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The Ibizan 854 ~ February 2017

Front Page

Slow Down!

  • In this issue we report on two fatal road traffic accidents on Ibiza’s roads.
  • Both were the death of pedestrians in locations where there was no pavement—highlighting the need for us all to drive with caution wherever we are, but particularly in those many areas of the island that do not have pavements.

Vanessa Patricio died Thursday morning, the 9th of February, after being hit by a vehicle as she walked along the side of a road close to the airport.

The 32 year old mother was walking close to her place of work, the Volkswagen dealership, close to the Cepsa petrol station. She was hit by one car following it being hit by another in a collision just before 9am. Full report on page 7.

On Saturday 4th February, a 68-year-old woman died after being hit by a car on the road from Santa Eulalia to San Carlos, at a notorious accident blackspot. Report on Page 3.


 “Don’t Blame Tourism, Blame the Landlords”

  • The sentiments of Lawyers Sergio Carrasco and Naihara Cardona speaking at a conference titled ‘What have we achieved in a year and a half fighting against illegal rentals?’

The lawyers’ were sharing a platform with Luis Gonzaga, the man behind the group campaigning on behalf of Ibiza residents affected by crippling rental prices.

The conference was held at the Diario de Ibiza club on Thursday 9th of February.

Attendees heard that the public authorities face an impossible task in any attempt to regulate rental prices as such is outside the scope of the law and subject only to the unwritten law of supply and demand. They say that this has resulted in an ever escalating price spiral which has become out of control and leaves local people unable to find a fair rent for annual letting.

Added to this problem is what they describe as the ‘inaction of the institutions to combat illegal holiday homes’ and the ‘sense of impunity that attracts speculators to the island who manage a large number of houses’.

Luis Gonzaga warned, the situation “is getting worse” and argued that the most effective measure is to inform the Balearic Islands Tax Agency of illegal leases. For this reason, the group distributed among the about 200 attendees copies of a document from the Balearic Islands Tax Agency giving information on how to report Landlords for tax offences.

Current law

At the beginning of the conference, Carrasco and Cardona made it clear that tourism is not to blame for this social problem.

“The final culprit is the Landlord,” they maintained. However, they insisted that an owner cannot be forced to lower the rental price and stressed that the term “illegal”, used by some politicians to describe the situation in the Balearics is false and misleading.

“The law is very clear and details perfectly what homes can be offered for tourist letting,” Cardona said. The lawyer was referencing what many parties claim to be ambiguity in the wording of tenancy and letting laws, creating a grey area which some say encourages the letter of the law to be ignored.

Both lawyers criticized the politicians who use the ambiguity in the law as a reason not to impose it, saying that it should instead be “persecuted and punished.”

Following the speeches of the lawyers, a public question and answer session was opened.

First to speak was Ibiza’s Director of Tourism, Vicent Torres, who provoked the booing of several people from the audience when he defended the move to legalise the rental of tourist apartments in current legislation being processed through the Balearic government.

Monday the 6th of February marked The Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee

l It has been 65 years since Her Majesty acceded to the throne.

On 6 February 1952, King George VI died following a prolonged illness. Princess Elizabeth immediately acceded to the throne, becoming Queen Elizabeth II and taking on all of the responsibilities which came with her new title.

In the photograph, The Queen is wearing a suite of sapphire jewellery given to her by King George VI as a wedding gift in 1947.

Photo by David Bailey as released by the palace

British Airways

connect Birmingham and Bristol with Ibiza

  • British Airways ceased offering flights from Birmingham and Bristol in 2007

Adding to the seemingly never ending list of additional Ibiza flights for 2017, British airways have confirmed they are to begin operating direct flights in May from British airports in Birmingham and Bristol to Ibiza, Malaga and Palma, once a week and also on weekends.

British Airways Commercial Director General Luke Hayhoe said that the airline’s customers “have expressed clearly and directly” that they want to fly to these destinations.

British Airways stopped offering flights from Birmingham and Bristol in 2007, when its regional business was acquired by Flybe.

Since then, Vueling and Iberia Express, subsidiaries of International Airways Group (IAG), a British Airways partner, have launched services from Birmingham to Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Malaga and Tenerife.

It’s War!

  • Ibiza’s old school clubs declare war on new generation of open-air venues.

Privilege and Es Paradis denounce two Ibiza mayors for not acting against music hotels and beach clubs.

A war between the traditional clubs of Ibiza and the new breed of hotels and beach clubs offering open air music has begun.

The owners of Privilege and Es Paradis, two of Ibiza’s oldest discos which have been operating since the 1970s, have denounced the mayors of San Jose and San Antonio, who they accuse of allowing the ever expanding open air venues of ‘flouting permitted noise levels’.

The mayor of San Jose, Josep Mari Ribas, and his San Antonio counterpart, Jose Tur, have been reported by the clubs for failing to prosecute a crime, specifically against the environment by not controlling the noise and music of several venues.

The complainants state that they have spent millions of euros in recent years to soundproof and cover their nightclubs following regulations, which forced party establishments to enclose their venues to avoid noise pollution.

“We spent about 6m€ on the soundproofing of Privilege” said Jose Maria Etxaniz, one of the clubs partners as reported in El Pais.  Etxaniz went on to say that some of his counterparts “have been ruined” in attempting to comply with noise regulations.

Their complaint argues that these regulations are not being applied in the flourishing music hotel sector, who offers concerts and outdoor events with apparent impunity. They also complain of the beach club sector, which has proliferated in recent years, and they say have live music without the same regulations being applied. “What was prosecuted and persecuted a few years ago in our establishments has appeared again at other venues with no action taken by the authorities” affirm the complainants.

Privilege and Es Paradis employed a private detective to take decibel readings in several hotels and beach clubs. These regularly recorded sound at around 100dB where the maximum allowed is at most 65dB “the municipalities do nothing and the local police are far more concerned with the taxi’s arriving at the venues than they are noise regulations” said lawyer of the public prosecution Joan Cerda.

The detectives report was included in the complaint together with a similar commission by the political party Epic in 2013 which stated that noise pollution on one of the hotels identified reaches residential areas over 3km away.

Reacting to the complaints, San José’s mayor Ribas stated that their town hall have initiated more than 200 cases against those breaching noise regulations. “We cannot be accused of doing nothing against certain premises,” he said after appearing before the judge hearing the complaints.

San Antonio mayor Tur reported to the proceedings that the borough have filed 2 complaints through the criminal court against venues accused of breaching noise regulations.

El Pais reported that both mayors consider themselves victims in what they consider is a business battle between the clubs.

Businesses Support No Means No Campaign

Ibiza’s Minister of Social Welfare, Health and Equality, Lydia Jurado has met with the President of the business association group PIMEEF, Alfonso Rojo and Vice President Consuelo Antunez, with the aim of promoting awareness and the dissemination of the No Means No campaign against sexual harassment.

This follows a meeting last week where both Lydia Jurado and the islands Director of Equality, Judith Romero, met with representatives of CAEB to enlist their support.

Both groups have been very receptive to the proposals presented having given their commitment to publicising the campaign in the organisations they represent, and to participate in round table meetings with employers and trade unions to eradicate sexual harassment and sexist attitudes within business.

“The positive outcome of these meetings is that each group will use their own strengths in promoting the campaign within their own environments,” Minister Jurado said. “The No Means No campaign was initially promoted in the leisure sector, including Ibiza’s nightclubs but has gradually expanded and now also encompasses other areas including Ibiza’s business community.”

  • Photo: Lydia Jurado meets with representatives of employers association group PIMEEF

Fatal RTA at San Carlos Blackspot

On Saturday 4th February, a 68-year-old woman died after being hit by a car on the road from Santa Eulalia to San Carlos.

The woman crossed the road about 50 metres from the Sa Rota shop when she was hit by the car driven by a young man.

The accident happened around 11.30am in an area considered to be an accident blackspot.

Emergency services attended however, paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene after attempts to revive her were unsuccessful.


  • Photo: the scene of the accident in which a 68yr old woman died
    • Editorial comment:

It always grinds my gears when people ask where Ibiza’s speed traps are located. Why ask? Just slow down.

The police report does not say whether this accident was caused by a car driving too quickly, but way too many accidents on Ibiza’s secondary main roads are caused by speeding. People drive them as if there are no pedestrians and/or ingress/egress points.

Ironically a lot of the metal barriers being installed are making it even more unsafe for pedestrians by forcing them to walk in the road where they could have previously used the verge.

Personally I do not understand why huge sums are being spent on cycle lanes when so many areas don’t even have a pavement. Cycle lanes are great, but in terms of priority surely a pavement has to be higher on the list?

As a footnote to a report this week regarding a police clampdown on foreign plated cars, there was mention of forthcoming Police training in the use of mobile speed radar equipment. Though as a motorist the natural reaction is to resist such measures, frankly Ibiza needs teaching a lesson.

Es Cubells Landslides

  • Roads closed and residents evacuated following landslides on the Es Cubells cliffs.

On 1st February, San Jose town hall closed access roads around the Es Cubells coastline following landslides with large rocks detaching from the Cliffside.

Additionally, mayor Josep Mari Ribas issued a decree forcing residents to evacuate 15 houses located between Ses Boques and Cala Llentrisca.

The move follows reports from local police during the week of rock falls and mudslides on the Es Cubells cliffs. The council said they needed to be cautious before something serious happened and though many of the houses were not permanently occupied, they had advised the owners of the need to evacuate. The mayor visited the affected area and confirmed that a study has been commissioned to determine what strategy will be required going forward.

Foreign Registered Car Crackdown In San An

  • Police trained in methods of foreign vehicle identification and permissions.

The local police of San Antonio had 21 police officers attend a training course held by the police forces own education department at the beginning of February.

The course is designed to equip police officers with knowledge on how they can check foreign plated vehicles to ascertain whether they are on the island legally.

It is worthy of note that the UK DVLA have online facilities to check whether UK plated cars have current tax and MOT in place and/or are under a SORN off road certificate. This will presumably simplify the job of the police in ascertaining whether they are here legitimately on a short term/tourist basis, or are one of the accepted many that have remained on the island far longer than is permissible without transferring the vehicle to Spanish registration.

The four-day course is part of an ongoing education programme for 2017 which covers subjects such as dealing with evictions and public disorder, use of defibrillators and resuscitation methods and use of mobile speed control radar equipment.

9 Nabbed in San Jose Drink Drive Sting

Sant Josep de sa Talaia local police held a special operation to catch drink and drug drivers over the weekend of Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January.

9 drivers were found driving over the permitted alcohol limit. Two of those accused exceeded 0.6mg per millilitre of exhaled air (approximately 3 times the legal limit), and will appear in fastracked court proceedings as a result. Further action will be taken against all those found over the legal limit.

As an additional result of the vehicle checks, 8 drivers were found not to have current ITV (MOT) certification and/or car insurance.

3 drivers were found to be in breach of other regulations, including the possession of marijuana.

The offences carry penalties of fines between 500€ and 1000€. Alcohol and drug infringements can result in up to 12 points on a driving license and other offences between 4 and 6 points.

In a statement issued to press, it was confirmed that the sting is part of a campaign to be held throughout the year at different times and locations.

  • The rules

Spain’s drink driving laws are stricter than the UK. In Spain the legal limit is 0.5mg of alcohol per ml of blood. In the UK, the limit is 0.8mg. Spanish rules also dictate that new drivers have to adhere to lower levels.

From the 9th May 2014, Spanish regulations state that a minimum fine of 1000€ will be payable by drivers caught whilst twice over the drink drive limit, and/or in all cases for reoffending drink drivers, and/or all drivers found under the influence of drugs.

See our forthcoming feature on Spain’s drink and drive regulations.

Ibiza Town To Sant Jordi Cycle Lane

Works to complete a new cycle path linking Ibiza town to the Sant Jordi hippodrome are said to be progressing well.

The path has been completed as far as the cemetery. When completed it will allow a safe cycle journey from the capital through to Sant Jordi and the hippodrome, the home of the Saturday flea market.

Ibiza’s Can Misses Hospital Suspends All Operations Due to Fly Infestation

  • Report 26th January 2017
  • Urgent operations transferred to be undertaken in Mallorca.
  • 56 operations have been cancelled Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27th of January

Can misses hospital director Josep Balanzat, has announced that all but two of the hospital’s operating theatres have been closed following an infestation of flies.

The announcement was made Thursday 26th January, and it was confirmed that 36 operations due to be undertaken on Thursday, and a further 20 on Friday, have been cancelled as a result.

For urgent operations where it is possible to safely move the patient, a transfer to the hospital in Mallorca will be made.

Only those most urgent operations where the patient cannot be transferred will be undertaken in the two theatres that remain open in Can Misses.

Following the discovery of ‘many flies’ in the operating wing a specialist pest control company has been called in and management are confident they will be able to re-open the theatres on Monday. and all those procedures cancelled will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Electric Vehicles Promoted

  • Consell and five municipalities agree on plan to promote electric vehicles on the island

The President of Ibiza Consell, Vicente Torres and Transport Minister, Marc Pons met with the mayors of five Ibiza municipalities to sign an agreement initiating a pilot project aiming to promote electric vehicles on the island. The agreement gives a framework of participation for the island government and each of the five town halls to coordinate the process of integration of the infrastructure needed to make Ibiza an electric vehicle friendly island.

In a statement to the press, the Consell stated that the use of electric vehicles is becoming more attractive to users and thus the time was right to put in place measures necessary to realise the use of electric vehicles at a practical level.

The Balearic regional government through the Ministry of Land, Energy and Mobility supports the initiative. Their role will be to implement a centralised management system to allow inter-operability of the network of charging stations including those of the Consell and Town Hall.

With the system in place, any user can use any charging point.

In addition to the physical infrastructure required, the ministry will undertake promotional activities aimed at business sectors including car rental companies and tour operators.

Vehicles that comply with the requirements of the MELIB technology will be able to use the municipal charging points free of charge for a minimum of two years from the commencement of the initiative.

Further advantages to electric vehicle users will be free parking in addition to motor vehicle tax credits.

Further information is available at the website


Police Prosecute Santa Eulalia Smokers Bar

  • Patrol Officers alerted by suspicious behaviour of smoker who ran inside bar when spotting their presence.

The Local Police of Santa Eulària denounce a bar in Calle de la Mar after verifying that their clients had smoked inside

The City of Santa Eulària has opened disciplinary proceedings against a bar in the Calle del Mar , in the city centre of the town, for allowing smoking inside the premises. This is contrary to law 32/2010 on health measures to combat smoking. The amount of the penalty in such cases can be between 601 and 10,000 euros.

Local Police agents in Santa Eulària issued the action on Friday 3rd of February at 11.15pm

According to the Consistory in a statement, the police were circulating in an official vehicle in prevention and surveillance when they observed that a woman was smoking at the door of the bar.

