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The Ibizan 824 21 Apr 16
The Ibizan 824 21 Apr 16

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The Ibizan 824 ~ 21 Apr 16



Shady Business…

The Ajuntamento of Sant Josep’s controversial plans to auction the boroughs beach concessions have resulted in accusations of money laundering, muscle man intimidation, drug smuggling, tax fraud, and just being a right bastard.

The auction raised a quite staggering 4.6m€ for licences to operate sunbeds and parasols on beaches extending from Playa den Bossa round the south coast of Ibiza through to  San Antonio Bay. Dozens of businessmen attended the auction on Tuesday with bidding accepted by a show of hands. The top price raised for a single lot amongst the 153 on offer was 735,400€. This record price was for the concession of 260 beds and 180 parasols in Cala Bassa.

This being the first such auction families who had earned a living on the beaches for many decades soon realised they would not be able to compete with the deep pockets of entrepreneurs from outside Ibiza. Particularly prominent in the buy up was Mahy Marrero Sosa who currently faces a 16 year prison sentence for the discovery of 452kilos of cocaine on his private yacht. In that trial, for which he is awaiting sentence, he also admitted a charge of fraud to the treasury. Marrero used 8 companies in the auction process, 6 of them to gain 11 lots including 3 premium positions in Playa den Bossa, 2 in Cala Compte and 2 in Cala Carbo. Of his drug trial Marrero has claimed that the yacht was not his but cousin’s and that he had voluntarily declared the irregularities in taxation to the Hacienda. Downplaying the trial he said he had come to Ibiza to do business because it offered the same opportunities as the Canary Islands, but greater rewards for lesser effort.

Winning bids have been seen as way over the required break-even level of the concession. One reason businesses are willing to pay such inflated sums is considered to be that they are not really interested in sunbed and parasol rental, indeed many are now not even charged. It is the ability to charge premium beverage prices on beaches directly in front of premium hotels and beach clubs.

Even businessman and former foreign minister Abel Matutes ultimately paid 355,100€ for 180 beds and 90 umbrellas in front of his own hotel in Playa den Bossa after a fierce bidding war with Marrero that started at just 66,000€.

His daughter Carmen Matutes paid 153,000€ for another stretch of sunbeds stating that “we do not do this as a business; we need to keep this service available to customers”. Many of those bidding against Marrero who could not meet his price resorted to public and vocal insults creating quite a scene in the town hall. “You’re a Bastard” was shouted by one frustrated bidder. Similar reactions were made when he took what was described by Spanish press El Mundo as a seemingly absurd lot. A table and chair in the navigation channel of Cala Compte that a father and son used to take simply to afford them some shade sold for 16 times its previous fixed price of 500€ when Marrero made his ultimate winning bid of 8,000€

Existing concession holder Oscar Carbonell repeated his no holds barred accusations made to the Diario de Ibiza earlier in the year. Carbonell is in no doubt that Marrero’s sole objection was that of money laundering. Assessing the mathematics he said that it would need to be sunny every day for the entire concession period, and every sunbed and parasol would need to be rented every day for 4.5 months, simply to cover the fees paid for the concession without any allowance for wages, and other operating costs.

The auction session even devolved into pushing and shoving. El Mundo reported that representatives of Nassau, one of the Island’s most prestigious venues, lost one of its previously held concessions of some 162 beds and 81 umbrellas, due to an oversight that left Marrero holding the contract in exchange for a fee of 90,300€.When Marrero went to leave the room several people with what the Spanish daily described as a “security baring” and wearing Nassau shirts, surrounded him. This prompted Marrero to turn and shout to everyone: “If tonight I am found floating in the sea (perhaps an unfortunate choice of criminal underworld execution for a man standing on charges of the discovery of 452kg of cocaine on his private yacht), you will already know who it was.” An agent of the Local Police of San José then escorted Marrero to a taxi.

The auction will quadruplicate income compared to the previous fixed asking price for the concessions, putting an extra 3.45 million euros into public coffers.

Mayor Mari Ribas Agustinet was unrepentant. “For the first time we took advantage of our strength as a premium and most desired destination” he said. “Do I have to apologise for this? I think not.” Said the Socialist Mayor whose party leads the San Josep Government  with the support of Guanyem.

There are no plans in the other municipalities to follow suit in auctioning concessions.




I will be pleased and relieved to get these last few days prior to the season proper out of the way. This and every year it seems that the months before the tourist season necessitate the greatest level of wading through news that is never likely to be held up as an example of man’s finest hour. Financial scandals, business brutality, corruption, rafts of often ill considered regulations all go to make an Ibiza sleaze soup the foul taste of which can only be washed away with the positivity and activity of the main tourist season.

With that in mind I sincerely hope the story of the San Jose beach concession auctions will mark the last week where negative outweighs positive for some months to come. Fitting then that we should go out on what feels to me possibly the most incomprehensible story from a winter where there has been no shortage of contenders.

Mayor Marí Ribas Agustinet said the following “For the first time we took advantage of our strength as a premium and most desired destination” he said. “Do I have to apologise for this?“

Frankly yes, of course you bloody do. Didn’t you go on the new Mayor’s induction course? One of the most important responsibilities of your role is to act as San Josep’s moral compass, to keep those that would do us harm away.  To ‘be’ Sant Josep in our stead. That does  not mean flogging off our assets to any dodgy character with cash on his hip.

To argue that the income justifies the means is not a luxury somebody holding senior public office can enjoy. I do not blame Marrero for his actions, from everything that has been said, I think he is simply pursuing life as he sees it should be pursued. Remember also that for every bid he won, somebody else was prepared to pay a few euros less. Anybody capable of simply shrugging off charges of this magnitude and confidently presenting himself in the manner he did, would probably make a Tarrentino character we would find ourselves rooting for. For exactly the same reasons, it makes him an individual with whom the government cannot do business.

The Spanish Institute of National Statistics issued a report in February this year stating that after unemployment, corruption amongst public officials was still by far the biggest concern to Spanish citizens. This alone would surely make any politician working to the will of the people unwilling to do business with Marrero, however there are a whole list of backup reasons that the Mayor seems to have so casually overlooked in focussing entirely on the financial return.

Money laundering prevention.

All of us have to jump through hoops to even open a bank account into which an employer can direct deposit wages. A lot of hoops.  Yet here, in a context where calculations prove that if the concessions achieved previously unheard of  occupancy levels, 100% for a straight 4 and a half months, the income would no more than cover the licence fee without taking any operating costs into account. Why? Why does a business want to invest in the wholly unattractive proposition? Let us be generous and say they have a valid commercial reason. Fine. But you’ve got to ask the bloody question! Are you really so arrogant as to say that the entire Western world now works to Money Laundering controls, but the the mayor of San Jose is exempt?

Fit Person Checks

Then we have the appropriateness of the concession licences for a man with drug supply connections. I may not have experience in international bulk drug supply but were this my trade and were I asked what would be the ideal conduit to distribute those drugs I think a network of locations spread around the entire island, where cash is exchanged by nature of the business and so would not seem out of place, and where I could reach my target market in the hours prior to their time of drug consumption, would just about be the dream ticket. It is irrelevant whether this is the intention in this case, the point is surely, surely, something so important should have been taken into consideration.

Ribas, Man of the People

Our mayor adopts something of a swagger in his “should I apologise”. My people needed the money and I got it. OK tough guy, so we still need money, how about auctioning off a few taxi licences.? They are needed for exactly the same reasons of being a premium location. There would definitely be buyers queuing up. No of course you wouldn’t dare, ISIS would think twice about taking on Ibiza’s taxi lobby. Doing it to those you can shaft, but not to those who will shaft you back is, well, it’s a bit yuk really isn’t it.

Of course there have been quite legitimate means of raising funds that have been let go. We reported only 3 weeks ago, that San Jose has been failing to collect 1m€ per year in Cadastral. Legitimate, clean, ongoing. Yet we ignore that in favour of an auction/circus.

But perhaps it is me out of step. Perhaps the people of San Josep are content to work with people based purely on their financial standing and with total disregard to their character? I think not.

The mayor says that we the people, and I can include myself as a tax paying resident of San Jose, will be pleased that this additional income will improve our environment, our water supply etc. Well I for one, am not.

It should be about more than money and though in our private lives we all choose our own direction on the moral compass, in public life this makes it all the more important that we have leaders that demonstrate a clear and strong focus on the right direction, that being simply put, ‘doing the right thing’.

