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Gatecrasher & Booom!

No Wages for the Workers.

  • Booom closes following long running legal battle.
  • Claims that Booom owes wages back to August for up to 130 staff and ’huge debt’ with Social Security.
  • Gatecrasher staff owed back wages to July and company fails to complete employment administration.


British club brand Gatecrasher opened in Ibiza in 2014 taking over the newly renovated Eden night club in San Antonio. Heralding themselves as ‘The Future Sound of San Antonio’ they opened their doors at the start of June with a well received eclectic mix of promotions including Kisstory, Speakerbox, Crèche, Bedlam and their own Gatecrasher nights.

Many businesses new to the island find Ibiza’s special trading  practices and promotional networks a very steep learning curve and the first signs that Gatecrasher’s brand awareness would not be enough to carry the day without local co-operation and support came by way of the all important ticket selling networks. With ticket vendors complaining of poor service and communication a seed of negative publicity was sown that would prove difficult to turn around.

In interview with the Ibizan, Gatecrasher founder and supremo Simon Raine stressed that whilst they had made some mistakes the brand wanted to work with the local community and become an established name in the Ibizan tourist and clubbing market.

The Ibizan 759 6th Nov 2014 web version
The Ibizan 759 6th Nov 2014 web version

Despite this, rumours of DJ’s and promoters complaining they had not been paid started to circulate including one very public statement by one of the promoters on social media. The Facebook post stated that ’enough is enough’ and that after repeated promises of payment not being honoured they were to withdraw from Gatecrasher with immediate effect. The post was withdrawn very soon afterwards, but not before it had gained viral exposure amongst the Ibizan music industry.

One by one the remaining promoters cancelled, though there were replacement nights including Carnival.

Meanwhile Gatecrasher had adopted set price deals including drinks to attract people into the club—something you would be excused for thinking would have been welcomed by club-goers bemoaning inflated prices, however in Ibiza’s unique nature it was felt by many that this was counterproductive and, with the smell of desperation, only went to cheapen the brand, leaving Gatecrasher less attractive to the fickle clubbing market.

With a feeling of vultures circling the Club was by now fire fighting one problem after another with staff wages late and unpaid, and those who suffered loss from Gatecrasher’s financial difficulties in the UK joining the fray in adding to the negative publicity as to the company’s standing and ethics.

Gradually the club was open less and less nights each week until August 29th when it didn’t open for what had become it’s flagship promotion.

Perhaps the most damning information came via Dutch website Quote who published an interview with Eden’s owner Michael van de Kuit. The report, published on September 15th,  states that Gatecrasher have received negative coverage due to malpractice, and states the non-payment of staff wages by way of example. Van de Kuit is quoted as stating “The men have fled. The Englishmen thought they could just come and put the island on his head, but they have made no friends.” He continued “We’re going to file for the bankruptcy of Gatecrasher and personal bankruptcy of founder Simon Raine.” Speaking of the future he said “Eden will be back next year, under Dutch management.”

We asked Simon Raine about the report the day after it was published and he continued to speak optimistically as to the club’s future. Simon stated that he was meeting Eden’s owners the following week to resolve issues outstanding and “one thing I can tell you is that Gatecrasher will  be in Ibiza in 2015”.

The Ibizan had been contacted by several staff affected by the closure and for much of September and October we have been advocating behind the scenes on their behalf. In so far as outstanding wages are concerned our last productive communication was that a part payment had been made for July and a date set for payment of the balance. This has not been forthcoming.

Recently we have focussed on addressing the issue of Gatecrasher completing their staff employment administration. As it stands all staff, at least 20 known to us but possibly many more, are still employed by Gatecrasher’s company Scout Team S.L. This has frustrated the staff’s attempts to claim any benefits due to them.

We stressed the importance of Gatecrasher issuing the Certificado de Empressa confirming termination of employment and received assurances it would be completed. We received a further personal note from Simon Raine on 23rd October stating the company were working on the administration and should have answers in the next 24hours. Despite several further contacts on our part no response has been received and the staff are left in the limbo of the Spanish employment and Social Security system.


Entrepreneur Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of the Booom nightclub, had a legal appeal dismissed on Friday in Palma Provincial Court. The case was regarding contractual issues of the building’s lease and use of the building as a club.

Booom closed immediately, cancelling a well-advertised Halloween Party planned for the same night, along with the cancelation of the entire winter programme. The club, located on Passeig Joan Carles I in the chic marina area of Ibiza Town, has been embroiled in various legal actions  over an extended period.

Much of the current case revolves around rights to purchase the building  between Giuseppe’s company Club Play By Cirpirani SL, and that of his former partner, the Jordanian millionaire Eyhab Jumean and Nung River SL.

Cipriani is involved in criminal proceedings with his former partner who he accuses of stealing Booom’s original brand name Bomb.

Ibiza newspaper the Periodico reported yesterday that Giuseppe’s company had a “huge debt” outstanding with suppliers and social security. It also reported that sources inside the company had said the club’s 130 workers were owed wages going back to August.

Cipriani also owns an upmarket  restaurant on the same street in Ibiza and has properties in  Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul and Hong Kong.

No official statement has yet been released by Booom.


Long Hard Winter for the Workers.

  • Editorial Comment

 The arrival of Gatecrasher’s brand to Ibiza received a consensus of enthusiastic support in the music industry, and particularly within the ex-pat and San Antonio communities.

With our ’foreign legion’ approach to allowing the past to be exactly that when starting afresh in Ibiza, Gatecrasher were not judged negatively by their mixed record and reputation in the UK which at it’s best was a thriving and successful chain of clubs and record label, though low points in it’s history include bankruptcy and it’s flagship venue lost to fire.

Unfortunately their enthusiastic reception soon started to wane.  It is completely understandable that a business of their size would attract many approaches from those looking to make a buck on their back, and any astute businessman would be very wary of the motivation of commercial advice received. Understandable, but unfortunate in that within that feeding frenzy for a slice of the Gatecrasher cake they missed the genuine advice outlining the importance of the unique nature of the Ibiza market.

Perhaps the most important failure, and at the same time the perfect example of how the Ibiza market differs,  was in understanding the role played by the ticket sellers. In the UK most tickets are sold in what is effectively a retail outlet to whom you pay a commission for selling your product. The sale is conducted online and the buyer either already knows what they want to buy or, certainly outside of London and Manchester, will have only one or two options to choose from on a given date in a given geographical area. Whatever their options their buying decision will not be affected by any personal interaction at the point of sale.

Compare this to Ibiza where those of the target age can barely walk a few meters without another ticket seller keen to talk to them about lots of different options available to them every night of the week and all easily accessible within the confines of our small island.

Many tickets are still sold this way and even those who do buy online and on the door will still be subject to these ticket seller’s opinions.

Obviously it makes sense for any promoter to have good relationships with the sellers on the street. Some will work harder than others to ensure their nights are promoted ahead of the stiff competition.

Unfortunately for Gatecrasher they did not seem to grasp this and it was not long before I was hearing very negative comments. A very good example was the owner of a San Antonio pre-party bar who has absolutely every incentive to promote a San Antonio club and stop the ‘club-drain’ across to Playa D’en Bossa. That bar owner told me that they could not get actual tickets to sell, promises of promotional support were not fulfilled, and after repeated efforts they just gave up and crossed Gatecrasher off their list.

