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The Ibizan 837 ~ 28 Jul 16

Front Page


Dreams Can Come True

Carl Cox & Sonica give Gerald the ultimate VIP.

  • Ibiza Dreams Come True For Gerald Mas Who Meets His Hero Carl Cox at Space.
  • Ultimate VIP; Carl has an area of the dancefloor right by his DJ Booth roped off for Gerald, who has cerebral palsy, and his carers.
  • Another dream comes true as Andy Wilson of Sonica Radio gives a personal studio tour.
  • Two wonderful carers say they want to give more disabled people the Ibiza experience.

‘Dreams Can Come True’, so Gabrielle tells us, and if Gerald Masterson’s Ibiza holiday is anything to go by, she might just be right.

We love it when a plan comes together, and for once make absolutely no apology for pulling whatever modest Ibiza strings we have available to make it happen.

In June we featured a UK Press article on Gerald Masterson. I had an email chat with Gerald about the story, where the U.K. press had picked up on him appealing for carers to accompany him on his annual Ibiza pilgrimage. On past visits Gerald, who has cerebral palsy which restricts him to a wheelchair and requires constant supervision to help him with all daily tasks, had received some benefit funding towards the cost of his essential travelling carers. Gerald had appealed for Ibiza travelling companions when a change in regulation left him without any state assistance towards the cost of carers.

Gerald and I had a bit of back and forth about the change in benefits for his carers and some of his past Ibiza visits. It was obvious that he is one of the real deal Ibiza faithful and so thinking we might be able to offer some help, I also asked Gerald about his forthcoming holiday – what he would like to do and where to go?

Most of us who have lived in Ibiza for any length of time will have built up something of a network of contacts where, be it through friendship, a bit of mutual backscratching, or outright blagging, we are able to get some advantages in tourist land.

Anyone showing the same year after year Ibiza loyalty as Gerald deserves our gratitude and assistance. But given the extra effort Gerald must endure every time he travels from his Glasgow home to take his holiday in Ibiza – one of the least disabled-friendly places you could imagine, and spend much of it Clubbing – one of the least disabled-friendly industries you could imagine, feels particularly worthy.

In Gerald’s reply he mentioned three specific things.

  • He wanted to go to Carl Cox in his last year at Space
  • That he really liked Sonica radio but had never seen the station.
  • He wanted to go to “a bar full of lots of lovely Spanish girls”.

Gerald then put a big smile on our faces with his follow up email an hour later. “Of all the things, if I could only pick one, it would have to be the bar full of Spanish girls, LOL”

Brilliant, love his style, so set about seeing what could be done.

Sonica radio was the obvious starting point. Andy Wilson is a good friend of and to the newspaper and being a jolly decent chap to boot we were confident he would be willing to help. Andy was on board immediately. “No problem at all, happy to help,” he replied. “I know Gerald on facebook and we have messaged each other in the past.” Andy said Gerald would be welcome to a tour of their radio studio and/or go along to one of their live broadcasts as Sonica’s guest.

Off to a great start then, but Andy was to play a double part in Gerald’s dream-athon. On a chance meeting a week or so later I thanked Andy for his Sonica offer and we were talking about Gerald’s visit. I hadn’t yet made contact with Carl Cox via his Safehouse management company but, as luck would have it, Andy was playing at Carl Cox’s ‘Together’ night at Space the week of Gerald’s Ibiza visit.

We decided that a personal DJ to DJ request would be better than risking an email being lost in a inbox probably overflowing with everyone wanting a slice of Carl’s action in this very special last year playing at Space.  Carl always comes across as one of the good guys himself. We were confident he would be happy to say hello, but we didn’t want to raise any false hopes so couldn’t really say a great deal to Gerald. Anyway, Gerald was chuffed as nuts already with a Sonica tour lined up, and so we left it at that with him thinking nothing else was on the cards for his coming holiday.

Come the night and Andy Wilson’s request had Carl Cox immediately keen to set something up. It seems that Gerald’s commitment as a clubber is earning him respect throughout the dance music industry as Dave Browning of Safehouse knew of Gerald via leading P.R. consultant Toni Tambourine in London and we also found out that another of the Ibiza faithful, Mickey McMonagle of the Scottish Daily Record had also been making his own contacts for Gerald. That’s a whole lot of love pointing his way.

Carl and his team were not only happy to help, but really went out of their way to make it a special night for Gerald.

Andy Wilson picks up the story, “Carl was arriving at 1am so his team arranged for him to meet Gerald backstage by the dressing rooms. Gerald and his carers hung out on the sunset terrace enjoying the music until two of the Safehouse team came and cleared a way through the crowds to get us across the club to where Carl was waiting. Carl and Gerald had a chat about the changes in Ibiza, the end of an era with space closing, and Gerald’s taste in music. He said he liked lots of different types of music but when Carl asked him about drum n bass he pulled a classic ‘yuk’ face and replied ‘ house and more house is the best’.

“Carl’s team then cleared a special area for him by the DJ booth so he could enjoy the party and the vibe along with his carers without any hassle. He was over the moon, couldn’t have been happier. Big up to Carl and Dave browning & Carlos at Safehouse.

“The next day Gerald came along to the Sonica studios for a personal tour. We showed him all the different parts of the operation and he met some of our djs, producers and engineers. Great to know Gerald is a regular listener and we had a chat about his favourite broadcasts.

Brilliant work Carl, Dave and Carlos, and a big hand to Andy Wilson who went out of his way to help make everything happen.

Afterwards Gerald told us that “Meeting Carl was amazing and the Sonica Tour went great.” Gerald says he is going to write a report of his holiday when he gets home, and will share it with us when he does.

So that leaves only one unfulfilled dream from Gerald’s wish list – ‘a bar full of lovely Spanish girls’. But then again perhaps Gerald got even better than he had hoped for, as he got to spend the entire holiday with his two lovely young carers. Following their facebook antics during the holiday, from marshmallow eating contests to lining up a bevvy of beauties for photos, it is clear that these are two very special and genuinely caring young ladies. Final word has to be giving Sarka Karlikova and Evija Selecka the credit they deserve for stepping forward.

Sarka told us “It has been an absolute pleasure to assist Gerald, he is a great guy. We are hoping to help more people enjoy Ibiza next summer so if you know anyone who might be interested please let us know.”

Evija added, “We work as carers in England but we plan to organise more work next summer as carers here in Ibiza. We have enjoyed this experience and think more people with disabilities should come to this magical island.”

How cool  is that? What started as bad news for Gerald in a cut to his benefits has, through the good deeds of good people, been turned completely on its head to one of entirely  good news. Better still, Sarka and Evija are inspired to help more people overcome the restrictions of their disability and enjoy everything Ibiza has to offer.


