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Ibiza News 857


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The Ibizan 857 ~ 4 May 2017

  • This full text version of the newspaper edition does not include images and other graphical elements. Most key articles are available as separate posts, including all images, graphs, sources etc used in the printed newspaper, and sometimes additional content.


Front Page

Heatwave #1

  • Spanish Weather Agency AEMET are predicting 2017’s first heatwave, with nothing but Clear Skies and Rising Temperatures on the Horizon, & a Weekend ‘Real Feel’ of 28o
  • Aside from a small chance of clouds on Sunday, Spanish Mother’s Day, the news for our Early Tourists is all good, and they should be returning home with healthy tans to show off to friends & family.

Spanish weather agency Aemet have issued a very bright outlook for the weeks to come.

They say there is very little chance of a repeat of last weekend’s grey skies and rain, and temperatures are set to climb steadily over the coming week.

Temperatures averaging 22/23 degrees are predicted over the weekend, but with a ‘real feel’ of 28 degrees, then climbing higher from the middle of next week.

  • Cold & Dry April

Their statement included details of what was a statistically very dry and cold April, with almost all rainfall being recorded on a single day, the 27th. Temperatures were recorded as low as  -2.2 in Menorca, and even in Ibiza a low of 0.3 was experienced in San Juan.

  • The Michael Fish Factor

Before all rushing off to La Sirena for the factor 50, we should take their predictions with something of a note of caution. We took our weather info from Aemet only a few hours before their report, at which time they were indicating grey days from Wednesday next week onwards. See page 2 for the already out of date weather!


International Mix for Sixth Ibiza Beach Rugby Tournament.

  • 460 people in 24 teams from Belgium, Wales, Ireland, England, Germany and Spain are participating in the annual event on S’Arenal Beach in San Antonio

The sixth edition of Ibiza Beach Rugby comes to  Sant Antoni this weekend.

Fernando Gómez, insular director of Sports and Antonio Lorenzo, Sports Councillor for Sant Antoni joined tournament organiser Jason Harvey yesterday as they presented the event to press.

The 24 teams come from different cities of Spain as well as Ireland, Wales, England, Belgium and Germany.

“For the first time we have a German team, the women of Mainz. And we also have two teams of girls from London and the UES Santboiana, “explained Harvey.

Some familiar faces from the world of Rugby will be in attendance for the 2017 event, including Andy Powell, Jonathan Bowen and Stuart Evans, In addition to the players Marina Bravo and Anne Fernández and the referee Alhambra Nievas

Teams participating in both Male and Female competitions include:

Crewe & Nanwitch RFC, Blackheath RFC, Bristol Telephones, Aberavon Quins, Teruel RC, Soria RC, Ibiza Sports Tours, Shenanigans Irish Pub (Barcelona), Universidad de Alicante, Water Melons (Puerto Real), Hampstead Ladies RFC, Germany RC, Tarazona RC, UES Santboiana, Cisneros RC, Íberas CR Linares, among others.


Cyclist Killed In Hit & Run

The 23 year old male, named  in the Diario de Ibiza as Marcos Martínez Beltrán, is banned from driving and must appear weekly in court, despite the prosecutors office and private prosecutor requesting he remain in custody until the trial.

The news has sparked outrage on social media sites and triggered a relative of the deceased asking that people refrain from publishing threats towards the accused or his family on Facebook. Sporting events and athletes have been remembering the popular athlete since the tragic accident.

The driver is charged with death by dangerous driving and driving while under the influence of alcohol, testing positive for 0.95mg/l. There may be a further charge of driving while under the influence of drugs when the toxicology is returned.

The accident occurred last Saturday at around 10:15 along the road from Sant Josep to Sant Antoni, when the white Range Rover, driven by MMB, tried to overtake another vehicle at the curve of Km17.5 – the Sa Soca restaurant. As he entered the opposite lane, he hit two cyclists at speed with Daniel Viñals falling beneath the wheels. In trying to flee the scene, the driver crashed his car into a wall and fled on foot.  Upon his detainment, MMB was breathalysed and gave a positive result of 0.95mg/l, four times over the limit. He also tested positive for drugs.

The judge of court No1 has defended the decision to bail the accused after considering there is “no risk of flight” or danger of “repeating the criminal act”. In addition, the judge explained that defendant has acknowledged consuming alcohol and cocaine before getting behind the wheel but does not remember what happened on the way back home.

An appeal by the prosecution has already been filed referring to previous drink driving infractions in 2015 and 2016, both were dealt with administratively rather than criminally, as they were below 0.60mg/l. Petition For Viñals Justice

A petition on received over 1400 signatures in just over 10 hours demanding justice for Daniel Viñals .

The petition cites that the accident “was not bad luck” and that the driver made an irresponsible decision overtaking on a solid line.

‘What Marcos Martínez Beltrán did was not cause death by dangerous driving. This man murdered Dani Viñals .

That is why we ask that justice be diligent and the full weight of the law befalls him. Give him a sentence that is an example for all those who sit behind a wheel and play Russian roulette with the lives of others.’

Emotional Farewell To Daniel Viñals

Around 600 friends, athletes and sympathisers on bikes accompanied the funeral car of Daniel Viñals on Wednesday. The procession which started at the funeral home, ended at the Los Podencos roundabout where the car continued to the crematorium. The cyclists then went on to end their farewell on the Talamanca beach with a few minutes of silence.


New Nursery & Primary Schools For Santa Eulalia

Prefabricated school buildings will be placed on a plot of land next to the Quarto del Rei Institute and the Venda d’Arabi school. The move comes as according to the municipal register, more children were born in 2013 i.e. those requiring school places in September, than the previous year.

As reported in the Diario de Ibiza, land delegate Margalida Ferrer explained the decision was necessary due to the lack of school places.

In principle, two buildings will be used as classrooms and at least one module as an office. The new site will adjoin the playground of Vénda d’Arabí however there will be access to the institute. Discussions will take place between the school and institute for separate break times.

It is also likely that there will be another building added to the Sant Carlos school.

It is important to note that nothing has been finalised yet and the site could change, however the plot has been fenced off and work could start in the next few months.

Families can apply for the new centre despite it not having a name – if it is a second or third choice it can simply be put on the application form.  If it is a families first choice, they must deliver their application to the delegation de la conselleria.


74yr Old British Woman Killed In Accident

A 74 year old British holidaymaker was hit by a car on the 29th April while trying to cross the busy Ibiza-San Josep road with two friends. The accident took place at KM6.5 at around midday and while the victim was stabilised at the scene, she died later from her injuries. The driver of the vehicle, a 4×4, was breathalysed at the scene and tested negative. Police are investigating the accident and believe that the driver braked as soon as they saw the woman but could do nothing to avoid her. Details of the victim or her friends have not been made public.


Unemployment Down By 17.3% From 2016

The number of registered unemployed in the Balearic Islands stood at 48,294 in April, a figure that represents a drop of 17.3% with 10,147 fewer compared to the same month last year. It also represents a 17.6% drop compared to March this year.


