus lots more including Miguel Campbell, Josh Butler, Franky Rizardo, Jacky, CamelPhat, Mele, Shadow Child, Danny Howard, Monki, DJ Spen and Karizma.

The Defected Dream

We can’t bang on enough about their awesome sound system and super swanky interior but when that’s paired with Defected, well it’s a match made in heaven, where better to spend a Sunday night than in the uber sexy Eden with the Defected Crew.

We don’t particularly want to be thinking of closing parties yet but Defected have also hinted at some ‘very special guests’ alongside Defected residents Sonny, Sam and Franky plus Low Steppa, Waifs & Strays, Jacky, System2, Sharples and label boss Simon Dunmore.

If you haven’t been, it’s simply on a ‘must to do list’.

With tickets from 35€ – why wouldn’t you?

take our tip and go VIP for this one: Eden is a club where it works. VIP doesn’t take you away from the action, and doesn’t take too much away in your pocket too.


Scorcher!, Radio 1 WEEKEND LINE UP

Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, B.Traits, MistaJam, DJ Target, Monki, Toddla T, Benji B, Eric Prydz, Kolsch, Maya Jane Coles, Disciples Claptone,   Black Coffee,

4th-7th August, Various Locations including 3 live radio 1 broadcasts

Friday 4th, Hï Ibiza, feat Annie Mac, B Traits, Danny Howard, Eric Prydz, Kolsch, Maya Jane Coles, Mele, Monki, Mistajam, Pete Tong, DJ Target, Toddla T, Tiga and Waze & Odyssey – with the event to be broadcast live on the station from 7pm – 4am (8pm-5am Ibiza time). Tickets for BBC Radio 1 at Hi will go on sale on Friday July 14th at 7.45pm.

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th,  Café Mambo Sunset Sessions, San Antonio, feat DJ sets and performances from Annie Mac, Benji B, Black Coffee, B Traits, Claptone, Danny Howard, Disciples, Duke Dumont + Gorgon City, Friend Within & Kideko, Icarus, Jessie Ware, Jorja Smith, Riton andTCTS, with more special guests to be announced closer to the time. The broadcasts will be live on Radio 1 – 4-11pm UK time on Saturday and 7-11pm UK time Sunday.


Pure Carl Cox:

  • Privilege: San Rafael

Before, during and since King Cox returned to his privilege position Tuesday night, it has had the party people raving like a 1989 Escort XR3i  full of Essex boys with the right directions.

With privilege packed, and it has been a while since that combination of letters has tumbled off the keyboard, and not a dissenting voice to be heard, perhaps it is confirmation of Carl Cox as the most universally admired A-lister of them all.  Well we’re not going to argue. But we should not forget that however mega the man there is much more to making a show of this magnitude than mixing the music. It was great to see acknowledgement of many of the magic makers, here’s what the great and good had to say.

The Management …

“Last night we made history, thank you to all the DJ’s, the massive Pure Carl Cox team, the maestros Carl Cox and Eoin Smyth, and the family Browning who kept it all under control… Let’s face facts, that party was off the scale …..Ibiza party people giving it everything all night long.”

Dave Browning

The Sound …

“After so many years living on the island I can tell the acoustic of Privilege is one of the most complicated room … so I’m double impressed by the sound in the main room … double sick !!! Nice job”

Jean Cedric

The Rig …

Such an honour to have been a part of Pure Carl Cox last night. It was incredible to witness the power that this man commands, putting Privilege back on the map, with a capacity crowd for the first time in at least 10 years. An amazing design by Pedro Comesaña with the monster of all rigs from Tony Andrews and John Newsham at Funktion One.

Charlie Canavan

The Stylist …

Sooooooo buzzing after an INSANE Carl Cox last night!!!!!! This year I was given the role to look after the dancers… management, styling, costumes, makeup/hair and this is the result!!!!!! SO happy and proud of my 90’s raver ghetto girls you all looked insane!!!!! A very special thanks to Terri-lee Blake for helping me London sides, amazing costumes by Louise of Fuud London, Leah Timmins for logistics help, and Nicola Day for being the best hair stylist ever!!!!!

