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The Ibizan 865 ~ 29 June 2017


Front Page

British Man Caught in Ibiza is Remanded to Await Extradition in  Case of Murdered Thai Dancer Who’s Dismembered Body Was Found Stuffed in a Suitcase.

  • Shane Looker said to have fled from Thailand following the girl’s disappearance in 2014
  • Campaigners in Thailand directed the hunt to Ibiza where Looker is thought to have had connections in an Ibiza Town Hotel.
  • Guardia Civil arrested him in a sting when he booked his car, known to the police, into a garage for repairs.

The defence acting for British national Shane Looker have argued that reports from the Tamuang police station in Thailand show it has not been possible to confirm with certainty the cause of death of the deceased. The young Thai dancer, whose body was found inside a suitcase was known to have connections with Looker.

At the time of the body’s discovery, Looker was said to have fled Thailand and this newspaper was contacted by parties connected to the case stating that the wanted man Looker, had connections to Ibiza and there was reason to suspect he had come to the island.

Looker’s lawyer denies that he fled Thailand and said that as soon as he became aware of Manochat’s death in January 2015, he presented himself to the British Consulate in Ibiza.

Also appearing before the court, Spanish law enforcement officials reported that Looker was the subject of an international search and arrest warrant as the alleged perpetrator of killing the Thai girl and that despite the Civil Guard knowing that he was on the island, he had been declared missing. The Civil Guard confirmed that as they had been unable to find his address, they used a honeypot sting to catch the man. Being aware of his vehicle registration number on what they said was a high end car, they took advantage of an appointment made to have work undertaken on the vehicle at a garage near the airport. When Looker arrived for the appointment officers were waiting to arrest him.

The central court of instruction ordered that Looker be remanded in custody pending application for his extradition.

  • From the Ibizan 769 5th February 2015

Suitcase Murder Suspect May Be Hiding In Ibiza…

Thai police named 45-year-old Britain Shane Kenneth Looker as being wanted in connection with the murder of bar tender “Pook” Manochat. Looker is said to have  strong Ibiza connections and Police have included the island in their hunt which is being assisted by Interpol.

Looker, originally from Stoke, entered Thailand on October 31st. He is said to be the last known person to be seen with Ms Manochat on November 2nd. Police say they now have DNA evidence connecting him to her murder.

On 9th November 2014 it was reported that the dismembered body of a woman had been found in a suitcase thrown into the Mae Klong River. The body in the suitcase was linked to a missing bar worker and CCTV images of the victim with a well-built white man lead to tip offs giving Looker’s identity.

Following a police search of the accommodation Looker had been staying in around that time, Police took DNA samples from several items including nail clippers and a toothbrush, and matched DNA found in the victim’s nails.

Police then found a taxi driver who took Looker out of Bangkok and from there police confirmed he had crossed the border into Malaysia.

The Bangkok website Stickboy who have covered the case in detail said they understood he had headed for Ibiza where he spends the summer months and allegedly has a share in a hotel located in Ibiza Town.

It was then reported that he may be a suspect in two similar murders carried out in the north of Thailand. The report stressed that these reports were not yet substantiated, but went on to add that the same source that provided the clues to Looker’s identity had said ““He has been known to do things like this in the past, after taking bodybuilding drugs. He is hiding in Ibiza and Thailand away from England for various other crimes”.


Tractor Boy

  • Man Drives Tractor From Belgium to Ibiza
  • 1,600km trip takes eight days on his ‘lovingly restored Rolls Royce of the fields’

Everyone has their ‘memorable trip to Ibiza’ but 49yr old Peter Vanderheyden must be up there in the top 10.

On his bucket list he wanted to travel from one of his houses to another, on his tractor.

Leaving his home in Neerpelt, a small Belgian village near the Dutch border, he spent a week travelling on country roads to his apartment in Siesta.

His ‘Fendt Farmer 2E’ has no speedometer, just an hours worked counter.

It has none of the modern comforts of  GPS, power steering or even suspension.

Despite its lack of refinement Peter considers his 40 horsepower tractor as something very special. “Fendt is the Rolls –Royce of the field” he said of the farm machine he has restored “with absolute love”.

Once he’d decided to make the trip, he took out a map, put a broomstick on it and drew a straight line from his home town to Barcelona, from where he took the ferry to Ibiza.

Peter followed the 1,600 kilometre route using rural roads as tractors are not allowed on the autopistas/autovias.

Stopping in woods along the way to sleep, he averaged 200km a day at roughly 20km/h stating after 3 hours his knees were numb and he had to wear ear plugs due to the noise.

The tractor is fitted with a storage chest/cum cabin/cum cell. Readers will not be too surprised to know that Peter made the accommodation unit himself. It contains a simple bed, underneath which is space for his clothes and food, and a power outlet for two interior lights and a phone charger.

We cannot feel any of the things we want to say about it would be good for the cause of anglo-belgian relations, so we won’t say anything at all.

Peter’s brother Jos was already in Ibiza ready to give him a hero’s welcome, however Peter’s girlfriend will not arrive to join him for another week, which we are sure has nothing to do with wanting to distance herself from her plough-man.

Peter intends to use the tractor to get around the island, though no one has yet been brave enough to tell him the island is in gridlock, and when you do arrive you are not allowed to park anyway.


Talamanca Beach Closed Again

  • In what has become a regular occurrence over several years, Talamanca beach has again been closed due to its sewage pipeline.
  • The emisario (pipeline) is washing human faeces and other effluent back close to shore in the areas used by bathers.

The Talamanca pipeline is the outlet for the sewers of Ibiza Town. A replacement pipeline is promised, but it has been delayed for several years. Until complete it seems the efforts made to repair the pipeline on a temporary basis are failing.

The City Council has ordered an analysis of the waters and the results showing the level of contamination will be known in 24 hours.

  • Mayor Says He Hopes It Will Be The Last Time

Rafa Ruiz, mayor of Ibiza, expressed his “discomfort” over the latest incident and has expressed his hope that it will be “the last time”. The mayor’s confidence is due to the new emissary built By the Balearic Environment Ministry being due to start operation next week.

  • Kevin & Perry

In a hopefully prophetic piece of screenplay, the movie Kevin & Perry made famous the subject of floating turds in Ibiza’s waters. Filmed at what was then a very different Cala Bassa, some would say it is now plagued with turds, but fortunately none of them are in the sea.

  • Only In Ibiza

Readers who are visiting Ibiza will probably find it strange that we can find the subject of raw sewage on a popular beach in any way funny. And of course it isn’t funny really, and that isn’t what we can laugh about.

The funny aspect of the story is the way Ibizan authorities seem so utterly inept in their administration and management of public resources. The problems at Talamanca caused by raw sewage have been going on so long, with every new politician promising much and delivering little. When you live here you have to take an approach of ‘only in ibiza’.

And on that note, if you are in the mood for more poo fun? Try our Emisario board game in the online version of this article.



Ibanat Prevents Another Catastrophe

  • Fire surrounded within 30 minutes
  • The fire started at the side of the road, suggesting a thrown lit cigarette from a vehicle

The impressive speed at which Ibanat launched its land and air teams has prevented disaster in Morna Valley. They were so fast in fact, that in less than half an hour the fire was already surrounded, however, because of the strong wind blowing from the southwest, fears that the flames would re-ignite continued for hours.