  • To contact Sarka and Evija please email our office

  • Carl Cox, Revolution at Space on Tuesdays

  • Catch Andy Wilson on his regular Tuesday lunchtime show




Santa Eulalia Allocates 3.1m€  To Rural Environment’

Santa Eulalia city council said that as a result of their careful ‘planning and good management’ they closed their 2015 budget with a surplus of 3.17m euros. They announced that the funds will be used to make investment into the preservation of the rural environment, enhancing the landscape and improving road safety.

Specific projects include the removal of overhead cables in several areas, improving the Sa Font and Can Ramon neighbourhoods including new bus stops, pavements and street lighting etc., and with a budget of a 1/4 of a million € to improve the “infrastructure and beautification” of Cala Llenya.


Desalination Just Weeks Away

Balearic minister on environment announces that two connections for supply in San Jose have entered test phase.

The Balearic minister of the environment Vicenc Vidal announced on Tuesdays visit to the island that the connections to carry desalinated water into San Jose are in their test phase and, subject to any unforeseen problems, residents of San Jordi will be receiving water from the treatment plants of Ibiza and San Antonio within two weeks.

  • Talamanca Sewage Outlet

The minister also noted that the replacement of Talamanca’s problematic sewage outlet pipe (emissary) started today and that, in an unfortunate translation, ‘tomorrow would see the start of tasting procedures’.


Efforts To Avoid Iberia Strike In Ibiza Fail

Negotiations in Madrid between Iberia and airline unions UGT, CCOO and USO ended without any agreement between the conflicting sides in a dispute that promises strike action at the end of July and early in August.

According to Enrique Lorenzo, leader of the USO union, the problems in reaching a solution are due to “the company’s fears that any concessions given in Ibiza will open a floodgate of demands throughout their network”.

Lorenzo went on to say that in the meeting Iberia managers had acknowledged the poor state of affairs in Ibiza relating to recruitment commenting “it is a shame they are not prepared to offer anything for the sake of their workers”.

  • Strike Action

Ibiza’s Iberia workers will meet on Thursday to vote on whether they should continue with the strike action threatened.

Their demands are that their employer must comply with the current collective agreements which have not been fulfilled for the past two years. They also demand improved working conditions in the Ibiza terminal.

If the vote is passed to strike, there will be action taken on the 30th and 31st July, and the 4th and 8th August with the threat to extend industrial action indefinitely if no agreement is reached.

Tenant Charged With Arson In San Antonio Apartment Fire

A fire on the third floor of an apartment building in San Antonio on Monday needed the rescue of two women trapped by the blaze and the evacuation of school children from their summer school in the adjacent building.

The fire was reported as having been started by a man who lived in the third floor apartment following a heated row with the woman with whom he shared the property.

Having set the fire he is said to have called the emergency services and turned himself into the Guardia Civil.

The Diario de Ibiza reported that Carmen Fuentes Montesinos aged 76, had lived in the apartment for 25 years and had let the room in March saying “I took him in to help me cover expenses and give me some company, but since mid-June life has become unbearable because he began to urinate in bed and constantly came home drunk and violent using such foul language I cannot repeat it”.

She went on to say that she had discovered he was taking drugs having found some left in his clothes when using the washing machine. Describing it as a final straw, she told him he must leave but said he refused and replied with a threat saying “if he could not have it as his home, neither could she”. Fuentes Montesinos said that the daughter of a neighbour intervened on this occasion, as she had several times before, because he was becoming so aggressive they feared for the pensioner’s safety.

The tenant was bailed to appear at the headquarters of the Guardia civil and it is understood he refused to testify.

The condition of the building was such that at 5pm Tuesday, three apartments were still deemed to be uninhabitable however though the remaining tenants were allowed to return, they declined to do so due to the conditions within the building.

  • Remanded Without Bail

On Wednesday morning, the 58yr old tenant accused of arson appeared before court number 2 in Ibiza.

The man arrived at court with his face covered and when the proceedings commenced the Guardia Civil requested submission of the 112 emergency services recording on which they say the detainee admits responsibility for setting the fire he was detained without bail.

Horrific Fire Engulfs Launch In Marina Blaze

A couple have suffered terrible burns after their boat exploded into flames in Ibiza marina sending the victims flying into the sea.

Five people were aboard the vessel when it became engulfed in the fire, giving a 37 year old woman horrendous burns to 90 per cent of her body.

Her companion, believed to be her partner, aged 36 years sustained 80 per cent burns to his body, both have now been transferred to the specialist burns unit in Valencia where they both remain in a critical condition.

A 64 year old man, believed to be the woman’s father, also received burns to his arm and the two other occupants were treated for inhaling toxic fumes.

The boat itself was left a burnt out shell after the blaze engulfed the vessel.


Food & Drink


 La Cacatua

  • Richard Lawson

La Cacatua is an integral part of the Wild Asparagus estate, built on a hillside overlooking Cala Llonga village, and dates back some forty years. La Cacatua contains the lower of the two swimming pools that punctuate the estate, incorporates a kiddies’ pool and welcomes visitors from all over the island to take a dip and enjoy the fruits of their kitchen.

Vicki and Appi, who bought La Cacatua this year, used to run Bar Pio down by the beach of Cala Llonga. There they built up a reputation for staging live music events and for excellent food. That tradition has continued as they invite the cream of local musicians to ‘strut their stuff’ now and again on Sunday afternoons from 2:30 to 5 pm. Details of up and coming gigs can be found on the bar’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile Vicki has maintained the quality of the offerings from the kitchen. Almost all of the food is home made and her meat is sourced from the best butcher at the local market in Santa Eulalia.

The menu would put many restaurants to shame with some twenty main courses to choose from, plus a selection of puddings, snacks and side dishes. As you might expect they have a kiddies’ menu, but what might pleasantly surprise you, especially if you have hungry kids to feed, are the prices. This may well be the best bargain for keeping a hungry family on the march that you’ll find throughout your stay on Ibiza.

The Jumbo Yorkie Pud filled with grilled chicken breast or two sausages, mixed vegetables, mashed potato and gravy for €7,95 particularly caught my eye (maybe it’s my Yorkshire roots?), but Vicki tells us that their some of best sellers are the Ploughman’s lunch, the liver paté, the lasagne, the chicken curry and the warm goat’s cheese salad with caramelised onions.

Appy runs the well stocked poolside bar and is chief cocktail maker. He tells us that, of the dark beers, Hobgoblin and Old Speckled Hen are very popular, as are the various ciders including Thatchers on draught. As far as the cocktails are concerned, the hands down winner appears to be the ‘mojito’, but the classic is under strong competition here from the strawberry, mango and watermelon options…

One of the most impressive changes that Appi and Vicki have made this summer, apart from their delightful waitress Nati, is a mural on the wall of the poolside chill out painted by local artist, Jack Melville. Another is their introduction of a BBQ and Gourmet night on Friday evenings from 7 – 10 pm. This is curated by Ruben from Argentina and has proved very popular. For this, you need to book your table before 4 pm on the Thursday. To do just that ring 646 406 400 – you know it makes sense…

An unusual novelty is taking place on Thursday July 28th when a magician will be exhibiting his trickery around the pool between 3:30 and 5 pm.