If our leaders do not recognise that basic premise we may as well get ready for a great San Jose flog off. Rent giant advertising space in the Ses Salines Nature Reserve and Mountains. Corporate sponsored wildlife. And perhaps for a true piece of Alan B’Stard,  in future why not allocate blood test appointments at the health centre not on the order of arrival, but by auction, with the added excitement that if those needing public transport could not get a high enough number to catch their return service they would face a very long walk home. Sound harsh? Why, it is the method by which we gain most income and apparently that is all that matters.


San Antonio ‘Strange Occurrences’ Not Caused By English Hooligans

Over the past weekend, strange circle patches have been observed in the Bay of San Antonio, and we are delighted to announce that it has been officially confirmed that the phenomenon are NOT the fault of lager swilling English Football Hooligans.

A spokesperson for the Marine authorities has confirmed that the large areas of both light and dark coloured circles are actually caused by the increasingly common floods of jellyfish coming into shore during the winter months. The absence of the English Hooligan scapegoat has caused some concern in the corridors of power with one politician saying there was a real possibility they may have to ‘do something’. This was exacerbated when Google mis-translated the word ‘scapegoat’ resulting in Police marksmen taking up sniper positions.

After some debate it was agreed to ban jellyfish from San Antonio’s coastal waters including a 723m perimeter leading from somewhere random to an overly complicated location during the hours of 17:24 and 19:22 on Mondays and Fridays during weeks cars are parked on south facing side of Vara de Rey. A budget of 16,32€ has been allocated together with one enforcement officer who has immediately departed on a fact finding mission to Barbados. An opposition party spokesman said the jellyfish were a trifling matter however nobody got the joke as it didn’t translate at all.

Meanwhile English Hooligans everywhere celebrated their moment of Inglés inocencia in the run up to St George’s day. We went to San Antonio west end to seek the opinions of those most affected. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any Englishmen among the 17 Irish, 13 Scottish, 4 Welsh and 2 Outer Hebridean bars that now comprise the West End.

Air Malta Party Plane

Air Malta passengers to “Party in the Sky” on charter flight to Ibiza

141 passengers travelling on an Air Malta two-hour charter flight to Ibiza in July will be treated to an exclusive experience of a “Party in the Sky.”

Air Malta said that the special flight, chartered by Events by Martin, Malta’s high-end events promoter, will see DJ Ruby and Daniel Pereaux spinning the decks at 39,000 feet. Apart from the custom made sound system that will be installed on-board by Best Team Audio, Nexos will provide special light visuals. Right from check-in guests will get a full VIP treatment and will be treated with a special inflight service.

The airline said that the organisation of this flight, as requested by the organisers, presented an operational challenge to the airline. “However Air Malta took the challenge and together with its Engineering Department and Flight Safety Office conducted various tests to ensure that all equipment can safely be transported in the cabin and all international standards and regulations are followed. Moreover Air Malta will be taking extra precautions to ensure cabin safety during the flight,” it said.

Joseph Galea, Air Malta’s Deputy Chief Commercial Officer added, ” at Air Malta safety is the number one priority. Safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is paramount and we have ensured that all health and safety measures and international regulations are met.”

The special flight will be on Thursday, the 21st of This event will be filmed and photographed and later shared on the airline’s social media.

Quote of the Week.

Commenting on the  commencement of the eco/tourist tax. “Oh dear. Seems like it will only encourage people not to license their accommodation in the future!! Who made that decision, Benny out of crossroads?” Liz Loughridge

Ibiza To Host Classic Rally

Between 20th and 24th April, the island will host the Rally Crossing Tourism Incio-Ibiza Classic Cars, an initiative which will feature a total of 25 cars from different eras aiming to promote the tourism in Ibiza. The rally was presented by the chairman of the Ibiza Tourism Promotion Foundation, Vicente Torres, Second Vice President and Minister of Interior, Industry, Trade and Institutional Relations, Marta Diaz, and event organizers Andres Castro and Pilar Debelius, both members of the Classic Cars Club in Ibiza.

The president of the Council of Ibiza Tourism Foundation acknowledged their full supported for the event, not only in its attracting the 25 teams, but also to promote Ibiza as tourist destination during the low season.

The Rally will start from the Galician town of Incio, although some of the vehicles will come from other parts of the state. During the four-day tour of Ibiza, historic vehicles will travel the roads in all municipalities, from the city of Ibiza, passing landmarks like Ses Salines, Cala d’Hort, Portmany Bay and villages of Santa Eulalia and Sant Joan.

The oldest car taking part will be a 1929 Mercedes and Rolls Royce 1937. But all the rest are also real gems on wheels, like the 1963 Porsche owned by the organizers of the event, which has been exhibited at the doors of the Council of Ibiza in the presentation.

Water Crisis?!

Hilary Crane spotted this classic ‘only in Ibiza’ situation during a downpour last week.

“Genius! Watering the grass in the heavy rain. This photo was taken five minutes ago at the new playpark near to Mercadona in Santa Eulalia.. On an island with a serious water shortage this an outrage. A disgusting waste of our taxes and precious water. And for what? To grow grass which will be scorched by the sun, trampled by the feet of the children, and become a mud bath every time it rains, not to mention the cost of the maintenance. Perhaps everyone who has been so outraged by the children playing on the play structure before it is ´ready´ should have more concern about this situation?”

Normal Service ….

Our apologies that due to circumstance as unforeseeable as they were unsurmountable, we were unable to publish the Ibizan last week Thursday 14th April 2016.

Where appropriate we have doubled up in this week’s edition of regular articles, and our sincere apologies to those crossword and tarot scope fans who were left wanting.

Normal service has now been resumed.

Ibiza Sandwich Is Viral

Airport food can be pretty dismal and overpriced, but when Azilef Speers grabbed some food at Ibiza airport before boarding her flight last Sunday, she wasn’t quite prepared for the sandwich she had received.

When separating the flimsy bread slices of her “premium ham sandwich” she was appalled to discover half slice of ham and a pinch of the most unappetising soggy lettuce.

She took a photograph of the sandwich alongside the receipt and posted it on Facebook.

“Ibiza airport ripoff 6.05euros for this utter rubbish. Made by NEWREST GROUP HOLDING What a damned cheek,” she wrote. The post has since made internet fame with over 300 shares and English and Spanish newspapers picking up the story.


Claire B’s Eclectic Eivissa ….

Sueños de Libertad festival

  • San Antonio & Ibiza Town

This weekend the 2nd edition of the Sueños de Libertad (Dreams for Freedom) festival takes place on Friday April 22 at the Teatro Regio in San Antonio and Saturday April 23 at the Recinto Ferial in Ibiza Town.

On the Friday in San Antonio from 20.00h Spanish acts M·Clan, Zahara and Carmen Boza will be performing acoustic sets, and Ángel Carmona (Radio 3) will be the master of ceremonies.

On Saturday April 23 at the Recinto Ferial in Ibiza Town, from 14.00h, Spanish bands Quique Gonzalez & Los Detectives, Fuel Fandango, Arizona Baby, León Benavente and Ángel Stanich, will be joined by local bands Ryser & The Lemons, The Frigolos and Stone Corners. As well as the live bands, there’ll be food stalls from local bars and restaurants (Can Tixedo, Ritas Cantina, Can Berri, Café Can Xicu, La Cava, Can Jordi, Blue Lotus Sushi Lab, Plaisir and La Repulguetta), along with art exhibitions, a craft and urban market, street art and a children’s area.

Tickets cost 20€ for the Friday and 15€ for the Saturday, with a discount for both days.

Info and tickets:

Facebook page – Sueños de Libertad · Ibiza Festival (2º Edición):

Rock in Riu Festival

  • Santa Eulalia

The Rock in Riu festival returns as part of the fiesta in Santa Eulalia on Friday April 29. From 20.00h in Plaza España, the concert combines local bands and bands from the mainland. Headliners Sexy Zebras (formed in Madrid in 2005), share the stage with Dinero (also from Madrid) and local bands Stone Corners and Señor Buho. DJ Ezekyel will be entertaining the crowd in between the bands. Free entrance. More info and details of the bands playing are on Facebook – Rock In Riu Festival:

Fiesta in San Jordi

  • San Jordi

San Jordi has an annual fiesta for its patron saint San Jordi (or St George in English), which lasts throughout April and May and includes an impressive range of cultural and sporting events taking place over the next few weeks for all the family. Saturday April 23 is San Jordi day (corresponding to St George’s day in England), where there will be mass at 11.00, followed by a procession through the streets of the town and traditional dancing. At 21.30 there’s a concert with performances from local groups Moonshine Band and Projecte Mut with a performance from the Dimonis els Mals Espirits at 22.30h, who run around with fireworks on sticks and which are always worth experiencing. Most of the main events take place in the Plaça de Sant Jordi, which is the open space behind the church. Full fiesta programme:

Boats to Formentera

  • Figueretas & Bossa

Ulises Cat has started its daily tourist boat service to Formentera. It departs from Figueretas at 09.45 (from the boat pier) and Playa D’en Bossa at 10.00 (from outside Bar Albatros), returning from Formentera at 17.00. The crossing takes approximately 40 minutes. A return ticket for adults costs 22€, 10€ for children aged 7-12 and free for under 7s. Tickets can be bought before you board the boat. The service will become more frequent and other destinations will follow from May. More info at:

Cycling & Walking Tours

There are still a couple of cycling and walking tours organised by the City of Ibiza on Sunday mornings for April and May. Costs for both are 3€ in advance or 5€ on the day. It is best to sign up in advance as places are limited. There’s a minimum age of 12 years for cycling. See the link to the programme below for full details and where to buy tickets.


