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The Ibizan 853 ~ January 2017

Front Page




Welcome to the first Ibizan for 2017, with the very best wishes to all of our readers  for a very happy and prosperous new year.

2017 promises to be another big one for Ibiza. Tour operators and the Ibizan government are predicting another record year for tourism, which is great news for those earning a living from the annual summer influx, but will not be without its challenges.

Ibiza’s infrastructure and environment are struggling to cope with the pressure put upon them, and the Island’s success in attracting visitors has resulted in a lack of affordable housing for the local population that does not look like ending anytime soon.

Several of these issues are covered in this edition of the newspaper, and it will be an interesting spring as we watch developments unfold.

*For now however, this editorial page sidesteps such weighty subjects., and instead starts the year on a lighter note. From Porn to Palma Ham to Penny1 to Pitman  and even to the Past, the assorted notes to follow are no more  worthy of the term Editorial, than a Space closing party is worthy of the term closing party.

Here it is anyway, not an editorial, but a page of assorted nonsense. If my own ramblings do not appeal, or you have already seen some on social media, I hope there is plenty of other good content in the edition to inform and entertain you.

Hasta febrero, Nick Gibbs

Penny 1

I have just had a very interesting visitor to the office, Penny, known I understand it as ‘Penny 1’. Among the anecdotes conveyed in her visit Penny told me of riding horses from near Hotel Ses Savines all the way along the Bay of San An on what was then a dirt track out to Port Des Torrent. Sure a few of you out there will remember the siesta senoritas? Penny came to Ibiza as a rep in 1961, which to my knowledge makes her the longest resident still here – unless anyone knows different?

From Parma Ham to Politics, It’s Right To Be Wrong

I love to have my mind changed on stuff. Whatever it is, from Parma Ham to Politics, conceding yourself as having been wrong about something is, IMHO, a good indication you are not a complete git.

The latest in my life’s litany of U-Turns is on James Corden. Until now I thought he was an overrated clown chancer, much of which based on his En-ger-land world cup song with Dizzy and lazy shouty UK panel shows.

Now having seen some of his US Late Late Show and Carpool Karaoke, I would like to jump ship and join the three point something million others (on fb at least) who think he is a really talented chap. Plus he does carry his weight well, how do I go about that then??

Politically Correct Kings

I know it is a controversial subject, tradition and culture and all that, but personally I think having a black person in the role of Balthazar is the right thing to do in 2017. To use a white person ‘blacked up’ just seems unnecessary and wrong. Well done Santa Eulalia and anywhere else that followed suit.

Thoughts on the UK following our Christmas sojourn.

  1. Britain now drives on the wrong side of the road.
  2. the ratio of retail parks to population is now 1:100
  3. The ratio of ambiguous kebab-pizza-fried crap shops to population is now 1:1
  4. Everybody in Essex has a personalised number plate. None of them are decipherable.
  5. Grey is the new black. Grey is also the new red, blue, green, yellow, and white
  6. Everything is on sale.
  7. Shopping is the new opium of the masses.
  8. Traffic is stationary.
  9. All of the above are totally acceptable on a strictly temporary basis when set against an overhead volley winner in the 89th minute

Letter To The Past

Dear Mr Knight, Teacher, Rose Hill Primary School, Ipswich, 1977.

Dear Sir,

I must apologise for it taking 40 years for me to offer my most sincere thanks for your part in my life. Teaching me in my final primary year, I remember you as a fine, fair, and dedicated teacher. I am sorry you could never gain my real interest in Rugby, wrong shaped balls I’m afraid, but in every other aspect of teaching I hold you in the highest regard as engaging my interest as few others have before or since.

One lesson I will never forget is when you were charged with introducing the subject of sex education. I recall thinking that you had become the brightest shade of red I had ever seen in a human being, I expect you were looking back thinking the same of twenty prepubescent children.

However it is particularly in English language that you inspired me to such a level that I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

At the end of each day you would read to us for the last half an hour or so, though I remember the better the book and warmer the day the longer the session.

We heard some wonderful classics of Children’s literature brought to life by your spoken word and anybody of similar age to myself will know what high praise it is to say your narrative style was minimally the equal of a Bernard Cribbins’ Jackanory.

Of greatest fondness in my memory is ‘The Hobbit’. Something quite random brought this into my mind this week, and I was taken back four decades to my ten year old self, with head on desk, sitting next to Neil Rumsey, the dappled sunlight, the smell of wood, rubber, pencil shavings, and hearing your voice conjuring up my fantastic imaginary version of Tolkien’s world and characters. F.Y.I. (apologies for that corruption) the Gollum you created for me was nothing at all like that realised in the later films, ours was a much more sympathetic chap.

I had always enjoyed reading, but you brought it to life in a way that has stayed with me ever since, and ultimately lead me to my current job in which I use some of what you gave me on a daily basis.

Unfortunately ten year old children do not have the foresight to express the gratitude for what may be to follow, but I should have thought to before now. Of course I have no way of contacting you. Aside from remembering you were originally from Glossop I have nothing to go on. Though to my ten year old eyes you seemed very old, as every adult appears ancient, I think you must have been a young teacher based on your passion, and so there is every reason to think you are still alive. I have created an image of you living the English retirement idyll, your home a village cottage, sitting in an armchair in front of a spitting log fire, surrounded by books and occupied with the happy memories of a rewarding life. All a bit chocolate box I know, and I can’t blame you for such sentimentality. Your reading of ‘Kes’ was perhaps my first exposure to social realism. I guess it is more a case of feeling you deserve to be in such comfort and happiness.

In the absence of any ability to contact you directly, and for what it is worth, I offer this expression of thanks up to cyberspace.

At the very least it may be of some comfort to current teachers that can read it as an advance letter of thanks from their current pupils, but I hope in some way it may ultimately reach you. After all, as your storytelling taught me, the most fantastical things are possible.

With gratitude,

Nick Gibbs

Proud To Be British – The Best Worst Perverts In The World!

I recently received press from statistica summarising Pornhub.com’s annual ‘most searched for’ report.

Most of it is pretty predictable stuff, but the spikes in search terms for British one-handed browsers makes for some sorry reading.

Other countries have their peculiar freakish turn ons, e.g. in the U.S.A it’s Stepmoms that seem to result in the most sticky mouse issues, but the three top spikes in the U.K. read like the Brexit brigade couldn’t contain their triumphal joy for more than the 6 minute average visit duration in a Sexit orgy of one nation onanism.

#1 ‘British’ – nothing too wrong in that, but given the other two I can’t help feeling that if the pornhub users had a better grasp of boolean search it might have been (“British” OR “English” AND “White” NOT “Benefit Scrounging Foreigners”)

#2 ‘British Schoolgirls’ – something to be proud of there, watch your British schoolgirl porn on the PC whilst simultaneously spitting fury at the Paki Groomers on the TV news

#3 ‘British Chav’ – I mean what even is that? Chav sex? Like Porn isn’t low quality enough already that you want to add spotty seventeen year old simpleton scumbags into the mix. And what does it mean? Will agent provocateur be releasing a line of quarter cup Burberry bras? Is there a counter culture of people searching for ‘British, Upper Middle Class Aspirational’?

Makes no sense to me, but who am I to judge, whatever gets your freak on I guess – except schoolgirls, sorry but as the second highest U.K. spike that is all kinds of wrong.

Talking of getting your freak on – it seems there is hell of a lot of freak being got. In 2016 Pornhub streamed 500,000 years of porn. They didn’t do the obvious sum – but I did.

500k years = 182.5 million days = 262,800,000,000 minutes div by 6 minutes average visit time = 43.8 billion kleenex cleanups, 6 for every person on the planet.

And it has to be true, I read it on the internet.

New Year Address by Ibiza President, Vicent Torres

“Eivissencs and   eivissenques,

I am writing to you to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a good 2017.

I am speaking from Finca Can Marines in the municipality of Santa Eulalia, as a symbol of our land and as a symbol of our people.”

Rural Ibiza

“We all feel very proud of this landscape, this heritage, our customs and traditions … but all that we hold dear about our Island would not have been possible without the generations that have preceded us. The men and women of Ibiza’s countryside deserve our recognition of the importance we place on their dedication to the land.

During the last year, the Consell adopted very important new regulations regarding land ownership. For the first time we have recognised the right to build on rural land for inheritance or family reasons, and in doing so afforded protection to rural families against speculative financial interests.

During 2017 we will initiate the revision of the overall planning model, ‘de tot el PTI’. This will be a complex process during which we will be seeking the views of farmers, as well as all the political forces and groups involved in the definition of an Island model and sustainable future for all.”

Tourism & Public Services

“There is no doubt that Ibiza receives enormous pressure from a level of tourism greater than we have ever known before. 2016 was a record year, and we predict that 2017 will also be extraordinary.

We have to take the  opportunity to solve any problems this causes,   because tourism should help to improve our quality of life.

To achieve this we must look to ensuring quality public services, good public transport, safe roads, suitably controlled countryside, beaches and coastline,  and with tourism activities that do not cause undue noise or other inconvenience.

It is in our hands to improve the Island model. This is one of the goals the Board has set for the new year. It begins with a historical investment in public transport, with major road improvements  at Can Negret and Jesus.

We will also be working closely with the authorities responsible for ensuring the provision of our water supplies and the launch of the new emissary (sewerage outlet) of Talamanca, which we expect to begin operating next summer.

Tourism & Housing

“To ensure we continue to improve our quality of life, we need to equip ourselves with more and better instruments of control.

The new regional regulations regarding tourist rentals due to be  introduced in 2017 will be of great importance. There is no doubt that Ibiza needs changes to be made to the current proposals if the new regulations are to serve our needs.

It is very important that the new regulations help us to fight a wide range  of unregulated tourism we are experiencing at present.

It is a serious problem that has led to the saturation point that we suffer in the summer. This has  triggered the housing crisis due to prices beyond the means of many Island residents. It has caused enormous problems of coexistence between tourists and residents.

All the institutions of our Island have spoken out clearly against allowing  apartments to be let to the tourist market. In Ibiza it is not allowed to let any apartment to tourists. We need a new regulatory structure that will not only prohibit tourist apartments, but also ensure we have the power to enforce the ban, which currently does not happen.

It is a priority of this Consell to address our Island housing problems by using all of the powers and resources we have at our disposal.

To assist in this goal we have initiated contacts with other authorities in order to obtain public land.

Our aim is that, for the first time, the Consell of Ibiza housing policy will incorporate rental promotions to families and workers.

Social Issues & Welfare

“We want an Ibiza of  equal opportunities for all. An Island that is socially just, with quality social services, quality  education and with the best public health services.

During the holidays, my thoughts as President of  Ibiza is first and foremost for those of our people  facing difficulties in their lives, and to those who are most vulnerable. This can take many forms including those at risk of exclusion, our children, the elderly, and women and children who are victims of gender violence. It is our duty as a society to help all disadvantaged people and fight to eradicate all violence against women once and for all.

Best Wishes for the New Year

“I would also like to acknowledge all of the people who work for us whilst we are enjoying the Christmas festivities.  My thanks goes out to  all those working in the  emergency services, in our health services, and in our environmental services.

Also to all the volunteers who give their time in charitable projects to distribute food and clothing to those in need, and also deserving our thanks all those who work in the hospitality sector we rely upon to make it possible for us to spend a happy holiday.

And finally I wish everybody good health, and my  hope that you will have a very happy 2017.

Vicent Torres Guasch

President d’Eivissa



Axel Group Opens LGBT* Hotel In Cala de Bou

The ever-expanding chain of Axel Hotels is hitting Ibiza and should open its doors on May 1st this year.

*While Axel Hotels are aimed at the LGBT world, their vision is to create a free and tolerant society, with all customers welcome irrespective of sexuality.

AxelBeach Ibiza (formally the Sundown Hotel Ibiza) will have 89 apartments, a gym; spa and chill out terrace, among other services.

The opening is in addition to those that will soon be held in Berlin and Madrid and is part of the company’s expansion plan, which is expected to open ten hotels in the next five years.

The chain obtained an income of 16.1m euros last year and an occupation of 98%. With these new openings, Axel Hotels’ plans to increase its revenue by 52% this year and to achieve an income of 24.5m in 2017.

Sant Miquel – Robbery using Threat of Violence Against 7 Year Old Child

A woman has filed a complaint with the Guardia Civil explaining that on Monday she was robbed in the early evening using the threat of violence against her 7 year old son.

The robbery took place at 18:35 on Monday evening when the woman and her son were leaving the Sant Miquel sports centre in her car and had stopped to deposit rubbish in the bins.

A van had pulled up alongside and a man jumped out, grabbed the boy from behind and said, “What’s up champion?” while looking directly at the mother. The boy then asked if she knew the man to which she replied “no”. Another man got out of the van and said, “Now you give me the money, the purse and everything you carry”. She went on to say, “he said it so naturally that I don’t think my son knew they were robbing us”.

She handed the thieves her purse with credit cards, 60€ cash, her documentation, and the keys to her home and garage. They then demanded she give them a rucksack containing a games console and the mobile phone they saw in her car. “they did not take any kind of weapon to me, but I am very clear that they were threatening me with my child, because when you hug him from behind and the other tells me to give him the money, the meaning is very clear” said the victim.

The family did not sleep in their own home that night for fear the assailants may try to enter the house. The victim had tried to report the crime in Sant Joan, however the station was closed and she had to travel to Sant Antoni. “On the way, I had to explain to my son that they had robbed us, because he didn’t know about it,” she said.

Agents of the Guardia Civil are trying to find the assailants, however no arrests have been made.

San Jose Acts Against Abandoned Car Owners

San Jose town hall has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the owners of ten vehicles that have been abandoned in the municipality. The proceedings were opened after the owners have failed to remove their vehicles from the road or municipal deposit. The owners will face fines of 2500€, plus the costs of removal and storage of the vehicles.

The action is part of the Town Hall’s efforts to improve the state of cleanliness of the municipality.

The abandonment of vehicles, especially in certain areas of the borough, is becoming an important environmental problem and their presence on the streets poses a risk to people (broken glass, rusty metal) and the environment (fuel, brake fluid, etc.).

The abandonment of a vehicle is considered a serious offense and scrapping a vehicle must be done through an Authorised Treatment Centre.