The Water is Clearer Than The Sums …

  • According to data released by San José Council the performance of the water distribution network of San Jose has increased by 9 points in the past year – now standing at 59%.

(Editor: for clarification the figure of 59% refers to the proportion of water that reaches the tap from the mains supply. The remaining 41% is lost en route due to old and broken pipes etc. A note of caution: though any improvement is good news, we are sure the percentage of water reaching the tap in San José last year was stated as being around 25%, by far the worst on the island. 25 and 9 make 34, not 59, so we remain healthily sceptical as to how they are making their calculations. Back to the story …)

With this increase the Council feel they can guarantee the water supply this summer even with peak consumption in July and August, and is unlikely to see a repeated water crisis suffered by the town two years ago.

This significant increase has been mainly due to the replacement of the network of Sant Jordi, one of the towns with the most losses.

According to data available, Sant Jordi are saving about 500 cubic metres per day in low season and 1,500 cubic metres per day in summer.

Work has also been completed on replacing the distribution network of San Jose, at present tests are being conducted and the facility should be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Since September 2016, Sant Jordi, Sant Francesc and parts of Sa Carroca received drinking water from the desalination plants of Ibiza and San Antonio. Last month they finished works in the area of ​​Playa d’en Bossa and Es Vive, areas that have already begun to receive improved water.

Work is also about to start to connect the areas of Can Fita Mut with the aim that the work can be completed this summer.

  • The next big challenge now facing the council is to bring improved water to San Jose itself.

Currently works are underway to the distribution network and Cardona Puig water deposit in San Jose. It is expected that some jobs should be finished this summer.

The investment of 800,000€ makes it one of the borough’s biggest capital budgets, and this part of the long term plan is expected to bring benefits to 16,000 users, extending from San José village to include areas of Cala Tarida, Cala Vedella and areas of d’es Cubells.

Cala De Poo? (Again)

  • Raw sewage on S’Estanyol Beach

A concerned neighbour has sent photos to the Diario de Ibiza of what appears to be sewer water running towards the beach of s’Estanyol.

The leak has apparently caused a stink for around a week and comes from the sewer descending to the sea in a stream between the hotels San Remo and Mar Amantis.

The municipalities of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep have written a joint letter to Abaqua (Balearic Agency for Water and Environmental Quality) to demand an urgent solution to the ongoing pipe ruptures.

The sewage pipes in Cala de Bou are more than 40 years old and there have been five ruptures within the past year alone spilling sewer water onto the streets and beaches.


Dinasty Anchors On Posidonia Meadows

  • Surveillance Contract Still Out To Tender

The first big yacht of the season has anchored on the Posidonia fields. The yacht, bearing a British Virgin Islands flag is 44.8 metres in length and according to the Diario de Ibiza remained in the same spot for at least 24 hours.

The monitoring and advisory service that was launched back in 2013 by the Balearic Government will not be ready to control the areas until the first weeks in June.

Ibanat, the agency responsible for the management of the surveillance, will have six vessels that will monitor and control the areas included in the Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera. Specifically, the new contract will cover more of Formentera from Punta Pedrera to s’Espalmador and include Torre de sa Gavina to Cala Saona on the west coast, and Punta Prima to Caló de Sant Agustí, passing es Carnatge on the east.


Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

The owners of the property in Salt d’en Serra have removed the barbed wire fence from the wall of their property after it was posted on Facebook and the authorities notified. The police had attended and decided no law had been broken however the owners have now removed the wire.


Ibiza Airport Opens Seven New Routes have commenced the new routes between Birmingham and London-Stanstead to Ibiza, with six and seven weekly flights respectively.

The airline Niki has three routes with Munich, Zurich and Dusseldorf. Munich has five weekly operations and the others seven each. Hamburg has also been inaugurated with three connections per week.

Tui Fly Belgium has also started with two weekly operations to Oostende (Belgium).


San An Police Manned

Four people have joined the Sant Antoni police station in an auxiliary capacity. The new members of staff will deal with administrative aspects of the local force and hope to improve the performance of the local police during the summer season. The new staff will be in place until October and will free up the agents so their presence can be felt on the streets.


PSOE Calls For Barracks To Be Converted To Social Housing

  • The proposal considers it “fundamental” that public administrations establish the necessary mechanisms to facilitate the program not only to assist housing in San Juan, but in Ibiza in general.

According to the motion presented by the Socialist municipal group, the objective of this initiative is to offer families with few economic resources the possibility of access to housing.

The old barracks has four family accommodation units and two individual units. In its current state it is not suitable for habitation.

The PSOE argue that with refurbishments and general improvements the currently unoccupied building could fulfil an important need in helping to address the urgent need for social housing.

The San Juan branch of the socialist group hope the development could be undertaken under the programme  promoted by the Government of the Balearic Islands through the Balearic Institute of Housing (IBAVI).

The scheme offers to reform unused buildings in exchange for an assignment by the owners over a term of 9 years.

In this way, the City Council could assign it to the IBAVI, which would carry out the necessary reforms with public funds, “improving the condition of habitability, accessibility and energy efficiency”.

The proposal considers it “fundamental” that public administrations establish the necessary mechanisms to facilitate the program not only to assist housing in San Juan, but in Ibiza in general.


Disability Workers Website

  • Ibiza Consell has unveiled a new website to raise awareness and promote the employment of people with disabilities in Ibiza.

The website is not only a platform for people with disabilities to explain first-hand what it means to be employed, but also a resource tool for businesses to utilise in the employment of people with disabilities.

Via the website, companies can contact the employment services offered by the Island Council – recruitment advisory services, screening candidates and support for integration. People with disabilities can be provided counselling services, job training and support services within the workplace.

Companies that have already collaborated with the islands services in recent years  include Hipercentro, s’Olivera Catering, La Sirena, Class Rent a Car, Pharmacy Tur Viñas, Palladium Group, Hermanos Parrot, Grupo Sifu, Eroski, ME (Meliá group) Waste Foundation, Grupo Polyclinic, Aspanadif Ceo, Ceo APFEM, Spar, Red Cross, Azuline Hoteles, Fundación ONCE or Capupaper.

“The employment of people with disabilities needs to move forward,” said the Insular Director of Equality, Judith Romero. “The objective of this website is to make the success of these initiatives work, to have a place where people with disabilities can express the importance of being able to work and provide all legal and administrative tools for local businesses with the ultimate aim of overcoming the fear and reluctance in employing disabled people.


New Vara De Rey Clock Tower

  • Photo Claire B

A new clock tower is being installed in the Vara de Rey as part of the renovation works. The solar tree has been designed by architects Alday and Jover and includes a clock, thermometer and eight mobile phone charging points.

The clock tower will take 3 days to install, be approximately 9 metres in height and have 40 solar panels installed for a total of 3.2KW maximum power. The power will supply LEDs throughout the Paseo de Vara de Rey, Plaza des Parc and Calle Juame I and also foliage in the area.