Jo Mackay

The Bring It On-ist …

The king is back! No matter how many cops are working for you. No matter how many banners were stolen from us. No matter how many big parties for free you get… And this is what you get! #PURECARLCOXIBIZA

Quini Jones

And perhaps most important of all, it being what it is all about,

The Dancing All Night Long-ist …

What an incredible night! We were dancing as long as our feet could carry us ;) Cox Carl you smashed it and superb by the Game Over team Dave Browning, Eóin Smyth, Carlos Vazquez, Tina Browning!

Lina Kotzian

So you have one more chance next week: Tuesday 18th July from 8pm:  Go on, do it.

Privilege. World’s biggest club, and tonight it felt it.

It felt like you always knew it should be. Like Paul Gascoyne lifting the world cup, like a 98 pill being an 89 pill, like a weekend when you went from club to club to club, on and on and on. This is pure clubbing.

Any other night the ‘support’ would have been accepted as great night headliners, Capriati taking it Tribal and tINI making it vinyl—tin, vinyl, get it? I know, it’s not funny right? But none the less it had some lad off his tits doubled up. Bless him, I do declare he may have exploded before the night was out.

The action was plenty of distraction from those wanting to draw inevitable Space parallels, but then as there was a bit of Space stuff in there, and the rooms, perhaps we were meant to be feeling that old school Space vibe? Still best not to waste time discussing it in the karzee, because you know what’s coming, you feel the buzz in the air get double buzzy, then treble buzzy, and just before quad buzzy was recorded  ……, Boom! Techno, TECHNO, TECHNO, TECHNO and were off, dancin’ all, night, long.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.



View From The Pew

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew.11.28-30). These words were spoken more than 2000 years ago by a Jewish rabbi Yeshua.  That’s his Hebrew name.  His name in English is Jesus.  The Jewish identity of Jesus is very important for understanding his teaching.

The metaphor of the yoke, used for plowing and to which beasts of burden such as oxen were tethered, was well known in the time of Jesus.  The rabbis in those days spoke about taking upon oneself the “yoke of the commandments”, in the Hebrew language, ‘alayv ‘ol mitsvot.  (Mishnah Berechot 2:2).  They found in the Jewish Bible (the Torah) 613 commandments to live by!  That wasn’t enough!  They added “a fence around the commandments” which consisted of many more commandments to live by so that people wouldn’t even get near to breaking the 613 laws!  This is what they meant by the “yoke of the commandments”.  Jesus on occasions would challenge his rabbinic contemporaries calling them hypocrites.  He said: “They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on the shoulders of others; but they themselves are unwilling to lift a finger to move them.”

By contrast, and paradoxically, the yoke of Jesus is easy.  His teaching is guidance for life and brings freedom.  “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  The rules and regulations and practices of religion are very often a heavy burden to carry.  Religion, including Christianity, sometimes does give the impression of being a joyless drudgery!  The teaching of Jesus is very different.  St. Paul, the founder of Gentle Christianity, understood this.  To those who tried to turn the new Jesus movement into rules and regulations, Paul said: “For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.”  The teaching of Jesus sets us free!

  • Church service this Sunday 16th July, San Rafael Church, 10.30 am
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


Feeding the Homeless – Music Supper Club Update

  • Claire B

Selina Ingram recently launched the Music Supper Club at Pikes to raise money to feed and provide for the homeless in Ibiza. On what was a very successful and enjoyable first night a couple of weeks ago, they managed to raise from the raffle, door donations, plus 25% from the profits of the night, a grand total of €1,700. So far €3,528 has been raised, towards their target of 20k. The aim is to be able to rent a building where the homeless can go to be fed and have a shower.