Realizing the presence of the agents, according to the account of the City, the smoking person ran back into the bar without extinguishing the cigarette. With suspicions aroused by this “abrupt and suspicious” behaviour, which was itself an infraction of the law, agents parked the vehicle and entered the bar to identify the woman. Inside, the police found that there was a lot of smoke in the environment and “a strong stench of tobacco” and “a large number of cigarette butts.”

 “Penniless & Homeless is No Excuse for Benefit Fraud”

A Briton who lived in Mazarrón, in southwest Spain, and claimed that being penniless and homeless had left him no choice but to make a fraudulent claim for benefit has been handed two suspended prison sentences and ordered to repay in full the wrongfully claimed cash.

69-year-old Michael Dugdale from Preston failed to declare that he owned 50% of a property in Mazarrón, Murcia when making a claim for Pension Credit in 2007. An important detail which he again omitted on a review claim form 3 years later, in 2010.

Following an anonymous tip-off via the Benefit Fraud Hotline, DWP fraud teams based in the UK and Spain launched an investigation into his claim to uncover the truth.

Despite initially denying any wrongdoing, Dugdale was finally forced to admit to the fraud when presented with the Spanish property documents clearly showing that he owned 50% of the Spanish property with his ex-partner.

Dugdale stated that his dire economic situation on his return to the UK from Spain in 2007 had left him no choice but to make a bogus claim for a benefit he knew he was not entitled to.

He pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court to two charges of benefit fraud totalling over £35,000 and was given two 8-month suspended prison sentences for each charge and ordered to repay the stolen funds in full or face imprisonment.

In a press release issued by the British Embassy in Madrid, they said there were ‘No excuses for benefit fraud’.

Gamer’s Delight; Rainbow Six Siege comes to Ibiza

Uber gaming software developer Ubisoft have announced that Ibiza is one of their new locations for their gaming title Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Below you can see the video trailer for the new release, together with a gamer’s eye view of what will be offered in the white island map due for launch in February 2017.

The new add on, titled ‘Operation Velvet Shell’, will take players on a trip to “the rocky shore of Ibiza, Spain.”

“Get ready for an effervescent night ambience with neon lights of bars and open-air parties, which Ibiza is famous for,” Ubisoft said. “Daytime is a hazy afternoon on a hot summer day after a long night out.”

Magazine PC Gamer said it “Sounds like a great place to be, except for all those people shooting at you wherever you go.”

Club News

Defected in the Hood

  • Defected confirm Eden as their house for 2017

It is a shame that Ladbrookes do not have a betting line open on Ibiza nightclubs as we might have made a good few euros on this one.

It just fits doesn’t it? The brand, the style, the crowd. It’s great news for San An, great news for Ibiza, and many would say as far as Dermot’s T-shirt choices are concerned, great news for fashion too.

Speaking of their decision to return to Ibiza at Eden for 2017, Defected boss Simon Dunmore said, ““Defected has held residencies in Ibiza for 15 years, clearly the island is part of our DNA and having focussed on Croatia in 2016 it was always our plan to return to Ibiza this summer. Eden is a sleeping giant with a rich Balearic heritage and San Antonio has enormous potential as the gateway for many first time clubbers visiting the island. Being right in the heart of a vibrant, informed and passionate crowd makes Eden as exciting a proposition as anywhere on this island. The line-ups will be equally as adventurous, balancing established names and future talent. All the artists involved share our vision, and we’re really excited about launching in May.”

  • Photo: Recruitment for Defected’s door security is well under way.

Audio Rehab to Eden

Mark Radford’s Audio Rehab, those known as priding themselves on the release of fresh bass heavy house, have confirmed their first year on the white isle will be at San An superclub Eden.

Following their success at Ministry in London, the label said of their decision to use the Island’s traditional gateway “Eden’s season will be amazing this year and the club is at the forefront of bringing the musical focus back into clubbing in Ibiza for that reason we could not be happier to be working with the guys at Eden this summer. After years of patiently waiting for the right club and the right time we feel that this is the perfect place for us to unleash our sound onto the island.

“With arguably one of the best Void sound systems in the world (ed—agreed) and a lighting set up that will blow your mind, along with a lineup of world class Dj’s carefully selected to give you the vibe that we live for. We cannot wait to help create lasting memories with you all.”

Mutual, we’re sure.

Unusual Suspects back at Sankeys

The usual pounding sound of unusual suspects will be emitting from Bossa’s Sankeys from May 11th 2017, the first of their 2017 residencies to be confirmed.

This year they will be holding monthly daytime parties at Benimussa park (that’s the Zoo place to most of us), so offering the chance to dance by day topping up the tan, before heading over to Sankey’s dark corners for the dirty night extension.

Hï confirm Black Coffee & UNER

For those that don’t know, which by our reckoning won’t be many, Hï Ibiza is the new name for the Space venue in Playa d’en Bossa.

It’s almost all change behind the scenes of the Ushuaïa owned venue, with an almost all new management team in the backrooms of the former Space Ibiza building.

Hï has announced their opening party on May 28th. Mixmag have speculated that Black Coffee and UNER could be among the big names to be playing the opening after they shared Hï-branded videos on facebook, confirming they will be playing at the ‘pristine’ new venue, and with Charlie Tatman of the old Space team being one of the few remaining with the new owners also posting of ‘while others have just had a lick of paint’, we think ‘pristine’ may be a keyword too.

Mixmag said of the opening ”Black Coffee’s tour dates show plenty of availability all throughout May, so it wouldn’t be a far guess to assume that he and Uner could be some of many headliners for the big debut”.

Craig David Ibiza Rocks

  • Claire B

Changes are afoot at Ibiza Rocks this year. In addition to some major refurbishments of the rooms and moving the stage back to its original position, the weekly events programme will be different from previous years. So far it has been announced that the hugely successful Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party will return again this summer for 10 weeks, every Thursday from July 20 to September 21. There will also be a daytime pool party on Sundays from June 18 to September 24. The legendary Ibiza Rocks gigs will be kicking off the week in style on select Monday and Tuesday nights throughout July, August and September. As yet, there have not been any more artist announcements. So for now, it’s watch this space and we’ll reveal who’s performing when we know.


Driver Charged with Reckless Manslaughter following Fatal Crash

  • The deceased has been named as Vanessa Patrico, a 32 year old mother and daughter of the ex- president of the Sant Joan PP

Vanessa Patricio died Thursday morning, the 9th of February, after being hit by a vehicle as she walked along the side of a road close to the airport.

The 32 year old mother was walking close to her place of work, the Volkswagen dealership, close to the Cepsa petrol station. She was hit by one car following it being hit by another in a collision just before 9am

Drivers of both vehicles, a Seat Altea and a Land Rover were, were reported as unharmed bu the emergency service 061.

One of the drivers involved in the collision and several workers from companies in the area called 061 at 9.05am, to report that a pedestrian had been hit by a car in front of Iborra Hermanos, located on the road parallel to the airport highway.

Paramedics attending attempted resuscitation for 25 minutes, but could not revive the woman who was pronounced dead at the scene.

As best we can make of the translation , which is pretty tricky in getting it right in this type of situation, the Seat was making a left hand turn, but the Landrover went to overtake it when doing so. The impact between the two cars pushed the Landrover across the road where it struck the woman, who was waiting for a colleague to go to work close by.

The Local Police of Sant Josep are in charge of the investigation. Later in the morning a press release was issued by San Jose town hall stating that the Landrover driver failed a breath test, that further tests could not be conducted as they were in shock, but they voluntarily agreed to have a blood test.

Speaking following the tragedy the mayor of Sant Joan, Antoni Marí, said they were “appalled” by what happened. “She was a very young person and had a one and a half year old baby” said the mayor.

Parliament calls for free airport parking for residents

The proposals also require that Ib-Salut patients and their relatives who have to travel to Palma can park at airports free of charge for the duration of their stay.

The Committee on Institutional and General Affairs of the Balearic Parliament has issued notice of their approval of a proposal submitted by the Més per Menorca group, which has been unanimously agreed, to request National Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) to not charge Balearic island residents “for the first thirty minutes, time necessary to pick up or fire relatives and / or friends.”

The Més per Menorca initiative also urges AENA to “implement free parking in the islands’ airports for Ib-Salut patients and their relatives living in Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera, who must travel to the reference hospital of Son Espases “.

For health reasons

In addition, and thanks to this motion, the Parliament will address the agency that manages the airports to enable “a break room at the airport of Son Sant Joan (Palma) for patients and companions To move between islands for health reasons. ”

Food & Drink

Oysters for Lovers ….

Ever since Roman times, we have written sources that claim the sexual potency of the oyster. Imperial orgies were never complete without provisions of oysters in their thousands. Galen of Pergamon (129-199), possibly the most accomplished physician of all antiquity, prescribed oysters as a cure for declining sexual desire.

During the Middle Ages, it was generally known that the oyster “exciteth Venus”- and so on throughout history and literature. There was even a Victorian underground magazine of erotica, published in the 1880’s, called The Oyster, and devoted to more heterosexual material than its predecessor, The Pearl. So it was no small wonder that the poor country girls, the oysterwenches who stalked the streets of the growing cities, hawking their wares, were often regarded as prostitutes.

But even in earlier societies, there has been overwhelming evidence of the magical beliefs in shells, as the resemblance between the mollusc shell and the female genital organ helped spawn associations. As Mircea Eliade, the famous historian of religions, wrote “belief in the magical virtues of oysters and of shells is to be found all over the world, from prehistoric until modern times” (1952/1961, 125). Mollusc shells, in particular, seem to have been associated with fertility, and were a valued gift and amulet to girls on reaching puberty. They have been found in places connected with agricultural, nuptial and funerary rites, and symbolised the magical powers of the womb, of birth and rebirth. And the Greek legend of the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, from a shell (often mistaken for an oyster’s but in fact more a scallop’s) in the foam of the sea is a metaphor for the same belief. So this symbolism of mollusc shells is the first part of the aphrodisiac equation of the oyster. As with other aphrodisiacs like avocados, figs, asparagus, bananas, or nuts, because of their appearance or form, we naturally succumb to the temptation to follow the paths of our associations and jump from the idea of fertility enhancers to substances that arouse sexual excitement.

In this context, the name of Giacomo Casanova faithfully rears its head and his own (be it probably all too partial) description (volume 12 of his Histoire de ma vie [Story of my Life], chapter 2, 54-57) of eating his beloved oysters in female company deserves to be quoted in full, as he and his insatiable appetite for oysters are so often taken for granted. In these memoirs of his, most mentions of oysters refer to social gatherings where he is entertained and plied with platefuls of them. But on this special occasion, he is in Rome, amongst friends; it’s 1771 (more than 20 years before he wrote his memoirs) and after an evening at the opera with Armellina and Emilia, two young women from a convent whom he has got to know through common acquaintances, has ordered oysters, rum and champagne in the private rooms of an inn and is introducing them to his “oyster game”, one of his ways of enjoying them:

Casanova on Oysters

“I put the shell to her [Emilia’s] mouth, I told her to suck in the liquid and keep the oyster between her lips. She performed the feat to the letter after laughing heartily, and I took the oyster by pressing my lips to hers with the greatest decency. She was delighted by the delicacy with which I took the oyster from her lips…….It was by chance that a fine oyster which I gave Emilia, putting the shell to her lips, dropped into her bosom; she made to recover it, but I claimed that it was mine by right, and she had to yield, let me unlace her, and gather it with my lips from the depth to which it had dropped. In the course of this she had to bear with my uncovering her bosom completely; but I retrieved the oyster in such a way that there was no sign of my having felt any pleasure except that of having recovered, chewed and swallowed it. Armellina watched the whole procedure without smiling, surprised that I appeared to show no interest in what I had seen. Four or five oysters later I gave one to Armellina, who was sitting on my lap, and I cleverly dropped it into her bosom, which brought a laugh from Emilia, who at bottom was annoyed that Armellina had escaped a test of an intrepidity such as she had shown me. But I saw that Armellina was delighted by the mishap, though she refused to give any sign of it.

“I want my oyster,” I said.

“Take it.”

“I unlaced her whole bodice, and, the oyster having dropped as far down as possible, I complained that I would have to bring it up with my hand. Good God! What torment for a man in love to have to hide the excess of his delight at such a moment! Armellina had not the slightest pretext to accuse me of anything, for I did not touch her beautiful breasts, hard as marble, except in searching for the oyster. After retrieving and swallowing it, I took hold of one of her breasts, demanding the liquid from the oyster which had spilled on it; I seized the rosebud with my avid lips, surrendering to all the voluptuous feelings inspired in me by the imaginary milk which I sucked for a good two or three minutes.”

Valentine’s Dinner at The Royal Plaza

The St Valentine’s menu at The Royal Plaza hotel is always something rather special, which is just as it should be for telling that very special person they are exactly that.

This year’s six course feast will add fuel to the fire of any love. From Scallops to Lobster to an Eastern spiced Turbot, through a Cointreau laced sorbet, and ending with, what else, but Passion fruit and Chocolate foam.


But for the very best Valentine’s you don’t want that loving feeling to stop at the coffee do you?

At the Plaza it doesn’t have to, as they again offer an overnight stay as irresistible as the menu.

A couple can stay with breakfast and a very Valentine friendly late afternoon checkout for just 170€.

So whilst everybody else is dealing with taxis and sorting sitters out, you can be doing just what St Valentine ordered……

Living in Spain

Drink Driving Regulations

  • Spain’s drink driving laws are stricter than the UK. In Spain the legal limit is 0.5mg of alcohol per ml of blood. In the UK, the limit is 0.8mg. Spanish rules also dictate that new drivers have to adhere to lower levels.
  • From the 9th May 2014, Spanish regulations state that a minimum fine of 1000€ will be payable by drivers caught whilst twice over the drink drive limit, and/or in all cases for reoffending drink drivers, and/or all drivers found under the influence of drugs.

2 Small Glasses of Wine or 3 Cañas ,  That’s Your Lot.

UK guidelines based on 80mg per litre of blood, are 4 units for men, 3 for women, to keep below that level.

Applying this to the Spanish limit of 50mg per litre of blood results in a limit of 2.5 units of alcohol for men, and just under 2 units for women.

For men this equates to 3 small glasses of wine, or 3 cañas.

For women even 2 glasses of wine or 2 cañas are pushing the limit based on those UK guidelines.

Slow and Steady.

Life in Spain often involves a slow and steady approach to drinking. Long leisurely lunches are the norm and so the question of how quickly the alcohol consumed leaves the system is often in question.

According to research by the UK government’s Transport and Road Research Laboratory, the rate at which alcohol is metabolised and removed from the bloodstream averages out at one unit per hour, starting one hour after the first drink is finished. Working on this guidance you could consider that one more caña or small glass of wine per hour will keep you under the limit, however this advice comes with an important note of caution. The capacity of the body to metabolise alcohol is finite, and is limited to about 16-20 units per day. If you consistently drink around or above this level, you will probably never be below the limit.