April 23 – Night time full moon walk – Es Fornàs and Sant Rafel. Route: Piscina Can Misses – Can Negre – sa Coma – camí des Fornàs – Parc de bombers. 13 km. Level: medium/easy. Leave from Piscina Municipal de Can Misses at 21.00pm. Return by bus at 23.30.


May 8 – Peu de sa Talaia: Eivissa – Sa Carroca – Mitja Capella – Camp de futbol de Sant Josep – Can Jordi – Sa Carroca – Eivissa. (30 km with climb of 475 mts – medium level with some technical sections).

Full programme and details of where to sign up:

Exhibition @ MACE

  • Ibiza Town

A new exhibition has opened at MACE, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Dalt Vila, featuring work from the Mariano Yera collection. The collection was founded by businessman Mariano Yera in 1999, one of the leading art collectors in Spain, and is run by his daughter Natalia. It focuses on contemporary Spanish painting in the second half of the 20th century. For the exhibition at MACE work from 11 artists has been selected, mainly from the 1950s to 90s, featuring work from Miquel Barceló, Rafael Canogar, Equipo 57, José Guerrero, Manuel Millares, Pablo Palazuelo, Perejaume, Antonio Saura, Eusebio Sempere, Antoni Tapies and Jose Maria Yturralde. The exhibition is in part of the ground floor and in the basement and runs for a year until 9/4/2017. Free entrance. Check the website for opening hours as they change throughout the year but in April and May hours are 10.00-14.00 and it’s always closed on Mondays:

Classic Ibicenco Painters Pt2

  • Ibiza Town

The Marta Torres Gallery has reopened with the second part of the exhibition ‘Classic painters from Ibiza, some known… some forgotten’ (Pintores clásicos de Ibiza, unos conocidos… otros olvidados), featuring Ibizan art from the twentieth century. The exhibition features works from a number of artists who had a relationship with the island, particularly in the 1950s and 60s and come mainly from private collections. There are paintings from the Puget Group – Abad, Calbet, Ferrer Guasch and Toni Pomar, and others very close in style, such as Prats, Calbet and Chico Prats as well artists who represented a break with Ibizan classical painting, such as Rafel Tur Costa and Carlos Sansegundo. Also present is work from Joan Bennàssar, one of the most outstanding artists from Mallorca, born in Pollença in 1950, and a later figurative painting by Miquel Barcelo, after he moved away from the abstraction that figured highly early in his career. There are also paintings from the Englishman Leslie Grimes, an aristocrat who lived for many years in Dalt Vila and captured Ibizan landscapes with amazing quality, plus work by Russian Vladimir Boberman, who lived for many years in Germany before coming to Ibiza and painting scenes from Hanover and Düsseldorf. The exhibition is free and is on until April 30. It will then be shown in the restaurant Sa Capella in San Antonio and the Hotel Rural Can Lluc, located on the road from San Rafael to Santa Agnes. The Marta Torres Gallery is on Conde de Rosselló in Ibiza Town. More info at:

St George’s Day

St George’s Day is again being celebrated among Ibiza’s English community alongside the festivities of the Catalan community for whom St George, Sant Jordi, is honoured through the traditional gift of a book and a rose for a loved one.

Our own rather different view of St George can be celebrated at the combined St George’s day and opening party of san Antonio legendary sports bar Linekers who will be offering a BBQ live music, drinks offers and various fun activities throughout the afternoon of Saturday 23rd, progressing into a full on party at night. Just along the way on the border between San Antonio and Cala de Bou, Stevie Ds will be holding their own party for patriots with entertainment by local limping legend Chip and special offers on various drinks.




Ibiza C.C. vs Old Wimbledonians C.C. 

  • RPHood
  • 09/04/2016 30 overs per side  San Agustin football ground.

Ibiza were asked to bat first in their first match of 2016, which also marked the return to the astroturf surface of San Agustin football ground. They were soon 12/2 before Sam Gooda (31) and Pete Essex (67) stabilised the innings with a steady stand of 75 runs. In fact their batting was the mainstay of Ibiza’s total and allowed them to finish their 30 overs on an under par 146/8, due also to the accurate bowling of the visitors and their alert fielding. Their bowlers Max Jacobs (2/33), Robbie Whelan (2/15), Tim Seals (1/34) and Ben Marsh (2/20) contributed to the wickets.

Old Wimbledonians then batted and, despite losing several wickets in the middle of their innings, never looked under pressure while scoring at a steady 6 runs per over, and they reached 148/5 in the 22nd over, winning by 5 wickets. Several batsmen were involved, notably Jim Davies (18), John Culley (43), Alan Gardener (22), Evan de Silva (18 not out) and Roger White (18 not out).

Of the Ibiza bowlers, Paul Cruttwell (1/20), Johnno Gordon (2/16), sportingly loaned to Ibiza for the day, and Jezza Parmenter (2/19) wre amongst the wickets, but Ibiza showed their rustiness in the field with several dropped catches and missed boundaries.

  • 10/04/2016  30 overs per side.

The Old Wimbledonians batted first this time, and their innings was highlighted by a spectacular 103 retired from skipper and tour organiser Johnno Gordon who hit Ibiza’s bowlers to all parts of the ground. Otherwise, only Ben Marsh (25) and John Gardener (14) reached double figures, and the visitors finally finished on 175/9 in 25 overs. Of the Ibiza bowlers, Pete Essex showed his all round abilities with a miserly 3/7, while skipper Graham Boe (2/22), Robin Parmenter (2/47) and Mike Amos (1/47) also took wickets. The visitors very kindly contributed a couple of fielders to make up the numbers for Ibiza.

Ibiza began their innings disastrously and were soon on a precarious 5/4, several batsmen falling rapidly to ill judged shots! It was only a robust innings from Paul Cruttwell (36), and once again Pete Essex (36) that made the score more respectable, before the first 3 batsmen were allowed another turn to try and complete the innings. Thus Sam Gooda (48 not out) combined once more with Pete Essex, and then Mike Amos (10) to bring the scores level on 175/9, before the latter sacrificed his wicket going for the winning hit in the 28th over! So a tied match was the end result, which fittingly ended a friendly and sporting weekend of cricket. The visitors used 9 bowlers, of whom Tim Seals (2/3), Roger White (2/18), Will Markham (1/37), Ben Marsh (2/12), and Johnno Gordon (2/16), obtained the wickets.

Many thanks to Johnno Gordon for organising this first trip of Old Wimbledonians to Ibiza, and we hope to see them back again next year!

As for Ibiza C.C., this was the first of several consecutive weekends of cricket leading up to the Balearic Cup from 13-15 May in Menorca, so all supporters and players are most welcome!

