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The Ibizan 839 11th August 2016
The Ibizan 839 11th August 2016

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The Ibizan 839 ~ 11 Aug 16

Front Page


Who Are The Pirates?

  • ibizan-839_Page_07
  • Editorial, Nick Gibbs

Ibiza’s Pirate Taxi trade made national news this week with Spanish Channel Telecinco running a report of the widespread illegal business.

In the television report, which lasted almost a quarter of an hour, their undercover reporter questioned illegal taxi drivers and customers. He obtained testimony of inflated prices and the offer of additional illicit services—the supply of drugs and prostitution.

Despite the concerted efforts of Ibiza’s licenced taxi driver associations and various Government departments, the problem of illegal taxi services has never gone away and in peak season they are known to quite openly ply their trade outside nightclubs and at taxi ranks feeding off the often long queues of passengers.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the issue, it is another in a seemingly never ending stream of negative publicity for the island and that is most unwelcome. But before we accept the report as simple confirmation of an Ibizan problem of which we were already aware, I would like to take the issue back a step or two.

I have to concede to being at least a past pirate taxi user. Not for many a year, but as a frequent flyer tourist I used pirate taxis on quite a regular basis.

I remember our first as being from Salinas. Having easily got a cab down there we found ourselves stranded at the end of an afternoon. We had waited for at least a couple of hours at a bar on the road while the owners tried several times to call a cab, but always with a resigned assumption that none would come.  In the end, either because they took pity on us or wanted to close, they suggested calling a ‘friend’.

The illegal taxi that arrived would have gained a euro crash rating in the negative, but what the car lacked in airbags it made up for in big smiles and a happy atmosphere that I have rarely found in its legal counterpart.

From there on the illegal taxi became a relatively frequent resource, to a point it became a preference.

My experience was never one of hugely inflated prices and delivery into the hands of all manner of evil as testified by Telecinco’s reporter. It was one of the fare being a bit more expensive, but a journey home that included music, permission to continue smoking/drinking, and best of all one that lead to a good few after parties.

Though my own experience was several years ago, using the illegal taxi trade actually resulted in some great friendships that remain until this day.

Way back then I was not the slightest bit interested in the politics of Ibiza, the rights and wrongs of Taxi licensing. I was on holiday. The weeks of the year I wanted to enjoy myself, and a few euros more for an illegal cab from DC10 compared to the party-ending downer of hours in a shuffling queue was a no brainer. To put it in some balance if I were asked at the end of the night where I had felt most ripped off financially, or had been offered drugs most brazenly, my answer would always have been the ‘legitimate business’ of the nightclub, not the illegal taxi after the nightclub.

Also before we stereotype the illegal taxi driver as lowest of the low, how many of us happily pay to use unlicensed ’mates’ or so called concierge services to get us from a to b? OK the chap we’ve sometimes used to do an airport run for 25€ (20€ for residents), a chap well known and well used by many in our community,   may be able to offer no more by way of drugs than some Bisodol to aid a morning after kebab, but make no mistake—he is an illegal taxi driver. He has no permit, is technically uninsured, and is taking income that Ibiza’s licenced Taxi drivers demand is theirs by right. In practice what he does is very different to the man outside Space at 5am, but legally, there is no difference at all.

Back in my tourist days I had no qualms morally or legally. I remember illegal taxis as a friendly business operated mainly by South Americans and typically a boyfriend girlfriend couple as a way of earning enough to enjoy a party season in Ibiza. I entirely accept that this may have changed to be more ruthless and sinister operation now, as indeed have many aspects of life in Ibiza. But also I add a note of caution and prudent scepticism to this single ‘undercover’ report. I feel sure that any journalist who went out with the intention of showing illegal taxis to be all things evil could achieve enough soundbites to prove exactly that, and equally the opposite.

Something that has definitely not changed is the reason for using one in the first place. That being the sometimes impossibility of getting a licenced cab to take you where you wanted to go, or at best the mood-busting time it took to do so. Our evening at Salinas was nothing of an isolated incident. I remember a wait into the hours leaving the strip on a Manumission night. I remember a restauranteur taking us from Cas Serres into Ibiza Town personally rather than even try to call a cab. During the peak season it was not the exception but the norm.

Supply & Demand

So that brings us to the reason for the pirate taxi sub-sector to exist in the first place, that being a simple one of supply and demand.

Though the legal, licenced, taxi drivers object furiously to the pirate taxi trade, they seem to have a level of intransigence to any proposals to alleviate the widely recognised shortage of taxis during the tourist season.

It is as if they have some compelling hold over the island, some right to trade that even the big nightclubs with all their self-protectionism cannot command.

The Consell and local town halls tippy toe around them, scared to incur their wrath. But why are they above the law?

By example, let me give one situation I think every resident reader of this newspaper will be familiar with. Why are the legal taxis exempt from speeding restrictions? Why are they allowed to travel at whatever maximum speed brings them to within 6 inches of your rear bumper, and do so with absolute impunity? We all know they do this as much as we know the illegal taxis exist. But when have you ever seen an initiative from the town halls to curb taxi’s excessive speeding?

The argument, if you talk to one of them, is of maximising their trade during the busy period. But where else does that cut ice? Are the bars of the west end allowed to open with music playing until 6am because that is their busy period? No they are not. Can party boats flout safety legislation in the same way as they want to earn as much money as possible in August? No, they cannot.

This is the most publicly visible example of their seemingly self-adjudicated special status that puts them above the normal rules and regulations that the rest of us have to live and work by. It is an example most will be familiar with, but also I expect many people reading this will have heard as many hearsay examples as I have of  licenced taxi drivers behaving unprofessionally through to outrageously in their treatment of customers.

It is this psychosis they seem to hold Ibiza’s power masters under, which results in a shortage of taxis during the tourist season that in turn results in the demand for the illegal taxis that thrive in Ibiza.

I will concede to not knowing the historic intricacies of the Taxi driver’s arguments. But whatever they are it should not create a situation where their minds are totally closed to any changes in their working practices. We must remember that the consequence of the current situation is a tick against Ibiza as a destination for tourists.

How many times have you seen restaurant staff apologetically explain to visitors that there is no point them even trying to call a taxi as none will come. The bemusement on the faces of Ibiza’s tourists is understandable—I have never in all my travels been in a city or country where you can’t get a taxi.

Possible Solution?

It is never right to complain of a problem without having an idea of a potential solution, and so I give one here. It might not be perfect, but the point is the licenced, legal taxis will not even listen to ideas.

There are many months of the year when Ibiza’s taxi numbers are perfectly sufficient to meet demand.

In this respect it is accepted that the simple granting of more licences would have a detrimental effect to those currently earning their living from the ranks.

The demand for additional taxis is at its earliest from June, though in reality more solely in July and August.

I would contend that there are many regular citizens of Ibiza in regular jobs in the shops offices and industrial estates of the island, who hold sufficient knowledge of the island, and own vehicles fit for the task, that would welcome the opportunity of a month or two’s additional prime-time income working part time as a taxi.

This would give a boost to many a family who earn incomes at Spanish national ‘norms’ but incur Ibiza’s inflated living costs.

These temporary taxis could be regulated through tests based on their knowledge of the island and their vehicle. They could pay a licencing fee to cover full insurance and perhaps even an amount into the system that could be used to reduce the amount being paid by the full time, permanent, taxi drivers.

The outcome could be improved living conditions for local residents, improved quality standards for tourists, and lower operating costs for the licenced taxis. But in the context of the illegal pirate taxi debate they would also negate the demand for pirate taxis, and if there is no demand they wouldn’t exist.

In closing I ask who are the pirates? Ibiza’s legal taxi drivers seem to think they can take their plunder flying under the protection of a Government flag when it suits them, but completely disregard the law when it does not. They work as a crew and have no qualms holding an island under siege for their own self interests.

If the illegal taxi drivers have moved from the almost quaint image I have from years gone by to one of gang organised, drug and prostitution pushing criminals looking to rip our tourist visitors off at every opportunity, I would be the first to want to eradicate them.

But let us face facts, over a decade of concerted effort has done nothing to stop them, indeed if this undercover report is to be believed the problem has become worse.

The reason for their existence is the demand for their service, and the absolute intransigence of Ibiza’s legal  and licenced taxi drivers is the main reason that demand exists.

A perfect example of prevention being better than cure. Prevent the demand, and there is no problem we have to cure.