For those interested in learning to scuba dive whilst surrounded by the clear blue sea of Ibiza there is an opportunity to learn how to do so free of charge in the pool at La Cacatua on Tuesdays at midday. Alternatively, if watching sport is more your bag, you’ll find all live sports on TV both in the bar and the chill out.

Clearly that’s going to be a lot to digest at one sitting, so why not pay them a visit between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm any day of the week, enjoy the fruits of the kitchen between 8:30 am and 4 pm and catch up on all of the other things not normally provided by a swimming pool.

Alternatively, check out their Facebook page: Bar La Cacatua.





Day by Day…

l Also see articles on this page and throughout the newspaper.


l 16th July to 16th August Bloop Arts Festival, San Antonio & Ibiza Town


Thursday 28th

l Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb),  Scarface

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l San Carlos, The Brand New Heavies @ Las Dalias. 20€ advance, 25€ on the door. (see ad right)

Friday 29th

l Walking Ibiza Classic sunset walk – Ses Salinas – 7pm

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 30th

l Cala Llonga Free films on the beach,  9.30pm Minions

l San Jordi, 9pm, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works  Teatro de Ponent. –  En el arca a las ocho Entrance is free first come, first served

l Saturday July 30: Sinestesia – dance from the emerging dance company from Barcelona Iron Skulls set in a post-apocalyptic world. Part of the Nits de Tanit cultural festival. 10pm on the terrace of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, the old military command building just outside Dalt Vila on Calle del Calvario. 10€ in advance from La Sirena or 15€ on the night from the box office on site.

Sunday 31st

l San Jordi, 9pm, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works  Closing – Grupo de Teatro Cubells.  – Peludos y Pelados Entrance is free first come, first served

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday August 1st

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 2nd

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

l Antonio Nieto and Albert Square 10pm, Space films, Public & Free – Interstellar

Thursday  4th

l San Carlos, Laid Back @ Las Dalias. 20€ advance, 25€ on the door.

l San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Friday 5th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday  6th

l Cala Llonga Free films on the beach  9.30pm How to train your dragon.

Sunday 7th

l Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday 8th

l San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 9th

l Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Slim Samurai & Pandawigga, Cristo Corona, Konami Mafia

l San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Festival of the Earth

  • Ibiza Town
    • Claire B

The annual Festival of the Earth (Festes de la Terra) held in and around Ibiza Town begins on Friday July 29 and continues until August 15. The period is one of great significance in Ibiza Town and its environs as it includes three important fiestas. August 5th is the saint’s day of the patron saint of Ibiza Town, Santa Maria De Les Neus or ‘Mary of the Snows’ in English, and to whom the first Catholic church and the cathedral in Ibiza are dedicated. August 8th commemorates the day in 1235 that the Catalan army overthrew the Moors, bringing Christianity to Ibiza and Formentera. It is also the saint’s day for Sant Ciriac, who was adopted as the patron saint of the island because of the significance of the date, which has become the most important holiday on the island. The festivities of August 8th culminate with the mother of all firework displays from the port in Ibiza Town. And last but not least, it includes the fiesta of the neighbourhood of Figueretas from August 10-15, which always ends with a fantastic firework display on the beachfront.

The program this year combines cultural events, concerts, sporting events, traditional festivities, children’s activities and activities for the whole family. Some highlights of the fiesta:

  • July 29 – 21.30 h. Opening speech and performance from the Choir of the City of Ibiza in the Cloister of the City in Dalt Vila
  • July 30 – 22.00 h. Concert with the Symphonic Band of the City of Ibiza in the park Villangómez Marià (Cas Serres)
  • – 22.30 h. Concert with Los Canallas del Guateke in the Reina Sofia Park – Spanish classics from the 60s and 70s with Iván Doménech, Joan Barbé, Jano Blanco & Fernando Hormigo
  • August 1 – 21.00 h. Princesas, dragones y orelletes, a musical fantasy story set in Ibiza with traditional children’s songs in the Reina Sofia Park
  • August 2 – 21.30 h. The Acrobatic Love, a dance, aerial acrobatics and fire show in the Reina Sofia Park
  • August 4 – 22.00 h. Concert of the Earth with the Symphonic Band of the City of Ibiza in the Reina Sofia Park
  • August 4 – 22.30 h. Concert with Duncan Dhu, formed in San Sebastián in 1984 in the Reina Sofia Park
  • August 6 – 22:30 h. Ressonadors Simfònic – classics of popular music played with a full symphony orchestra, in the Reina Sofia Park
  • August 8 – 20.00 h. ‘Berenada popular’ paella feast for all in Puig des Molins
  • – Midnight – Fireworks from Port Vell in Ibiza Town
  • August 15 at midnight. Fireworks in Figueretes on the beach

Most events are free unless it says otherwise. Full programme online:


Dorado Live Shows

  • Playa d’en Bossa
    • Claire B

If you like your music live and outdoors, one of the latest additions to Playa d’en Bossa this year is beachfront hotel Dorado, sister to Santos Suites next door. One of aims of the people behind Dorado is to promote music and guitar music in particular in Ibiza. Putting their money where their mouth is, they’re putting on a series of acoustic concerts on Thursday nights, featuring national and international groups. There have already been performances from L.A. from Mallorca, Vinili von Bismark from Madrid, Is Tropical from London and Dorian from Barcelona. The concerts all take place on the stylish pool-side stage, and being next to the beach, you can be serenaded whilst the sea breeze and a cold beer from one of the bars keeps you cool. There are 4 more concerts over the summer:

  • Monarchy (England/Australia) – August 4
  • Mystery Jets (England) – August 18
  • Kitty, Daisy & Lewis (England) / Uncle Sal (Ibiza) – September 1
  • We Are Scientists (New York) – September 15

The shows begin at dusk, from 20:00 to 23:30 by the pool on the beachfront. In addition to the concert there are DJ’s, a hot dog cart and vintage clothing corner. At 23:30 after the concert has finished, the party moves to the Backstage Club where resident DJs Colin Peters, Wild Wolf and guests are the hosts of the party. Tickets cost 10€, which includes a beer,.



At Night


House Of Madness..

  • Amnesia, San Rafael
  • Stephen Donavan

Voted DJ Mags number one DJs in the world for 2015, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are back in Ibiza for 2016 and they’re bringing the House Of Madness with them. The Belgian duo will take control of the Terrace at Amnesia for 13 weeks of complete and utter madness, with some help along the way from superstar DJs including Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero and W & W.

Straight off the plane from a mammoth weekend at Tomorrowland (see what I did there, mammoth?)  the group taking EDM by storm 3 Are Legends were headliners for the night roping in the skills of big room heavy hitter Steve Aoki and a special guest appearance by Ruby Rose.