Jezza’s Sport Report

Jezza’s Sport Report 14/04/16

Nowhere else to start this week but


as in Augusta at the US Masters, Yorkshireman Danny Willett became the first Englishman, let alone Brit, to win the coveted Green Jacket since ’96 when Sir Nick Faldo won the last of his 3 titles but you can also add the first European golfer for 17 years! Danny Boy has been talked about by golfing experts as the coming man for quite some time now and that promise bore fruition as he won his maiden Major title. Ranked 19th at the end of 2015 after his exploits last year, he has now broken in to the world’s top 10 and judging by the way he played his last round on Sunday, wouldn’t surprise me if he upped that ranking yet again. Mind you, it was riveting golf as I watched the last round unfurl in to the early hours of Monday morning. So, let’s go back to tee-off times Sunday afternoon as Willett, partnering his compatriot and fellow Yorkshireman Lee Westwood, started his last round and nobody expected what wa to come as he started off on level par after the first 3 rounds, 3 shots off overnight leader and title holder American Jordan Spieth but a flawless 5 under-par 67 coupled with Spieth having bogeys at the 10th and 11th followed by a disastrous 12th where he took 7 shots on a par 4 hole, gave Willett the clubhouse lead. However, the agony and tension went on as Spieth, getting stronger after his mid-round calamities, was still out there but had to gain 3 birdies from the last 3 holes to win and 2 to force a play-off extra hole. There was also the added spectre of a last round charge from American Dustin Johnson, as he got to within 2 shots but both he and Spieth could only par their remaining holes to give Willett the title. Amazing and fantastic TV so massive congrats to Willett but also to Westwood who came in tied 2nd with Spieth and Englishman Paul Casey, tied 4th with Johnson. Commiserations tho’ must go to Spieth as not only had he led from the start way back on Thursday but he had played supremely until those fateful mistakes but then, that’s sport! So, a brilliant Masters, yet again, but superb for the English with 3 in the top 6 and 2 more in the top 10, namely Matthew Fitzpatrick, tied 7th and Justin Rose, tied 10th with fellow Brit Rory McIlroy. Talk about fate tho’, as Willett won it on his wife’s birthday and became a father only last week, the baby having been born a week early which allowed him the extra time to take part in the Masters, becoming the 89th player to register out of 90! More good news for the English and bad for the Americans came in..

Horse Racing

Dunno ’bout you but I nearly, very nearly put some monedas on the eventual winner Rule the World (33/1) at the Grand National on Saturday but (a) don’t have a betting account and (b) couldn’t find Mr Wilson (silly me, should have gone straight to Stevie D’S!) but what a turn up for the books especially as jockey David Mullins, a mere slip of a lad and still a teenager, rode the race of his life to take the crown. Great win for trainer “Mighty” Mouse Morris and as owner Michael O’Leary happens to own our favourite budget airline (yeah, right!) RyanAir, if travelling with them, expect a new promotion on his flights and maybe a few more Euros off the prices over the next few days!


as, at the O2 in London, Olympic Gold winner Anthony Joshua, long heralded as a future World Heavyweight Champion, became one in only his 16th pro fight as he knocked out IBF belt-holder, American Charles Martin, in the 2nd round to fulfill his ambition to not only become a world champion without losing a bout but also to become the world’s second fastest following Leon Spinks, who took the title from legend Ali way back in 1978 after only 8 bouts. What next one asks. Well, more than likely a challenge next year to England’s other world heavyweight champion, self-styled Gipsy King Tyson Fury, whose recent outrageous and belittling comments about Joshua’s fighting abilities could come back to haunt him. Bring it on!!


Not much space left but in Europe a great result for Manchester City in the Champions League Quarter Final 1st leg as they scored 2 priceless away goals in their 2-2  draw with ParisSG in the French capital with the return leg tomorrow at the Etihad whilst Real Madrid suffered a surprise 2-0 loss at unfancied Wolfsburg and are going to have to go some back at the Bernabeu. Barcelona managed a stilted 2-1 home win against Atletico Madrid and really need to score an away goal at the Calderon on Wednesday to progress and Bayern Munich didn’t do a lot more to only win 1-0 at home against Benfica. My 4 for the semi’s? Hmmmm, City, Real, Barcelona and Bayern. Meantime, in the UEFA, Liverpool did well to draw 1-1 with favourites Dortmund and I can see Klopp’s men going through to a well-deserved semi and what an incentiv for them now as  the winners go in to the Champions League next season. Finally, getting tight in La Liga, as Barca lost their second consecutive league match, this time 1-0 at Real Sociedad with Atletico Madrid, 3-1 winners at Espanyol, now only 3 points behind and Real a further point back after their 4-1 home win over Eibar. Gotta finish with that legend-in-his-own-mind PSG’s Ibrahimovich comments as he looks to promote a money-laden final move to the Premier as (a) he thinks he’s worth wages of 600,000 quid PER WEEK and he’ll only move to Man Utd IF van Gaal leaves!!!

Jezza’s Sport Report 21/04/16


Great to see our Mallorquian cousin Rafa Nadal well and truly back to form, albeit on his favourite clay surface, as he battled through to win the ATP Monaco Open, for the 9th time, defeating local French favourite Gail Monfils, 2 sets to one. Having beaten World No 2 Our Andy in the semi, Rafa looked well on his way as he took the first set 7-5, but then lost it a bit allowinghis opponent back in losing the second 5-7. However, he then seemed to gain amazing reserves of stamina to completely demoralise Monfils taking the final set to love. Well done, mate and looking forward to seeing you at Roland Garros for the French. Not a great tournament for both Murrays then, as elder bro’ Jamie, the new World No 1 in doubles, and bidding for his first Masters title, reached the Final with his partner Brazilian Bruno Soares but didn’t quite make it as they were beaten by the French pairing of Nicolas Mahut and Pierre Herbert, although amazingly they won the games 20-12 overall but lost the match 2 sets to 1. Oh, the vagaries of tennis scoring! Talking of cousins we, in Ibiza, can now lay claim to a sporting first as in


Andrew Johnston, cousin of an English resident here in Ibiza, (generally known as “Crutters” and, as I understand it, not a bad golfer himself as well as being a bit of a whizz playing cricket for Ibiza CC !) won the Spanish Open at Valderrama, Andalucia over the w/end, his maiden European Tour title, as he shot a final round par to win the title by a shot from Joost Luiten with Ryder Cup legend Sergio Garcia in 3rd, a further shot back. Mind you, we’re all a little bit concerned as old Crutters went off to watch his cuz play but we haven’t seen head nor tail of him since – still celebrating, a la Danny Willett after his recent US Masters win, no doubt, in the dens of Puerto Banus and Marbella!

Rugby Union

and in the Premiership it’s looking more and more like a Saracens title at the mo’ as they entertained Harlequins at a sell-out 80 odd thousand crowd at Wembley on Saturday and came away with a 22-12 win to open up a gap of 4 points from new chasers Wasps, now in 2nd, after their 54-35 win at Worcester. It’s still tight though at t’top as Exeter are still in with a shout as altho’ they lost at Gloucester on Friday, they’re only 2 points behind and with 5 points for a bonus win (4 tries) ’tis all to play for with 2 matches to go. Elsewhere Leicester, in 4th won the Midlands derby at Northampton 30-24, London Irish are almost down having lost 13-6 at Newcastle and Sale are on the up as they beat Bath 29-17 in the first of their double headers.


and just for a change we’re going to start with Europe as, slightly against the odds, t’was great news for England as both representatives in the Champions and Europa Leagues made it through to the semis. In the former, Manchester City held off the pathetic challenge of Paris SG in the second leg with a 1-0 (agg 3-2) win at the Etihad but now face a much stiffer task against Real Madrid, who, having lost the first leg against Wolfsburg 2-0 in Germany won 3-0 at the Bernabeu spearheaded by who else but Cristiano with yet another hat-trick. In the other quarters both were pretty tight but favourites and holders Barcelona were knocked out, yet again a la 2014, by Atletico Madrid whilst Bayern Munich scraped through by the odd goal against Benfica. So, could be an all-Spanish Final a la 2014 between the Madrid clubs or even Man City, soon to be managed by Pep Guardiola, against his present club Bayern, altho’ I think I’m going to go for a Real/Bayern final but don’t put money on it!

Meanwhile, in the Europa, good on Herr Klopp’s Liverpool who recorded another famous European night at Anfield as they dispatched Kloppie’s old club and favourites Dortmund with a 92nd minute goal to win the tie on the way goals but 5-5 on aggregate. Considering well in to the second half, the ‘Pool were 3-1 down (5-3 on agg) what a comeback and they now face La Liga’s Villareal in the semis, while Sevilla will face Shakta Donetsk in t’other. Again, could be an all Spanish Final with Sevilla/Villareal and wouldn’t it be fantastic for La Liga if Real were to be in the Champions Final with Atletico as well but I’m going to be a patriot and go for Liverpool/Seville!

Talking of La Liga, what is going on at Barca? A few weeks ago they were well placed for yet another Treble, as they were 9 points clear of Atletico and 10 from Real in La Liga, in to the Final of the Copa del Rey and favourites and first leg 2-1 winners in the CL over Atletico but suddenly after 3 straight La Liga losses including 2 at home, the first time since 2003 that that has happened, and a CL defeat and it all seems to be going wrong. I watched their match on Sunday at home to Valencia where they lost 2-1 to a team that they beat 7-0 only a month ago and was amazed by their lack of ambition and missed chances, 21 in all! So, after those 3 losses their lead in La Liga has been whittled down to zilch and it’s now anything goes as they are only top by goal diff from Atletico and Real, on fire at the moment, are lurking only a point behind. ¡ Interesante !