‘Biciregistro’ Cycle Security Scheme

Spain has a national bike register with Ibiza included. You register via the website below for just 7€ per bike, and along with storing your details, they send you a ‘marking kit’. The kit contains stickers you attach to your bike, warning stickers for prospective thieves, marking liquid and your registration number. If the worst should happen, you can list your bike as missing. There is also a section for bikes found, with photos etc. Local police have access to this register and it can be used to return recovered bikes to their owners.


New Dalt Villa Access Road

  • Our Claire B does get around the island. Here is what she had to say on a newly accessible Ibiza location to which few have trodden before her.
  • Photo Claire B.

“A view of the new access road put under the cliffs in Sa Penya so that they can shore up the cliffs which were damaged in the storms in February.

“The work is necessary to protect part of the Dalt Vila walls and Casa Broner, which are in danger of collapse if there is further erosion.

“It doesn’t look as pretty any more but apparently the access road will stay once the works have been completed, which will give access to Playa de Baix sa Penya from town for the first time!

“Some good to come out of it I guess.”


Evicted from a Flat in Cala de Bou for Non-Payment of Rent

  • Tenants, who owed ten months of rent, offered the property as a squat.
  • The owner has filed another complaint against them for stealing appliances

The owners of a house in Cala de Bou, located on Calle Ponferrada, finally recovered their property this week after a judge issued the eviction order of tenants for non-payment of ten months of rent.

Apart from this debt, the tenants sublet the rooms and had used the internet to advertise their property as a ‘squat house’.

To the three complaints lodged before the Civil Guard against the tenants, the owner added one more for a crime of misappropriation and damages, since they removed or sold electrical appliances and caused considerable damages.

The squatters were given 24 hours to leave the property, however the owner said they had left before then “but not without leaving their mark” according to a report in the Diario de Ibiza.

“The house was in a terrible state and full of crap” he said, “but our problems are not yet over as they owe over 800 euros in electricity bills”.

The landlord filed the first action on November 28th last year.

In the judgment issued by the Court, the judge established that the defendant, identified by the initials R.S.R. “did not provide sufficient evidence to prove the payment of rent accrued, which must lead to the estimation of the eviction action and to order the defendant to pay the amount of 230 euros for the month of September, 400 euros for the months of October, 400 euros for the month of November and 150.14 euros for expenses of electricity, such as the amount owed up to the date of filing of the claim’.

In total, the debt amounted to 1,180.14 euros.


Viva Cala Llonga

Return of the Hippy Market

  • Brian Whetton

Tonight – Thursday 4th May, and every Thursday until mid October – sees the return of the Cala Llonga Hippie/Artisan Market. Opening on the promenade at 6pm local handmade items will be on offer for you to browse and buy. To enhance the evenings relaxed atmosphere, Dad and Daughter Duo Ron and Claire will be playing live. a real treat for music lovers. The village will be in full swing with a wide variety of local and international bars and restaurants to choose from. Something to please everybody’s taste. Viva Cala Llonga

Friday May 5

  • San Antonio, Melon Bomb @ Pikes.
  • Kilties Opening, San Antonio West End.

with guest DJs Juanito Chanclas (whoever he is), Dermot C, James Reid, Lekno and Rosko. See Advert.

Saturday May 6

  • San Antonio, Ocean Beach Club, Kids Party

in aid of APNEEF, see flyer

  • Ses Salinas, Vegan Day out Festival

Boutique Hostal Salinas., 12pm to midnight. 10€ with free raw energy ball.

  • Santa Eulalia live music Hombres G & Dr Trapero,

next to the Palacio de Congresos. From 9pm. Free.

Sunday May 7

  • Ses Salinas: Made With Love Sunset Sessions

Boutique Hostal Salinas, from 2pm. see article

  • Santa Eulalia: Anar a Maig

Santa Eulalia celebrates Anar a Maig with multiple activities from 9am, an exhibition on the Podenco hound in the Town Hall square; an exhibition of flowers and plants at the Teatro España; mass in the Puig de Missa, with the parochial choir and peasant dance at 11am. At midday, there is a parade of old carts, car and motorbikes, horses and a Menorcan dressage exhibition on Sant Jaume Street. At 10pm Willy & The Poor Boys will perform and at midnight the fiesta will close with a show on the beach.

  • Sant Josep Church: Gospel Concert

Midday, performed by Canblaugospel (Ibiza) and Twocats pel Gospel (Barcelona). In aid of schooling for the Maasai children of Tanzania.

  • Atzaro, Ibiza Spirit Festival (see article)

Tuesday May 9

  • San Antonio: Live music from Methead

Ground Zero opening night.

Wednesday May 10

  • Ibiza Town: Lucky Life Music ‘Dawn of Summer’

@ Pacha with DJs Ben Fhurst, Chronic Cowboys, Horatio, and Graham Sahara.

  • San Antonio, HRH Rock Festival

from 10th to 14th, see article.

The Ibiza Spirit Festival

  • Sunday May 7th, Atzaro

On Sunday  May 7, the beautiful agroturismo ATZARO will host the IBIZA SPIRIT FESTIVAL – a magical day of inspiration and celebration.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Ibiza to come together and share in the joy of our true spirit by opening our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being.  Amazing events will be happening all day from the opening at 12:00 right through the Ecstatic Dance Party after sunset with DJ Kareem Raïhani.

These will include Great Music, Creative Dance, Inspirational Meditations & Workshops, Alternative Therapies, Tantra, Yoga and much more.  Of course there will be delicious food to add to the celebration, and a Magical Children’s Garden created with love for kids of all ages.

Jerry Brownstein along with his wife Sabina and David Moss are the organizers of the Ibiza Spirit Festival. Their vision is to create a day of joyous celebration that shows us how beautiful life can be… how together we can generate the energy for positive transformation… in ourselves and in the world.

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a non-profit organization, and all of the proceeds are used to support this event and other charities here on Ibiza. This year they will be helping the wonderful work that APNEEF does with special needs children. The Festival asks guests for €10 at the entrance which includes access to all activities (except therapists and readers who ask a small extra donation).

Medieval Festival

  • Ibiza Town
  • Claire B

The annual Medieval Festival takes place in Ibiza Town this year from Thursday May 11 to Sunday May 14.

Held to celebrate Ibiza’s World Heritage Site status, it’s an entertaining cultural event that attracts over 100,000 visitors every year. The streets in and around Dalt Vila are decorated with colourful flags and banners for the event as the town becomes a huge open-air street market and theatre filled with minstrels, artists, bird handlers, artisans, metalworkers, spice traders, dancers, chocolate makers and the like, turning this part of town into a thrilling spectacle and a mass of colours, smells and flavours from several continents. There are food stalls galore, including barbecued meats and traditional Ibizan specialities, plus free live entertainment and performances in various locations throughout the town during the festival.

It begins on the Thursday evening (May 11) at 6.30pm with a theatrical show created especially for the festival by award-winning company Morboria, telling an entertaining story of the walls of the city of Ibiza, in La Plaça de la Constitució by the Mercat Vell. This is followed by a medieval jousting on horseback show in the Parc de la Reina Sofia at 7pm, which is repeated every day at 11am and 7pm.