They still need to raise another €16,500 to reach this goal in preparation for the winter and are collaborating with other people and venues on the island, so watch t

his space for more fund-raising events. There are two more Music Supper Clubs coming up at Pikes this summer on July 27 and September 7, so be sure to book tables and do your bit to help.

More info on Facebook

or you can donate via Liliana or Alex the owners of Eivins in San Antonio or via the Go Fund Me page:


Post Bag—Rental Scam

  • Another sad tale of people losing their money to the now notorious
  • A considerable amount of private banking etc information is given in the letter, for which we make no apology publishing. This must be the 6th or 7th separate notification we have had this year of people losing their money to the sham rental company.
  • I have no idea how they continue to get away with it, but let us hope this may lead to information that may stop them , and at least a warning to others.

Good afternoon,

I herewith want to tell you our sad story of hiring an house on Ibiza.

May be you can do something about it.

We hired a house on the following site

we had a lot of email correspondence with the email address (IP address about availability etc.

This is our contact person:

Manuel Amat Lopez

Property Manager

Ibiza Villa Rentals

We rented a house and payed our 3470 euro on this bank account :


Account holder address: Calle Carrasco Número 1 3 C,  03501


Alacant, Spain

Bank name: LA CAIXA

Bank address: C. Leganes 30, 28904 Getafe, Madrid, Spain

IBAN: ES90 2100 1902 1002 0016 6463



Reference: #IVRX47440

Now this site and the email address doesn’t exist anymore. The name seems to be a fake name.

We called a Spanish lawyer but he says there is nothing we can do about it.

Maybe you know something to help us with this problem? I hear it happens very often in Ibiza and I’m sure you want to help to solve this problem.

Kind regards, and I’ll hope to hear from you soon,


  • Editor

Thank you for your letter Karin

I am very sorry to hear of your problem, I am sorry, but sadly I am not surprised.

Yes it is a big problem and we hear cases every year. This particular one have been the subject of half a dozen similar stories we have heard of this year.

There is good advice to be offered, but unfortunately it is always too late – by the time you need it the money is lost.

On one of my own visits to Ibiza I paid 6,000 to a villa rental company, directly into their bank account with no more guarantee than their promise. I was lucky, but I look back and think how easily it could have happened to us.

As with most things in life, where there is an opportunity to make fast money, there are people who will exploit it through crime.

We regularly report on the problem, and will add your situation as a reminder of the rogues in the market. But of course our journal does not reach the people booking if they are new to Ibiza.

I am so sorry I cannot be of more positive help to you and that the experience will leave you with a bad impression of the island.


Nicholas Gibbs



13th July 2017— 19th July 2017

ARIES – The Fool

This card doesn’t signify you’re the fool Aries; often it’s the behaviour of those around you that causes a knee jerk reaction from you, therefore be wise this week and think before you act.  The Fool encourages you to face challenging situations and to be fearless.  Be adventurous in outlook and bold in your decision making; believe in your abilities.

TAURUS – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board any new project. Reliability will be a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week.  For others, home moves that prove fortunate; you’ll find your dream accommodation

GEMINI – Eight of Cups

Love returning to your life, or a lover coming back?  Either way, this week someone will think you’re pretty hot stuff.  If your love life has been famine, expect a gourmet feast. You’ve been given the gift of time which has enabled you to examine the value of all your relationships. Those that don’t made the grade; aren’t really for you.

CANCER – Ace of Wands

If you’re job hunting or thinking about starting a business of your own this is a great week to start the ball rolling.  Some of you may even be headhunted as you have proved that you certainly know your stuff.  New beginnings are signified by this card, so there may be other areas of your life that need a shakeup.

LEO -Six of Swords

An upsetting period of your life is coming to a close, so don’t look back at what might of been. Emotionally, you’ve come a long way during a year which has tested you over and over again.  Dry your eyes and square your shoulders; you’ve no idea where life is leading, only that you can now move forward with certainty.