Day by Day…

  • Also see articles on this page and throughout the newspaper. Agenda continues on back page.


l 16th July to 16th August Bloop Arts Festival, San Antonio & Ibiza Town

l 3rd – 31st August. Ibiza Town, Calle Aragon, 17, Sa Nostra exhibition hall, exhibition of Ibizan artist Joan Escandell, daily 3pm – 8pm.

Thursday 11th

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb), The Big Short

Friday 12th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l San Jose, walk from the church to the Festival Club ruins to see the Perseid meteor shower. 9.30-midnight, with Ibiza Walking Association

l San Antonio, Melon Bomb @ Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes. Free entrance from midnight but guest list is required.

Sunday 14th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l Playa D’en Bossa, Cinema Dorada, Grease FB Santos Ibiza

l San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6.30pm FB Walking Ibiza

l Cala Llonga, Children’s Fiesta day with sandcastle competition, parrot show and foam party.

l Figueretas, local band Lemon Emigrants, 9pm. Part of the local fiesta.

l San Carlos, Las Dalias Night Market 7pm-1am

l Santa Eulalia, Nimmos Wild Rover, 9 pm onwards: Open mic jam session, all comers invited to come and contribute. If you can play, come and play…

Monday 15th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Figueretes Festival of the Earth – midnight. Fireworks  on the beach

l Cala Llonga Fiesta Day – see programme on advert.

Tuesday 16th

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Wednesday 17th

l Ses Salines, National Park Tours, 10am to 12.30pm, Centre d’interpretació de Sant Franscesc. Reservations are required by telephone 971 17 76 88 ext 3.

l San Miguel to Benirras full moon and sunset kayak tour. 6.30pm FB Walking Ibiza

l San Antonio, All Saints / The Age of L.U.N.A. @ Ibiza Rocks

Thursday 18th

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb),  Reservoir Dogs

l Playa d’en Bossa, Dorado Live, Mystery Jets

l Full moon and sunset walk – place and time to be announced FB Walking Ibiza

l Playa d’en Bossa, Mystery Jets (acoustic concert) Dorado Live Show @ Santos. 10€ with a beer. From 8pm.

Friday 19th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 20th

l Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Quin Delibat and Morning Drivers

l Ibiza Town, Nits de Tanit, Joana Amendoeira – the Portuguese singer sings Fado. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.

l Cala Llonga, Free Cinema on the beach, Madagascar 3 showing at 9.30pm

Sunday 21st

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak 6.15pm FB Walking Ibiza

l San Carlos, Las Dalias Night Market 7pm-1am

l Santa Eulalia, Nimmos Wild Rover, 9 pm onwards: Open mic jam session, all comers invited to come and contribute. If you can play, come and play…

Monday 22nd

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 23rd

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Talamanca Beach: 10pm, Space films, Public & Free 2001 – A Space Odyssey

Wednesday 24th

l Ses Salines, National Park Tours, 10am to 12.30pm, Centre d’interpretació de Sant Franscesc. Reservations are required by telephone 971 17 76 88 ext 3.

l San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6.15pm FB Walking Ibiza

l Cala Compte to Ibiza Henge – short and sweet sunset walk. 7pm FB Walking Ibiza

Thursday 25th

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb),  The Godfather

Friday 26th

l Ibiza Town, Nits de Tanit, En un Salón de la Habana – sopranos Irantzu Bartolomé and Núria Orbea with pianist Mentxu Pierrugues offer a lounge concert in Havana. 20€ in advance or 25€ on the night.

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Cap des Falco sunset walk. 6pm FB Walking Ibiza

Saturday 27th

l Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Skyts and Big Rot

Sunday 28th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

l San Miguel to Benirras sunset kayak tour. 6pm FB Walking Ibiza

l San Carlos, Las Dalias Night Market 7pm-1am

l Santa Eulalia, Nimmos Wild Rover, 9 pm onwards: Open mic jam session, all comers invited to come and contribute. If you can play, come and play…

Monday 29th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 30th

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Ibiza Town, Sinestesia – dance from the emerging dance company from Barcelona Iron Skulls set in a post-apocalyptic world. Part of the Nits de Tanit cultural festival. 10pm on the terrace of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, the old military command building just outside Dalt Vila on Calle del Calvario. 10€ in advance from La Sirena or 15€ on the night from the box office on site.

Wednesday 31st

l Ses Salines, National Park Tours, 10am to 12.30pm, Centre d’interpretació de Sant Franscesc. Reservations are required by telephone 971 17 76 88 ext 3.

l Pou des Lleo short and sweet sunset walk. 6.45pm FB Walking Ibiza

ibizan-839_Page_03Fiesta Cala Llonga.

  • Brian Whetton

With everything that’s happening in Cala Llonga this year you may think that it’s always Fiesta time, however it’s now time for the official one.

There are all sorts of things happening with Sunday 14th being a day for the youngsters, Sand Castle Competition, Parrot Show and Foam party plus much more.

On Monday 15th, the main Fiesta Day, everything starts at 11am and culminates with the fabulous Ibiza House Orcestra  See the programme ad for full info.

There isn’t a Free Cinema on the beach this coming Saturday, but on Saturday 20th August Madagascar 3 will be showing at 9-30pm. Everyone welcome.

Reggae Moon

  • San Carlos

Thursday, August 18 marks the full moon and the Launch Party  of the Outlook Festival in Las Dalias Ibiza. With performances by General Levy backed by the Wisdom sound system. Also on the bill are Fourth Core, Barcelona’s One-bass Bcn (Misled Soundsystem), Hoppy Dread, the Noite Zulu crew and a live performance of the band Jahbless Authentic & the Lions of Zion


Las Dalias Sunday Night Market

  • San Carlos

Las Dalias is launching a special market every Sunday in August from 7pm to 1am.

Described as being more relaxed than the Saturday market environment, the first was held on August 7th and it will be repeated on 14, 21 and 28 August. In addition to a hundred stalls with many new features, the Sunday market has a special play area for children, ecological exhibits, plus art exhibitions and live music.

Fiesta in Figueretes

  • Figueretes
    • Claire B

The annual fiesta in Figueretes takes place from August 11-15. Most days in the afternoon and going on into the evening there are workshops and activities for children and concerts on the stage in the Plaça Julià Verdera on the beachfront. The fiesta culminates with a fantastic firework display over the sea at midnight on August 15 to celebrate the fiesta of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary commemorates the death of Mary and her bodily assumption into heaven, and signifies her passing into eternal life. There will be DJs and music before the fireworks. Here’s some of the highlights of the programme:

Thursday 11, Ball pagès (traditional folk dancing) from La Colla de Sa Bodga at 9pm, live music from local female rock band Wind Rose at 10pm

Saturday 13, live music from local musician Miguel Ángel Silva at 10pm and Contra-Band, a rock and ska band from Valencia at 11.30pm.

Sunday 14, live music from local bands Lemon Emigrants at 9pm and The Frigolos at 11pm

Monday 15, fireworks on the beach at midnight with music and DJs before

Perseids Meteor Shower

  • Best hours to observe in Spain: 11:00pm – 04:30am
  • Peak: Night of Aug 12 to morning of Aug 13

On average, under completely clear skies, and in complete darkness, observers may witness 50 to 80 meteors per hour; but these rates can exceed up to 120 meteors per hour in rural locations. Be aware that local conditions such as light pollution, cloud cover, and precipitation will also play a major role in the number of meteors you are likely to see.

For the best viewing experience, find an area unobstructed by a structure that is far away from city lights. Using optical devices such as binoculars or telescopes is not recommended, as your field of view will be greatly restricted, thus making the possibility of missing a “shooting star” more likely.

Once you have settled down at your observation spot, face half-way up toward the northeastern portion of the sky. Looking northeast, you will have the constellation of Perseus, the radiant of the Perseids shower, within your field of view. Not coincidentally, the Perseids meteor shower is named after the constellation Perseus for the reason that they appear to originate from the sparkling Greek “hero.”

More agenda on the back page


Food & Drink


Fresh on the Strip

It is that hot on our visit to the Sunset strip’s newest eatery that, in a reviewing first, agua con gas is the drink of choice to quench our thirst. Thankfully the sun-stroke induced madness soon subsides and we are glad to take the recommended Strawberry Mojitos as a certainly more photogenic tipple, but also as it turns out an equally refreshing one.  I have always been slightly suspicious of newly flavoured classics in everything from chocolate bars to crisps to cocktails, but whatever mixing mastery took place behind the bar leaves me as changed a man as after my first bag of marmite crisps, there are always exceptions to the rule and Fresh’s Strawberry Mojito gets on my list.

