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Front Page

Paradise, Yours For 22€ Million…

  • S’Espalmador island off Formentera up to sale with a 22 million price tag.
  • Government bid to secure the land looks to have failed as the island is released to the general market.
  • The island last changed ownership in 1932, at which time it cost just 42,500 pesetas.

It looks likely that the last hopes of S’Espalmador being purchased by the government have been dashed.

The island was first put on the market in 2015 at a valuation of 24€ million.

Two months later it was announced that it was no longer for sale as the owners had entered into negotiations with the government for a sale into public ownership.

But in April this year the sale hit the rocks following a vote in the senate. The motion by Senator Bernat Picornell of ERC, asking that the State assume the purchase of s’Espalmador and then transfer the islet to the Govern was rejected in the Commission of Environment and Climate Change of the Upper House, with 15 votes against of the PP and the 11 in favour of the opposition parties.

Thus, the architect Norman Cinnamond and his sister Rosy, owners of S’Espalmador, have decided, as published today by Vanity Fair magazine, to hang up the “for sale” sign on the famous island. The sale comes with a reduction of two million euros, from the  24 that were being asked two years ago is now reduced to 22.

Cinnamond explains to the publication that there are no open channels of negotiation with the Public Administration, so they have no choice but to sell it to a private buyer, although this is not the option that he preferred.

A natural park

Rosy and Norman Cinnamond are the grandchildren of Bernardo Cinnamond James, who acquired this small island in 1932 to Carlos Tur Roig for 42,500 pesetas.

There they have two magnificent properties in the purest ibicenco style of 468 and 240 square meters, respectively. There is also a small chapel.

The island is located in a particularly sensitive area for the preservation of the ecosystem of the Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera, to which it belongs. In addition, it is protected by the Coastal Law, is ANEI (Natural Area of ​​Special Interest) since 2001 and in 2005, the Insular Territorial Plan declared it AANP (High Level of Protection Area). That same year, s’Espalmador became a Place of Community Importance (LIC) and Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA). Precisely this important level of protection conidcionó the institutional interest by the islet.


There was therefore no urgency that could justify an interest of the administrations in adjudicating this island. However, despite being protected by so much regulation, s’Espalmador suffers every summer a strong pressure caused by both nautical tourism and people who access from the nearby coast of Formentera passing through Pas, a stretch of dangerous sand by the currents But at certain times of the year is walkable.

The fragility of the island was evident in August of last year when a flare launched from a boat caused a major fire in S’Espalmador, razing with one hectare of sabinar of great natural value and that can take a hundred years to regenerate.




More Forest Fires

Formentera Fire Destroys 10-15 Hectares

Cala Saona, which suffered a forest fire in May devastating 14 hectares of land has been hit again with another fire.

The origin of the fire was detected under a large pine tree and it was a neighbour who gave notice of the fire at 4.26 when they saw fire underneath the pine tree.

The fire rapidly spread because of the Northeast wind; however the quick intervention of the neighbour, Ibanat, firefighters and the Local Police meant the fire was under control within 3 hours.

Due to the nature of the fire and the wind, the Guardia Civil evacuated 7 homes out of the 20 in the area and only 2 of the houses have been affected by the flames, though not directly. In total 30 people had to leave the danger zone as it was declared a Level 1 fire although by sunset this was Level 0.

In total, three aircraft, including one Canadair of the Ministry of Environment, plus three more helicopters worked until dusk to curtail the fire. The Ibanat ground crew, firefighters and members of the Civil Protection were on duty last night. Six members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) from Ibiza, along with three fire engines, and 16 other soldiers who flew to Formentera by helicopter from Bétera (Valencia) joined in the task of extinction and last night dampened the area to prevent a regrowth of fire.

Cala de Bou Fire

The firefighters and Ibanat have again supressed a fire on Thursday 6th July which threatened land near the streets of Granada and Cantabria, not far from the agricultural fire on the 1st July. Both the fire plane and helicopter were in attendance dropping water to aid the firefighters. This is the third fire in Cala de Bou in two weeks.


8 Year Prison Term For Attempted Murder

A 33 year old Brazilian born man has accepted an 8 year prison term for attempting to murder his female friend by stabbing her twelve times while she slept on March 17th, 2015.

The defendant admitted to at first trying to strangle her in her room and then stabbing her in the chest, back, neck, hip and left wrist.

The prosecution initially asked for an 11 year sentence for attempted murder, however a deal was struck between the private prosecutor and the defence team. In addition to the sentence, the accused is prohibited from approaching or communicating with the victim for a period of 18 years.

The accused has also been ordered to pay 50,500€ in pain and suffering to the victim.

The incident happened in Calle Guipúzcoa in Sant Jose, when the accused asked at 2am if he could stay at the victim’s home. She agreed, however an hour later, the accused took advantage of the young woman asleep and tried to strangle her, upon her waking, they fell to the ground where he stabbed her repeatedly with a 10cm knife. The victim survived by taking refuge at a neighbour’s house.


British Youth Dies Suddenly

  • A 19 year old British man has died while walking the streets of San Antonio.

Luke Barnett, aged 19 from Cannock, Staffordshire, collapsed suddenly in the Vara de Rey, San Antonio, according to his brother and friends. They all stated that neither drugs nor alcohol had been involved. Ambulances were dispatched at 2.47am, the responding crew performed CPR however the young man could not be revived. Ib-Salut has reported “there was no drug or alcohol poisoning”.

An autopsy has been performed however the results have not been made public; it is believed they are waiting on forensic analysis; however an underlying, undiagnosed condition may be the cause of death.


Navigate Ibiza’s Seas

The Department of Environment of the Consell de Ibiza have reprinted information brochures of the ‘Navega en Verde’ campaign to promote responsible nautical tourism.

It is the second year in which the campaign has been carried out to raise awareness among those who enjoy nautical tourism on the need to respect the regulations and good practices while respecting the environment.

This year 5,000 booklets have been published explaining the importance of Posidonia, as well as navigational advice such as where to anchor, the location of buoy fields and the ecological impact of irregular moorings.


Paediatrics Gets A Makeover At Can Misses

The staff in the Paediatric ward have that following the success of the ‘Ice Kingdom’ decoration they had in place over winter, that the ward should be decorated indefinitely. Upon arrival children will be greeted with flowers, butterflies, bugs, windmills and grass on the walls, ceiling and floors.  Of course, Olaf has stayed. He likes the heat a lot, although they will ensure he does not become a puddle in the heat.

Eva Rios, a Paediatric nurse and Maternity ex supervisor, said to the Diario “The idea came after the Christmas decorating competition…the children liked it, it made them very happy”. So they decided to change the decoration with the passing seasons or holidays. “It was a deision of the entire staff, we are all very involved,” says the nurse.


San Jose Fines 84,000€ For Noise Violations

  • A single house accumulates 4 fines, adding up to 24,000€

The city of San Jose has brought sanctions worth 84,000€ to owners of several private homes for organising “large format” parties which caused significant disturbance to neighbours.