Spanish Drink Drive Limits – The Facts

The legal maximum limits are:

  • A blood alcohol level of 0.5 grams per litre
  • (A breath alcohol level of 0.25 mg per litre)
  • For drivers holding a licence for less than two years
  • A blood alcohol level of 0.3 grams per litre
  • (A breath alcohol level of 0.15 mg per litre)
  • Drivers are obliged to submit to a breathalyser test at the request of a police officer in the following situations:
  • If the vehicle was involved in an accident
  • If the driver is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • If the driver has broken a law, such as speeding
  • At a random control point (control de alcholemia) set up by the police.

The Spanish Points System

Spain applies a points system to driving licences. Spanish residents (including non-Spanish nationals who hold an NIE number) have an initial allocation of 12 points.

Points are deducted according to the severity of the offence. When no points remain, the licence is cancelled and the driver must complete an education process to have it reissued.

While EU driving licences are valid in Spain, the Spanish authorities cannot deduct points from a non-Spanish EU licence. For this reason, they may insist on a licence exchange in order to deduct points from a licence when the holder has committed an offence.

Drink Driving Penalties

Penalties for driving with a blood alcohol level of over 0.5 g/l (0.3 for new drivers) can include:

  • A fine of up to 600€
  • Deduction of six points from the driving licence
  • Suspension of driving licence for three months
  • Additionally a minimum fine of 1000€ applies if a driver is
  • more than double the drink drive limit
  • reoffending drink driver
  • refuses to take a breathalyser test
  • found driving while under the influence of drugs (at any quantity)

Serious Offences

The penalties for driving with a blood alcohol level of over 1.2 g/l can include:

  • A prison sentence of between three and six months or
  • A fine and between 31 and 91 days of community service
  • Suspension of driving licence for between one and four years


Police will confiscate the vehicle of a driver who has been found to be over the legal limit of alcohol, or under the influence of drugs.

An exception can be made if a passenger has a valid licence and is able to legally drive the vehicle.

If a vehicle is confiscated the driver is liable for the costs of towing and storage. All costs must be paid before the vehicle is released.

It is compulsory for non-residents to pay fines immediately, in cash.

If this is not possible, the vehicle will be confiscated regardless of whether an alternate driver is available.

El Paro – Unemployment Benefit in Spain

Unlike England, not everyone can claim unemployment benefit or ‘El Paro’. In Spain you must have contributed into the system and the amount you receive is dependent on various factors. Below are the basics, however if you have a special situation or further questions, you can find more information on their website.

El Paro – To qualify?

  • Must have a social security number (número de seguridad social)
  • Must have worked for a minimum of 360 days on contract
  • Must have lost your job involuntarily
Social security number

Most people will have received a little paper card or letter from the Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales which has your name, social security number and DNI or NIE typed onto it, otherwise, your social security number will appear on your work contract and on each payslip.

Employed for 360 days

To be able to claim unemployment benefit, you must have worked on contract for a minimum of 360 days (días cotizados) over the last six years. The 360 days does not have to be continual and it doesn’t even have to be for the same employer during this time.

Involuntary loss of work

El Paro can only be claimed in the following circumstances

  • Your work contract comes to an end and your employer decides not to continue it,
  • You are sacked from your position
  • Your hours are reduced by more than a third

*If you decide to leave employment, then you can’t make a claim.

To receive El Paro from the first day after your contract ends, you must present all the required documentation within 15 working days of your termination date at your nearest SEPE (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal) office.

If you know your contract is about to end, you can apply for an appointment while you are still employed just make sure that the date of your appointment is after the last working date specified on your contract.

How long can you claim for?

El Paro can be claimed from 4 months up to a maximum of 2 years. The length is determined by contributions accumulated during the previous 6 years.

The general rule is that for every year worked you can claim a total of four months unemployment benefit.

For self-employed workers and those working part time the amount payable and the length for which it can be claimed is different, visit the INEM website more details.

How much will you get?

Factors that will determine how much unemployment benefit you will be paid include the number of children, whether you have claimed before in the past and how much you were earning each month when you were employed, taking the average figure from the last six months.

As a rule, it will be 70% of the gross amount of your monthly wage for the first six months. After this, the percentage drops down to 50% of your monthly wage amount.

The minimum and maximum amounts that you can claim, are as follows:

Minimum without children: 497,00€ – Maximum without children: 1087,20€

Minimum with children: 664,74€ – Maximum with one child: 1242,52€

Maximum with two or more children: 1397,84€

Unemployment subsidy

A small subsidy is available for some people even though they may not have worked a full year, or if their unemployment benefit period has run out and they are still out of work. It is best to check to see whether you are eligible. This is a fixed amount of 426€ per month.

The Process

  • Make an appointment to get your Demanda/Tarjeta del Paro, you need your DNI/NIE and this can be done over the phone (Tel: 012) or online using the link below selecting the option ‘Demanda’. This is the first step and essential as you cannot claim any benefit, subsidy or training scheme without it and is proof of your unemployment.


You will need to take your original DNI/NIE, passport and a mobile telephone number to the appointment. You will be asked a few questions regarding your profession, driving license etc. lasting no more than 10 minutes and will be handed your Demanda/DARDE.

  • Make an appointment to present all documentation to SEPE office. Again you can do this over the phone (Tel: 901 010 210, not free) or online using the link below, you will need your DNI/NIE and post code and you should check the following box ‘Solicitudes de prestaciones contributivas, subsidios y PREPARA’.


To save time, you can download and complete the application form to take with you to the appointment.


You should also take with you the following:

  • Certificado de empresa – you should have be given this at the end of your employment contract
  • The Demanda/Tarjeta del paro – handed to you at first appointment
  • The completed application form ‘Solicitud de prestación’ and a copy
  • Your NIE original and a copy (or DNI)
  • Your passport and a copy
  • Your bank account details
  • Your Libro de familia and a copy or your children’s birth certificates
  • Your two most recent payslips or nóminas

Full details of all benefits available including those for self-employed people and workers not meeting the above requirements can be found on the official website.


For independent advice regarding benefits, with frequently asked questions please visit the website below.



 The Egg

  • Nicole Torres

In 1992 this sculpture was built to commemorate the 500th annyversary of the discovery of America, and because of a legend that says Christopher Columbus was born on this part of the island.

The monument was created by three men: Antoni Hormigo, Julio Bauzá and Julio Ojeda.

It is built of  reinforced concrete and stands six metres tall in the centre of the roundabout on the way in to San Antonio.

Representing the egg Columbus supposedly used to convince Queen Isabel of Castilla to finance his voyage, it consists of an iron replica of the Santa María – the head ship used on the first voyage – with its prow pointing west, towards America.


MEP Maintains Associate EU Citizenship to be a Realistic Ambition

  • 6th February 2017, Nick Gibbs

In November 2016 we reported on the proposals by Luxembourg MEP Charles Goerens to create an associate EU citizenship, allowing people from any state that opted to leave the union to retain their EU rights and privileges.

As more information has become available as to the British Government’s intentions regarding their Brexit position and process, Goerens has continued to fly the euro-flag of the idea that will be seen by many expats as something between a vital lifeline and a security blanket, depending on the ultimate outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

In essence the idea presented is that any British national (or in future any other national if their country left the EU), could choose to take on an EU citizenship whilst retaining their British passport. Under the associate citizenship they would retain all the rights of movement, employment, healthcare and property ownership etc they currently hold as a British Member of the EU. They would also be able to vote in European elections.

Speaking in an interview with the Independent, Goerens says he is increasingly hopeful that the plan could be accepted – though before we get too excited it is important to remember that Theresa May’s government team can veto the scheme, and there are many hard-line Brexiteers who will push hard for her to do so.

Here we print our original article from November, and then the recent interview with the Independent newspaper.

A petition calling for support of Goerens proposals currently has 175,000 signatures. A link to the petition is given at the foot of the article.

EU to Consider ’Opt-In’ Citizenship for Brexit Brits

The European Parliament is set to consider a proposal to allow British citizens to keep their European Union citizenship after the UK leaves the EU.

The plan is the brainchild of Liberal Luxemborg MEP Charles Goeren. It is to be tabled as an amendment before a parliamentary committee. If successful it would allow citizens of former member states the right to ‘opt-in’ to retain “associate citizenship” of the EU.

The move will be seen as a potential lifeline by British citizens who have made lives around the EU, the highest number of which are in Spain. Crucially, associate citizens would keep the right to free movement around the EU. They would also retain voting rights in European elections, affording those who decided to opt in political representation in Brussels.

The plan will be heard as ‘Amendment 882’ before the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, which is working on a wider brief to report on “Possible evolutions of and adjustments to the current institutional set-up of the European Union”.

Goeren’s amendment calls for “European associate citizenship for those who feel and wish to be part of the European project but are nationals of a former Member State; offers these associate citizens the rights of freedom of movement and to reside on its territory as well as being represented in the Parliament through a vote in the European elections on the European lists”.

Though the British Government has given very little detail as to exectly what it wants for Britain’s post-Brexit future, Prime Minister Theresa May has made clear that she would like to restrict freedom of movement from EU countries to the UK, a policy that wouldin all probability be reciprocated by the EU against British citizens.

The logical conclusion is that that British citizens would stand to lose the automatic right to live and work in the EU after Brexit.

Pro-Brexit campaigners in Britain were outraged at the prospect stating it was ‘divisive’ and a ‘betrayal’ to the democratic process.

Jayne Adye, director of the Get Britain Out campaign described the proposal as divisive and said it was “totally unacceptable” for British people to retain the advantages of EU membership.

Speaking to the Independent she said “This is an outrage. The EU is now attempting to divide the great British public at the exact moment we need unity. 17.4 million people voted to Leave the EU on 23 June and as a result the UK as a whole will get Brexit.

“Brexit means laws which impact the people of the UK will be created by accountable politicians in Westminster. It is totally unacceptable for certain citizens in the UK to subject themselves to laws which are created by politicians who are not accountable the British people as a whole. Discriminating against people based on their political views shows there are no depths the EU will not sink to.”

Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23rd 2016, but has not yet started the exit negotiation process. The Government is currently embroiled in a legal wrangle over whether it can trigger negotiations using Royal Prerogative, without consulting Parliament.

Article and Interview by Tom Batchelor, The Independent Online

Britons must be offered ‘associate EU citizenship’ whatever the outcome of May’s Brexit negotiations, says MEP

Retaining partial membership of the EU would allow UK nationals to travel and work freely inside the bloc

Britons could be offered “associate citizenship” of the European Union after Brexit even if Theresa May blocks the plan, the MEP who drafted the proposal has said.

“Associate citizenship” remains a “realistic” ambition and Brussels should make it available to UK nationals even if the British Government vetoes the plan during negotiations, Charles Goerens said.

Commenting in the wake of the Government’s Brexit White Paper, he said he was increasingly hopeful that his proposal would be offered to the UK once it quits the bloc.

In November, The Independent revealed that a plan for “associate citizenship”, proposed by Mr Goerens, was being considered by the European Parliament.

It would allow UK nationals who applied for EU citizenship to work anywhere inside the union as well as giving them a vote in European Parliament elections – while retaining their British passport.

The Luxembourg MEP said there was no real opposition to the policy from his fellow lawmakers in Brussels and Strasbourg, who will be given the final say on the Brexit deal in a vote at the European parliament.

And he said the EU’s negotiators should make it a red line in future discussions, adding that eventual treaty change was in the interests of those on both sides of the Channel.

The proposal has offered hope to many who fear Britain is closing itself off from Europe and the opportunities it provides.

Mr Goerens said the Prime Minister’s remarks were “very positive” and showed she understood there was a “real problem” for Britons living both in the UK and Europe.

“Theresa May’s proposal is a step in the right direction,” he told The Independent in a phone interview from Brussels.

“The White paper was a clear signal that I was not totally unrealistic by launching the idea of European ‘associate citizenship’.

“It is for technical reasons that she wasn’t more outspoken on this issue.

“She sent a clear signal that she has understood that there is a real problem. Let’s not be too pessimistic about that.”

“European ‘associate citizenship’ is still on the agenda of the European Parliament,” he continued.

“You can say on the one hand that it is not a solution that would be in line with today’s legislation, with European law, but on the other hand if there is a political will we can overcome the obstacles to it.

“We can have treaty change, we can have political process on the conviction that European citizenship, or ‘associate citizenship’, is in everybody’s interest.”

If the proposal is included in the final Brexit deal that MEPs will vote on at the end of the two year negotiating period, Mr Goerens said he was confident it would be passed.

“As far as I see, there is no real opposition unless you talk to the right-wing parties represented in the European parliament, and some fanatic Brexiteers,” he said.

“It is up to politicians to react and to take initiative. It is up to us to move the lines, we are not only the observers, we are the actors.

“The European Parliament will have the last say on the arrangement between the European Commission and the UK, we have a good opportunity to make clear our views on what should be the outcome of this process, and one of the outcomes is the status of people most negatively affected by Brexit.”

Opposition to the plan may come in the form of hard-line Eurosceptics, who claim associate membership of the EU would dilute Brexit and create a two-tier system that would undermine British citizenship.

Those concerns may be enough to convince Ms May to veto the proposal from Mr Goerens and his colleagues in the European Parliament.

But the MEP said ‘associate citizenship’ should be offered to Britons regardless of any reciprocal offer or concession made by the UK.

He said: “Even if there were no move made in this direction by the United Kingdom, in my view we should even unilaterally offer the European associate citizenship to UK citizens because it would be in everybody’s interest to act in this way.

“It is still achievable because once Brexit is concluded people will be stripped of all their rights linked to European citizenship. We must launch this process in a pragmatic way, but why should it not be practical?”

  • Link to the petition to allow the option of Associate EU Citizenship



Spanish PM calls on UK to ensure Brexit is “quick & constructive”

l Mariano Rajoy spoke with his opposite number, Theresa May, at a meeting on Friday morning

  • As reported in El Pais 3rd February 2017

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy conveyed to Theresa May on Friday that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union – commonly known as “Brexit” – must happen “quickly, and with a constructive and positive approach,” according to government sources. Rajoy’s 25-minute meeting with the British prime minister took place on Friday morning at the request of the latter, ahead of an informal EU summit of heads of state or government that is taking place today in Valletta, Malta.

May, who also met with other European leaders, explained to her interlocutors the details of the British position on Brexit, a stance that she explained last month in a speech and in a White Paper published on Thursday. She also explained the calendar ahead of the activation of Article 50 of the EU treaty, which will officially trigger Brexit and must happen before March.