Scrapping a vehicle is a free and simple process and can be done easily through the following 3 centres.


Reciclajes Ibiza, S.L. B-07655038

C/ S. Antoni es coll Sant Rafel km. 5.5 07816

Tel: 971 194 051

Fax: 971 198 085


Sant Antoni de Portmany

Aggeve Pitiusas, S.L.

Polígono Industrial de Montecristo, parcela 81

Tel: 971 316 933

Santa Eularia Des Riu

Ca Na Negreta, S.A.

Ctra. Sant Joan, km. 6,100

Tel: 971 311 313

Santa Eulalia allocate 322,000€ to remove cables in Puig d’en Valls

Santa Eulalia Town Hall has approved the investment of a third of a million euros for the removal of more than one kilometre of overhead and wall mounted cables in the village of Puig d’en Valls.

The works will start within the next month or two and will last for 10 weeks.

The contract has been awarded to Islasfalto amounting to 322,000 euros. It concentrates on power lines and telecommunication cables in Calle Pare Bartomeu, but also includes the elimination of low voltage wiring around various streets.

In total, the work will remove almost 800 meters of telephone cables and telecommunication lines, while another 400 meters of low voltage lines will be replaced by underground pipes.

The work also will install 13 new streetlights around the village.

San José 2.2 Million €  on Water and Roads

San Jose Town Hall have issued details of six projects completed within a 2.2 million euro budget of improvements to the borough.

The town hall said that “A very important part of the investment has been concentrated in Cala de Bou, including the first phase of the expansion and renovation of the water network, costing 720,933 euros”. A further 200,000€ was spent on paving and sewerage works on Carrer Ourense.

Also in Cala de Bou the town hall have installed bus stop shelters, something they say was called for by residents and businesses in the area.

Further works on the water system in San Jordi and San Jose have total expenditure of 235,827 euros and 238,266 euros respectively.

Both urban water supply networks are known to be very old and had become totally obsolete, recording yields of just over 35% of water from source to supply, among the lowest in the municipality.

Road resurfacing and improvements to various locations around the borough cost a further 112,882€

The works were co-funded by the Consell by grants of 700,000€ accounted for within the 2.2 million overall spend.

Editorial Comment: Re Glass Bus Shelters – Great for Winter, but in Summer surely they will become Human Ovens?

Eivissa Expects

  • Ibiza’s President & 5 Mayors Unite In Opposition To Palma Proposals
  • New Balearic law designed to restrict unregulated tourist lettings do not reflect Ibiza’s special circumstances.
  • Palma’s proposals create a framework for apartments to be rented to the tourism market legally, but Ibiza’s Mayors and Consell President are unanimous in opposing the new regulations.

Nick Gibbs

In what many would consider an example of the regional Balearic government’s Majorca-centric outlook, all eyes will be on Ibiza’s political power masters to convince Palma of our island’s affordable housing crisis.

A new draft law is presented as introducing new measures to clamp down on holiday rentals due to a lack of affordable housing for locals, however the changes could have the opposite effect in Ibiza.

Proposed measures include regulations relating to the registration of apartments under a tourist rental licence.  Ibiza does not currently allow any private apartments to be registered for tourist letting.

Under the new proposals requirements will include:-

  • Permission from the community of owners
  • Restriction of holiday rentals to specific designated tourist areas.
  • Licences will only be granted to properties in buildings that are over ten years old.
  • There will be a fixed number of licences for each island and no new licenses will be issued once they have been taken, however licences can be bought and sold.
  • Licenses will have to be renewed every 5 years.
  • None will be granted for properties on protected rural land.
  • Penalties are proposed of between 20,000€ and 40,000€ for breaches of the new regulations.

Long Standing Confusion

There has been long standing confusion over the regulations for the letting of private apartments in the Balearics, specifically whether they have to be registered at all.

Writing on Spanish Property Insight, Mark Stucklin considers that permits are required for holiday rental apartments and that no permits are being granted. Reflecting the lack of clarity, he also refers to advice by a prominent Majorcan property lawyer Will Besga who has argued for some time that apartments can be let to whomever you choose on the open market so long as the property owner takes care not to offer any tourist-like services.

What will come as a huge blow to those working to tackle the problem of Ibiza’s lack of affordable rental housing for its residents, along with the many other problems associated with illegal tourist letting, is that Palmas proposals as they stand would considerably weaken Ibiza’s position.

Ibiza does not currently allow any apartments to be registered for tourist letting and any regulations, however stringent, to allow legal apartment letting can only have a negative effect.

Another aspect of the proposals that we feel sure will have a good number of readers staring in disbelief is the condition that once all licenses have been taken, and thereby no new available licences, the existing licences can be traded, bought and sold on the open market.

It boggles the mind that the obvious potential for this to be abused has not been considered. It seems so obvious that it almost becomes difficult to explain why this seems such a bad idea. Surely, there must be the potential for the worst of those making huge profits from the illegal renting sector to spot yet another opportunity where they can make money from our island economy, none of which is likely to benefit the island whatsoever.

Ibiza’s mayors and presidents stand united in opposing the Balearic government’s proposals, however there is a strong feeling that there should never have been a need for them to do so had Palma taken the particular needs of Ibiza into account.

Rental Pricing Register

Though the issue of apartment letting may be the most important in its potential impact, Ibiza Consell’s executives have approved several other required amendments on the new housing law.

Among the amendments, the board propose that the islands create a register of rental prices by area. This would be used to establish an estimate of price guidance for the benefit of those looking to rent a property, similar to the euro per square metre guidance that is readily available to those looking to purchase property in Spain.

The view is that this would make ‘predatory pricing’ stand out and offer some protection against the desperation, which sometimes leads people to agree to vastly inflated pricing.

Editorial Comment …

Whatever the proposals of the Balearic government and whatever the requested amendments of Ibiza s representatives, we must remember that none of it will mean a thing without it being enforced.

It doesn’t matter what the registration criteria is, nor what level of penalties apply for breaching regulations, if there is nobody to police the market the laws will continue to be openly flouted as they are now.

Ibiza made much noise of its tough stance and fight against illegal renting before the 2016 tourist season. The reality however was ineffective, and seemed to have very little effect on the problem. Despite promises of additional inspectors, and the commissioning of a bespoke internet scanning software programme, Ibiza pursued a pitiful 100 prosecutions against people in breach of the regulations during the whole of the 2016 season, while thousands of unregulated properties were still available and being openly marketed on sites such as Air BnB.


Hort Des Raspallar Repaired

The Department of education, heritage, culture, youth and sports of the island consell has completed the repair works of the yards and the warehouse of the site, as well as the replacement of the perimeter of the complex, comprising of the mill, the wheel, the laundry room and the adjoining buildings.

The works consisted of the repairing the exterior walls and the roof of the pens, which were in very poor condition, for a total of 5,266€, as well as the replacement of the existing damaged fence for a galvanized steel one at a cost of 18,498€.

The fact that this property is set in the grounds of the des Raspallar sports complex, which is owned by the consell, and the exteriors are also used for sports practice made it preferable to close its perimeter for security reasons.

The area will soon be available to users of the sports facilities and visitors, with explanatory information panels.

The renovations are considered an important long term investment that will ensure the historically important farm will be available to schools and the general public for many years to come.

Electrical Equipment & Batteries Recycling Scheme

‘Recycling Is Part Of Our Nature’

The campaign, promoted by the Consell d’Eivissa and waste management companies Ecolec and Recyclia, aims to convey simple information on the obligations and rights of distributors of electrical and electronic equipment of Ibiza in the Waste management of Electrical and Electronic appliances (WEEE). (in Spanish residus d’aparells elèctrics i electrònics (RAEE).)

A qualified technician in electrical waste management will visit 40 points of sale convey as directly as possible the information they should know about the Royal decree 110/2015 WEEE. In addition to this training, the stores will receive promotional materials to inform customers and encourage them to recycle their WEEE.

To facilitate the work within the stores, the technician will offer the installation of a specific container to collect the WEEE from its customers and provide a completely free of charge, periodic collection of this waste.

The campaign will be completed with a web page, which will inform about the importance of recycling of WEEE and the location of the establishments with container to collect them. Promotion will also run on social media with a 50€ prize available.

The slogan of the campaign is ‘Recycling is part of our nature. ”



The Ecolec Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists businesses in complying with the Royal Decree 110/2015, as a future system of collective responsibility, which was created in 2014 to protect the environment. Its objective is to efficiently finance the collection, treatment, recovery and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries and accumulators. The organization is ISO 9001 certified for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment.

About Recyclia:

Recyclia is the platform that brings together foundations Ecopilas, Ecofimática, and Tragamóvil Ecoasimelec, which focuses on the collection and recycling of equipment and electrical devices and electronic equipment (WEEE) and unused batteries. Recyclia has managed more than 152,000 tonnes of WEEE since 2001 and 17,650 tonnes of used batteries and batteries since 2008, when the legal obligation to collect and recycle these devices came into force, according to data provided by the same organization.

Jacaranda Goes East

  • Carly Sorensen

A quick scroll through Facebook during winter shows that South East Asia is a popular destination for many island residents, whether for work, play and this year one of our beach clubs are taking a Winter tour there too.

Es Canar’s popular and party packed Jacaranda Lounge is popping up throughout February, putting on parties at several venues in the backpackers paradise, as the inimitable hostess Mandy takes her beloved party on tour.

Three times in Summer 2016 the phenomenal Phats and Small packed out the Jacaranda Lounge; getting the place pumping with their high energy, seamlessly mixed and irrepressibly upbeat vocal house sets jam packed with club classics, and it comes as no surprise to hear that they will be headlining the Thai Tour… guaranteed good times from these two legends of the dance scene.

Joining them are the spectacular Lindsay and Anastasia McQueen with their breathtaking flyboard board light show and live saxophone, a truly unmissable performance- the sight of Lindsay performing trick after gravity defying trick before navigating his flyboard to pick up wife Anastasia blasting out smooth tunes on the sax (who didn’t miss a note as he shot into the sky with her in his arms) must be one of coolest I have ever seen.

As well as this, there’ll be DJ sets from  Ibiza Global Radio’s Jamie Porteous and Jacaranda resident Rick Live and a whole host of acrobats, dancers, singers.

You can catch The Jacaranda Ibiza Party at Xana Beach Club, Phuket on February 11th and Chateau Dale Beach Club in Chaweng, Koh Samui on the 14th. Other dates are still being confirmed as we go to print, to find out more visit their website below.

Best of luck to the Jacaranda crew!


Lidl opens new Ibiza Store.

Lidl celebrates 15 years in the Balearic Islands with the opening of its third store in Ibiza

The company has invested 3.5 million euros in the launch of the new store, creating 35 new jobs

After 15 years in the Islands, Lidl has twenty stores and employs more than 400 people, 100 of them in Ibiza

Lidl’s new Ibiza store opened on Thursday 15th December 2016.

Situated close to Ibiza Town at Can Bufí, (though in the municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu), it is the third store of the supermarket chain on the island, along with the already existing on Avenida Sant Josep de Sa Talaia d’Eivissa and Sant Antoni.

The company has invested 3.5 million euros in the construction of this new building, which has a 1,400 square metre shop floor.

It will employ 40 staff, 35 of which being newly created positions. This will take the Lidl workforce in Ibiza to over 100 people.

The store has a hundred parking spaces and will open between 9:00am and 9:30pm, Monday to Saturday.

15 years in Baleares

2016 marks Lidl’s 15th anniversary in the Balearics. The company opened its first stores in 2001 with the first Ibiza store in 2002.

Do We Want More Chain Supermarkets?

A difficult question. The benefits in lower costs are undeniable, but in the U.K. the growth of the major supermarkets has resulted in the demise of the small independent shopkeeper, and with the big stores  extending their range to everything from electrical goods to in-store opticians, many argue they are the reason for the collapse in the traditional town centre.

We asked Ibiza residents for their views.

  • Francis Roldán

The small community businesses have been working for a century. These chains (lidl, mercadona) have begun working in the island 7 years ago, and let us buy products, sometimes the same one much cheaper than in the others.

I’m not really worried for them because as I said before, they worked and earned a lot during the last century,

it’s time we can choose where to buy cheaper.

  • Liam O’Dowd

Its 15-20 minutes each way to my nearest supermarket. My local shop is 5, has an array of interesting folk populating the area around the counter drinking, smoking and generally being Spanish men, and does a roaring trade.

As long as this island is lightly populated by people living down dirt caminos in remote arse ends, the little shops, in these areas at least, will thrive.

  • Madeleine Adler

I’m super happy about this!

I love Lidl and their selection of international food. Great prices as well, it’s expensive to live all year in Ibiza.

  • Jos Steeghs

Happy days, welcome to Lidl, Aldi, etc. The world also changes on Ibiza, thank God. We have been ripped off long enough by Eroski, Spar, Prop and other chains with their artificial high tourist prices for every day needs. You do not have to belong to the so called “low income families” group, it’s just common sense…

  • Tracy Roche

Although I live in UK we love Lidl as it saves us an absolute fortune on everyday essentials. This year eating out and buying food was super expensive in Ibiza so it will be great for the people who permanently live there with normal paid jobs to buy everyday stuff as I could imagine living there has an extremely high cost of living

  • Brian Beezwax

Might take a bit from Eroski and Hipercentro but that’s about it – no small shops in that area!! Is it too big to open on a Sunday??

  • Patrick Curran

I think its ok just to have one big one.

  • Fab Lab

In the next 10 years we’ll have Tesco, Harrods, Essemunga, 7/11 and many more…and somebody still think they eat fresh local food ….this is the change that we don’t want to see and the food we don’t want to eat.

  • Eivissa Lyn

If small shops sold sewing machines, aspiradores, clothes at a reasonable price then I would use them.

Why not just let people shop where they want to?? I’m fed up with being lectured about what I eat, what I wear, who to give money too. I’ll decide thank you!!

  • Laurence Hyodey

Well, we need to be ready to pay more to save small stores…

  • Patrick Blake

I think it has a bad long-term effect. It’s not exactly “buying local”


Food & drink

Villa Mercedes @ Valentine’s

The menu  changes, but the quality, style and those quintessentially Villa Mercedes special touches that make it a night to remember, all stay the same. We have been waiting all year to publish Carly’s report of Villa Mercedes Valentine’s dinner 2016.