VIRGO – Page of Wands

Study, information gathering and fact finding all are represented by this card.  So this week get your thinking cap on!   The health of your mind, body and spirit is calling out for discernment; a rarely used word, but one whose meaning you should heed for now.  Think before you speak, rise above gossip and hold back on making judgements.

LIBRA – Eight of Disks

By the end of this weekly forecast, you’ll be reaching for the smelling salts as you’re working hard and are super busy. You will however, be raking it in financially so it will be churlish to complain.  People like what you’re doing and are willing to reward you accordingly.   If you need help achieving deadlines source out for extra help.

SCORPIO – The Lovers

This is a great week for getting along with just about anyone and you’re in the mood for love!
The Lovers card presents us with choices between two people; two jobs; two career options; two… well, you get the picture. You’re being asked to choose from your heart and not your head, so connect with your feelings and make decisions intuitively.

SAGITTARIUS – Nine of Cups

You’ve the same card as last week so more of the same as this is one of the three wish cards in the tarot deck.  Affirm what you want out of life.  Worries are fading and new, exciting opportunities start to materialise.  You attract what you want so remain positive about personal and financial goals.   You’re feeling happy and content.

CAPRICORN – Transformation

New situations are presenting you with exciting opportunities.  The past is dead and the only way to go is forward.  You’ll feel stronger about any changes that can arise so look forward to releasing your fears.  The only one who can stand in your way is you; hanging on to the old way of doing things will get you nowhere.

AQUARIUS – Ace of Cups

For some of you, this card indicates the beginning of a new love affair so if you’re available, how nice!  For the attached; watch that a flirtation doesn’t go too far unless you’re prepared to accept the consequences.  The spiritually minded amongst you will be gain new insight and awareness which brings an inner peace.  You feel content and cosmically connected.

PISCES – Seven of Swords

Your bright light attracts jealous attention this week; you’ll find out that someone in particular is finding it difficult to be happy for your success.  Keep resolutely on your chosen path. Friends who act like enemies will soon be part of your past. You’re protected; it’s all a bit of a test of character so dismiss detractors from your life.



Amanda Zips it Up

  • Amanda O Riordan

Welcome to this hot, sweaty and thoroughly summery edition of Amanda Zips It Up.

It’s scorching everywhere at the moment. Well, in London and the Balearics anyway.

I live in London, but commute to Ibiza and Mallorca throughout the summer.  I have to say that 2017 is the first year in recent memory when I have had to sleep with air-con on in all three locations.

Here in my London office it’s Hotter than a set of twin babies

In a Mercedes Benz with the windows up

When the temp goes up to the mid-80s.

(Eminem “Forgot About Dre”)

Bottom line is, this summer is all about sun, sun, sun and Love Island. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s making all the headlines and I had to dip my toes in.

In this instalment, I reveal the ‘fashionable’ side of the UK’s latest reality TV addiction, explore the inevitable Summer Sales (and how to avoid them), plus the downside of basking in that glorious sunshine that’s out there right now.

Factor 50 on and let’s go.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Primark For Love Island

Unless you’ve been living on a…. desert island… for the past two weeks, you will have heard almost the entire population of Britain babbling non-stop about Love Island . Shhhh, don’t tell the Paps……. it takes place in Mallorca.

The hit ITV2 show is back, following the daily trials and tribulations of 20-something singletons and their first world problems, camped in a luxury villa. All with the end goal of finding love and winning some cash. Think ‘Big Brother’ in the sunshine.

Call me an excuse-maker for vacuous TV,  but it turns out that a very good friend of ours is contestant Tyla’s dad. So I’m tuning in out of support.

Apparently, as the weeks have rolled by, certain repeated catchphrases have been used by the LI cast. So here’s where I come in.