Back in the Premier League, methinks it’s still Leicester’s to lose, despite dropping a couple of points at home to West Ham in a 2-2 very controversial draw but it all depends on Tottenham tonight as the Cockerell’s are at Stoke and need a win to cut the gap to 5 points. Lose and the gap would be 8 so altho’ I would love to see the Foxes take it, come on you Spurs, just to make it “squeaky bum” time! Mind you, didn’t help that Vardy got himself sent off, in front of the England manager to boot, meaning he’ll miss the next match and possibly another one as he lost his cool and swore in the face of the ref. Pressure, what pressure! As for Arsenal, fergetit, Arsene, after their lacklustre 1-1 draw at home against FA Cup semi-finalists Crystal Palace sounded the death knell for their title hopes, yet again, especially as Man City jumped in to 3rd after their 3-0 win at the Bridge against nothing-to-play-for Chelsea, featuring a Sergio Aguero hat-trick. Elsewhere, Man Utd, in 5th, limped to a 1-0 win at home to everybody-elses cannon-fodder and now relegated Aston Villa, Southampton drew 1-1 at FA Cup semi-finalists Everton, who, no doubt had their eyes set on the w/end’s Cup tie against Man U, the other Cup semi-finalists Watford, won 1-0 at West Bromwich where Gomes, Watford’s keeper, saved not one but two penalties (hold your head in shame, Berahino!) and Liverpool, with 10 changes, continued their good form with a 2-1 win at Bournemouth. Meanwhile, at the bottom with 2 relegation spots remaining, it’s looking like 2 from Naaarwich, Sunderland and Newcastle, altho’ must have been a sweet and sour w/end for the Black Cats Big Sam as firstly his side won 3-0 in a 6 pointer in Norfolk to then find that Benitez’s Magpies got the same result at home to Swansea to keep the gap to only two points, but at least both North Eastern giants pulled 3 points back from the Canaries.

Finally, back to the FA Cup semis this w/end, and my prediction? OOOer, not sure on this one but I’m gonna go for an all Spanish managers Final with Watford/Everton Flores v. Martinez, so, sorry, John R, that’s probably put the mockers on it and it’ll be Utd/Palace!

‘On that note, ’tis all for now.

F1 China

Rosberg and Mercedes clinch another victory

Bad news for Hamilton fans with a grid penalty for the Brit ahead of the race, then an engine change on race day meant he started from the back of the grid, Alonso was back in the driver’s seat for McLaren. Rosberg was starting from pole and surprisingly Ricciardo joined him on the front row, at lights out Ricciardo made the better start and took the lead, unfortunately for him and in a race full of incidents, his tyre blew out giving the lead to Rosberg; another comfortable and easy victory for Rosberg and Ricciardo finished P4. Ferarri could have challenged the pack leaders, but Kvyat’s bold manoeuvre of sneaking up the inside of the Ferraris, caused Vettel to crash into his teammate Raikkonen and the Finn was forced to stop for a new nose, he ultimately made a great comeback to finish P5. The knock didn’t hamper Vettel at all, who took P2 and Kvyat finished P3 in his Red Bull. Hamilton pitted more times than most after Nasr gave him a nudge knocking his front wing under the car, one stop for a new nose, and four tyre changes – the damage was too much and he could only finish P7. The Williams of Massa crossed the line before Hamilton P6 and his teammate Bottas picked up the final point in P10. The Toro Rosso boys also walked away with points with Verstappen having a fantastic race finishing P8 and Sainz P9. All 22 cars completed the race, next stop is Russia May 1st.


Personal Finance

Declaracion de la Renta 2015—Step by Step

Spanish nationals and foreign residents, whether self-employed or whose employer deducts their tax, have until June 30 to file their tax return in Spain. This year the Agencia Tributaria, Spain’s internal revenue service has rolled out a new online system called RENTA WEB, which allows taxpayers to access a draft of their return, and in some cases to directly file it with the Tax Agency.

Those who want to sit down with a tax official however, to receive assistance with their return, will be able to make appointments from May 4 onward.

People on low incomes wishing to benefit from tax breaks related to maternity, mortgages, or dependents, will need to file a return. Anybody earning less than €22,000 a year, provided their income is from one source, is not required to present a tax return in Spain. The same applies if income from secondary or third sources amounts to less than €1,500 per year. Those earning less than €12,000 a year, even if from multiple sources, are also not required to file a return. However, people on low incomes wishing to benefit from tax breaks related to maternity, mortgages, or dependents, will need to do so.

If you are due a rebate, the Tax Agency typically pays out within a month. If you are eligible for a refund, it is advisable to file your return as quickly as possible, and completing it online will speed up the process.

The Tax Agency recommends checking and double-checking all information in your tax return before handing it in. Pay particular attention to personal details relating to marital status, the number and ages of children if applicable, and that your address is up to date.

If you are eligible for a refund, it is advisable to file your return as quickly as possible, and on the internet, which will speed up the process

If you took out a mortgage prior to December 31, 2012, you may be eligible for a deduction of up to 15% of the interest you have paid, up to a limit of €9,040, so it is important to provide full details of the property, which must also be your main residence. A home-owning couple could be eligible for a joint deduction of more than €2,700. Money spent on renovating a first home can also be deducted.

Recent reforms to tax law also mean that working mothers, people with large families or dependents, as well as single parents, are also eligible for a rebate of €1,200 per year.

People who have contributed to a private pension plan can also apply for a reduction of their taxable income, by as much as €8,000.

Hacienda Hunt Hidden Rental Property

Spain’s Tax Agency is targeting the owners of apartments who placed rental ads last year – including those on specialized websites such as Airbnb – in a crackdown on unreported income.

With the 2015 income tax drive now officially underway, taxpayers who use the new online tax filing program, Renta Web, may find the following message on their computer screen:

“According to data in the Tax Agency’s power, you have placed property rental ads in various media, including the internet.”

The note is a reminder that any income from such rentals must be declared, in the same way as income from foreign pension schemes or other foreign assets. This is not the first time Spain’s taxman has gone after undeclared income from property rental, in 2012, it conducted checks on homes that had been declared as empty, with many showing high utility consumption.

The agency’s management director, Rufino de la Rosa, has not explained how the Tax Agency has obtained rental data, noting only that popular real estate websites such as Idealista or Airbnb are not providing information to the authorities.

Nearly half (49.03%) of all home rentals in Spain, some 1.3 million properties, are not declared to the tax authorities. Of these, the vast majority are rented out to third parties, while 367,059 are provided free or for a low rent to a relative.

But the Tax Agency say fraud is being committed, with officials noting that in 2008 55% of rentals went undeclared.

Spanish Holiday Home Tax Fiasco: Britons Win £2.6m Pay-outs

British owners of Spanish holiday homes have been refunded at least €3.3 million (£2.6m) in punitive taxes they should never have been charged with Spanish authorities being forced to repay millions of euros to Britons who were overcharged for inheritance tax.

There is another €7 million’s worth of claims in the pipeline being handled by Barcelona-based law firm Spanish Legal Reclaims. “Anyone who paid the inheritance tax during the past five years can claim back all the tax that they paid – but doing so is a complex and daunting task” said Luis Cuervo, chief executive, Spanish Legal Reclaims.

The firm expects to file €3 million more over the next two years as new claimants continue to come forward, according to Luis Cuervo, its chief executive.

Other law firms are also working to recoup money for Britons stung by the inheritance tax demands, and there is no official data on how much in total Spain will have to repay. However, with it being the most popular country for Brits to buy abroad, the firm believes that as many as 100,000 people have overpaid €300 million in inheritance tax (IHT).

The Spanish authorities raised the tax charge when the owner of a home died and passed it on to their family or friends. It was also levied on lifetime gifts.

In many cases the inheritance tax levied on non-resident homeowners amounted to a third of the property’s value, which had to be paid in full within six months of inheriting.

Yet Spanish residents paid almost nothing, as they were exempt from up to 99 pc of the tax.

The European Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that it is discriminatory for homeowners living in another EU or European Economic Area country to be charged more than locals and said they should be repaid – with interest.

The Spanish authorities are having to repay €30,000 on average in IHT paid by non-residents. The repayment is not automatic – you have to file a claim.



Food & Drink

Relish Weekends

Relish Restaurant is back up and running with a relaxed weekend opening prior to the full season madness. The perfect place to take one last opportunity to spend time with friends you will not see again until October.