  • Words Carly Sorensen, Photos Hattie Scanlan

“Since moving here in 2011, we’ve been big fans of Villa Mercedes. It’s classy and cool without being pretentious, serves delicious gourmet style food at affordable prices, is set in beautiful grounds with a building straight out of a classical Mediterranean painting and has friendly and efficient staff managed by the ever attentive, professional, personable and super slick Javier.

The atmosphere at Villa Mercedes is a unique combination of upmarket yet friendly, cool yet welcoming and bustling yet calm. It’s long been our go-to destination for a romantic dinner or celebration and is the first place we recommend to visitors looking for a special place at which to eat out.

We were greeted by Javi who told us our table was ready inside and to come on up when we were ready. In all honesty, he is one of the reasons we love the place so much. We can go months without visiting but he always remembers us and greets us as old friends – his attention to detail and customer care is second to none.

At the entrance a smiling photographer, and Javi again, greeted us with a table loaded with Valentine’s appropriate props and snapped a lovely ‘date night photo’ before we were led to a rose petal strewn candle lit table in the window with a great view out over the marina. Our waiter appeared within seconds, presenting us with a drinks menu and explaining the Valentine´s menu

Now, onto the food. Oh my goodness, the food. Two starters came out, the first was ‘Amorous Prelude’ a beautiful asparagus, eel and cream cheese sushi which had been lightly battered and quickly fried to give it a warm crisp coating and sumptuous texture. I’ve never had sushi like this before and will most definitely be eating it again.

Next came ‘Eternal Passion’ – a delectable salad of pan seared scallops, mushrooms and king prawns on a bed of beetroot carpaccio accompanied by a fresh crisp salad topped with an edible flower and drizzled in citrus dressing which was a fabulous combination of smooth and crunchy textures and earthy, rich and fresh flavours. Absolutely divine.

For the next course there was a choice of sea bass or beef. I plumped for the fish, whilst Mike selected the beef and both were just as delicious as the previous dishes. My fish was cooked to perfection – moist, fluffy and flavoursome – and the griddled asparagus spears, spring onions and zingy passionfruit sauce were the perfect accompaniments.

Mike’s beef was tender and melt-in-the-mouth with a creamy truffle potato mash and generous squirt of a scrumptiously light and airy yet flavour filled cheese foam. This truly was the food of love, and the sounds of pleasure emanating from our table and those around us confirmed it!

After leaving us to enjoy each other’s company, the cava and the smooth sounds of live sax over chilled Balaeric beats, our smiling waiter brought over a gorgeous looking dessert of pannacotta with a burst of raspberry coulis in the middle and a spoon of dark chocolate melted, poured then set over the top. This was sprinkled with a delightful combination of freeze dried raspberry and mint shavings. Again, pure, delicious indulgence.

To finish off the gastronomic glory was coffee accompanied by a ‘French Kiss’ – a tasty chocolatey mouthful of decadence – followed by a complimentary glass of cava. All in all, an absolutely wonderful evening out. We enjoyed some much needed ‘us time’ in a beautiful romantic atmosphere with food that was truly out of this world. Hats off to you Javier and team, you surpassed yourselves.


Flaherty’s Sunday Roast Dinner

Flaherty’s offer 3 options for Sundays, something to suit every appetite and budget.

A main course only is just 9,80€, the soup and roast at 12€, or a great value 3 course including a drink for 17€.

  • Homemade Tomato soup with bread and butter.

Looks can be deceiving as this is not a straightforward tomato soup. Every mouthful felt warm and satisfying, the rich tomato flavour elevated by the warming seasoning, just what the doctor ordered on a bright but nonetheless chilly Ibizan winter day. A sprinkling of croutons and dash of creme add texture and flair.

  • Beef or Roast Chicken Breast

No Sunday should be without a traditional, homemade Sunday Roast. Whether you go it alone or add courses to the Sunday Roast main course, you’ll certainly need a good appetite as each roast is served with creamy mashed potato, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, gravy and a selection of vegetables – we had carrots, creamy leeks and red cabbage.

The taste was as big as the portion size and everything cooked just right.

  • Choice of Desserts

Apple Crumble and Ice Cream: Yet another taste of home and a prefect dessert to round off the Flaherty’s Sunday Roast experience – the apples were deliciously spiced, the crumble crumbled and the ice cream on the side made the dish.

Chocolate Brownie Served warm with cream and ice cream: This brownie was moreish to say the least – even our non-chocolate eating reviewer was seen tucking into this dessert.

Ice Cream Sundae: Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry scoops with the most intense flavours and again not shy in the portion size.

The pleasure in a Sunday Roast lunch at Flaherty’s goes beyond the food itself.

We are all for integration and doubt many of our readers would want to spend all their social time at bars and restaurants that have the feel and style of our native lands, but equally there is nothing to apologise for in enjoying the comfort of familiar surroundings sometimes.

Perhaps a winter Sunday lunch is the best example of when we all enjoy the familiarity of a place like Flaherty’s.

Along with your meal you’ll have a warm welcome by friendly local faces, a regular throughput of the local community, and the opportunity to kick back and watch your sporting preference on the many TVs that allow them to cater for most requests most of the time.

See advert front page for more information.


La Torre, New Winter Menus

We are not quite sure how they are doing it, we suspect witchcraft may be involved, but Hostal La Torre’s food just seems to be getting better and better—the point being it was brilliant in the first place.

In addition to a new menu del dia, they have several new dishes to delight on the full winter menu, but we  cant stop thinking about this one.

Rack of Lamb in a Moroccan crust with sweet and sour aubergine purée, cous cous with zucchini, dried apricots and almonds. How good does that look? It tastes even better.

See page 19 for what’s on at La Torre. Bookings and more information at




Fugitive Paedophile Arrested in San Juan, Ibiza

  • Daily Mail, 11th January 2017
  • By Gerard Couzens for MailOnline

Fugitive paedophile who preyed on 15-year-old girls with his girlfriend before fleeing London is arrested in Ibiza The 32-year-old faces nine years in jail in Britain

Paul Michael Silverthorn, from east London, is behind bars in Madrid and awaiting possible extradition to Britain after he was detained on the Spanish holiday island.

The 36-year-old’s arrest came months after his girlfriend, paedophile Leila Kassam, was also caught in Spain.

Kassam, 32, fled to the same island after admitting child sexual exploitation offences in March.

But she was captured after a local worker recognised her from a Crimewatch appeal over the summer while she was working as a farmhand and she was extradited to Britain in November.

Last night her boyfriend, Silverthorn, was behind bars after going before a judge in an extradition hearing and faces a forced return to the UK and a nine-year jail sentence.

Kassam and Silverthorn are thought to have skipped bail together and fled Britain after admitting their crimes. They were sentenced to four years and nine years respectively in their absence.

They had lured their young victim back to a central London flat where they sexually assaulted her.

The pair, both from Leytonstone in London, have been described as leading figures in a sex ring exploiting young girls during ‘legal high’ parties at a flat in Haymarket, central London.

Another member of the gang, Daniel Trinnaman of Harrow, was sentenced to two and a half years in jail after being convicted of causing a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity and perverting the course of justice.

Faham Jaffer, 34, who had sex with one girl after Kassam texted her a photo with a message which read, ‘Only got me a cute little 15-year-old’, was sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of sexual activity with a child.

Silverthorn, described by Spanish police as a Canadian national, is said to have given his victim legal high ‘5 NEO’ before stifling her screams with a ball gag and tying her to a bed. He pleaded guilty to sex with a girl under 16, possessing prohibited images of a child and distributing indecent photographs before going on the run. He was convicted in his absence of administering a substance with the intent to overpower to allow sexual activity.

A spokesman for Spain’s Guardia Civil, confirming the arrest of Silverthorn who they identified in a press release only by his initials, said: ‘The Civil Guard in Ibiza has arrested a 36-year-old Canadian with the initials P.M.S on foot of a European Arrest Warrant issued by the authorities in the United Kingdom with the object of making him serve a nine-year prison sentence there for indecently assaulting a child and possessing and distributing child pornography.

‘During the police investigation it was ascertained that the detainee could be in San Joan which was the place where he ended up being arrested by the Guardia Civil.’

A judge in Madrid remanded him in prison after an extradition hearing.

It was not immediately clear today if he had agreed to be sent back to Britain at the behind-closed-doors hearing or not.

DC Rob Dewhurst, from the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said after Trinnaman and Jaffer were jailed and the other two gang members went on the run: ‘This is a shocking case of child sexual exploitation.

‘The defendants targeted young vulnerable girls, plying them with alcohol and what were then legal highs in order to facilitate their sexual abuse by a number of people. I commend the young victims for their courage in reporting the offences and giving evidence at trial.’

Drunk air hostess four times over the limit fined for Ibiza flight delay

  • Daily Record
  • By Sally Hind 06:00, 23 DEC 2016

Crew chief Jacqueline Madden had 85 milligrams of alcohol in her blood when she tried to board a flight to Ibiza.

A boozy air hostess who tried to take charge of a flight while more than four times the legal limit has been fined £1200.

Thomson cabin crew manager Jacqueline Madden, 50, was stopped by police at Glasgow Airport in September as she tried to board a flight to Ibiza.

She smelled of booze and tests revealed Madden had 85 milligrams of alcohol in her blood. The limit for someone performing an “aviation function” is 20mg.

Her actions delayed the departure of the flight, carrying more than 280 people, by two hours while police and staff dealt with the incident.

Mum of two Madden, of Houston, Renfrewshire, yesterday admitted the offence and was told by a sheriff she had jeopardised public safety.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard Madden is suspended and facing disciplinary action.

Prosecutor Pamela Flynn said the accused had responsibility for the security and safety of passengers and other crew members on the flight.

She said Madden was rumbled when two police officers helped her as she struggled to open a security door leading on to the air bridge connected to the plane.

Ross Cameron, defending, said of Madden said: “She is very well thought of. This is all against the backdrop of a very difficult period in her life.

“It was the anniversary of her father’s death. She was under considerable financial pressure and completing a divorce.

“In her own words, she simply had a meltdown and consumed alcohol. This was a gross error of judgement.”

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew accepted her actions were “out of character” but said the level fine had to “bring home to others the position the court takes in relation to public safety as a serious matter”.

New Year Honours for Two British Residents in Spain

Liz Parry, former Editor of SUR in English, an English-language newspaper in Southern Spain, and resident in the province of Malaga, has been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services to British nationals living in Andalusia.

Roger Cooke, latterly President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain and resident in Madrid, has been appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services to British business in Spain and British-Spanish trade and investment.

Honours lists are published twice a year, on the Queen’s official birthday in June and at New Year, and recognise extraordinary achievement and service to the UK.  Following a nomination process, an honours committee reviews all the submitted nominations.  The Queen then awards the honour.

In the cases of Ms Parry and Mr Cooke, their outstanding achievements ensured they stood out amongst the many nominations received for this year’s New Year Honours list.

The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, said:

“I am delighted that the achievements of Liz Parry and Roger Cooke have been recognised by Her Majesty The Queen in this way, whether it be Liz through her distinguished journalism and consistent promotion of Britons’ integration into Spanish society, or Roger and his leadership of the British Chamber, our principal partner in strengthening a €46 billion bilateral commercial relationship”

  • Liz Parry

Having joined the SUR in English team in 1985 as a collaborator/translator, during her 30 years of service Liz Parry rose through the ranks at the paper, first to Assistant Editor in 1997 and then soon after to Editor.  When SUR in English was launched in July 1984, there was no or little reliable information available to British nationals resident in Spain in English.  Under Liz’s command, the paper has grown from 3000 copies and 24 pages to 150,000 copies and an average of 72 pages.  It subsequently plays an important role in helping British nationals to integrate into Spanish society and avoid some of the potential problems that moving to another country might present.

Reacting to the news of her award, Liz Parry said:

“I am delighted and proud to have been awarded this medal for service to British residents in our international community! It came as a complete surprise and I don’t know who nominated me, but I would like them to know that I am honoured and grateful”.

  • Roger Cooke

An active member of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) in Spain since 1992, Roger Cooke took on the non-remunerated post of President in April 2012, at the height of the economic crisis.  During his Presidency, Roger not only ensured the stability of the operation but revitalised the institution, dedicating a significant amount of his personal time to build stronger relationships with external partners, such as the Spanish government and major British companies operating in Spain.  Having stepped down as President of the BCC earlier this year, Roger remains committed to promoting relations between the UK and Spain.  He is an active member of the British Hispanic Foundation, an organisation which promotes cultural links between the two countries, and a strong supporter of the British Benevolent Fund, a British charity which supports British nationals in need in Spain.

A surprised Roger Cooke, said:

“I am delighted to receive this award and that a contribution to Anglo-Spanish trade has been recognised at a time when this is so important to both countries’ economic wealth and to their citizens. As always there is a team effort behind this success and it would not have been achieved without the great support of the team at the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain.”

Celebration Dinner for Young British Star of Spain’s Junior Masterchef

A dinner has been held at the British Ambassador’s residence in Madrid celebrating the success of Jefferson, a nine-year-old British resident in Cádiz who has been one of the stars of MasterChef Junior in Spain this season.

Pictured: Ambassador Simon Manley with renowned chef Marcos Morán and Jefferson


Tribute & Obituary, Farewell to Mo #YNWA

  • A prominent and much loved member of the Ibizan community has died following a tragic swimming accident during a holiday in Sri Lanka.
  • Mo Chaudry has been a well-known figure in Ibiza’s music promotion and clubbing world since 1998. His career included successful periods with Cream, Privilege and Space.
  • 53 year old Mo was taking a family holiday in Sri Lanka with the twin daughters he adored. The accident occurred on Thursday 12th, just two days before his intended return.
  • Family, friends, and the music industry pay tribute with accounts of commercial success and personal kindness.

Monday 16th January 2017: Nick Gibbs

Mo left for an extended holiday with his twin daughters in late December. Keen to show the girls their cultural heritage, they first visited Pakistan before moving on to Hikkaduwa beach in South West Sri Lanka.