The clever-clogs at Primark have whipped up six simple t-shirts with some of the reality show’s most popular catchphrases so far – so you can wear your heart on your, t-shirt?  And all for just £6. Fans are currently going crazy on Twitter, since the launch this week.

“Absolute Melt”, “100% My Type On Paper”, “I’ve Got A Text” and “Grafting” are all destined for the dictionary any day now.

I wonder how these will go down at Primark in Mallorca? Will we hear “Grafting” in a Spanish accent soon?

Safe Tanning

OK, from the off, a statement of truth from the confessional. I’m a guilty suspect in this particular feature. What is the truth about ‘safe’ tanning?

Is it possible to get a golden glow in time for your summer hols without ruining your skin? Or alternatively, are you willing to risk orange fake tan marks on your white bikini?

Let’s start with the science bit: UVB rays burn and cause sunburn, whilst UVA rays tan your skin slowly but also dehydrate and age your skin prematurely.  So you need to check the star rating in relation to both A and B on that Lancaster tube of factor 30.

Even if you wear SPF30 for UVB, it won’t protect you from UVA damage without a 5 star rating too. Confused? Me too.

To put it into perspective, your mum was right. Only mad dogs and Englishmen stay out in the midday sun. The sun’s rays are at their strongest between 12 and 2pm, plus if you’re of Arab descent, you’re safer than a Norwegian blonde. Some of us tan better than others. Some just don’t tan. They burn and peel.

You can reverse sun damage by not burning as a child, and (to an extent) use extra vitamin C and anti-oxidants with medical strength retinols to repair DNA.  But here’s the bad news – direct DNA damage can lead to skin cancer.

Are we doomed? It can take 15-20 years to see the first signs of damage, like crows feet.

Ultimately, and I say this with deep regret, go out in the sun in moderation and reapply sun protection every few hours.

A tan indicates that there’s some form of skin damage, so you might prefer to opt for the full body St Tropez, instead of bringing on the leather effect.

I know we all want to be tanned for the summer, but (as I read today) when Cancer becomes more common than marriage – is it worth it?

Summer Sales 2017

If you’re anything like me, you have a fear of the summer sales. Rails of clothes, shoes and accessories all entwined together like a multi-coloured crumpled parachute. Pushing, shoving, hot and sweaty shoppers, desperately trying to find one piece of marked-down clothing that they actually want. It’s like an old school jumble sale. Shop assistants busy around, trying to salvage something from the mess, putting the wrong-sized garment on the incorrect hanger. The only winner is chaos.

To avoid the above, I limit myself to sales on the Internet. But even online, some strategy is called-for. Stick to a list of items that suit your style, or are the most durable and/or convenient.

This is where I become a Londoner – a city with very changeable weather conditions.  Opt for pieces that you can get a lot of wear out of. But above all else, when the following pieces are in the sale, remember that you shouldn’t throw away your money on something that isn’t quite right.

1. Jeans

It might seem silly to go into a summer sale and buy jeans, but it actually makes great sense. For most of the year the UK doesn’t reach over 18 degrees. We all wear jeans most of the time, so it’s never a wasted penny to invest in a new pair.

Jeans by Freddys

2. Shirt

Simple white, blue striped, or a wrap, whatever you like, invest in a shirt. They’re appropriate for work, easy to dress down in and will never go out of style. Layer up for cooler months to make your shirt outlive the weather.

Shirt by Zara

3. Midi Dress

A summery printed dress clearly makes sense as a summer buy, you don’t need me to tell you that. However, if you go for dark tones within the dress, you can wear it again for autumnal dressing. Slip a polo neck or shirt underneath with tights and boots for a whole new look.

Dress by Zara

4. Leather bag

Leather is the best fabric to buy in the sales, especially accessories sales. Its durability and luxury will polish off any look in style. But still, opt for practicality, like a cross body or a bag that can be worn in more than one way to really get your money’s worth.