The 14 files opened last summer affect the owners of seven houses in the Cala Tarida and Sant Agusti areas; three of which are repeat offenders.

The consistory denounced the owners for serious infractions of the Noise Ordinance. In most cases, the Local Police determined that “large format events” had been organised i.e. attended by hundreds and with professional-type music equipment.

Each complaint has been issued with a penalty of 6,000€. A single house has accumulated four files, with a total of 24,000€. Two of the houses have three files, and the rest one each.

“Our interest and intention is that these things stop happening, which is important to start and resolve the files and to send a message that this cannot be repeated,” said the first deputy mayor Paquita Ribas.


DJ Bob Sinclar’s Villa Burgled

DJ Bob Sinclar has made a public appeal on Facebook following a burglary at his rented villa in Ibiza.

According to his Facebook post, 2 men entered his villa at around 10pm on the 3rd July and stole his Mac Book Pro Silver containing all his music, amongst other things.

He states in his appeal ‘I don’t care about the rest but my music is so precious for me…it cost nothing for you and has no value for resale. Please send it to Pacha hotel reception. Thank you so much. Bob Sinclar.


Cathy Guetta Opens Beach Club ‘Bagatelle’

Bagatelle is the latest beach club to open its doors, this time on the Cala Moli beach. Cathy Guetta, the ex-wife of French DJ David Guetta has opened its doors at the start of July. The opening, which attracted at least 500 guests from around the world, enjoyed a light and sound show at 10.30 with dancers representing each and every Bagatelle beach club from around the world including Saint Tropez and Miami.


Villa Parties Incur Fines and Seizures Following Neighbour Complaints.

  • Cap Negret, Private Party, 30a.m., 6-15db Over Limit, Fine up to 12,000€,

It is understood a neighbour reported the party at half past midnight. Police attended and gave the option to reduce the noise to an externally inaudible level, however when their requests were ignored they preceded to halt the festivities and issued denuncias which include penalties of a fine up to 12,000€.

  • Perella, Private House Party, Midnight, ‘significantly’ over db limit, Fine up to 65,000€

This follows a similar incident at a private party in the Perella area of Santa Eulalia a few days earlier when police took steps to seize generators and music equipment, the organisers face a fine of up to 65,000€.

Food & Drink


Breakfast at Savannah

  • With Barbara Tucker & Friends
    • Nick Gibbs

It is often said that men are unable to multitask. I don’t know if that is true but I have certainly used it to my advantage in avoiding ever taking on the responsibility of cooking a big breakfast at home whether my wife believes that “I just can’t cope with all the different pans and pots” I do not know, however today I again demonstrated a lack of wiliness to cook my own breakfast but at the same time flew the flag for male multitasking in combing two wonderful things.

First breakfast at Savannah which alone is a huge treat at any time. although most people think of the sunset strip for its evening pleasures, I think as a location for breakfast it is as good as it gets.

Quiet, wonderful view and a cool sea breeze together with, in Savannahs case for sure, a wonderful breakfast.

Today was to be more wonderful still as I ‘multitasked’ the opportunity to interview one of my all time favourite vocalists Barbara Tucker whilst chomping on eggs and sipping our coffee.

Actually, I had better confess, I had no part in the multitasking, it was all arranged by an absolute master in the craft, Jess Clitheroe, the ever present Ms Savannah.

Joining us were DJ Q, who is just as ever present alongside Barbara Tucker, local  legend DJ Sarah Main, who joins Q and Barbara Tucker for their regular Savannah terrace sunset sessions this year. Barbara’s manager, Jess and not forgetting the young Master Main.


I am always a little worried when meeting people I admire so much as it seems a cruel trick the mind often plays is to suddenly become hopelessly tongue-tied,  however contrary to the diva status I had built Barbara up to be, she is the most down to earth, easy and natural person to talk to – ok with just a little bit of diva thrown in, as it should be.

The interview really takes on more of a form of conversation around the table with topics ranging from the difficulty obtaining American turkey in Ibiza, and shrimp – the very specific way DJ Q requires them, through to my questions in forcing the need to fulfil the interview objective—Barbara’s singing career and current projects, through to just good old Ibiza locals chit-chat.

All of that you can read in the separate interview in coming days.

It was a very pleasant way to spend a brunch indeed, and a big part in making it so was the truly delicious breakfasts Savannah have to offer. It would have seemed a tad odd to suddenly get my camera our and start taking pictures as people were eating and so in Blue Peter fashion, here are some I made earlier.

Something I think will come as a surprise to many is the pricing. Given the location, the venue, and just the all round wonderfulness, 7.50€ for a full English breakfast seems extremely reasonable to me.

Savannah breakfasts, brilliant.

Savannah breakfasts with Divas, double  brilliant.

Photos, left to right:
  • Homemade Muesli, served with fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt, 8.50€
  • English Breakfast, 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, 2 hash browns, 2 slices of bacon, grilled tomato, Heinz baked beans and toast, 7.50€
  • American Pancakes, served with bacon, banana and maple syrup, 9.50€




Bollywood Dance

  • Bollywood Dance Classes in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza Town & San Antonio
    • Nick Gibbs

Vrinda Vishal has a passion for dance. Starting with ballet at age 5, she has  waltzed, tango’d, salsa’d bopped and even hip-hopped her  entire life. But it was Bollywood, a dance vibrant in positive energy as it is in colour, that truly captivated her dancing soul.

Though I would hazard a guess the vast majority of English speaking readers will not need Bollywood dance explained, it far less well known in Spain. We must therefore count ourselves lucky to have Bollywood on the Island. We asked Vrinda to tell us more….


  • Tell us about your classes?

My classes are very varied, cheerful, entertaining, and fun. I teach steps of many different styles of Indian dances adapted to Bollywood and the choreography we learn is also very varied. Some more fused with classical dance and others with Folkloric. We learn mudras (hand gestures), and we also learn to express well what we mean by the posture, and expression of the body as a whole.

I really like the Fusion Kathak Bollywood, or Garba Bollywood. I always try to include a high dose of hip movement to my choreography. It’s what I have left after having danced Tahitian and Hawaiian times.

  • What is your dance background?

My experience as a teacher started six years ago, when I started teaching Bollywood classes to a group of friends and since then I have not stopped teaching it is what I am most passionate about.

I was interested in dance from an early age. I attended Ballet classes from 5 years old until 16 and later I had the opportunity to meet and learn a little bit of Rock & Roll, Tango, Sirtaki, Waltz, and Bachata. Later, in college, I attended classes in Funky, Hip-hop (with ETB dancer and TV presenter Izaskun Forcada) and later salsa and oriental dance.

Later I discovered this style of dance from India and everything that this implies. The Bollywood dance is a fusion of folk dances and classical dances of India along with steps of other dances around the world. A real fusion.

I have received classes of classical Indian dance like Odissi, Kathak and Barathnatyam, next to folkloric like Kalbelya, Goomar, Bhangra, and Rajasthani dance.