Served in jam jar, which is as welcome in being a nice little style touch, as it is in being voluminous in capacity.

Fresh is all about style from the moment you sit down. How would you describe it? Shabby chic, with a touch of tin-can ethnic simplicity? You could call it that, but you’d be rightly called something past a bit pretentious. I love manager and ever-attentive host Louise’s description of ’like my Grandma’s garden by the sea’. There is tin, enamelled metal, wooden boxes and other assorted post war austerity style touches that  seem a bit random, but all come together in what is of course the cleverly designed style of a restaurant needing to live up to the name Fresh. Complementing the fixtures, the staff sweep between the tables in their equally modern contemporary fashion, but simultaneously retro striped blue and white uniforms that would gain the approval of a restaurant opened by Jean Paul Gaultier.

A beautiful setting designed by man, positioned in front of one of the most beautiful settings Mother Nature has to offer.  But with the food to follow we would soon learn Fresh is definitely not a restaurant where style comes before substance.

To start the Provolone came highly recommended. In fact such was my waiter’s confidence in this plate that I heard him subsequently sing its virtues to a table of Italians who were clearly sceptical as to whether one of their homeland specialities could be successfully accomplished off their own soil. Though I may not have the same ’like-a-mamma-make’ point of reference, I did note they were tucking into theirs with all due gusto 5 minutes after I had gusto’d through mine.

Though I have eaten provolone before, I had not realised the dish is simply named after the cheese which forms its main part, it’s delicious, oozing, creamy, melting main part. Given my limited knowledge of this most delicious dairy delicacy, it is not surprising that I do not know the current situation as to Ibiza’s stockpile of Provolone, but a fair guess would be that every time one is served at Fresh the remaining stocks must be hugely depleted. The amount of cheese in the dish is brilliantly ridiculous and if the recent publicity regarding the addictive nature of cheese is to believed, one portion will leave you with the equivalent of a bad drug habit.

The Provolone is served topped with salad, sweet red and yellow cherry tomatoes and  crunchy red onion,  just enough to add texture and contrast, but not so much as to get in the way of the cheese. It almost needs an extra vowel or two, cheeeese.

On to the mains and the recommendation given was for the Rib Eye Steak, but we also wanted to try the Burger for which Fresh are earning quite a reputation.

As with all the grilled plates at Fresh, both would come with the Josper grill-seal of confidence. If you have not come across the Josper grill before, ‘seal’ is the optimum word. Very much the ‘in thing’ in the best steakhouses and grills from London to Barcelona, the Josper grill is sealed tight to cook using all of the retained barbeque smoke. Things sure have come a long way from pouring beer onto the coals.

Both dishes were sublime.

Starting with the burger; it is rare the humble bun would be review worthy, but the Fresh burger comes encased in a lovely crispy bread roll worthy of an artisan accolade.

We recently had a burger at a very trendy eatery that best remain nameless. It was selected after we watched what looked to be fantastic burgers served to other diners. What we got was a huge disappointment and the difference between that bland burger and the excellent example at Fresh is, cooking technique aside, all about the beef. You can tell the moment you bite into it that it is the very best cut of meat in burger form. Elevated by the tangy cheese, fresh salad and fried onion, it is, as the menu says, a true classic beef burger. A simple meal, cooked exceptionally well.

The Rib Eye steak would have received my one criticism, really quite petty but something of a bugbear, in that it was served without a steak knife. But then you realise there would be absolutely no point. A butter knife would have sufficed. So moist and tender, a melt in the mouth cut that I would describe as being in the centre of anglo-hispanic taste.

I have definitely moved away from the British ‘all fat is bad’ outlook, and happily come to realise that whether you choose to eat it, keeping some fat on the cut enhances flavour hugely.  There is little doubt that the British approach of Marks & Spencer perfect round, perfect red, tomatoes and beef so lean it looks to have come from Olympian cows, leads to a bland flavour.

I doubt Argentinian chef Romaro could bring himself to serve such an abomination to the taste buds if he tried, and thank the sweet baby Josper for that.

Both the burger and steak were served with fries that were perfectly salted, that special dry salt coating they can achieve in the kitchen but you’d never get from the condiments on the table. Your doctor probably wouldn’t approve, but as s/he isn’t here we’ll forgive ourselves the indulgence.

The steak also comes with a ‘cute’ (please note that is my wife’s description) serving spoon of homemade cheese sauce.

Despite its diminutive size we are left thinking that whatever damage our Provolone had done to Ibiza’s cheese reserves, this little spoon of, how to describe it, “ultra-cheese”, must be leaving the island’s stocks at critical. Leicester crumbly in texture, but with the full flavour of the very ripest Brie.

After such a wonderful meal in such a great setting, served by such friendly people, it seems a little tacky to talk of price, but on balance I think we must. Fresh is not ‘cheap’, if you want a cheap burger there is a man of dubious hygienic standards open till 5am in a kiosk on the lower bay road, but Fresh is significantly cheaper than many restaurants in this position. It is getting a great reputation among the workers and residents and that really speaks for itself.

You will find Fresh at the Marina end of the sunset strip, just along the way from Mambo and next door to Savannah.

For those afloat there is the summer jetty adjacent to Fresh. Small boats can use the jetty and have their mooring validated with a food or drinks bill at Fresh or Savannah, and larger vessels can call for a rib water taxi to give a ship to shore service.  That should keep Ibiza’s sailing community happy, but we can’t help thinking they won’t be anywhere near as happy as Ibiza’s vendors of cheese.



Party Boat Control Campaign

Guardia Civil boarding boats to inspect documentation, issue breathalyser tests to crew, test sound levels and check safety equipment and procedures.

Ibiza’s party boat industry is under the spotlight through a campaign aiming to curb what some consider to be their anti-social excesses, and also their compliance with environmental and safety regulations.

A total of 20 inspections have been undertaken so far involving multiple agencies lead by the Guardia Civil.

The lucrative party boat sector were given advance notice of the forthcoming campaign when the authorities issued notice during June of all necessary regulations to which operators should be aware and observing.

The inspection phase of the plan is during July and August.

When a boat is boarded the Guardia are administering alcohol breathalyser checks to the crew, and checking the onboard safety equipment including availability of flares and lifejackets, and that permitted maximum numbers have been observed.

They are also taking decibel readings of music levels and checking the vessels documentation and necessary permits.

A further objective is to ensure compliance with a law recently passed by the full Balearic Parliament. The Environmental Assessment Act prohibits boat parties in all protected areas of the Balearic archipelago This applies to 50% of Mallorca’s coastal waters, 40% in Menorca and 30% of Ibiza 30%. The island of Formentera is vetoed 100%.

Though no information has been issued relating to any specific sanctions issued as a result of the inspections, the Guardia Civil have issued a video of their operations in which they show partygoers drinking through funnels and having spirits poured directly from the bottle.

Radio One Weekend 2016

What for many people is one of the highlights of Ibiza’s summer season calendar; the Radio One weekend, seemed to hit all the right notes in 2016.

Ibiza Cream Boss Nick Ferguson said of the Creamfields night held at Space on Saturday “We are delighted to have sold out Space with our second ever Creamfields show! This was a truly magical event, bringing together so many different styles of music under one roof for one night only, with the highlights broadcast on Radio One!”

Mambo in San Antonio hosted the traditional opening breakfast show on Friday and then what turned into a spectacular evening full of surprise guests on Saturday. If a picture says a thousand words this one says people by the same factor.

Those early enough for a good vantage point were treated to surprise appearances by Craig David, Dizzee Rascal and Katy B amongst many others. With the Radio One Ibiza website saying “something pretty special about a beach party, a really, really big beach party, we want to come back already!”

Open University, Free Spanish for Beginners

  • New Free Of Charge Course for Beginners

This course of six free online Spanish courses, created by The Open University, is aimed to help people develop their skills in Spanish at a basic level and serve as an introduction to the Spanish-speaking world.

The program is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of Spanish, and provides a solid foundation at level A1 of the CEFR.

Accessible for free on desktop, tablet or mobile, and delivered in bite-sized chunks, the six, four-week courses in the program provide a flexible way to learn to understand and talk about everyday and familiar situations in Spanish.