“The fire has started right here,” said Ivaylo Naumov, a Bulgarian who resides in the house of a farm that is on the edge of the road that runs parallel to the mountains of Morna and next to Pla d´Atzaró. Everything suggests that the origin of the fire could be a cigarette thrown from a vehicle, since the fire started on the very edge of the road.

Quickly the wind pushed the flames through Naumov’s farmland which was devastated, although the trees, mostly carob, survived. The property borders the road with Camí de Morna, perpendicular to the main road and the sides of this neighbourhood road had also succumbed to the flames. There, on the agricultural and forestry land, the helicopter and fire plane discharged numerous loads of water. In a short time the flames yielded to the aircraft discharges. Meanwhile, on the ground, the staff of Ibanat corralled the fire.

The flames also reached the Construcciones Morna warehouse, as reported from the Santa Eulalia town hall. There, firefighters of the Consell de Ibiza focussed their attention.

Nine firefighters were brought to the scene of the event in three vehicles. The Ibanat displaced 15 agents, supported from the air by the seaplane and the helicopter. There were also two agents from the Department of the Environment and an emergency technician.

Several patrols of agents of the local police of Santa Eulalia and the Guardia Civil were in charge of controlling the traffic. Some of the residents of the area could not help but remember the 2011 fire, which destroyed 1,443 hectares of forest.


75% Resident Discount Effective Now

From Friday 30th June residents of the Balearic islands can enjoy an increased discount of 75% on travel between the islands. The initiative brings the Balearics in line with the discounts of the Canary Islands, however it is important to stress that the discount level for fares to the peninsular remains at 50%.


Formentera Chef is 2017 MasterChef Champion

Jorge Brazalez has won Spanish MasterChef 2017. Though paying homage to his Andalusian roots he has a strong connection to Formentera.

Jorge is Chef at the El Beso beach bar and in the past played  football for Formentera SD.


Balearics Population Now 1.15 Million

At 1.35% the Balearics have the highest level of relative growth in population, the total across the 4 principal islands being 1.15 million.

Next in rate of growth are followed by the Canary Islands at 0.92% and Madrid at 0.8%.


Taxi Drivers Protest at “Growing Intrusiveness”

About 50 taxi drivers gathered for a protest at the Consell de Ibiza on Thursday. The taxi drivers are banging on about the unfairness of illegal taxi’s again, whinging and whining as always, I can’t really be bothered to write any more on this one.


Santander Buy Out Banco Popular for 1€

Spain’s Banco Santander has recently been bought the struggling Banco Popular for one euro in order to prevent its collapse, according to a statement by the European Union’s Single Resolution Board (SRB).

The decision was taken after a week that saw Popular shares plummet. According to the European Central Bank, Popular was “failing or likely to fail.” The takeover has been endorsed by the European Commission.

Trading in Popular shares has been suspended and shareholders will lose 100% of their investment

“The decision taken today safeguards the depositors and critical functions of Banco Popular. This shows that the tools given to resolution authorities are effective to protect taxpayers’ money from bailing out banks,” said Elke König, chair of the SRB, in the statement.


Cala Vedella Parking ‘Impossible’

Closure of Cala Vedella’s main parking area has been received as a blow by the town’s businesses and residents. Cala Vedella is recognised as one of the areas to have suffered most from rampant urbanisation and poorly planned development in recent decades.

For some time, residents have faced the difficulty of cars parked in every available slot regardless of their consequence to blocking access. However, they say that now the main 300 place car park is closed the situation is becoming impossible. What had been used for many years as the main car park, has been closed since it was purchased by the Maya Beach Club.


No Parking At  Lighthouse For Summer

In the latest of a succession of parking controls as the Pituises struggle to cope with the volume of traffic on the roads, the Formentera Consell have announced that from 1st July to 15th September, motor vehicles will be prohibited from the area of the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse.

The popularity of the location is due to its spectacular sunsets and also as the location of the film ‘Lucia and the Sex0’.


Food & Drink

 Tulp Beach Café: Review

  • S’Arenal Promenade, San Antonio/Bay
    • Nick Gibbs

We all tend to have particular establishments we frequent for particular needs. A favourite bar to watch football, a Spanish local for café and tostada, perhaps a place that is really good for keeping your kids happy or a good setting for meeting clients.

Tulp Beach Café has been on my certain-situations tick list for a long time, and it fulfils quite a few of them.

Obviously a great choice for sunsets and our default with visiting family and friends. Also a good choice for an hour getting to grips with ‘the morning after’, Something fresh, long and healthy and a quiet corner with the added sea breeze does wonders.

I have developed a taste for their Dutch menu treats and though I am not yet swallowing whole herrings as is the Dutch way, a fancying for a Frikandel or one of the best Nasi Goreng I’ve tasted will have me walking through their doors .

Then there is what I can describe no better than ‘the general atmos’. Tulp has a very special kind of cool that many aspire to but few achieve. It is an effortless kind of laid back beachcomber chic with a touch of freak.

A  respite seeking sunbather can snooze in a shady hammock alongside movers and shakers from club-world doing and dealing one cortado at a time.  A pristine Patsy Stone will be air kissing darlings when at the same time a dad runs by chasing his errant 2 year old who is making a break for it through the tangled jungle of chairs and trees, plus the odd elephant or two to make it all the more exciting.

Not many places I know would suit or welcome such a wide variety of people, but Tulp does so—and here’s that word again—effortlessly.

But of course it isn’t effortless. Owners Paul and Diana have spent years refining the art of  hospitality to achieve what we see as effortless cool. Creating a venue that attracts the right sort and dissuades the wrong ‘uns is no mean feat.

And that brings me to the last on my list of ticks as to when Tulp becomes my preferred choice. That being when I fancy an hour’s R&R without nutters. Tulp doesn’t have nutters and I love them for it.

Actually that isn’t the complete list is it. There are the St Barts fireworks, and of course it is a ‘fair’ meeting point half way between bay and town. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

So my list of reasons to go Dutch is already quite long, but after my visit last week to try some of their new season menu, I now have even more.

Carpaccio of Rose Veal & Dressed Salad

Is everybody familiar with Rose Veal yet? I’m not sure how commonplace it is here. If you don’t know, give it a google.

The flavour of the veal is very subtle, delicate even, and it seems to develop—it was half way through the plate I realised just how much I was enjoying it.

Perhaps that was in part due to how much I was enjoying the salad, I had no doubts on that from the first forkful.

The combination of capers, pine nuts, shaved parmesan and a pesto-mayo dressing sounds like something the MasterChef judges would ridicule as flavour insanity. However, if  Tulp’s plate were served to them you would have the rare pleasure of an episode in which they had to admit they had got it wrong.

Somehow the smooth delicate beef seemed to provide the ride for the popping taste sensations provided by the plate’s rowdy passengers. It did need a bit of seasoning to bring out the flavour, and in salt-happy Spain it is a welcome change to be left with the choice.

Really delicious, and absolutely perfect for a hot summer’s day when anything heavier would have you in a hammock for hours of recovery time.