For this, I travel to India as much as possible and attend various classes such as Professor Hemant’s Rajasthan and the famous choreographer and great dancer of Mumbai T.V. Ashish Patil, who comes to Spain every year. For some years I also received classes of Polinesia dance and formed a group with my partner called Hinanui.

I have also created an Indian cultural association called “House Of India” to publicise this culture.

I currently attend events and parties Holi of colours with my group (Narayana Bollywood Dance) formed by my students, and I teach Bollywood classes all year in 3 municipalities of the island.

Some weekends I also travel to intensive workshops in the rest of the Balearic Islands, such as Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera, as well as the Basque Country, the place where I was born.

  • Is it a good dance for beginners?

Definitely!! Bollywood dance requires no experience whatsoever. It is fun then learning is easy and enjoyable.

  • Men and women, young and old?

Yes. The men help to give colour and fun to the choreography. Men are very welcome. I hope that with time we will encourage more. There is no minimum or maximum age. Classes are open to anyone who has an interest and desire to learn and enjoy my classes.

Students do not need to speak Spanish, though it is a very fun way to learn! My classes attract English students and in those classes I give most of the explanations in English.

  • Where are the classes based?

The classes are in Santa Eulalia, Ciel azul, C/Levante, 7-Cala Martina, on Tuesdays and Sundays from 18:00 to 19:30.

And in San Antonio, Orlov, S.Antonio S.Josep Road s/n, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:00 to 17:30

In winter, there are also classes in Ibiza  Townin the morning, Vila Jove, C/Castilla, 19, from 11:30am to 1:00pm and in the afternoon Wednesday and Friday from 18:00 to 19:30 in the Centre of Creative Music of Puig den Valls.

  • How much do classes cost?

1class per week (4 per month) is 40€ per month.

2 classes per week (8 per month) is 50€ per month.

We are quite flexible, you can pay as you go and if you miss a class at one centre you can take it in another.

  • What is the duration?

Classes last 1.5 hours and the monthly fee is paid in the first 7 days of the month. Classes are continued throughout the summer.

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Dressed in Indian costume and jewellery, the Narayana group always offers a fun and lively show for all ages. Normally it consists of a show hour with animation included and the most lively songs from India. We have also collaborated in many different Holi festivals on the island.

I encourage everyone to try this style of dance, it is so little known in Spain but it raises real passions in other countries.

Of all the dances I have known throughout my career, Bollywood dance is the richest, the most colourful, the most joyful, and the most rewarding.

More info at: Https://



Bloop! ‘Changes’ ‘17

  • Ibiza Town, August 23, 2017 to September 09, 2017

More than two weeks dedicated to the annual theme: Changes, on which an eclectic roster of artists will base their works.

Reflecting the rapid and vast changes  contemporary society faces: values, lifestyle, politics, technology, and environment.

Bloop is based on the ethos “Art is for everybody”, the festival is completely free of charge as it has been since they started at the turn of the decade.

“Inviting a universal audience to take their first steps into art”.

For its 7th year the event will move its hub to Ibiza Town. Though the relationship with San Antonio has always been very strong, and its huge public murals welcomed by most, 2016 had a moment of controversy. Artist Uno painted a scene depicting a child giving the finger to the hand of God.There was a whole lot of kerfuffle and it was ordered to be painted over at the end of the festival (see below). Many will see San An’s loss as Ibiza Town’s gain, but that was then and this is now, change it is.

Always on the avant-garde Bloop are about to go exploring into the next future.

For design avenue, Designersblock from UK is joining the Ibizan avant-garde to co-host a design contest in which selected candidates` works will be exhibited. Plus, there will also be an area dedicated to design within the program curated by these two organisations.

Much more nearer the time.

Above, the last mural to be painted in San An, No Fear, Aec Interesni Kazki-photo Marc Colomines. Below, the work by Uno being overpainted.


Tanabata Festival

  • Sushiya Aoyama, July 7 until July 15, from 8pm

 “The Milky Way separates the lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi who are allowed to meet only once a year – on the seventh day of the seventh month.”

In Japan this is celebrated on this day by writing wishes on small pieces of paper and hanging them on bamboo.  They are burned after the festival.

Tanabata is celebrated at Sushiya Aoyama, every night from July 7-15 from 8pm for you to make your wishes. Sushiya Aoyama, Plaza sa Drassaneta 13, Ibiza Town.


Keith Haring @ La Nave

Salinas near Salt Dock, Tues – Sun 11am-1pm and 5pm-10pm. Photo Claire B . Full article and gallery on our website


Day by Day

Fri 7th

  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm


  • Carly & Chris Unplugged/Plugged, Vista el Puerto, Cala de Bou. 9-12pm


  • Bollywood Show, Ancient People, Ibiza Town, from 9pm
  • With girls from the school of Mafalda.
  • For details see Facebook: Ancient People


  • Melon Bomb @ Pikes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm
  • Paul Reynolds, Ben Santiago, Corbi and Scott Gray are joined by The Reflex plus up and coming talent Griff by the pool. Poolside and then Freddies.


Sat 8th

  • Ecological Market, San Jose, 9am-1pm
  • Organic food and craft market


  • Charity Moonlight Walk, Cala Llonga, Bar La Cantina, 9.30pm


  • Sa Capella Flower Power Fiesta, Ibiza Town, Parque Reina Sofia, From 10pm
  • With DJ Javi Box spinning the tunes.


Sun 9th

  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm
  • Enjoy the mellow ballads and groovy swing of Peter & Winni as JazzYbiza, whilst watching the sun go down from the Villa Mercedes terrace. Bookings advisable for dinner, or for the music without a meal, take advantage of their cocktail bar.


  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm
  • Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.


  • ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels’ @ Cinerama Dorado, Playa d’en Bossa, Santos, 9pm


Mon 10th

  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am Evening market often with live music.


Tue 11th

  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am
  • Evening market often with live music.


  • #MERKY Festival @ Ibiza Rocks, San An, from 2pm
  • 10 hours day to night headlined by Stormzy with sets from Dave, J Hus, Jaykae, Kenny Allstar, Mist, Mostack, Ray Blk, hosted by Julie Adenuga


Wed 12th

  • Hippy Market, Es Canar, Punta Arabi,  10-7pm
  • More than 500 stalls, paella from 1.30-3.30pm at the Grill restaurant and ‘Hippy Kids’ area with activities.


Thu 13th

  • Hippy Market, Cala Llonga, Beach Promenade, from 6pm
  • Plenty of free parking and live music!


  • Artisan Fair, Sant Rafel, 7pm-11.30pm
  • Exhibitions of handicrafts and food set along Pintor Narcís Puget and the Church Square. There will be a free train leaving San Antonio bus station at 6.30pm to the event and returning at 8.30pm


  • Nell Shakespeare live @ Pura Vida Beach, from 3pm


  • Flower Power Beat Festival @ Destino, from 2pm
  • See article for more details


  • Cinema Paradiso Presents ‘Eddie The Eagle’ @ Baluard de Sant Pere, Dalt Villa, Ibiza Town, 10pm


  • Dance 88/89 @ Sankeys, Playa den Bossa, Midnight
  • With DJs Judge Jules, Just Be Bushwacka and Graeme Park.