This one example lost them some sales and some word of mouth goodwill, however take it one stage further and the consequence really starts to kick in. For right reasons or wrong the street ticket selling industry isn’t renowned for operating with a strict code of ethics and fair play. The harsh reality is that if they are not with you there is every reason to expect them to work pro-actively against you.  It is a cut throat business and if your club is the only one they cannot make a commission from the outcome is obvious. It won’t just be a case of not promoting your venue, they will go out of their way to ruin it’s reputation. “It’s rubbish, no-one goes” “It’s empty” “None of the main billed acts are really on the bill”,  “they overcharge on drinks” and of course one that will have some credibility to the unaware punter “it’s so bad/we get so many complaints we stopped selling their tickets”.

It is hard to conceive of a worst marketing disaster than putting a hoard of people out on the street talking all day and all night to your potential customers with a negative axe to grind.

And of course the rumours spread, get exaggerated, and stick.

So the lack of understanding as to the different way Ibiza works results in one of the most influential groups of  people working directly against you.

This is only one example, there are others.

Of course Gatecrasher are not the first and certainly will not be the last, business to struggle to come to grips with the Ibiza’s unique nature and particularly the importance of local support, reputation and referral. Many a redundancy package has gone down the drain with an ill fated assumption that opening the doors will be enough to get the tourists through the door.

The difference with Gatecrasher is the scale of the operation.

I know I am not alone in feeling a kind of collective ex-pat guilt that a British business has let down so many people, particularly local workers who can ill afford it.

I understand that if it has been a financial disaster the company may not have sufficient assets to pay staff outstanding wages, but, and this is an important but, when did the situation become impossible? The company could not fulfil the wage bill in July. What strategy, options, resources did they have to make them think the situation could be retrieved? If the situation was impossible at that stage they could and should have done the honourable thing and terminated the staff contracts allowing them to find other employment when it was still possible to do so. To carry on head first into the abyss may be the option of a businessperson who chooses a path of speculation and risk, but it is not fair to visit this on unwitting staff.

Also it is very disappointing that they have not responded to our repeated pleas to complete the staff administration and thereby allow them to at least claim some benefits for the winter month. To do so would cost them nothing but time and on balance you would think it is the very least the staff deserve.

I sincerely hope there is some background refinancing that may allow Gatecrasher to fulfil it’s financial obligations to the staff and others and, as Simon Raine still says, be in Ibiza next year. But even if this is the case it does not excuse or explain the lack of willingness to help people who through absolutely no fault of their own find themselves in a dire financial situation.

Thankfully Gatecrasher are not representative of British business in Ibiza. With companies such as Ocean Beach, Ibiza Rocks, and now Sankeys going from strength to strength we have plenty of home grown success stories to be proud of.

Perhaps Gatecrasher will go down as a cautionary tale for the future—being big doesn’t matter, being Ibiza-aware is the pre-requisite to success.

Booom is a completely different situation, though if the reports are true it is equally sad and unfair that unpaid workers may be the people to suffer most.

It feels as if Booom have been in a permanent legal battle for the past few years with openings announced and cancelled,  wrangles over the name, wrangles over the building and licensing, and all of it portrayed in the media as Ibiza’s very own Dallas-esque story of business dealings with the larger than life figure of  Giuseppe as the main protagonist.

It seemed that 2014 marked an end to the legal drama with celebrity punch ups grabbing the front page attention and the club itself coming into its own with several very successful promotions.

Though Giuseppe is as British as he sounds (i.e. not at all), there has been a strong British connection with Booom. IMF founder Danny Whittle was on board briefly in the early days and UK record label Defected have held two very successful nights there this season. Booom was also the club chosen to host Mike and Claire Manumission’s return to the club world this year in the guise of Phantasmagoria.

So does this latest legal decision mark and end to Booom? With Giuseppe’s reputation and track record I wouldn’t bet on it.


World Travel Market.

Ibiza and Formentera are sharing a stand at the World Travel Market in London. 44m2 in size, the promotion is centred on showing other sides of the islands to the British tourist market which already knows very well the normal attractions of Ibiza. In this sense, Formentera will promote that it is family friendly whilst Santa Eulalia will be promoting its connection with famous artists such as Lluís Sert and Erwin Broner. Ibiza Town is distributing brochures to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage award for the old town and that the beach at a Talamanca is open all year. San Josep and San Antonio will be promoting activities such as kayak, scuba diving and other marine activities as well as tourism packages for over 55’s. San Antonio is using the slogan “Sunset and Sea” and also promoting next years October fest for 9th to12th October 2015 after the success of the first festival this year. Finally San Juan is highlighting the options for rural tourism and family tourism in that borough.

Ibiza and Formentera are also represented within the stand organised by the Balearic Government’s tourist authority.

Santa Eulalia Makes Banks Pay For Cash Points.

Though the banks argue that their cash points are installed on private property, Santa Eulalia council has now taken the view that in most cases the person using the machine is standing on the public pavement. The Council are arguing that this is a public area and the banks are making commercial use of the space without permission. The council will be the first Town Hall on the island to charge the banks a licence fee, set at 410€, where the customer has to use the machine in a publicly owned space.

Foot Bridge Restored.

As part of the planned alternative route for cyclists and ramblers between Santa Eulalia and San Juan, the historic bridge known as Pont de Can Font was officially re-opened this week by the President of the Consell Island Government, Vicent Serra. At a cost of 26,000€ the bridge has been faithfully restored and strengthened. The cobblestone surface has been replaced in keeping with the history of the site. The irrigation channels and safety walls have also been restored on the bridge originally built for horse and cart crossings.

Time for Action

Mar Blava, the protest group campaigning against oil exploration in the sea between the mainland and the islands, has warned that the company Spectrum Geo Ltd are close to presenting an environmental report to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism in Madrid. The report is the next step in their application to undertake preliminary sound wave exploration for oil within 20kms of our coast.

Once the report is presented by Spectrum interested parties including political institutions and civic groups have 1 month to submit objections as to the accuracy of Spectrum Geo’s environmental impact analysis.

The Mar Blava group believe that the initial exploration for and any future extraction of, carbon fuels from around our coasts will be environmentally disastrous and also damage our tourism based economy.


Dirty Work for Committee.

The repeated closure of Talamanca beach due to an old and deteriorated sewer leaking in to the sea are to be the subject of discussions in a newly formed planning sub-committee of the Ibiza Town Council. They aim to find a solution that will renew the pipe and have the work financed by the departments responsible for infrastructure in the  Balearic provincial and Madrid central government departments. One possibility is to declare the work needed to replace the old pipe as being an official emergency. If this can be done, then the Town Hall can intervene to carry out the work and then pass the bill to the relevant higher authority. This would avoid the need to wait for the other departments to find funding and then schedule and undertake the repairs which could take a considerable time. The sub-committee will also address the problems caused by the increase in pleasure craft anchoring at Talamanca in summer.

West End Emergency Centre Treats 9 Tourists A Day.

San Antonio’s West End Bar Association have issued what it describes as a “very positive” review of the pop-up medical centre installed during the summer at the heart of the town’s busiest entertainment area.

Undertaken in consultation and co-ordination with the San Antonio Town Hall, but entirely funded by the West End Association, the review said that the provision of the centre had been a good thing for all involved parties including the Primary Care Emergency Department (PCES), the British Consulate, Trade Unions and the patients in receipt of treatment and care.

The facility is provided in a specialist portable building located in a car park and is staffed entirely by private emergency medical staff.