That salad truly rocks. Love it.

Ridiculous Ribs

Now looking at the photo as I type, I don’t know whether the sheer scale of the Spare Ribs comes over (they are not called ridiculous on the menu—I just felt it apt).

In terms of pure volume I can’t remember being served a bigger plate. Huge. There are two of them both as big as the one you can see.

Brilliant ribs too, though my feelings were more of guilt than pleasure. My wife and son are both the committed red meat lovers in our house, so I felt truly awful to be food-cheating on them. That’s what I said when I got home anyway.

They were great ribs, but again sitting here a week after the event my heart keeps going back to that salad.

I have promised to take the family for the ribs though—I will leave them thinking I am being thoughtful, no need to mention the thriftiness of my cunning plan—at 14€ it will feed them both. And the dog come to think of it.

Carta de Gin

I mentioned the Tulp sunset as an obvious reason for a visit at the beginning didn’t I?

Well that just got better too.

Tulp have an extensive Gin menu and though typically a simple Larios and Schweppes man, they won be over with a Hendrick’s on cucumber with an elderflower tonic.

So refreshing, I mean cucumber in drinks, where have you been all my life?

Thing is, they are so perfect for the scorching heat that you could easily get through a few. They do go down what you could call the Tulp way …. effortlessly.



At Night

Ibiza Trance: Connect 2017

  • Boat Party Days & Club Nights
  • San Antonio

Connect Ibiza return to the magical island for their 3rd season delivering 13 sunset boat parties followed by their club event at Next Eden.

Have you got the stamina?

Trance types are clearly made of tough stuff as the guys at Connect have another 13 Fridays of dancing from dusk til dawn.

The pre-party kicks off early afternoon on the roof terrace at Eden.

With ice both broken and consumed it is over to the sunset boat party that has carved its name as a must do in the holiday diary of Ibiza’s global* trance devotees.

With the setting of the sun given its due devotion and drinks their due consumption, you’ll have a couple of hours to cream those burnt shoulders and text your mum that all is OK, then it is back to it – and remember the golden rule, never sit down!

This year Connect are at Eden and the perfect space to get lost in the music – the Next sub-club.

Connect never skimp on line ups and 2017 is no exception with some of the world’s best trance & progressive djs by day and by night.

For more info check out


Tickets from


(*global – but as always in trance mainly from Ireland and Holland, why is that?)


Ibiza Rocks Day & Night

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

After more than a decade of leading the way for live music in Ibiza and bringing new sounds and musical experiences to the island, Ibiza Rocks is changing the game again. This summer the world famous Ibiza Rocks live shows are transforming into incredible all day events. Moving from day to night, there will be 9 hours of daytime poolside sets and main stage performances from some of the hottest festival headliners in the game, supported by the best new talent on the scene. 9 hours, 2 stages, 1 ticket.

For each of the five Ibiza Rocks Day & Night shows on Tuesdays, special guests will mix it up with the Rocks Resident DJs from the sun-soaked poolside stage from 2pm before long-time friend of Ibiza Rocks and new music don Radio 1’s Mistajam takes over. Then it’s over to the Main Stage from 7pm where there will be huge live headline performances from Royal Blood, Dua Lipa, Clean Bandit, Bastille and The Kooks, each with support from the best new talent on the block right now. Black Honey, Shy Luv, Mullally, Rationale and Fickle Friends have all scooped the coveted support slot, which has a rich history for showcasing the Ibiza Rocks headliners of the future.

The first Ibiza Rocks Day & Night event is on Tuesday July 4, with Royal Blood and support from Black Honey. Rock duo Royal Blood from Brighton are currently riding high as their second album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ that was released on 16 June went straight to number 1 in the UK official album charts. They celebrated in style during their blinding set at Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage in front of a massive crowd. Their gig at Ibiza Rocks is one not to be missed!

In addition to the Day & Night events, there will a very special live show from Primal Scream at Pikes on August 29.

And there’s more! There will be 2 Elrow Pool parties on Tuesday 8 and 22 in August. We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.) moves to Thursday afternoons around the pool in June and July, before Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party takes over from the end of July to September. And Sundays sees the venue taken over by the Cuckoo Land pool party.

These are the line-ups for the rest of the summer.

Tuesdays from 04/07 – 05/09:

04/07: Ibiza Rocks Opening Party with Royal Blood | Black Honey | Mistajam

11/07: #MERKY Festival – 10 hours day to night headlined by Stormzy with sets from Dave, J Hus, Jaykae, Kenny Allstar, Mist, Mostack, Ray Blk, Hosted by Julie Adenuga

18/07: Dua Lipa | Shy Luv | Mistajam

25/07: Clean Bandit | Mullally | Mistajam

01/08: Bastille | Rationale and special guests TBA

29/08: Primal Scream | Hinds @ Pikes Hotel

05/09: Ibiza Rocks Closing Party with The Kooks | Fickle Friends and special guests TBA

Tuesdays 08/08 and 22/08:

08/08: Elrow Pool Party – Sambodromo Do Brasil Pool Party – Special Guests TBA

22/08: Elrow Pool Party – Far West Pool Party – Special Guests TBA


06/07: We Are Rockstars Presents Sigma | Charlie Sloth and DJ Target | Devlin | Patrick Nazemi

13/07: We Are Rockstars Presents Wilkinson | Redlight | J Hus | Cadenza | Patrick Nazemi

From 20/07 – 21/09: Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party with Barely Legal | Big Narstie | Blonde | Low Steppa | Majestic | Marvin Humes | Monki | Oneman | Tonga (Mike Skinner x Murkage Dave)

Sundays until 24/09

Do Not Sleep Presents Cuckoo Land Pool Party. Featuring: Ben Pearce | Catz ‘N Dogz | Citizenn | Darius Syrossian | Detlef | Doorly | Faction DJs | Huxley | Jamie Roy | Jey Kurmis | Josh Butler | Latmun | Max Chapman | Mihalis Safras | Pirate Copy | Pirupa | Route 94 | Sonny Fodera | Ten Story | Theo Kottis | Waze & Odyssey + more. Check the website for weekly line-up.


Taboo Motel

  • 38o57’28,346”N 1o24’29,413”E
  • Nick Gibbs

In last week’s edition we had an article on a press release standing out for all the wrong reasons. Similar this week, though perhaps for so many wrong reasons it must be right.

Taboo Motel. No address, just co-ordinates—which is pretty cool for starters. I make no apology for my verbatim regurgitation of their press by auto translate—partly as I’ve done so much translation this week I’m fed up of it, partly because it reads quite funny this way. Anyway, you’ll get the gist I’m sure.

The Motel’s concept is based around the seven deadly sins. I think the general idea is to commit as many of them as possible. Here’s what they have to say. ..

“Taboo motel is a new concept on the island, it is a space with erotic attractions.. Ibiza is back!!

Motel taboo was created as a place where you can connect with people in a liberal way from same sex or the other.

Like live in a celestial spell release your mysterious fantasies comes true!