Entering the terrace of Amnesia is always something special for me, it’s where the real big names of Ibiza come to play and I felt like tonight was no different. The production for House of Madness is second to none and possibly the most lavish of all the nights held at Amnesia with the massive pulsating jester head at the front of room alongside two huge screens.

The model/actress Ruby Rose took control of the decks from 3 to 4 bringing a mix of house, EDM and big room to a now full to capacity terrace. The Australian DJ definitely keeps the masses dancing until finishing her set up with ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Heads Will Roll’

Steve Aoki was next in the proceedings for a short solo set, he brought the anticipation for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mikes arrival even higher playing some of his new material and taking snapchats with the crowd.

The 3 DJs finally untied 45 minutes later than scheduled but that didn’t dampen the crowds spirits, opening their set with a huge build up and massive production show.  You can’t knock the trios presence when their behind the decks, they have every single person jumping for the entire set. Though out their performance were some moments of real brilliance and ecstasy. Seeing the entire room banging their chest to last summers highly successful anthem ‘The Hum’ was astonishing. We’ve all seen ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ right? HUM HUM, HUM HUM, HUM HUM HUM HUM HUM HUM!! The trio had the whole crowd in the palm of their hands and they were loving it. Love them or loath them these boys certainly know how to work a crowd.

House of Madness will continue  every Sunday in Amnesia until it’s blow out closing party on the 18th of September. Be prepared for the madness!!

Album Review: DJ Pippi, Bocadillos Variados

  • Nick Gibbs

I think I’m right in saying my entire personal experience of DJ Pippi has been at Pacha’s funky room over the past decade or more, and with that in my mind I certainly was not expecting the smooth and sophisticated Latin grooves on his debut CD Album, Bocadillos Variados.

The opening track is a gentle latin number, all about effortless guitars and a pretty well an effortless life, about not trying too hard.

I know exactly how to describe it, but have far less confidence it will make sense to every reader.

A few times a year our travels take us on the road north out of San Antoni. The hilltops are traversed on a twisty roller coaster of ascent and decline before you come out onto the wide open fields of Santa Ignes, through which and beyond is to my mind the most beautiful and unspoilt part of Ibiza.

Those days are invariably ones of the good life. A real day off, a rare summer event without needing to log on, check in or follow up.

Our plans are for some lesser beach and long lingering lunch at a traditional Spanish family restaurant.

The light is just perfect. Dancing in dappled order made abstract as it meets changing angles and textures from bonnet to windscreen to dashboard through our body and then left behind replaced by a ceaseless procession of willing peers created by olives and pines, stone walls and bouncing off whitewashed houses.

To me that is perfect Ibiza. Perfect in its beauty and perfect in our pace of life. It is living the dream – and this opening track is the perfect soundtrack. As unlikely as it may sound I had not registered the name of the track until I had written most of that description. Its title ‘Never stop dreaming’ is just about  perfect too, and it goes onto my personal chill album alongside the Afterlife remix of Shakedown’s At Night, and in my world compliments don’t come much higher.

That the first track should be singled out for such great accolade should not lead you to think the rest of Pippi’s first album is any less accomplished.

The tracks vary in percussion and to some extent in tempo, but again nothing in Pippi’s music on this album is about unnecessary haste. The maximum speed you will achieve is sufficient to make the intertwine of your dancing partners thighs and hips step up the sexy scale .

Pippi is joined in several collaborations  including Kenneth Bager on my first and favourite track, two with Tuccinelli and a notable track ‘So Beautiful’ with diva of all divas, Barbara Tucker.

I expected funky but I got smooth and sexy, and I like it.



Ibiza Legend

  • Words Nick Gibbs, Image Max Lawless

I suppose we would have to call it a chance occurrence based entirely on my being pretty rubbish. Having gone along specifically to get a photo of the legendary, and in this context the term is absolutely justified, DJ Alfredo Fiorito playing vinyl. Pretty embarrassing to have climbed all over the front of the deck s making a nuisance of myself to then see the dreaded ‘battery exhausted’ in the viewfinder. I know, I know, it’s unprofessional, but who would have thought 10€ knock-off batteries on eBay wouldn’t be as good as the original.

Luckily, good guy Max Lawless was also on hand and having treated my request to borrow his camera with the contempt it deserved, he stood into the breach and took a few photos, and this one particularly I love in its time-served definition of character, this man has seen it all —  of course he has, he started it all.

Of all the interviews I have ever held with DJ’s around in the very early days of Ibiza’s dance music heritage, without exception they point towards the importance and influence of Alfredo as the pioneer of the Balearic beat.

So we have tried a first for the newspaper, a double page poster. We go to print with everything crossed that they will line the plates perfectly, but a risk worth taking.

We hope a good few Alfredo images will be finding their way to the walls of workers apartments, home DJ booths, fridges and cloakrooms across Ibiza.

If your home décor requires a rather more professional print to frame and hang, we are pleased to supply in either colour or black and white, without text as follows:

  • 40cm x 60cm, 25€
  • 76cm x 114cm, 50€

If interested drop an email to the address below

Alfredo 101

  • Stan Farrow

DJ Alfredo, full name Alfredo Fiorito, was born in the town of Rosario. His early working life was focused on training to become a, and eventually he worked as a music critic on a Newspaper.

In 1976 at the age of 23 he left Argentina and emigrated to mainland Spain, moving to Ibiza shortly after.

It seems his employment in Ibiza was as eclectic as the sets he would become famous for. Included in his early days CV were candle maker, delivery driver and fashion designer.

He also worked as a barman in a popular bar near the harbour in Town Bop. The bar was equipped with a couple of turntables and a mixer and it was here in 1982Alfredo tried his hand at becoming a DJ.

It was while a reputation at Bop’s he was invited to DJ for a party on the outside terrace of a small club called the nearby village of Rafael. At the time Amnesia celebrated as the most underground venue on the island. Alfredo’s appearance at the club was in 1983a private party, and at first his sets were not well received. Nonetheless and in the next year he soon began to turn the situation round eventually having a 6-year residency the club. His eclectic mix of house, disco and pop, being the spark that eventually drew the crowds. As the weeks went by the in-crowd of Ibiza began to relocate from the neighbouring-club, (now Privilege) to Amnesia.

Alfredo is regarded as having a significant influence on  dance music’s explosion on Ibiza and its spreading to the wider world. The much told legend, though in this case we can vouch for it being more or less true, is that in  1987 English DJ’s on holiday went along to Amnesia  when Alfredo was playing. The group made up of  Rampling, Oakenfold, Holloway joined by Johnny Walker. At the club the group were introduced to the unique eclectic style of which included such sounds as, among others, the new house music had been exported from the USA.