Learning outcomes

  • understand and communicate in Spanish in everyday situations;
  • develop basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills;
  • learn vocabulary and expressions to talk about everyday topics;
  • become aware of the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world;
  • and develop your study skills to become a successful language learner.
  • greet people, say where you live and what languages you speak;
  • describe people and what they wear, talk about your family and home;
  • talk about daily life, what you do and when things happen;
  • talk about your hobbies, likes and dislikes;
  • make phone calls, book accommodation,
  • shop for food or clothes, and get things done;
  • and ask for directions, order food and drinks when you’re out and about.

For more information and to sign up

Tourist Spending Up  8.2%

  • Balearic spending up 13% to 4.6 billion euros.
  • Average daily spend in Spain 134€

The amount of money forked out by tourists that have visited Spain during the first six months of this year has gone up by 8.2% from the same period in 2015. This is according to a survey carried out by Egatur, which was published by the National Statistics Institute.

However, the sum of money actually spent per tourist during their holiday in this country actually dropped 3.13% from last year, registering at 997 euro. The average amount spent per day went up 1.5% to 131 euro.

This means that the number of tourists this year that have holidayed in Spain between January and June has increased, but the number of days spent in the country has reduced 4.6% to an average of 8 days per visitor.

Holidaymakers from the UK spent the most amount of money, with 20.6% of the total, which added up to 6.7 billion euro. The Brits were followed by the Germans, with 14.6% of the total at 4.8 billion euro.

The majority of the money spent by foreign tourists was done so in the Canary Islands. Here, visitors forked out 7.1 billion euro, which was 9% more than last year. The second destination that received the most money from foreign visitors was Cataluña, with 7 billion euro – 2.8% more than in 2015. The third most important destination in terms of tourist spending is Andalucía, where more than 5 billion euro was spent. This is a huge 12.2% more than last year.

And, tourists also parted with 13% more money in the Balearic Islands between January and June this year, registering a total of 4.6 billion euro.

Just for the month of June, visitors spent 12.7% more money than they did in June 2015, which is a positive indication of how the rest of the summer will go.

The average amount spent per tourist was 1,038 euro for the total duration of their stay, with a daily spend of 134 euro, 0.8% more than in June 2015.

As above, Spain received the most amount of money from British, German and French tourists.

 “Killer Ecstasy” Warning

  • Robbery Suspects Found In Possession Of ‘Music On’ Pills, 5 Times The Normal Strength

The National Police reported yesterday the seizure of 90 tablets with a dose in each of 400 milligrams of ecstasy (MDMA). In a press statement the police said “this amounts to five times the usual strength, which is around 80mg, and there is a clear risk of death from a single pill”.

The drugs were found as part of a seizure of a man arrested on suspicion of theft of 11,500€ from a hotel safe. The detainee was carrying 3,500 euros and various narcotic substances, including 90 ecstasy pills, 23.7 grams of cocaine, 3.4 grams of MDMA and 48 grams of liquid ecstasy, when arrested by the Police.

The pills are distinctive in their being formed in the shape of the popular ‘Music On’ party held at Amnesia.

In addition to the risk of a fatal reaction the statement detailed several other potential consequences including heart attack and seizures all of which would be exacerbated by the high dosage. “One of the serious complications of the use of these substances is hyperthermia or ‘golpe de calor’, consisting of an increase in body temperature above 39 degrees.”


At Night


Kaiser Chiefs

Ibiza Rocks, San Antonio

  • Words Claire B, Photos Luke Dyson

Kaiser Chiefs played at Ibiza Rocks on Wednesday August 3 for their 5th time. They always put on a good show and this year was no exception. Support was from The Bulletproof Bomb who returned to the venue also this year and did a grand job of warming up the crowd as they arrived to take up their positions around the stage.

Everyone was full of anticipation at showtime – slightly earlier than usual at 10.15 – as Edwin Starrr’s ‘War’ rang out loud and proud through the PA system, signalling their entrance. Launching into ‘We Stay Together’ from their 6th album ‘Stay Together’, due to be released at the beginning of October, singer Ricky Wilson quickly got to work commandeering the stage, jumping onto everything in site and lurching into the crowd. Next was ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’ and from then on they played all their anthemic favourites, with a couple of new tunes mixed in, including the latest single ‘Parachute’. The stage visuals – a giant ‘K’ on the left of the stage and ‘C’ on the right – with changing graphics in between as a backdrop added to the drama as did the lighting and occasional bursts from the confetti cannons. But as usual, Ricky was the star of the show and he has become one of the best frontmen in the business. And the crowd lapped it all up – the atmosphere in the venue was electric. He had the left side of the crowd chant ‘Kaiser’ and the right side ‘Chiefs’ in an audience chant-off. By the time they played ‘Ruby’, pretty much everyone was singing along at the tops of their voices in the chorus and jumping up and down in synch. ‘The Angry Mob’ ended with a row of firework fountains shooting upwards from the front of the stage and without a pause they launched into ‘I Predict a Riot’. Part way through Ricky ran off the stage to the lower VIP area at the right of the stage where he carried on singing much to the delight of those nearby, before climbing down into the crowd and being carried through them on the shoulders of a security guard back to the stage. Magic moments! Back on stage we were treated to a cover of The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’, which went down a storm. Could it get any better? Well, yes, actually! At the end of the final song Ricky picked up a handheld streamer gun and fired huge streamers over the crowd – a great ending. It was my 4th time of seeing the band and I honestly think that they just keep getting better and better. Whether Ricky being a coach on ‘The Voice’ has led him to consider their overall performance more or because they’re playing a lot of large festivals now and they’ve had to up their game as result has had an impact on their stage show, is unclear, but they’re definitely one of the best bands to see live at the moment. They have a large catalogue of great songs that sound fantastic live and everyone can sing along with; the band are tight and hold their own on the stage whilst Ricky jumps around on the amps, on the drums, launches himself into the audience and generally uses the venue as a playground. They certainly rocked Ibiza and that will be one of the gigs of the year, but with Dizzee Rascal, Faithless and Wolf Alice still to come, it’s not over yet!

Video of some The Angry Mob and I Predict a Riot:


Pre and free parties

Ibiza gets a lot of criticism for its ‘everything expensive’ tourist tariff, and we the residents are probably the majority moaners, however there are many opportunities to party without the premium price tag. A timely reminder of Ibiza’s pre, and free, party agenda.

Café Mambo

  • Sunset Strip, San Antonio

Café Mambo has to be the pinnacle of pre party venues. Hosting some of the island’s biggest nights. It is open to all to go along and see famous names for free.

Having just come out of the massive Radio One weekend which admittedly has line-ups and crowds you will not expect every day of the week, those looking for the ultimate in A-list entertainment for free should make a note of the annual event in their holiday diary.

This year’s Saturday night pre and post sunset session had a line-up to rival a Christmas edition of Top of the Pops, though with far more cool kudos than Kid Jensen (apologies to those too young to get the reference) in a Christmas jumper.

Watch this brilliant 3 minute video clip to get a feel of what you missed, or if you were lucky enough to be there, a reminder of how good it was.

Radio One comes but once a year, but Mambo pre parties give big nights out a great start and taking it easy nights a real sense of quality.

The daily line-up is given below with guest DJ’s announced on the Mambo Facebook page in the days running up to the event.

To give an idea this week they had Redlight for Together at Amnesia on Tuesday, and Martin Solveig for Pacha’s My House on Wednesday.

Bob Sinclair has been a great hit this year with his flamboyant Paris by Night Pacha pre parties, and whatever day of the week you go along, you will have Mambo’s resident DJ, and Ibiza’s equivalent of a Top Gear presenter (i.e. perfect job) Danny O’Sullivan taking care of your need for evening beats.

  • Mon “Café Mambo Presents” with special guest DJs
  • Tue Pre-party for TOGETHER at Amnesia
  • Wed Pre-party for Martin Solveig’s MY HOUSE at Pacha
  • Thu Pre-party David Guetta’s F*** ME I’M FAMOUS Pacha
  • Friday Pre-party for INSANE at Pacha
  • Saturday Pre-party Bob Sinclar’s Midnight in Paris at Pacha
  • Sundays – pre-party for DO NOT SLEEP at Sundays at Space


  • Sunset Strip, San Antonio

Just a few metres along the strip, Savannah offers a different vibe but still the same free to all public access.  Savannahs shows are not ‘pre anything happening later at night’, they offer an eclectic selection throughout the week.