Taboo motel music theatre & games, performance live show

You receive, you Taboo Motel guest, to make you spend an exciting stay, boosting your desire and sensitivity. A button from our motel, and a waitress will pamper you with an aphrodisiac agape, on the naked body of a delicate model. Then invite to your table and enjoy dinner “SCRUPULUS” (steps aside your scruples, break your taboos, and frees your sin). The show begins with the Venus Theater, making aesthetic display with sensuous theatrics. destacan- do the sins through the various eccentric characters in this taboo Motel. Visuality as a generator and feed your senses. releasing … releasing your carnal instinct … your Taboo … The waitress will give you choose a bracelet, which according to your sexual choice will be one color or another. You choose to be that night and try, or directly to be who you are … (hetero, gay friendly, swinger, voyeur, bisexual, group sex). “Being happy is free?” … a phrase that will link you … Night with the best electronic music vanguard, will surprise you with the most exciting Venus Theater, Enshrined Now, the erotic histrionics of higher voltage with actors, actresses, dancers, perfor mers, streapers, and pole dancers of excellence. Taboo Motel will invite you to a toast with his magic potion, for a toast that will make you sin of lust … because of Motel Taboo … you’re together.”



View From The Pew

  • The Storms Of Hell
    • Dr Peter Pimentel

On one occasion, referring to the Church that he himself would build, Jesus said, “the gates of hell will not prevail over it” (Matthew 16:18). The gist of this saying is quite clear. The powers of darkness will not win out. The community of Jesus followers will not be extinguished by evil. That much is clear. But the metaphor, “gates of hell”, as something that might try to destroy the community of Jesus, is not so clear-cut. How could the “gates of hell” do anything, let alone prevail. The answer to this riddle takes us into ancient Aramaic. The language that Jesus spoke.

Many people on Ibiza are tri-lingual. Jesus was most likely tri-lingual too. Jesus lived more than 2,000 years ago in what is now Israel. He was a Jew. The three languages in Israel in the time of Jesus were Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Hebrew was the language of the Bible and for literature. Most of The Dead Sea Scrolls are in Hebrew. Many words and phrases in Hebrew would be well known. The everyday conversational language would have been in Aramaic. Conversing with the Romans and other nationalities would have been in Greek. Jewish scholars also wrote in Greek. They translated the Hebrew Bible into Greek. Josephus and Philo also wrote in Greek as did the authors of the New Testament Bible. The Gospels are in Greek. Jesus would have done most of his teaching in Aramaic, and with Hebrews words and phrases too, especially his quotations from and allusions to the Bible.

The Aramaic word for “storm” is exactly the same, when written down, to the Aramaic word for “gate”. The Aramaic word for “storm” is pronounced sa-ar whilst the word for “gate” is sha-ar. The letter “s” is pronounced in some words as “sh” and in other words as “s”. I think it is likely that what Jesus actually said is: “The storms of hell will not prevail over it”, that is, over the community of Jesus. The storms of hell probably refer to the onslaught of the powers of darkness – demonic outbreaks of evil. These storms of evil will not prevail. It’s a comforting thought, don’t you think?

  • Church services this Sunday 2nd July 9.30am (traditional) and 10.30am (contemporary) at San Rafael.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383




Beats For Food

  • Claire B

We recently reported on the Beats for Food event in the port that was organised by DJ Oliver as his 25th anniversary celebration to raise money for Ibiza Red Cross. In a recent interview in the Diario with DJ Oliver, it was confirmed that the night attracted more than 5,000 attendees, who donated more than 2.5 tons of non-perishable food and more than 3,500 euros to the charity. The Red Cross is given food to families in need and using the money raised to pay the rent, electricity and water bills for families who are struggling financially. Congratulations for DJ Oliver for putting on the great event, all the DJs who gave their time to play and everyone who donated food and cash.

Read the full interview here:



Driving in a Big Hat with your Arm Out of the Window, Topless & Wearing Flip Flops could cost you 320€

  • N332 Give Drivers Food For Thought

The N332 Spanish traffic cops have dedicated themselves to aiding communication and understanding of British drivers regarding Spain’s laws of the road.

The project, which is using their own free time, offers advice and information on many aspects of road safety, and often through light-hearted and entertaining ways.

Their latest is a list of driving infractions and the level of applicable penalty for some of Spain’s less well known regulations—many of which would be wishful thinking in the UK anyway—when would you ever get the chance to drive in flip-flops even if you wanted to?

Of course not all of these seem to be enforced rigorously,   but we bet there are a few that will surprise you.

Infraction & Penalty…

  • Drive in flip-flops. € 80
  • Drive barefoot or without a shirt. € 80
  • Drink water while driving. € 100
  • Put your hand, elbow or arm out of the window. € 80
  • Drive with a hat covering ears. € 80
  • Eat ice cream while driving. € 100
  • Drive with objects in the rear tray without clamping. € 200
  • Wash vehicle on public roads. 30-3,000€
  • Passenger’s feet on dashboard. € 100
  • Throw a cigarette out the window. 200 € + 4 points
  • Do not carry a driving license. 10 €
  • Take 6 or 7 people in the car 80 €

They say there is more info on these to come—so to find out if they are all literal or whether some are regional or conditional, follow them at


Can Misses Allows Partners to Attend Caesarean Births

Partners or another person chosen by the mother can now accompany her during a planned caesarean section at Can Misses in Ibiza.

The Diario de Ibiza described it as a ‘pioneering initiative on the island to humanise the moment of birth in which the partner was left out’.

Arturo Cruz, pictured below with his now extended family, was the first father to see his son, also named Arturo, born on Thursday at 10.26, “It was very beautiful, unforgettable,” said Arturo Cruz. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Rodolfo Moreno Mira, head of the obstetrics and gynaecology department at Can Misses, stressed that the accompaniment is performed in “planned caesarean sections” and that there are “a series of provisions” so as not to endanger the safety of the mother and of the new-born “.


The Ibiza Sun No1

  • Nick Gibbs

We hope readers will enjoy our trip down memory lane with the reproduction of the Ibiza Sun’s first ever edition on pages 6 and 7. And when we say edition we mean exactly that—the newspaper started in 1999 as a humble sheet of a3, so what you see is the entirety of it.

What it may have lacked in volume it certainly made up for in aspiration.

The founder and first editor Chris Langley, to whom we are grateful for donating his only copy, set out his motivation behind the Ibiza Sun.

Chris talks of Ibiza’s rapid change and fears that the English speaking community were being excluded from that process due to a lack of accessible information.

We have come to expect so much in terms of immediacy of information through the advent of social media, that the benefit and importance of establishing a press for the English speaking community may not be as obvious now as it was then.

Chris talks of his commitment to disseminate unbiased news as often as possible. He ends with a commitment  to “know and understand what concerns you as citizens,  so that you can practice the rights and responsibilities you have living in Ibiza.”

However hard you try to tread a straight line in this job, not everybody will appreciate the efforts you make to do so. I am sure Chris experienced his fair share of naysayers, but knowing the man I know his intent in starting the newspaper was honourable and in my opinion its effect was hugely beneficial.

I hope that in what is now a very different media world The Ibizan will be seen as continuing in that mould of integrity and independence.  To tell it like it is.

Unless of course there is a pint on offer.

Obviously all principles go out of the window for a pint.