On the 8th of January Mo posted photographs to facebook in celebration of Kizzy and Leelou’s 11th Birthday.

Tragedy struck on Thursday the 12th of January.

Mo was swimming when a powerful wave swept him onto rocks rendering him unconscious.

It is not known how long he was underwater however nearby tourists had witnessed the incident and were able to pull him from the sea and alert the emergency services.

Speaking from Sri Lanka, Mo’s brother Shan Chaudry  said “when he was pulled out of the water, he was resuscitated, but it was no good. An ambulance took him to hospital but it was already too late”.

Mo’s daughters were on the beach and not witness to the accident.

Brothers Shan and Adnan travelled to Sri Lanka together with the twin’s mother Sandy, on Saturday.  They are currently working with the local authorities to deal with the formalities required in Sri Lanka.

As information started to filter through to Mo’s widespread network of friends and business associates in Ibiza, many people expressed their shock and disbelief on social media.

Tributes were also forthcoming with many people acknowledging Mo’s part in their own Ibiza story.

Our thoughts are with his family at this very difficult time.

The above details of the accident are issued with the agreement of Mo’s family. Information was provided by Mo’s brother Shan.

Mo Chaudry

 “Mo Chaudry, you were a man I looked up to immensely on the Island we love. An extremely intelligent man, kind, strong, focused, full of wisdom and always a provider of great advise. You were such a valued nightlife guru of Ibiza, an innovator, pioneer, a sensational music promoter, a King of the Clubs who’s generous spirit touched the lives of so many people. A father figure to all those around you. Every time I saw you, you had such a mischievous glint in your eye, after each conversation we had, I left having listened to your limitless wisdom and wit, feeling inspired and with a big smile on my face and a chuckle in my belly. I respected you a great deal and was always so happy to spend time with you. Many a happy memory stood spectating gigs and commentating about the music scene which you were so passionately immersed. A maverick, independent minded, free thinker. An old school gentleman and also such a seriously cool dude! You will be missed.” Joe Buckle

The tribute paid by Joe Buckle above is one of many posted on social media as people come to terms with the sudden loss of a man who it seems was universally respected and admired among the Ibiza community in which he lived and music industry in which he worked.

Of all those tributes I selected this one as it has so many of the common themes that come up time after time as people pay their respects to Mo Chaudry.

Many praise his dynamic flair and innovation, an attribute which lead to considerable success in the tough business world of Ibiza clubland.

Many praise his willingness to listen, and his selfless interest in helping those looking to establish themselves.

Many talk of his wisdom, and of his wit.

Many people talk of him as a devoted father, of the Mo out of the spotlight including his passion for Liverpool  F.C.

Mo was all these things and more. Though his successful career lead him to walk among the A-list of the music world, he never took on anything of an elitist air.

Mo came from humble beginnings and carried with him a humility that found him friends wherever he went.

Mo Chaudry was, above all else, real.

In a world and industry that relies so much upon hype over substance, it is perhaps that genuine kindness of spirit that made him stand out as a special person. One that will be missed by us all.

Here we give a small insight to the scope of his life and work. I thank his friends and associates Ben King, Nick Ferguson and Dimitri de Wit for their assistance in compiling this information.     

From Pakistan to Liverpool

Mo’s family moved to the U.K. from Pakistan when he was still very young. His friend Ben King sais Mo’s background as a child was very humble. “Mo had very little as a child. It makes it all the more impressive he achieved so much in his life.”

Mo lived with his 3 brothers and became a huge fan of Liverpool football club.

Soon after news of Mo’s accident his brother Adnan posted on Mo’s facebook page. “Pomi #YNWA You Never did and Never will Walk Alone. #Mo #Chaudry #Brother”

Mo attended John Moores University gaining a media degree before working for some time for the BBC and in social work.

Ibiza Years

Mo came to Ibiza in 1998, living with his pal Ben in ‘The Cream Villa’ as they started work to develop the Cream brand in Ibiza to the huge success story it  has remained almost 20 years on.

In 1999 Mo and Ben also took on Bugged Out Saturdays and the seed was set for the future pattern of Mo always looking for new promotion projects.

“He has done so much it is difficult to remember all the exact date” Ben explained, “but I think it was about 2000 Mo left Cream and took over Renaissance at Amnesia, including the Kylie Minogue nights.”

“After a year or two he went over the road to Privilege where he was working with independent promoters, and then back to Cream must have been around 2003.”

Mo’s second stint with the Liverpool club found him with Nick Ferguson, now Cream boss in Ibiza, as his number two.

They lead what have been some of Ibiza’s most successful parties until through the next 8 years.

Miracle in Istanbul

Despite all the clubbing success, we have a hankering that Mo’s best night out on the town during the noughties may have been in Istanbul  on the 25th of May 2005 when he realised not only every football fans dream of seeing their team win the Champions league, but in doing so witnessed what many feel is one of the greatest games ever played.

Trailing 3-0 to AC Milan at half time, he watched his reds come back to score 3 in the second half and then win the game on penalties.

Tiesto, Space, & Much More

Mo worked with Nick on the huge nights that were Tiesto at Privilege for three years at the end of the decade, and then his itch found him leaving cream in 2010 to spend time at Space, then back to Privilege, and then returning to Space again promoting Mikaela Jav’s Onyx night in 2016.

There was plenty more going on in Mo’s world however. He opened the Mumak restaurant on Playa D’en Bossa beach around 2013, which he then sold in 2016.

He was also active in promoting events at Kanya, Coastline, and much more. He was never a man to sit still.

Always looking to the future, Mo was involved in the plans for the coming year’s ‘Rise Up Festival’ in Ibiza, something drawing more towards the spiritual side of his nature.


Despite his very busy professional life, Mo loved to spend time with his twin girls. Though I had met Mo before several times, it was through his family that I had my first insight to the man behind the promoter.

I will close with this account as I feel that, along with his undeniable success, it was this Mo that most touched people’s lives.

“Mo Chaudry taught me something. Quite some years ago I was playing rounders on Bossa beach with his two girls. I didn’t know they were his girls at the time, that only came to light later. Such lovely girls, real little sweethearts. I said to Mo, ‘you must be very proud of them’. He replied (words to the effect of), ‘I don’t like to think of it as proud, I wouldn’t say that to them, because I don’t want them to think they have to worry about whether I would be proud of who they want to be. I want them to be themselves and know I will love them just the same whoever they choose to be’.

I didn’t know him well at the time, but he put this ‘unconditional love’ thing over so well. I mean I think deep down he was proud, but I totally got what he was saying, the importance of your children knowing love comes without expectation, and that they should develop without the pressure of your approval.

I have never forgotten it, and have passed on that bit of wisdom several times since. If a friend says anything to me along the lines of disappointment in their child’s direction or application, chances are they will hear me say, ‘I know a bloke called Mo who has a different way of looking at it ….’



Above & Beyond

“Mo was the first promoter we ever worked with in Ibiza and we’re still with Cream all these years later. He was a true professional with a big heart and a larger than life personality. We will miss him, as will everyone who was lucky enough to know him or work with him. Our hearts go out to his family and especially his daughters.”

Armin van Buuren

“Shocked about the news of the passing of good friend Mo Chaudry.

I will always cherish the memories with you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and Ibiza.

Still cant believe this…


David Lewis

(AVB’s Manager): “Lost a good friend and collegue in the music industry! Shall miss our talks on the island and Mo’s ambition and passion to promote what we love. Rest well matey”


“Words can’t express how shocked and saddened we are to hear the tragic news about our good friend Mo.  Another devastating loss of one of our own.  He was part of the Cream family from the early days in Liverpool and in ‘98 when we needed a leader to run our nights in Ibiza he was the obvious choice.  Through his natural charm, charisma and professionalism he helped build the brand and became a much loved character on the island…the island he fell in love with and would soon become his home.   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his beautiful young girls and family at this terribly sad time.”  Love from all at Cream xx

Nick Ferguson

(Manager of Cream Ibiza and number 2 to Mo until 2010) “So sad to hear about Mo. Myself and a lot of my friends have so much to be thankful to him for, as does Ibiza as a whole. Anyone that knew him will know It’s impossible to summarise him in a few words, his character and presence were that colossal. He was extremely wise, deep and caring. He was very loved and respected worldwide, and a great promoter who I learned my trade from. But above all he was a phenomenal, doting father and my heart goes out to his lovely girls and his great family.  RIP uncle Mo, Thanks for everything, and all those amazing memories, you will be greatly missed by everyone X

Dimitri de Wit & Alex Ryan

(ConnectIbiza) “With the loss of Mo Chaudry , our close personal friend and business partner since 2002 , a Great Man and an Ibiza Icon has departed to a higher spirit.

Mo has been an inspiration for us and driving force for the whole nightlife of Ibiza for years and years. Full of ideas and humour and always in a good mood. Mo…..mate…we hope you found your rest now, you will be terribly missed”

Ferry Corsten

“‘When this tragic news came to my ears, I didn’t know what to say. So suddenly a true Ibiza rock, gentleman and friend was taken from us.

I wish all the best to his family in these hard times. A true loss for the Ibiza as we’ve always known it'”

Judge Jules

“I first got to know Mo during his many years running Cream’s on-island operations at Amnesia.

Mo was always going to me more than a seasonal worker and it wasn’t long before Mo set up his home on the island, the place he loved. Mo’s nature was always easy going and positive.

He put huge energy into his work for Cream, Privilege and Space, running club nights at these world famous venues and making them a success by his sheer will.

It takes a special type of person, full of drive and charisma, to make Ibiza their home, win the respect of the locals and act as the driving force behind such giants of global club culture.

Mo was a tremendously loyal friend who had time for everyone. A highly intelligent guy who had so much more to offer Ibiza. RIP Mo.”

Paul Oakenfold

“ I worked with Mo at all 3 clubs in Ibiza

….a great man all ways giving..

you will be missed my friend ..

my condolences to your lovely family xx”

Paul Van Dyk

“Mo Chaudry was an incredibly kind and humble soul; words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about his passing. In 1999, Mo introduced me to Ibiza… it was my first time on the white island playing for Cream. He took the UK event brand concept and established it as one of Ibiza’s biggest dance nights; Mo was significantly responsible for its success due to a deep understanding and love for our music and scene. He treated every guest and DJ like a friend, making sure they had a great time and safe party.

I’ll be forever thankful to have met this amazing man and will be inspired by his passion and compassion. There are not enough people like Mo on this planet; another soul has left us and will be greatly missed.”

Ben King

”I’m totally heartbroken. Today I’ve lost a close friend and a brother Mo Chaudry. He was the first person I met in Ibiza nearly 20 years ago. We shared a room together at the Cream Ibiza villa for our first ever season on the island and had some of the most amazing experiences. Over that time we forged a strong friendship and Mo was always the life and soul of the party. However he was always the person to go to when you needed a wise word. In fact one of his famous quotes was ‘A word to the wise’. But more than anything he was an incredible father. His girls were his life and soul and whenever I called him he was either taking them horse riding, climbing or dancing. I’ll never forget our special times partying on the Space terrace or laughing and joking whilst working at Amnesia together. Our favourite song way back in 1998 was ‘Music Sounds Better with You’ and it always did when he was in the room. Until the next dance my brother. X”



La Movida

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

Part of the ongoing fiesta in San Antonio, the much loved La Movida party returns to the town on January 28, with DJs Petit & Vazquez playing music from the 80s and 90s. Lots of people dress up in wigs and fashions of the day for this night.

This year the theme is the drawings and series of Anime and Manga from the period such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Capitan Tsubasa, The Knights of the Zodiac and so on.

From 9pm to 6am in the marquee by the fountains and entrance is free. So you’ve got plenty of time to plan your outfit or get down to San Jordi market to buy some togs to wear for one of the best winter parties on the island.

Sueños de Libertad

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

Tickets are now on sale for the 3rd Sueños de Libertad (Dreams of Freedom) music festival, which returns to Ibiza again this year from Thursday April 20 to Saturday 22. On the Thursday night the festival takes place in the Teatra Regio on Carrer Barcelona from 20.00 and on the Friday and Saturday the festival moves to Arenal beach from 17.30.

Live music will be from local and international artists. So far these bands have been confirmed, with more to be added to the line-up in the coming months: Ivan Ferreiro; Sidonie; Statuas D Sal; Depedro; Miguel Campello; Corizonas; Kitty, Daisy & Lewis; Aurora & The Betrayers; Los Zigarros. As well as lots of live music, the festival will combine art, street art, food stalls, a market and a children’s play area on the beach. Ticket prices start at €40 (+ booking fee) for the 3 days with an earlybird discount available now and can be purchased from the website. This was a great event last year and will be a great opportunity to experience live music from acts that don’t usually visit the island.

Facebook: Sueños de Libertad · Ibiza Festival – https://www.facebook.com/events/1780556312183712

Cala De Bou Quiz Nights

  • Cala de Bou
  • Pam Deakin

After a Christmas/New Year break the weekly fun quiz will restart on Thursday January 12th at its popular new venue – the restaurant/social club next to the Health Centre on the Avenida San Agustin (the upper San Antonio Bay road) .

Apart from the extremely low prices of all snacks and drinks, an additional attraction to this easy General Knowledge quiz  is an an added Accumulator for all participants.

It costs just 1 Euro to enter the quiz (which goes to Age Concern) and an additional Euro for the Accumulator (which goes to the winners !)  If the accumulator is not won in any week it is held over to the next, so it can grow substantially. At present the accumulator stands at  69 euros.

The venue is extremely welcoming, accessible and warm for the winter months, and there is plenty of parking. The quiz will start from 7.45 pm.  We hope to see you all there.

Walking in Ibiza

  • Claire B

Guided walks are currently taking place from Walking Ibiza each Wednesday and Friday.

Wednesday 18 – Short & Sweet walk – 10am – Cala Boix beach, forest and wonderful views. Tea and cakes will be served at the end.

Friday 20 – Classic walk – 10am – location to be confirmed.

Wednesday 25 – Short & Sweet walk – 10am – location to be confirmed. Tea and cakes will be served at the end.

Friday 27 – Classic walk – 10am – Crystal coast – Portinax, looking for crystals, wonderful coastline and beaches.