  • Monday is the Corona sunset sessions with Ibiza Global Radio.
  • Tuesday is one that we have been enjoying with DJ Oliver’s Born in Ibiza concept featuring some of the island’s legendary icons in their art, such as DJ Pippi and founder of the Balearic beat, Alfredo.
  • On occasional Wednesdays (coming up 17th and 31st August and 14th September) no less than Defected Diva Barbara Tucker takes to the terrace.
  • Similarly, Saturdays is Sax day with the Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago (13th August and 16th September).


  • The Egg, San Antonio

Whereas Mambo and Savannah are all about sunsets with soulmates, Plastik is all about bouncing with your buddies.

If we were in the UK I feel sure there would be a press standard prohibiting us from promoting pre-loading, but we are in Ibiza and you are on your holiday so why beat around the bush.

If you are off out on a big night, Plastik is the perfect bar for those Vodka Limons to get the party started—and do so at a price that later in the night, you will come to look back on with serious affection.

You will be mixing with like-minded party people going onto the Scouse house of Mansion, the hippy chic of Holi, the state of trance at Connect, the infamous Judge Jules and perhaps even have some bump’n’grind pre Hy Pa urban.

Plastik is also your bar fantastic for those that love Celeb culture. They even have Dane Bowers on their resident DJ roster and with a steady stream of reality stars going Plastik, a selfie moment will never be far away.

See Plastik ad for weekly line up.

Community & Agenda


Tarotscope, Thurs 11th August to Weds 17th August 2016

ARIES – Ten of Wands

A week where you feel you’re running around in circles. If you’re over doing it then for goodness sake delegate! Taking care of number one should be top of your list. Stressing out will get you and important projects nowhere; if you stop to smell the roses, you’ll calm down enough to see the exit strategy over an important dilemma.

TAURUS – Temperance

How refreshing to be given recognition and praise for work you’re currently doing.  Take time to introduce a more harmonious way of living into your day to day life; as it’s true that what you project on to others is a reflection of your own inner world.  If any stressful situations arise, handle them right and all will be alright!

GEMINI – Five of Pentacles

There’s naught lacking in life, but your own attitude to it. Turn your thoughts to what’s really important; your relationship with others. If you are feeling the lack of abundance or love then look at what you give out. Nature/life loves balance therefore, if you give out some love and kindness; stands to reason some will be heading back your way soon!

CANCER – Nine of Swords

What is there to fear, but fear itself?  Therefore, this week start the process of not letting your fears grind you to a halt. Swords represent our thoughts; so much of what you fear is being created in your mind and will NEVER happen, therefore why draw that negativity towards you?  Step up and take on this personnel challenge.

LEO – The Chariot

Onwards and upwards this week Leo! Places to be, people to see; no need to plan too much. Be guided by your intuition and you’ll be in the right place at the right time to reap rewards or applause. Career wise, opportunities fall into your lap; be sure to choose what pleases you; not what suits loved ones or associates.

VIRGO – The Fool

No, this doesn’t mean you are one Virgo! Often it’s the behaviour of those around you that causes a knee jerk reaction from you, so avoid biting back at any perceived slight.  The Fool encourages you to assess challenging situations and have no fear in dealing with them. Be adventurous in outlook and bold in your decision making.

LIBRA – Page of Cups

This week you’ll feel more emotionally secure than you have for some time  and are able to be more objective in close relationships. You’re more than willing to accept that nobody’s perfect and are therefore more willing to compromise readily over matters that were sticking points a few weeks ago. Your giving nature is appreciated and well rewarded this week.

SCORPIO – Ten of Cups

This week you get the happy card!  There’ll be something to celebrate with friends and family as there’s good news regarding someone in your close circle. Personally, you get plenty of attention and those of you who are single, (and some who are not!), will hook up with someone easy going; it could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

SAGITTARIUS – Queen of Pentacles

Listen to sound advice this week especially if you are more inclined to ignore it, which is a tough one; Sagittarians pride themselves on their independent thinking! This is especially apt if it concerns unresolved money issues that need to be concluded to your satisfaction. Patience, someone is working behind the scenes to make sure you get what you’re due.


You’ll no longer tolerate being deluded by others and if a situation or person seems false, then you’re probably spot on! The truth is all that matters. You’ll also address areas of your life or even behaviour patterns that are ‘fake’.  This is an act of courage. Partners or close associates will be treading wearily in the days ahead.

AQUARIUS – The World

Is your oyster this week. You’ve come a long way in the past year and can now see long held ambitions coming to fruition. You’re in the process of major change, which becomes more apparent this week. You now desire to leave behind attitudes and behaviours that were perfectly suitable in your past, but that no longer serve you now.

PISCES Four of Cups

If you make others feel special, you’ll attract a fair bit of happiness your way. This is a good time to entertain or have people over at yours and if you’re in the hospitality trade, expect to be well rewarded for your efforts. Romantically, if unattached wait before you commit, there’ll be more than one admirer knocking on your door!

View From The Pew

The Gnostic Gospels

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

In 1945 peasants, who were digging for fertiliser, discovered 12 ancient leather-bound codices or books and 8 loose leaves of papyrus from the 13th book.  The ancient documents consist of 52 Christian Gnostic books now known as the Nag Hammadi Library.  They were found in a stone jar just a few miles from Nag Hammadi on the western bank of the Nile.  The 12 books and 8 loose pages contain 52 Gnostic texts written in the ancient Egyptian Coptic language.  The Gospel of Thomas is perhaps the best known Gnostic Gospel from the Nag Hammadi library.

The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of 114 sayings of Jesus.  Some scholars date this Gospel as early as AD 50.  In the Gospel of Matthew (in the Bible) Jesus, talking about prayer, says: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be open to you.” (Matthew 7:7).  The Gospel of Thomas reflects an alternative tradition of this saying: “Jesus said, ‘Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds.’” (saying number 2).  Don’t give up!

  • Church Services this Sunday 14th, 10.30am at Santa Eulalia, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street), and 10.30am in the Chapel at Es Cana.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Ibiza Sun

I suppose lots of people would call me an old raver from the 80’s acid house days, I used to dance in fields take too many drugs and generally felt life was one long party. I came to Ibiza initially to continue that life style but now many years along the line things have changed, I have changed and live a quieter life. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy a drink and a bit of a wiggle if I’m in the mood. I consider myself very lucky; out of our close group of friends I am one of a very small number who hasn’t been a casualty of that period. I never got addicted to drugs, I have never had any mental health problems ( much of which I put down to the life we lead) and I am in a good marriage with 2 teenagers.

This is where I start to feel a way that I never have been, both my sons are starting to go out, both have tried weed and I am sure if they haven’t already then it wont be long before they try other drugs as well. I may sound old and boring but I am so worried. The weed they get now is not like the grass we used to get back in the day, it is stronger and has a load of chemicals in it that worry me. The drugs aren’t like they used to be, they have other stuff added and then there are all the newish drugs that I know little about like Ketamin and the various “legal highs”. I suppose I just am not sure how to handle it, I am not a good role model, they both know about my past and the do as I say not as I did argument feels wrong.

Do you have any ideas on how best to handle this situation to keep my boys safe.

Many thanks, JH

Dear JH

Thank you for your e mail and your honesty about your past, I imagine there are many parents of that era who now have teenagers and the worry about how they are getting on, maybe that worry is based on almost too much knowledge and awareness of what their children could actually get up to.

Your worry is very real and I can hear such genuine concern for your two boys and yet I can’t help but wonder why you don’t trust them in the same way you trusted yourself all those years ago. You may call it luck that kept you safe from becoming too deeply involved but you may also call it something else much more conscious and deliberate then simply luck. Your boys are exactly that, your boys and I wonder if maybe they have picked up some of your common sense and intuition. We can never keep our children as safe as we might like, there comes a point where we have to trust their judgment, often they will get it right sometimes they will get it wrong and all we can do is be there to support them through that. They will want to find their own way through life and all the choices they will come across, you can guide and when asked offer advise and that is maybe one of the most frustrating aspects of being a parent but in some ways also the most rewarding when you see them journey from being boys to men that you can rely on.

Take care of yourself and those boys

Warm regards, Kate

Sabina’s Dog Psychology

  • Sabina Farnhill

Dear readers and dog lovers,

today I would like to inform you about obesity in dogs. The term obesity with dogs is actually not correct. A fat dog is always man made, because we are controlling our dogs intake of food.