The association paid thanks to the work of British Christian charity group 24:7 who have worked in the same party streets of San Antonio for several years aiding overindulged tourists. Association president José Antonio Ribas Colomar said of 24:7 “their selfless work, cooperation and assistance has contributed to the effectiveness of the service” .

The centre treated 800 tourists, equating to 9 a day for it’s period of operation, who were suffering from the consequences of overindulgence or were taken ill for other reasons in the area.

An important aim of the unit was to relieve the sometimes overwhelmed main medical centre in San Antonio, and to restrict the level of abuse and unacceptable behaviour experienced by the staff. In that the centre certainly appears to have fulfilled it’s brief with only 5% of those treated needing to be referred on to the accident and emergency unit.

The West End Bars Association represent 25 businesses in San Antonio. Their review concluded by stating that next season they  hope to improve the service and “contribute as much as possible to improve the West End in particular San Antonio in general”.

Vueling Offer More Flights.

Vueling have announced that they are offering more flight seats this winter. Increasing flight seats by 25% from 161,500 to 202,260, Vueling are offering 3 to 4 flights a day to Barcelona as well as routes to Madrid and Paris at Christmas.

Puig Den Valls Paddle Courts.

Paddle Tennis has become a boom sport on the island and many of the existing courts have demand exceeding availability.  Santa Eulalia Council have announced they will be drafting plans for private organisations to tender for the construction and, for a limited time, the operation of new paddle courts in the village of Puig den Valls. The location of these courts will be 4000m2 of municipally owned land near the S´Olivera School.

Less Crime On Ibiza.

Ibiza experienced a 14.4% drop in the crime rate between January and September 2014.

14,272 crimes were reported as compared to 16,664 during the same period of 2013.

The level of criminality in Formentera stayed the same as in 2013 only increasing by 2 cases.

Ibiza Town Pre-School Price Drop.

Carried by the combined vote of the opposition, the PP Conservative minority run council in Ibiza Town were forced to accept a change in the bylaws reducing the price to users of the municipal run pre-schools by 13%.

As a further measure subsidies paid by the Town Hall to certain families using the facilities will be restored. This price reduction returns the cost of a child attending one of the pre-schools to the same level as in April 2013 when the PP Conservatives voted to increase the prices at the centres.

At present there are 18 vacant places at the municipal pre-schools. They cost 400,000€ a year to run of which 59.5% is subsidised by the Town Hall. Taking the parents contributions into account the town hall expects the pre-schools to make a 271,000€ operating loss this year.

Port Peace

The Port Authority together with Ibiza Town Hall, the College of Architects and opposition politicians, held a meeting this week to try and find a way forward to solve the differences of opinion as to how the inner port area of Ibiza should be redeveloped. This followed considerable public argument between the various parties as to how the planned improvements to the port facilities could be undertaken whilst keeping the port architecturally in harmony with the UNESCO World Heritage old town. There has also been much debate regarding parking for users of the inner port plus residents and workers in the area. It has now been decided to revise an existing plan and possibly build an underground car park under the quay side area known as the Martilla to solve the parking issue. If the plan goes ahead then this installation will be constructed in the next phase of development in a years’ time.

This winter the work on reforming the port will be limited to the first section from the sea wall to the corsairs’ monument. This first stage will include demolition of the old ferry terminal and construction of new office and catering installations. The new mega-yacht berths will also be included.

At the meeting the Port Authorities agreed to draw up a plan of usage of the port area which will include the inner port and its connection with the old town to ensure maximum cohesion in use and planning.


The Reality Behind Tourist Statistics.

Rarely a week goes by without the release of some statistics heralding record numbers of tourists, improved occupancy or higher passenger volume, but this seems at odds with the experience of many small and independent businesses who report a downward trend in their trade. Though it is true the number of tourists this year is up, it is their spending average and pattern that may give cause for concern.

In the first 9 months of 2014 we have received 2.5 million tourists. This is 92,000 more than for the whole 12 months of 2013. However, in 2013 the tourists spent 2,356 million € whilst the larger number of tourists in the first 9 months of 2014 have spent 2,288 million €, which is 68 million € less.

On average our visitors are spending 5€ less a day in 2014 than in 2013.

In percentage terms 3.8% more tourists have visited Ibiza and Formentera in 2014 but they have spent 2.9% less.

The conclusion is that to sustain our economy the islands now need many more tourists just to  sustain the same level of income.

The type of tourist also is important because a tourist staying in a hotel in Ibiza and Formentera spends on average 143€ a day whilst those in rented apartments spend 122€ and those which stay with families or friends just 68€ a day.

These figures are a concern because the island has a fixed geographical size and finite resources. Eventually we will reach a physical limit as to how many visitors we can cater for at any one time. When this limit is reached economic growth can only be achieved by increasing the spend per tourist. The quality of our tourist product will become very important if we wish to maintain our economy and standard of living.

Another important factor not shown in the raw data is how the present tourist spending is distributed throughout the economy. Though hotel guests spend more per average every day than tourists staying with family and friends, the wealth they generate may not be distributed throughout all the sectors of the local economy. For example all inclusive hotels will be taking the lions share of the 143€ average daily spend with little filtering out to the surrounding secondary businesses.

Though it is reasonable to conclude that a greater proportion of the 122€ daily average in rented accommodation, or 68€ spent by tourists staying with families or friends, would be spent in the other sectors of our economy such as shops, bars, restaurants, car hires etc., even here many of these businesses feel that tourists, particularly in the 18-30  age group, are spending an ever bigger proportion of their holiday spending budget in the super-clubs and chic beach clubs. There is a view that with a finite amount of cash available, the younger market are opting to spend the bulk of their cash on 2 or 3 ’big days and nights’ then adopting a frugal approach to the remainder of their holiday.

Should these conclusions prove correct and the trend continue it will inevitably lead to the further marginalisation or the smaller secondary businesses that have traditionally relied upon a larger percentage of the tourists average spend.

Many small businesses are reporting year on year worsening trade conditions and for them reports of increased numbers of tourists and record figures at the airport will be of little comfort. To avoid a situation where impossible economic conditions result in ghost town areas currently populated by smaller independent tourist businesses strategic decisions about the type and category of tourist we want and need to attract will have to be taken at a Governmental level.

Es Vedra School Works .

At a cost of 135,000€ the Es Vedra School will be connected by a tree lined walkway to the adjacent football pitch and sports facilities. The works are funded by San Josep town hall and also include a new cycle track and an additional 30 car parking places.

Cine Regio Cinema Plans.

With the historic Cine Regio Cinema in San Antonio about to close, there was unanimous agreement amongst the Town Council to start negotiations with the owners so that the building can become a much needed civic and cultural centre for the town. The cinema is an ideal space to stage all types of events and performances and has often been used in this way in the past by request of the Town Hall during the annual town fiestas.

San Josep Street Lighting

The Town Hall in Sant Josep is spending around 200,000€ on paving and street lighting along Calle Albacete and Calle Pujol in Cala de Bou and Sant Agustin.

Radiotherapy Unit In May

May 2015 has now been set as the date that the much needed cancer treating radiotherapy unit in the new Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza Town will begin to operate. Legal paperwork means that the unit will not be ready until this date which is some 6 months after the scheduled start date of December 2014 and over 8 years since the unit was first planned.

As an interim measure compensation of an additional 60€ travel allowance will be paid to those patients which will still have to travel to Palma for their cancer treatment until the unit here is up and running.