There are also tales, of which we cannot vouch, that it was during that time they discovered the music’s powerful combination with the Ecstasy in reducing inhibitions and creating a sense of oneness on the dance floor.

They returned to England and set about re-creating their experiences and the sounds that Alfredo had introduced to them. The rest, as they say, is history…


Community & Agenda



 Thursday 28th July to Wednesday 3rd August 2016

ARIES – Eight of Wands

Success is indicated in most areas of life, including romance and work, if you aim high.  Lowering your expectations will only attract mediocre people or opportunities, so raise the bar in life and put out for the best.  Being quick on the uptake will also bring great success.  You snooze you lose; don’t take long to make your mind up.

TAURUS – Ten of Wands

Unfamiliar environments beckon, you should broaden your horizons and see what’s happening away from your usual patch.  Playing it safe is no fun so be adventurous.  For some Taurians it could mean relocating to another town or country.  Also, you want to communicate something important to a loved one but you’re unsure of how they might respond. Don’t rush it.

GEMINI – The World

Could literally be at your feet as this card indicates tremendous success; you’re firing on all cylinders.  You’ve worked hard and gone through the ‘apprenticeship’ stage and you’re now the ‘master’ of your world.  It’s all coming together rather nicely. Ideas regarding long distance travel need to be investigated further as it could be the trip of a lifetime.

CANCER – Six of Swords

Emotions sit close to the surface as you shed a few tears over what might have been.  It’s best not to look back but to move forward with gritty determination.  What you’ve lost out on can’t be regained so try to make some peace with that.  For some journeys are indicated; not so much for pleasure but more practical reasons.

LEO – Justice

Better days lie ahead.  The universe likes life to balance so what has been taken from you will be restored; which may come from where you least expect.   You’ll feel uplifted and grateful for the gifts you receive which are more likely to be emotional and spiritual.  If you’re a budding author, now’s a good time to write that book.

VIRGO – Knight of Pentacles

You meet someone charming this week who’ll think you’re the answer to their get rich quick schemes.  Virgo’s are savvy about money so are unlikely to get stung by a pretty or handsome face.  However, you’re not totally unsusceptible to flattery.  Best give them a trial run before parting with cash, just to see if they’re up to the job.

LIBRA – Eight of Pentacles

Your skills shine through even though you’ll be rushed off your feet with last minute demands workwise.  Your earning potential is good this week, if only there were enough hours in the day!  This card shows a grafter who’s not afraid of hard work; who’ll be rewarded not taken advantage of.  Not that many could do that to you!

SCORPIO – Ace of Wands

New opportunities which will prove successful if you have the courage of your convictions.  Businesswise you’re able to fend off the competition with your innovative ideas and the speed at which you can deliver the goods.  Chance meetings prove fortuitous; you really hit it off with someone likeminded and you’ll put your heads together to hatch a creative idea!


Finding your voice or having your say in a non-judgemental way is often difficult; you’ll need to take a step back before you say anything that others could take umbrage at.  Weigh matters up carefully even if you know you’re in the right.  Associates eventually see your point and are willing to compromise.  Your energy rises up like the phoenix.

CAPRICORN – Three of Swords

How you keep it together this week I don’t know.  Someone’s going to push you to the limit.  This card indicates that two’s company, but three’s a crowd; so someone, somewhere, is coming between you and something that’s important to you.  Don’t let past incidents cloud your thinking; you’ll need a mind sharp as a scalpel to deal with this.

AQUARIUS  – Ten of Pentacles

This card is amazing for your financial prosperity; money just flows your way.  You’ll be touched by the generosity of others who believe in your skills.  Career wise, if you work offering a service or are in sales, clients will like what you offer, will be happy to pay what you ask for and importantly recommend you to others.

PISCES – Knight of Wands

Your focus should be on speaking your truth.  You cannot abide falsehoods; so you won’t be afraid to tackle any situation that’s unfair or dishonest.  You’d rather dismantle a situation that seems false so expect an upheaval or two in the process.  Health wise, it’s a good time to look into your fitness and nutrition. Journey’s for study go well.


A View From The Pew—666

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The number 666 is notorious.  It represents evil.  This number comes from the Apocalypse of John.  The Apocalypse is the mystical prophecies of a first century AD Christian by the name of John.  The Apocalypse is the last book in the Bible.  666 is the number of the incarnation of evil in the last days just prior to the final battle between good and evil.  It is the number of a person, pejoratively called the beast, who will have all the authority of the Devil just as Jesus has all the authority of God.

The Apocalypse says:

“This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. Its number is 666.” (Apocalypse 13:18)

The Apocalypse invites us to calculate the number and thereby to identify the person.  The most likely theory is that the number stands for Nero who was emperor of Rome from AD54 to 68.  Nero initiated in those days a terrible persecution of Christians.

In classical Hebrew and Greek, the letters of the alphabet represent numbers.  In the first century, this provided an opportunity to make secret codes for the initiated.  The formal title of Nero in Greek was NERON KAISER.  If we transpose that into Hebrew letters we get NRON KSR.  There are no vowels in ancient Hebrew except the letter O.  If we add up the value of each letter we get 666!  N is 50. R is 200. O is 6.  N is 50.  K is 100. S is 60 and R is 200 = 666.  Nero’s formal title was sometimes written as NERO KAISER that is without the final N in NERON.  This fact is very important and adds weight to the theory that 666 is Nero.  Some ancient manuscripts of the Apocalypse have 616 instead of 666.  If we drop the final N = 50, lo and behold, we get 616.

The Apocalypse seems to be saying that in the last days the decisive battle between good and evil will take place.  In those days evil will be embodied in a person who will be like Nero but much worse and much more powerful.  The Apocalypse in Chapter 13 says that anyone who does not have the mark of the beast that is “the name of the beast or the number of its name” will not be able to buy or sell.  Will the number of his name be a microchip?!

  • The service this Sunday 11.30am 31st July is at S’Hort de Can Masia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

It’s Good To Talk

Dear Kate

My daughter lives in Ibiza and I am her mother living in the UK. I go and visit often and have a reasonable insight into her and her partner’s lives over there. I am writing to you because I am worried about her. They have a 3-year-old son who is normally in nursery but at the moment is in a type of summer school. They seem to work hard but what really worries me is that they also do what they call “partying hard”! Hard is by no means an over statement, many times whilst I’ve been there they haven’t come home till 8am. Maybe that is because they know I am there and can look after the toddler but it still worries me or even worse that they do it when I am not there and he is left with sitters that he may not know so well. I assume they drink too much and probably take some kind of drugs, as they are always so moody and snappy with their son, each other and me for at least 2 days afterwards.