Fri 14th

  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm


  • Carly & Chris Unplugged/Plugged, Vista el Puerto, Cala de Bou. 9-12pm
  • Secret Gigs Ibiza @ the Atzaro Vibe Lounge.
  • Hosted by Lettice Rowbotham the world-renowned violinist, and singer songwriter Justin Manville, with live unplugged music from David Block. A donation will be suggested at the door at your discretion. More details on Facebook: Secret Gigs Ibiza at the Atzaro Vibe Lounge


Sun 16th

  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm
  • Enjoy the mellow ballads and groovy swing of Peter & Winni as JazzYbiza, whilst watching the sun go down from the Villa Mercedes terrace.
  • Bookings advisable for dinner, or for the music without a meal, take advantage of their cocktail bar.


  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm
  • Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.



Peyotito @ Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

  • Talamanca
    • Claire B

Located on one side of the pool in the newly opened Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay in Talamanca (formerly the Hotel Playa Real), Peyotito brings modern Mexican fine dining to Ibiza. With a Peyotito restaurant already in Notting Hill in London and sister restaurants Peyote in Mayfair and Dubai, Peyotito brings something different to Ibiza.

As you would imagine from a 5 star establishment, the styling both inside and out is beautiful, with muted colours creating a relaxed and sophisticated vibe. The outside terrace is vast, sandwiched between the large pool and the beachfront, housing lots of tables to take advantage of the wonderful views of Talamanca Bay. Taking pride of place at the front is a seating area with a fire pit for added warmth if there’s a chilly breeze wafting in from the sea, and the perfect place for a pre-dinner margarita and some chips, salsa and guacamole.

The menu comprises Mexican dishes and flavours fused with locally sourced Ibizan fare, such as fresh locally caught fish and almonds and it’s a million miles away from the traditional range of Tex Mex dishes such as burritos, fajitas and the like. I was invited to sample the menu, which included dishes such as gazpacho verde, quinoa salad with local almonds, calamares with jalapeño and lime mayonnaise, laminado de himachi (a ceviche of yellowtail), tacos with sea bass and slow-cooked lamb, pollo con mole blanco (grilled chicken with a sauce that also included local almonds), arroz a la Mexicana (a kind of Mexican paella with langostine and baby clams) and esquites (grilled sweet corn, jalapeño mayonnaise and queso fresco). This gives a flavour of what’s on offer but there’s lots more, including deserts, cocktails, mocktails and a range of tequilas and mezcals.

Everything we had was beautifully presented, had lovely Mexican flavour combinations of lime, just enough chili and spice where it was needed and lots of other ingredients and seasonings that got the taste buds tingling. Fresh, tasty and healthy food (and most of it is gluten free). The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes, introducing each one as it was brought to the table, with great service adding to the whole experience.

The hotel, which opened its doors to the public on June 30, also houses the Nobu restaurant, Chambao Chiringuito, Celicioso and a pool bar.


At Night

Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics

  • Destino: Cap Martinet
  • Claire B

As part of Pacha’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, Pete Tong and the 65-piece Heritage Orchestra conducted by Jules Buckley, will be bringing their phenomenal live show ‘Ibiza Classics’ to Destino for a one-off performance on August 5.

This union of classical music and iconic dance tracks is another bold, brilliant move from one of the most influential figures in dance music.

Classic House Concept

The concept of Ibiza Classics and the companion album ‘Classic House’ came into fruition in 2015 with BBC Radio 1’s Ibiza Prom at the Royal Albert Hall. With its infectious, energetic brand of club music reworked by artistic director Chris Wheeler, the 65-piece Heritage Orchestra and the acclaimed conductor Jules Buckley has captured the hearts of millions and created an unforgettable dance-party.

Sell Out Shows

They did 3 live arena performances including a sold out show at London’s O2 Arena last year, with performances at LA’s prestigious Hollywood Bowl and two major shows in Sydney and Melbourne this year. After that, it was only right that Pete should also include a date where it all began – back home in Ibiza.

Perfect Location

One of the most stunning locations on the island, set atop the cliffs of Cap Martinet in Talamanca Bay, Destino Pacha Ibiza is the perfect venue for this ground-breaking show. From 5pm. Tickets are 70€ and are sure to sell out well in advance.

To get yours and be part of dance music history here:


Paris Hilton

  • Amnesia
  • Claire B

Paris Hilton returned to Amnesia for the 5th year of her Foam & Diamonds party last week. It takes place every Sunday from July 2 for 9 weeks in the Main Room of the super club, her favourite island nightclub. Paris said, “Foam & Diamonds is one of the most incredible projects of my musical career and this year will certainly be huge”.

On the opening night Paris happily posed for the press with her troupe of 12-strong Foam & Diamond Babies as she calls them, wearing a long, see-through embellished and rather revealing gold gown and crown-like gold tiara. In between posing for the cameras with her babies, she answered a few questions, took selfies of herself and posed for photos with people who wanted to be snapped with her. She’s certainly not camera shy and revelled in all the attention being bestowed on her. I can’t comment on her DJ skills or what she played as I didn’t stay to see her set, as it was getting late and my bed was calling me!


Phats & Small at Jacaranda

  • Es Canar
  • Carly Sorensen

Jamie Porteous warmed us all up with a nice mix of party tracks before we were treated to old school house at the expert hands (and voice) of dance legends and Jacaranda regulars Jason Phats and Ben Ofoedu, AKA Phats and Small. What a treat it was too! I turned 18 the year that Turn Around was released and that track was the anthem to my first forays into clubbing. Late 90’s vocal house makes me move my body (higher, higher, h-h-higher) like nothing else and I was absolutely in my element dancing about with my friends and our kids to the deftly mixed classic house set dropped by Jason.

As Ben took to the mic to MC, sing and chant along in the  high energy, bouncing, infectiously-grinning style that is his trademark, the dancefloor rapidly filled up. A lot of dance music falls out of style, but old school vocal house, as Phats and Small effortlessly proved yet again, never does. Nothing quite gives you the same feeling of euphoria and urge to sing, stomp and throw your hands in the air (and wave ’em like you just don’t care) as classic house.

I’ve often said that you’d need to be on drugs to enjoy some of the electronic offerings at certain club nights (an observation generally met with laughing exclamations of ‘steady on, Grandma!), but on Sunday, and every other time I have caught Phats and Small live, the music WAS the drug. A huge and diverse crowd of people speaking several languages were dancing and singing along; from energetic, carefree kids, to smiling, slightly self-conscious teenagers with their phones out (I must be getting old, who videos themselves at a gig then stops watching said gig to view the video taken seconds earlier?!) to thirty and forty somethings re-living their youth and fifty to seventy year olds who just couldn’t resist the big bouncy beats. Madonna was right, music really does make the people come together. And Jacaranda is the perfect venue for this multi-generational musical appreciation.

See the full Jacaranda review  on page 13.