In addition to a special spring menu, they are offering the eternally popular Relish Sunday Roast, a Saturday brunch/breakfast menu and we are both pleased and honoured to say, a Friday night fish and chip supper wrapped as all good fish n chips should be—in newspaper provided by you know who. Perhaps it is just an association from distant memory, perhaps it is that special final steaming of the supper, but whatever it, Fish and Chips in paper tastes better. Fridays and Sundays are limited availability so booking is advisable but not essential, Relish also has a great bar for those seeking liquid refreshment and if the weather warrants it, guests are welcome to use the swimming pool in the garden lounge.

13 delicious reasons to be a vegetarian in Spain

Guidebooks warn vegetarians coming to Spain that they are entering the land of jamón. And it’s true – Spaniards love their pork products with passion, and ham and tuna are both considered acceptable vegetarian fare in some old fashioned tapas bars. But Spain is also home to a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes that locals love. Here’s what vegetarians in Spain should be eating.

  1. Tortilla de Patatas

Let’s start with a classic choice— the famous potato omelette. You’ll find the tortilla de patatas all over Spain, and everyone has an opinion on the best way to make it. Onions or no onions? Fully cooked through or runny? Whatever your preference, there’s a tortilla for everyone and never a wrong time of day to indulge.

  1. Escalivada

A Catalan specialty, this dish of roasted pepper and aubergine (eggplant) is smoky and delicious. Generally cooked until charred, it’s the perfect combination for some ‘pan con tomate’ that’s been smothered in extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Gazpacho

Possibly the most refreshing Spanish food that exists, gazpacho is a chilled vegetable puree that Spaniards swear by as a cure-all superfood. Vegetarian friendly and full of vitamins, who could resist a cold glass of gazpacho during the hot Spanish summers?

  1. Berenjenas con Miel

These crispy fried aubergine (eggplant) are smothered in sweet honey or sticky cane sugar syrup— and either way they’re are absolutely delicious. Found primarily in tapas bars in southern Spain, they’re one of those dishes that you’ll crave long after the last bite.

  1. Papas Arrugás con Mojo Picón

A popular vegetarian dish in the Canary Islands, these tiny wrinkled potatoes are cooked in heavily salted water and then served with savory mojo picón sauce. They make the perfect snack, and it’s impossible to grab only one!

  1. Huevos Rotos

A simple dish of homemade fried potatoes and runny fried eggs on top, huevos rotos is a true Spanish comfort food. Order as is or enhance with some grilled vegetables for a hearty vegetarian meal.

  1. Espinacas con Garbanzos

One of the best vegetarian options in Spain is a savoury spinach and chickpea stew called espinacas con garbanzos. This delicious dish is often served as a small tapa in Seville, and is easy to make at home too.

  1. Pimientos de Padrón

In the north of Spain you’ll find some of the world’s best green peppers. Pimientos de padrón used to be quite spicy, but over the years have  been adapted to become mild. However, every now and then a super spicy pepper is hidden among the others, making ordering a plate of these akin to playing Russian Roulette!

  1. Patatas Bravas

One of Madrid and Barcelona’s most popular raciones to share, patatas bravas consist of deep fried potatoes smothered in slightly spicy homemade bravas sauce. Many Barcelona bars also add a healthy heap of alioli on top— and we won’t complain! We like our bravas extra spicy and served with a very cold beer.

  1. Pimientos asados

This cold roasted red pepper salad is one of the most satisfying Spanish salads come summertime. Dressed with sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, the flavour is outstanding. They’re best enjoyed on a terrace with a cold glass of sherry.

  1. Calçots con Romesco

Calçots are one of the most delicious seasonal treats in Spain, and vegetarians visiting Catalonia between November and March must partake in a calçotada— a special barbecue where the star of the show is a seasonal local onion called the calçot. Dipped into a nutty sauce made with ground almonds and hazelnuts, this is one barbecue where vegetarians will never feel left out!

  1. Pisto

The Spanish version of ratatouille is called pisto, and it’s one of the most delicious stewed vegetable dishes in Spain. Usually consisting of peppers, tomatoes, onions and aubergine, many people like to make this dish a full meal by topping it with a fried egg.

  1. Chocolate con churros

Let’s not forget the sweet stuff. Vegetarians in Spain can still enjoy the sweetest of Spanish breakfasts, chocolate con churros. Sticks of fried dough dipped in melted chocolate? Yes, please!


Community & Agenda


Thursday 21st Apr to Wednesday 27th Apr 2016

ARIES – The Sun

This wonderful card, is full of vitality and indicates good news, especially if health matters have concerned you recently. The Sun brings achievement; you reach the goal you’ve been aiming for or a result goes in your favour. Success requires determination; therefore you’re urged to apply yourself constantly now.  Doing anything half-heartedly won’t get you what you want!

TAURUS – Four of Disks

This week relax and count your blessings as you feel more secure and peaceful with life generally.  Look at what you’ve achieved and be content with what you have. Money invested in building/property shows a healthy return for the investment, so don’t shy away if such an opportunity presents itself.  Expect fun times at home rather than out and about.

GEMINI – Ten of Cups

Last week was pretty stellar with regards to relationships, but this week’s even better!  You could be introducing someone special to your family or social group, as you feel more serious about commitment these days.  For some Taurus, this card will mean a celebration within the family, a birth or a marriage.  Generally, life’s wonderful with plenty of affection around!

CANCER – Ace of Wands

Those of you who make a living through promotion, advertising or the media will find success or an accolade for a good job done – which in turn leads to another career opportunity. This is an excellent week for Gemini’s to start new projects or to look for work, as they will be the successful candidates. Romance looks good too!

LEO – Three of Cups

A week to let out your hedonistic side. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with those who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

VIRGO – The Emperor

Taking responsibility for ones actions is a sign of maturity and this week associates and partners will sit up and take notice.  They sense a “new” you; someone more determined and single minded about what they want to achieve.  You’ve laid foundations for a new way of life and will only operate on your terms and not someone else’s.

LIBRA – Page of Pentacles

‘What shall I do next?’ is the question going through your mind this week. This isn’t the time for making concrete plans; however there’s no harm in discussing your future with close friends or family and getting some useful feedback.  It looks like you might have one or two options, which is why you might be wise to wait.

SCORPIO – Page of Cups

Questions of loyalty arise this week; you know what you owe and to whom, especially emotionally.  When it comes to personal relationships, you’ll be able to communicate your needs and desires more objectively than normal and you’re willing to see situations as they really are rather than how you’d like them.  There’s good news for parents regarding a child’s progress.

SAGITTARIUS – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board any new project. Reliability will be a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week.  For others, home moves that prove fortunate; you’ll find your dream accommodation.

CAPRICORN – Nine of Pentacles

Although others might think you’re sitting pretty and have certain deals in the bag, you still feel as if something’s missing.  A Libra needs companionship and whether that’s in business or in pleasure, you have to be on the same page.  Also expect a sum of money to come your way that you had not bargained for; happy days!

AQUARIUS – Four of Cups

Weigh up opportunities this week as there’s a few to choose from both personally and professionally.  However, delay any decision on making a firm commitment as there may be another opportunity on the horizon; one you might like even better.  Romantically, if you’re single and have kissed a lot of frogs recently, the signs are good to meet your Prince/Princess.

PISCES – The Fool

Trust is a key issue for you this week.  The Fool card certainly doesn’t mean you are one; quite the opposite in fact.  He’s urging you to take risks and to have self-belief.  That it doesn’t matter; follow your heart and believe in your intuition.  There are no wrong moves; it’s your reaction to unfolding events that makes the difference.

View from the Pew

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The earliest communities of Christians frequently experienced angels.  The author of the last book in the Bible (The Book of Revelation also known as The Apocalypse) was a Christian prophet in the first century AD.  He received visions and revelations which “God made known by sending His angel to his servant John.” (Rev 1:1).  He was a member of a brotherhood of prophets who also had visitations from angelic spirits.  At the conclusion of the visions, the angel said to John: “These words are trustworthy and true, for the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent His angel to show His servants what must soon take place.”  (Rev 22:6).  The phrase, “the spirits of the prophets”,   probably refers to the “angels of the prophets”.

The twenty-two chapters of remarkable visions and revelations were sent to seven churches in what was then Asia Minor but now is Turkey.  The so-called letters to the seven churches in chapters 2 & 3 of the Apocalypse are actually seven prophetic oracles.  The remarkable fact is that these seven oracles are each addressed to the angels of the churches!    “To the angel of the church in Ephesus write ….” (Rev 2:1-7).  “To the angel of the church in Smyrna write….” (Rev 2:8-11).  “To the angel of the church in Pergamum write….” (Rev 2:12-17).  “To the angel of the church in Thyatira write….” (Rev 2:18-29).  “To the angel of the church in Sardis write….” (Rev 3:1-6).  “To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write….” (Rev 3:7-13).  “To the angel of the church in Laodicea write….” (Rev 3:14-22).