29th June 2017— 5th July 2017


ARIES – Nine of Cups

You’ll feel pleased and contented as you experience successful breakthroughs in several important areas of your life.  Emotionally, this is a week for you to wear your heart on your sleeve without fear of rejection. Others are drawn to hang around with you; they want to work and play; be a friend or your lover. The choice is yours!

TAURUS – Strength

It may have been a tough road recently but now you are back on form and able to overcome any obstacles to your ambitions.  Stand up to others who may have criticised your efforts in the past, you know your worth but do so in a dignified way.   You’re not second best; don’t allow others to treat you as such.

GEMINI – Knight of Swords

It will be difficult to keep the peace with certain people this week.  However, be aware that you’ll come out of a disagreement badly if you attempt to be heavy handed.   Others are in a belligerent mood so it will be best not to fan the flames further by saying exactly what you think.  Leave that to next week!

CANCER – Transformation

Time to take some bold action and to say goodbye to an old lifestyle.  You’ll surprise others with the decisions you’re about to make.  You cannot and do not want to live life stuck in the same rut. This of course will upset or impress those closest to you.  You must decide on change to live the life you want.

LEO – The Tower

A week of unexpected happenings and, upheavals.  Be extra careful when driving and make sure buildings or structures you are working on are safe.   The lightening depicted on The Tower does however help us to confront what we have refused to look at clearly and to act accordingly.  Focus on health, diet and exercise to counterbalance external disturbances.

VIRGO – The Hermit

This card indicates that it’s time to release any unfinished business from your past and to get on with healing yourself; mind, body and spirit.  Meditation, Tai Chi swimming and yoga will all help this process, so listen to what your body needs.   It is important that you find some time alone as part of  this much needed healing process.

LIBRA – Page of Cups

Questions of loyalty arise this week; you know what you owe and to whom, especially emotionally.   In personal relationships, you’ll be able to communicate your needs and desires more objectively than normal and are willing to see situations as they are rather than how you’d like them.  There’s news of baby for some or the birth of a new project.


Nothing’s allowed to rain on your parade this week.  You’re enthusiastic and eager to get on with important projects and others respond to your happy mood by doing practically all you ask of them.   Although success in career is very important now, it’s your personal life makes this an exceptionally happy week.  Health problems are less of an issue also.

SAGITTARIUS – Five of Wands

If relationships are the cause of some frustration, see how you can improve the situation.  Sagittarians take people at face value, are transparent in their dealings and expect to get what they see, which is why they can be fooled at times.  It is one thing to get into another’s heart, but you know what’s going on in their mind?

CAPRICORN – Six of Cups

People from your past turn up or contact you out of the blue; bringing some happy reunions and a reconnection of feelings where they’re concerned.  This card indicates pleasure on a very deep and nurturing level and as a result, revitalises your enjoyment of life.  Any recent disappointments fade away this week and you’re more than happy to help others.

AQUARIUS – Page of Pentacles

You’ve lots of creative ideas but how do you manifest them out into the world?  It’s this dilemma that blocks you from making the right choices when it comes to your career options.   Your focus this week is to narrow it down to where your passions lie.  If it doesn’t excite, let the idea go; concentrate on your singular talents.

PISCES – Ten of Wands

Careful of taking on more than you can handle or you’ll end up making a rod for your own back.  It’s all very well enjoying being needed; but if you feel undervalued you must speak up now, so that others sit up and take notice.  With so much going on it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.



Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

So I’m just back – and almost recovered – from my birthday celebrations in Ibiza.

I stayed at The Purple Hotel in San Antonio, which is a popular Gay hotel – everyone is welcome.

The staff are so friendly and attentive. On my arrival at 11pm, I was serenaded with “Happy Birthday” by all the team, along with the obligatory champagne cocktails.

Rooms are modern, clean and chic, as well as the all-important cool, pool area.

I had a feast of Fresh fish and vegetables cooked by the chef, who personally served us.

The manager made us a jug of the best sangria with Cava and fruit.

I can’t recommend it enough, plus you are within walking distance of the Sunset Strip, Ibiza Rocks and Eden.

10/10 on the Purple chart.

Onto this week and we ask Alexa – Does my bum look big in this? Kate Moss is immortalised in a sculpture named ‘MILF’ and the bestselling basket bucket bag for your Balearic break.

It’s all zipped up for you.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog




Alexa… Does My Bum Look Big In These?

Soon, Amazon’s voice assistant will be able to answer your most burning question: Alexa, does this make my bum look big in these jeans?

Enter Echo Look, a $200 voice-activated camera that will take full-length pictures of your outfits, by using the command “Alexa, take a photo.” It can also take videos — “Alexa, take a video” — to let you check yourself out from multiple angles, through a live feed from the Look beamed to your smartphone.

It is, essentially, the high-tech alternative to an honest friend. Or a mirror.

The Echo Look will require its own app on your phone to work. It is the first in the Alexa-powered family of Echo devices to carry a camera. All photos and video the Look records will be accessible through this app, although they are stored locally and in Amazon’s cloud. Users will be able to delete images at any time.

Amazon has done a great job of making itself into a prime digital destination to do your errands. But it hasn’t quite established itself as a fashion authority yet, and Echo Look appears to be a bid to do that.

And yet, it is hard to see how the device does much to help Amazon on this front, because its functionality would seem to appeal to such a narrow slice of women.

Let’s start with the idea that it takes a full-length photo of you using a voice command, using a high-tech, depth-sensing camera that seems a bit overpowered for the job. Sure, millennials are selfie obsessed, but this sounds like something that would be used regularly only by influencers and other digital tastemakers. What real-world woman needs to start each day with a professional-looking, head-to-toe photo? It’s solving a problem that isn’t exactly universal.

It also lets you keep an archive of all your outfit photos — a feature that caters only to our self-indulgence, not one that does anything to make shopping or getting dressed meaningfully easier.

Then there’s the Style Check feature, which offers advice on which of multiple outfits to wear based on machine learning and “advice from fashion specialists.”

The company says it will take into account trends and what is most flattering. But it is difficult to imagine women using this tool with much regularity: Who has time for this kind of consultation and deliberation around everyday dressing?

Me! At last – an honest opinon of my backside in a pair of Freddy jeans.


Kate Moss Immortalised

Kate Moss has been immortalised in a nude, hyper realistic sculpture entitled “MILF” by celebrated artist Edgar Askelovic, unveiled at London’s prestigious Opera Gallery, where it will go on sale for £25,000.

The gallery’s director, Jean-David Malat was impressed by Askelovic’s controversial Diamond Dog-inspired sculpture of David Bowie – as half-man, half-dog – and asked the artist to create a piece, depicting Kate Moss as a combination of Venus, icon and mannequin – a goddess of the fashion industry.

Askelovic spent four months meticulously hand-crafting the 80kg sculpture from photographs alone, using top quality platinum silicone, with eyes made from eerily realistic, UV-resistant Polyurethane Resin.

As my personal fashion goddess, I’m so pleased to see her immortalised plus this looks so real – unlike the wax works at Madame Tussauds.


Muun Bucket Bag

You know an item is a big deal when fashion editors are proud to all wear it at the exact same time—think back to last year when the front row was a lineup of Gucci loafers and bucket bags were everywhere.