The walks are by donation (suggested €10 per person) or what you feel the walk is worth. For full details, like their Facebook page or sign up for the regular emails on the website. Facebook – Walking Ibiza: http://www.walkingibiza.com

The Ibiza Walking Association also hosts winter walks. There’s no published schedule at the moment so check their Facebook page for announcements and details: Ibiza Walking Association www.ibizawalkingassociation.com

Santa Eulalia Catalan Courses

The City Council of Santa Eulària des Riu is organising several Catalan courses for adults and a registration period has now opened, which is due to end on the 31st January. The courses will then take place between February 6th and May 17th.

Registration is open for levels A1, A2 and B2, as it is recognised that they are the levels with most demand. At the same time, a pre-registration period will open for other, more advanced levels to indicate the need that exists in the municipality. The next levels of course will be determined in accordance with the results of the pre-registration.

For enrolment of the courses, an amount of 30€ will be charged and a reduction of 50% will be offered for those who are unemployed, retired or are pensioners, large family members, those who have a degree of disability of 33% or more, those who have the European Youth Card and those who are in the process of intervention to the Municipal Social Services, provided they present the corresponding supporting documentation.

Registration and pre-registration can be done at the following locations in person or over the phone and further information can be obtained during working hours on 629557885.

Municipal Library of Santa Eulària des Riu, C /Joan Tur Tur, 9

Monday to Friday from 16:00 – 20:00 hours, Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 – 13:00

Tel: 971338277

Cultural centre of Jesus, C /Faisán 7

Monday to Friday from 08:30 – 14:30, 16:00 – 21:00

Tel: 971310406/871159953

Cultural Centre of Puig d’en Valls, C /Viver 6

Monday to Friday from 08:30 – 14:30, 17:00 – 20:00

Tel: 971190983



Review of the Year 2016 – The Big Quiz

We could have gone for the easy option of an article summarising Ibiza’s key news and events from the year past, but we thought we would make it a bit more fun instead.

Do you know your Consell from Consulate, Carl Cox from Ibiza Rocks, your Vedra Goats from Party Boats?

Our review of the year quiz has 52 questions covering  January to December. You have questions on news, people, images, events and a few to test your knowledge of Ibiza’s culture and customs.

So time to find out if your Ibiza knowledge is 5 star V.I.P or couch crashing on AirBNB.  So do you cut the mustard? We’re giving a long term resident target of  at least 40, newly arrived and visitors can consider themselves to have done well over 25.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

The quiz is available online in two parts. Go to the homepage to find the relevant posts.



Time to Try a Haggis?

  • Nick Gibbs

Burn’s Night falls on Wednesday 25th January. Burn’s Suppers are held around that date and this year Ibiza’s annual opportunity to savour the succulent delights of a Scottish super-sausage is being held on Saturday 21st of January at its regular location of the Chimichurri restaurant in San Augustin

This informal-formal night will include all the ceremony of a traditional supper – which is about far more than just sitting down for food. The typical format will include grace, the piping of the haggis (and though bagpipers may be hard to come by in Ibiza there is still some grandeur given to the entrance), an address to the haggis in the form of Robbie Burns’ poem, and all undertaken with every opportunity to take as many drams of whiskey as possible before and after the meal.

Now those that love Haggis, love it. Those that don’t normally haven’t tried it. The reputation as being all bladders and blood some find off-putting,  which is a shame, as when it comes down to it Haggis is basically a sausage. In actual fact it probably contains much higher quality of ingredients than your average supermarket sausage. If you like sausage you might like Haggis. If you like gourmet and specialist sausages you will probably love Haggis.

Though you should not think of it as a once a year food, in our house it is a store cupboard standard and comes out as a fast meal with curry sauce and chips or neeps and tatties (suede and potatoes) all times of year.

But if you are going to try it for the first time, Burn’s night is as good a time as any.

Thomas Green’s supermarket in San Antonio have several varieties available. These include traditional versions in the skin, but for anybody new to the game you could go for the novice tinned version. Recommended by Thomas Green’s owner Joe himself, our store cupboard tinned version has a really good peppery taste. Open the tin. Use a frying pan. Fry it off as you would sausage meat. It is that simple. They also sell bags of ready made carrot and suede mash, perfect for the clinically lazy or ridiculously busy.

See advert below for details of the Burns Supper

MacSween Haggis 454g (Serves 3-4)€7.95. Grants Haggis Tinned 470g, €3.95, Aunt Bessie’s Carrot & Swede Mix 500g, €4.75, all at Thomas Green’s on Facebook


Terrace  Times @ La Torre

There are many reasons you will be pleased to have visited Hostal La Torre in Winter.

An obvious one is the incredible sunset views from it’s clifftop position at Cap Negret, just north of San Antonio. We all know winter sunsets surpass anything the cloudless summer days have to offer, and you will not get a better vantage than from La Torre’s staggered terrace.

Then you have the food. But it would have been a complete injustice to have put a photo of their sublime plates on this, a black and white page. Turn to page 9 for a glimpse of the magic they are conjuring up in the kitchens, and when you have finished salivating come back here for more reasons to visit.

Are you back? Pretty good right?

Now to a third reason. It is just a very cool, relaxed, placed to be. A great atmosphere with a great and mixed crowd of people.

That cool factor is reflected in their Global radio sessions Thursdays, which also cover the sunset, so add in some food and you really have got a slice of winter heaven in Ibiza.

Still not enough? Well why not stay the night and take advantage of some great winter offers—including a 20% residents discount running until March 31st.



TAROTscope, The Year Ahead 2017

This year a momentous shift takes place as we move into a new era.  In TAROT numerology 2016 was a Hermit year, a number 9.  During this year we were more introspective and had to deal with the shadow aspects of ourselves.  It was a tremendous healing journey for many of you.  Those who paid attention were able to align and integrate the shadow within for spiritual and emotional growth.  Some had to overcome physical, emotional and mental challenges to become a beacon of light and hope for others. Those that found life difficult inspired us to value compassion, non-judgement and kindness.  We are now hopefully able to resolve unfinished business from our past and as we move into 2017, a Wheel of Fortune year – a number 10, as we are able to step up and motivate and inspire others.

A Wheel of Fortune year has mostly an upbeat vibration. We can look forward to a less intense period of introspection and more positive outer expression of who we truly are.  We must however be prepared to let go of old patterns of behaviour and to not be fixated with the past; otherwise the good fortune of this year is likely to pass us by.  Being willing to experiment with new ways of doing things can bring you closer to your personal goals.  Using your mind to envisage a happier reality through creative imagination will bring a cycle of opportunity, breakthrough and prosperity.  May 2017 bring you much happiness and abundance!

Elaine x

ARIES March 21—April 19

The Empress

No one will fail to miss you 2017 as you exude confidence and personal power.  The Great Goddess Mother Nature is behind the mystery of this card, the energy is neither emotional nor intellectual but somewhat balanced in between.  This is the perfect state to operate from this year; not too clever for neither your own good nor being over emotional.  Others admire your wisdom, how you nurture and the way you bring people together.  Issues with important women may need careful handling, so spending time in nature becomes a sanctuary.  Finally, let more of your creative side to emerge and allow your leadership skills to shine.

TAURUS April 20—May 20

The Lovers

Yes, on a mundane level The Lovers can highlight partnerships this year, either deepening them or introducing triangle situations.  If it is the latter, circumstances will force choices to be made and it will be make your mind up time.  On a deeper level, the Angel Metatron is associated with this card and with it the ability of mind over matter.  Therefore it is wise to be conscious of your thoughts, as what you think will indeed create your tomorrow.  Listen to the inner voice that inspires you to higher thought so that you can dissolve any negative thinking that will not serve you in 2017.

GEMINI  May 21—June 20

The Hanged Man

Playing the victim will not serve you at all this year.  Remember, we often co-create the situations we draw into our life.  It’s all for our highest good of course; we learn more about ourselves through our reactions to challenges than about others and that’s what our experience of life is about.  This year The Hanged Man will help you break through your fixed perspectives, attitudes and long held beliefs.  It’s like taking a giant out-breath and letting it all go!  Meeting our shadow aspects is often challenging but it’s time to welcome them to the wonderful family of you.  With acceptance and understanding you release the ego patterns of the past.

CANCER  June 21—July 22

The Tower

OK, so you’re notoriously resistant to change and prefer to play it safe, wrapped up in your metaphorical security blanket most of the time.  Well, not in 2017, as this year will indeed feel like an earthquake under your feet; however it’s time to shake your life up and make some drastic changes.  Anything you fear will be brought to the surface for you to deal with. There is no hiding place so you might as well take control of what you can, when you can.  Health, exercise and diet figure strongly and this shake-up brings a new image; one that dazzles!  Prepare to reconstruct your life as your genius ideas help you prosper.

LEO  July 23—August 22

The Devil

This year you are raucously invited to see the funny side of life.  Recent challenging situations brought fear to the surface and indeed many fear this card coming up in a reading.  It does caution us not to be so much in the mind without considering feelings and that our habitual thought patterns can keep us enslaved.  Pan/Bacchus is associated with this card and the lover of a good time.  The Devil spelled backwards is Lived.  Reconnect physically with others, yes have sex, play and party and don’t take life so seriously.  You can do all of this whilst still remaining grounded and stable, in fact being so attracts great abundance, and that is Mastery!

VIRGO  August 23—September 22


Relationships, romantic, family or friends come under scrutiny this year as you measure the value or depth of some.  You’re not prepared to suffer through others needlessly and are inclined to sever unhealthy attachments.  Inner transformation is at work and you feel it’s time to let go of the past and embrace the new.  The saying ‘One door opens as another door closes’ is your mantra this year.  Career and lifestyle changes will bring upheaval not only for you, but for those you’re close to.  I love the saying, ‘Let go and let God(dess)’ and this act of surrendering and not having to be in control will be extremely liberating for you.

LIBRA  September 23—October 22


Harmony is the strong message of this card and you’ll look for ways of integrating and balancing opposite ideas or feelings this year.  The artist in you wants to have its expression and some of you will be motivated to be more creative generally.  It’s a perfect year to take up art, writing or music or to complete unfinished projects.

People will be drawn to your magnetic personality and you should have the energy to make much need changes to your lifestyle.

The Alchemist is associated with this card therefore you want to experiment and experience alternative ways of being and doing.  Life falls magically into place.

SCORPIO  October 23—November 21

The Fool

The Fool represents the principles of fearlessness, courage and higher consciousness.  Therefore this is your year to explore, take risks and to delve into the realms of the mysterious and transcendental.

Be open to adventure and see the world with eyes wide open with wonder, awe and curiosity.

Be amazing because you are!  Don’t be afraid to let others see the real you and if there are any judgements coming from them, remember they are entitled to their opinion but don’t get attached to that, just carry on regardless.

Travel, develop new skills, and learn to ski, climb a mountain and learn more, there is nothing to fear.

SAGITTARIUS  November 22—December 21

High Priestess

Your sense of self-worth increases this year and marks the beginning of a long cycle where you appreciate your individuality and become much more self-sufficient.

Trusting in your intuition gives you the ability to out-manoeuvre opponents and to gain the upper hand in business dealings.

You are very in touch with your feelings and the feelings of others which would make you a super sales person in 2017; you know what people want and know how to deliver.  Your sensitive handling of difficult situations brings you praise from the people that matter.

Everything seems to come much easier now and you attract all you need to succeed!

CAPRICORN  December 22—January 19

Wheel of Fortune

Well lucky you Capricorn! Not only are we in a Wheel of Fortune year, but this is the card I drew for you as well.  Opportunities will come your way that will make up for any recent disappointments.  In order to take full advantage of them however, do take some time to review your tactics and to not repeat mistakes of the past.  By changing the way you think you will indeed change your reality, which is a real breakthrough.  You’re in for a prosperous year as this card indicates financial rewards; maybe it’s time to speculate to accumulate as you’re sure to come out a winner.

AQUARIUS  January 20 -February 18

The Star

The Star has long been associated with the sign of Aquarius and so drawing this card emphasises its power for you.  .  In 2017 it’s important to have self-love, self-trust and self-respect. This year others take note of your talents and are keen to promote you out into the world.  Importantly, you learn to value yourself in the way that others do and to no longer hide your light.  You can also be a light for others, especially those who are suffering as your natural charisma and confidence draws people towards you. This Star is associated with fame and recognition and you are about to get yours.

PISCES  February 19 -March 20

The Moon

This year keep a grip on reality and don’t fantasise on what might be.  Day dreaming your life away will get you nowhere fast.  Time to take the rose tinted glasses off and see life as it really is, not how you’d like it to be, therefore be practical and don’t get caught up in others dramas or agendas.  Be true to yourself and don’t do anything that would make you unhappy.

Commitment to transforming old patterns of behaviour allows your authentic lovely self to shine through.  Those in the film, TV, photography or music industry do well under The Moon’s influence as you are extra inspired.



It’s Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman


I am not sure if I have a problem or not but recently my grown up children have been making quite huge hints so I thought I would run it by you and see if you think I need to do anything about it.

It seems they think I drink too much, I am sure I am not an alcoholic but I do admit to liking a drink most evenings with my husband, we have worked hard most our lives and a glass or two of wine in the evenings now that we are retired can’t be all bad. I’ve never hurt myself or done anything embarrassing but for some reason the children think it’s too much and I feel I should at least take the time to listen to what they say and try to assess my drinking and the impact it has.

I look forward to hearing your views


Dear HM

Thank you for your e mail, and how refreshing it is that you are taking the time to listen to their concerns and assess if there is an issue which needs to be addressed. There is an old fashioned view of what an alcoholic is, someone who can’t do with out a drink and is hiding bottles taking sips first thing in the morning, and being in oblivion most of the rest of the time. Well that is not the case, the amount of alcohol consumed is of course very important and anything over the recommended levels is considered a problem by the medical establishment however its your relationship to alcohol that is of much more interest. For example, do you find that you do want to socialise if  you can’t drink, do you find it difficult to leave an opened bottle unfinished and how many days on the trot do you drink? DO you find you are forgetful, snappy and less tolerant of others then you used to be?