During the 4 days there are numerous cultural events and an abundance of street entertainment, with more than 17 local, national and international entertainment groups and touring entertainment shows, performing acrobatics, music and theater, with characters touring the walled city and the spaces and streets of Dalt Vila. The medieval market will have 150 stalls, of which 60 are products from local artisans and there will be 15 trade workshops (3 participatory), demonstrating blacksmith, pottery, rattan, incense, wood arrows, Arabian calligraphy, paper and foundry trades.

The cultural program includes theatre, concerts and puppet shows that will take place every day of the festival from 11:00 to 14:30 and 18:00 to 23:00. There will be 4 exhibitions: Leonardo da Vinci inventions, the Gutenberg press, an exhibition of weapons and a History of Ibiza exhibition, which takes place in the Sala del Refectori, just off Plaça España. In addition, all the cultural facilities and museums in Dalt Vila are open for free for everyone to enjoy.

On the Friday night there’s a music and fire show in the Parc de la Reina Sofia at 10pm.

On Saturday night at 22.30 there’s a Correfoc (fire-run) in Parc de la Reina Sofia, from the Bestiari Medieval de Mallorca with Saint George and the dragon, demons and musicians Rota Temporis.

There are also lots of activities designed for children – puppet shows, exhibitions of battles, medieval games, the jousting shows and up to 5 daily shows for children.

10 zones have been established for the festival throughout the town, including the main streets, squares and the bastions in Dalt Vila, and the detailed programme shows what is happening when in each area.

This year there will be 2 free bus services during the festival to connect the main car parks in the town at Gesa, Multicines and Gorg to Soto, which is near the Parc de la Reina Sofia and the entrance to Dalt Vila. The schedule is May 11 18.00-23.00 and on the remaining days from 10.00-15.00 and from 17.00-23.00. See the programme for route details.

The festival continues throughout the weekend every day from 10am until midnight, ending on the Sunday evening.

  • The programme is available online here in Catalan and Spanish, but for the first time this year the booklet has also been printed in English, available from tourist information offices and info desks at the festival:

HRH Road Trip Ibiza

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

The HRH Road Trip rides into Ibiza again this year from May 10 to 14 with a number of live gigs taking place over the 5 days @ Alter (formally Summum) and The Zoo in San Antonio. If you like hard rock music, then these gigs are a rare opportunity to see some great bands live on The White Isle, including The Quireboys, Reckless Love, Dirty Thrills, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, Bonfire, Lagerstein, Wolf, Motoheadache, Bonafide and lots more. And the good news is that Ibiza residents can get in for free! Likely line-up, but check the website or Facebook for last minute details:

Wednesday May 10, Opening Party @ Alter

From 9pm. Hell’s Gazelles, Dirty Thrills, GUN, Reckless Love and The Quireboys.

Thursday May 11 @ Alter

From 9pm. Humm, Thirteen Stars, Bernie Marsden and Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons.

Friday May 12, Melodic Rock @ Alter

From 9pm. Degreed, Stop Stop, Last Great Dreamers and Bonfire.

Saturday May 13, Pirate party @ The Zoo

From 6pm. Outdoor: Pool Frolics, Air guitar comp and shenanigans, plus Lagerstein unplugged, Last Great Dreamers unplugged and Bonfire unplugged. Live: Death Valley Knights, foam party conga, Lagerstein and Wolf.

Sunday May 14, Closing Party @ The zoo

  • From 9pm. Thirteen Stars, Deathwish, Motoheadache and Bonafide.
  • Ibiza residents can get free entrance to all the gigs with proof of residency. For full details see Facebook – HRH Road Trip or the website:

Thursday May 11

  • Ibiza Town: Medieval Festival,

from 6.30pm on Thursday and each day after from 10am to midnight. Runs to Sunday 14th. See Article

  • Cala Llonga, Hippy Market

on the Beach Promenade from 6pm

  • San Antonio, HRH Rock Festival

Friday May 12

  • Mambo Opening Party, Sunset Strip, San An

More details next week

  • San Antonio, Plastik Opening Party

More details next week

  • Ibiza Town: Live music from heavy metal covers band Methead

@ Sa Questio, from 22.00. Free.

  • Ibiza Town: Medieval Festival
  • San Antonio, HRH Rock Festival

Saturday May 13

  • Playa d’en Bossa: Opening party @ Santos

from 1pm-3am. With music from Victor Agüero, Rayco Santos, Alex Kentucky, Oriol Calvo, DJ Pippi and Melon Bomb DJs. Free.

  • San Antonio: La Clique @ Ocean Beach Club

with DJs Sarah Main, Lisa Chadderton and Maxine Hardcastle and live performance from Natalie Warren. 10€ in advance, 15€ on the door.

  • Cas Serres, Ibiza Town, Dirty Dancing Sing-along
  • Ibiza Town: Medieval Festival,
  • San Antonio, HRH Rock Festival

Sunday May 14

  • Ibiza Town: Medieval Festival,

Final Day. See Page 5 for full details

  • San Antonio, HRH Rock Festival

Monday May 15

  • San Antonio, HRH Rock Festival

l To feature your event in the Ibizan Agenda …

La Clique @ Ocean Beach

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

La Clique, a new joint venture between island DJs Sarah Main, Lisa Chadderton and Maxine Hardcastle, will be launching their new project and playing b2b on Saturday May 13 at Ocean Beach Club. The ladies have formed La Clique as an ‘exclusively inclusive roaming disco experience’, inspired by the decadent pop-up parties of the same name that roamed around Manhattan in the 1970s. There’ll also be a live performance from Natalie Warren (pictured) plus a very special surprise guest and the La Clique performers. Advance tickets are 10€, 15€ on the door.

Dirty Dancing Sing-Along

  • Sat 13th May, Cas Serres Auditorium,18:30

Dirty Dancing comes back to life with an active audience screening by Ibiza Broadway.

A Sing-Along version of the all time classic musical film featuring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey on the screen. Outside the screen, a team of animators will perform in syncronisation with the movie and bring the story back to life. Ibiza Broadway’s team of singers and dancers are:

  • Mercè Barreda – Lisa Houseman
  • Jéssica Prat – Baby Houseman
  • Jonathan Avilés – Johnny Castle
  • Beatriz Ferrer – Penny Johnson

The film is screened in Castillian Spanish audio, English subtitles and karaoke lyrics during some of the sing along songs.

Tickets cost 6€ and can be purchased at Cas Serres Auditorium between Monday 8th to Friday 12th from 17:30h to 19:30h or reserve by calling 680-104-856.