My latest love is a square basket bag from Muuñ with a striped pouch tying into a large decorative bow, and it turns out I’m not alone.

So what is Muuñ, you ask?

The label, which has just this month been picked up by Net-a-Porter, specialises in Instagram-worthy basket bags, which are hand-woven in Ghana, and then adorned with bows and finishing touches in an atelier in Paris. Just like the Mansur Gavriel bucket bags, these can’t be restocked fast enough, as they have sold out at Matches, Net-A-Porter and Moda Operandi.

The price point is reasonable (ish) too, as they start from around the £100 mark.



Small Big Stories

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

There’s a great exhibition of old photos and archive materials both in print and film entitled ‘Small big stories’ (Petites grans històries) in Ibiza Town at the moment. Taking place in the Sa Nostra Sala on Calle Aragon, it’s on until July 7. The exhibition is organised by the Archive of Image and Sound of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa. It shows a collection of nearly 300 family photographs that provide a ‘kaleidoscope to the evolution of society in Ibiza through its changing economic and social life, based upon the small and personal family histories on display’. Among the items on display are family portraits, pictures of shops in the Marina and newspaper clippings of the early years of the arrival of tourism on the island, such as the opening of hotels, the airport, the first flight and so on.

The exhibition began to take shape in late 2015, when the Archives launched a campaign to collect old pictures, particularly those referencing Ibiza’s festivities, public and family celebrations and the kind of events that could help to reconstruct the recent history of Ibiza, especially those in the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century.

They’ve also published a booklet that contains all the displays in the exhibition and a lot of the photographs. This is free of charge whilst stocks last.

Unfortunately all the text in the exhibition and in the book is only in Catalan, but the images speak for themselves, and you can get a basic understanding from the text if you know a bit of Spanish and Catalan. But if you’re interested in island life in years gone by, it’s fascinating and definitely worth going to see and the book is a great momento.

Sa Sala Nostra is @ c. Aragon 17, Ibiza (not far up from the Vara de Rey). Mon-Fri 11.00-14.00 &17.00-20.30. Free. Until July 7.

Carly & Chris Unplugged, Fridays Cala de Bou

Seems there is quite a bit of musical talent among the current and past Ibizan Team. Current Carly Sorensen takes the mic (which we think is technically plugged but we’ll let it go) alongside past ed Chris Langley who has swapped the pen entirely for the guitar these days. Their repertoire includes plenty of crowd pleasing classics from the likes of Everything But the Girl and Oasis. Their regular Friday night spot at the Vista el Puerto in Cala de Bou kicks off at 9 until the 12 curfew.


Saturday 1st

  • Ecological Market, San Jose, 9am-1pm, organic food & craft market
  • Opening of Keith Haring Exhibition, Ibiza, La Nave in Salinas, 8pm (see article back page)


Sunday 2nd

  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm, Enjoy the mellow ballads and groovy swing of Peter & Winni as JazzYbiza,
  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm, Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.
  • Nell Shakespeare live @ Cala Bassa Beach Club
  • Uncle Sal live @ Boulevard, San Antonio, 5.30pm
  • MTV presents The Chainsmokers (live), @ Ushuaïa, from 5pm, Plus Jonas Blue, Icona Pop, R3Wire & Varski and B Jones
  • ‘The Usual Suspects’ @ Cinerama Dorado, Playa d’en Bossa, Santos, 9pm
  • Outdoor concert from The Symphonic Band of Eivissa (Banda Sinfònica Ciutat d’Eivissa) in Can Escandell at 10pm, Free
  • Foam and Diamonds hosted by Paris Hilton @ Amnesia, from midnight.

Monday 3rd

  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am, Evening market often with live music.


Tuesday 4th

  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am, Evening market often with live music.
  • Outdoor cinema – Chariots of Fire – original version with subtitles, Talamanca beach. Free. From 10pm.
  • Royal Blood and Black Honey live @ Ibiza Rocks Hotel, from 2pm, With Mistajam and DJs around the pool


Wednesday 5th

  • Nell Shakespeare live @ Kasbah for sunset
  • Hippy Market, Es Canar, Punta Arabi,  10-7pm, More than 500 stalls, paella from 1.30-3.30pm at the Grill restaurant and ‘Hippy Kids’ area with activities.


Thursday 6th

  • Hippy Market, Cala Llonga, Beach Promenade, from 6pm , Plenty of free parking and live music!
  • Artisan Fair, Sant Rafel, 7pm-11.30pm , Exhibitions of handicrafts and food set along Pintor Narcís Puget and the Church Square. There will be a free train leaving San Antonio bus station at 6.30pm to the event and returning at 8.30pm
  • Nell Shakespeare live @ Pura Vida Beach


Friday 7th

  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm
  • Carly & Chris Unplugged/Plugged, Vista el Puerto, Cala de Bou. 9-12pm




Jezza’s World of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Oh, to be a New Zealander or as we Poms call them, a Kiwi! For any of you who happen to be reading this (as if!), you must be feeling mighty proud of your sailors and rugby players after last w/end. Why? everybody else is asking. I was reading a sports editorial afore the w/end which stated that it appears that in a recent poll, the majority of Kiwis are of the opinion that sailing is more important than rugby to them, so I’ll start with that.

International Sailing and NZ wallop the US of A!

Absolutely true, me hearties, as Peter Burling’s Emirates Team NZ won the 35th America’s Cup in style in Bermuda, as they thrashed Oracle Team USA by 7 races to 1 in the Final of the Luis Vuitton sponsored regatta. Having beaten Sweden’s Artemis Racing 5-2 in the Challengers Final for the right to take on holders USA, NZ raced in to a 3-0 lead and never really looked back to wrestle the prestigious Cup from the favourites grasp. Mind you, and this is only my opinion, I cannot see how they can call this “sailing” as not only do the yachts look and perform like F1, reaching speeds of 35+ knots (for Gawd’s sake that’s the speed that I monoski at!!), but I remember the time, “back in the day” when the yachts competing in the Cup were those that you or I could buy and sail, not these super €50m jobbies! Anyway, congrats to the Kiwis and here’s to LandRover GB amongst others, giving you at least a competitive regatta off NZ waters next time round. And the second NZ success?

Rugby Union: the All Blacks teach the Lions a thing or four!

Yes, indeedy but what a great 1st Test as the NZ All Blacks came out at their Auckland fortress (where they haven’t been beaten since 1994!) determined to put a huge dent in the Lion’s hopes of a Series win. They did just that, winning 30-15 with a supreme show of skill, savvy, muscle and ruthless finishing but the main difference between the sides was that NZ took their chances, converting all 3 in to tries, whereas the Lions only made tries with 2 of their 5. Having said that, what a superb first try the Lions scored, arguably better than “that” Gareth Edwards try when the Barbarian beat the All Blacks back in ’73. Starting deep in their own 22, the ball passed through a series of different hands in a devastating counter-attack down the left hand side, ending up with flanker O’Brien scoring. Breath-taking! So, let’s hope the Lions can regroup, learn from and rectify their mistakes, and maybe tweak a couple of personnel (Itoje and Lawes in the 2nd row, CJ Stander in the back row?) and be ready for their current match against the Hurricanes (see STOP PRESS) and come out all guns blazing for the must-win (and must-see!) 2nd Test this Saturday (Sky Sports, 09.35). Moving on

Tennis: Federer stars yet again!