According to sources consulted by EL PAÍS, both the Spanish and British PM coincided on the need to “not damage the interests of Spanish and British citizens” residing in each other’s countries. More than 300,000 Britons – most of whom are retired – are currently living in Spain, while around 200,000 Spaniards – most of whom are young and highly qualified – live in the United Kingdom.

The two leaders agreed on the need to not damage the interests of citizens living in each other’s countries

It is in Spain’s interest for British citizens living in the country to remain comfortable post-Brexit, given that many claim pensions from the UK and invest plenty of capital in the purchase of properties – not to mention the 15.5 million Britons who visited the country in 2015, with UK tourists topping the list of nationalities that visit Spain.

What’s more, the United Kingdom is the second destination for Spanish investment abroad, while the trade balance is in Spain’s favor (€7 billion in 2015). All of these factors account for Rajoy’s interest in the Brexit process involving “the continuation of good relations between the United Kingdom and the EU,” according to government sources.

The thorny issue of Gibraltar – the UK territory in southern Spain over which the Spanish government has long claimed sovereignty – was not discussed at Friday’s meeting, according to the same sources. Nor was the position that Europe should take with regard to Donald Trump.

Feature – Ibiza Aloe Vera

‘I liked it so much, I joined the company’
  • Ibizan writer Carly Sorensen has recently discovered the benefits of aloe Vera to health and has set up a small business from home to promote and sell them around the island.

For over 4000 years, people have used the jelly and juice from the aloe vera plant to boost health. It contains natural antiseptics, immune boosters, anti ulceric, anti inflammatory and cell generation boosters  as well as 19 vitamins and minerals, including A,C,E, B12, calcium, zinc, selenium and magnesium. It’s little wonder it has been called the ‘medicine plant’ for centuries. Almost 40 years ago in Arizona, USA, Forever Living was estblished, producing cosmetics and health products with aloe as their main ingredient. Today they are the worlds biggest growers of Aloe and their products are sold in 150 countries, including Spain. I am one of their happy customers and, more recently, distributors. Forever Living’s products are cruelty free and safe to use on all skins, including young and sensitive skins. Many are paraben free and suitable for vegans too. Forever make hundreds of products for health and nutrition, personal care, cosmetics, hair and beauty, weight management, sports performance and animal care but for the purposes of this article, I’m just going to tell you about my personal six favourites.

1. C9.

This a nine day body cleanse, consisting of Aloe Vera drinking gel,  protein shakes (vanilla or chocolate ) and three supplements, Therm (for energy), Garcinia (which helps to suppress appetite) and fibre sticks (to help you feel full). Days 1 and 2 are the hardest days as you are only allowed the above and fruit and veg from the free food list (such as apples, strawberries, brocolli, carrots), however you are nutritionally getting everything your body requires. On Days 3-9 you follow the plan in the same way but add a 600 calorie meal in the evening – recipes are included in the booklet with your pack and support online via your distributor. No tea or coffee, juice, alcohol or sugary drinks are allowed just water or decaff herbal teas. It’s just been reduced in price to 121€ , 13.40€ a day isn’t bad when you think what you’d normally spend on food and drinks. I can vouch that it leaves you feeling fantastic and full of energy, clears all the toxins out of your body so afterwards you can absorb the nutrients in what you eat much better. Weight loss really depends on how clean you usually eat, but the average around is 2-5kg. I lost over 13 cm and 3 kilos when I did this at end of a very over indulgent (but fun!) summer. Great kickstart to a healthier lifestyle. You can purchase from the Combo Pak section of the weblink at the end.

2. Aloe Gelly

As close to breaking open an aloe leaf and rubbing it on your skin as you’ll ever get. Effective in relief of minor cuts and burns, blemishes and skin irritations, reduces scarring from cuts, burns and acne, soothes and reduces cradle cap, soothes gums during teething, and great on bites and stings. My three year old always reacts to mosquito bites and this stuff rubbed in gives her instant relief from the itch and takes the redness and swelling down straight away. 18.46€ for a 118ml tube, in Personal Care section of link.

3. Aloe lips

A lip balm with aloe, jojoba and bee propolis this doesn´t just moisturise and protect your lips, it’s brilliant on bites and burns when you’re out and about too…a mini first aid stick in your pocket! I never leave home without it and my daughter uses it now too, since it cleared up some serious chapping under her bottom lip whilst we were in freezing Denmark. 4.31€ for a 4.25g tube, in Personal Care section of link.

4. Drinking Gel

Although the flavour takes some getting used to (unless you buy the berry or peach ones which are delicious!), this is a must for healthy digestion, immune system support, gut urinary and oral health, improved skin tone, weight management and energy levels, and contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and goodies! Suitable for the whole family to drink – peach flavour recommended for kids. I saw a big improvement in my skin and hair condition, energy levels and digestion and immune system taking this. Writing this has actually reminded me I need to restock! Price ranges from 28 – 38€ per litre depending on the flavour you choose. See Drinks section of link.

5. Aloe Shield Deodorant.

I love this. I have sensitive skin and used to find deodorants stung or made me sweat more. This is solid stick is soothing, delicate smelling, moisturising, leaves no marks or stains on clothes and doesn’t contain any alcohol or aluminium. Lasts all day too. 8.89€ for 92g (mine has lasted 3 months so far with daily use and is barely a quarter finished – great value!) Available in Personal Care on link.

6.Forever Bright Toothgel.

Another staple in our bathroom. This is natural gel made with aloe vera, bee propolis and mint, is non abrasive, paraben free and flouride free. It does everything toothpaste should do, but without damaging tooth enamel. My teeth are whiter than before I started using it, my gums never bleed like they occasionally used to and my mouth doesn’t sting like it does with some other toothpastes. My three year old loves it too! 9.50€ for a 130g tube in Personal Care section of weblink, a little goes a long way…I have just ordered a new one after 2 months of 2, sometimes 3 of us, using it twice a day.

You can buy and read more about these and all the other products via the following


Tourism 2017

Jet2.com Announce 48% Increase In Ibiza Trade

  • The British airline announced their growth plans at the FITUR tourism trade fair in Madrid.
  • com will operate 9 routes with up to 59 Ibiza flights per week in 2017.

Jet2.com made their announcement of a significant increase in their Ibiza business for the coming season at the recent FITUR trade fair.

The 48% increase in available seats for 2017 comes on top of a 20% increase in 2016 over 2015 and will take the total number of seats offered by the airline to over 470,000.

Traditionally associated with the north of England and Scotland, their 9 routes now extend to include London Stansted, Belfast, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. In high season, they will be operating 59 flights per week compared to 46 in 2016.

In addition to the airline’s increase, the sister holiday company Jet2holidays.com has mirrored the growth by now offering holidays at 168 contracted hotels.

Jet2 Managing Director Steve Heapy said, “This growth demonstrates our commitment to Ibiza. We have increased the number of flights and availability of hotels throughout the season as proof of our strong belief in the island”.

Ibiza Tourist Board President Vicente Torrres Guasch commented, “We are absolutely delighted and grateful to Jet2. for their support and their positive approach to our island speaks for itself. We hope to continue growing together for many more years to come.”

Pacha Group Sold for 350m€

Founder Ricardo Urgell will retain a small shareholding in the Pacha group following its sale to Trilantic Capital Partners.

Founder and owner of the Pacha group Ricardo Urgell, and representatives of Trilantic Capital partners signed the sale agreement on 2nd February.

The sale is considered to be valued at around 350million euros however; Ricardo Urgell will retain a minority shareholding.

Speaking after the agreement, Urgell said he was “frankly excited about this new chapter for the company” and talked of a commitment to boost Pacha’s business both on Ibiza, around its worldwide venues and numerous business interests. According to reports in the Diario de Ibiza, the sale will take around two months to complete subject to formalities including approval by the competition and monopoly’s authorities.

When speaking of the likelihood of the sale late in 2016 Urgell stated that, the transfer would encompass all assets of the Pacha Group. In Ibiza this includes the Pacha nightclub, hotel Pacha, the cabaret restaurant club Lio, Destino Pacha Ibiza resort, and of course the first Pacha club which was actually in Stiges and opened in 1967, four years before Pacha Ibiza, the venue that earned the group its worldwide reputation under the icon of the two cherry logo. Over the years, Pacha has extended to venues worldwide in addition to its merchandising and recording interests.

The new owners have stated that not only will they maintain the current number of employees in Ibiza, but expect to increase significantly the workforce as part of their development plans.

The European division of Trilantic fund management specialise in companies with a turnover of between 20 and 1000million euros. Their investments are concentrated in Italy and Spain, where it has a 64% stake in railway construction group Talgo.

Ibiza Town Marina Development

  • Sovren house group has announced plans to develop a marina with berths up to 185m in Ibiza town.
  • Facilities set to be open in time for 2017 season

The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) has awarded the marina specialist division of Sovren House Group, YSM, the concession to create a new superyacht marina in the Port of Ibiza Town. Located in the heart of Ibiza Town, Sovren Marina plans to open in time for the 2017 season as reported in Superyacht News.

The concession encompasses the area formerly occupied by the marina Port Ibiza Town and the area of Duques de Alba, as well as a new facility called Es Martell on the Darsena del Levante dock, which together covers most of the old town docks.

Situated by the historic Dalt Vila, in the past this part of the port was used as the main car ferry dock to the mainland, which led to congestion and pollution within the UNESCO world heritage site. A collaboration between the town hall, local Port Authority and Ibiza’s Chamber of Commerce led to the ferry dock being moved to the newly constructed cruise terminal near to the new outer port wall, therefore making way for Sovren’s new development, which has been six years in the making.

Ibiza has historically catered well for the smaller superyacht segment with marinas such as Botafoch, Ibiza Magna and Marina Ibiza, but Sovren’s new development will target larger superyachts, offering 16 berths in tota. This will include one 185m and one 125m alongside berth and 16 stern-to berths for yachts up to 100m.

“We’re delighted to have been awarded this concession,” says Stephen White, CEO of Sovren House Group. “I am really excited about the positive impact that YSM and Sovren can and will make, not only on the economy of Ibiza Town, but also on the appeal of the island to superyacht owners and charterers worldwide.

“We will be ground breaking both in Ibiza and across the Balearics in providing this kind of marina that is worthy of the expanding fleet of superyachts. Currently we are focused on working with local port authorities as well as the town hall and the mayor to highlight the areas in which the marina can give a positive effect and benefit the local community.”

Ibiza has been growing in popularity as the trendiest superyacht destination in the Mediterranean. Every summer it is overrun with superyachts making the most of its plentiful cruising options, anchorages and hip party scene, and White fully expects this momentum to continue.

“Obviously everything goes in cycles but the western Med has always been a popular superyacht destination,” he explains. “Spain has been very careful and pragmatic about developing its charter market and now has a clear system in place to make it easy for superyachts to operate in Spain.”

White points out this has been recognised by MYBA with the new location of this year’s MYBA Charter Show in Barcelona, which highlights the opportunity in Spain. “Whereas Barcelona is seen more as a homeport and winter destination, the Balearics is viewed as a year-round destination for cruising and refit.”

The launch of Sovren Marina promises to make a significant impact on superyachting in the Balearics and reflects the growing demand for berths in the region as a direct outcome of the easing cruising regulations in Spain. The concept behind the development also fits in with a new breed of marinas and infrastructure that superyachts are becoming accustomed to. With the likes of OneOcean Barcelona and Porto Montenegro setting a new standard in the industry, Sovren Marina is further evidence of the smartening up of the marina sector.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel chain  set for Ibiza expansion

Spanish Sports newspaper Marca says that Ronaldo’s widely reported  Ibiza holiday this year was the catalyst for the decision to expand into Ibiza.

The Real Madrid star has decided to implement his brand ‘Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels’ on the Island with the opening of four hotels.

Ronaldo partnered with Pestana Hotel Group in late 2015 and the Portuguese group has confirmed the agreement with JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group (JLL) for the new venture on the Balearic island.

Pestana group will select independent hotels in Ibiza, either existing or under construction, that are appropriate to be included in the CR7 brand.

“The most interesting areas are Ibiza city, Santa Eulalia del Rio and Playa d’en Bossa,” the company said in a statement.

  • Photos: Top CR7 Madeira, Centre CR7 Lisbon, Bottom Ronaldo attending the opening of the Madeira Hotel

Double Dutch

2016 Figures Show a Record High for the Low Countries, but is the German Love Affair Over?

  • Business from Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg up over 40%.
  • Brits continue to be far and away the largest national group.
  • Everywhere on the up, but Spain and Germany way behind the rest.

The official FRONTUR tourists stats have been released by the Balearic statistics institute, and the figures for the full year to 31st December show some interesting insights to the world tourist market’s relative love affair with brand Ibiza.

  • Everywhere is up.

The FRONTUR figures are the only ones that matter in the tourist industry.

The good news for those relying on tourism for their income, or bad news for those bemoaning the ability to find beach towel space in August, is that for the umpteenth year in a row, all recorded sectors of Ibizan tourism are up.

The British account for by far the largest proportion of holidaymakers, and with a 9.5% increase at 842k, are well placed to break the 1 million target set by Ibiza’s tourism chiefs at this year’s London trade show—though they will requires a bigger year on year increase in 2017 than 2016 to achieve it.

A small point, but worthy of mention for those interested in developing winter trade, is that the UK figures to the end of October were showing an increase of over 10%. This drop back by half a percent in the last months of the year can only indicate a reduction in winter tourism. It seems that although BA’s winter scheduled service is being well used by residents and business travellers, it is not having a positive effect on winter tourist numbers.

Of everythi9ng that can be gained from raw numbers, it is the huge increase in business from the Dutch/Belgian/Luxembourg market that really stands out. This grouping was not available in the figures to the end of October when they were grouped withy ‘rest of the world’.

This 40% increase in business from the low countries leaves them snapping at the heels of the Germans for 4th largest grouping. To put the surge in interest into context, were these figure to be repeated in 2017, the Dutch grouping would overtake the Italians into 3rd place with only the Spanish and UK  ahead of them.

Another figure that will be raising eyebrows amongst Ibiza’s tourist chiefs is that of the continuing decline in the growth of holidaymakers from Germany and Spain.

Though the figures still show an increase on the previous year, at 2.1% the Spanish figure is less than a quarter of the next lowest in Britain, and the German figure of just 0.6% is 16 times less than the British.

  • Is the German love affair with Ibiza on the wain?

Ibiza’s representatives at the Berlin trade fair went to lengths to argue they had redressed the German market reduction in growth, so all eyes will be on the figures for the coming season. If the German trend continues in 2017, they would become the first grouping to show a reduction in business since, well actually since nobody knows. The current methodology in the collection of FRONTUR figures has never shown a drop in business of any grouping.

  • Does it matter?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter at all. Overall Ibiza’s numbers are up, up and away. The envy of many a Mediterranean isle or hedonist hotspot.  Overall, brand Ibiza looks to be in very good shape indeed.