There are many more questions you could ask yourself but I suppose one of the most interesting points is that your children have noticed something, enough to make them have a conversation with you which I am sure was not decided upon lightly. How do you feel about the fact that they have come to this point and are concerned enough about what they see to talk to you about it? The label alcoholic is not important what is important is your health and well-being and that of those around you if this is causing an issue. Take your time to ask yourself some salient questions and next week I shall be publishing details of some support groups around the island that you may find useful if you would like to explore the impact of your alcohol intake.

In the mean time I thank you for highlighting this issue and encourage others to take time to assess their own drinking habits, a minimum of 2 consecutive non alcoholic days are recommended for those who drink with in the recommended levels, those who drink more are encouraged to seek support from their GP or one of the well known support groups such as AA

Take care, Kate

Please remember our FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL support group continues through the winter ever Tuesday 12.30-13.30 for more information please contact Kate via email.



  • John Hitchin

Ferns are a plant that can be grown both inside and outside the house and there are both hardy and tender varieties. The hardy varieties prefer shady moist conditions and are easily grown. Most types need a neutral or alkaline soil but some such as the Thelypteris or Blechneum varieties need an acidic soil to grow in.

They all need shade or dappled shade and regular watering when they are first planted so in an Ibiza garden they would need  to be irrigated to keep the soil moist even when they are established. As hardy ferns will survive a frost with some of them even keeping their leaves through the winter they are an ideal plant for Shady areas in a garden in Ibiza.

Once the new spring shoots start showing the old leaves should be cut off to allow the new growth to thrive.

The tender ferns can be grown indoors or outside as long as the temperature does not drop below 10-15  deg c otherwise they should be grown in a green house or conservatory but they will need to be kept out of direct sunlight and be kept moist at all times.

Propagation of ferns can be carried out in several ways some ferns produce small plantlets known as Bulbils which grow amongst the leaves which are known as fronds and these are propagated by pinning down the frond with Bulbils on them into potting compost until they grow roots they can be separated and potted on and planted out about6 months later.

Ferns also produce small capsules known as Sporangia which produce large numbers of spores underneath them which can be sown on potting compost. These will then produce small growths that will produce both male and female organs.

The male organs will then produce sperm which will swim across the surface of the growths and fertilize the females. This method may take between 18 and 24 months before the ferns can be planted out so it would take a real enthusiast to propagate in this way.

One of the ways in which ferns add to a garden is that their fronds or leaves add a different type of texture amongst the leaves of other shrubs and trees which is caused by the refraction of light. Therefore planting them amongst plants with variegated or silvery leaves adds interest to a garden all year round and even though some people think they are a boring plant they are a worthwhile addition to any shrub of flower bed if careful thought is taken about where to plant them.

john@danieltylerlandscapes.com  www.danieltylerlandscapes.com

Daniela Tasca York in Design Show Semis …

  • Nick Gibbs

Ibiza resident Daniela has made it through to the semi final of the BBC 2 television show ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’.

I asked Daniela when we could next see her on the show. Speaking from the U.K. she told us “The next show is on Tuesday (which I’m on against the wildcard) and then there’s another semi final on Wednesday, and then the final is aired Thursday.”

A fashion and textiles first class honours graduate, she now lives in Roca Llisa with husband Calum and children, Palmer & bambi.

The show, now in its fourth series, aims to find Britain’s best amateur interior designers, introducing new locations each episode with focuses on specific architecture and time periods.

Contestants are given 48 hours to transform two separate rooms with new designs.

In the quarter final on Tuesday, Daniela was given the task of redesigning a luxury bedroom and living room in a mock Tudor house in Worsley.

She created a Peruvian designer living room including hangings of her own photography to decorate the walls.

Daniela, 31,was selected from thousands of applicants and said the show had been a “monumental” experience.

She said: “I saw the show being advertised and liked the look of it, so I thought I’d apply.

“I didn’t even expect to get any reply but they got in touch with me and came down for a tour of my house to get a feel for who I was, then afterwards said I’d be on the show.”

She added: “It was an incredible experience, I loved every minute of it. The crews do a fantastic job and are so committed to all ideas you have. It was extremely hard and intense, much more so than it may look on the show itself.

“The time limit is strict down on the 48 hours, though they give you a bit of time to sleep.  Only a couple of hours, but it’s better than  a

full slog.”

We wish her the best of luck in the finals week.



  • Amanda O’Riordan

Welcome to the first Zips It Up instalment of 2017. Here’s hoping you all had a fabulous Xmas and new year.

I’m just out of my first spinning class of 2017, and have two 5k runs tucked under my belt this week already. As long as I remain injury free, I see cardio vascular heaven on the horizon. Plus I’m on the Forever F.I.T 9 day AloeVera Cleanse Diet too. Phew!

I was in bed by 10pm on New Years Eve and that, I swear to you folks, is how I mean to continue this year.

Ha! You’re probably thinking…. “Wait until Ibiza kicks off”. Yes, I may well drop my guard by then. But that’s then and this is now.

So there’s no escaping it – the month of January is all about New Year’s resolutions. Everywhere you look, it’s all about the latest diet pills, weight watchers groups and Scarlett Gogglebox’s weight loss DVD.

I’ve only just discovered the diet & exercise guru Joe Wicks, thanks to my friend Paul Rayns, who has been telling me to check Joe out for yonks. And Joe’s approach is mainly eat more and exercise less. His social media sites are insanely popular and his ‘Lean In 15’ recipe cook books are massive best sellers.

I was shocked at the variation in food options but anything he cooks is going to be delicious… right? *winks*

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? He explains it’s all about portion control and HIT – High Intensity Training. Short sharp bouts of manic exercise. Check out The Body Coach, if you can stop blushing, Ladies.

In this instalment, there’s a round up of the best lounge wear, PJs and beauty products to kick start the new year.

Plus how to snog over the internet. Yes, really!

So get that Nutribullet whizzing and pull out your Asics. It’s going to be a good year. Even with Brexit and Trump.

Enjoy this week’s Zips It Up.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog http://amandazipsitup.com/

Kissing 2017 Style

Forget the Apple watch, VR headset and Go Pro – this has to be the ultimate new gadget for 2017.

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better than a good smooch or being OTT affectionate. But if I’m away from my loved ones, there are only so many kisses or love heart emojis that one can text at the end of a mushy message.

In the Skype and Face Time era, lovers separated by distance can see and talk to each other using the Internet – but what about sharing that special smooch?

The Kissenger is a gadget that’s been knocking around university research labs for the last few years, but has only just come into the public domain, aiming to let couples kiss via the internet.

It’s a brightly-coloured smartphone holster with an inviting plastic pad attached to the bottom. You lock lips with the pad and it transmits the sensation through to an identical holster and an identical pad nestling your partner’s phone, wherever that may be. It also contains video calling functionality.

Just think back to when you used to practice French kissing an apple, to prepare for that first date…

“Kissing is the most direct and universal expression of intimacy and affection,” explained the technician who worked on the prototype. The creators admit that there’s still a way to go when it comes to accurately creating a long-distance makeout session. For starters, the pad isn’t mouth-shaped (although the actuators are lined like lips) and there’s no simulation for a tongue. What? No tongues?

The creators insist that it’s already helping to get people accustomed to machine-based touching. And, moreover, that it’s not being used in an overtly sexual way. “Parents can also use Kissenger to give their children a kiss on the cheek when they are away at work,” they say.

The next stage of the Kissenger is to build scent into the prototype. So you can get the authentic smell of the person you want to kiss.

Surely it won’t be long before we’re having sex with robots whilst apart from our lovers and pressing ‘send’ at the end –cigarette in hand.

Sleep Easy In 2017

I bet that if you made New Year resolutions, the general theme of at least one of them was to relax, leave work in the office rather than take it home with you, and generally create more “you” time.

And if that wasn’t on your list, then it should have been. According to a study last year, people who checked their emails outside of work were twice as likely to be stressed and tired the next day.

However, adopting that philosophy over Christmas, I left my emails untouched for two weeks, and the back-log has been a living nightmare to get through. The result – I need some serious de-stressing and pampering and it’s only the first week of January.

What better way to de-stress and get ready for the year ahead than with these 4 brands. Now, deep breath, and relax…

  • Hobbs Loungewear

(centre photo) They have always been a go-to for our tailored dresses and smart separates, but Hobbs’ sweet loungewear range, which launched last autumn, has put the brand firmly on our nightwear radar, too.

The muted patterns make a subtle statement and the sets and separates come in silk, cashmere, light jersey or cosy flannel. While the cashmere is most definitely suitable for outdoors, I wouldn’t confine the comfy grey jersey set to just indoor lounging either.

  • Blue Marmalade London

(right photo) The ex-buying director at Miss Selfridge and Sweaty Betty, created Blue Marmalade London last year. Her sports and fashion background made the ideal starting point for this stylish lounge brand.

What’s not to love about a velvet kimono robe? While it’s all too common these days to spot a cashmere tracksuit for an eye-watering £900, Blue Marmalade London’s prices are affordable and made with natural fabrics, including bamboo and silk.

Beautifully draped robes are made to be seen. Pop one over a casual outfit when guests stop by for new year catch ups.

  • Phoebe Grace

(left photo) Launched late last year, not only is theirs the best name ever, this luxury loungewear offering is a serious treat – with nightdresses starting at (an eyewatering) £395. The pyjamas are printed and made in Britain and the current floral collection is a charming nod to the English countryside.

Hettie pyjama set, £475, Phoebe Grace

Ideal for swanning around on a gloomy day – these fun prints will brighten any January blues.

  • Face Inc by Nails inc

Dubbed a ‘collection of skin cheats’ by its founder, Face Inc by Nails Inc launched earlier this winter with four sheet masks, each suiting a different lifestyle and set of skin complaints.

Face inc Cat Nap brightening mask, £5, Nails inc

If, like me, Christmas and New Year has left your skin lusting after 8 hours of beauty sleep, the bestselling ‘Cat Nap’ brightening sheet will offer an instant pick-me-up. Unlike normal masks, these keep mess to a minimum – perfect for travelling. If you’re after a quick beauty fix but you’re on a budget – each mask works in 15 minutes and costs £5. Ideal.

Diet By  Numbers

According to data from the Journal of the American Medical Association reported by FiveThirtyEight, the Atkins Low Carb diet leads to the most weight loss after six months, with an average in their tests of 22.3 lbs/10.1kg after 6 months of dieting.

This is followed closely by Volumetrics at 21.7lbs/9.9kg.

Puffing away at the back are  Rosemary Conley and Jenny Craig — a considerable distance behind with 14.4lbs/6.5kg loss from Conley and 12.7lbs/5.7kg from Craig.

Interestingly the tests demonstrated that though all diets showed a noticeable reduction after 6 months, after a full year most of those in the survey had returned to their original weight—but at least if you start now you’ll be at your best on the beach in summer!

Are You Sporting It Again?

Please don’t sack the messenger. I’m purely reporting the latest fashion trends, as fashion bloggers duly do, whether I necessarily agree with them or not.

It’s not exactly breaking news that athleisure is the trend that bloggers far and wide have been covering season after recent season.

Last year, the puffer jacket made an unanticipated return at Balenciaga with models swaddled in puffed-up ‘90s-inspired fabrics. 2016 also saw various labels and collections welcoming athleisure in the form of oversized hoodies, trackie pants and tracksuits (yikes!).

But as we continue to roll up our Boyfriend jeans à la Saint Laurent and swap heels for lace-ups, it’s important to take note of one particular (not so new) kid on the block. And it’s a champion in the street style stakes (if you pardon the pun).

  • Return of The Champion

Think 90s chav central.

Think bargain bins at Sports Direct.

Founded in 1919 by the Feinbloom brothers, New York-based Champion became renowned for their sports apparel. Quickly adopted by university teams in the 1920s, the cult line soon grew in popularity amongst fashion-conscious teens. The iconic logo gradually evolved and became the ‘C’, synonymous with the brand in the 1950s.

The year 2000 marked the 60th anniversary of Champion and in celebration, the sports label re-launched their cult sweatshirts. But in 2017, with a new generation fashion crowd to win over, Champion was under pressure to deliver.

Cue a series of collabs with names including Scandi go-to label Weekday and brand-of-the-moment Vetements, and the rest goes down in fashion history.

Any blogger worth following (except me), is giving the brand’s jumpers and zip-ups Instagram air time and for every roll of street style snaps that emerge during the upcoming fashion weeks, expect a Champion symbol or two to crop up.

So tuck your Champion jumper into a zip-up PVC mini or layer beneath an oversized camel coat and you’ll score the athleisure trend 2017 in one swift and clever move.

I recommend checking out Weekday’s collab with the cult brand before it sells out – take a look at Champion’s official site.

Have I talked you into sporting this season’s most sought after garment yet? (you’re staring back blankly right?)

Wonder Full Lips

There is no doubt that the beauty trend of big, full lips is on everybody’s radar. From Snapchat filters, to celebrities on Instagram – bigger seems to be better and some will even go to painful extremes to achieve fuller, more pouty lips. However now people want the same results but at home without the price tag. This has lead to the creation of ‘at home’ devices designed to enhance the lips, however this can be very dangerous, painful and cause heightened damage to the lips and surrounding skin.

So how do we get more kissable lips without the price tag, surgery or pain? Cue WUNDERKISS, launched recently from the creators of cult eyebrow makeup product WUNDERBROW – a lip plumping gloss that lets you decide your own customized level of plump. WUNDERKISS works differently from any other lip plumper on the market so you can expect to experience unique and enhanced results. WUNDERKISS ’ dual-phase formula can create a natural, ever so slightly enhanced lip to a pout that would rival any Instagram celebrity we see today. Plumper, more voluminous and hydrated lips in under 2 minutes that will last for hours.

The fantastic thing about WUNDERKISS is that it is simple to use. Choose Level 1, 2 or 3 and ‘inject’ the Plumping Booster into the Plumping Gloss, mix and apply directly to your lips. The more you infuse, the more tingling and plumping results you can expect. Watch and feel your lips becoming fuller and more voluminous in 2 minutes. Results can last hours with WUNDERKISS. The formula is very comfortable and wearable and even makes for a great base for any lip colors! And this can all be achieved using WUNDERKISS in the courtesy of your own home without the price tag or the pain of cosmetic surgery.

No needles. No discomfort. Just beautiful, kissable lips.