Each Christian community has its guardian angel.  I’m looking forward to meeting again our guardian angel at this coming Sunday’s church service at San Rafael!!  The church at San Rafael is of course dedicated to the archangel Rafael!!  Rafael means God heals.  We expect to see healing miracles at church on Sunday!!  “Ra-fa” is the Hebrew verb “to heal” and “el” is the word for “God”.  Each of the seven Archangels is an aspect or expression of God.

Service this Sunday24th April 10.30am at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street) Santa Eularia

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


It’s Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

Please can you help, I feel so anxious about things all the time and its ruining my life. I find excuses not to go out so most my friends have stopped asking and those that do ask are getting so fed up with me that I am sure they will stop soon.

There are things that happened in my childhood that I have been able to ignore or should I say not confront for years and years, I was a bit of a party going in my twenties and now that those days are behind me I feel stuck, there is nothing to hind behind and I am worried that my childhood experiences are catching up with me and people will somehow know about it so I withdraw and isolate.

Can you suggest where I can get the help I need

Thank you, RW

Dear RW

Thank you for your email. I sense that whatever it was that happened to you has been quietly simmering in the background for many years and perhaps you now feel ready to explore it and really being to understand the impact it has had and continues to have on your life.

It is a courageous decision to start that process and I admire your strength and determination to understand more about yourself and how you can start to make certain situations less challenging for yourself. I don’t know what happened in your childhood but it is clear that it has stayed with you for all these years and is something that you want to understand more fully. Your support network is important and it sounds as if you have some good friends around you, they do not need to know all the details but it might be useful to let them know that you are going through some challenging times and may need their support during it. In terms of where you can go to get help, it is a little difficult for me to make any suggestions without knowing more detail but there are many specialist support groups that you can access on line, some with forums where you can meet people who have had similar experiences, some with qualified counsellors that you can talk to on line..

If you would like to get in touch with me again and give me a little more information I might be able to point you in the right direction. Meanwhile please know that by writing this e mail you have begun to take steps and focus on yourself which is a real positive from which to continue.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Warm regards,



Showing at teatroespana Sta Eulalia Fri 22nd. Sat 23rd & Sun 24th April 20-30hrs; The Big Short.(2015 Cert 15 2hrs 10mins) Stars: Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling. Four denizens in the world of high-finance predict the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s, and decide to take on the big banks for their greed and lack of foresight. For future films and events why not check out the web site

Stan The Man

  • Brian Whetton

Cala Llonga lost one of it’s gentlemen last week with the passing away on Monday 4th April of Stanley (Stan The Man) Swaby at the age of 73 after a lengthy bravely fought illness. Stan moved to the island along with his wife Marilyn  twenty two years ago and they soon became a popular additions to the Cala Llonga residents scene. A private family only cremation took place last Wednesday and a number of his friends gathered at The Bunch of Grapes on Friday evening for a farewell drink. He’ll be rememberd as a quiet inoffensive guy who had a sharp East End sense of humour, very fond of music and was also extemely proud of his head of  “silver” hair. Cheers Stan from the remaining Four-Coffs!!

Marilyn wishes to thank everyone for their kind condolences and messages.

Beach Football

  • Brian Whetton

What a fabulous day it turned out be last Sunday for the 2nd Annual Cala Llonga 5-a-side Football Competition (so much warmer than last year).  With some “quite physical encounters” and lots of burnt off energy it was the home team that finally triumphed and collected the trophy. The adults games werer then followed by the youngsters. Lots of thanks must go to the event  organiser  Paolo Clombo and the Viva Cala Llonga team who ensured yaht everything went smoothly, ran the bar and prepared the Chilli and Curry. The afternoon was completed by some wonderful live music from Paco Fernandez and his band. This was the first event on the Viva Cala Llonga 2016 calendar and if you’d like to see just what is coming up throughout the summer then visit them on facebook or see the web site

We Could Be Heroes….

The bastion of Sant Pere de Dalt Vila opened its doors last Saturday to the tribute concert ‘We can be heroes’, starting at 4pm the venue soon filled up with members of the public showing their support and solidarity for the late David Bowie

A dozen island groups paraded on stage with versions of Bowie classics, and a dozen DJs performed in the breaks. During the afternoon there were also workshops and games for children with proceeds from the festival going to the Pitiusa Aid Association Affected Cancer (APAAC). The event was so popular that by 7pm, the doors operated a ‘one in, one out’ policy as the venue had reached its full capacity. The tribute concert was such a success, they raised a staggering 9,968€ for the APAAC.  Ángeles Blanes Noquera (Lost Angeles) posted this message on Facebook after the event –

“Many thanks to our friends at Diario de Ibiza…Special mention to all the artists and DJ’s who were wonderful, Sonoibiza and his technical team, Marcos Torres by the design of the poster, to Can Impres, to APAAC for his great work, the City Council of Vila, to Pep Tur and Carmen Cardona, Andrés Iglesias and Joan F. Ribas for their photo shoots, to Miguel Edu for his video report, Cristina Otero and Edu Mayol by their incredible technical work, not forgetting Joan Xag and your makeup team and above all a million thanks to the public as delivered and solidarity we had. You were very large”

We were impressed with everything about Ángeles who does come across as a very positive spirit. By way of small example despite the success of the event and the inevitable firefighting put upon her as a result, we noticed her join the back of the public queue for drinks, paying at the bar as everybody else without suggestion that her role as organiser should entitle her to anything more.



Amanda Zips It Up

Hey everyone and welcome to another instalment of Zips It Up.

I like to think I’m on the ball with current fashion and lifestyle trends but there’s definitely something #trending this week that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

What reassures me is safety in numbers. So, I’m pleased to say that I’m not the only ‘woman’ out there who has a secret crush on Zayn. Especially since seeing the very tasteful photoshoot in the new issue of Vogue.

Yep, Zayn mania is all around us at the moment. After the release of his album and the excitement surrounding his number one single ‘Pillowtalk’, with its achingly arty video, Zayn couldn’t get any cooler.  Other than by bagging the world’s current number one supermodel, Gigi Hadid, of course.

He’s the full package: physically perfect, super stylish and can sing beautifully. His record company must be rubbing their hands but there’s one problem for a ‘lady’ like me. He’s only 23.

It’s a case of the ‘secret Beliebers’ – i.e. those who adore Justin but daren’t own up, because he’s just a baby, baby, baby.

Is it wrong to find Zayn so appealing or am I insane? I’m not going to say I’m old enough to be his mother, because I’m not, so perhaps I can justify this disclosure.  Remember, you’re only as old as the person you feel… and I’m ‘feeling’ Zayn. That puts me in my early twenties, and that suits me.

Onto this week’s blog and we check out the latest tattoo trend, visit the new fashion superstore in London and take a look at an Ibiza hair genius making brides look beautiful on the white isle.

So turn off MTV (I know you’re watching him too) and enjoy Amanda Zips It Up. X

The Tattoo Blackout

I’m on the fence when it comes to tattoos. I like the look of them on some guys but that’s where it stops. Women with tattoos don’t do the trick for me. My first response is ‘my god, what will she look like when she’s in her 60s holding her grandchildren?’ But I have a small tattoo on my shoulder blade so I’m either a hypocrite or was a naïve youngster.

Actually, I don’t have a problem with “tiny” on girls and last year’s hottest tattoo trend was the tiny-tat. Gigi Hadid had a miniscule ‘g’ tattooed behind her ear and Kendal Jenner had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it dot on her finger.

However, this year things have shifted to the exact opposite – in fact the most extreme form of self-expression – the jet-black block tattoo, known as the ‘Blackout’ or ‘Blackwork’ tattoo.

The trend was started years ago by those covering up old tattoos and has evolved into this new look. As you can imagine, blackwork takes a long time to complete (and hurts), because to fill in the solid colour, no spots can be missed. The aftercare is mammoth too.

Yes, it’s a huge statement, but what happens when you get tired of it?

There’s currently no way to remove blackwork, so think long and hard before you take this bold step. An estimated 20 million Brits have tattoos and research shows that most go on to regret the decision. There has been a 440% increase in the demand for removal procedures. Blackout Tattoos also block any signs of possible skin cancer.

And I thought Cheryl’s rosy bum tat was OTT. It now seems very tame by comparison.

Katie Bolt Ibiza Hair

Ibiza has become a favourite wedding destination. The backdrops are stunning, but how can the bride ensure she’ll be as beautiful as her surroundings on the big day?