I don’t know what if anything I should do and how I can handle my worry, maybe they are in total control and I am worrying unnecessarily but I just don’t know. I am writing to you in the hope that you might be more in touch with what goes on in Ibiza then I am and have a measure of what is acceptable and what is possibly a “problem”

Thank you in advance, VR

Dear VR

Thank you for your letter and though I am sorry to hear of your worries. It is also heart-warming to read how much you care and are concerned about your daughter’s welfare. There is no point beating about the bush, Ibiza definitely has a wild side that is very well publicised and many people come to the island for a holiday and to let their hair down. Of course coming on holiday is very different to living here and trying to carve out a personal, social & work life that ticks all the boxes. I suppose in many ways it does not matter where one is geographically the most important thing is to behave in a way that works for you and those who you care about. Your daughter maybe doing what makes her happy but if that is affecting you negatively and causing worry then of course you have every right to let her know. Keep in mind however that just because you tell her of your concerns that doesn’t necessarily mean she will change or modify those behaviours and you have to be prepared to process what that response might mean for you. There are of course various free & confidential support  groups NA / AA/ CODA and my own general support group are available on the island but your daughter firstly has to acknowledge she needs some support ,and then make the steps herself to find it. This may sound harsh but no amount of nagging or gentle encouragement will make her get help unless she thinks she needs it.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a parent, no matter how old our babies become we will always worry and want to help them and often will get rejected for doing exactly that. But as long as we as parents have the strength to be there when needed then we can be confident that we are doing all we can.

I wish you all the best.




Amanda Zips It Up

Hola Zipsters.

Welcome to the latest instalment, live and direct from my home from home, here on the white isle.

After a peaceful week in Mallorca, I opted for the most serene and relaxing way to travel to Ibiza – by ferry. It’s sheer bliss, and I spent three glorious hours out on deck, sunbathing on a lounger, watching the blue sea, skies and dolphins.  I’d thoroughly recommend this mode of doing the journey if you have time, even though the flight is only 20 minutes!

Once here, I had to get my hair done, of course. And there’s one go-to hairdresser top of my list, guaranteed to deliver every time. Martin Kelly at C4 Explosive Hair in San Antonio.

I have featured Martin a few times in this blog but I’m excited to report he has launched his own range of fantastic and affordable hair products, which I grabbed as soon as I walked into the salon.

This was all in preparation for Craig David’s TS5 pool party at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Hed Kandi at Ocean Beach Club, plus the various Clockwork Orange parties, as well as the huge fashion shows at the Atzaró Fashion Festival 2016, featuring my favourite Ibizan designers – World Family Ibiza.

Phew. I feel like I need a holiday and I’m only half way through the week.

In this instalment we look at the chic and calm side this beautiful island has to offer, in an effort to avoid returning to London with mouth ulcers, bags under my eyes, at least half a stone weight loss and a sprained ankle.

Enjoy this week’s Amanda Zips It Up.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Fashion & Lifestyle in Ibiza

Ibiza has long been the holiday destination of choice for the party-loving jet set. Everyone from Kate Moss to Kim Kardashian have dipped into its hedonistic delights, but while Ibiza has built a reputation as a paradise for eat- drink-party-repeat clubbers who dance all night and surface on the beach at around 4pm, in recent years a chicer, quieter side of the island has emerged. And I can guarantee you’ll go home feeling alive, rather than at death’s door.

Here are my recommendations if you have just touched down on the white isle.

  • 1) Book a beach club sunbed

This is one of those ‘when in Rome’ expenses that’s totally worth it – because nothing sums up Ibiza beach life more than lounging on a giant white sun lounger, chilled glass of rosé in hand, watching a crowd of buff guys and tanned girlies in cut-out swimsuits parading up and down the boardwalk. Nassau Beach Club is a perfect option with a brilliant afternoon playlist (particularly if you prefer your sunbathing soundtrack to be less heavy house) and a delicious sushi menu.

  • 2) Go and see Carl Cox for the last time at Space and the world famous Sunset at Café Del Mar.

DJ Carl Cox – the dance music legend – is playing his very last season at Space after 15 years. Music is Revolution: The Final Chapter will run until 20th September and is well worth booking tickets for if you want a pure taste of what Ibiza nightlife is all about.

And for the perfect sunset? It’s all about Café Del Mar. This is an Ibiza classic. You can really only get that type of sunset in San Antonio where you have the backdrop of the boats and the villas. Paradise.

  • 3) Have dinner on the cliffs at the Amante Beach Club

If you want a chilled evening away from the thud-thud-thud of the Playa d’en Bossa then try the Amante Beach Club. Nestled in the cliffs above a secluded cove on the ast coast – a picturesque favourite for wedding ceremonies – there’s a brilliant menu of uncomplicated, fresh Mediterranean food. The beach club also hosts outdoor cinema nights every Tuesday and yoga by the sea if you’re feeling energetic.

  • 4) Book a day trip to Formentera

A 40-minute boat ride from Ibiza is the beautiful island of Formentera, where the beaches are famous for their clear, turqoise-blue waters. The roads on the island are small and narrow so the quickest way to get from harbour to the lovely Playa de ses Illetes is by bike or a boat taxi which whips you straight there.

  • 5) Indulge in a spot of retail therapy

La Galeria Elefante, a concept store in Santa Gertrudis is the locals’ best kept secret. If trawling around the famous hippy market isn’t really your thing, and you’re more about finding one-off gifts, fashion and cool interior buys, try this place.

There’s also Sluiz, just outside the village with the best selection of Fashion, accessories and furniture guaranteed to keep you browsing for hours.


Casa Pom Pom

Following the global success of Dolce & Gabbana’s Pom Poms last season, we have witnessed the explosion of the colourful pom pom effect. From sandals to clothing,  and now a successful range of jewellery, straight outta Marbella.

Meet jewellery designer Kelly Canueto. Kelly moved to Marbella from London ten years ago and has recently launched her range, available to buy online on her Etsy page as well as in local craft markets on the the Costa Del Sol.

I spoke to Kelly to find out how it all came about.

“It was actually a minor fashion crisis that sparked the idea for Casa Pompom.

Up late one night trying to pack the perfect capsule wardrobe for a weekend away. I realised I was in need of a necklace to complete my look. Nothing I owned was quite right and all the shops were all closed.  With some left-over craft materials and a bit of trial and error, to my amazement I created something rather lovely.  A gorgeous pompom necklace. Fashion crisis averted!

After sourcing quality supplies I started making necklaces and bracelets too, a chunkier update on the essential summer beach bracelet. At first I made them just for myself but other people really liked them, and before I knew it I was selling them!

My customers love the fact that they can buy something pretty unique. We’ve all experienced that heart sinking moment when you spot someone with the exact same item as you, so it’s easy to appreciate the beauty of something made in the tens rather than thousands.”

I’m in Ibiza at the moment but Kelly has popped some goodies in the post to my home in London. When I get back, I’ll get ‘pom pommed up’ and post pictures here at zips it Up.


Summer Activities For The Kids in Ibiza

  • Carly S

Summer is well and truly here, as are the kids holidays! But there’s no need to panic about what to do with them as there’s plenty on this little island when you get bored of the beaches (if you ever do!)