Made With Love

  • Claire B

Sunday May 7 sees the Made With Love Sunset Sessions @ Boutique Hostal Salinas. Kicking off at 2pm with a BBQ and cocktails, there’s a sterling line-up of DJs and musical performances to take you through the afternoon into the evening. Joining them is the legend that is Mr C, the original Shamen that needs no introduction – Mr C will be digging deep and doing a special sunset set. He is joined by the girls from newly-formed La Clique Ibiza – Sarah Main, Maxine Hardcastle and Lisa Chadderton, who will be doing a special b2b set; Body talk – Rob Marmot and Shane Watcha; plus Ryan O’ Gorman and Felipe Kastegliano. There will also be a live show from the Powder Monkeys (Nell Shakespeare, Dylan Debut and David Coker).

Tatel Ibiza

  • Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

New restaurant and music venue Tatel Ibiza in Playa d’en Bossa opened its doors last week with a huge opening party. The gastronomic project of Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol and Enrique Iglesias with entrepreneurs Abel Matutes Prats and Manuel Campos Guallar is housed on the beachfront in a new area built onto The Hard Rock Hotel. With restaurants also in Madrid and Miami, Tatel Ibiza has capacity for up to 300 people, and brings stylish Spanish cuisine, cocktails, live music and DJs curated with the seal of approval of Ushuaïa to Playa d’en Bossa. Open initially in the evenings from 7pm to 3am, Tatel Ibiza is set to become one of the island’s hotspots for live music, top international DJs and traditional Spanish cuisine, seating up to 100 people per night. The menu has been transported from Tatel Madrid, created under the expertise of head chef Nacho Chicharro, but with the addition of a fresh Balearic touch whilst also maintaining the brand’s trademarks; upmost respect for the produce, updated traditional Spanish recipes, seasonal Spanish gastronomy and fresh seafood as the mainstay. The interior design evokes the atmosphere of a speakeasy club with 1920s glamour and distinct interlinked areas, both inside and out. These include a large terrace with sea views, the restaurant’s main lobby area and many corners and alcoves. And of course a DJ booth, with sunset sessions and entertainment provided by Ushuaïa, with International DJs supported by live performances from singers and percussionists. Prices are from about 70€ per person.

  • Tatel interior. Photo Jose Salto

Ibiza Rocks Resident & Worker  Discounts

  • Claire B

Ibiza Rocks is offering a Season Pass exclusively for Ibiza workers and residents, which will include free entry to a host of pool parties and events, discounted food and drinks and exclusive offers. Sign up for FREE now and collect your season pass on Sunday May 21 at the Cuckoo Land Opening Pool Party. Signing up will automatically add you to the free workers guestlist to the event. The Season Pass includes all this.

  • Events

– Free entry to all Cuckoo Land Pool Parties**

– Free entry to all We Are Rockstars Pool Parties**

– Free entry to all Carnival Pool Parties**

– Up to 50% off on Craig David TS5 Pool Party tickets**

– Up to 50% off on Ibiza Rocks Live Gig tickets**

– Up to 50% off on Elrow Pool Party tickets**

  • Drinks, food and merch

– 25% off drinks at all Ibiza Rocks Hotel events***

– 20% off drinks at Ibiza Rocks Bar (San An) & Diner (Bossa)

– 15% off food at Ibiza Rocks Hotel

– 10% off food at Ibiza Rocks Bar (San An) & Diner (Bossa)

– 25% off merchandise at the Ibiza Rocks Shop

  • Terms and conditions:

* You must bring photographic ID and proof of residence or employment to gain entry to the Cuckoo Land Opening Party and to collect your season pass.

** Pool Party entry must be before 3pm. Doors open at 2pm. €15 entry after 3pm.

** Limited availability for Craig David TS5 Pool Parties and Ibiza Rocks live gigs. Does not include Primal Scream at Pikes.

*** House spirits, house beer, house wine and sangria.

Sign up on the website:


Theatre Review

Never The Same

  • Carly Sorenson

I had the great pleasure this week of forming part of the enraptured audience attending Santa Eulalia’s beautiful Teatro Espana to watch Hatstand Productions compelling and powerful new piece Never The Same. In contrast to last year’s light hearted and upbeat musical ‘Cleopatra’s Key’, Never The Same dealt with the issues of still birth, depression, grief, loss, the nature of freedom and ultimately unconditional friendship and love with such beauty, sensitivity and depth that I was moved to tears on more than one occasion.

We entered the theatre to a smoky, dim lit stage, crowded with all sorts of chairs and props, which were used in live scene shifts as the play unfurled. It opened with Sarah surprising her friend Liz by turning up at her house. A fairly cryptic discussion about ‘ being in there’ ‘how is she?´ and ‘needing to keep the past in the past’ gave us pointers that something unpleasant had happened for which Sarah had been imprisoned four years previously and Liz had ‘gotten away with’, though it seemed Liz was the more haunted and keen to forget. The action shifted from present, to past, to present, giving us the pieces of the story as a jigsaw with each time shift marked by gorgeous, intense physical theatre to flashing lights and alarming music as the protagonists swayed and shifted, helping one another back from collapse, mirroring one another’s movements and always so intensely connected via their eyes that it compelled you to watch. These stylised scene shift markers  punctuated the stunning naturalistic acting and highlighted the depth of friendship and connection between the characters.

Through this simple yet highly effective technique, we were told the story of how Liz, flawlessly acted by Robyn Cooper, gave birth three months early to a still born daughter. Her frantic packing of a bag whilst clutching her dead baby to her chest and preparing to take her home, in absolute denial of what had just happened, was so raw; especially as her best friend Sarah, perfectly performed by Lily Lowe Myers, looked on with such genuine sadness and desperation on her face; that it brought a lump to my throat. When Liz’s delirious denial switched to acceptance and the angrily delivered words that she felt as though ‘half of me has been torn away´ the lump in my throat turned to tears.  This is a feeling I, and many other women, have experienced and Liz’s description of it was achingly accurate. The gasps and sniffs from the audience showed just how deeply it resonated.

Three months passed on stage and the due date of Liz’s lost baby had arrived. She lay mute and staring into space, obviously depressed, as Sarah tried everything to get her friend to talk to her, but received only heavy silence in response. The uncomfortable tension was broken by Sarah asking ‘What can I do to make it better? Just tell me!` and Liz replying `Bring her back`.

The next piece of the jigsaw was where we truly saw just how far Sarah would go to make her best friend happy. She told Liz how she had seen a doctor walk out of a delivery suite at the hospital she worked in looking forlorn and just knew a baby had died. How she’d walked in and saw her lying there like a doll and how it had reminded her so much of Liz’s baby. How she felt compelled to hold this baby and how she begged for it to be given another chance at life, decrying the unfairness of  a baby who could be loved and cherished so much being taken away before they could experience that love. How she felt the baby become lighter in her arms as it came back to life and how she knew this was a sign that  this baby was meant to be with her and Liz. She told how she carried the baby out of the hospital and came straight to Liz, to fill the void her own lost baby had left. As she joyfully and passionately told her tale, she folded a towel lovingly into the form of a swaddled baby and handed her to Liz with a beatific smile. It was such a beautiful scene. Liz, of course, was apprehensive and her nervous questioning was a fabulous contrast to Sarah’s almost divine certainty that this was meant to be. Sarah’s reassurance, positivity, euphoria and philosophising on this being destiny, convinced Liz of the same and they planned to move away with the baby they named Persephone (she’d risen from the ashes to be born anew). From here the tone of the play shifted to become much more jovial, with the two women interacting freely and happily and joking like children again. The fact that Robyn and Lily are best friends since childhood in ‘real life’ really came into play in these scenes. The chemistry between them as they bantered was genuine and warm, bringing light into a thus far rather dark piece. We saw them eating apples and chatting freely about prison life as Sarah philosophised on the nature of freedom in a scene in the prison, deciding where to move to with Persephone by excitedly choosing numbers and letters at random and moving to the corresponding town on a UK road map, pulling over on their journey to check where they were going and fantasising about being in Alice in Wonderland as Sarah fed Liz a banana whilst Liz fed Persephone her bottle. Every scene and exchange between the two was faultlessly acted and the actresses ability to shift so fast and convincingly from dark to light and stylisation to naturalism is to be commended.