Flower Power Beat Experience

  • Destino, 13th July
  • Claire B

A 12-hour outdoor festival to enjoy the culture of the 60s and 70s. There will be analog musical acts, art performances, live art, a hippie market by Las Dalias, open-air visuals, holistic experiences, technology, motor collection exhibitions, arty workshops and of course activities led by the Flower Power team from Pacha. From 6pm on the main stage there’ll be music from DJ Pippi, DJ Domi and a special DJ-set by Víctor Nebot to dance until midnight and then continue the party in Tox, Destino’s nightclub. From midday until midnight. Free admission until 5pm.

Advanced tickets: 45€ or 50€ on door.

More information on Facebook: Flower Power Beat Experience Festival 2017


Taste The Punch: Garage Special feat Oxide & Neutrino

  • Eden, San An Fri 7 July
  • Nick Gibbs

Legendary UK Garage duo Oxide & Neutrino hit our shores this weekend for a one off garage special by the Luton brothers’ Taste The Punch at Eden.

Though having made the Punch name in the world of underground and techno, they are living up to their promise of keeping it fresh for their debut Ibiza season—the garage night comes on top of two huge grime nights also announced—featuring those the stature of Giggs, Charlie Sloth, Mike Skinner & Murkage, DJ Target and Preditah.

Keeping it fresh or seeing which way the wind is blowing? Doesn’t really matter, if variety is the spice of life, Ibiza should be as spicy as they come.

Though the Punch taste hasn’t gone completely away from the 120something bpm range. Their house headliners this year have included Mark Knight, Faithless (DJ Set), and last week with another date in July coming up, Laidback Luke playing two exclusive techno sets.

But back to this Friday, and Oxide & Neutrino ex of the So Solid Crew will be giving the people what they want on Friday, providing its garage, and plenty do.

Expect the classics alongside the latest grooves and plenty of big bassline.




6th July 2017— 12th July 2017


ARIES – Judgement

Stand up and be counted, speak your truth. If you’ve grievances or issues with certain people you mustn’t be afraid to deal with them this week.  Look at this as a wonderful opportunity to clear the air and start a new chapter in life, especially if situations had become stagnant! This applies personally and professionally so make some bold moves!

TAURUS – Three of Swords

‘Two’s company, threes a crowd’ is a phrase that often describes this card. Sadly in life, there are those who’ve nothing better to do than cause misery; they seem to get off on it. Be aware of people that try to belittle you, mark their card and wait until you feel less emotional before deciding how to deal with them.

GEMINI – Eight of Cups

You’ve been through quite an emotional journey recently and although you may have physically travelled over land or sea, you have also ‘travelled,’ in the sense of having more experience and understanding of what does or doesn’t work for you.  This week you’ll need to apply new found wisdom by healing any relationships that have gone through a rough time.

CANCER – Queen of Cups

This lovely lady’s soothing energy helps you to be authoritative in any area of your life where you need to be heard, by allowing you to get your point across in a gentle but firm way.  Others would be unwise to see your kindness as a weakness; you just need to remind them of that. Expect some good news.

LEO – Knight of Swords

A dynamic if at times challenging week.  You want to protect your interests, but do you really need a sledgehammer to crack a nut? You are excited to move ahead with new projects and may be frustrated by others lack of enthusiasm or drive. OK then, get on with what you can solo until others get up to speed.

VIRGO – Eight of Swords

You feel a little ‘off’ and are likely to be overwhelmed by deadlines or the demands of others; you feel like running for the hills!  Stop struggling with impulse to have a couple of duvet days.  You need this to restore your equilibrium; others will just have to get on with it. Next week you’ll be back in top form.

LIBRA – The Wheel of Fortune

As the wheel turns so does your life, nothing is ever in limbo as events prove this week. You may be in for a few pleasant surprises or if chance meetings are followed through could alter plans dramatically. You may not call all the shots but my advice is to go with the flow and see where this road leads.

SCORPIO – The Emperor

Taking responsibility for ones actions is a sign of maturity. This week associates and those close sit up and take notice. They sense a “new” you; someone more determined and single minded about what they want to achieve. You’ve laid foundations for a new way of life and will only operate on your terms and not someone else’s.


Another busy week, with you still trying to juggle work and social commitments.  Career offers opportunities for you to travel. This card indicates a period of great prospects, but in order to profit by this you must be determined. Learn to master feelings and think with a clear head. Enjoy life to the full and put worries aside.

CAPRICORN – Four of Pentacles

Clever ideas generate income and you’ll be busy entertaining useful connections in order to establish credibility business wise. You’d be wise to plan for the future by consolidating capital or income this week. You’ll generate more than you think however; don’t let that stop you from saving for a ‘ rainy day’ which in uncertain times isn’t a bad thing!

AQUARIUS – Ten of Cups

Your social life picks up so expect more than your fair share of visitors, although you’ll want to get out and about. This is such a happy card whose energy reminds you to celebrate and appreciate friends, family and the good times. Others show generosity on many levels; plus expect more than your fair share of being loved and adored!

PISCES – Queen of Wands

Taking charge, being organised and getting your ducks in a row takes priority this week.  This card highlights ambition as some of you have wanted a career change or extra responsibility. That’s coming so you might as well embrace it and rise to the occasion.  Fire sign women, Sagittarius, Leo or Aries are the best allies or love interests.


View From The Pew

  • The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas
  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The phrase “doubting Thomas” in the English language refers to a person who habitually doubts (a sceptic).  The saying is based on the scepticism of Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus.  Little did he know at the time that he would forever be remembered as “doubting Thomas”!  The saying is based on his doubts concerning the resurrection of Jesus.  The event is told in the 1st Century text known as the Gospel of John:

But Thomas (who was called the Twin), one of the twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. 25 So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord.” But he said to them, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger in the mark of the nails and my hand in his side, I will not believe.” 26 A week later his disciples were again in the house, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were shut, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here and see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it in my side. Do not doubt but believe.” 28 Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” 29 The doubts of Thomas gave rise to the memorable saying of Jesus: “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” (John 20:24-29).  Thomas needed physical evidence.  He got it!  But there is deeper evidence.

In 1945 the so-called Christian Gnostic Texts were discovered at Nag Hammadi, a city in upper Egypt on the west bank of the Nile.  A farmer found them, Muhammed al-Samman, in 13 leather bound papyrus codices buried in a sealed jar.  The most famous of these texts is the Gospel of Thomas.  Some scholars think the Gospel of Thomas could be very early.  Some even say as early as AD 50.  The Gospel claims to be the secret sayings that Jesus dictated to Thomas consisting of 114 sayings.  Jesus seems to have a special relationship with Thomas.  Perhaps the doubts of Thomas are useful!  In saying 17 of the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says: “I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind.”

  • Church Service this Sunday 9th July 10.30 am at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street) Santa Eulalia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


Age in Spain guide for  people returning to the United Kingdom

A new short Info Guide is available from Age in Spain for people who are considering a permanent return to the UK and who might need help in accessing benefits and help with housing when they arrive.