The Consell Island Government have also committed that the long delay presently experienced by patients in receiving the allowance for will become a thing of the past and henceforth the  travel allowance will be paid immediately.



Registering to Vote

Guidelines issued by the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, (I.N.E.), Spain’s national statistics institute.

  • Introduction

The next Spanish Municipal elections are being held on 24 May 2015

EU citizens may vote in the municipal elections if they express their wish to exercise that right in Spain

The deadline for expressing the wish to vote in the next municipal elections finishes on 30 December 2014.

The Electoral Census Office has sent a communication to 422,008 EU citizens to enable their registration.

Citizens who are nationals of other countries of the European Union (EU) and are aged 18 years old or more on that day may vote in the municipal elections of 24 May 2015.

In order to vote it is a requirement to have expressed one’s wish to exercise that right.

EU citizens who have expressed the wish to vote in previous electoral procedures and continue to be resident in Spain remain voters, without the need to complete a fresh statement.

There are  currently a total of 418,187 voters who are nationals of other countries of the European Union for the municipal elections.


Procedure for expressing one’s wish to vote

EU citizens, who are on the municipal register and have not yet expressed their wish to exercise their right to vote in Spain, must do so if they wish to vote in the next municipal elections of 2015.

  • In Person at your local Town Hall

On a general basis, citizens can express their wish to vote by going to the municipal council where they are registered.

The form for completion can be downloaded in advance from the Vote for your voice group on facebook, complete with English instructions.

  • Responding to a letter sent by the Census Office

To further promote the right to vote, the Electoral Census Office has posted a communication to 422,008 registered persons who were not written to regarding previous municipal elections and have not to date expressed that wish to vote.

(see example)

These citizens need only complete and sign the formal statement contained in the communication and send it to the corresponding Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office.

electoral role notification

  • Online

Also those with a Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE) may express their wish online, by going to the Electronic Headquarters on the website of the National Statistics Institute

Where to Start

Registration on the Padron is the first required step to registering for your vote in next year’s local elections.

Full information on how to register on the pardon is available online in The Ibizan issue 758.


Vote for your Voice

Once registered on the Padron, we are encouraging as many people as possible in the ex-pat community to register to vote and make our opinions and concerns heard at the Town Hall.

Vote for your Voice is a non-political group established to encourage the non-Spanish residents of Ibiza to register to vote in local elections, and to offer advice and assistance as to how, when and where to register.

vote copy


Local Life

Santa Gertrudis Fiestas

  • Nicole Torres

The end of the season is the time for us locals to celebrate the patron saint day of our towns and next is Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, on November 16th.

Friday November 7th has two great sporting events, a step and an indoor cycling master class, 8 and 9pm respectively, at the Dojo Roig Pi gym. Also at 9pm there are two table game championships at the restaurant Santa Gertrudis.

Saturday November 8th starts with the first day of the equestrian trophy Cuadras Es Puig at 10.30am. In the evening, at 9pm, starts one of the most expected events of the fiestas, La Movida, bringing the 80s back, so if you didn’t get a chance to dress up for Halloween…

Sunday November 9th is the day dedicated to Santa Gertrudis’ elders and starts at 10.30am with the second day of the equestrian trophy Cuadras Es Puig. At 11am there is a dog exhibition at the football camp. At 12pm there will be a mass, followed by a lunch for the elders at 2pm. In the afternoon there is a video showing about pagès festivities at 5.30pm and a play called Quin Embull (What a Mess) at 6pm.

Friday November 14th starts with a collective breakfast for the school children at 9.30am, which will be followed by an animation show at 12pm, in the church square. At 5pm the trophies for the Santa Gertrudis Fiestas’ tennis competition will be handed out at the municipal tennis court.

Saturday November 15th starts with a MTB route at 9.30am. At 10am you can either go to the children’s karate competition at the Dojo Roig Pi gym or to the party for the presentation of the new developments of the school and library at the school. The evening will be filled with music: at 9pm Morning Drivers open the night, followed at 10.30 by a tribute to AC/DC by Black Back Band, and to end the night, DJ Jordi T will take the decks after midnight.

Sunday 16th is the Day of Santa Gertrudis, which will have a mass at 12pm, followed by a procession and ball pagès. The evening will be another for live music lovers, staring at 9pm with Jazz Soul Bossa Pop with Nuria B Quartet, and Pota Lait at 10.30pm.

Saturday November 22nd there is a motorcycle exhibition at the old football camp from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Then there are two races, the VII Cursa de Sa Sobrasada, one at 5pm and an after-dark teams one at 6pm, both leaving from the church square. For inscriptions go to

Sunday November 23rd is the last official day of the fiestas and there is a walk leaving at 9am from Santa Gertrudis and at 11am from Sant Mateu (for those who’d rather not walk those 2 extra hours) returning to Sant Mateu around 4.30pm – from where the “lazy bs” that started there can drive the rest back to Santa Gertrudis! If you’d rather not walk at all, there is a Motocross exhibition at the old football camp from 11am to 3pm. And for us food lovers, there is will be a “popular priced” barbeque with meat from the Granja Santa Gertrudis.

For more information visit the Santa Eulalia web site:

Sant Carlos Fiestas

  • Nicole Torres

There has been a little update on the fireworks, which were meant to be lit on Tuesday 4th of November, but have been moved to Saturday 8th due to the weather, which was also the reason for the cancelling of the typical procession that was meant to take place after the mass.

Saturday afternoons @ White Beach Club

  • Claire B

For the next few weeks on Saturday afternoons from 1-6, you can catch Dimitry Soul’s Bizarre Musical Chronicles at White Beach Club on Playa D’en Bossa. From the decks, an eclectic mix of soul, funk, hiphop, jazz, house and chilled beach beats will be played, whilst the kitchen dishes up great, well-priced food (check their Facebook page for daily specials) and the bar serves up cold beer, cocktails and a range of thirst-quenching drinks.

What better way to while away a Saturday afternoon on the beach with a nice view of the sea and chilled vibes and enjoy the last warm sunshine days of the year.

White is at: C/ Sa Pobla, Apartamentos Bossa Mar Loc.1 – next to Lips and Delanos.

Fb: White Eivissa Beach Club

Sunday Formentera Boat Trip

  • Claire B

The daily tourist boats may have stopped, but Aqua Bus is running a boat service from Ibiza Town to Formentera on Sundays, which includes a paella lunch within the price. The boat leaves from the port in Ibiza Town, opposite Café Mar Y Sol, at 10.45am and returns at 6.15pm. When they started this service earlier in the year they offered free bike hire as an alternative to paella, but check for details. A great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in the tranquillity of Formentera in winter.  29€ for adults, 19€ for children aged 3-14.

Fb Aquabus Ferry Boats

Quiz night @ Father Jacks

  • Claire B

The weekly winter pub quiz kicks off on Friday November 7th at 9pm at Father Jacks Irish bar in Ses Figueretes. There is no charge for taking part and there are weekly prizes, plus a hamper for the team that has the most points before Christmas. Hosted by quizmaster Paul Merrall, there’ll be questions for everyone, on topics ranging from general knowledge, music, food, geography, sport, TV programmes and much, much more. An excellent way of exercising the brain cells in a fun way with friends in a warm, cosy pub over a drink or two. Everyone is welcome. Father Jacks is at: Calle de Asturias, 19, Figueretas

Fb:  Father Jack’s Irish Pub, Ibiza

Home Furnishings

Sophia V

The season has ended, Ibiza is much more peaceful, and many residents have finished work until next summer. What better way to use your free time than getting creative and furnishing your home.