All this light and happiness came crashing down when Liz saw a news report about a kidnapped baby – cleverly demonstrated via a soundbite an light from the side to represent the light from a TV. She had entirely believed Sarah had experienced a miracle and rescued a dead baby, bringing it to life and to her and confronted Sarah, who seemed just as shocked to hear the baby had not been dead. But instead of insisting they return Persephone, Liz insisted they flee to France with her, ignoring Sarah’s reasoning. Feeling bad for Persephone’s real parents but not wanting her friend to get into trouble, Sarah called the police, pretending to be Liz, and reported their whereabouts. When the police arrived, Liz wanted to run, but Sarah convinced her to stay, telling her how Persephone had ‘fixed’ her but now was the time for her to go back to her own parents. She also committed the ultimate selfless act by telling Liz to say she had had no idea that the baby was kidnapped, believing it to be Sarah’s friends baby who needed looking after. Sarah had already told the police this story, pretending she was Liz, and her interview in a police cell prior to this showed her giving the same story from her own perspective. A truly wonderful detail in this beautiful play, which nailed what I felt was the key theme…unconditional friendship and the human need to make people happy and ‘fix’ each other, but, as Liz points out, it’s hard enough just trying to fix yourself. This was one of many philosophical ideas proposed by the piece, and definitely the driving force behind Sarah’s actions after she’d been unable to ‘fix’ or even talk honestly to her Father after the death of her mother.

There are so many other instances of sublime acting and storytelling I could wax lyrical about from this incredible piece of theatre, but I’m conscious I’ve already exceeded my word limit! Therefore, I will close by sending my heartfelt thanks to Robyn Cooper, Lily Lowe Myers, Emanuela Cooper and everyone else involved for bringing Never The Same to our island. It isn’t only the best piece of theatre I have seen in my five years on the island, it was the most thought provoking, superbly written and supremely acted piece of theatre I have ever seen outside of London’s West End. Hats off, Hatstand. Magnificent.

It’s Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Counselling,

My husband and I are in the process of separating and we have talked about co-parenting, I was wondering what your views are on it and how we should best go about it?

Thank you,


Dear KD

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry to read you have decided to separate. Co-parenting is a relatively new concept where the parents take joint responsibility for the child/ren and parent together, so for example they might go to children’s parties together or school activities.

It seems in theory to be a great idea and I do believe that it is.

However it does mean that the parents need to have worked through their own relationship to a point where they can be more than civil to each other, they need to be able to actually get on and communicate in a way that allows decisions and choices to be made together and authentically.

I suppose it really depends on the circumstances surrounding your separation and how you both feel about one another. Maybe you need to spend some time focussing on your separation, grieve the loss of what was and start to rebuild what will be before possibly moving on to co-parenting if you both feel able to do it.

All the best with your decision and please do stay in touch.


N.B Our CONFIDENTIAL & FREE support group takes place every Tuesday in San Lorenzo please email

for more information.


  • Elaine

5th May 2017—11th May 2017

ARIES -Six of Swords

A trying episode of your life is coming to a close, so don’t look back at what might of been. Emotionally, you’ve come a long way since the start of the year which has tested your limits.  Dry your eyes and square your shoulders.  You’ve no idea where life is leading, but you can only move forward with determination.

TAURUS – Page of Wands

Study, information gathering and fact finding all are represented by this card.  So this week get your thinking cap on and knuckle down to some much-needed research!   Be discerning to whom you show your emotions as you need to convey passion without losing authority with regards to a pet project.  Think before you speak and ignore office gossip.

GEMINI – Eight of Disks

By the end of this weekly forecast, you’ll be reaching for the smelling salts as you’re working hard and are super busy. You will however, be raking it in financially so it will be churlish to complain.  People like what you’re doing and are willing to reward you accordingly.   If you need help achieving deadlines source out for extra help.

CANCER – The Lovers

This is a great week for getting along with just about anyone and you’re in the mood for love!
The Lovers card presents us with choices between two people; two jobs; two career options; two…well, you get the picture. You’re being asked to choose from your heart and not your head, so connect with your feelings and make decisions intuitively.

LEO – Seven of Swords

Your bright light attracts jealous attention this week; you’ll find out that someone in particular is finding it difficult to be happy for your success.  Keep resolutely on your chosen path.  Friends who act like enemies will soon be part of your past. You’re protected; it’s a bit of a test of character so dismiss the detractors from your life.

VIRGO – Four of Cups (reversed)

Who are you waiting for; some mythical person who’ll turn up, sweep you off your feet and you’ll live happy ever after?  If you’ve been romantically ‘sitting on the fence’, this is the week to make an effort and invite love into your life.  An Instant attraction could end up meaning far more so don’t dismiss it out of hand.

LIBRA – Two of Cups

This is a very affectionate card; it’s all about feeling the love this week and you will want to reciprocate in kind.  Equality in relationships, whether in business or pleasure; are important to you. You want back what you’re giving out.  It’s a reminder however, that the trick to a successful relationship is to give the other person their space.

SCORPIO – The Fool

This card doesn’t signify you’re a fool; often it’s the behaviour of those around that leave you speechless and causes a knee jerk reaction from you, so avoid reacting to a perceived slight or criticism.  The Fool encourages you to face challenging situations and have no fear in dealing with them.  Be adventurous in outlook and bold in decision-making.

SAGITTARIUS – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board any new project.  Reliability will be a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week.  For others a home move proves fortunate; you’ll find your dream accommodation.

CAPRICORN – Three of Cups (reversed)

You may disagree, but sometimes it does matter what others think. This week your reputation is on the line.  If you’re acting too blasé about an important person or situation you could end up antagonising those you need to keep on your side.  Also, perhaps it’s time to review some of company you keep; weed out any unsavoury types.

AQUARIUS – Eight of Cups

Love returning to your life, or a lover coming back?

Either way someone will think you’re hot stuff. If your love life has been famine, expect a feast.  Over the past few weeks you’ve had time to reassess certain friendships or associations and have come to the conclusion that those that no longer enhance your life are not worth having.