This free guide explains what you need to do and gives useful contacts to help you plan ahead.

Covering everything from the difficulty of transferring your Spanish motor insurance no claims bonus, to getting a bank account, it highlights that just because you were born in Britain doesn’t mean you will have the red carpet rolled out for you.

‘We receive so many calls from people who find that returning to the UK is not always a simple process.’ said Donnella Quian, Age in Spain’s Casework Manager. ‘If you have been out of the country for two years or more and need help with accommodation and benefits, you have to be able to demonstrate that you meet the rules.’

Key amongst the rules is the habitual residence test, which we have printed in summary here. The controversial test is a Government initiative designed to avoid the potential of benefit fraud, though it has been criticised for causing undue hardship for some people.

Although the guide has specific information for the elderly, most of the key points will still be useful to anybody looking to return in a situation where they will not be financially independent.

Read and download the Guide from

Or contact Donnella Quian, Casework Manager by email

Infoline phone number +34 971 934 085 (10.00-14.00 weekdays)

Habitual Residence Test

Anybody returning to the UK after living abroad for two years or more (including UK state pensioners) will have to satisfy the decision-making authorities that they have the right to reside and are habitually resident in the Common Travel Area (U.K., Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man) before making an application for certain benefits including

State Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Income Support and

Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance. The same rule applies for local authority housing applications.


Those wishing to claim benefits upon their return will have to establish:

  • They are voluntarily in the UK
  • They are resident in the UK
  • They have settled intentions to remain in the UK
  • They have been in the UK for an appreciable amount of time. This period could be anything from a few days up to six months, but there are no hard and fast rules.

Factors which could be taken into account by the decision-makers include:

  • Whether the claimant has brought their possessions to the UK
  • Whether the claimant established residence before arrival
  • If the claimant has strong ties with the UK
  • If the claimant has registered for services and with a doctor, etc.

Age in Spain are looking for volunteers in Ibiza. For more information write telephone +34 971 934 085 or write to

Age in Spain, Apartado de Correos No. 1327, 07800 Ibiza, Baleares, Spain

The Age in Spain Information and Casework Service helps people with information, solving crises and small grants through its links with UK charities.


Es Canar Fiestas, Saint Cristopher’s Day, July 5th  until July 10th

If you’re in the area, this is not to be missed and if you’re not—why not whizz across for the street party, foam fun, fire show, live entertainment, traditional dancing, artisans fair and finale of fireworks!


Fri 7th

  • Mirror Man, Jordi Roman and fire show, across from Jacaranda and Vistamar, 9pm

Sat 8th

  • Street Party and Water Party, from 6pm
  • Ultima Entertainment with Harry James, Danny Murphy and a fire show, from 7pm
  • Keep Rocking, from 10.30pm

Sun 9th

  • Mardy John I Deeps, Moes Bar, from 2pm
  • Foam Party with Cachirulo, from 5.30pm
  • Zumba, from 6.30pm

Mon 10th Saint Christopher’s Day

  • Artisans Fair, from 10am until 8pm
  • Mass at the Es Canar Chapel, 12noon
  • Carriage Parade, 12.45
  • Paella Competition, 2pm
  • Music Band Parade, 8.30pm
  • Ball Pages (traditional local dance) 9.30pm
  • Morning Drivers Concert, 10pm
  • Castle of Fireworks, Midnight





 Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Welcome to this weeks Zips It up and it’s all about the best of Ibiza.

We visit denim with Zoom Cherry, got to beach with Coco Riko and also check out the best festival headwear.

Enjoy. A x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Coco Riko

An important part of the Ibiza wardrobe is the kaftan or cover-up. It goes hand in hand with all swimwear and is a versatile essential for anyone vacationing on the white isle.

Balearic girls spend their days in bright coloured one-pieces over boho bikinis partying poolside or relaxing on golden sands.  And as we watch as the sun-set on another stunning day, that kaftan becomes the ultimate eveningwear with a simple change of footwear and accessories. Where can we find the perfect collection which ticks both boxes?

Meet a designer with this exact lifestyle in mind. Hayley Wheatley, founder of beachwear label Coco Riko.

Hayley relocated to Ibiza from the UK a few years ago and has made a huge success of her label.

As well as being the celebrity’s choice, this is a collection of on-trend kaftans, flattering maxi dresses and unique waistcoats in an assortment of colours and bold prints.

Hayley’s love of fringing and neon, shines through in this fabulous luxury beach and resort wear collection. Each piece is lovingly handmade –stunning custom-designed prints and beautiful brights that will effortlessly take you from day-to-night.  A label that perfectly captures the essence of Ibiza’s cosmopolitan chic.

Such is the success of Hayley’s range, UK high street giant John Lewis are now stocking CocoRiko’s little sister collection; Riko. Ideal for those who want to dress for Ibiza before they get there, or for those who don’t get there at all.

Ibiza Stockists
  • Atzaro Beach – Cala Nova
  • Das Ibiza – C/ Manuel Sora 10, Ibiza Town
  • El Chiringuito Boutique – Es Cavallet
  • Kurru Kurru – Passeig Joan Carles I, Marina Botafoch
  • La Boutique – Babylon Beach, Santa Eulalia
  • Nassau Beach Club – Playa D’en Bossa
  • White Ibiza Boutique – La Escollera, Es Cavallet


Gypsy Blood

Summer isn’t simply beaches, bikinis and the Balearics. It is also official Festival season. And for those who opted for a weekend at Glastonbury or Coachella over Ibiza or Formentera, then a stand-out 3 day festival wardrobe is as important as that precious ticket to get in.

We all know that key items involve, denim cutoffs, slogan tees and the essential boot, but how about a head dress?

Decorating our hair or heads in flowers is a time-long tradition, stemming back to the iconic days of Woodstock. In recent years, we have seen high street ‘rose crowns’ and Indian bejeweled headbands at festivals across Europe. And I have discovered a collection of incredible and unique works of art, which will not only stand out amongst the thousands of revelers in the muddiest of fields, but would also look perfect on the dance floors (and in the VIPs) of Pacha and Amnesia.

Meet costume designer Savanna Morrish, 31, a festival junkie. Having travelled the globe from London to Nepal, Savanna had a spiritual realization on her return to the UK. She quit her old job, concluding that an office lifestyle wasn’t for her, after life changing travelling experiences.  Savannah spent a summer living in a van on a field, organising a festival for charity. Once it was over, she embraced California and the Burning Man adventure. This spurned a dream to mix festival passion with some crafty skills.

So, without much sleep, forsaking a social life and with every penny she had, Savanna spent the next 6 weeks creating an inital range of 28 headpieces, shooting three photoshoots and building a website ready for the launch on 1st April 2017.

The range runs to three collections, The Wild, The Warrior and The Free. The Wild being the party girls, The Warrior being the badass tribal women and The Free being the free spirits, the bohemian girls.

The label is ‘Gypsy Blood’ and Savanna says;

We are the wild ones. The ones with the messy hair, the thirsty hearts and that unmistakable spark in our eyes.