As with humans there is also a growing fattening to be observed with dogs increasing year by year.

The obesity of dogs has in principle only to do with the human psychology.

Since we humans domesticated the dog through thousands of years, we more and more took the dogs instinct and therefore we are responsible for his welfare.

We control the lives of our dogs by 100% and it is only in our hands whether our dog is slim or fat. Obesity has become a disease of our society and unfortunately it is projected on our

dogs as well. In human psychology Love is equal with Feeding.

The well-known proverb: “Love goes through the stomach” confirms it.

We humans compensate for our frustrations, suffering and mental anguish, etc. with food and  fatten the dog. I see literally “fattened” dog creatures they can barely walk and certainly not run and enjoy themselves playing with other dogs, they can only waddle along with their tongue hanging out.

Left image of a healthy, slim body of a Dalmatian and the right image of an obese and sick Dalmatian !!!

With such a sad sight I ask myself  why humans do this to their dog ?

A wolf or wild dog eats irregularly, perhaps every few days and also needs to work very hard for it. A working dog “earns” his food with work.

Have you ever seen an obese working dog?  Why not ?

Because a fattened dog can’t do his job … !!!

The normal house dog doesn’t need to work for his food, but he gets min. 1-2 meals a day. That’s good, because under normal circumstances there are at least 6 hours between the two meals to aid digestion, which is healthy, active feeding.

But the life of a fattened dog looks different. He gets several times a day treats between the meals, “because he’s such a sweet dog” and you love to show your Love to your dog by giving treats.

That way the digestive tract has never the possibility to digest the intestines empty.

Absolutely unhealthy for your dog, you can’t do any worse to the intestines.

In my Childhood the dogs had a fast for one day per week … (yes that’s a gift for the dog). I myself have made fasts for one week at the time.

You cannot imagine how your body values and appreciates this method of detox.

Please remember the responsibility you took on by taking care of your dog at any time … but feeding him fat is cruelty you put onto him !!!

Thank you for reading my advice to you …

With kind regards,  Sabina




Ferry Corsten

  • Stephen Donovan

This week I take a break from my usual reviewing and instead, I´m the role of interviewer.  Being a massive fan of his for years, I felt truly privileged to be interviewing the trance legend, Ferry Corsten. Hailing from Holland, Corsten is known for his high energy but also emotional sets while mixing from a variety of genres.  Through his several alias´s (System F, New World Punx, Gouryella), Corsten has stood the test of time starting his career back in 1991 and is still today a crowd favorite. He is back in Ibiza for 2016 with a select number of shows for Cream, playing his shows as Gouryella after massive success with tracks ´Anahera´ and ´Neba´.  The interview takes place on the open rooftop terrace of Amnesia an hour before his set.

Breaking the stigma of DJ´s being big-headed, Ferry greets me with a smile, a big hug and a bag of Haribo and M&M´s for us to share. Just shows what a nice guy he is, and really set the interview off in a nice, personal tone.

We have some fast pleasantries and introductions, but I am very eager to get onto my questions and hear his stories.

Seeing as this piece is for The Ibizan, I thought it only fitting to start off my questions about Ibiza.

So Ferry, can you remember your first time in Ibiza? And what year was it?

Yeah, it was in 2000, I had one or two shows in Es Paradise and I was super proud because it was the beginning of my career. At the time it was a lot different from how it is now but I was super excited to be playing there! I was still using vinyl back then and not very experienced travelling with them. So I get on the flight to Ibiza and the air stewardess tells me to check in my records, which I did. And of course my records got lost!! I had to borrow what I could from other DJ´s to fill my hour-and-a-half set but somehow I made it work.

Can you remember who the headliner was that night?

I think it was (Judge) Jules. It was the year before he started his Judgement nights. I really loved that night, I can still remember it, with the main room for real trance and the back room for house. After that year I then ended up accompanying Jules for the next six or seven years for Judgement. Then I did a few years here at Cream and then started my own ´Full On Ferry´ nights.

If you had one place to visit in Ibiza where would it be?

I think I have to pick my favorite dinner place, which is right next to here, Los Dos Lunas. This maybe just because it’s out of habit because I play here at Cream so often and when I used to play with Judgement Sunday, me and Jules and the crew would come here every week. The nice thing about that place is you have that crazy buzz coming from Ibiza town and San Antonio and the food is amazing.

After all these years in Ibiza do you have a favorite club?

Amnesia is definitely one of the nicer clubs in Ibiza especially for this type of music and maybe Pacha for house music. But I´ve seen Ibiza come and go and change, is it the same as 10 years ago? I don´t think so.

Speaking of changes have you seen many during your time in Ibiza?

Ibiza for me has always been the place where it was all about the music and all about the pure sounds, while places like Las Vegas was always about the bottle service and the glossier stuff. Right now Ibiza is becoming like that. It’s all in the same acts, the same DJ´s with the same sets, and I respect everybody for what they’re doing but I think the winning factor that Ibiza had over everywhere else was that deeper side, the more pure dance music instead of that commercial bottle service bullshit like they have now.

Does this piss you off?

Yes it does piss me off. Because it’s all becoming like that, everywhere, and it’s just bullshit!

After a 13 year break you´re back with Gouryella. Why did you choose to come back now?

Yeah I brought it back maybe you felt already from some of my answers but I’m getting really tired of the scene, I’m getting tired of the music, trance as well to be honest. Is trance the savior of all? No, of course not. Trance has taken a nose dive as well over the past few years. Gouryella isn’t just a thing that happened last year. It started back in 1999 till about 2004, it ended because my head wasn’t in the right space. I moved on to electro-house, electro-techno and electro-trance more of the grainy stuff.

For me at some point trance became too fluffy. Trance is fine when it’s fluffy as long as it has a balance like a dirty side to it. If it’s all fluffy and rainbows it’s like blah blah blah. I was tired of the whole thing, with trance with EDM, with the whole ‘Put Your Fucking Hands Up!’ & ´1,2,3 JUMP!´  So that’s why I brought back Gouryella. I’m taking the sound back to a time with the music I loved, that use give me goosebumps!

Do you think you could get Tiesto back with you?

No, he gone in a different direction. We´ve never spoke about it, but he wanted to move on and concentrate on his own sound.

Your new track ´Neba´ means Heaven, it’s such an emotional song. Was it hard to produce?

Neba just came to me. It was real easy!

Who’s your favorite DJ to do back-to-back sets with?

I’d have to say Markus Schulz, that’s why we started New World Punk. Markus and I are on the super same wavelength with music. Even our backgrounds, coming from old-school hip-hop and electronic Hip Hop. We really feel the music, and we both dislike the same things and both like the same things.

For the past 2 summers you did Full On Ferry in Space. This year you’ve chosen not to have a residency but to do select shows. Do you prefer having more freedom with the shows you have or rather the weekly shows that come with a residency?

I loved my shows in Space and I would certainly do it again, I did it for 2 years with 14 shows a season and with 2 kids this can be difficult. 14 weeks is a long time, so that’s the main reason behind not continuing my residency. Ideally I would do 6 or 7 shows and get guests to do the remaining and call it just ´Full On´ but Space changed its programming, and it gone very techno heavy.

Are you happy with the shows you´re doing?

Yes, very happy. I´ve done Cream already this season which was an amazing night and will be here again for the Closing party on September 15th, which I´m excited about. Cream is the only true night in Ibiza which is still supporting trance music, which it had always done.

Can we ask you some general questions Ferry?

Your take on EDM, do you think it has a positive or negative impact on trance?

Well I´ll try to make my own answer but Carl Cox made the right answer for this. He said it’s an entry level for people who never heard about dance music before, they come from Hip-Hop, Rock, whatever. So I think generally it is a good thing, it draws people from other music into the electronic space which is great. And as Carl said they will start developing their own tastes.

Do you have your eye on any up and coming DJ´s?

Yeah, there´s this guy called Dimension, he´s from Spain, and he´s has that 1999/2000 sound but it’s also very now. He could be that next big guy!

Your 3 all-time favorite trance songs?

Wow, this is a hard one to answer. Number 1 for me, I was listening to this just the other day, would be Matt Dareys remix of ´It’s not over´. Then The Thrillseekers ´Synaesthesia´. And number 3 would be, DJ Tandu´s remix of ´I believe´ by Lange. Those 3 tracks for me are special, they have that sound, that vibe, that goosebumps feeling. There’s so many but off the top of my head these 3.