Silver greys, snow whites and bluey black colours have been extremely popular lately when it comes to decoration, especially in the lounge and bedroom, creating that elegant touch. Brown, golds and reds are also trending at the moment. Top designers have predicted that the colour trend for the upcoming year are olive greens, yellow, white, blue, grey, pink and bright patterns. For that chic look, combine several different colours.

San Antonio has many home furnishing stores, such as Merca100 Home, not far from the Mexican restaurant. This shop has many unique items, such as Marilyn Monroe room dividers, British flag storage boxes, New York, London and other major City wall pictures, chandeliers and more.

Other shops that sell home décor at reasonable prices are Ferreteria Can Toni, which again has some pretty pieces, such as candles, ornaments, home statues, Buddha’s, artificial flowers, which brighten up any room, and plenty more. Other places with a wide selection range are Merca 100, El Rey Del Hogar and Todo Hogar. Curtains, beddings, carpets, lights and more can be purchased in all of these stores.

A short drive out of San Antonio, on the way to Eivissa town is an enormous home furnishing warehouse called Fita. There are also more warehouses across the street, and around the corner. They sell absolutely everything you need: home furnishings, light fittings, sofas, tables, cabinets, outdoor tables and chairs, cutlery, kitchen utensils and decorative items. The warehouse over the road sells all electrical items from televisions, coffee machines, hair dryers, washing machines, fridges etc. It also sells DIY items, from drills, paints, tools, bolts, screws, nails and more. They even deliver to your home.

Another fantastic store is IKEA, where you can again purchase pretty much anything, from kitchen units, fitted wardrobes, television units and bathrooms, it has it all.

There are also items to decorate children’s rooms in all of these stores. You cannot go wrong with bright colours for children. Storage boxes, shelves and cabinets are great to save space, and store toys. Bunk beds are also great for space saving.

Through renting and experiencing several apartments in Ibiza, I have noticed that a lot of apartments appear to be old fashioned, with dark coloured wooden furniture, and dated décor. An apartment however, can have a make-over without costing much. Little touches such as a bright pair of curtains, matching cushions, candles and portraits work wonders. Painting the wooden furniture black, grey, or white also makes a huge difference, making it look modern. A nice rug in the centre of a room looks great.

For classy, elegant touches, paint with glitter will sparkle any home, and a feature wall looks lovely behind a sofa, bed or sideboard. Again, matching cushions propped at the head of a bed create an elegant appearance, as do chandeliers, spotlights and other light fittings. Tablecloths and napkins for the dining area give off a classy feel. Mirrors are also a definite for every room to reflect light and add dimension.

However, if you want the Spanish look, oranges, peaches, whites and blues are perfect. Ornaments of Spanish buildings and people can be found in all of the tourist shops. Wall fans are pretty, as well as pictures of the beach, old buildings, even Ibiza.

So, get creative, and give your home a make-over this winter


Food & Drink

Bar Pio Music Bar

  •  Richard Lawson

While hotels, bars and restaurants around the island are putting up their shutters and closing for the duration, Pio’s Bar in Cala Llonga is busy setting out its stall for the autumn and the run-in to Christmas.

Every town and village should have a ‘local’ serving hot comfort food, mulled wine and, if you’re really lucky, maybe a Christmas market once in a while?

Well you can get all of that and more with immediate effect, courtesy of Appy and Vicki at Pio’s Golden Oldies Music Bar.

The ‘more’, as the name suggests, is live music and this begins on Sunday evening November 9th with ‘Abby the Amazing Piano Man’ between 5 and 8 pm.

Thereafter there will be live music every Sunday until the New Year. In the meantime, Pio’s is open every day (except Christmas Day) from 5:30 pm, and from 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays for the live football, until their closing party on Sunday December 28th.

To complement the ‘Winter warmers’ now added to their menu (expect shepherd’s pies, casseroles, chilli etc.) they make their own Hot Mulled wine and even more unusually, ‘Oliebollen’ and ‘Appelflappen’. These are traditional Dutch treats and might best be described as similar to fruit filled doughnuts and apple fritters respectively. Either way they proved very popular last year, Vicki made and sold over 400, so this year plans have been laid to make more, to try and keep up with the demand from the island’s Dutch residents, and satisfy the English demand they’ve created.

On the subject of food, orders for those English cuts of meat and cheeses from Peter the Butcher are now being taken behind the bar, as are your turkey orders as the season of good cheer approaches.

To supplement that, the ‘on the road’ Thomas Green English market opens on Friday November 28th and will be at the Bar every Friday till Christmas from 6:30 till 8 pm.

This is one ‘local’ that is definitely worth a visit, even if you’re not local, you’ll find good service, a friendly welcome, and all within a stone’s throw of Cala Llonga beach.

Recipe: Cauliflower & Parmesan Cheese Cake

  • Danny Ortega


  • 200 grams (ish) cauliflower broken into florets
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary – chopped
  • Handful of chopped fresh basil
  • 4 fresh eggs
  • 60 grams (2 tablespoons) sifted flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • Half teaspoon turmeric (curcuma)
  • Handful of grated Parmesan or other good cheese
  • Butter for greasing
  • Teaspoon sesame seeds (optional)
  • Teaspoon onion seeds also known as Nigella or Kalonji seeds (optional)


This is kind of a take on cauliflower cheese… Everyone’s favourite!

But here it has been given a kick up the Harris …..

Steam or boil around 200 grams (more or less) of cauliflower until tender but not mushy….

Sliced some red onions thinly on the side (the same direction as the root) to make a few onion rings & put to one side…

Chop the rest of the onion up into a dice …

Fry the diced onion and add a bit of chopped fresh rosemary….

Then leave to cool….

In a mixing bowl put the COLD onion Rosemary mixture , 4 eggs , chopped fresh basil , teaspoon of turmeric (curcuma) , grated Parmesan (or any cheese you like) & plenty of pepper & a pinch of salt , whisk in 1 teaspoon of baking powder and SIFT in 60 grams (2 heaped table spoons) of plain flour (harina de trigo)

Whisk well and then add the cooked cauliflower taking care not to break it up to much….

 Butter the base and sides of small pan or small spring loaded cake tin sprinkle the sides of the tin or pan with sesame & onion seeds pour in the mixture and put the thin onion rings on top and bake for 30/35 mins ish … The cake is done when the centre can be pieced with a cocktail stick and come out clean….

I made a small ‘cake’ for 2 people …. If you want to make the whole recipe use : 7 eggs , 120g sifted flour & 450g ish of cauliflower…

Enjoy… And please let me know how you got on!



Mind Body & Soul

4 Keys to Peace & Happiness

  • Sabina Brownstein

Today I want to share with you four basic keys which I have found through my healing practice to be the most essential in opening the doors to a peaceful and joy-filled life.

Learn To Love Yourself: It is essential to learn self-love before you can truly love others and love life. Daily Mirror Work is a great way to connect with your true inner beauty. Look deeply into your eyes and smile at your image in the mirror… then say to yourself: “I love you”. If this is too difficult at first (and for many people it is) begin by saying: “I am learning to love this person in the mirror”. Doing this several times each day helps this feeling to become more and more real in your life. You can also add an affirmation about self appreciation such as: “Every day in every way I acknowledge my own self worth”.