The Podenco Hound

The Podenco Ibicenco is an undeniably handsome breed of dog, emblematic of the Island from which it originates but now with a global following of adoring owners.

For many of us, contact with the Podenco, or in Catalan ‘Ca Eivissenc’, will either be when driving and the need to suddenly slow down when finding them running loose on Ibiza’s roads and giving them something of a wild reputation. Or perhaps searching for The Ibizan website, as failing to enter the ‘the’ will take you to ibizan.com, the American website dedicated to the breed, Ibizan being the Podenco’s English name.

Here we give an overview of the breed, its special characteristics and historic association with Ibiza.


The Podenco Hound is an elegant and agile breed, with an athletic and attractive outline and a ground-covering springy trot. Though graceful in appearance, it has good bone girth and is a rugged/hardy breed. Its large upright ears – a hallmark of the breed – are broad at the base and frame a long and elegant headpiece. The neck is long and lean. It has a unique front assembly with well laid-back shoulders and relatively straight upper arm.

Coming in both smooth and wire-coated varieties, their coat is a combination of red and white with the nose, ears, eye rims, and pads of feet being a light tan colour. Its eyes are a striking amber colour and have an alert and intelligent expression.

The Podenco may range in height, depending on which Standard you follow, from 56 to 74 cm and weigh from 20 to 29 kg, males being larger than females.


Podenco Hounds are intelligent, active, and engaging by nature. They rank 53rd in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, being of average working/obedience intelligence, but many Podenco owners will enjoy giving you a multitude of examples of their problem solving abilities.

They are considered by many as true clowns of the dog world, delighting in entertaining their people with their antics. Though somewhat independent and stubborn at times, they do take well to training if positive methods are used, but will balk at punitive training methods. They are generally quiet, but will alarm bark if necessary, so they make good watch dogs.

They are sensitive hounds, and very good around children and other dogs alike. They generally make good house dogs, but are active and athletic, therefore need a lot of daily exercise. They do not make good kennel dogs. Podenco hounds are sweet, but they are very stubborn and independent.

Podencos are proven escapologists. They are able to jump incredible heights from a standstill, so they need very tall fences. They also have been known to climb, and many can escape from crates, open baby gates and even locks.

They have a strong prey drive, therefore they cannot be trusted off leash unless in a safely enclosed area. Once off the leash, they might not come back for a long time. A hound that knows where its home is and the surrounding area will usually return unscathed.

History and Use

This breed originates in the island of Eivissa and has been traditionally used in the Catalan-speaking areas of Spain, and France where it was known under the name of Le Charnigue, to hunt rabbits and other small game.

The Podenco is a fast dog that can hunt on all types of terrain, working by scent, sound and sight. Hunters run these dogs in mostly female packs, with perhaps a male or two, as the female is considered the better hunter.

Traditionally a farmer may have 1 dog and a very well off farmer 2 dogs to catch rabbits for food. However in the last 20 years it is seen as a sport where between 5 and 15 dogs can be seen in the chase of one rabbit.

This breed is considered by most experts one of the most ancient dog breeds. It is believed the Podenco Hound evolves from the tesem, the ancient Egyptian hunting dog. Representations of this dog on the walls of ancient tombs show a striking similarity to the modern Podenco Hound. These dogs would have been brought to the island of Eivissa by the Phoenicians, who founded settlements there as early as the 8th century BC.

Sabina’s Dog Psychology

“Podenco Proof”

  • Sabina

Dear readers and dog owners,

I am usually contacted when problems already have reached an enormous dimension, which has been tolerated by the owner, but is causing an immense level of stress.

I am told that the dog owner has tried various methods also with dog training, but none of them has worked out.

Why did the different methods not work out? Simply because the psychology and communication between dog and handler does not exist.

Only very few dog owners contact me before adopting their dog, but some do, as my following experience with a woman shows.

The woman  wanted to adopt a young Podenco. She called me with the information “I want to take on a 4 month old Podenco in a few days and would like to learn about the education of dogs in order to do everything right from the beginning.”

She was told that Podencos are extremely difficult to train and educate, if not impossible.

Great, I thought!!! What a fantastic opportunity for her and the Podenco.

I was enthusiastic and our first meeting with them was very fruitful, which was to be reflected in the next few weeks.

The woman got a frightened Podenco from a Spanish hunter, not prepared or educated at all.

Podenco (Ibicenco) hounds are very special hunters, the only hounds which can hunt independently with all 3 senses.

They are kept in packs with very little human contact, therefore they are very shy towards humans, because beside the ‘Campo’, where they hunt and their homes (usually dark sheds), where they are kept, they know nothing.

And if they are not suited for hunting, they are usually simply discarded.

I worked out a special program with instructions for the woman to follow through. I also told her that if she is going to follow all my instructions, the Podenco will be the perfect companion dog in no time.

The woman took on my instructions seriously and completely, and the result showed after a short time.

I am delighted with the results, how quick the Podenco accepted the discipline and education – in other words, how quick she accepted and respected her pack leader within weeks.

Again, it confirmed my psychology and knowledge, that even a hunting dog of that category can be educated and integrated into a social life as long as its needs are fulfilled.

It also shows how important the role and attitude of the dog owner is portrayed in the dog.

Each breed has breed-specific needs, which must be met, and this can be done in various ways, but is very important for living together and a common satisfaction.

I am thrilled when I see the Podenco and her ‘pack leader’.

The two have a bond after just 3 months … and why so fast ?

Because the owner fully understood and accepted my instructions and is practising them day by day.

It also proves that our dogs are always our mirrors.

Congratulations to this wonderful partnership!!!

Talk to you soon.

To read more of Sabina’s tips and to contact her directly go to http://www.sabinasdogcoaching.info



Disabled Access

Dear Editor,

I have been going to my favourite place for nearly 30 years now, just love the place. We stay in San Antonio at the Ses Savines.

My wife had a stroke 10 years ago, and used to love going on the ferry, and day cruise boats, she can’t do it now, has anyone ever thought about this? Especially for someone that’s in a wheelchair. The Formentera boat is the only one I know of.

We are there again in July, thank you for listening.

Eric Oxborough

Hello Eric

Thanks for your letter, and on behalf of everybody earning a living here in Ibiza, thanks for your incredible support.

I understand how difficult the island can be for anybody with mobility restrictions, however I do have some good news for you.

First San José have set up special facilities for disabled people at several of their beaches. This includes special beach wheelchairs etc. Here is a link to an article about the project. If you would like to visit any of those beaches and need help booking the services, or getting transport to them, please let me know nearer the time and we will be pleased to help.


Also with regard to boat trips particularly, I have put out a request to a few people I know who run boat charters and have already had one firm offer of a trip for you and your wife, where the company – Ibiza Hire – will be pleased to make special arrangements to get your wife onto the boat, and once there she can enjoy an afternoon relaxing on the beds.

The owner of Ibiza Hire has kindly offered this free of charge to you – a small gesture in return for everything you have put into our island economy over the last few decades.

Perhaps you would like to contact me again a month or so before your holiday and we can make all the arrangements for you.

Kind regards

Nick Gibbs

Ed: Since sending the reply to Eric we have received two further offers of help from Peter Savage, known to many for his Fishing Trips out of San Antonio, and also standing by to help if needed, James Fordham.

Another great example of the wonderful community spirit in the English speaking community.

View From The Pew, The Cosmic Christ

Rev. Dr Peter Pimentel

In this New Year, which is well under way now, I encourage myself and you not to take for granted friends and family, husband and wife, partner, God, or our common environment.  There is a wondrous verse in the Bible that says “Christ is everything and in everything.” (Colossians 3:11).  Theologians refer to this as “The Cosmic Christ”.  At the very least this means that we can connect with the Cosmic Christ in everything.  The Bible sometimes uses a much-misunderstood word: “sin”.  “Sin” simply means “disconnection” – disconnection with one another, disconnection with our environment (our cosmic home), disconnection with ourselves, and disconnection with God.  Another Bible word is “salvation”.  “Salvation” means “connection”.   The angel was most insistent that Joseph should call the Christ Child “Jesus”: “She will bear a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21).  “Jesus” is an anglicised form of the name.  Jesus was a first century Israeli Jew and his Hebrew name is pronounced “Yeshua”.  “Jeshua” is the Hebrew word for “salvation”.  We could translate: “You are to name him ‘connection’, for he will save his people from their disconnections.”  Scientists are discovering that the universe is a seamless web and that everything is connected with everything else.  I.e., experiments “quantum entanglement”.

The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemnew is the 270th Archbishop of Constantinople.  In 2012 he said:

“As Christians, we are called to accept he world as a sacrament of communion, as a way of sharing with God and our neighbours, on a global scale.  It is our humble conviction that the divine and the human meet in the slightest detail in the seamless garment of God’s creation, in the last speck of dust of our planet.” (Quoted by Pope Francis in his Encyclical: On Care for our Common Home.)

Services: 1st & 3rd Sundays 10.30am at the Church in San Rafael and 2nd and 4th Sundays 10.30am at the Chapel of Lourdes (on the main street) in Santa Eulalia.

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

chaplainibiza11@gmail.com www.ibizachurch.org



Ade Harris, On The Busses

Adrian Harris

I am livid – the bus situation is a complete and utter joke, the sooner the consell take back charge of the bus franchises in 2018 the better.

Dear Consell d’Eivissa & Sagalés

ISSUE 1 photo 1.

I double checked ibiza bus website for times from san juan to ibiza town last night & again this morning – 3.15pm from san juan – so I walk the 20 minutes down hill to can curune bus stop to find that timetable at the actual stop has changed from 3.15pm to 3pm – wtf? great i missed it…

So a choice, walk 25mins back up hill in the rain, hang around 10mins & then walk the 20mins back down hill again for next bus at 4.45pm or hang around the now closed can curune bar in crap weather for an hour – I decided to hang around and start writing this diatribe

so 4.40pm i walk across for the 4.45pm (as per timetable at stop) from san juan which takes about 5 minutes or so to get to can curune

So i wait, and wait – it gets to 5.25pm and no sign of the bus & nearly 45 minutes late so i figure it’s not turning up and resign myself to walking back home and trying tomorrow, since I’ve now lost 2 hours and won’t have time to do everything before the stupid early last bus back

I leave but as I turn the corner the bus goes past

when i get back (3 HOURS after i had left the house) I check again and the website has 5pm not 4.45pm – even then it shouldn’t take 25 minutes to get from san juan to curune.. ffs

So to recap – bus stop has 1 right time and 1 wrong time, website has 1 right time and one wrong – of course they are different ones

If the buses were every 15/20 mins it would be less of an issue or time had been changed to 15min later – but 15min earlier – how is anyone supposed to know the frigging changed times without going to the actual bus stop which for me is a 20min walk? and even then the later time is wrong !

Don’t have timetables on the website or at bus stops if they are not correct ! – it’s not rocket science

The majority of stops are isolated so we rely on the website to be accurate – also the bus app relies on accurate information but as it stands it’s currently impossible to know what is right anymore without checking a timetable at an actual bus stop on every route… and even then will they be more up to date or accurate than the website???

And the other times from san juan are wrong as well !

You CANNOT have 2 different public timetables for the same route especially when the time between buses is so long and maybe only 3 or 4 in an entire day…. god knows whether the rest of the lines around the island are the same – its a complete lottery

While I’m at it – given a majority of timetables are affected by fiesta days why don’t they publish the fiesta dates on the timetables? how are tourists supposed to know when they are for example ?

ISSUE 2, photo 2.

How the hell is the bus stop situation still like this along the san juan road ?

How are the elderly or parents with push chairs supposed to get to the bus stop without walking on the road on a barriered roundabout and road and traffic?

ISSUE 3, photo 2.

There is a reason these crash barriers are banned in France – if you come off a bike or scooter you WILL likely be decapitated – is it going to take a resident or tourist losing their head before they are made safe?

This is not me just having a whinge, these are fundamental issues that our politicians & people in charge of the infrastructure have to address but obviously have not got any clue how the actual real world works

If you’ve managed to read this far please pass and share this message on to anyone you know in charge of this useless, incompetent state of affairs.

A passionate commentator on all matters relating to Ibiza’s public transport services, Adrian Harris is also the developer of the Ibiza Bus App.



Graham Taylor, “a fount of knowledge and a true gentleman”

The words of Phil McNulty, BBC Chief football writer

Above: celebrating with Watford after their 1999 play-off final victory

Taylor took Watford from the Fourth Division to the First in five seasons in his first spell at the club, and into the Premier League via the play-offs in his second

Graham Taylor will be remembered by many for his unfulfilling spell in charge of England – but by plenty more as an outstanding club manager at Watford and Aston Villa and one of the nicest, most genuine men in the game.

The reaction to Taylor’s death on Thursday at the age of 72, and the affection expressed for him, was the true measure of his standing inside and outside football.

Early Years

Born in Worksop in Nottinghamshire, Taylor was the son of a journalist and rose to prominence in the game as a manager after retiring as a player with Lincoln City in 1972. He became manager and coach at the club, winning the Fourth Division title with them before moving to Watford in 1977.

It was here, in tandem with his chairman Sir Elton John, that he produced arguably his finest work, taking the club from the Fourth Division to the top flight in the space of five exhilarating years.

Taylor nurtured Watford legends such as Luther Blissett and John Barnes, remarkably finishing second behind Liverpool in their first season at that elite level and reaching the FA Cup final in 1984, where they lost 2-0 to Everton.

Taylor’s brilliance inevitably attracted attention from elsewhere and, perhaps feeling he had achieved all he could at Vicarage Road, he left for Aston Villa in May 1987.

Villa were in reduced circumstances having been relegated to the second flight. Taylor soon put that right by winning promotion in his first season – and, not content with that, rebuilt the club with such success and shrewd management that he took them to second place behind Liverpool in 1990.

Taylor’s methods were tried and trusted and yet he often received criticism for what his detractors perceived as “long ball” football. He, with much justification, pointed out his willingness to use wingers and flair players such as Barnes and the young Mo Johnston, whom he brought to England from Partick Thistle.


England inevitably looked in Taylor’s direction after Sir Bobby Robson left following the 1990 World Cup in Italy, where his side lost to West Germany on penalties in the semi-final.