Average Length of Stay

Much has been said of a perceived reduction of the average length of stay. Though figures do show a reduction, it is far lower than may be expected.

Over the period from 2008 (when figures start) to present, the overall reduction in length of stay in Ibiza and Formentera is just 0.5 days, from an average of 5.5 in 2008 to an average of 5 in 2016.

Though this average duration is lower than the 6 days stay for the wider Balearic Islands as a whole, and the drop is greater than the 0.2 days reduction for the region, it is far lower than those suggesting a major shift in the duration of holidays would have suspected.

Leading the international table of duration of stay are the Germans at 6.7 nights, followed by the British at 5.7 nights. Lowest on the table are the Spanish with 3.8 days.

Average Room Rate

Though Ibiza falls behind the Balearics on average duration of stay, it far outstrips the region when it comes to the average room rate.

What will come as little surprise to many is that the highest hotel grade 5 star shows a massive change in Ibiza, with an average tariff of 307€ per night, a whopping 75% increase year on year, and almost 50% more than the Balearic average.

The differences are apparent, but less extreme, throughout all grades of Hotel.

Ibiza’s average 4 star is 127€, 27% up on the previous year and around 25% up on the Balearic average, through to 83€ for 1 star (strangely showing as more expensive than 2 star), 28% up on the 2015.


 The Ark; 4,000 Passenger Party Boat via Ibiza in August with Ministry of Sound and Elrow

We have previously reported on the initial announcement of the Party Boat Cruise. This note attached to that report may be of interest.

The Market

Intrigued by organiser’s claims that Dance music cruise ships were big business in the U.S. , we took a quick look on Google, and it didn’t take long to see the attraction for investors.

Google’s first return ‘The Holy Ship’ (pictured) is based on the 4,100 berth Norwegian Epic.

They are currently listing two 4 night cruises in January, with prices averaging around $1,200 per person.

That equates to $4,920,000, just under five million dollars—and that is before they have sold you a single drink.

Both events are totally sold out. with waiting lists.

  • Press Release

Picture the scene: you are laying back in the sun, on board one of the world’s most luxurious cruise liners with 4,000 passengers, enjoying seven stages hosted by the likes of leading dance brands FACT, Elrow, Ministry of Sound and key Belgian club partners all being soundtracked by over 50 DJs from a variety of electronic music genres and first-class entertainments. Well, that scene is now to be a reality with ‘THE ARK’, a 4-day party cruise that will make its maiden voyage from Barcelona on August 31st. The Belgian organisers have created this exciting concept to appeal to an international crowd of music lovers who are looking for a mini-vacation with all the luxury and comfort of a cruise liner combined with the finest DJs from the world of electronic music.

For many years, The Freedom of The Seas claimed the status of the world’s largest passenger liner and it is one the showpieces of Royal Caribbean International. The vessel spends most of the year cruising the Caribbean, but next summer it will make a crossing to the Mediterranean Sea to become the venue for the very first edition of ‘THE ARK’.

  • A floating, full-comfort club

‘THE ARK’ is a 4-day party cruise on which 4,000 passengers can enjoy the hottest electronic music. The ship will be converted to a luxurious floating club with no fewer than seven different stages. Specially for the cruise, on-board facilities such as the current cinemas and theatres, as well as the ice skating rink and the upper deck, will all be converted into festive stages with just the right vibe.

As well as partying, guests will be pampered on the culinary front with a choice of many on-board restaurants, an impressive wellness centre and spa, plus the many sports facilities on board will also be available to all passengers.

To provide the music for this first edition leading clubs and party brands such Ministry of Sound and Elrow have been tapped up to provide plenty of musical charm and colour. They will take over one stage each and will kit it out with their own stylish decor and production, whilst European party promoters FACT and Belgian clubs Versuz and Kelly Parker/Kitsch Club are also among the cool selection of partners.

Musically, there will be a wide range of electronic music catering to everyone’s taste so you can be sure you will be dancing non-stop throughout.

  • Three cities, one island

The ship sets sail from Barcelona on Thursday, August 31 and from there will travel to Ibiza, where it will dock for an entire day. Passengers will have the opportunity to disembark and explore the island before heading to the French city of Marseille, where guests will be able to spend an afternoon. During the final evening and overnight, the ship will set course for Barcelona again, where it will arrive the next day, bringing this unique mini-vacation to an end.

‘THE ARK’ – party cruise Itinerary 4D/3N:

31/08  – 5 PM departure from Barcelona

01/09  – 7 AM arrival in Ibiza.

8 PM Departure from Ibiza

02/09  -12 PM Arrival in Marseille

5 PM Departure from Marseille

03/09 – 10 AM arrival in Barcelona and check-out

Prices: Ticket prices start at €549,- per person. This includes a cabin, all meals and soft drinks, all DJ sets and entertainment. Exclusive flight to Barcelona. Prices vary depending on type of cabin. For all practical info and ticket sales



Winter Mischief

  • Carly Sorensen

“I like this place. It’d be a great venue for parties.’

‘Yeah, I love all the sofas and cosy little nooks.’

‘You could get up to plenty of mischief in those!’

‘Hahaha! Yeah, everyone loves a bit of mischief!’

‘Hey, that could be the name for your parties!’

And so, a legend was born. That, more or less, is how the islands newest club night was conceived. A few of us were checking out the spaces at La Muella prior to the Winter Wonderland event Love From Ibiza held before Christmas, when Neil Thorogood and Tom Grimes (The N and T of the charismatic ‘G N T Productions’, George Blackbeard being the G) decided that the club would be a fab venue for winter parties. Having been there at the inception of Mischief, I had to drop in and check out the launch, it would have been rude not to.

And what a launch it was.  Tom was anything but grimy as he played the perfect host, greeting us at the door in his dapper blue suit with smiles, handshakes, back slaps, hugs and kisses all round when we entered around 10 pm to an already buzzing party. The bar and dance floor were rammed with shiny, happy people chatting, laughing, drinking and dancing. On an island with certain venues famous for their expense and snooty exclusivity, this party was the antidote. Free entry, a warm welcome and a beautifully inclusive, friendly and happy vibe – what winter on the island is all about.

The place looked fantastic too. G N T had put their production and design skills to great use; lighting up the dance floor in gleaming white, highlighting the fuzzy atmosphere by bedecking the entrance with a big, welcoming ‘Love’ sign, adorning the walls in custom ‘mischief’ lights and decorating the tables with glowing prisms and spheres in blues and purples. Classy and sassy with a disco flavour.

The music hit the spot too, with a mixture of feel good house, dirty garage and a smattering of old school funk and soul mixes thrown in for good measure. At the decks were Tom Grimes and George Blackbeard of G N T – absolutely smashing it with their personal floor filling favourites – with lovely ladies Lisa Chadderton (Sankeys) and Sarah Main (Pacha) bringing their effortless style and banging tunes to the fiesta. The icing on the cake was the uber talented Dan Young tapping out primal rhythms and bouncy beats on his percussive drum kit at side of the stage and bringing a fresh extra dimension to the seamless mixes being laid down by the DJ’s as the partygoers lapped it up. Teamwork and talent of another level.

Massive congratulations to everyone at G N T Productions on a brilliant first instalment of Mischief; hands were in the air and feet stomping the floor until way into wee hours – and the after party carried on all of Sunday from what I hear. Mission certainly accomplished, mischief makers. If you missed out, worry not, for the boys have already announced the next one on their Facebook page


“A big mahoosive shout out and thank you to everyone that came down and made our very 1st MISCHIEF party a huge success, and a very special one to remember. In the words of everyone….IT WENT OFF!! (…) We can now confirm that the next party will be on 11th March at La Muella. Expect skulduggery, jiggery-pokery and mischief in abundance. Let’s make this one even cheekier than the last! More info to follow…”

PQA Show

  • Carly S

The Pauline Quirke Academy had a great first term in Ibiza, performing Christmas songs at three fundraising events and helping to raise thousands of euros for various charities, hosting their first Hollywood Masterclass with actor Ray Stevenson and even starring in a music video.  This term looks to be even bigger and better, as PQA Ibiza have announced their first show!

It will be an original musical comedy called Far Far Away, adapted by PQA staff from the film Shrek and featuring lots of well known songs and beloved fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters as well as plenty of jokes, adventure and fun! It will be a one night only show at the Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia at the beginning of June, and auditions will be held amongst PQA members before Easter. This week all the groups started work on a dance number for the show in their Musical Theatre class and it is already starting to look really good. So much talent on this island!

You may be reading this and thinking ‘My son/daughter would love to be involved in that!’ … well, they can be! All they need to do is join PQA. Classes run from 10.00 – 13.00 on Saturdays at the Palacio De Congresos. Students are divided into three groups based on age and they spend an hour in Film and TV classes, learning how to make, star in, direct, film and produce their own films, one hour in Comedy and Drama and one hour in Musical Theatre where they will be learning the skills required to audition for and take part in Far Far Away.

If you have a budding performer aged 6-18 who’d like to be involved, it isn’t too late to join PQA and be in the show ・ get in touch with principal Heather Smith heather.smith@pqacademy.com to organise a taster session and find out more.

Spanish & Catalan

Spring Enrolment

The government’s very low cost Spanish and Catalan classes are enrolling for the Spring term between the 13th and 17th February. Beginners Spanish is offered at most centres. Intermediate and advanced Spanish, and beginners Catalan is available at some locations, along with classes in Pilates, Painting and Drawing, Photography and Photoshop. See below for study and enrolment locations.

Information and enrollment

  • Sant Antoni: C/ Alacant nº 33 . 18:30 – 21:30h every day ; Tuesday, Thursday 11-13h.
  • Sant Josep: Escoles Velles. Ctra. Es Cubells. Dilluns, Wednesday, Thursday 18 – 19:30h.
  • Cala de Bou: Oficines Municipals. C/ Es Caló s/n. Monday, Wednesday , 9:30 – 11 h
  • For San An, San Jose and Santa Eulalia Tel/Fax: 971 348 595 –


  • Ibiza town: C/Castella in front of the market Monday and Wednesday 11 – 13h, Tuesday and Thursday 18 – 20h
  • Santa Eulària -c/Sant Jaume 72, 1st floor Mon, Wed, Fri 10 – 12h , IES Xarc Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 17 – 18h
  • For Ibiza Town Tel 971305368


Cova de Can Marçà , San Miguel

  • Rhian Gibbs

The Can Marçà cave is located in the north of the island in the Port of San Miguel, 20 km from Ibiza, 25 km from San Antonio and 23 from Santa Eulalia.

With incomparable views of the bay, and the islands Murada and Ferradura opposite, the caves are a reminder that Ibiza has a hidden natural beauty.

The guided tours, which last around 40 minutes, are available in various languages and visitors will get to enjoy the amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations. . Smugglers first used the cave to store their wares and today it is still possible to distinguish the black and red marks that marked the entrance and exit. The highlight of the tour is the spectacular light and sound show that accompanies a waterfall.

  • Open every day, all year round
  • Summer hours: 10:30 – 20:00, Winter hours: 11:00 – 18:00
  • Adults 10.50€, children (4-12) 6.50€



  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

Carnival parade

This year the carnival takes place on Sunday February 26. Details have not yet been released, but it usually begins about 11.30 am in the port. There will need to be adjustments to the route of the parade this year as the works in Vara de Rey where the parade usually ends are still continuing. Carnival is always a great day out – most of the town’s population comes out to line the streets to watch and many people dress up for the occasion. There’s always food available at the end of the parade, so you can make a day of it.

Open enrollment to participate in the carnival parade is now open until February 22. All persons, groups and associations who wish to participate must register in advance at the offices of the Ajuntament d’Eivissa: SAC, Carrer de Canàries 35 or Plaça d’Espanya 1 or online at http://eivissa.sedelectronica.es

There are several categories: school-related groups, non-profit groups, dance academies, groups of up to 12 people and individuals/couples. In each of the categories the jury will award three prizes: 1st prize is €1,200, 2nd is €750 and 3rd €400.

Entierro de la Sardina

Wednesday March 1 – on Ash Wednesday the partying closes with the ‘Burial of the sardine’ (Entierro de la sardina), which symbolises the end of Carnival and takes place in the Parque de la Paz from 19.00. Grilled sardines are served and a large effigy of a sardine will be cremated after a song and dance performance. It’s a slightly bizarre but hugely enjoyable event. All free, including sardines.

Once released, the full programme of events will be published here:


Sueños de Libertad

  • San Antonio
    • Claire B

The full line-up has now been announced for the 3rd Sueños de Libertad (Dreams of Freedom) music festival, which returns to Ibiza again this year from Thursday April 20 to Saturday 22 in San Antonio.

On the Thursday night the festival takes place in the Teatro Regio from 20.00, with Amaral, Zenet and El Kanka. On the Friday and Saturday the festival moves to Arenal beach from 17.30.

Appearing on Friday 21 are: Leiva, Iván Ferreiro, Sidonie, Corizonas, Los Zigarros and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis.

The line-up for Saturday is Amparanoia (photo left), Depedro, Fantastic Negrito, Miguel Campello, Statuas D Sal, Aurora & The Betrayers and Niña Coyote & Chico Tornado. As well as lots of live music, the festival will combine art, street art, food stalls, a market and a children’s play area on the beach.

Tickets are now on sale and prices start at €32 (+ booking fee) and can be purchased from the website. This was a great event last year and will be a rare opportunity to experience live music from acts that don’t usually visit the island.



Ibiza Light Festival

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

Some future dates for the calendar. After the success of the first Ibiza Light Festival in Ibiza Town last October, dates have been set for it to return this year and next year. In 2017 it will be from October 13-14 and in 2018 from October 12-13. The festival saw light installations in many locations in the area around the port and it made for a great night out. It looks like the festival is going to become an annual fixture at the end of the tourist season. We will of course be providing details of what will be happening nearer the time as they are released.

Exploring Ibiza on Foot & Bike

  • Claire B

The winter and spring months are perfect for exploring the island, whilst the tourists are away, the pace of life is slower and more relaxed and the island comes alive with almond blossom and wild flowers. There are a number of groups and initiatives that organise guided walks and cycling tours should you not want to go off exploring on your own, plus they’re a great way to meet new and like-minded people.

Walking Ibiza

Regular guided walks are currently taking place from Walking Ibiza each Wednesday, Friday and now also on Sunday. Plus this month there are special full moon/almond blossom and Valentine’s day walks. Toby and Sheila have been busy seeking out new walks which are being offered from February.