Best set you´ve ever played?

Wow, that’s another hard question, a few years ago I did a producer set at Creamfields, an hour and a half of just my tracks and no one had done that before and that was special. The noise from the crowd was nuts, they were louder than the music.


Ferry and I spoke for almost an hour (which went by in what felt like ten minutes) before he had to make his way back to the main room for his set. His insight into the dance/trance scene is remarkable, having been in the industry for almost 3 decades every question I asked, he responded with not just generic answers, but with such understanding and detail. It was amazing to sit and pick his brain about Ibiza, and trance and everything in between.

Ferry will be back again for Creams closing party on September 15th, not a night to be missed.



Amanda Zips It Up

Well, since it’s mid August, you may be back home, or just about to jet off on your holidays. Here’s the ‘hate me’ bit – I’m off on a fortnight-long Balearic holidays part two this weekend, to Mallorca and then Ibiza.

Other than being greeted with blue skies and intense heat as one steps off the plane, one thing you can’t avoid are the billboards greeting you, at the airport and all over the island, be it Mallorca or Ibiza.

The biggest difference is that you’re bombarded with a barrage of club billboards in Ibiza, whereas Mallorca’s promote luxury interior shopping, food and clothing markets. In Ibiza, there are no billboards for fast food chains or mobile phone companies, Just clubs, parties and cringe worthy posing DJs. Most DJs aren’t oil paintings, so driving past their faces blown up x10 makes me want to keep my eyes fixated on the road.

Yes, tourists will appreciate seeing which DJ is playing in which club on which date and the battle to create the most eye catching piece of artwork seems to get harder every summer.

It has to make an impact and convey relevant information across in – almost literally – the blink of an eye. But who gets it right and wrong?

Sorry to labour the point, but I hate the overly retouched posters of DJs, some of whom I know, posing as if they’re David Beckham in a pair of Calvins. Let’s face it, not even black and white can make most DJs seem easy on the eye. Naming no names – they make me cringe, while swerving into the central reservation.

Many of the best Ibiza billboards are the simplest and Pacha gets it right (almost) every time. The cherries help of course, so you don’t need to guess which club is being promoted. Pretty girls, vintage cool fashion and bold colours are always winners. One of the worst though, is Martin Solveig’s My House at Pacha. #Awkward.

My winner is Destino’s poster. The epitome of Ibiza. Beautiful blue skies, palm trees and a girl with her Brazilian butt perfectly placed in a white swimsuit.  Sexy and chic with a towel turban, although slightly ruined by the caption underneath: ‘Solomun + Live daytime open air from 4pm’.

Anyway – enjoy analyzing this further yourself if you’re Balearic bound.


Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Ibiza’s Boho Brides

Although we are past the half-way mark this summer, in true laid back Ibiza style, late summer weddings are happening this month and next, here on the idyllic white isle.

Ibiza has become an increasingly popular weeding destination, due to the stunning backdrops and locations dotted around the island. Everywhere from Benniras Beach on the NW coast to Amante Beach on the SE coast, it’s possible to create the perfect wedding venue in every way.

Wedding planners are now in full force on the island as well as hair and make up artists, caterers and of course, wedding dress designers.

As every Ibiza bride will tell you, the one aspect of your wedding day, is that everything must simply look picture perfect.

Whether a natural boho feel, vintage glam or the avant-garde, the options are abundant when it comes to the ideal look. It doesn’t stop there. Add shellac manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and spray tanning, even grooming the groom, best man and bridesmaids, it’s all available in Ibiza.

Summer boho weddings are all about beachy, breezy, effortless style. They’re the perfect opportunity to let your inner bohemian shine. I’ve selected some of my favorite Ibiza wedding dresses for you from the best boho label in existence – Free People.

Think romantic lace and light, airy, flowing fabrics ready to declare your love with on the beach. Put your feet in some white flip flops or some vintage cowboy boots and top it all off with a flower crown or felt fedora, beach hair waves or loose braids and you’ll have the perfect boho bridal look.


Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is the relatively new and uber cool jewellery range from the US, now making waves over here, thanks to a clever marketing ploy. Young stay at home mums, exclusive agents and personal stylists retail the collection at private parties and home visits. However, the products are a million miles from those sold at home by Avon Ladies or 80s style ‘tupperwear parties’.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who became a Stella & Dot representative, about how the work combines with her hectic lifestyle as a young mother and wife, still wanting to be involved and work in the fashion industry.

Meet Beth Hammond from Windsor.

“I am an award-winning Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot. As a stay-at-home Mum to two girls, I was looking for a challenging but fun and flexible job which could give me the best of both worlds, being around as my children grow up while also getting my feet back on the career ladder.

I discovered Stella & Dot, which ticks all the boxes – it offers women a fantastic and flexible entrepreneurial opportunity to build a fashion business of their own to suit their own needs and to work around other work/family commitments.

Over the past two and a half years as an independent Stylist for the company, I could not have imagined just how much my life has changed.

Now, as well as being around for the girls, doing the school run, bath and bedtime routines I love so much, I am running my own team of over 50 stylists across the UK and Ireland.

As well as setting up “pop-up” boutiques in people’s homes, showing off the gorgeous jewellery and accessories to groups of friends, I also organise gifts for people to give their loved ones for any occasion. Plus, I am on-hand to help style that perfect outfit for a job interview, wedding or any other special event.”

Give Beth a shout if you need fancy hosting a pop-up shop at home or want to find out more about Stella & Dot, how you can get free jewellery or how you can become a Stylist and have your own truly flexible business.

(Amanda has confirmed this opportunity is available in Ibiza)

Summer Beach Read

  • Sophie Valentine

If you’re looking for a new book to read, then I have just finished The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson and it is so good! I hear this was made into a TV series, which unfortunately I didn’t catch. It’s about two young girls that date their older teacher, who takes advantage of them, and plays them both of against one another. When he ends up dead, one of them pays the crime, and they both believe the other did it. There is a great twist at the end.

Steal That Style – Kylie Jenner.

  • Sophia V.

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians/Jenner’s, Kris Jenner sure knows what she’s doing when it comes to building a business for those girls. Modelling contracts, the face of cosmetics, own make-up, clothes, hair extension range, string of stores, and so much more, they certainly know what they’re doing.

My favourite is Kendall. She’s classy with a rock-chick edge, although this article focuses on the youngest, Kylie Jenner. With her constant Instagram posts which reveals her fashion style, make-up and extension range, she’s catching up with big sister Kim in respect of her following.

For cosmetics, Kylie often sticks to shades of brown, or nude for lipstick and eye-shadow. She does however go for a bold look from time to time, with a dark purple shade. She’s rarely seen without false lashes either. Kylie ensures she has the perfect pout and you can achieve this, without the lip-fillers, by lip-liner, although ensure it’s no darker than your natural lip shade, then add lipstick, and lip-gloss. Add cream highlighter in the centre of your top lip so they look fuller.

Kylie’s hair is always changing, one day it’s a black bob, wavy, long locks, blue, purple, orange or blonde. It’s difficult to change your look as much as Kylie without ruining your hair, therefore semi-permanent or wash-out colours are best.

In terms of Kylie’s fashion sense, she’s a huge fan of dresses, whether they’re short or long. Most of them are figure-hugging dresses. Her favourite colours appear to be black, white, gold, silver, brown, nude and caramel.

When she’s not going for the VIP premier look, she’s casual in jeans, denim shorts, jumpers, crop tops, caps and accessories.

Her footwear consists mainly of strappy designer heels, or if going for the sporty look, trainers.

One thing about Kylie is that when she dresses, she ensures she goes all out—flawless make-up, false lashes, nails and extensions, or a natural wave.

To check out Kylie’s range of cosmetics, of which the lipsticks and lip-glosses come in many different colours, check out @kyliecosmetics on Instagram. She has new eye-shadows coming soon too. The boxes the cosmetics come in are gorgeous. Apparently they sell out so fast that even her sister’s have to wait for orders!

So, there you have it, Kylie Jenner’s style.