Meet Katie Bolt. One of Ibiza’s leading wedding hair stylists. With over eleven years’ experience, Katie is a hair genius, committed to helping brides feel at their most confident and beautiful on a big Balearic wedding day

British born Katie is fully established on Ibiza, offering all hairdressing services, from styling and colouring to bridal and pamper parties, direct to any home, villa or hotel.

For the last 6 years Katie has specialised in wedding and bridal styles, understanding that on your wedding day you want to be the most beautiful and confident version of yourself.  From a dramatic up-do, to tousled waves, Katie’s eye for detail means that anything is possible.

A graduate of the Sydney International College, Katie advanced in this dynamic industry with further courses at the Contemporary Academy and Steiner of London.  She has also expanded her impressive skills through the elite educators at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and via specialised wedding and vintage hair courses.

Katie says Braids will be bang on trend this summer, so I’m pleased I have grown my hair!

Katie has found a niche in party and wedding hair.  With year-round clients who are Ibiza residents, to busy summers taken up with bookings from tourists wanting to look their best for parties and events, it’s fair to say this lady is in demand. I would feel VERY safe in her hands.

Angelina Jolie: Steal That Style.

  • Sophia V.

Whether you like or dislike Angelina Jolie over the whole ‘Brad’ thing, it cannot be denied how flawless this beauty always seems to look. Whether she’s glammed up on the red carpet, or parading the street, minimal make-up with children in tow, she looks striking. Her eyes, full lips and glossy hair do play a big part in her stand-out appearance, and her clothes follow suit. Angelina, just like the rest of us, didn’t always have her make-up and fashion on point. In her younger days, she wore make-up which did little for her features, and clothes that didn’t accentuate that famous ‘Tomb-raider’ body.

She seemed to go through several stages: gothic, tomboy, bleached platinum hair, but as she has gotten older, she has definitely found what suits her.

Angelina, when casual can be seen in jeans and t-shirts a lot, usually teamed with flat pumps, boots or wedges. Black is an obvious favourite colour of hers also, and she pulls it off without looking bland. She is also a fan of shawls and classy Mac coats. Her casual wardrobe is quite simple, and can easily be achieved.

Dresses. Angelina loves classy dresses, and is seen in floor-length gowns, the majority of the time for events. She ensures that they have a sexy twist, whether it’s a long slit exposing her leg, a plunging neckline, or strapless, revealing her petite shoulders, or backless showing off those pretty tattoos.

She does however completely cover up from time to time in formal dresses, Kate-Middleton style, when she has important meetings, especially when it involves her charity work. They are almost always figure-hugging though.

Heels. Stilettos and platforms seem to be a favourite for Angelina, and she wears them in all styles. It seems the bigger the heel, the better. She has also worn some unique wedges, with twisty heels for the Maleficent premiers, and isn’t afraid to be a little daring and different.

Hair. Her glossy brown hair definitely gives women hair-envy. Angelina wears it down a lot, or sometimes half up and half down for events. The times when she does have it secured in a bun, or pony-tail are mostly when she’s out and about wearing casual clobber.

Sunglasses. She’s a fan of sunglasses, and wears perfect glasses that suit the shape of her face.

Make-up. Of the daytime, Angelina’s make-up is minimal consisting of light foundation coverage, a touch of bronzer, mascara and lipgloss. Of an evening, she goes all out with grey smoky eyes, bronzer, loads of mascara, maybe even false lashes. She either has a dark eye and nude lips, or nude eyelids and lips stained with a bold, dark shade such as red, deep purple or brown. Eyeshadow is usually in the colours of dark creams, browns and gold tones.

So, there you have it. To achieve Angelina’s style, stock up on lots of jeans, t-shirts, Mac coats, and stunning gowns. Your wardrobe needs to consist of quite a few black garments. Angelina’s style, summed up, is classy with a touch of rock-chick, to portray her strong, sexual feminine side.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:


Healing Ibiza

  • Esther Nicklin
    • The Ibiza House Orchestra Inspire Your Imagination At The Healing Ibiza Revitalised Festival, May 8 At Atzaro.

The Ibiza House Orchestra are headlining at the all new Healing Ibiza Revitalised festival, with all money raised supporting moji’s animal sanctuary & the AFFARES. The recently formed and much talked about Ibiza House Orchestra will be sending tingles down spines as the wind of change sweeps through Healing Ibiza this year, as the new look festival includes a live evening concert for the very first time.

The Ibiza House Orchestra are a 14 piece band made up of the island’s most talented musicians, playing the classic house anthems that have been rocking Ibiza’s dancefloors for the past 25 years. Just imagine the good vibes and tingles when they play Tori Amos’s ultimate dance floor classic Professional Widow, or Lola’s Theme by The Shapeshifters. The hairs are standing up on Ibiza’s arms already.

A new management team have completely revitalised the event to create a multi-sensory festival of healing, music, art and performance, including more interactive activities and creative workshops than ever before. The theme of the day is “Imagination”, inviting you to stoke up your own imagination and imagine the world you want to create. It’s not just about getting your own energetic juices flowing; when a group comes together with good intentions the collective consciousness is also heightened, which is great news for the planet.

All money donated on the door goes to the AFFARES & Mojis Animal Sanctuary, but there is also a raffle supporting Caritas, the Ibiza Preservation Fund, Food for Ibiza, Can Horse & Care 4 Cats Ibiza.

The AFFARES are the only charity in the Balearics supporting people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & chemical & electromagnetic sensitivity. Money raised goes to their Salud Activa project combining pain management group therapy, a self-help group, yoga, physiotherapy, aqua-gym & conscious cooking to empower those who suffer from these debilitating conditions.

Mojis rescue unwanted, uncared for & badly treated animals from difficult and dangerous situations, saving & rehoming those that are difficult to save. They currently care for 240 animals including dogs, cats, a horse, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, birds, rabbits & ferrets. After 5 years in operation the fences and animal shelters are in need of repair, but veterinary care & food are the top priorities.

Healing Ibiza Revitalised opens at 11am with a soul stirring opening ceremony at midday followed by live and electronic music from the likes of percussionist Trace Harris & DJ Cloud J Deep of The Gathering, Ibiza’s alcohol free music jam. Healing, creative & interactive workshops, live art & entertainment run until the closing ceremony at 8pm followed by the Ibiza House Orchestra.

Healers from Ibiza and beyond are healing mind, body & soul 1-on-1 in the new Healing Garden provided by Mother Nature, while the new Immersive Healing Zone & Market allows you to drop in, learn quick tips & experience group healings & workshops.

Further workshops & activities get the energy and creativity flowing. You can get all arty in the Imagination zone with Ibiza artists, create giant mandalas with Madhalsa Manu and paint sacred geometry with Freyanara von Riedenstein, or learn how to harness your energy and connect body and mind with Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the Energy Zone. There are drum circles, yoga, ecstatic dance, meditations, tarot & oracle reading, live art, healing talks & workshops, coaching, movement workshops, delicious food & juices & the authentic Ibiza market. You can inspire the little ones’ imaginations in the Outdoor Family Creative Zone and Indoor Kids Area.

The Ibiza House Orchestra MD and Drummer Mike Wake said “We will inspire the imagination & minds of the audience to remember those euphoric dance floor moments so many of us have shared over the last 25 years. I imagine it will be the perfect end to another perfect Healing Ibiza event. See you on the dance floor for some live Healing House Music.”

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Fab Feb Up 15.8%

According to a report recently published by the National Statistics Institute (INE), property purchases in Spain rocketed by a whopping 15.8% in February in relation to the same month last year.

A total of 34,771 transactions took place during the second month of the year; the highest number of purchases in any month over the last three years.

In January, the number of property sales fell by 2.9%, putting an end to the 16-month positive streak during which purchases had increased annually each month.

However, with February’s figures, it seems that January was just a blip and property sales will continue on their upward path.

On a month-upon-month basis, property purchases increased 7.3% in February in comparison to January’s figures. And taking into consideration the first two months of the year, numbers are up 6% from last year.

The rise in property sales has mainly been attributed to the excellent figures regarding the sale of second-hand or re-sale property, which has enjoyed positive statistics for the last two years.

A total of 26,941 re-sale properties were sold in February, the highest amount since April 2008.

However, the situation was not so positive regarding new builds, which saw sales drop 0.2% to just 7,830 transactions, and 22 months of negative figures.

With regards to Spain’s various autonomous regions, the number of property purchases only dropped in La Rioja and Castilla y León, by 3.9% and 8.6% respectively.

On the other end of the scale, purchases increased astronomically in the Basque Country, Asturias and Cantabria, by 50.3%, 40% and 38.9%, more than making up for the deficit in the other two regions.

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.