  • Friday 10 –The Occasional Waterfall – 10am – San Miguel. A spectacular waterfall that hasn’t flowed for 12 years.
  • Friday 10 – Almond blossom and full moon walks – Santa Agnes. Two walks, 3hrs at 8pm and 2 hrs at 9pm.
  • Saturday 11 – Almond blossom and full moon walks – Santa Agnes. Two walks, 3hrs at 8pm and 2 hrs at 9pm.
  • Sunday 12 – Sunday social walk – 11am – The hidden tunnel – Santa Eulalia.
  • Tuesday 14 – Valentines walk – 10am – Cala Salada, with romantic bubbles and picnic. €30 – reservations are required.
  • Wednesday 15 – New Short & Sweet walk – 10am – Can Sulyetas – San Miguel – a new walk with countryside, almond blossom and great views. Tea and cakes will be served at the end.
  • Friday 17 – New Classic walk – 10am – Capelleta d’en Serra – San Josep. A new walk with stunning views to an old chapel.
  • Sunday 19 – Sunday social walk – 11am – Cala St Vicente – countryside and beach to the cave of Tanit.
  • Wednesday 22 – Short & Sweet walk – 10am – Sheila’s big birthday walk – Dolphin lookout – San Mateu with amazing views. Tea and cakes will be served at the end.
  • Friday 24 – New Classic walk – 10am – location to be announced.
  • Sunday 26 – Sunday social walk – 11am – Sa Talaia – the highest point of Ibiza.

The walks are by donation (suggested €10 per person) or what you feel the walk is worth.

Walking & Cycling from Ibiza Town

The Sports Department of Eivissa are also organising their annual walking and cycling program until May.

Cycling programme

  • 12/02 Sant Eivissa – Es Fornàs – Sant Rafel – Puig d’en Valls – Eivissa. 22 km with a climb of 473 metres. Easy, apart from one climb.
  • 12/03 Sa Capella D’en Serra. Eivissa – Sa Carroca – Torrent de sa Capella – Capella d’en Serra – Sa Carroca – Eivissa. 23 km with a climb of 475 metres. Level – medium.
  • 16/04 Peu de sa Talaia. Eivissa – Sa Carroca – Mitja Capella – Camp de futbol de Sant Josep – Can Jordi – Sa Carroca –
  • 30 km with a climb of 475 metres. Level – medium.
  • Formentera (in 2 stages) – date to be confirmed. Stage1: Port de la Savina – Migjorn – Cala Saona – Illetes – Es Pujols. Stage 2: Es Pujols – La Mola – Port de la Savina.

They leave from Plaça d’Antoni Albert i Nieto (Bulevard d’Abel Matutes at 10.00 h returning about 13.00 h. Cost is 3€ (5€ on the day except for the tour in Formentera). Tours are restricted to 100 participants (50 for Formentera) so it’s best to book in advance. Tickets can be bought from the Piscines Municipals in Es Viver and Can Misses, and from Can Manolo Bikes.

Walking programme

  • 19/02 Botafoc to Roca LLisa. Starts from the car park at the Estació Marítima Botafoc at 9.30 h. Estació Marítima Botafoc – Talamanca – S’Estanyol – Roca Llisa. 9 km. Medium/difficult.
  • 11/03 Parc de Bombers to Can Misses full moon walk. Starts from the Piscina Municipal in Can Misses at 21.00 h. Parc de Bombers – Torrent des Fornàs – Can Canyes – Can Bufí – Can Misses. 11.5 km. Low/medium difficulty.
  • 30/04 Torre Sal Rossa to Sa Caleta. Starts from the car park at the Hotel Palladium (Platja d’en Bossa) at 9:30 h. Platja d’en Bossa – Parc Natural Ses Salines – Es Codolar – Sa Caleta. 8.5 km. Low/medium difficulty.
  • Formentera (in 2 stages) – date to be confirmed. Stage 1: Far de la Mola – Es Caló – Punta Prima – Es Pujols. Stage 2: Cala Saona – Estanc des Peix – La Savina. Limited to 50 participants.

Cost is 3€ in advance or 5€ on the day. Tickets and information from:

Piscina municipal de Can Misses, Monday to Friday from 9.00 h – 21.00 h. Tel. 971 31 35 64

Piscina municipal Es Viver, Monday to Friday from 9.00 h – 21.00 h. and Saturday from 9.00 h – 13.00. Tel. 971 30 32 34


Theatre: Never the Same

Liz is depressed after having lost her baby. Her best friend Sarah will do anything she can to help her… and gets into a lot of trouble.

After seven years apart the last person Liz thought she’d see on her doorstep was Sarah. But Sarah has come to talk through the past and seek answers.

How difficult is it to recapture what is lost? How far would you go to help your best friend?

‘Never The Same’ is a dark but joyful comedy inspired by a true story. It explores the beauty and sorrows of friendship and just how much we can, and cannot, do for another person.

‘Never The Same’ is a dark but joyful female two hander, inspired by a true story, about two women from Nottingham, exploring the beauty and sorrows of friendship and the lengths and limitations of what we can do for another person.

During ‘Never the Same’, you are invited to piece together the mystery of why two friends find themselves on the run, and whether they can ever find their way back, or if they would even want to.

Never The Same is directed by Matt Costain and performed by Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper.


FOUR STARS from West End Wilma: ‘This is a well written play that addresses emotional issues in a sensitive way.’

“Both Lowe-Myers and Cooper give touching performances in their respective roles’ – London Theatre



  • Friday 17th March

at 8.30pm (20.30) at Centro Cultural in Jesús -Tickets: €10

Advance sale tickets at HOLY-SPORT in Av. Ignacio Wallis 5 – Ibiza.

  • Sunday 19th March

 at 8.30pm (20.30) at Teatro España in Santa Eulalia – Tickets €10 (€12 for the downstairs seats)

Advance sale tickets at HOLIDAYS in Calle San Jaime 74 – Santa Eulalia

For information: manu@international-desk.co.uk              Tel: 663 445 862

We sponsor the Santa Eulalia Children’s Home Llar Mare del Remei.


About Hatstand

The company Hatstand Productions is run by actresses and writers Lily Lowe-Myers

and Robyn Cooper. Best friends since they were four, growing up in Nottingham, they began playing with a dressing up box, bringing stories to life…and not much has changed since then.

As children they made funny films (that they hope no one ever digs up) and as teenagers some better films that won national competitions. Eventually they formed Hatstand Productions four years ago in response to the professional work they were making.

This is their fourth play since then and they are currently finishing their third film. Hatstand Productions was founded with the aims of creating entertaining work that sheds light on the beauty and complexity of the human spirit and to create work with strong, entertaining and complex female roles.

Ensaimada Recipe

Though traditional recipes may use a sour dough to start the process, this simplified version tastes just as good using a yeast dough. This makes ones large ‘family sized’ ensaimada, the type you see in the large hexagonal boxes.


For the dough:

500g flour

160g sugar

180ml lukewarm milk

2 tsp. dried yeast

2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk, at room temperature

pinch of salt

200g butter, softened to room temperature

For the dusting:

70g icing sugar


Put the flour into a large bowl and make a well in the centre.

Add the sugar around the side on top of the flour.

Add the yeast and lukewarm milk to the well in the centre and mix the centre. Cover for 5 minutes until the yeast has foamed up slightly.

Add the eggs, egg yolk and salt.

Knead. This is more easily done with a dough hook in your food processor, however can be done by hand, until you get a nice smooth dough (4-5 minutes in the processor).

If the dough is too wet, add a little more flour and continue to knead.

Cover and leave in a warm place to prove for around 45 minutes to an hour. When ready the dough will have doubled in size.

Roll out the dough on a floured surface to a square approx. 50x50cm.

Spread the soft butter all over the dough in an even layer.

Roll up the dough from one side.

Roll out the dough  to a rectangle of 15x65cm – take it easy here as it is important not to let the butter come through the dough.

Roll up again from the longer side so you get one long worm-like roll.

Line a baking sheet with baking parchment and place the dough on the parchment in a spiral leaving plenty of room between, so the dough can expand.

Cover and let the dough have a second prove for another 1-2 hours.

When the dough is ready it should have joined together in one large disc.

Preheat the oven to 175°C.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden in colour.

Take out of the oven and place with the baking parchment on a cooling rack.

Finally, dust the ensaimada with the icing sugar.

Sound Walk Ibiza

Actress Paz Vega and journalist Concha García Campoy have provided the voiceover for Ibiza’s audio guides, the former in Spanish and English and the latter for the Catalan version.

The audio guides are also available in three other languages (French, German and Italian). The recordings accompany visitors on a self-guided tour through the streets of the Dalt Vila neighbourhood, the historic part of the town that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

The audio guide tour lasts about an hour and ten minutes and takes in the following areas: Mercat Vell (the old market), Portal de ses Taules (the main entrance to Dalt Vila), Plaça de Vila, Santa Llúcia Bastion, Ibiza City Council, Hospitalet church, Plaça de la Catedral and Sant Bernat Bastion.

Audio guide pickup and drop-off point: La Curia: Plaça de la Catedral (the square in front of the cathedral). Dalt Vila.

Tourist Information Office:


Pintxos 2017

San Antonio’s favourite excuse for a bar crawl will be back in 2017 from 9th March to  13th of April.

The event offers punters  a beer or wine and pintxo for a small cost at any participating bar and restaurant—of which there are many. At time of going to press there are no details of who is in for 2017, but word on the San An street is that it is going to be even bigger this year—but  ‘what no bus?’ – tell us it isn’t true.

  • Pintxo ganador de la Edición 2016. Restaurante Es Puig.

 Winter Art

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

Two exciting exhibitions from internationally renowned artists are currently on in Ibiza Town at Lune Rouge and Art Projects Ibiza.

Spherical Space

At Lune Rouge, ‘Spherical Space’ by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is a beautiful large-scale sculptural installation. It’s a circular globe-like structure made from a stainless steel frame, which is covered in triangles of aluminium, hand-blown yellow glass and colour-effect filter glass. Inside is a light bulb, which projects patterns and shadows created by the triangles and framework onto the surrounding space. Perception, movement and the relationship between the viewer and their surroundings are central themes within Eliasson’s work and this piece perfectly captures this.

The whole room is filled with reflections from the sphere and the light and the colours of the sphere change as you walk around it and view it from different places. It’s a bit like a giant, colourful discoball and it’s both beautiful and mesmerizing.

Some people may remember Eliasson’s work ‘The Weather Project’, a large sun-like installation in The Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in 2003-4, which was equally magnificent.

Is Seven a Lot?

At Art Projects Ibiza, which is in the next door but one building, the exhibition ‘Is seven a lot?’ features pieces from Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss. You enter the room in the dark and the central installation is the large ‘Rat and Bear (mobile)’ circling from the ceiling (Rat and Bear are characters that feature in much of the artists’ work). Illuminating the wall at the end of the gallery, ‘Question Projections’ projects sentiments such as “Why can’t I be really cheerful. Are feelings private?” or “Should I paint a pirate ship on my car with an armed woman on it holding a decapitated head?”. ‘Son et Lumière’, a light and sound installation, epitomizes how the artists use everyday materials to cerate extraordinary effects. Comprised of a plastic cup, gel-covered flashlight and turntable, the sounds reverberate and the lights dazzle and the plastic cup looks like it’s going to fall out, but it doesn’t. The concepts behind these pieces are difficult to explain succinctly, but when you go to the gallery they give you printed sheets that explain everything (in English too).

Lune Rouge, the collection built by Cirque de Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, launched these two public exhibition spaces in Ibiza in 2015. The philanthropic mission is to contribute culturally to the island through a pioneering program of exhibitions with both established and emerging artists. It’s a fantastic initiative and providing a welcome opportunity to see some incredible works of art on the island throughout the year. If you haven’t been yet, I thoroughly recommend a visit.

Until April 29. Lune Rouge is on Alcalde Bartomeu Rossello, 7, which is just up from Ikea. Art Projects Ibiza is next door but one. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00-18.00.



Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Welcome to a Valentine’s Amanda Zips It Up.

For me, February 14th is struggles to be more than a “hallmark holiday” retail money-spinner. But, stepping out of cynical mode, when I think of Valentines Day I dream of underwear. Sexy underwear for me that is.  But what about sexy underwear for him?

According to a recent report by Madrid-based textile company Zeeman, there isn’t much call for it.  The reason is because most guys show a complete lack of interest in their pants (although they’ve been known to show more interest in what’s inside them).

Following Zeeman’s client testimony, it appears that men struggle to get shot of their old underwear. 45% of men regularly wear worn (that’s filthy to me and you) undergarments, even continuing to wear them, if they have holes.  In fact, 29% believe their old underwear is very comfortable and 17% are in fact very fond of their old Y-fronts. Skid marks included.


So, on Feb 14th, one option might be to stick to lingerie for women and treat ‘him’ to a pair of socks in his team’s colours.


This issue of Zips It Up gets more adventurous than that, delving into the best Valentine’s gift ideas and places to go.

Plus in this instalment, we can be relieved to learn that we’re not the only generation with pornographic minds, as ancient vibrators have been unearthed, which existed long before the Rampant Rabbit.

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 10 Valentine’s Beauty Gifts We Want

(whether or not there’s a date involved)

Girls, treat yourself with this year’s top V day makeup & beauty offerings.

Here at Zips It Up, I get it – Valentine’s Day can either be one of the best or worst days of the year depending on your relationship status.

Either way, I think it should be a time to treat yourself and if the other half wants to pay, even better.

I’ve found some of 2017’s most romantic Valentine’s Day beauty gifts…

  1. Bella Freud Loving Candle Set, £75

My favourite Bella Freud candles in a set of minis? Bring it on.

  1. Estee Lauder Pure Colour Pure Envy Lip Potion in Lethal Red, £20


If a liquid formula is more your thing, these new Lip Potions are the best of the best.

And with a name like ‘Lethal Red,’ you’re sure to stand out for all the right reasons on the most romantic day of the year.

  1. Christian Louboutin Matte Rouge Lipstick, £65


Another Valentine’s Day calls for another luxurious, bold red lipstick.

I think we’ve found it. It’s another lethal weapon.

  1. Acqua Di Parma Fruit & Flowers candle – Rose Buds, £95


I’m not sure I’ve ever been more in love with a candle. Just look at it. Dreamy.

  1. Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition, £68


One of my favourite perfumes in some of the most beautiful packaging ever? Sold.

  1. Liz Earle Damask Rose & Pink Pepper Candle, £40


If you’re planning a cosy night in and a hot bath, a feminine, chic candle is a must.

  1. Burberry First Love Cheek Palette, £45


This palette had me swooning at first sight. Use as a highlighter and a blusher for the most gorgeous glow.

  1. Molton Brown Rosa Absolute Sumptuous Bathing Oil, £39


There’s nothing like rose on Valentine’s Day and Molton Brown’s newest oil for the bath is the epitome of luxury.

  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, £39


Treat yourself to Too Faced’s latest cult palette which is full of stunning buttery shades and smells like peaches. I just bought this whilst on holiday in Mallorca. At El Court Inglese.