PISCES – Ace of Wands

If you’re job hunting or thinking about starting up a new business this is a great week to get the ball rolling.  Some of you may even be headhunted as you have proved that you certainly know your stuff.  New beginnings are signified by this card, so there may be other areas of your life that need a shakeup.


Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Hola Zipsters and welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

I had a failed attempt at hopping over to Ibiza this week for a meeting, which was re-located to LONDON of all places. So I ended up in Docklands, which isn’t quite the white isle.

Basically, this week was the start of my Balearic Island hopping for the summer. I will be starting a new position as Fashion Editor for a new Ibiza website, which I’ll tell you all about next week.

This means plenty of Balearic fashion research and instead of the usual women’s boho moda, I thought I’d look at what’s trending for the guys this summer.

There were fashion shows galore earlier this spring, showcasing the latest menswear looks on the streets of Mallorca and Ibiza. Some of it may scare you.

This is one look you can either carry off or not. Definitely not for everyone. It’s very basic and guaranteed to keep you cool but how many men can carry off harem pants, shredded sleeves and budgie smuggler speedos?

It helps if you look like David Gandy, of course.

But boys who care, know what to wear.

I’ve written a piece with more realistic pointers towards your lad’s holiday wardrobe, so don’t panic if this lot is completely off the radar.

Plus my favourite eccentric fashion event of the year, The Met Ball, happened this week featuring the best, worst and most bizarre creations for our favourite celebrities.

One person who gets it wrong every year is Madonna.

This camouflage number, with leather gloves was atrocious, although just look at her face.

She looks younger than she did 20 years ago, so therefore gets my thumbs up. I can only hope I look like that (with or without the scalpel) when I’m almost 60.

As well as all that, we check out one of my favourite labels, FreeLove Ibiza.

So get polishing those sunnies and enjoy this week’s blog.

Amanda x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Men’s Ibiza Fashion

Renowned for their huge clubs and wild (very late) nights, Ibiza and Mallorca are definitely the places to be this (and every) summer. And picking the right clothes to bring along is an important part of any trip. Boys who care, know what to wear. Whether a Lads’ boozy week-long bender or a hipster’s long weekend, here’s my rough guide to your Balearic wardrobe.

The Beach

Flip flops can be controversial. Some people claim they’re a perfectly reasonable item to wear, whilst others think flip flops should be burned along with crocs. However, there’s little argument against wearing flip flops to the beach, as they’re perfect for protecting your feet from the scorching sand, and can be slipped off quickly the second you want to take a dip. And sand in your trainers isn’t big or clever. Plus, Nikes or Adidas look plain wrong on la playa.

For the best selection check out Ibiza Soul.

What to wear on top is more debatable. If you’re planning on spending most of your time in the sea then you can stick to your trunks, but if you want to mix it up a bit, or are perhaps a little shy, then you might want something more versatile. A pair of simple shorts and a lightweight tee fabric – logo not required – paired with some on-trend sunnies will always be a winner. Ray Ban Aviators and a Panama hat are winners for me. Depends whether you’re down with that look.

The Club

This is perhaps the most important outfit to get right. You want to look good, but not overdressed. This isn’t a London venue, where overdressing can be the norm for some. In Mediterranean summer temperatures it’s about looking relaxed, staying cool, and not trying too hard.

Denim knee-length shorts, with optional turn ups, are the garms of choice. There’s a certain laid back vibe to the Balearics, but you still want to look like you’ve dressed with thought and after due consideration, so fit is important. Learn what style jeans fit your body best and go for them. Pair with a loose vest (if you have the arms, that is).

The Pool Party

For the TOWIE-influenced amongst you. You’re either a speedo or a trunk kind of guy, but we’re pretty sure the best way to avoid looking like a bit of a fashion misfit is to embrace trunks. You can go for a range of patterns depending on what kind of look you’re going for, but make sure they’re the right kind of shape – not too baggy or tight. Any longer than the knee, and you’ll look like you’re channelling the 90s skater look. Not good.

The Met Ball 2017

The annual Met Ball is like a prom for the fashion industry, which means that celebrities and fashion folks’ outfits are not, on the whole, about glamour or elegance. It’s about ‘demonstrating one’s high fashion skills’ or basically, wearing the biggest and most outrageous outfit ever.

This year was no exception and the theme was ‘Avant-garde’, inspired by designer Comme des Garcons. There were some truly wacky looks on the red carpet with people having to arrive in vans instead of limos, because their dresses was so enormous. Rhianna was this year’s winner in the van department.

Anna Wintour was Head Mistress, organising the event, and Katie Perry was the host.

I love it every year, because everyone tries to out-do each other in the ‘most imaginative’ stakes and the prep time and cost must be immense.

Here are just a few .

FreeLove Ibiza

FreeLove is a brand of women’s clothing created on the magical island of Ibiza, and one we love here at Zips It Up. I’ve featured the Balearic label before, and here’s an exclusive peek at the new 2017 collection for you.

Casandra Martinez, a fashion designer born in Argentina, arrived in Europe in 2000, making Ibiza her home. Inspired by the white isle, Casandra’s bohemian & hippy chic collection of women’s clothing oozes Ibiza down to the last stitch. To nail a cliché, it’s perfect for the dreamy boho babe.

Sporting asymmetrical cuts, bare backs and shoulders, every garment reflects the island lifestyle. A large part of the collection consists of unique pieces, including vintage silk sarees from India. The collection is high quality and purse friendly

Every summer, Free love features fashion shows at Pacha Ibiza and Km5, and on a weekly basis FreeLove can be found the hippie markets of Es Canar (Wednesday), Benirras (Tuesday / Friday and Sundays) and of course the famous Mercadillo Las Dalias (Saturday), Las Dalias being a must-visit for anyone hitting Ibiza, an internationally known reference of trends, fashion and the perfect place to discover original and exclusive designs

There are numerous other Free Love outlets in Spain and the rest of Europe .


Ibiza Cricket Club

  • Robin Parmenter

Ibiza CC vs SLOBs CC (South London Oddballs)

  • l22/04    30 overs per side –  Result : Ibiza (328/6) beat Slobs (77 all out) by 251 runs

Ibiza batted first, and, thanks to an aggressive 2nd wicket stand of 138, Captain Sam Gooda scored his maiden century for the club (104 retired), well supported by Andy Holmes (87) and Steve Hadlow (43). They scored freely to reach 242/2 off 20 overs and continued their dominance with Mike Amos bashing 34 and Jim Harvey 18 not out.

The visitors’ bowlers appeared to be suffering from their late night outing, which affected their usual line and length and allowed Ibiza to record their highest ever score of 328/6. Bowlers Ben Lyle (2/28) and Tom Goodwin (3/58) had the most success, and the absence of their regular all rounder Steve Richie was sorely felt.

The visitors began their run chase and were always up against it, needing over 10 runs per over. Only Tom Goodwin (23) and Roger Cannon (29) reached double figures, and they struggled to 77 all out. Ibiza bowlers Paul Cruttwell (2/16), Jonathan Dudding (3/15) and Mike Amos (2/24) got the wickets with Max Hughes chipping in with one too.