The all night dancers, the music makers, the risk takers and the rule breakers.

Untamed and unashamed. We make no apologies for our wild hearts. Sculpted to be our own heros. We are not here to simply ‘fit in.”

We stand fearless and proud as we walk the unpaved path in the pursuit of that which sets our souls on fire.”

Each piece is designed and hand made by Savanna at her studio in Sheffield England. No two pieces will ever be the same. The red indian head dresses or ‘war bonnets’, as they’re officially called, are absolute show stoppers.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your item to be made and shipped to you. If you have an important date, please let Savanna know and she will try her best to get it to you with your timing in mind.


Zoomcherry Ibiza

One of the most eye-catching trends in Ibiza 2017 is customized clothing and accessories. And a brand that particularly stands out is Zoomcherry Ibiza.

Belgian designer Zoom was married on the island and now calls Ibiza home. Having studied art and fashion at the Royal Art Academy of Bruxelles, it was here that she was able to pursue her love of customizing clothes for herself and friends. Demand grew for Zoom’s talents and before she knew it, she had launched own collection and label.

Zoomcherry Ibiza launched in summer 2015, with a collection of limited edition customized jackets. The appreciation on the island was overwhelming, generating copious re-posts on Instagram. Zoom has also been recognised by the infamous New York stylist and designer Patricia Field, best known for her wardrobe work on ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

Since then Zoom has been busy building the brand, selling online via the Zoomcherry Ibiza website and taking personal appointments in her showroom on the white isle. She also maintains a very active social media presence, sharing her work daily.

The Zoomcherry Ibiza brand celebrates originality and creativity. All the clothes and accessories are unique, hand-painted and customized to ensure that your look will be exclusive. She is also able to create designs based on your own ideas and specifications, emblazened on everything denim jackets and handbags to sweaters and t-shirts.

Viva bespoke Zoomcherry creations!


  • Es Canar
    • Carly Sorenson

I paid my first visit of the season to the beautiful Jacaranda Lounge in Es Canar. For those who don’t know it, Jacaranda is a sprawling white haven atop the beach, stylishly fitted out in Asian influenced white Bali beds, thatched cabanas, sunbeds and pristine white tables and chairs, dominated by an azure blue pool overlooking the glittering Mediterranean sea. It is a stunning venue, popular with locals and tourists alike, and one of the islands go-to destinations for weddings and events (ever-friendly owner Mandy Hayes was telling me how this year is their busiest yet with weddings) as well as delicious food, amazing signature cocktails and relaxing shisha pipes. This year they have upped their game even more,  boasting a varied schedule of events with something different every night as well as being open for food, pool fun, relaxation and cocktails all day every day.

Daily Events

Monday nights are Fire and Ice, featuring DJ’s, dancers and spectacular fire shows.

On Tuesdays it’s a chill out day; relax and unwind by the pool, take in the sunset and enjoy cocktails, food and tranquillity.

Wednesdays are McQueen nights, this is one not to be missed, with the huge pool playing host to breath-taking fly board shows by Lyndsey McQueen. Combining lights, music, acrobatics and jaw dropping fly board tricks, this is a spectacle like no other.

Thursday is Blues in the Night, an evening of blues music under the stars.

Fridays are Jungle nights featuring resident DJ Rick Live, fire shows and animals – go down and meet a python!

Saturdays are big party days at Jacaranda, with the daytime Bikini Party featuring Jacaranda resident DJ’s Rick Live and Ibiza Global’s Jamie Porteous. Followed by a night time Circus party with acrobats, stilt walkers, balancing acts, jugglers, dancers and more!

Sunday night is Celebrity Sundays, featuring live performances by big names from the UK,.

There’s also a Silent Disco from midnight every Wednesday and Sunday, allowing you to keep dancing into the wee hours without disturbing the neighbours.

The Tech

The newly installed big screens provide a great view of the stage wherever you may be and sound is rigged to be heard from anywhere in the venue, so there’s no need to leave the comfort of your Bali bed, perch at the bar or dining table to enjoy the shows. What’s more, all of the events are free and every night there’s a four or five hour ‘happy hour’ with great drinks promos.

Family Friendly

There aren’t many places I can think of on the island where I can dance to my favourite house music with my three year old, let alone lay her down on a ‘VIP’ bed next to the dancefloor when she gets tired and be brought a blanket for her instead of being told I have to pay for the use of the bed. On an island which sometimes feels like it’s becoming too exclusive for it’s own good, Jacaranda remains a friendly and inclusive venue that has the look of a high end beach club but none of the snobby attitude. Jacaranda welcomes everyone, regardless of age, nationality or anything else, to join the fun and encourages a happy and familial atmosphere, and that’s a real testament to Mandy and her staff.

Coming Up

This week’s Celebrity Sunday sees Liberty X’s Michelle Heaton take to the stage, as well as it being Es Canar street fiestas so a great party atmosphere is guaranteed! Shane Ritchie Jnr is back the following week, I saw him last year and surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying his songs and banter. If you can’t make either of these Sundays, then get yourself along to another event, there’s plenty to choose from.

  • See the At Night section for the Celebrity Sunday’s Phats & Small review.




Jezza’s World of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Nowhere else to start with this week but in New Zealand …


Rugby Union – The Lions Come Alive, At Last!

What a Test match, the 2nd of 3, of the Lions tour of NZ which took place in Wellington, at the Westpac Stadium, affectionately known to all and sundry as the Cake Tin.

With the Lions desperately needing a win, not only to keep the Series alive, but also, in some opinions (although’ not mine!) the whole essence and raison d’etre of the famous touring side, and the All Blacks wanting to put the Series to bed, having won the 1st Test fairly easily, t’was all to play for. And play they did! Sometimes brutal, as illustrated by the Black’s Williams with an awful, red card producing shoulder charge on the Lions Watson, sometimes classic rugby, as the Lions scored another wonderful try in the 2nd half, not quite matching their effort in the 1st Test but still a well-worked 5 pointer, but nevertheless a superb spectacle. Even down to 14 for the best part of 55 minutes, although’ parity was achieved when the Lions Vunipola was sin-binned in the 2nd half, the Blacks still showed amazing character and skill and as spectators, when they went 18-9 up, we thought here we go, yet another loss. But oh, no, even that scoreline didn’t deter these Lions and they came storming back with 2 tries, one converted to bring the scores level at 21-21. Then what a finish as the Lions Farrell showed supreme nerves of steel as he hammered home a penalty to take the match 24-21, the first time since 2009 that the Blacks had lost at home, as well as the first time since 1998 that they had failed to score a try and lost at home, and the first time that an All Black had been sent off since 1967 and that only the 3rd red card they had ever received. As for the Lions, it was the first time since 1971 that they had beaten the Blacks in NZ, a record in itself and don’t get me wrong tho’, the Lions thoroughly deserved their win, with England’s Mario Itoje the star of the match. One blot on the copybook tho’, if they have any chance of winning the 3rd and final Test this Saturday (09.35, Sky 1 HD) they have to cut out these needless penalties, as they gave away 13 in Wellington, 10 of which were eminently kickable 7 of which were taken and, to be honest, if Barrett, normally Mr Reliable, hadn’t missed 3 of them, it could and would have been a different story. So, on to Eden Park, and what we hope will be a classic winner-takes-all match with the All Black’s expected to come out with all cylinders firing as Lions manager Gatland said, ruefully, “we’ve poked the bear” and they can now expect a furious backlash, but, in my opinion, momentum is a huge advantage and I can see the Lions winning, just, to take the Series as long as  they cut out the penalty count AND play their own game to the max. C’mon U Lions!