  1. Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle, £48


Every year, Diptyque brings out a special candle and scent for Valentine’s Day. You just can’t wrong with a Diptyque candle. Victoria Beckham agrees, apparently.

Hugs & Kisses Y’all.


Ancient Erotica

Now I’m no great fan of archaeology. Unearthed artefacts can initially be interesting, but the thrill quickly fades away if the object in question turns out to be something rather boring like a spoon or a plate.

The same can’t really be said for 2,000-year-old sex toys. It’s odd to think that sex toys existed that long ago – I’d assumed they were a modern invention. It’s not until you pay attention to ancient Greek art that you realise that people from ancient civilisations were just as sex obsessed as we are today.

Two ancient pleasure sources from 2,000 years ago were found in a tomb in the Yizheng city of western Jiangsu, China. They were made of bronze dating back to around 206 BC – 220 AD, China’s Han Dynasty.

The owner of the tomb was identified as a rich and powerful aristocrat who obviously enjoyed dabbling in some naughty playtime. One of the artefacts has a metal ring attached to the base, whereas the other has a flat base.

The pair of items are on show at an upcoming exhibit at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, ‘Tomb Treasures’. The co-curator of the exhibition comments that the two dildos  “underscore how connected we really are to the past, and that we share the same passions across time and culture”.

Whilst we know that their use stretches back to the dawn of civilization, the history of the predecessors to love eggs and rampant rabbits is still largely unknown. They have been present in society throughout history, yet there’s no evidence as to where they originated, or where the word dildo comes from.

In the Oxford English Dictionary ‘Dildo’ is listed as ‘origin unknown’, although it is noted that it emanates from the 16th century. Apparently the word’s first appearance in English was in Thomas Nashe’s 1593 poem “The Choise of Valentines Or the Merie Ballad of Nash His Dildo”, which went on to be abbreviated to the more palatable “Nashe’s Dildo”.

Don’t you love a bit of Valentine’s trivia in mid Feb?

Cheap Thrills

Get this. Aldi has unveiled a premium lingerie line in time for Valentine’s Day, and their black lace set is £200 cheaper than Agent Provocateur’s offering. Yes, really.

The German retailer’s underwear line starts at a purse-friendly £3.99. Chokes…

Before you scroll on in disgust, take a moment to digest this. It may not sound very luxurious in theory, but the pictures speak for themselves.

As a reminder to the snobs amongst us, Aldi has previously won over savvy shoppers with its Wagyu beef burgers, fresh lobster and award winning champagne, as well as caviar-infused anti-ageing serum. And now they’re going one step further, delving into customers’ underwear drawers in time for Valentine’s Day.

The German retailer has unveiled a premium lingerie line, featuring blush pink camisoles, lace-trimmed push-up bras and pretty black briefs. The romantic collection, in stores later this week, starts £3.99, ideal for those looking to spread the love on a budget.

Aldi is selling this pretty pink camisole and shorts set for just £9.99, which is my favourite.

A balconette bra that features lace detailing around the cups is a standout piece, alongside the co-ordinating pants. The items retail for £3.99 each.

The provocative set is strikingly similar to a two-piece offered by underwear experts Agent Provocateur that costs an eye-watering £220.

Their Stone bra and knickers set is made from sensuous silk sating and decadent gothic lace.

The garments are described as “hard-edged romance meets bold thrills”.

And yes, it is February 14th we’re discussing – not April 1st.

  • Photos: Top Right: the Agent Provocateur set at £220, Top Left: Aldi’s own at £7.98. Far Left: Aldi Pink Camisole and Shorts set £9.99. Left: Aldi Stone Bra & Knickers set.

Miss Matching Lingerie

Beyoncé seems to be the spiritual leader of 21st-century womankind. Or at least, when she makes an announcement, the world seems to listen.

Beyoncé made one such announcement last week. You may have heard it already. Being pregnant with twins was part of it, but it is another matter that concerns me.

In an aubergine bra and powder-blue knickers, Beyoncé effectively pronounced the death of matching lingerie. An earth shattering bomb for the lingerie market, just a week before Valentine’s Day.

But this wasn’t particularly to do with getting caught without matching underwear. It is about a woman, so alpha that she will headline Coachella while six months pregnant with twins, choosing clashing over matching.

Aubergine (and pink) with sky-blue is a modern classic, seen repeatedly at Phoebe Philo’s Céline, and a favourite of stars who like to show off their street style. It’s an unusual combination that always looks great, says the creative director of Agent Provocateur (where Beyoncé got that bra.)

Mismatched lingerie has blown up. The “perfect mismatch” sets include a leopard print bra with green straps, sold with fuschia knickers for around £60, at Marks & Spencer, where 20 million bras and 60 million pairs of knickers are sold each year.

Matching lingerie feels dated in the Instagram age. The notion of a lacy total look, concealed under your clothes, ready be revealed after the curtains are drawn, seems as outdated as matching heels and clutch.

Plus, we all wear our bras to be seen now (think Carrie in SATC). Nothing is secret any more. On social media, lingerie has become part of a styled look in unexpected ways: the other day I spotted a pair of fishnet tights pulled high at the waistband, so as to be visible above jeans.

I follow a lot of sportswomen on Instagram, and it’s striking how sexy the images are that they post of themselves training. A sports bra with patent straps is a bestseller at Selfridges. It’s half Barry’s Bootcamp and half Fifty Shades.

So re-organize your underwear drawers girls, by messing them all up.

Yummy Mummies

  • Sophia V.

After spending some time with my sister this week shopping, since she’s expecting, she’s had trouble finding stylish clothes to wear. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to wear frumpy, baggy clothes to feel comfortable and attractive.

Leggings are extremely pleasant to wear, and can be paired with many items, such as fitted long jumpers, t-shirt jumpers, blouses, off the shoulder tops, shirts, t-shirts, floaty dresses and more. Long dresses are especially ideal for chilly days.

If you want to distract from the bump, reveal other parts of yourself, such as your shoulders, arms, legs etc. Stick with patterns, shapes, and detail across the chest, and plain designs for the stomach area. Long coats help. You can even have a statement bag, or accessories that capture attention. Or maybe you want to embrace your bump, and this can be done with the opposite ways: tight fitted clothes, bold clothing for the stomach area, stripe patterns etc.

Long cardigans and even sleeveless cardigans can complement an outfit, especially if it matches a bag, or shoes for example.

Footwear doesn’t have to be limited to flats. Wedge boots, wedge trainers and wedge sandals are easy to walk in. If you prefer to stick with flats, there are ankle, knee and thigh length boots, and several glam looking pumps out there. Converse pumps especially have many different colours, and some even with a crystal covered sparkle.

There is also pretty maternity lingerie, baby dolls, nighties, and pyjamas. A good website is Mommylicious maternity.

Other websites I have come across that sell stunning maternity wear is: Pink blush maternity, Seraphine, happy mama boutique, Topshop etc. Don’t only stick to the maternity range; buy bigger sizes in the normal women’s wear departments.

Last but not least, a nice fake tan, flawless make-up, or glossy hair will ensure you still look glamorous and styled.

Celebrities in particular that pulled off the pregnancy wear to perfection are Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigan.

Health & Wellbeing

Sex In Spain

According to data issued this week 40% of people in Spain have sex once or twice a week, with 24.5% of respondents stating their sexual appetite to be between 3 and 5 times weekly. The report issued by Statista says that 7.1% of people have sex daily!

In addition to the frequency of sexual activity, the report also studied the number of sexual partners of Spaniards. Though 11% of people report more than 30 sexual partners, the highest percentages are at the lowest end of the scale with 18% replying 2 or 3, 16.8% 4 or 5 and 12.3% stating only 1 sexual partner during their lifetime.

The report terms the respondents as ‘Spaniards’, though does not specifically state whether this would have included any foreigners living in Spain. We will leave it to you to see whether your expat experience fits in with their numbers.

Cancer Cases Increase In Spain

Figures released this week by the Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) show that cancer cases have increased in Spain, and in most other countries, spurred largely by the fact that people are living longer.

In the report by El Pais, there were nearly 248,000 newly diagnosed cases in 2015, representing a rise of almost 15% from 2012.

According to the data, one in every two men and one in every three women will have cancer at some point in their lives. The figure also overshoots the SEOM’s own forecast for 2020 by about 1,000 cases.

This proportion is already a reality: of the 247,771 cases – according to the best available estimates – diagnosed cases in 2015, close to 149,000 (representing 60%) were men.

There are several causes for this: genetic, biological and behavioural, said the SEOM President, Miguel Martin. Men’s higher consumption of alcohol and tobacco increases their risk factors.

“Yet more than half of them will be cured,” added Martín to illustrate the progress made by the field of cancer treatment.

The most common types of tumours in Spain are bowel cancer (41,000 cases a year), prostate cancer (33,000), lung cancer (28,000), breast cancer (27,000) and bladder cancer (21,000).

Globally, the most common cancers are lung, breast, bowel, prostate and stomach.

It’s Good to Talk Again

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

I used to self harm for quite some time, I would cut myself when things became too stressful or I was feeling unable to cope with a particular situation. After a lot of hard work on myself I am really pleased to say that I haven’t done it for over 10 years now and that is something I am really proud of. Recently work has become quite pressured, I think because the season is about to start and we have lots of deadlines to meet and clients that need things in place ASAP, this is my first year in Ibiza and I think I underestimated the difference between summer and winter, I am beginning to see some warning signs, some of the feelings I used to have, and have on a couple of occasions pulled my hair out whilst in the shower. I hope by writing to you I am addressing this before it starts to get out of hand. Anything you can suggest would be really helpful.

Thank you. BK

Dear BK,

Thank you for your e mail and for bringing a difficult subject matter to light. Firstly it is fantastic to know that you have combated this for the last 10 years successfully that is a great achievement and not one to be underestimated. What is also so good to hear is that you are aware of yourself and your patterns, you have had some feelings and decided to act on them before they become an issue which is more difficult to turn around. You know better then anyone else what is triggering the hair pulling and from what you have written it sounds as if it could be partly due to the sudden shift in work load, but,  don’t underestimate how the energy changes around this time of year as most people on the island are gearing up for summer and this impacts many different aspects of daily life here, so some of the feelings you are experiencing are not simply due to increased work load though I am sure it does play a significant role.

You say this is your first summer here, have you come alone? It is really important to have a support network with whom you can talk to about how you are feeling and what you need to put in place to help you manage some of the feelings you are having, maybe if you are still forming friendships here and it feels a little early to talk about something so personal?, You could alternatively Skype back to your friends in the UK? My feeling is that you really need to share your thoughts and feelings, say the words out loud to someone else rather then try and process it all internally; do you think this is something you can do? If not then perhaps you might like to meet other people with similar issues? I would be happy to put people in touch with each other if you would like to form a support group together. You may also find it useful to visit


Please keep in touch. Warm regards. Kate.


View From The Pew


  • Dr Peter Pimentel

“Glory!” in the Bible refers to the appearance of God in human experience.  Nearly 2,800 years ago, in the ancient Near East, the 8th Century BC Jewish prophet Isaiah had a vision of God’s glory breaking out of the temple in Jerusalem and filling the whole world.  Isaiah could see and hear the mysterious species of angels known as “seraphim”.  The ancient Hebrew word “seraphim” means “fiery-serpents”.  Isaiah could hear the seraphim proclaim:

“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Eternal God of Angels, the whole earth is full of His glory!” (My translation of the Hebrew from The Bible: Isaiah chapter 6 verse 3).  The word “Holy” translates the ancient Hebrew word pronounced qadosh which means “transcendent” or “otherness”.  So, we could rightly translate the vision as: “Transcendent, Transcendent, Transcendent, is the Eternal God of Angels, the whole earth is full of His glory!”  Although God is transcendent, that is, beyond this space-time universe, the whole universe, the seraphim say, is full of his glory.  Every moment of every day is pregnant with God.  The great poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (born 28th July 1844) wrote:

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God.

It will flame our, like shining from shook foil;

It gathers to greatness, like the ooze of oil


The electrical metaphor – “charged” is interesting.  The glory, or the grandeur of God’s appearance in human experience, is something like spiritual static electricity!  How does it flame out from the world?  It’s like “shining from shook foil”.  This image seems to say that the glory flames out from the world like rays of light reflecting off, at all angles, crumpled sheet metal.  Yet these scattered rays “gather” like the “ooze of oil crushed”.  The image is of a container, full of oil, crushed and the oil oozing out.

Maybe these words from Gerard Manley Hopkins speak to those of us who may feel crumpled or crushed.  A prayer that followers of Jesus sometimes say is:

 “Almighty God, whose Son revealed in signs and miracles the wonder of your saving presence: renew your people with your heavenly grace, and in all our weakness sustain us by your mighty power.”

  • Services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays 10.30am in the church at San Rafael and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays 10.30am at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume (the main street) Santa Eulalia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383





Pedantically Yours

Dear Editor/Nick

Have just received the breakfast bulletin and would like to point out, with my usual grammatical precision (ex-Fleet Street sub-editor) that the date at the top of the email is given in the US-style of “02/05/2017” — and I detest the hegemony of American cultural imperialism even creeping into our sacred English language!! Having our cinemas (“movie theatres”) swamped by their shit American film industry output is already enough to bear).

Also, the email refers to the news report of a fatal road accident as appearing “first on The Ibizan”. I believe it should be in The Ibizan.

Yours pedantically

George Hill

Thanks George, you are pedantically preaching to the choir!

Totally agree, however in our defence (or as the online world would try to insist, our defense), both of these elements in the breakfast briefing are generated fields by the ‘Mailchimp’ software.

The fight against American English in all things tech is never ending. I will have to take a look and see whether the date can be reformatted.

Mind you, even the selection of UK English is no guarantee, as I expect you found in typing this mail when Google will have applied its red squiggle to the word Ibizan, not seeming to recognise it as the accepted form collective pro-noun.

Despite my agreement on the importance of grammar and particularly in retaining our UK English, I have to concede that you will find numerous typos in any given edition. The mind is willing and I hope capable, but the clock usually prevents our ability to proof copy as we would ideally wish to.

For my own two pence, I have no problem with American English aside from the term American English, or worse still when it is shown as the default English and UK English has to be set as an option. I wish they would just call it American, after which they can abuse and corrupt our language to their heart’s content, and leave our language alone, not as UK English, just English – which is exactly what it is.

Thanks for your input and support.



Lawless Letting

Dear Editor

Reference your article on the Spanish laws for renting.  It is a very comprehensive report however the reality is that many of the points you have given are not followed. For example it says that only one month deposit can be taken. But in truth people ask for 2 or even more months often. What is the point in having a law, or publishing information on a law, when nobody follows it in the real world?

(name supplied).

Thank you for

your letter.