  • l23/04      25 overs per side – Result Ibiza (80/0) beat Slobs (79 all out) by 10 wickets

Slobs Captain Kevin Ebbutt decided to bat first and they just managed to better their score from the previous day, finishing on 79 all out. This was thanks to a 50 run stand between Kevin Ebbutt (40) and Nick O’Donnell (6), which rescued them from registering their lowest score at 29/8. Ibiza’s Steve Hadlow (4/8) did well bowling, as did newcomer Dight Everton (2/4), with the 2 Pauls, Cruttwell and Partridge, contributing one wicket each. Ibiza’s target was much higher than a few weeks ago, but openers Martin Cooper (28 not out) and Tim Stacey (41 not out) scored steadily and reached it comfortably in the 12th over.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the extremely sociable Slobs CC have made the trip to Ibiza, so we thank them all, especially Skipper Kevin Ebbutt, for making the effort once more. We hope to see the charismatic Steve Richie back next year too!


Formula 1

  • Rhian Gibbs
  • Next race… Barcelona, Spain, 14th May 14:00

F1 Russia

  • The Finn’s First Win

The championship race is on with no clear leader in sight yet, 2017 looks to be an interesting year for F1.

Bottas had a great start as he took the lead at Turn 2 on the first lap from third on the grid; he held the lead throughout the race despite a tense finish as Vettel closed in, it wasn’t enough and he took P2.

Vettel’s team-mate Raikkonen wrapped up the podium places (P3), while Hamilton could only manage a disappointing P4 amid a difficult afternoon, he struggled with an overheating car and couldn’t keep up with those in front of him.

There were some early casualties in the race such as McLaren’s Alonso, he failed to start—his first DNF in 12 years—while Grosjean of Haas and Renault’s Palmer were forced to retire quickly following their melee. Ricciardo’s Red Bull soon joined the retirements after a fire in his right rear brake.

Poor pit stops for Hamilton and Raikkonen would lose them further ground on the leaders. Hamilton in particular slipped even further back.

Vettel was able to reel in Bottas over the final 15 laps or so, with a lock up at Turn 13 on Lap 39 allowing him to close the gap back to three seconds, and that was down to just 1.4 three laps later when the pair had to get past Williams’ Stroll.

It was traffic that helped Vettel to close the gap and traffic that came to Bottas’ aid in the end

—the Finn passed Massa on the final lap while Vettel was held up, allowing Bottas some breathing room as he took the chequered flag.

Verstappen took P5 for Red Bull and Force India yet again scored points from both cars – Perez ahead of Ocon P6 and P7 respectively. Hulkenberg’s Renault finished P8 and Massa for Williams P9 with Sainz getting Toro Rosso the final point, P10.

Lance Stroll crossed the finish line for the first time this year for Williams finishing P11 with the Toro Rosso of Kvyat P12. The Haas of Magnussen crossed the line P13 with Vandoorne for McLaren P14. The Saubers were the last to finish with Ericsson P15 and Wehrlein P16.

Hamilton has not been off the podium for two consecutive races since 2013 – can he make a Spanish comeback or will Bottas make it a three-way contest for the world title?

F1 China

The second race of the season takes us to China. Hamilton was on pole with Vettel, slightly out of position, next to him. Hamilton made a great getaway and all cars made it through the first corner unscathed however, this wouldn’t last long.

Vettel and Hamilton raced almost between themselves, and we could have seen a much closer race had it not have been for Vettel getting stuck in the pack following his first pit stop. Hamilton took the victory and Vettel could do no more than accept P2.

The standout driver of Shanghai by far was Max Verstappen, starting 16th on the grid, by the end of the first lap he was up to 7th and by the third lap he had gained 11 places, a remarkable drive from the flying Dutchman. He took a well-deserved P3 and I’m sure we’ll see a him up there a lot this season.

The conditions weren’t perfect, early pit stops, spins, a second crash in so many days for the Sauber of Giovinazzi, a safety car and more than 50 overtakes.

Ricciardo’s Red Bull finished P4 despite pressing his teammate Verstappen. Ferrari’s Raikkonen crossed the line P5 and Bottas for Mercedes finished P6, both getting caught up and making errors. P7 fell to Toro Rosso’s Sainz who took the title for bravery, starting on slicks – the gamble paid off despite a spin. Magnusson took points away for Haas finishing P8 and Force India had both cars finish in the points with Perez P9 and Ocon P10.

Grosjean for Haas was just outside the points P11 followed by both Renaults Hulkenberg P12 and Palmer P13. Massa couldn’t deliver for Williams finishing P14 and Sauber’s Ericsson finished the race P15. DNF’s were both McLaren’s – Vandoorne and Alonso, Kvyat of Torro Rosso, Giovinazzi for Sauber and Williams’ Stroll.

It is the first Championship lead tie since 2012 and Hamilton predicts this being the closest year yet. 2017 is indeed going to be an exciting race year.

F1 Bahrain

Sakhir saw Bottas take his first career pole with Mercedes locking out the front row, would Hamilton have what it takes to take the lead? In short, No. Bottas did his best to keep Hamilton behind him, but this season isn’t ‘just Mercedes’  and Ferrari and Red Bull are hot on the silver arrows.

The race started with no incidents and it soon became clear this race would come down to tyre strategy and pit stops. Ferrari’s Vettel made an early stop and as other teams responded, Mercedes had a tough decision to make, Hamilton was the faster driver and Bottas had tyre pressure issues, while others came on for new boots, they waited and stacked pit stops. This was a disaster for Hamilton as his slow approach in the pit lane earned him a 5-second penalty, and possibly the win.  As it was, Vettel’s early stop gave him prime position after a safety car and he took his second victory of the year and the early lead in driver standings.

Hamilton made an amazing run after his penalty and with team orders giving the pass on Bottas, which he did dutifully, but it wasn’t enough and Hamilton took second place with Bottas third.

Raikkonen finished P4 for Ferrari, which puts them top of the constructor’s championship for their best start since 2008. Red Bull looked strong early on in the race but with tyre degradation an issue for Ricciardo, the best he could manage was P5. His teammate Verstappen looked fierce, but brake failure in lap 11 gave him a devastating DNF.

Willliams had yet another split race with Massa bringing home the points P6 and Stroll, another DNF, the Canadian rookie suffered damage at the hands of Sainz.

The subtle pink of the Force India’s both made it again in the points with Perez P7 and Ocon P10, Perez put in a stunning drive, gaining 11 places from the start. Force India joins Ferrari and Mercedes as the only teams to score points with both drivers in 2017.

Grosjean for Haas finished P8 and Hulkenburg slotted his Renault in P9. Bringing up the rear, Wehrlein P11, Kvyat P12 and Palmer P13.

McLaren had an awful weekend with technical difficulties for Vandoorne, a non-starter and Alonso’s car stopping 3 laps from home. Other DNFs were Sainz, Ericsson and Magnusson.

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