Bag by Mango

5. Jacket

Pair a khaki jacket with jeans for a dressed down look at the weekend, or over a summer dress for the evening. Alternatively, snap up a classic blazer, which will work for the exact same reasons and be great for work. Again, this doesn’t scream summer wear, but it is a great piece to spend on.

Jacket by Topshop / Blazer by Missguided



Emtome Bring Business Wifi to the Masses, & to the Few ..

A simple and low cost solution to professional wifi sharing in bars, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Opinion may vary widely on the reality and importance of Ibiza divided by the growth in the 5 star and VIP sectors, but in one respect there can be no doubt that the island is indeed split between the haves and have nots. The Internet.

Only five years ago we were an island united in our archaic and frustrating single digit upload speeds. But now large parts of Ibiza sit behind their vip red fibre optic rope with their 300mb Grey Goose,  with the rest of the island waiting for ever in the bandwidth queue looking on in envy.

Well the good news is that Emtome’s approach to wifi sharing should help businesses whichever side of the internet tracks they fall on.

This is how it works.

The Service …
  • The bar/venue keeps its exiting internet account with Movistar or whoever.
  • Emtome set up a wifi network for the use of the bar/venue
  • Clients login easily using either their facebook profile or a login form.
  • There is no catch. They are not forced into signing anything, revealing anything, it is all professional and above board.
The Benefits …
  • Staff Time. No more scribbled passwords behind the bar and having staff endlessly explaining upper case and lower case and getting drawn into connection problems.
  • Share What You’ve Got. Whether you have 300mb or 10mb, it makes sense to share what you’ve got, and to save some for yourself. The system will ‘reserve’ a set amount of internet for your own business use. The rest can be allocated per connection. So one customer cannot grind your network to a halt by downloading a box set resulting in everybody else struggling to connect.
  • Social Profile. The system can be set to login to your facebook page, and invite your customer to give you a like. Seems a fair deal in a swap for internet and many people will do, so quite quickly building your social media followers.
  • You have your own online dashboard from where you can access information on your wifi users, for example to attach to an email marketing system, or get info on your customer demographics. It is included in the price, whether you utilise it is entirely up to you and the size/type of business your are running.
The Company …

Emtome is owned by British born Ibiza resident Wes Matthews.

His digital media company (see advert for contact info) work in all manner of high tech services to the hospitality industry. In the wi-fi sharing sector of his business they have systems  up and running in everything from the busiest hotel with a very young (i.e. always online) demographic, through to small independent restaurants wanting a trouble and involvement free solution.  It can be scaled to suit most environments.

And it won’t cost a fortune either.  Think in terms of less than a VIP round of drinks, more than a regular round of drinks. Talk to Wes about your venue. Be it bar, restaurant, club, hotel , or café, and whether the footfall is slow, steady or off the scale, I’m sure he’ll be able to help, and you’ll never have to say ‘party dash bar,  dash not underscore, in numbers fifteen, one, five, got it, wi fi,  no space, all one word, all in capitals’, ever again.



Jezza’s World of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

What an amazing weekend for the Brits, with records tumbling all over the place – the Lions down under, cricket at Bristol and Lord’s, and not forgetting tennis at Wimbledon and o’er in France for the Tour.

So, where to start, hmmmm, got to be in New Zealand as in

Rugby Union: British & Irish Lions Share The Honours!