There are several parks, which are totally free of charge, in every town. My personal favourite is the one at the edge of San Rafael which is shaded by big trees and astroturfed for comfort…one of the only slides you can use in Summer without burning your bottom!

There are also two water parks on the island; Aguamar next to Space in Playa D’en Bossa and Sirenis Aguagames attached to the Sirenis Seaview Holiday Village next to Port D’es Torrent beach in Cala de Bou. Aguamar costs 18€ for a day pass (under 2’s free) and boasts a restaurant and cafe,  picnic area, grass area, first aid, children’s play area as well as thrill seeker’s slides such as the black hole and kamikaze and the gentler attractions of a spiral slide, multicolour slide, foam slides and a child and infant pool.  Sirenis Aquagames features a 9 metre high tower with 1 open slide  and 1 covered slide, a 12 metre high tower with 1 multi-lane slide, 1 straight, high speed open slide and a free fall slide, a Caribbean Pirates children’s area for 4-10 yr olds with 10 children’s water slides and 4 splash barrels, an area for 4-10 yr olds with water jets and sprinklers and a shallow  pool for 2-4 yr olds with animal statues and water sprinklers. There are various price packages available, a day pass to the entire resort including drinks, snacks, lunch, water park entry and hotel facilities access for 50€ per adult and  30€ per child, a lunch and water park ticket at 30€ per adult and 20€ per child, water park only access is 19€ adult and 14€ child for a full day or 13€ for everyone for the afternoon only (under 3’s free).

There’s also a fab inflatable obstacle course called Oceanmania in San An next to Ocean Beach club which costs 15€ for 45 minutes and is guaranteed fun for almost everyone (not recommended for very young kids or non swimmers) and close by is Surf House with its wave machine to surf on and loads of live music events.

The Hippy Market at Punta Arabi near Es Canar every Wednesday is a good place to go with kids, especially since Ibiza Mamas run a kids craft corner every week where the little ones can get creative! The Gorilla Market in Cala De Bou is now also home to a huge Ferris wheel and fairground rides as well as a nightly horse show at 21:30. Cala Llenya market on Sundays has live music from 12 and a kids play area and restaurant and Las Dalias in San Carlos also has plenty to keep the family happy.

For those who want a bit of culture and history, I recommend heading to the capital. Dalt Vila is a stunning old fortress with spectacular views and there are several museums in Ibiza town as well as catacombs which are well worth a visit.

A cinema showing films in Spanish and a bowling alley, ice cream parlour and burger bar can be found at Vila Parc on the outskirts of Ibiza town and Cine Regio in San Antonio shows films in English every week, check their Facebook page for details. Teatro Pereyra in Santa Eulalia also screens films in English from time to time and outdoor cinemas seem to be popping up all over the place this Summer. Cala Llonga beach is home to free family film showings every Saturday night at 21:30 and Cinema Paraiso shows films for grown ups at Dalt Vila every Thursday – again details are on their Facebook


Fans of Frozen or Superheroes can meet their heroes at Charlie’s bar in Es Canar where Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties host weekly, free parties with live singing, games, dancing, photo opportunities and more. Anna, Elsa and Olaf are usually there on Saturdays at 8pm (there will be a change to the day at the end of August) and Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man and Captain America take turns hosting Sunday nights at 8pm.

For the outdoorsy types, there are great walks and hikes all over the island for you to venture on alone or join one of the island’s walking groups at, see the Facebook pages of Walking Ibiza, Walk and Talk Ibiza or Ibiza Walking Association for upcoming events. One of my favourite walks is from the cliff overlooking Es Vedra up to the old lookout tower – beautiful! The infamous sunset drumming at Benirras every Sunday is also a great spectacle for all the family, get there early to avoid parking chaos!

As well as all of this, there are hundreds of child and family friendly bars, restaurants, cafes and beach clubs around the island just waiting to welcome you in! Happy holidays!


The Guide




Jezza’s World of Sport

3 Times A Champion!

Road Cycling

We can’t start anywhere this week but the Tour de France and the end of this gruelling 3 week road race encompassing 21 stages over 3 weeks, 2,188 miles, 666 towns, 35 French “departements” and 4 countries culminating in last Sunday’s final stage to L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The more I read about the TdF the more I admire the grit, determination and perseverance of the riders. So multitudinal congrats to Englishman but Kenyan-born Chris Froome who secured his 3rd title in 4 years, as well as England’s 4th title in 5 years, following Sir Bradley Wiggins’ win in 2012. Not only that, but to defend his 2015 title takes some doing. Even he will admit that he owes an awful lot to his Team Sky colleagues as well as the team’s manager Sir Dave Brailsford as they pushed, cajoled and assisted him all the way to his win with 4 mins 48 secs of day light over runner-up Frenchman Romain Bardet. What a feat and at only 31 and maybe 4 or 5 more opportunities. Who’s to say that he won’t beat the record of 5 TdF wins jointly held by Jacques Anquetil of France and Belgium’s Eddy Merckx. Also congrats to GB’s Andy Yates who came in 4th but took the white jersey as Young Rider of the TdF. So, what now, for Froome, you might ask? Well, with the Olympics in Rio just a few days away (for which by the way, Mark Cavendish, winner of 4 stages in this year’s race and 30 overall, withdrew in the latter stages so that he could concentrate on his training) his goal is double Gold, in the time trials and the road race. If successful, what a stunning 2016 it would be for him, and surely worth a knighthood like Wiggins!


After England’s woeful batting performances in the 1st Test at Lord’s against Pakistan, seems that the boot is on the other foot in the 2nd Test at Old Trafford. Amazing how the same players can produce totally different performances within a week (must be the pitch and the conditions!) as proven by Pakistan’s leggie Yasir who took 10 wickets at Lords but at OT was smacked for 290 odd runs and only took one wicket in the whole match, after England, superbly led by Joe Root’s 254 and Captain Cook’s 105, both in the 1st innings followed by the former’s 71 and the latter’s 74 in the 2nd innings, amassed a total of 760 runs leaving Pakistan needing 565 to win from their 2nd innings. Not a good start for them either as the tourists are currently, as I write, 2 wickets down with only 70 odd on the board so hopefully, barring rain, England should win over today and Tuesday with ease to square the 4 match Series at 1-1.

Rugby League

At the end of the regular Super League season, it’s now down to the Super 8’s where the top 8 in the League play each other to decide which teams go in to the Semis and Final play-offs. League leaders Hull cemented their place at the top with 34 points, followed by Warrington on 33 after their 34-30 win over Huddersfield, Wigan on 32, followed by St Helens, Catalans, Castleford and Widnes but no place for last year’s Double winners Leeds who were pipped to the final Super 8 place by Wakefield.