With Wimbledon just round the corner, Andy Murray seriously needs to get his mojo back, after losing early at Queens yet again to a non-seeded player, if he wants to take the crown again at SW10, especially as there is a plethora of younger players looking to usurp his No 1 position. Mind you, same could be said for No 2 Djokovic as he’s not doing so well either. As for the Fed Express, he just seems to be getting better and better the older he gets, as at the grand old age of 35, he won his 4th title of the year, the Halle Open, breezing through to take the title without dropping a set.

Much as I’d like Our Andy to win, I can see yet another classic Federer/Nadal Final, unless the Big Two get their act together, and quick!

Cricket: England take another ODI Series

Yes, England, after their poor showing in the recent ICC Champions Trophy, losing to eventual winners Pakistan in their Semi, put that all behind them as they won the 3rd and final match of their T20 Series against the touring South Africans. Having won the 1st and lost the 2nd, it was all down to a winner takes all match at the SWALEC in Cardiff. Led by a superb knock from debutant Mawan, England batted first and set the Proteas a target of 182 to win off their 20 overs, but once de Villiers, the world’s No 1 ODI player, departed when he looked as if he was going to win the match on his own, England, well led by Jos Buttler as Captain Morgan had stepped down to make way for another debutant, walked away with the match, winning by 19 runs and taking the Series 2-1, as they did the ODI Series earlier in the summer. On now to the more serious Test Series that starts next week and a possible England clean sweep, we hope. Mustn’t forget England’s Women here either, as the Women’s World Cup has just started but, unfortunately, Heather Knight’s side didn’t get off to a great start as they lost by 35 runs facing a world record ODI score of 281-3 posted by India. Still, lots of time to qualify for the Semis as the tournament is a round-robin where each team plays each other so another 6 matches to go, starting with Tuesday’s match at Leicester against Pakistan, first round losers as well ,against South Africa.

Football: It’s England and  Germany, yet again!

As last week, not much going on at the mo’ apart from the U21 European Championships taking place in Poland where unbeaten England have reached the Semis, having won their group with 2 wins and a draw. And yes, would you believe it, yet again in a major tournament, we got Germany!! So, good luck to Aidy Boothroyd’s young team on Tuesday night and let’s hope we don’t end up with penalties. In the other Semi, good luck to Spain as they take on Italy and here’s to an Anglo/Spanish Final!

Before I go, just to explain the photo, my Ibiza CC cricketing colleague Graeme Cooper, well known for his dry Yorkshire wit, bet me €10 that his team would beat my Somerset in a recent 4-day County Championship match and as I was on the point of ringing him to collect my winnings, as at that stage my boys looked like wrapping it up, the Tykes rallied and won by 3 runs. Coops, being the eternal showman, then insisted on an official and public presentation of the dinero, moths an’ all, hence the photo. Just proves my point that what do I know!

Gotta go as Our Ed is breathing down my neck for copy!….Jezza

  • STOP PRESS: As I write it’s half-time with the Hurricanes 7 Lions 23  and the Lions looking good.


Formula 1

  • Rhian Gibbs

Ricciardo Wins For Red Bull

  • Stroll Youngest Rookie On Podium
  • Vettel Sees Red , Drives Into Hamilton
  • Hamilton “Vettel Should Be Disgusted”

Baku certainly gave and taketh away in an incredible race which saw three safety cars and the race red-flagged for a period. The narrowness of the street circuit meant that the slightest touch sent pieces of car across the track and the inevitable punctures ensued, the race was red flagged while the debris was cleared.

Hamilton had a great start and held the lead; Bottas however was bogged down and received a puncture after making contact with Raikkonen. Ricciardo was forced to make an early pit stop to remove debris from his brakes dropping him to 17th, little did he know then he’d be on the podium drinking champers from his boot!

The first safety car was deployed lap 13 when Kvyat’s Toro Rosso gave up on him, then no sooner had the race resumed, the safety car was out again lap 16 for debris on the track after Ocon made an aggressive pass on his teammate Perez on the restart causing damage to both pink panthers.

The field was bunched up behind safety car for 5 laps and Hamilton was very vocal at the speed, or lack of, from the safety car ahead. Just before the restart Vettel assumed the Silver Arrow would pull away and was surprised on hitting the back of Hamilton’s car that he had not. Believing Hamilton to be at fault, the German pulled alongside the Brit and drove his Ferrari into the side of the Mercedes. He received a 10s stop-go penalty for dangerous driving and 3 points on his license, much to the dismay of Hamilton.

Raikkonen also suffered at the hands of another, a puncture caused him to limp to the pits with a shredded tyre – debris from the Force India’s being the likely cause. The race was red flagged due to the amount of debris throughout the track.

Ferrari worked their magic on Raikkonens car, Perez received a new nose and front wing and Ocon a new rear wheel and tyres. Perez and Raikkonen ultimately retired their cars and received penalties for working on their cars outside the fast lane in the pits.

23 minutes later a safety car restarts the race, Hamilton remained in the lead with Vettel behind him, due to the Force India melee, Stroll is now in third and Massa fourth. Red Bulls Ricciardo had recovered to fifth, but a stunning move saw him pass both Williams to take third.

Hamilton then had an issue with his headrest and while he tried at 300mph to clip it back in, he was ordered to make pit stop to have it replaced, he dropped to eighth and Vettel received his penalty, although he couldn’t understand when he committed the offense. “When did I do dangerous driving then?” he says, full of innocence “Can you give me the time I did dangerous driving?” He emerged just ahead of the Mercedes.

Ricciardo took his fifth victory with Bottas stealing second from Stroll third. Stroll had an excellent race keeping his head down and out of trouble, as Bottas, who was last and had to unlap himself behind the safety car, crept up behind him and snatched second by a tenth of a second.

Vettel finished P4 and Hamilton P5, which keeps Vettel ahead in the title race. Force India’s Ocon also had a reprieve finishing P6, although the team will be smarting as both lost places and Perez retired due to their collision. Magnusson brought Haas more points crossing the line P7 and Toro Rosso’s Sainz took P8.

Fernando Alonso gave two points to McLaren, their first of the season, finishing P9 and behind him the Saubers of Wehrlein and Ericsson, who had been racing each other throughout.

  • Next race – Austria, 9th July 14:00



Sleeping With Rockstars

  • Playa d’en Bossa
    • Claire B

From June 27 Dorado Ibiza Suites transforms into an art gallery, thanks to Mondo Galeria through an exhibition of 14 original photographs of the singers and bands whose names are graced on the doors of each room. Photos and the electric guitar have been linked since the early days of Rock ‘n’ roll. It would be impossible to understand the history of the music that revolutionised the 20th century without the unforgettable photos of artists like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones. The hotel, a consecrated temple of rock, will become an art gallery when an original photo of 14 musical legends is hung up in each fabulous suite at Dorado. With suites named “We Are The Champions” by Queen and “Light My Fire” by The Doors, the photos will serve to further amplify the link to the artist. Julio Iglesias won’t be missing this party either, with a suite dedicated to the Spanish master in Dorado. His famous “Soy un truhan, soy un señor” is one of the most popular albums in music history.