What an amazing Test match on Saturday, the decider between the Lions and the All Blacks. With the Series all square at 1 apiece, it all came down to a winner-takes-all final Test at Eden Park in Auckland. Talk about tension, excitement et al but the Blacks know that they should have wrapped this one up in the 1st half as they squandered 2 if not 3 golden try and penalty opportunities but the Lions hung in there to only be behind 12-6 at half-time after the Blacks had scored two tries. A humdinger of a 55m penalty from Daly and another from Farrell brought the scores level at 12-12 only for the Lions to give away another penalty, duly converted and with 3 mins to go it looked all over. But then, with 78 mins on the clock, Farrell banged over yet another 3 pointer and despite a final onslaught from the Blacks, the Lions defence, so good throughout the 6 week tour, held out for a 15-15 draw and with it a drawn Series, the first time that the Blacks had not won back-to-back Tests at home since 1998 and only the second time a Lions Series had been drawn in 125 years! So, a fair result overall in my opinion, considering that every Kiwi in the world (and most pundits!) expected a 3-0 white-wash so congrats to Warren Gatland and his coaching staff, and all his players but special mention to my two men of the Series, England’s Maro Itoje (what a player!) and Wales’ Jonathan Davies, the Player’s Player of the Series. Both were absolutely magnificent, the two standout men from a very good squad led brilliantly by Wales’ Sam Warburton. So, South Africa next for the Lions in 2021, and having proven that the All Blacks are not invincible and a Series win in Australia (2013) and drawn in NZ, what’s the betting against yet another unbeaten Series then?

Cricket:  Double Whammy For England’s Men & Women!

Yes, not often we can say that, is it, as at Lords, England, under new skipper Joe Root, walloped South Africa with a day to spare in the 1st Test by some 211 runs, the first time South Africa had lost to England at Lords since 1960! Altho’ Root led from the front with a magnificent 190 in the 1st innings, it was Moeen Ali who took the MoM award as he scored 87 in the first innings and took 10 wickets in the match with his off-spin bowling. On to Trent Bridge then on Friday for the 2nd Test so let’s hope England can turn the screw on the Proteas even more.

Down in Bristle, it was England’s Katherine Brunt who took the plaudits, as England beat Australia by 3 runs in their World Cup Group clash, the first time England had beaten the Aussies in a WC match since 1993. Needing 16 off the last over and then a 6 off the final ball, Australia could only take 3 as England topped the Group League with two matches to play but with only the top 4 going thru’ to the Semis and only one point between the top 5, it’s still everything to play for this week.

Tennis:  Murray & Konta Thru’ To The Quarters!

Yes, congrats to both as Our Andy, looking stronger and stronger as the tournament unfolds, moved smoothly in to the Quarter Finals after his latest win, in 3 sets, over France’s Benoit Paire. ‘Tis looking good for him for the Final now as both his expected

opponents, Wawrinka in the Quarters and Nadal in the Semis, suffered shock losses, the former in the earlier rounds and, biggest shock of all, World No 2 Rafa, who lost a 5 hour, 5 set  marathon on Monday night against Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller, seeded 16. 2 sets down, Rafa came back to level the match at 2 all, and then eventually lost the 5th set 15-13 to bow out to Muller, who, incredibly, at the age of 34, had played on the ATP circuit for 17 years and only won his first title this year. On paper, this should leave the way clear for Our Andy but having said that, he faces big-serving American Querrey next and then either Muller or Cilic in the Semis, both not to be treated lightly. As for the other half of the draw, the FedExpress is looking serene and has eased in to the Quarters without losing a set and it’s looking like a classic Federer/Djokovic Semi, followed by, we hope, a Murray/Federer Final.

As for Jo Konta, now firmly ensconced as the bookies favourite to become the the first Brit lady to win the title since Virginia Wade back in the 1977, what a great tournament she’s having, having become the first Brit lady to reach the Quarters since Bristolian Jo Durie in 1984 (what were YOU doing then?) as she got the better of France’s Caroline Garcia with a 2 sets to 1 win on No 1 court on Monday. Next opponent? No 2 seed Simona Halep, get over that hurdle and probably Venus Williams in the Semis with Germany’s World No 1, Angelique Kerber,  in the Final. Daunting or what!

Cycling: Froome Takes The Lead, Thomas Crashes Out!