Release the Past: To understand why it is important let go of past hurts, I like to use the analogy of being at the computer when you have several windows open at the same time. Even though you are only looking at one window, the other open windows are still running and taking energy from your computer (slowing it down). The same thing happens when you carry around unresolved past hurts. You may not be thinking about them most of the time, but your subconscious mind is still running these old “programs” – draining you of vital life force. Letting go of past hurts and resentments frees you from these stagnant feelings so that your energies are directed toward peace and happiness.

Practice Gratitude: Being thankful for all of the good things in your life keeps your energy positive and allows you to stay in the present moment. As soon as you wake up in the morning think of something you are grateful for… and keep looking for those things all day. Then just before you go to sleep at night, take a moment to give thanks for the things that made you feel good during the day. You can even make a Gratitude List by writing down 10 things that you remember from the day that you are grateful for. These can be small things… like smelling a beautiful flower or receiving a compliment from a friend. Allow this feeling tone of Gratitude to accompany you into your sleep, and it will open your subconscious mind to allow even more good things to come into your awareness.

Stay Connected: Keep in touch with people who give you love and support. This provides you with a secure base from which you can spread your wings and carry your unique gifts and talents into the world.

It’s all about trusting the goodness of life and living from your heart… changing what you can change for the better and letting go of the rest… and always remembering that a smile is the most beautiful curve on your body…

 D.I.Y Cape Coat

  • Nicole Torres

Cape-coats are back for Autumn 2014 and they are very easy to make. You will need a fleece blanket in the colour you want your cape, a black leather buckle, spiked studs, strong glue and scissors.

Fold the blanket twice, forming a square. Now make a round cut along the blanket to create a rounded shape your coat layer, but, yes, make the cut well away from the corners. Now have a look where the centre of your coat will be and make an oval cut for the neck with the scissors. Now, take the top layer and make a cut that goes from the middle to the outer end and if you want, you can also make a longitudinal section along the layer in the middle. Next take the studs and stick them along that opening you just did to your cape. To stick them properly you must first tighten them against the fabric so that the spikes come out the other side of the material. These spikes need to be folded like a staple so they don’t fall off. Place them around the neck too. Once you have all the studs in their place, take the glue and stick the leather buckle so that the two independent parts you previously cut open so it can close.

Wasn’t that easy? Enjoy your new cape!




The Far East

  • Two Old Rockers

A Real Closing Party. After an amazingly successful six years of running The Terrace restaurant in Cala Llonga, Ian and Michel have decided that it’s time to take a year out and devote more time to each other and their children. To say farewell, last Thursday they held a “Closing For Good Party” at the Terrace which was full to brimming with those who wanted to wish them well and to enjoy, for perhaps the last time, (we’ll see) some of Ian’s delicious food. Prior to running The Terrace, they had a very successful five years at Casa Piedra, where such was the demand for tables that the decision was made to move to a larger premises, i.e. The Terrace. The big question of course was: would their clientele follow them? Follow them they did, and it didn’t take long for locals and tourists to learn that you could buy a high quality three course dinner for a very reasonable price, in an efficiently run, friendly venue, just a few steps from your hotel or apartment. They, and their team, will be sorely missed by everyone, especially in the winter by us locals yearning for the Fish and Chips nights along with Michele’s Monday Quiz. We, along with many, send them our best wishes for the future and we’re sure that if they do decide to “give it another go” then we’re sure they will be just as successful. Ian and Michele would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made their’s, and their team’s, hard but enjoyable work worthwhile, with a special thank you to all past and present staff. They did celebrate “retirement” on Saturday by winning the first annual “across the Cala Llonga bay raft race”, taking up a challenge by the Ortiz family from the Bunch of Grapes. The two families of four having to build a raft on the beach and then row from one side of the bay to the other. After a head to head start it was The Terrace craft that took the lead and were well ahead by the time they reached the finish. The “event” was closely watched by a crowd of villagers and we have a funny feeling that this could grow into a much bigger feature on the Cala Llonga calendar.

Charity Success. The end of season Sponsored Walks on 19th and 25th October raised over 1,500€ for Ibiza and Formentera Contra Cancer. We all wish to remember Jean, Steve Angelines and all family and friends lost to cancer. A big thank you to the walkers and sponsors.

A Treat For Theatre Lovers. You may remember Truths Vision, a play written by Robyn Cooper and life-time friend, Lilly Lowe-Myers being staged here in February 2013. They have written a new play, a mini-musical titled Nicola, which will be performed on Ibiza on 13th and 15th November. Curtain up 8-30pm. It’s the story of a young woman, Nicola (Robyn), who goes to feed the neighbour’s cat and has a very surprising meeting with another woman, Felicity (Lily), which will change their lives, in a positive way. Well, that’s cutting a long story short! The music is original, composed by a musical genius, Omar Sharyar, who will be coming with them and play live. The play was performed in London for three weeks in June and July at with an ever-growing audience. Tickets for the play Nicola cost 10€ for adults and 5€ for children and are now on sale as follows:

From the shop Holy-Sport (in Avenida Ignacio Wallis 5, Ibiza), for the performance at Centro Cultural de Jesus on Thursday 13th November.

The shop Holidays in Santa Eulalia will sell the tickets for the performance at Teatro España in Santa Eulalia, on Saturday 15th November. The play is bound to be very popular, so it’s recommend that you buy your tickets as soon as you can. There will be some tickets for sale on the night, at both theatres, from one hour before the show (so from 7.30pm).

Letter From Juan

All Saints day, or as it is also known “the day of the dead”, has been and gone and still the sun shines brightly. Mind you, I was thinking that November the first should be known as the day when everything finally dies or shuts down. We went to a beach restaurant, it was their last day until April. We went to a supermarket on Sunday, it was the last Sunday it was open until April. Yes half the Island has gone into winter hibernation and the workers are getting ready to go off on their far eastern sabbatical. Whilst there is something quite enjoyable about this in as much it differentiates the seasons and the Island returns to a more tranquil way of life, in other respects it is very frustrating that the beach and most of the town and country restaurants are all closed. You would think there are enough people living on the Island that could justify at least a few of them staying open. I also know the argument that they work extremely hard and extremely long hours but so do restaurants in London and Madrid and they don’t shut down in the winter. No doubt it will make us appreciate them that much more come Easter! Meanwhile, I have been trying to do a bit of clearing out. I am not one of that school that think “Keep a thing seven years and you’ll find a use for it”. No I belong more to the school of “keeping a thing thirty seven years and then throw it away”. Also are you a member of my school of cling filming leftovers just to be able to throw it away in a week’s time? I wonder what percentage of cling film is used in this manner. Well, before your imagination runs away with you, I think I better take my leave and hope you have a great relaxing week. Yours, Juan.

View From The Pew

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera enthusiastically welcomes the Reverend Doctor Peter Pimentel and his wife Sue! They have spent a joyful and productive 18 years at St. Paul’s Church, Barton on the Isle of Wight and will be greatly missed by their lively and loving congregation.

We feel so privileged to have them called to our fair isle, leading our interdenominational, international church as well as serving the English-speaking community at large with the multi-tasking required of a chaplain here.