You are quite right in saying that the letter of the law is often not followed in practice. This is one of the conundrums of life in Spain that many of us take some time to adjust to, if we ever do at all.

Although the same difference in theory and practice apply to a wide range of Spanish legislation, it is particularly prevalent in property matters, and that prevalence is exacerbated in the current rental market with many people struggling to afford even the legally permissible terms, let alone additional punitive charges.

Of course with demand outstripping supply it has the effect of making it easier for unscrupulous property owners to

flout the regulations—they are able to pick and choose from a stock of potential tenants where desperation may get the better of common sense or fair play.

I do not think that the lack of adherence is a reason not to publish the information. It is still important that people know what the law says as a starting point, to at least let them know how far from the legal line they are straying.

Also we must not assume that no landlords play fair. Many do adhere to the regulations however it is inevitable that those who do not will come to public attention. There is no news in a landlord letting their property fair and square!



February 2017

ARIES – The Lovers

Feel in love with life and discover or rediscover your passions.   You’ll get the most enjoyment by reconnecting with others on a heart level.  This is not a month to remain disconnected from feelings; endeavour to keep them upbeat.  If thoughts head down a negative path pause, acknowledge and dissolve.  You’ll be making life choices that have far reaching consequences.

TAURUS – Two of Disks

Watch spending this month Scorpio, otherwise you’ll regret that impulse purchase next!  This card warns you to be prudent in finances and not fritter it away.  There may be an unexpected bill to pay or an expenditure you’d not bargained for.  If you need a loan you’ll have to bargain hard for it and you may not like the terms.

GEMINI – The High Priestess

Trust your intuition this month as you’ll be guided to meet people who will make a huge impact on your life in the months or even years ahead.  You’re becoming more resourceful and more independent of what others say or think; you can now stand alone but without feeling lonely.  You can draw towards you all you need right now.

CANCER – The World

This card indicates tremendous success. You’ve worked hard and gone through the ‘apprenticeship’ stage and you’re now about to be the ‘master’ of your world.  Everything’s coming together rather nicely and you feel deeply connected to your destiny so look out for important signs and opportunities.  Long distance travel is indicated, which brings about a trip of a lifetime.

LEO – The Emperor

Taking responsibility for ones actions is a sign of maturity and this month associates and partners will sit up and take notice.  They sense a “new” you; someone more determined and single minded about what they want to achieve.  You’re laying foundations for a new way of life and will only operate on your terms and not someone else’s.

VIRGO – Six of Pentacles

As much as finances are creating a drain in certain areas, in others you will be pleased that there is some financial growth.  Money energy is never static so there is no need to feel you are always playing catch-up financially.  This is particularly true this month as an outstanding debt that is owed to you is likely to be repaid.

LIBRA – Seven of Swords

You’ve have chosen in the past, and I mean chosen, to share your gorgeous self with those who not appreciated your worth. Many have taken up lots of precious commitment and energy and have taken advantage of you.   You’re getting better and better at discernment.  Just be careful of doing the same again and don’t give up on your dreams.

SCORPIO – Six of Wands

Triumphs and breakthroughs are indicated by this card.  You can succeed by your sheer determination to see a job done or a project completed. The rewards for which are high so don’t shirk responsibilities or be tempted to slack off now. Further career opportunities could arise due to your diligence. One thing, please remember those who helped with your success.

SAGITTARIUS – Knight of Cups

A peace offering is graciously accepted as you feel that it’s time to bury a hatchet.  Show how honest, understanding and caring you are and others will respond positively by meeting you half way.  Acknowledging that situations could have been handled better in the past is a sign of wisdom. Romantically for some, this Knight brings a new admirer!

CAPRICORN – The Magician

The arcane message of the Magician reminds us to focus our attention like a laser, on every aspect of our life.  By doing so we’re capable of becoming Magicians, able to manifest whatever ‘magic’ we want.  Some give up on their hopes and aspirations easily by accepting what others or society tells them is the norm.  Believe in your dreams.

AQUARIUS – Temperance

Harmony is the strong message of this card and you’ll look for ways of integrating and balancing opposite ideas or feelings this month.  Some of you will be motivated to be more creative.  The Alchemist is associated with this card therefore you want to experiment and experience alternative ways of being and doing.  Life falls magically into place.

PISCES – Ten of Wands

Unfamiliar environments beckon, you should broaden your horizons and see what’s happening away from your usual patch.  Playing it safe is no fun so be adventurous.  For some Pisces it could mean relocating to another town or country.  Also, you want to communicate something important to a loved one but you’re unsure of how they might respond. Don’t rush it.

Statue of Guillem de Montgrí

  • Nicole Torres

The Plaça d’Espanya, near the Dominican Monastery of Dalt Vila, offers spectacular views of the harbour, the district of Sa Penya, the dam at Botafoc and the little islands on the way to Formentera. The statue in the centre of the mirador represents Guillem de Montgrí, elected archbishop of Tarragona who promoted the conquest of Ibiza over the Arabs in 1235. Every 8th of August commemorates the conquest and the authorities make a floral offering at this figure. It is a reproduction of the sarcophagus of the tomb, kept in the Cathedral of Girona.

Roman Aqueduct at S’Argamassa

  • Nicole Torres

Located very close to S’Argamassa beach, in the municipality of Santa Eulalia des Riu, you can find this historic architectural complex.

It is a declared monument formed by the set of a Byzantine Roman villa, a Punic Roman aqueduct, the archaeological site and the rural maritime settlement at S’argamassa.

It is a listed as Historical Heritage since 1983 and considered of Cultural Interest since 1998.

The most famous part of this archaeological site is the aqueduct, dating from the first century BC, approximately. It is approximately 450 linear metres that are still standing, at the top of which there is a channel through which the water flowed.

Currently, the aqueduct is practically stuck to the Hotel S’Argamassa, so the lucky people staying at this hotel can enjoy a part of the history of Ibiza from their windows.


Jezza’s World of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

OMG! Can’t quite believe it’s a month since I put my digits to the keyboard for The Ibizan and so much has happened in the sporting world since the beginning of the year. So, I’d better get on with it then.


Australian Open And A Case For The Golden Oldies!

Well, what a result at the Aussie Open as four of the greatest tennis players the world has ever seen made it through to the Mens and Womens Finals.

As I’m the perfect gentleman (!) I’ll start with the ladies and great to see the Williams sisters make it through with Serena taking on Venus in the Final.

Unfortunately for Venus, as so oft happened before, t’was the younger sibling, Serena, who came through to win her 23rd Major to overtake Steffi Graf’s record. Not a great Final but even so good to see that they both are still well up there in the pantheon of greats.

As for the men, although it was after my last report so therefore not in print, I did say to ‘er indoors, once both Andy Murray and Djokovic were knocked out, that I had a sneaking feeling that we could be in for a Roger Federer /Rafa Nadal Final and, to my delight, that was the case.

Not a classic as in previous Major Finals between these two but well worth watching, especially the final set when, with Rafa 2-0 up it looked as if the Fed’s 35 years had caught up with him. But champions are made of sterner stuff and the Swiss maestro, from somewhere, dragged up the stamina, determination and finesse to take that set 6-3 and to claim his 18th Major, a feat that this time last year, most people thought would never happen again. Brilliant as well to see Rafa getting back to his very best and just goes to show, there’s life in the old dogs yet!

Footnote: Great to see Andy-less Great Britain get off to a winning start as holders of the Davis Cup over the weekend as they pipped Canada 3-2 in the 1st round and now take on the French who progressed with a 4-1 win over Japan.


India Victorious And Cook Resigns

What a disastrous end to England’s tour of India as, having lost the Test Series as well as the ODI Series, things could get much worse for England’s cricketers, but unfortunately it did as they also lost the T20 Series 2-1. Having said that Captain Morgan’s boys started the T20’s brilliantly, winning the first match by 7 wickets and then were unlucky to lose the second by only 5 runs, especially as there were not one but three umpiring howlers, all to India’s benefit (and made by an Indian umpire, to boot!). Still, with the score at 1-1, all to play for in the final match and nobody, not even the Indians, expected such a walkover, as England, chasing 204 odd to win and handily placed at 123-2, proceeded to lose 8 wickets for 8 runs that no doubt left the Barmy Army stunned. Startling but that’s cricket!

Then, to cap it all, earlier today, and I’m sure not as a direct result of the Indian Test Series, we woke to the news that Alastair Cook had resigned as England’s Test captain. Not a shock really as he had intimated that his time might be up but good for him that he felt it was time, after nearly 5 years at the helm, to pass on the baton to a younger person, probably Joe Root.

After a record of 2 Ashes wins, and more pertinently, a Test Series win in India, the last captain of any country to do that, and another in South Africa, he wasn’t a great skipper but he most certainly was a good one but more importantly he always had the respect of his teammates (apart from one, a certain KP who, let’s face it, has always been a legend in his own mind!), his boss, his manager and the cricketing public in general.

Having said all that, great to see that he intends to carry on playing for England, which will be a big bonus for his successor, and, no doubt, he will go on to achieve, as England’s highest runscorer already, even more runs for his country. So, good luck to him.

American Football

Stunning Super Bowl Comeback For  The Patriots

Not a sport I’m really ofay with as to me, as a rugby man, it’s a bunch of pussies  with extra padding and helmets running around like headless chickens, but, nevertheless, it’s important to some.

Anyway, congrats to the New England Patriots who staged a sensational comeback from 28-3 down to the Atlanta Falcons and for the first time in the NFL’s history, force overtime in Super Bowl L1 (that’s 51 to you and me!) and then go on to win 34-28.

Also congrats to legend Tom Brady who, together with his team, won the SB for the 5th time and was voted the MVP (most valuable player, whatever that means). Brilliant really, as no team has ever come back from just 14 down to win an SB, let alone 25, until now!


Garcia Up And Tiger Down!

Good and bad news recently in the golfing world. Firstly, the good as Spanish superstar Sergio Garcia looks right back on form as he won the Omega Dubai Desert Classic by 3 shots from Ryder Cup colleague and Major winner Henrik Stenson.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Garcia and great to see him back in the world’s top 10 so hopefully, he can go on to at last win a Major. As for the bad news, it concerns Tiger Woods and so sad to see him floundering recently on his much-awaited comeback. A terrible first round in a recent tourney of 7 over saw him struggling to even make the cut so I think the time has come, Tiger, to take a long hard look at yourself and maybe, just maybe call it a day. Father Time has no time for has-beens and please don’t take the Seve route, ie. embarrassing yourself after such a wonderful career.


Blues Lead By Nine Points , But  Disaster For Liverpool  And Arsenal

In the Premier League, Chelsea continue to lead the table, this time by 9 points, but as they say, “it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings” so, despite taking now 4th placed Arsenal 3-1 to the cleaners at the Bridge and nicking a point at Anfield mid-week, nothing is being taken for granted in West London.

Mind you, the following pack, apart from Tottenham, are shooting themselves in the foot against so-called lesser opposition.

Liverpool, now 5th, have had an awful January with only 1 win from 8 matches.

Meanwhile Arsenal lost as well, midweek at home to Watford. 2nd placed Tottenham appear to be the most likely challengers although’ even they struggled at home to Middlesboro’, winning with a penalty, and could only draw 0-0 at Sunderland recently.

The Manchester duo are still there or thereabouts as 3rd placed City seem to have found a new Messiah, namely Jesus, in the January transfer window, who seems to be scoring for fun. United, in 6th, appear to have put themselves in  the mix for the Champions League places, now being only 2 points behind Arsenal.

At the bottom, it’s getting interesting as only 2 points separate the bottom 6. With Sunderland still at the foot, despite a resounding 4-0 win at Palace, in 19th, but  both Swansea’ and Hull seem to be getting their act together with recent wins against top-half opposition.

Worst fall from grace has been champions Leicester who could become the first champions to be relegated the following season. Their season seems, at least in the PL, to be going from bad to worse, as they are now only 2 points off the bottom.

Elsewhere, Everton seem to have sparked in to life and now lie in 7th, after a stunning 6-3 win at Goodison over Bournemouth led by a superb double brace from Lukaku.

West Bromwich in 8th are well placed and good to see West Ham, after the Payet debacle, pulling their socks up in 9th.

On to La Liga and although’ Barca are only a point behind Real Madrid after their 3-0 roasting of Bilbao, Zidane’s team do have 2 games in hand so could be 7 points clear, whilst Sevilla (Formentera’s conquerors in the Copa del Rey!) are 3rd, but only 2 points behind Barca and 4 ahead of Atletico Madrid in 4th.

They think it’s all over …

Finally, oh dear, oh dear! The only other sportsman that I know of who thinks he’s a legend in his own mind, dear old Goldenballs himself, “Sir” David Beckham, has come a right cropper in the press recently.

For those of you who don’t know, he’s had a load of e-mails to not only his PR guys but also to the Honours Committee, leaked to the public, revealing that (a) he’s really peed off that he didn’t get a knighthood as he feels he deserves one because of his charity work (?) and (b) that he was turned down because of his tax affairs, which, to say the least are not, according to HMRC “quite in order”.

Who the hell does this guy think he is and doesn’t he realise that you can’t just buy an honour, or can you?

And, let’s face it,  on the field, apart from having a wonderful left foot he didn’t have much else. Never in my mind a great footballer, just a mediocre specimen who happened to be in a great Man United team and the right places at the right times! Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Love it!!!

It is now …

On that note, ’tis all for now, until March, Jezza


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 Ibizan Pool League

  • Jack Wharrie

Greetings pool fans, it’s that time again where we look back at another month filled with twists and turns as we sit on the cusp of the business end of the season.

Our top teams, The Ship, Illusions and Boulevard Spaniards have further solidified their top tier status as they have not lost a game between them this month (barring the clash between the Spaniards and The Ship).

With The Ship holding a six-point lead at the time of writing they’ll be feeling confident of holding their lead till the end, Illusions, however, will have hopes of taking the crown in their debut season as they hold two games in hand over the current leaders.

The mid-table has changed a fair bit, Maxims, after a stellar start to the season, will have been disappointed with January, taking 4 points of the available 16.

The Social and the Storeroom E-Leats, on the other hand, have to be happy after climbing up to 4th and 5th in the table respectively.

Finally, it’s deja-vu at the bottom of the table as none of the teams in the bottom four have changed places with each other since the last report.

Whilst the ladies of Flaherty’s are still searching for their first win, both the Storeroom Knights and Stevie D’s ‘A’ Team impressed against top opposition managing to take a point each from the reigning champions the Boulevard Spaniards.

Coming up,  The Ship will be looking for current in form teams The Social and Storeroom E-Leats to help their chances as Illusions face them both over the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile the Ship have the easier on paper fixture facing teams in the bottom half of the table for the next 3 games, but then we all know what good ‘on paper’ can turn out to be.