Diego Alonso, director of Mondo Galeria, one of the most important artistic spaces in Madrid, has been responsible for choosing the iconic pictures, captured by the eye of seven photographers, including Terry O’Neill, Alfred Wertheimer and Juan Pérez-Fajardo. Those who stay at Dorado Ibiza Suites will enjoy the silent company of David Bowie, The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Blondie and Loquillo among others, with photographs that will make the superbly decorated suites, by Ilmiodesign, even more attractive. Rock ‘n’ roll lovers who get some shuteye in this Playa d’en Bossa establishment will also be able to buy the photographs on show and take a little bit of Rock ‘n’ roll history back home.

This new experience came to fruition through a chance meeting with Diego Calvo, one of the partners of Dorado Ibiza Suites. Diego Alonso explained, “We thought that each suite would be even cooler with photographs of each person in the room, taken by photographers who are as iconic as the artists in the photos”. The photos add to the experience of each room, which have turntables, Marshall Fridges and showerheads in the form of vintage microphones where you can pretend to be Elvis.

Juan Pérez-Fajardo, one of the leading photographers of Spanish and international rock said: “For me, it’s an honour to have two of my photos shown in a hotel such as Dorado, that pays homage in such a brilliant way to artists that I have always loved. When I was a kid my dream was to have my own band and emulate my idols. However, over time I realised that what I really had talent for was photography, not music. With my camera I have shot the day to day of many tours. It’s a huge responsibility as well as a joy that so many bands have confided in me to take pictures. I want my photos to make you dream and transmit the music that is being played”. This photographer from Madrid will hang up two photos of Kiss and Iggy Pop on the walls of Dorado, decorating the suites named after two blockbusting albums: “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and “Lust For Life”. Scandinavian photographer Gisbert Ghannekroot, has contributed mythical photographs of Debbie Harry in 1978 and the Beach Boys in 1972.

Keith Haring Exhibition @ La Nave

  • Ses Salinas
    • Claire B, Photo Vitorino

Lio Malca presents the 3rd summer exhibition in Ibiza at La Nave in Salinas from July 1st. The exhibition features four monumental works by American artist Keith Haring in an exceptional exhibition that will once again transform this old salt warehouse into a dynamic space, allowing the island and its visitors to be part of Keith Haring’s world for the first time. On display will be Untitled (DV8), Channel Surf Club – Knokke, Untitled (Headstand) and Tokyo Pop Shop.

La Nave Salinas is in a warehouse that was constructed in 1941 to store the salt harvested from the nearby salt flats, built as part of a jobs program during the post-civil war crisis in Spain. Art collector and patron Lio Malca renovated the 700 sq meter structure in 2015, opening with a successful exhibition by New York-based artist KAWS, featuring a 21 feet tall sculpture which drew over 5,000 visitors. Today, La Nave Salinas is an exhibition space with cutting-edge programming open to the public during the summer season. The purpose and philosophy of the gallery is to bring art closer to the public and share Lio Malca’s collections and other works with the island and its visitors. Since embarking in the New York art world in the early 1990’s, Lio Malca is a top collector of contemporary art who believes that art should be accessible to everyone. Specialising in Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, he is a key lender and advisor in exhibitions showcasing their work around the world. He owns a gallery in Chelsea in New York and is also the owner of Casa Malca, a private luxury hotel in Tulum (Mexico) that features artworks from his private collection.

Keith Haring also believed that art should be accessible to everyone; a philosophy developed early on in his career with his iconic subway drawings in New York to his large outdoor sculptures and murals around the world until his death in 1990. Born in Pennsylvania in 1958, he developed a love for drawing at a very early age, learning basic cartooning skills from his father and the popular culture around him, such as Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss. Haring moved to New York City in 1978 where he enrolled in the School of Visual Arts (SVA). As a student, he experimented with performance, video, installation and collage, while always maintaining a strong commitment to drawing. In 1980, he started to use the city as his own canvas. He first started off using chalk to create his drawings in the NYC subway stations and his work soon became increasingly displayed, from the public murals to nightclubs and then to galleries and museums around the world. He died in 1990 at only 31 years of age, but his art, with its deceptively simple style and its deeper themes of love, death, war and social harmony, continues to appeal strongly to viewers over generations.

These are the pieces that will be on display at La Nave.

Pop Shop Tokyo, 1988: The idea of the Pop Shop Tokyo was born after the success of the Pop Shop in New York that opened in 1986. The Pop Shop in New York became a key place in his artistic practice – in this space, and in line with the philosophy of pop art, his art was accessible to all, he sold t-shirts and novel articles with the images of his works and those of other contemporary artists like Kenny Scharf and Jean Michel Basquiat. In late 1987 Keith Haring traveled to Japan and acquired two 40-foot containers that would become the infrastructure of one of his larger scale projects. He painted and furnished the interiors with hand-painted wooden panels, creating an immersive experience in his line of aesthetic work. In January 1988, the Pop Shop Tokyo opened its doors in the capital of Japan with the intention of continuing the spirit of the Pop Shop New York store and sharing its philosophy of art for all. Without knowing its whereabouts and after a long search, it became part of the collection of Lio Malca in 2004.

Untitled (DV8), 1986: This is a five-panel mural that was originally commissioned by Dr. Winkie, a friend of the artist and owner of the iconic DV8 Club in San Francisco. Numerous charity, cultural and social events were held in the space until the club closed in 1997, becoming an icon of the ‘Bay Area’ movement that defined the nightlife of California at the time.

Channel Surf Club, Knokke, 1987: On July 6, 1987, Keith Haring painted a mural on the outside of a large container he discovered on the beach in Knokke, Belgium that was used to store surfboards and equipment for the Channel Surf Club. Haring painted the entire front with black and red paint in a single day. The mural became a symbol of the ‘surfer culture’.

Untitled (Headstand), 1988: The energy and innovative environment of the 1980s created a boom in music, dance, fashion and art. Haring was fascinated by the choreographed breakdancing routines and street dancing which was becoming common and which he translated into a series of unique sculptural pieces. Between 1985 and 1989, he created 13 monumental sculptures, which were exhibited on Park Avenue between 53 and 74, in Manhattan, New York, ten years later, from June 16 to October 10, 1997. Untitled (Headstand) was one of the sculptures of this exhibition, truly representing the form of ‘breakdancing’.

Lio Malca said: “I have visited Ibiza very frequently during the last decade and a question that I’ve constantly asked myself was how could I show my gratitude to the island that has given me so much. After 10 years, I visited La Nave and it was an instant reaction. I realized La Nave was the place to share my biggest passion with the island and try to make the collection accessible to the public. My vision is in progress: to continue transforming the space with exhibitions that become not only a tribute to the works on display, but also a tribute to the islands of Ibiza, Formentera and its visitors.”

The exhibition opens with a public reception on July 1st at 8pm and runs until September 30th. La Nave is on Carrer la Canal 2, just along from the end of Salinas beach near the salt dock. Free entrance. Open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-1pm and 5pm-10pm.

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