This was, without doubt, the darkest and most frustrating period of Taylor’s career and is one of the reasons his other work has been so criminally underrated over the years.

Taylor took over at a tough time after the loss of England mainstays such as goalkeeper Peter Shilton and past captains such as Terry Butcher and Bryan Robson. He gave players like Alan Shearer and Martin Keown their first England caps – but he drew criticism for selecting players many simply felt were not international class.

England reached Euro 92 in Sweden under Taylor but produced a series of disappointing performances, going out at the group stage after losing 2-1 to Sweden in Stockholm.

Taylor courted controversy and criticism in that decisive game by substituting England captain and main marksman Gary Lineker for Arsenal striker Alan Smith with a goal still needed – it never arrived and Lineker never played for England again. The manager was vilified and lampooned as a “turnip” in the Sun newspaper.

The campaign to qualify for the World Cup in the United States in 1994 also ended in failure, and was brutally chronicled in the fly-on-the-wall documentary ‘The Impossible Job’, which gave an intimate insight into the pressures Taylor was under.

Those struggles were illustrated starkly in the game that effectively sealed his fate, the 2-0 loss to the Netherlands in Rotterdam.

He resigned the following month and stayed out of the game until returning at Wolves in March 1994. During his spell in charge he took them into the second-tier play-offs in 1994-95, where they lost to Bolton Wanderers.

Return to Watford

Taylor left in November 1995 before returning to revisit old glories. Sir Elton John was back at the helm at Watford so it was no surprise when he turned to Taylor to come back to Vicarage Road as general manager in February 1996.

It was once more the perfect fit and he was back as manager a year later, winning the third-tier title in 1998 before putting Watford in the Premier League at the end of the following season after a play-off final victory over Bolton.

Watford, despite an early win at Liverpool, were relegated and the following season Taylor decided to retire – only to change his mind and make a comeback at Villa in February 2002. He retired for a second and final time after they struggled the following season.


It was the end of one chapter and the start of another as Taylor became a respected pundit on BBC Radio 5 live, a role he performed with total assurance and perception.

Taylor was part of the radio team that covered England. It was a sign of the esteem in which he was held by fans as well as players that whenever he encountered supporters abroad, he was treated with complete respect.

There was barely a reference from England followers to any of his struggles in charge of the national team. To them, Taylor was a true gentleman, to be given his due not just for his work but for his warm personality and willingness to discuss football matters with anyone he met.

He may have operated at the highest level but he never talked down to supporters and was always interested in how they viewed the game.

As a BBC Sport colleague, Taylor was unfailingly co-operative and the consummate professional, willing to take a call at any time, even when he was meant to be spending time with his beloved wife Rita.

And as well as a fount of knowledge and a man with strong opinions, Taylor was also an endless source of entertainment and stories, just as happy to poke fun at himself as everyone else.

Graham Taylor was a top-class manager at club level and a true gentleman inside and outside of football. He will be greatly missed and perhaps now his work in management, viewed through the prism of this sad news, will finally get the credit it fully deserves.

George Michael dies at 53

26 Dec 16: Singer George Michael has died at his home at the age of 53.

The star, who launched his career with Wham! in the 1980s and had huge success as a solo performer, “passed away peacefully” on Christmas Day in Goring, Oxfordshire, his publicist said.

His manager, Michael Lippman, said he had died of heart failure.

Former Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley said he was “heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend”.

Writing on Twitter and referring to Michael by his family nickname of “Yog”, he added: “Me, his loved ones, his friends, the world of music, the world at large. 4ever loved. A xx”


Michael, who was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in north London, sold more than 100 million albums throughout a career spanning almost four decades.

He first found fame with schoolfriend Ridgeley in duo Wham! – reaching number one in the UK singles charts on four occasions. One of the band’s most enduring songs ‘Last Christmas’, is currently number 16 in the UK singles chart.

The song was originally released in 1984 and is the biggest selling single not to reach number one.

It was kept off the chart’s top spot by Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas, which actually featured Michael.

Solo albums followed, including the multi-million selling Faith in 1987.

The follow-up Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 outsold Faith in the UK but led to Michael losing a court case with record label Sony over his frustration at how the album has been marketed.

His talents as a singer, songwriter and music producer made George Michael one of the world’s biggest-selling artists.

Blessed with good looks and a fine singing voice, his stage presence made him a favourite on the live concert circuit as he matured from teen idol to long term stardom.

But there were times when his battle with drugs and encounters with the police made lurid headlines that threatened to eclipse his musical talents.


As a solo artist, Michael scored a further seven number one singles in the UK with songs including Careless Whisper and Fastlove, collaborated with the likes of Aretha Franklin and Elton John, and won three Brit Awards and two Grammys.

The Grammy organisers said Michael’s “extraordinary talent had a profound impact on countless entertainers worldwide, and his creative contributions will live on forever”.


Michael later began facing headlines for reasons other than his music.

After years of refusing to be drawn on speculation about his sexuality, Michael disclosed he was gay in 1998 after being arrested in a public toilet in Beverly Hills, California, for engaging in a lewd act.

The music video for the single that followed, Outside, featured a men’s bathroom transformed into a disco and policemen kissing.

In October 2006 he pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drugs, and in 2008 was cautioned for possession of class A drugs, including crack cocaine.

In September 2010, Michael received an eight-week prison sentence following an incident in which he crashed his Range Rover into a shop in north London. He admitted driving under the influence of drugs and possessing cannabis.

In 2011, Michael postponed a series of concerts after a life threatening bout of pneumonia. The experience inspired the single White Light which was his last Top 40 hit in 2012 and which he performed at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Earlier this month it was announced that producer and songwriter Naughty Boy was working with Michael on a new album.

Michael had also recently been working on a documentary chronicling his rise to fame with Wham! and made a direct appeal on Twitter to his fans, asking them to send in their own videos and photographs dating from 1988 to 1996.

The documentary film entitled Freedom was originally expected to be released this year but was recently delayed until next March.

In 2011, George Michael joined James Corden for a Comic Relief sketch on BBC One which went on to inspire the hugely successful Carpool Karaoke segments on Corden’s Late Late Show on CBS.

The feature is now a staple of the American chat show, with stars such as Madonna and Michelle Obama having appeared, and attracts huge online audiences.

The original sketch began with Corden poking fun at Michael and ended with the pair singing along to Wham!’s I’m Your Man.

Corden said: “I’ve loved George Michael for as long as I can remember. He was an absolute inspiration. Always ahead of his time.”

Club Tropicana @ Pikes

Wham famously filmed their video to Club Tropicana at Pikes Hotel near San Antonio. Here is what local legend and founder of the hotel, Tony Pike, said of George Michael during an interview with the Ibizan.

“It was in 1982 this man just walked into the hotel. He said he’d been walking across the fields and he was looking for a place to shoot a music video. He said Pikes was perfect and asked me if I was interested. I said yes but I know nothing about music. Nothing at all. I didn’t know who Wham were.

“So they all turned up. They only had a £25,000 budget. It wasn’t much, but to make matters worse they left all their equipment in Heathrow airport.

“I liked them, I just tried to help out as much as I could. George Michael was only 17 but he had the aura of a much older man. You could tell he was going to become a star. Andrew Ridgewell I didn’t like. He was a bludger, do you know what that is Nick, it’s a shirker, a hanger on.

“So we got the video made and I had a small part in it (Tony is the mustachioed waiter/host who opens the door right at the start of the video). It turned out that the Wham video, Club Tropicana, would be what made Pikes really famous.



‘Tis The Season To Be Honoured

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Hi, all you Sports fans out there,  Happy New Year and hope you had an enjoyable Xmas, Kings, Flower Power et al and didn’t over indulge with the sauce, food etc!

So, what’s been happening in the World of Sport since my last report early December?

New Year Honours List

Let’s start with the gongs that were awarded in the new year’s honours list.

In Tennis – ’tis now Sir Andy Murray altho’ personally I don’t think he should have been awarded it until he retires, as 99% of the sporting knights received them after or as they were retiring. Not disputing that he deserves it after the year he’s had but at 29? Still, only my opinion! Mind you, the announcement certainly didn’t do him any favours as his winning streak of 28 ATP wins came to an abrupt end o’er the w/end as he lost out to No 2 Djokovic, 2-1, in the Qatar Open. ‘Tis going to be an exciting year for these two, starting with the Aussie Open next week, a Major that Murray is yet to win, as he needs to keep winning to maintain his World No 1 status while Djokovic will be hellbent on getting his crown back.

In Athletics –  distance runner Sir Mo Farah,  heptathlete Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill,

In Rowing – Dame Kathleen Grainger

In Equestrianism – Nick Skelton and Charlotte Dujardin both CBE’s

In Swimming – Sascha Kindred – CBE

In Cycling – Laura and Jason Kenny both CBE’s with Ed Clancy becoming an OBE

In Boxing – an OBE for Nicola Adams

In Football – surprisingly only one award, an OBE for Wales’ manager Chris Coleman.

There were loads of MBE’s too numerous to mention here but congratulations to all.

Cricket: Time for Captain Cook To Resign?

No, in my opinion, definitely not! After England’s 4-0 Series loss in India (who I hasten to add, have not lost a series on their home turf since England, incidentally captained by Cook, won there 3 years ago and are currently ranked World No. 1) calls from the press and media for his resignation have been well OTT and to be honest, captain-in-waiting Joe Root is still not ready for that big step-up.

My view is give Cookie his shot at yet another Ashes win at the end of the year and not only that but apparently his team-mates and more importantly the England management want him to stay on.

In the meantime, Captain Morgan takes over the reins for the 3 ODI and 3 T20 Series starting on the 15th in India, so good luck to him.

Rugby Union: Can England win another Grand Slam and beat the All Blacks Record?

Oh, I hope so! With the 6 Nations starting next month and after a stunning 12 months under Eddie Jones culminating in a 14 match winning run, England have the chance of emulating New Zealand’s record of 18 consecutive wins so win the Grand Slam, which ain’t gonna be easy (especially as the final match is Ireland in Dublin!) and ’tis done!

Mind you, they’re going to have to do it the hard way, as it appears that at least 3 stalwarts in the Vunipola brothers and Chris Robshaw will miss out, and possibly Haskell and Marler, all due to injury.

On the domestic scene in the Premiership, Wasps are leading the way, 3 points clear of champions Saracens, themselves 7 points clear of Exeter in 3rd who are 3 points ahead of Bath, with Leicester in 5th while at last, bottom club Bristol have closed the gap with Worcester to only a point in the fight to escape relegation.

Football: Has Chelsea’s Winning Streak come to an End?

Unfortunately, yes is the straight answer! Having been recently accused by Our Ed of being biased, which I sincerely refute, one cannot but admire their 13 match unbeaten League run.  (Ed: for clarification I also said I didn’t think there was anything wrong in being biased. Any football fan who isn’t biased probably calls it soccer and says things like ‘go team’. Such people are not to be trusted.)

This puts Chelsea, the mighty and all conquering blues, the pride of English football, (Ed: sorry, that was me) at this stage 5 points clear of Liverpool at the top to equal Arsenal’s Invincibles run.

Alas that 14th was just too much and, to be fair, Tottenham at the Lane was always going to be a hard nut to crack, especially the way Pochettino has Spurs playing.

After the hectic Xmas programme and last week’s results, the Pool are two points clear of Tottenham in 3rd on the same points as Man City but with a better goal diff whilst Arsenal are in 4th, 3 points clear of a resurgent Man Utd who are desperate to get in to the CL spots.

This should all make for an interesting this weekend with two mega-matches to be played on Sunday, Man U at OT v. the Pool and Man City at Everton, currently in 7th.

Great to see Bournemouth  making a real fist of their maiden season in the Premier as they lie 9th. At the bottom, Sunderland, in 18th, are doing their usual stint in the bottom 3, on equal points with Swansea in 19th, but under new manager Paul Clement will no doubt start a slow climb. Hull are at the foot, but only 2 points behind. New manager here too, but I cannot for the life of me understand why they sacked Mike Phelan after only 3 months in the job.

As for Crystal Palace, after sacking Alan Pardew, who did so much for them, why, oh why take on disgraced Allardyce? He who earnt ₤650k from Sunderland for 3 months work, was then sacked with a ₤3m severance wodge, then sacked by England after ONE game AND then given another ₤1m severance wodge. And what has he ever won? Beats me, football finances!

Moving on, great to see Brighton up there at the top of the Championship vying with Newcastle and 2 points clear and also good to see Leeds up there too in the play-off places with Reading, Huddersfield and Sheffield Wednesday.

Last w/end saw the 3rd Round of the FA Cup and, as always, a few upsets with 5 Premier League teams gone already, headed by Bournemouth losing 3-0 at Millwall, Stoke 2-0 at home to Wolves and West Bromwich 2-1 at home to Derby, although a few others can count themselves lucky to be in the 4th Round draw, including Arsenal who needed an 89th minute winner to beat Preston, Southampton with a 2-2 draw at Norwich, Liverpool with a scoreless draw at Anfield against Plymouth and ditto Palace at Bolton.

This week also sees the two-legged Semis of the League Cup with Man U/Hull on Tuesday and Southampton/Liverpool on Wednesday so my bet is a North West derby Final at Wembley in February, with Jose coming out on top as he usually does in League Cup Finals but then, what do I know!

They Think It’s All Over …

Finally, yet another fitting tribute to my best player in the world, namely Ronaldo, as he pipped Messi and Griezeman to FIFA’s Best Player in the World Award to go with his Balon D’Or, his Champions League and World Club Championship  medals and his Euro 2016 winners medal.

For anybody who disagrees, can you really argue against stats like these: during 2016 he scored 55 goals for club and country in 55 matches with a goal average of 0.96 per game—including 16 goals in the Champions League to equal his own record, and 17 assists.

Not bad for a lad from the little island of Madeira!

Great also to see Leicester’s manager Claudio Ranieri receive the Best Manager Award.

Also interesting to see FIFA’s Best Team of the Year – apart from ‘keeper Neuer all from either Real Madrid or Barcelona in La Liga . Who says the Premier League is the best in the world? Maybe for excitement, yes, but technical ability, hmmmm!

On that controversial note I’m signing off so until February,

… It Is Now

¡hasta lluego!, Jezza