Come and meet Peter and Sue at the Remembrance Day Service in Sta. Eulalia this Sunday the 9th of November. We will be meeting together to thank God for all the men and women in the armed forces who have served or who are serving sacrificially, plus the many who have courageously given their lives in order to preserve our freedom. But let us also never forget the ultimate sacrifice made for our freedom, a plan drenched in love, devised by the Creator of the universe, an exquisite plan to restore our broken relationship with that very Creator, God Himself. The amazing plan, the divine exchange, was achieved when Jesus took our sins upon Himself and we were given His righteousness. (2Cor.5:21) His sacrifice, by way of the cross, has set us free… eternally. We have a God of Grace who pours out unmerited favour on all who choose to believe the “Good News”, turn around and return to our Father’s loving embrace. Come join us for this very special Day, a day to remember All those who died so that We Might Be Free.

“For God has set eternity in the hearts of men.” Eccles.3:11

Next Sunday 9th of November: 11am – Remembrance Day Service at Sta. Eulalia (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, Main Street)

  • Ed: A warm welcome to Peter and Sue. 


It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

There is no letter this week so I thought I would take the opportunity to write a little bit about fertility as it is one of my areas of interest. I am a member of BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association), so when working I abide by their ethical frame work and hope to offer a service that enables my clients to understand their situation and what it means for them emotionally. I work with couples, men and women. This is by no means a women only issue, regardless of where the physical issue lies, it impacts both partners and often the wider family.

Infertility is an awful word and can conjure up visions of a bygone era when women were needed to produce an heir more then anything else. Difficulty conceiving can happen for many reasons and sometimes after having had one or two children with out any difficulty at all. Many people spend much of their teenage years, 20’s and sometimes 30’s, being almost paranoid about getting pregnant so it comes as a huge shock when at last you decided it’s the right time to have a baby if it doesn’t happen pretty quickly.

Of course there are various test that can be done which may answer some questions, the man is often the first place to start and a sperm analysis is often mentioned in a light hearted way by doctors because it is non-invasive, so seems easy. Anxieties still exist as they might for the female. Yes, maybe the test is not intrusive but the man still has to “produce on demand” usually in a very clinical cubicle and sometimes even in the hospital loo, not the most relaxing of locations! Then there is the wait which can be two weeks or more, whilst they check amount, size, shape and swimming ability. The thought often touches the very core of a man’s masculinity, how often do men talk about “firing blanks” or congratulate each other as “real men” when one of their partners become pregnant. It can be a tense and nerve wracking time waiting for the results.

The ladies then have a myriad of tests that can be performed including bloods, scans, and some slightly more complicated ones that can be a little invasive, which as with the man, can often touch the real core of our womanhood and bring up all sorts of feelings that have been buried deep down.

The purpose of counselling is not to advise on the various tests and treatments available, but to support and explore with the couple or individuals what all of this means to them and their lives. What does having children mean to them and often exploring what it would mean not to have them. There are a myriad of roads which you can travel down in terms of alternative/complimentary and medical procedures, and it is important to take time and use sessions to understand what the options are for you and how you feel about them.

So in short, fertility counselling is about understanding and exploring where you are and working through all the emotions that accompany that position. Taking time to assess how you as a couple or individual would like to move forward and how you would like to manage that journey.

It can be a confusing, daunting and often an overwhelming time, as well as being incredibly private, so it is important that there is someone to talk to other than just each other. A good friend or a professional, it doesn’t matter, but you must keep the lines of communication open between yourselves and know that there are options for you to explore.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

Mark Crowhurst Private  HomeTuition

Mark offers home tuition for children of all ages from nursery to secondary levels, covering a wealth of subjects here he gives us some insight into his teaching ethos, qualifications and history.

Qualifying as a teacher at Greenwich University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Education Hon BEd Hons, I  gained the Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning at Cambridge University in 2012.

Whilst Head of Supporting Teaching and Learning at West Hatch High School in Chigwell Essex, I was responsible for ensuring students made good progress through the UK National Curriculum levels. I have also worked at Morna College in Santa Gertrudis as Head of Learning Support with whole school responsibility from Nursery to Secondary.

Students coming to Ibiza should not have to suffer and can still make expected progress across the levels.

Throughout my career I have found it is vital that students make the expected progress, especially at Primary level and Key Stage 3 in Secondary.

Some points that I feel should be taken into consideration..

Students and parents need to know how they are doing in relation to the National Curriculum in the UK, highlighting where they should be at key points in their school life – for example at end of Key Stage 2 and 3.

It’s important to know where your child should be in relation to other students of the same age.

International schools can’t expect to offer the same level of education as those in the UK, however there’s no reason your child should fall behind.

English levels need to high enough to be able to access the National Curriculum, so any issues have to be identified early with booster interventions put in place.

I have been successful in working with students at both primary and secondary level.

Each level is broken down into 3 sub levels (a,b,c) and it’s important that the students know what is required to make progress to the next sub level. I come to you in your own home, 1-1 support is proven to work as it is very focused on what’s required. I work in blocks of 4 lessons, can organise blocks of 10 lessons or more at reasonable prices, from as low as 20 euros per lesson; and am able to offer support to schools.

Contact details can be found in Mark’s advert on this page today and regularly on the local services page. Look out for Mark’s new website coming in the New Year.

Doris Loves The World

Pot Of Gold

Labrador-Dalmatian with a regal nose,

Cheeky or majestic, he could strike a pose,

Whether on a mountain overlooking dales,

Or splashing in puddles, sunshine or in gales,

Touring Pudsey’s daily round, stealing from the cat,

Mastered art of scavenging but he wasn’t fat,

Accompanying marathon training over hills,

Running up a mighty tab with his vet’s bills!

Just traveled last journey, reached final peak,

Yesterday couldn’t walk, drowsy, felt weak,

After loads of chemo, cancer in his spleen,

Tumour on his leg was sore and he wasn’t keen

On his grub any more, could just about eat,

Better to be merciful while still on his feet,

No need to go further, he was due a rest,

Bomber’s gone to sleep today, put all to the test

To be strong in spite of tears, giving him his due,

A chance to be whole again with a splendid view,

Across valleys far and wide from Peak District ridge,

Free again to leap and play on that Rainbow Bridge,

Holly will now welcome him, meeting other friends,

Life after death’s mystery, sometimes someone sends

A message just to let you know this is not the end,

Somewhere over the Rainbow, we’ll meet round the bend…

So keep faith with our pets, treat them well and kind,

I’m saying this to meself now Tommy’s going blind,

Forgive marks of approval, roof littered with crap,

Pissing on me furniture, with slobber in me lap!

Never know how long we’ve got, Gypsy almost deaf,

She still loves to stroll and totter while I play at chef,

Dishing out treats and dinners, arthritic and old,

While they give their everything, dog’s love – a pot of gold.

  • Luv doris, the new age guru x


Sport Report

F1 Austin, Texas

  • Rhian Gibbs

As usual Mercedes locked out the front row and with Rosberg on pole and Hamilton second, you had to wonder whether the Brit had the opportunity to increase his lead in Austin, Texas.

The safety car was out lap one when Perez of Force India crashed into Sutil’s Sauber eliminating them both from the race – Perez has been handed a seven-place grid penalty and two penalty points on his licence with the stewards describing the incident as reckless. Force India were then disappointed further when Hulkenberg retired lap 17 with no drive.

Rosberg seemed comfortable in the first stint of the race but a change in climate caused him to lose time – Hamilton cut the gap from 2.5s to 0.7s in a matter of laps which led to probably Hamilton’s best ever overtake on the inside of turn 12 on lap 24; squeezing past Rosberg and taking the lead. From there on it was a question of control for Hamilton and whilst Rosberg tried, he couldn’t stop Hamilton taking his 32nd victory.