Looking good for Brit Chris Froome after 9 stages of the Tour de France as he leads by 18 seconds from Italy’s Fabio Aru but pain and tears for his Team Sky and fellow Brit colleague Geraint Thomas who crashed out of the race with a broken collarbone. Real shame as altho’ Thomas had given up the yellow jersey he would have been an integral part of the Sky team who will be trying to assist Froome to win the event. Bad news as well for American Ritchie Port who was involved in another crash but fared much worse as he ended up with a broken pelvis. This year’s TdF is certainly turning out to be controversial with World Champion Peter Sagan being expelled from the race after his deliberate elbow to Brit Mark Cavendish and how ’bout this bit of news as the  rider previously well-known in cycling as Robert Millar is now known as Philippa York!

Football : England Beat, Yes, Beat Germany In A Tourney!!

At last we can say that’s true, as England U19 team are through to the Semis of the European Champs as they demolished Germany 4-1 in the Quarters (well, I’m classing it as a record of sorts). Brilliant!

On the transfer front, the worst kept secret of the close season has, at last, come to fruition as Everton’s Lukaku has signed for Man U at the extortionate price of ₤75m but with add-ons, more likely 90m but c’mon you Red Devils is he really worth that and if he is what price Ronaldo, Messi and Gruizeman? Also, what a coup for the Toffees, 75m in the bank and Wayne Rooney back at Goodison, can’t be bad!

On the domestic scene, had a delightful, revengeful time receiving my €10 note back from a certain Yorkshireman aka G-man after my Summerzet beat his Tykes in the cricket so all square then!

Until next week…Jezza


Formula 1

Austrian Grand Prix
  • Bottas Takes Second Victory
  • Ricciardo Shines Again
  • Rhian Gibbs

If Baku was your benchmark for a great race, then watching Austria may have left you a little flat. The start was dramatic and the end nail-biting, but the middle was pretty much run of the mill.

Bottas made an unbelievable getaway from pole, to which Vettel’s response was “he jumped the start”. Toro Rosso’s Kvyat braked too late into turn 1 and ran into Alonso, who’d also made a great start. The unfortunate knock on saw Alonso’s McLaren collide with Verstappen, much to his dismay and that of the mass of orange shirts in the crowd to support him. Verstappen and Alonso retired from another race. The instigator Kvyat came away a drive through penalty for causing a collision.

Despite the drama the race continued and Bottas dominated the first half of the race easily. Things spiced up after their respective pit stops as Vettel’s tyres lit up whereas Bottas’ started to fade. Vettel steadily hunted down the lead Mercedes and the final laps were gripping as Bottas managed to keep the now prancing horse behind him; Bottas took his second victory of the season with just 0.658s in it, Vettel had to settle for P2.

The FIA did investigate Bottas’ start (it was that quick); race stewards and the official timing systems proved conclusively his start was legal.

Red Bull’s Ricciardo finished the podium P3 in another sterling drive from the Australian, luck may have helped him in Baku, but boy did he fight for this one. Hamilton started in 8th on the grid due to a gearbox change and errors in qualifying. He made up the places and had Ricciardo in his sights, on lap 70 they were side by side, but the cool Ricciardo held his line and Hamilton had to accept P4.

Raikkonen was way back P5 for Ferrari and Haas’ Grosjean took home points P6, just ahead of the Force India’s in their own battle Perez taking P7 and Ocon P8.

The Williams boys were next, they had made the most of the first corner melee to get in the points and despite the blue flags Massa managed P9 and Stroll P10, with Stroll fending off the Renault Palmer, he missed out on the final point by half a second.

Vandoorne finished P12 in his McLaren, after being penalised for ignoring blue flags ahead of Hulkenberg’s Renault P13. Sauber’s Werhlein and Ericsson were next P14 and P15 respectively and Kvyat the final car to cross the line for Toro Rosso. His teammate Sainz was forced to retire with mechanical issues. Magnusson was the other retiree, his Haas suffered Hydraulic failure.

  • Next Race: British Grand Prix at Silverstone, 16th July.