Yes, a very popular sport but being a petrol head not something I write about often, although it must be said I am a very courteous powerboat driver and always respect yachties and the sea codes! However, when it comes to the America’s Cup I’m as patriotic and enthusiastic as any yachtie, so hats off to Sir Ben Ainslie and his British Land Rover Bar team who started the World Series event in Portsmouth over the weekend to see who would win the right to take on the holders of the Cup, the USA, in the Final. And didn’t they do well? They took three 1sts and two 2nds in the 5 match event to win by a point and go top of the series leader board. Great to see and good luck in the next series although I must say, having seen what these super-dooper racing yachts can do, speed wise, and what they look like, it doesn’t seem like gentlemen and old salt’s racing at all!


Ladies, a warning! There are less than 3 weeks to go before the Premier League starts. So, remember, if you haven’t already done so, get your skates on and give him your list of chores and quick! Methinks, ’tis going to be a seriously competitive season as with all the Sky money flowing in to the PL. Every club has money to burn on new players and, must be said, managers. With Pep and Jose back in opposition in Manchester, Conte in London, Moyes at Sunderland, Koeman at Everton, together with the usual suspects, Wenger, Klopp, Poch, Pardew, Howe etc.etc. It really could be very interesting!

Gotta go, but afore I do, congrats to Big Sam Allardyce for being appointed the new England manager, together with ex-Liverpool Sammy Lee and ex-Bayern Munich Paul Clement as his assistants. Not my first choice but still a proven manager in the PL and English to boot so at least he’ll bring discipline and tactical acumen to our pampered, overpaid English stars as he certainly does not suffer fools gladly, unlike a certain Mr Hedgehog!!

‘Til next week when I’ll be in Rio reporting for you on the Olympics, thanks to a really generous all-expenses paid 3 week sojourn from Our Ed – fat chance and I wish!!!!

F1 – Hungarian GP

Hamilton takes championship lead

Lewis Hamilton heads the driver standings for the first time this year after a controlled drive to victory in Sunday’s Budapest race. Hamilton has a six-point advantage over Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg, who finished second at the

Hamilton got the jump on polesitter Rosberg at the start, and from there only lost P1 during pit stops. Red Bull were able to push the Silver Arrows in the early stages, but their challenge faded and Ricciardo came home 25 seconds off the lead, with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel right on his tail.

In the second Red Bull-Ferrari battle, Max Verstappen held on to win a tense and lengthy scrap for fifth with Kimi Raikkonen, while Fernando Alonso took a worthy if distant seventh for McLaren. His team mate Jenson Button was the race’s sole retirement. Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz, Williams’ Valtteri Bottas and Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg completed the top ten to take the remaining points.

Hamilton may have been up front, but the nip-and-tuck flow as the two Silver Arrows cut through lapped traffic ensured that the world champion was never able to relax, once Rosberg had got his second wind and reduced the advantage Hamilton had opened up in the first stint on the supersoft Pirelli tyre.

He seemed less happy on the two sets of softs that he used after that, whereas Rosberg could push harder on them than the supersofts, but the German could not gain track position. The closest he got was on lap 52 when the gap came down to 0.6s after Hamilton was blocked by backmarker Esteban Gutierrez in the Haas, and again when Hamilton had locked up and momentarily run wide in Turn 12 on the 62nd lap, but thereafter he regained momentum and had things under control to the flag.

The result gives Hamilton 192 points to Rosberg’s 186, as Ricciardo moves to third on 115 just ahead of Raikkonen on 114. Vettel is fifth with 110, as Verstappen closes up with 100.

Behind the big boys, Alonso brought his McLaren home in seventh, getting three track violation warnings on the way, as Sainz took eighth for Toro Rosso ahead of Valtteri Bottas. Jolyon Palmer had his best race in F1 and was a contender for the final point for Renault until a spin on the 48th lap dropped him back behind the Force Indias of Hulkenberg, who took 10th, and Sergio Perez. Palmer ultimate finished 13th on the road, but picked up a place thanks to a 5-second time penalty handed to Gutierrez for ignoring blue flags.

Romain Grosjean kept Raikkonen at bay for a while early on before dropping back, taking 14th in the second Haas ahead of Palmer’s Renault team mate Kevin Magnussen. Daniil Kvyat was 16th in the second Toro Rosso from Felipe Nasr’s Sauber, Felipe Massa who had a woeful race in the second Williams, and the Manors of Pascal Wehrlein and Rio Haryanto which sandwiched Marcus Ericsson’s Sauber.



Ibiza Sonica launches new streaming experience

  • Claire B

Ibiza radio station and broadcaster Ibiza Sonica has launched a game changing streaming experience. Fans of the White Isle can now enjoy live HD video streams of Ibiza’s best sunsets, beaches and events coupled with multiple channels of the world’s best electronic music. Whether it’s a breathtaking sunset from Café Del Mar, the majestic beauty of Es Vedrá climbing out of the sea, or beach life in Playa d’en Bossa and Cala Tarida, Ibiza Sonica’s new website broadcasts the visual essence of this striking destination in unforgettable fashion. With live video as the background, the site features 5 new linear audio channels in addition to the original Ibiza Sonica, all brought to you by the creative team who already shook up the streaming world when they launched in 2009.

  • Ibiza Sonica is the live feed from the studio, which is also available at 92.4 FM in Ibiza as always.
  • No More No Less fits the times when you just want to listen to good music, with total freedom, no genre or labels.
  • Sonicafutura showcases the most experimental and electronic side of Sonica. It’s ideal for moments of relaxation, study or as a soundtrack for cloudy days.
  • Sonicalm is a soothing music selection with timeless Balearic and down-tempo music sessions.
  • Soniclub will keep the peak time vibes going, 24 hours a day.
  • Where is The After Party? never leaves you without something to listen to whilst you carry on partying.

With a virtual portal to the island and its musical heritage, offers fans an entirely new way to consume music. With a slick user interface and an endless stream of the world’s biggest artists as guests, as well as a continued dedication to exclusively streaming the best live events from around the world, Ibiza Sonica forges ahead into its second decade looking and sounding stronger than ever.

Ibiza Sonica is on FM at 92.40 and online at

Bloop! On The Streets

Sarah Oliver grabbed this great picture of one of San Antonio’s new street murals being painted as part of the 2016 Bloop festival

Runs to to 16th August Bloop Arts Festival, San Antonio & Ibiza Town


  • Santa Eulalia

Showing at Teatroespana Sta Eulalia 21-00hrs. Thurs 28th – Sun 31st July. Central Intelligence. (2016 PG12A !hr 47mins). After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.

Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet.

Saturday 30th July

  • Cala Llonga

Free Cinema on the beach. Showing at 21-30hrs this Saturday, 30th July, on the beach in Cala Llonga; MINIONS.  A free to all film night presented by Viva Cala Llonga & Vecinos de Cala llonga, the evening is kindly sponsored by Amante and Kids In Ibiza.