Golf ; Fleetwood Takes The French Apart!

Yes, congrats to England’s Tommy Fleetwood, as he took the French Open in Paris with a brilliant final round of 66 to win his second title of the season by a shot. Last September, he was ranked 188 in the world and appeared to be going nowhere fast but now he’s up to a career-high 15th, and in great nick for the British Open at Royal Birkdale later this month so good on you, matey!


Tennis;  Murray Going For Back To Back Titles.

So he is, but let’s hope his recent injury travails don’t prevail because having lost early at Queen’s he’s not had that much grass court time and appears to have a hip problem, although’ he didn’t show too much pain in his 1st round win on Monday. If he is going to win it for a 3rd time, it ain’t gonna be easy though, as he’s in the more difficult half of the draw and having, probably if things go to plan, Wawrinka in the Quarters, Nadal in the Semis and either Djokovic or my bet the way he’s playing at the moment, Federer in the Final. In the Women’s good luck to England’s Johanna Konta, seeded 6, as she attempts to win her first Wimbledon but at least she’s coming in to SW19 with good form behind her having beaten 2 higher ranked players at Eastbourne, only having to withdraw from her semi, due to a back injury, although’ we understand this was more of a precaution than anything else. So, good luck to all the Brits, but no doubt Murray and Konta will be the last 2 standing come the 3rd round!


Cricket ; England Progressing Nicely!

Yes, as in the current Women’s ODI World Cup being held in England, Heather Knight’s 3 Lions team are looking good for the Semis, despite having lost their first match to India, as they came roaring back with 2 wins, the first hammering Pakistan with a record score, mainly due to Nat Sciver’s brilliant unbeaten ton and then beating the dangerous Sri Lankans by 7 wickets at Taunton with 19 overs of the allotted 50 to spare to lie in 4th in the table after 3 matches in the round-robin format with the top 4 going thru’ to the Semis. As for the men, having won both the 50 over and T20 Series’ 2-1 against the touring South Africans it’s Joe Root’s debut as skipper in Thursday’s 1st Test at Lords so good luck to them, hopefully to achieve a clean sweep.


Cycling ; Froome Going For Yet Another Tour De France!

Although starting in Dusseldorf over the w/end it wasn’t Froome who took the plaudits in the first stages but compatriot and Team Sky colleague Geraint Thomas who won the speed trials to kick off this year’s TdF and indeed, as I write, after the 3rd stage, the Welshman is proud holder of the leader’s Yellow Jersey, 12 secs ahead of Froome in 2nd, the latter despite being involved in a nasty crash which the former managed to miss but was still held up, but an awful long way to go yet.


Football ;  Surprise, Surprise As England Lose To Germany On Pens!

Yup, same ole, same ole, as England’s Under 21 Lions, having done so well to reach the Semis in Euro 2017, held in Poland, succumbed yet again to German penalties to miss out on the Final, where Germany became eventual winners, beating Spain 1-0 to take the title. Shame for Spain as well as they had looked so good as they demolished Italy 3-1 in their semi, but I just hope, one day before I go to that footie heaven in the sky, I’ll witness England actually beating Germany on penalties in the Final, no, let’s say, ANY major tournament match because I’m running out of time!


Finally, after last week’s cricketing bet against Yorkshireman Graeme Cooper, you’ll be pleased to hear that I have a heaven-sent opportunity to reclaim my €10 note (ed: I thought you won the bet last time Jerry, hence the Yorkshireman’s wallet caption) as my Somerset take on his Tykes, yet, again, in a 4 day county match. This time, I’ll be sure to take a photo of the moths as Coops opens his east-of-the-Pennines wallet and knowing him, it’ll be the same note I gave him as he won’t have spent it in the intervening 2 weeks!

On that note, tata fer now…Jezza


Blabdog, your new best friend in Ibiza …

  • The new Blabdog Ibiza app for Android and iOS is pioneering the latest in location-based technology for Ibiza lovers.
    • Editor: Our thanks to the good people at Blabdog for their advertising support, and particularly to well known Ibiza resident and Blabdog director, Sara Altman, for taking the time to tell us all about it.


  • Sara Altman, Blabdog

The Blabdog Ibiza app will become your local best friend, hunting down amazing offers and providing easy multi-lingual access to the best local businesses and services on Ibiza. Ready to search on command around you, Blabdog fetches e-tickets, gets you free stuff, discounts and makes reservations at Ibiza’s coolest places. Blabdog will soon be able to arrange deliveries to your exact location. It protects your payments, and earns you rewards along the way.

Blabdog learns about the things you love the more you use it. From free gifts, discounts and offers all over the island, Blabdog users can expect to save money at many of the hottest venues across Ibiza, using the navigation system to find the quickest route there.

Blabdog is partnering with many of Ibiza’s best clubs and boat parties for seamless e-ticketing – there’s no need to pre-print or collect tickets for many events, just show your phone on entry. This instant secure e-ticketing technology means you can grab last minute and late entry deals on tickets around the island too. For the clubs that have yet to accept e-ticketing, tickets can be pre-ordered and collected from authorized locations across the island.

For those that like to enjoy Ibiza in style, Blabdog will soon become your own personal concierge in the palm of your hand. Whether you want a massage at your villa, private yacht rental, restaurant reservations or VIP club tables, you can quickly arrange everything using the app.

With no set up fees for businesses and new restrictions on promotion across the island, more and more of Ibiza’s best venues are jumping on this new Ibiza app every day, helping them communicate with Ibiza’s ever-growing number of international visitors and residents. Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach Club, STK Ibiza, Eden, Es Paradis, Oceanbeat, Lost in Ibiza, Musset, Mumak, Kumharas, Nude Café, IbizaMed Yachting, Ocean Mania, Emove, ActiveDive are just a few of the businesses to already be partnering up with Blabdog. So download it now and watch, as every day new deals start to appear across the island.

Many Blabdog offers earn Reward Bones, loyalty points that can be used to purchase even more free stuff during your stay. For residents or regular visitors, the Reward Bones last forever in case you want to save them up for something really special.

Blabdog is one of the first mobile information technologies services in Ibiza to communicate in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. With EU roaming charges now abolished, visitors to Ibiza from the EU can use data roaming without fear of racking up their bills, using just their standard local data usage.

The Blabdog Ibiza app looks set to revolutionise the island this year. And best of all, it’s free… you’d have to be barking mad not to get it…

  • Blabdog is available in Google Play or Apple’s App Store now.