Ricciardo made a poor start but did well to recover, he had better pace than the Williams of Massa and even though Massa had a fantastic race, he could not hold off Ricciardo who took yet another 3rd place podium finish with Massa 4th. Bottas had a reasonably quiet race coming 5th but struggled to maintain his tyres.

With his usual determination Alonso of Ferrari  took 6th place, but his teammate Raikkonen had a disappointing race (13th) after being nudged in the first lap incident and then suffering tyre degradation. Vettel started from the pits, received a puncture from debris in the first lap, and made 4 pit stops throughout the race, yet after the final pit stop he utilised his tyres well to take 7th for the Red Bull team.

Magnusson of McLaren headed home in 8th following some great defending from his teammate Button, who inevitably lost out with substantial tyre degradation –  4 places in the space of 4 laps to take 12th.

The two Lotus’ scrapped in the midfield throughout the race with Maldonado having already served one 5s stop-go penalty and crossing the line 9th, he was handed a second  post-race for speeding in the pit lane. This dropped him temporarily to 10th, but due to Vergne of Toro Rosso nudging Grosjean (Lotus) and Vergne also receiving a 5s penalty post-race, Maldonado reclaimed 9th. Vergne did take the final point in 10th despite receiving the post-race penalty and an earlier one for speeding behind the safety car early on.

Gutierrez in the remaining Sauber couldn’t manage anything more than 14th after receiving a five-second stop-go penalty for speeding behind the safety car; and even though Kyvat of Toro Rosso had some great scraps with Raikkonen, he was also left out of contention after contact and an overworked tyre forced him to make a late stop leaving him 15th.

Hamilton now only needs to finish second to Rosberg in the final two races, to clinch the title.

It was sad not to see Caterham and Marussia out on track this weekend due to ongoing financial issues with Marussia going into administration last week. It is doubtful we will see either team race for the final two rounds.  In a recent press release from his family, Jules Bianchi remains in a critical but stable condition in Japan, four weeks after suffering his accident.

Jezza´s Sports Report

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Just to appease certain of my readers who shall remain anonymous (and by the way I do thank them for continuing their readership!) I’ve gone all topsy turvy this week so am starting with Footie for a change and last week saw the 4th Round of the League Cup (aka the Capital One Cup) and the big surprise was Newcastle knocking out holders and favourites Man City 2-0 at the Etihad to claim a Quarter Final match with Tottenham; Chelsea tamed Shrewsbury, just, and now face Derby while Bournemouth, winners over West Brom, will host Liverpool and, finally, Sheffield Utd, last year’s FA Cup semi-finalists, will take on Premier League high-fliers Southampton at home. As for the Premier League and last w/end’s results:

Everton 0 Swansea 0 – by all accounts a pretty dour match, with one point gained for the Swans, methinks.

Leicester 0 West Bromwich 1 – an own goal gives the visitors 3 priceless points and as for the Foxes, their first home defeat of the season.

Stoke 2 West Ham 2 – a thriller with form team the Hammers down 2-0 but coming back with two second half goals to be 5th in the League.

Chelsea 2 QPR 1 – disputed penalty winner? I don’t think so ‘Arry, as the leaders continue their unbeaten start.

Man City 1 Man U 0 – the Blues with an Aguero winner in the first Manc derby, and the Reds still not getting the results.

Newcastle 1 Liverpool 0 – the Magpies go from strength to strength whereas the Reds without Sturridge lacking firepower.

Arsenal 3 Burnley 0 – another Sanchez brace puts the Claret and Blues at the bottom of the League.

Aston Villa 1 Tottenham 2 – two late strikes from Spurs steal the points and Villa, ooer, 5 straight losses.

Hull 0 Southampton 1 – a wonder strike for the Saints keeps them on the leaders heels and what a start to the season for Koeman’s boys.

Crystal Palace 1 Sunderland 3—the Black Cats won their first Monday fixture since 2002 to leapfrog Palace out of the drop zone.

In the Champions League  Liverpool fielded a much changed team to take on Real Madrid at the Bernabeu and despite predictions of a drubbing came away with a pointless but respectable 1-0 defeat. Arsenal threw away a 3-0 lead at the turn of the hour to end up 3-3 with Anderlecht.

On Wednesday, Chelsea were in Maribor and Man City were at home to CSKA Moscow.

In Thursday’s Europa League fixtures Tottenham are up against Tripoli in North Africa, Celtic play Giurgiu (?) and Everton are at Goodison v. Lille.

What a surprise at the Camp Nou in La Liga as Barça lost to Celta de Vigo, 1-0. The first time in 57 Liga matches that the Catalans haven’t scored at home, some record but made even worse as arch rivals Real Madrid now top the league after their 4-0 mauling of Granada with yet another Ronaldo opener. Real are  closely followed by Atlético in 2nd and Sevilla in 4th.

On to Rugby Union, and the big one for English fans this w/end as Lancaster’s boys take on the mighty All Blacks at HQ on Saturday, in the first of 4 consecutive home Internationals (Australia, Samoa and South Africa to come) hoping for a repeat performance of 2012 when the Red Rose mauled NZ and won by a record score. Also, on Saturday, Wales play Australia in Cardiff, Ireland are in Dublin against South Africa and Scotland take on Argentina in Edinburgh. Last w/end saw the first round of the LV Cup and there were some seriously squeaky wins, in particular for Leicester, Sale and Exeter, whilst expected wins for Saracens, Bath and Northampton.

Changing codes to Rugby League, and England were denied a last minute touchdown (altho’ in my opinion it was never a try) as they just lost to Australia 16-12 in the 4 Nations and now need to beat NZ, winners over Samoa, by at least 10 points to make the Final. In the other Championship, congrats to Scotland who won the European for the first time, over France, Ireland and wooden spoonists Wales.

Tennis and good news and bad news for Our Andy as he was defeated by eventual winner and nemesis Djokovic in the Quarters of the Paris Masters but having got that far, secured his place in the ATP Finals at the O2, the end of season Finals for the top 8, starting on Sunday, shame for the Fed as well as a win in France would have taken him to World No 1 at the tender age of 33 but he lost for the first time in 14 matches to eventual Finalist Canadian Raonic, who also booked his place in London.

That’s it for this week, ¡Hasta luego!

Urban And Valls Achieve An Uncontested Victory In Ibiza Trail Marathon

  • Nicole Torres

Sun, athletes, sneakers and mountain trails. With these four main ingredients, the Ibiza Trail Marathon was a great competition which crowned the top six runners in the toughest trail of the Balearic Islands. The trail is now in it’s 6th year, the 2nd with the marathon layout and a record 458 athletes crossed the finish line at Passeig de Ses Fonts.

The queen race – with a circuit of 42 kilometres from San Antonio through Cala Gracio, Cala Salada, Cap Nonó, Corrals d’en Guillem, Camp Vell and Pla de Corona, was won by Samuel Urbano, his victory described as   incontestable, brutal and ruthless. The Sant Miquel athlete crossed the finish line in 3 hours, 43 minutes and 30 seconds, way ahead of  2nd placed Calvés Genis (4h 28min 13sec).

Victor Serrano and Sandrine Douarin won the 21 kilometers, while victory in the light marathon has been for Ignasi Cardona from Alicante and the Ibicenco Ana Bella Castaño.