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Jezza’s World of Sport

Cricket England Power On but Not Good News in Rio


With the Olympics now well under way over in Brazil, not good reading so far as no medals for GB as I write (Monday). Even worse news for Lizzie Armitstead, the GB cyclist who was embroiled last week in a controversy over missing 3 drug tests but was allowed by the authorities to take part in Rio as she completely lost it in her race and went from being almost a shoe-in Gold medal prospect to zero. Justice obviously prevailed, as, in my opinion, as well as that of many other people (competitors included) she shouldn’t have been there at all. Briefly, on other fronts, in Tennis, Our Andy, as the holder, won his first match to go thru’ to the next round; Swimming and Andy Peaty is looking good for Gold in the pool; GB’s Women started off their quest for Gold in the Rugby 7’s with two group wins over Brazil and Japan; Drinkhall is thru’ to the next round in Table Tennis; Equestrianism and GB lie 3rd in the Team Dressage event and in Hockey, GB’s Women’s team got off to a great start with a 2-1 win over old rivals Australia.

Footnote: On a a very proud note, though, great news for Formentera as their 400m swimmer, representing Spain, not only broke the Spanish record but also qualified for one of the Finals and altho’ not coming in the top 3, what a brilliant record for one of our locals.


As I mentioned last week, we all hoped that England, after their 330 run hammering of Pakistan in the 2nd Test would do the same again in the 3rd Test at Edgbaston which finished on Sunday. Didn’t start off well tho’ as Pakistan were in the ascendancy after the first innings as they had a 103 run lead, but England came back and how, to leave Pakistan needing to score 340 odd to win on the last day and England needing 10 wickets. So, what we thought would fizzle out in to a draw, actually turned in to a brilliant day for Captain Cook’s team as they bowled out the visitors for 201 thereby winning by 141 runs to take an unassailable 2-1 lead in the 4 Test Series. Congrats to the whole team for turning the match completely around but special congrats to England’s Moeen Ali who was rightly named Man Of The Match for his all round contribution including 140 odd runs, some great catches and a few wickets. So, to the final Test at the Oval starting on Thursday, and if England can win once again and the West Indies don’t lose their Series against India by 3-0 (currently 1-0 to India) then England will go to World No. 1 again which would be brilliant. This is possible because of the shock results in Sri Lanka as they have taken a 2-0 lead in their current Series with current No 1 Australia who have been duffed over twice in succession by the Sri Lankans, who, just to rub salt in to the Aussie wouNds,were thrashed in their recent Test Series in England!



and, as predicted, Jose won yet another trophy in England as his new-look Man Utd team got off to a flyer and won the Community Shield at Wembley, the precursor to the start of the Premier League this w/end, as they beat Champions Leicester 2-1 with new signing Ibrahimovich scoring the winner to claim his 31st trophy. Elsewhere, it was ecstacy and agony for Herr Klopp’s Liverpool as they completed their pre-season matches with a stunning 4-0 win over Barcelona but then, typically, lost by the same score to German side Mainz. Arsenal put one over on Pep’s Man City side 3-2 and even worse news for the Catalan PL newcomer as he now has to suffer the ignominy of playing in the Champions League Qualifying Round, something methinks he’s not quite used to, and to make it worse, Man City’s opponents are not some little club from Albania, Latvia, Andorra, Gibraltar etc but Steau Bucharest who are well known in Champions League history. Told you, Pep, it ain’t gonna be easy this season! Not good news for West Ham either as they christened their new Stadium in not quite the way they wanted as they were beaten 3-2 by Juventus, Monday night’s opponents in the PL Chelsea won 4-2 at Werder Bremen, Stoke lost 1-0 at Hamburg and Swansea beat Rennes 1-0.

Finally, the Championship got off to a flying start on Friday with two of the favourites, Newcastle and Aston Villa, both getting off to the worst possible starts as the former lost at home 1-0 to Fulham and the latter lost by the same score at Sheffield Wednesday. However, Our Ed will be delighted with Ipswich’s start as they won 4-2 at home to Barnsley, his enthusiasm shortlived tho’ as worst enemies Naaarwich head the table as they beat Blackburn 4-1 away. Still, very early days yet!

Finally, I hear Gary Neville, failed assistant manager for England and failed manager at Valencia, is now going to do what he does best and without any pressure, as he is back with Sky Sports as a pundit. Told you, Gaz, leave management alone, take Sky’s million+  salary for punditry and continue your love/hate relationship with Jamie Carragher on the box! Simples!

Cheers all, Jezza

Sir Peter O’Sullevan: ‘Voice of Racing’ dies aged 97

  • Former BBC racing commentator Sir Peter O’Sullevan – dubbed the ‘Voice of Racing’ – has died at home in London after a long illness, aged 97.

An icon in the sport, he commentated on 50 Grand Nationals and around 14,000 races before retiring in 1997.

Born in County Kerry in the Republic of Ireland, he was the BBC’s main racing commentator for half a century.

In 1997, he set up a charitable trust which has since raised huge amounts for animal and racing-related charities.

Nigel Payne, chief executive of that charitable trust, said: “Sir Peter died earlier this afternoon, very peacefully, at home. Sir Peter was one of the greatest men I’ve ever known. Only last week he was talking about what he wanted me to do for the trust in the future. He was still very alert. It’s a sad day.”

O’Sullevan was racing correspondent of the Daily Express for 36 years and also worked for the Press Association.

Also a successful racehorse owner, he was recognised for his contribution to horse racing at the 2008 Cheltenham Festival, when the National Hunt Chase bore his name for that year.

AP McCoy, 20-times champion jump jockey, described O’Sullevan as “an amazing man”, adding: “Sir Peter O’Sullevan, the epitome of class. The most distinguished and eloquent voice of racing.”

McCoy’s fellow jockeys Willie Carson and Jimmy Lindley, who both worked with O’Sullevan for the BBC, also paid tribute. Carson said he had a voice like “velvet”, while Lindley said “no-one else could give you the same feeling watching a race”. Lindley added: “He made it feel as if you were riding in it. You felt like you were on the horse yourself.”

TV presenter Clare Balding, a retired amateur jockey, wrote on Twitter that O’Sullevan was “incomparable, irreplaceable, indelible”, later adding on BBC Radio 5 live: “He was very much the professional, he knew a story when he saw it and he

Jim McGrath took over as the BBC’s main racing commentator following O’Sullevan’s retirement in 1997 and he remembers how meticulous his predecessor was in his preparation for races. “Going back to the old days he would do his own colour coding which he would spend up to four hours painstakingly drawing the day before,” McGrath told BBC Radio 5 live’s Tribute to Sir Peter O’Sullevan. “Identification is key in horse racing commentary and those many, many hours spent colouring helped him to become familiar with the horses.”

Commentator John Motson and presenter Des Lynam both worked with O’Sullevan at some stage.

Motson revealed one conversation he had with O’Sullevan would play an important role in his own career. “When I was working for a programme in the early ’80s called ‘Did You See…?’ I was sent down to have a conversation with Peter about the art of commentary,” Motson told the show. “Two things he said to me were: to remember that the only thing we will be remembered for is the commentary we get wrong and that we are only half a second away from saying something wrong on air. Those words stuck with me for the next 30 years.”

Lynam described O’Sullevan’s voice as “majestic” and remembered fondly social gatherings with him. “Most of my stories concerning Peter seem to revolve around red wine,” he joked. “He was an extraordinary man. A race happens so quickly but he was great at reading it.”



Melon Bomb @ Pikes

  • San Antonio
    • Claire B

Friday August 12 sees Melon Bomb return to Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes for their monthly residency.

The Melon Bomb crew of Paul Reynolds, Scott Gray, Ben Santiago and Corbi will be joined by the one and only Bad Barbie on the decks.

And poolside from 10pm, 2 times DMC mixing champ DeeJay Random will be spinning the tunes.

It’s gonna be funky! Free entrance but guest list is required from:


Tunnel Art

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

Bloop, the International Proactive Art Festival is currently taking place in Ibiza until August 16. Murals have been popping up in San Antonio over the last few years, but this year Ibiza Town has had its own artwork created, and gorgeous it is too. Mexican artist Spaik has decorated one of the entrances to the Soto tunnel, located off Carrer Joan Xico. Spaik is an urban artist known for his colourful works inspired by Latin American folklore, traditions, mythology and native stories. It took 5 days to create, and is a permanent addition to the tunnel. The aim of the Bloop Festival is to create long-term projects in which the outdoor murals are visible and can be visited throughout the year. This year the theme of the festival is ‘Sin Miedo’ (without fear). It’s a great addition to what is a rather bland tunnel linking Ibiza Town to Puig des Molins and is well worth a visit to see it. More information about The Bloop Festival at: