The Ibizan 758 30th October 2014 web version



Hotel Bonanza

Ibiza has some very happy hoteliers with the island having the highest ever-recorded average hotel bed price in September. This year’s figure of 96.80€ is 17€ more than for the same month in 2013.

3 star hotels charged an average of 106€, a big 34€ more than in 2013 and even 8€ more than in August this year!

The Ibizan 758 30th October 2014 web version
The Ibizan 758 30th October 2014 web version

Comparing the individual districts of Ibiza highlights a huge difference in the average bed price.

San Antonio’s higher ratio of no-frills accommodation returned an average of 52.50€ per person per night. This contrasts starkly with Sant Josep’s  average bed price of 172€ per person per night. San Josep’s premium hotels, including Hard Rock and Ushuaia, account in large part for the average price being over 3 times that of San An.

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Top Cop Shopped By Cop Facing Chop In Mock Doc and Pay Block Shock.

A San Antonio local policeman has made an official complaint in the courts accusing his own chief of police on two counts of wrongdoing.

His claim is that the chief has altered official documents  and not correctly distributed  funds due to pay the police force for extra hours.

Both the Town Hall and the police deny these accusations saying that all payments for overtime are reviewed by a committee. It was suggested that the policeman in question was making these claims because he faces possible expulsion from the force over a disciplinary matter. The accusing officer has been unable to work since June and in refuting the charges it was said that officer in question and the police chief had a very poor relationship because of the ongoing discipline issue.

Port Of Ibiza Row.

As the Port Authorities began the preliminary work on the changes planned for the inner port area of Ibiza Town, along the front where the port meets the historically protected old town, the Architects College came out with damming reviews of the project and even threatened to try to stop the work in the courts. The architects are claiming that the plans haven’t been passed by the committees which oversee the historic planning protection given to the frontline buildings in 1969. They also believe the new inner port would be full of mega yachts blocking the post-card views of the old town in summer and become empty in winter when the season was over. They even went as far as to question if the Port Authorities had the correct permissions they needed to start the work this week. It appears to the architects that, though the Port Authority sold the local politicians the concept of a traffic-free inner port, with up to 300 mega yachts moored, there will be the need for a similar number of vehicles to park in the area. As the plans for underground parking within the port area, and a car park on the Santa Eulalia Avenue have been dropped, the Ibiza Town Hall has  asked the Port Authority to modify their plan and build  parking for 2-300 vehicles as well as taxis and buses in the inner port area. They also complained that the 10 metre  street lights will be taller than many of the front line buildings. In addition, a vast number of pergolas will also be erected which will break the aesthetics of the historic area.

The Island Consell Government have also become involved asking the Port Authority to suspend the initial work until they had a final positive report from the Central Government.

The Port Authorities have responded saying that the timing of these declarations are possibly politically motivated and that all the relevant historic and planning committees on the island had reviewed the project in a positive way. They said that they were going to go ahead with the preliminary work but would wait to start the main work until they get the final go ahead from the Madrid Central Government Ministry of Culture. Thoughts are that the Ministry of Culture will find in favour of the project, declaring that the historic and artistic protection of the Ibiza inner port and old town will be maintained. The President of the Port Authority said that the renovation of the inner port was long overdue and would benefit the town immensely once it was finished. He also said that they needed to get on with the work so that it was ready for summer 2015.

Local Businesses Look On “The Bright Side” Of Life.

49.82% of local businesses that participated in a survey organised by the PIMEEF small business association, said that 2014 had been a very good summer when compared to 2013. Only 11% said it had been bad. Over 51% reported up to 25% increases in turnover when compared to last summer whilst 28% said it had been the same. When asked, 65% of those businesses believe that next summer will be the same as 2014 whilst 32% are hoping for an even better 2015. Only 4% think it will be worse.

Another survey has shown that the Baleares are the most autonomous region of Spain, registering the largest increase of self-employed foreign residents. Since the beginning of the year there have been 3,826 applications for self-employment by foreign residents within the islands. Interestingly, as the summer ends, September has  only seen a 0.6% drop in self-employed foreign residents.

Our Man In Ibiza

British Ambassador’s Assistant Meets With Consell President.

Vicent Serra, the Consell Island Government President met last week with Daniel Pruce, the Assistant British Ambassador for Spain. The talks were mainly centred on British tourists visiting Ibiza and in particular, how to advise them on a safe holiday experience. Taking heed of what happened after the British Consulate and San Antonio Town Hall started their own information campaign this summer, it was announced that all publicity and information aimed at UK tourists would be agreed beforehand with the UK, local island authorities and tourist industry.

Extra Teaching Support.

2 extra teaching technicians are being sent to the island to assist children with special learning difficulties. Employed by the Balearic Government, these teaching assistants will be able to visit any school or college which identifies pupils needing specialist help.

Football 1, Environment 0

Poor Turn Out For Anti Oil Exploration Protest.

Unfortunately, the demonstration in Ibiza only managed to get an attendance of around 240 people last Saturday – this being a lot less than the thousand or so that demonstrated earlier in the year. The protest was intended to pressure the Government into declaring the proposed oil exploration will have a negative effect on the environment before the 3rd December. Some have speculated that the poor turnout could have been due to bad timing as the demonstration clashed with the big match – Barcelona v Real Madrid.

Turtle Loop

Had To Think Twice About Swimming To Freedom.

Dani the “boba” turtle, who has been recuperating at the aquarium in San Antonio, had to think twice about swimming to freedom when he was released at the weekend in the sea by Conillera (Rabbit) island in front of San Antonio. It seems he had struck up a strong relationship with his keepers whilst he was recuperating for over a month at the rescue centre after having one of his 4 fins amputated. The fin was entangled in plastic debris when Dani was found floating helplessly at Cala Nova beach with the damaged fin. Back to full strength, Dani was released into the sea at the weekend but kept swimming back to the launch the keepers were in, having taken him out to open water from the aquarium. In the end Dani must have realised he had to get on with his life and swam off to continue his migration carried by the sea currents. A microchip has been attached to Dani so that his progress can be monitored, no name tag was needed as he will be easy to identify having only 3 fins.

Town Without Laws.

120 neighbours in San Antonio demonstrated at the weekend by banging kitchen pans and shouting slogans against the bad way in which the PP Conservatives are governing the town. The demonstration was called using social media by the ‘Platforma Renovadora Portmanyi’ (PROP). This pressure group want the town hall to improve the cleanliness of the town, reduce noise levels and make everyone respect and adhere to the town bylaws. Having no official permission for the protest, the demonstrators used the footpaths and zebra crossings so that they were within the law. Those taking part are fed up of San Antonio being “a town without laws” in the summer. After reading a manifesto to this effect, the demonstration  ended peacefully.

59 Years Registered As Working!

When Catalina Guasch Ferrer received a call from the Ministry of Social Security & Employment in Madrid saying that she was being awarded a silver medal for having worked 59yrs continuously, she thought it was a joke. It is however true, at 78 years old, Catalina has not been unemployed since she started work at 17 on the family farm. She registered with the Social Security at the age of 29 when she moved to live in Ibiza Town from Sant Carles and started the profession of seamstress. At 34 yrs she opened a ‘pension’ (guest house) in the town which she still runs today, from cleaning rooms to all administration for the business. When not there, Catalina drives to the farms she owns on the North end of the island to work on the land. She has a huge family including great grandchildren and will celebrate the medal award with a family meal. Catalina is not sure that she will go to the award ceremony in Madrid as she says she does not like to be the protagonist!

Crest Of The Tourist Wave.

The 2nd annual forum on tourism in Ibiza, held at the Congress centre in Santa Eulalia, said the industry was riding the “crest of a tourism wave”. Hotel improvements and catering for specialised markets – particularly those with high disposable incomes, along with the rise in internet bookings were creating this boom. Spokespersons at the forum suggested that the natural attractions of the countryside, along with the history and culture of the island needed to be promoted more and that the problems of bad transport connections in low season needed urgent attention. The general conclusion was that whilst the summer was booming, we still needed all the sectors of the tourist industry to work together if we wanted the beginning & ends of summer to improve as well.

Recycling Success.

Since January 3, 190 tonnes of waste have been recycled by the authorities which represents a 43% increase on previous years. Costing 25,000€ in Consell Island Government grants to operate, the 6 recycling centres around the island built with EU money, are proving to be a great asset for the island and the residents. More of the local population are disposing of waste in a correct and selective manner thus helping protect the local environment.

Anti-Flu Jabs.

Between now and the 5th December, pensioners on the island and other residents defined as ‘high risk’ will be eligible to have an anti-flu injection at their local health centre. The health authorities have purchased 137,800 vaccines to administer to the local population this autumn.

Ibiza To Formenterra Ferry Routes Break Records.

Registering a 10.4% increase on previous years, it was reported that since January 801,915 passengers have travelled between the 2 islands and 75,627 more ferry tickets have been sold than in 2013.

Spanish Corruption Swoop

The Guardia Civil launched a major raid on politicians, municipal workers and construction firms suspected of involvement in a bid-rigging scheme.

As part of the ongoing Operation Púnica, Francisco Granados, a former member of the Madrid regional government, has been arrested.

The operation that took place simultaneously in Madrid, Valencia, León and Murcia saw another fifty individuals arrested.

The head provincial authority of León, Marcos Martínez Barazón, of the Popular Party (PP) has also been arrested,along with  José Carlos Boza Lechuga (of the PP) and Parla, José María Fraile (of the Socialist Party), Mayors of Valdemoro.

It is thought that local councillors and civil servants have participated in the scheme which awarded 250 million € worth of public contracts in the last two years. Several constructors have also been arrested. Preliminary evidence shows there have been payments made to politicians to secure beneficial decisions for their companies.

Francisco Granados, who is the highest-placed ex-official involved in the case had a bank account in Switzerland from 1999 until 2012, from which he  withdrew 1.5 million €.

Granados was head of the PP’s Madrid branch between 2004-2011, also top aide to Esperanza Aguirre – president of the Madrid PP party – and mayor of Valdemoro between 1999-2003.

Eloy Velasco, High Court Judge, has been investigating the origin of Granados’ fortune, suspecting that it may have come from illegal commissions paid by builders for fraudulent rezoning of land and rigged construction bids.

On February 19th, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo brought to light that Granados made his first deposit into the Swiss-based BNP Paribas only a few months after being elected Mayor of Valdemoro. The scandal got him replaced from office in 2011. Granados is also involved in 2 more corruption cases.

Parasailing Accident, The Missing Video

The original go-pro film of the parasailing accident in Cala De Bou on Wednesday 25th September has been received by the Ibizan.

The video was sent to us anonymously with a note stating that “perhaps after viewing the video you will concur that Mr Killeen lead you down the garden path and that just perhaps the victims deserve a copy of their video”.

The video shows the parasailing boat going out from San Antonio harbour into very dark skies. In his previous interview, James Killeen stated “When we took the couple out there was no sign or forecast of bad weather. It was a very calm sea with hardly any wind. We had them flying 300m up when I noticed the first very thin line of bad weather on the horizon.” The video and full first interview is available online, together with the response from the victim’s family the week following the incident in which they disputed the skipper’s account. They also raised their suspicion as to the disappearance of the go-pro video.

We talked to James Killeen Tuesday. James said “I’m glad the video has been found. It went missing at the time of the accident, but we got it back. The video proves I did nothing wrong.  You can see the sea is totally calm. You can see me turn back at full speed when the storm struck. We got them right down. They went into the sea at one point, we were that close. The video shows I did everything right.”

The video is taken from the parachute harness. From the outset very dark skies. At 6m 10s, the boat has changed course back towards land.

At 11 minutes it is clear the flight is in trouble. It is hard to judge exactly what was happening for the next few minutes as the camera spins out of control.

At 11m 50s, the building is struck. There are brief images of the parachute and ropes caught in the antenna and the brother and sister suspended in their harnesses.  At 14 minutes the sister is heard shouting “help me”.

View the video via the Ibizan website

Direct link

Driver Survives Car Plunging Over Cala Conta Cliffs

Sometime after dark between Sunday 26th and Monday 27th September, a silver coloured combi-van plunged approximately 35m over the cliffs of Cala Conta, coming to rest in the sea below.

Guardia Civil on the scene were able to confirm that the 26 year old female driver had escaped with her life, but no further information regarding her condition was available. It is not known whether there were passengers in the vehicle.

In what looks to be a very lucky escape the Ibiza plated car, possibly a Peugeot, appears to have driven directly off the cliff which is guarded by a simple rope fence.

Speaking to local photographer Alec Bettney who took these photos at the scene, the Officers said there was no suggestion the driver had been drinking and that it looked to be an unfortunate accident with the driver clearly not appreciating the proximity of the cliff in the dark.

Food & Drink

Restaurat 2014 at Villa Mercedes

  • Nick Gibbs

San Antonio’s Restaurat gastronomic festival offers fine food dining at a fixed price of only 15€ for a themed  3 course menu.

Now in it’s 6th year and with a record 22 restaurants participating, Restaurat is a celebration of the best in

Ibicenco produce with local fayre at the forefront of some fabulous menus.

This year’s theme is nuts, drawing upon the tradition of ending a good meal with nuts, though the chefs have been rather more imaginative in their use—spurred on no doubt by the desire to win the coveted winner’s trophy.

Taking first place in 2013 were our friends and long term supporters of the newspaper, Villa Mercedes. So what better place to start?

Restaurat runs until 14th December. For a full programme and details of which  restaurants offer the menu on which days (Villa Mercedes offer it every day) go to

On a brief visit to Villa Mercedes a week or two ago I asked the ever present and ever attentive Josh if he was enjoying the lull in pace after the frantic summer months. Far too consummate a professional to respond by telling me not to be ridiculous but his slightly perplexed expression was enough to know my question wasn’t as straightforward as you might think. What he did impart was that the restaurant had a record number of diners the preceding Saturday. A brief visit and no more was said—but I did think to myself later that even taking into account the restaurant’s popularity with residents who do not have the opportunity to visit in the height of the season, it seemed rather odd to break the record for covers in October.

On arrival to today’s dinner as part of the annual Restaurat  festival (see above) I asked manager Javier (who if it is possible seemed even more perky than normal—but we’ll come to that later) about their rather special October. Javier told me they have served a remarkable 1,600 menus in the past 2 weeks, peaking at 220 on one Saturday alone. Numbers all the more impressive when you consider this is from a kitchen cooking to the highest standards, everything to order.

Why have they done so well? Time to find out.


Exotic autumn salad with dry figs, onion jam, honey, mezclum of lettuce and dry nuts vinaigrette.

We love a salad with fruit and though I didn’t think to ask the name of the cheese the combination with the fig and strawberry was fantastic. The real winners on the plate however were the dressings of honey, onion jam and vinaigrette which added toasted almonds and pine nuts to every mouthful. I was not proud of myself for hunting through the few remaining leaves to be sure I’d had every last one of them, but it was a task well worthy of the effort.

Zucchini soup with crunchy onion and homemade toasts.

Served to us as a sample shot of soup for the review—bit of a tease as you then think that perhaps we should have had the soup. A delicious soup and you couldn’t possibly have too many of the crunchy onion pieces.

Homemade raviolis stuffed with spinach, ricotta, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Star starter. If you only go to Villa Mercedes once during Restaurat, as good as the salad and soup were, I’d have to recommend the Ravioli. The parcels of pasta are so fine they deserve to come tied in ribbon with a bow on top. The filling so moreish you are left, well, wanting more.

Main Course

Grilled vegetables with almonds, basmati rice and red curry

With one steak and one fish lover in the marriage (no it’s the other way round) this is the one dish we didn’t try—looked fab coming out of the kitchen!

Miso cod with cod vegetables in sesame oil

I can say without hesitation that I have never had an average, let alone poor, fish course at Mercedes. Chef just gets it spot on every time—that moment in cooking when the fish is cooked just so. Moist but fleshy and flavoursome. The Cod was complemented, but not at all overwhelmed by more of that nuts and seeds theme in a sesame oil drizzle.

Wagyu beef canary island style with “mojo picón” and wrinkled potatoes.

Whoa there! To get Wagyu beef in Ibiza is not easy. To get it on a 15€ menu—impossible surely– but with no evidence of what would have been a perfectly reasonable surcharge on the menu they have managed it somehow. For the uninitiated Wagyu beef comes from the most expensive of cattle breeds, initially from Japan. It has the virtue of having a higher ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fats, making it lower in cholesterol. Guilt free steak if you will. And even the cattle come out of it well with the addition of beer and red wine to their grain diets. Everyone is a winner and the plate was as good as the hype. As tender and full of flavour as the best cut of fillet. Wagyu is the way to go—there’s and advertising strap line in there somewhere. Plenty of it too, though you’ll be hard pushed to find it anywhere else in Ibiza for the next month or two as Mercedes have reserved the lot. Something tells me they are pretty keen to retain their Restaurat winner’s status.



Traditional apple strudel with raisins, almonds and vanilla ice cream.

Smooth chocolate temptation with red fruit.

Creamy orange panna cotta.

We went for the sharing plate of all three—a perfect end to the meal with an expresso or two. By now we are running out of superlatives, but again all true gourmet standard sweets—especially the brownie packed with red fruits. Then imagine if you can the task of getting the flavour from 100 oranges into a tiny ramekin. A question chef has obviously asked himself and come up with a solution in his panna cotta.

We mentioned at the outset that manager Javier was even perkier than his usual effervescent self. You might think his broader than usual smile was justifiable for the fantastic menu, you might think it the record number of diners.

Could it be his confidence in retaining the Restaurat trophy, or even his success in negotiating the world’s best Wagyu deal?

All of those would put a smile on any restaurant manager’s face, but it turns out that only 2 weeks ago Javier became a new dad—take a look on page 13.

Without question, one hell of a month.

Villa Mercedes winter hours from November 1st are lunch sittings every day from 1-5, dinner Thursday to Saturday 7-11. See Ad right  for contacts and entertainment.



Registering on the Padrón

The padrón is a list of all the people who live in a certain town. Empadronarse is the act of registering yourself on this list with your local town hall.

Who should register?

It is obligatory by Spanish law to register on the padrón at the Town Hall where you habitually reside, yet many British ex-pats still have not done so. Perhaps some view the padrón as a means of vigilance by the state, in ‘big-brother’ fashion. However, in reality, it is simply a way for the town hall to know how many people live in their area, without entering into investigations as to a person’s official residence status or financial affairs.

How do you register?

You don’t have to own your house to register, just have an address where you habitually live, no matter whether you are the owner, you rent, or live with family or friends. Nor is registration a long drawn out registration process. Simply go to the padrón office of your town hall and fill in the form they provide. Take along official identification, such as a passport, and also your NIE or residence certificate/card, a recent utility bill in your name, and the deeds to your house or a copy of your rental contract. Although you may have to return to collect your certificate, the actual registration is completed all on the same day. Some town halls in the Balearic Islands make a small charge for issuing a Certificado de empadronamiento.

Registration Benefits

Once you’ve completed the simple process, you can begin to enjoy all the advantages being on the padrón offers, such as:

Better public services

Central government allocates money to the different municipalities according to how many people are on the padrón. Therefore, if you are not registered, your town hall is losing money for the provision of health centres, police officers, fire fighters and schools.

Access to benefits & social care

You must be on the padrón for a certain period of time in order to access some income-related benefits and other aspects of social care available through social services at your town hall.

A reduction in taxes

Depending on the town hall, registration on the padrón could mean reductions in certain community charges and inheritance tax. Furthermore, those on the padrón can also often enjoy discounted courses, leisure and cultural activities run by the town hall.

Discounted travel

A current ‘Cerificado de Empadronamiento’ can allow residents of Spanish islands to receive discounts of up to 50% on air fares and ferry tickets between the islands and the mainland.

Voting rights

In order to register to vote in local or European elections, you must first be registered on the padrón.

An easier life

You’ll find you need your padrón certificate to carry out various administrative tasks, such as register for healthcare, register your car with Spanish number plates or enrol your children in school.

Registration on the Padron is the first required step to registering for your vote in next year’s local elections. We are encouraging as many people as possible in the ex-pat community to register to vote and make our opinions and concerns heard at the Town Hall.

Vote for your Voice is a non-political group established to encourage the non-Spanish residents of Ibiza to register to vote in local elections, and to offer advice and assistance as to how, when and where to register.

Energy Kids

  • Carly Sorenson

This Sunday saw a beach based kids event organised by IbizaMamas as part of Ibiza ‘Energy Week’ take place in Cala Vadella. The event was advertised from 12:30 – 19:30pm, with activities to suit all ages. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but headed off in the boat at around one pm on an unseasonably warm, sunny and calm Sunday with my husband and eleven month old. We were already having a lovely time on near deserted, flat sparkling seas, so a fun event would be the cherry on top of a rather special cake.

When we moored up at Cala Vadella at around two thirty we wondered if we’d come to the right place. There were a fair few people on the beach, but no signs of a kids day that we could see. I consulted the facebook page for the event and noticed that  someone else had already asked for specifics on the location, I read them and we dinghied in to the beach. On arrival we found some tables and mats set up in a shaded corner and introduced ourselves. There were a few parents and kids there and one of the tables had art equipment on it. The atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly and the kids were having fun painting, but it felt like it hadn’t really got going yet. We were also hungry so went off for lunch for an hour. Whilst we were gone, the event moved to a more central location, and numbers of both participants and activities had grown by the time we re-joined.

A smiling group of children and parents sat around one table painting with acrylic paints, glitter and paper, having a wonderfully messy experience. Some kids were stripped off in the warm sun (ours soon followed suit) and having a whale of a time painting themselves as well as their paper. At another table, paper, glue, foam shapes and letters and magazine pages were laid out, whilst children made creative collages. A little way away, a large wooden frame had been painted by other children, and was being used to take photographs through. On top of these creative activities was a prettily decorated face painting station next to which sat a charming and perpetually smiling woman playing songs on guitar and getting the children to join in. The little ones danced and clapped along, and the older ones and parents joined in with the singing. Even a visit from police after some miser with too much time on their hands reported the event (goodness knows how a group of parents and kids doing gentle, quiet and relaxed creative activities on the beach could possibly be construed as a nuisance… Shame on the person who reported it) did not dampen the upbeat atmosphere or deter any of us from enjoying some quality time in the sunshine. Smiles and good humour abounded and the brief interruption was quickly forgotten.

My little monkey thoroughly enjoyed interacting with other kids, painting, dancing and playing, and I enjoyed meeting new mums and catching up with those I already knew. Big congratulations must go to Ioana and IbizaMamas for organising the day and to Paloma, Dolly, Nute and Micandrea for ‘bringing their magic to the beach’ as Ioana said! And thank you to all who participated and made it such happy, relaxed fun. I can highly recommend any future IbizaMamas event.


Interview: The Ting Tings

  • Claire B

UK band The Ting Tings, who are Katie White and Jules De Martino, have been based in Ibiza for the last 18 months whilst they wrote and recorded their third album, which has been co-produced by former Duran Duran guitarist, Andy Taylor. In case you’ve never heard of them, they had a number one single in the UK with ‘That’s Not My Name’ in May 2008, and their first album ‘We Started Nothing’ went to number one in the UK album charts later that month.

I spoke to them at the end of August after the first of their two performances at Mike and Claire Manumission’s Phantasmagoria night at Booom, where they played some of the their new material for the first time. They were in the throws of preparing for the album release and planning the forthcoming tour. I wanted to find out why they came to Ibiza and if the island had any influence on the album and ask about the process of putting it together. They talked openly for 40 minutes and what resulted is a fascinating insight into the creative process between the two of them and their approach to working within the tough world of the music industry, and lots more. We can’t print the full interview here as it would fill the whole paper! However, the interview in its entirety is on our  website at

You came to Ibiza to write & record your 3rd album. How long have you been here?

K: How long have we been here for [she looks at Jules and they both laugh]?

J: We came first on and off to do some writing and rented a place, brought this studio [the equipment in the room where we did the interview] into that house, stayed four months and then went on tour, came here and rehearsed, went on tour again in China …

K: And then we came back from China and rented a house in Santa Gertrudis that had a little studio space and we started writing and recording there, and then slowly moved our studio over to here [at Sonic Vista Studios] with Andy. It’s probably been about a year and a half, but backwards and forwards a little bit.

J: Probably a solid year, and then half a year on and off when we were travelling quite a lot. We were kind of based here – all our equipment was here. I’d say we spent a solid year working here on the record.

K: And then we went to New York to Avatar Studios to mix it and finish it.

Why New York?

K: It was the studio basically. Because, the good thing about Andy is that he has a lot of experience, because he’s old school you know, he’s from back in the day …

That’s Andy Taylor who used to be in Duran Duran?

K: Yeah, he knew how to work all that analogue tape which Jules, especially Jules was fascinated with anyway, so why Andy was quite interesting was because he’s spent the last 6 years learning Pro Tools but his real forte was recording on analogue tape, and we wanted that kind of sound from the late, late 70s and early 80s. And he’d actually recorded there with Power Station in the past and he recommended that studio. So we went there, and it was all wood, the studio, so it gives you that real woody sound. We ran every track through analogue tape and back on so everything had like this air in it. And then, it went so well that, how long did we book the studio for?

J: We rented the studio for 6 weeks to mix the whole album, but I think we finished it in 3, so we had 3 weeks there and then we ended up recording 2 tracks there that made the album.

So you actually wrote and recorded the tracks whilst you were there?

J: We had demos of these tracks when we went there, and they weren’t the greatest tracks, they weren’t going to make the album, but because we had 3 weeks there, Bruce Springsteen’s brass section came in for a day and so they started playing on it and we thought this track is actually good and then rewrote the worst bits of the song, corrected it …

K: And then we were watching this documentary on 10CC and how they recorded ‘I’m not in love’ and how they recorded their vocal and every note and the whole spectrum of chords, and then they played the huge old mixing desk like a keyboard, and we were like, we’ve got 3 weeks, when in our lives are we ever going to be in this kind of studio where we can experiment and have a bit of fun rather than rush. So we did that. We have a song called ‘Communication’ where we did the whole 10CC approach to it and played the whole mixing desk like a keyboard.

J: It was probably the only time, we’ve recorded 3 albums now, the first was a treat because it was from our bedrooms in Salford and it was really successful, so we’ll never forget that experience for obvious reasons. The second album was, second album blues, it was a tough record. We went to Berlin to record it, and that was hard work …

And then you scrapped it as well didn’t you because you weren’t happy with it?

J: Yeah, and then we scrapped it, and we had label issues, the whole kind of …

K: Everything that could go wrong went wrong …

J: Yeah, the perfect storm, and then doing the third album, we’ll never forget it. I think it was the most … working with Andy in Ibiza, in a room, in fact this room and another room round the other side at Sonic Vista, which was his room when he was here, and we amalgamated our equipment. We had the best 9 months with him just creating stuff. And then the icing on the cake was going to Avatar Studios in New York because we felt like we were a band again, because you’re in a real studio, with a real producer [Andy] who back in the day was using analogue, and he was back in his element as well because he hadn’t done a lot for quite a long time. There was just this natural buzz. We had a great engineer who has worked on … and all the stories he would tell us about all the greats he had worked with … you’d be sitting there all day and then go back in the studio and feel really confident to play guitars and drums and with the brass section, so it felt like we were really making a record. I know that sounds weird, but with digital recording, and you know with all your technology, you’re recording us now and this is fantastic because its ideal to get it down, but nothing beats having proper mics and testing one, two, three, and once the needles go, you really feel like you’re making a record.

For much more of the Ting Tings read the full 8,000 word interview at the Ibizan website

The Ting Tings 3rd album ‘Super Critical’ was released on October 27th. They embark on tour November 15th. Full details at:


Native Chef

Greixonera Ibicenca Recipe

Ibizan Greixonera used to served on special occasions, however these days it is found on the desert menu of most Ibizan restaurants.

Similar to British bread and butter pudding in that it makes use of yesterday’s bread (ensaimadas).

Greixonera is the name of the earthenware dish that this is cooked in, but you can use a cake mould or baking tray. This  version of the recipe couldn’t be simpler and is perfect for a children’s cookery session. Once mastered you will want to move up to caramelising the sugar for that professional touch.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 8 stale Ensaimadas (spiral shaped pastries, you could use any stale sweetbread e.g teacakes)
  • 8 eggs, beaten
  • 1l of milk
  • 300g of sugar
  • butter
  • 1 lemon
  • cinnamon


Cook the milk and then allow to cool.

Add the well beaten eggs.

Add the ensaimada in pieces, the sugar and a little grated lemon rind.

Grease a mould with butter and put the mixture into it.

Put it in a moderate oven for about half an hour.


Turn it out when it has cooled and dust with cinnamon.

Hierbas Ibicencas Recipe

There are many ways of making hierbas, with small variations to the recipe depending on the area of the island. Everyone has their own secret twists so get creative.


  • Anisette ¾
  • Dry anise ¼
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Spearmint
  • Mint
  • Lemon verbena
  • Juniper
  • Sage
  • Wild fennel
  • Camomile
  • Bay leaf
  • Lavender
  • Rue
  • Helichrysum stoechas
  • Felty germander
  • Orange peel
  • 1 leaf from an orange tree
  • Lemon peel
  • 1 leaf from a lemon tree


Put some of each aromatic herb into a bottle (or bottles!), and for the orange and lemon peels, the size of a slice. You can use a twig to make the job easier.

Fill the bottle with both types of anis (remember to add ¾ of anisette and ¼ of dry anise), previously blended together.

Then leave the bottle in a dark room or cupboard for a minimum of two months.

And for the last step, you only have to open the bottle and enjoy your own homemade Hierbas Ibicencas!





It’s Good To Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

I work in IT so am quite good at computers, recently my husband has been spending more and more time on his computer, and when I checked his history it had been deleted, which immediately made me feel uncomfortable. So over a few days I kept checking it and he forgot to delete it one day and I now know he has been watching pornography.

It has really upset me as I thought we had a good relationship and he respected me and women in general, I have not told him what I have discovered but I am sure he knows something is up as I have been a bit odd. Do you think I should tell him?

Yours, J.O

Dear J.O

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry to hear you have discovered something which has caused you so much upset. It is always interesting when clients have suspicions about a partner, whatever those suspicions maybe, because often they ask if they should endeavour to establish the truth, my answer is always the same – What are you going to do with the truth? If your suspicions are found to be true then what are you going to do, because once you have a definitive answer and it is no longer a suspicion it becomes very difficult to do nothing.

So in your case you have found out something that upsets you and you are unsure if you should confront your partner. I suppose the most important questions to ask yourself are. What will a confrontation achieve? How disturbing is this to me in the grand scheme of the relationship? Is it a “deal breaker” or can I live with it?

Now that you know, I am not sure that you will be able to not tell him what you have found, maybe for now, but at some point possibly during an unrelated argument it might come out, and you will probably not have time to think about it, and how you want to handle it. If you think you can live with it and him, then it might be an idea to let him know you know so that it doesn’t come out when you least want it to. This will also give you an opportunity to discuss it and try to understand it a little. If you feel you can’t live with it, then telling him your will be marking the end of the relationship and it is up to you when you want to do that.

There is no rush to make any decision, you must take your time and do whatever it is that enables you to continue to continue to live the way you want to.

Please do keep in touch.

Warm regards,


For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

Letter From Juan

It is one of those weeks where I am staring at a blank screen and wondering what on earth I am going to write about to you. I can hear my old English teacher saying “now don’t waffle on about nothing” but I have a horrible feeling that it might well be what will happen. So I quite understand if you leave now and move on to the next article. However, I am encouraged to carry on by what another teacher used to say “the forest would be very quiet if all the birds were quiet except for the best singers.” This reminds of a comedian I saw on the television the other night who said wouldn’t life be so much simpler if every bird was like the cuckoo. Why?, because it would be so much easier to identify the bird species if every bird sang like a cuckoo and sang out their name “robin, robin or kestrel, kestrel” etc.! The other bird nearest to singing its name is probably the Hoopoe but enough of the ornithological stuff, it could be as boring as the weather to most people. However what is not boring is the incredible scenery around this island and now the cooler weather has arrived (!!), well that’s the theory, our walking group has started up again. Once a week we go off into the countryside and experience all the wonderful sights, views and historical locations that we are lucky enough to call our home – you should try it some time. Have a wonderful time, until next week, yours Juan.

View From The Pew

  • Walter Robbins

The English-Speaking Church in Ibiza is looking forward with great enthusiasm to meeting their new permanent Chaplain, whom arrives in Ibiza soon. He is the Reverend Doctor Peter Pimentel with his wife Susan. They come from the Isle of Wight in the UK and many years of very good church life. The church they say farewell to is successful, busy and joyful, drawing people of all ages. So the new Vicar Peter and wife Sue will be bringing good things with them as they join the unique church in Ibiza.

There will be lots of opportunities to meet with Peter and Sue and enjoy their company. The first will be at the Remembrance Day service at Santa Eulalia on Sunday 9th November. It will be a big change for them, as there will no longer be a short ferry trip to the mainland as in the Isle of Wight. They will have to get accustomed to the very friendly Geckoes of Ibiza as they do their clever circus tricks holding on to the ceiling, the noisy Cicadas in the summer, and the times when the sky rains mud.

Diana and I have loved our two months here and will return to the UK with very happy memories. Although the English-Speaking Church does not own a church building, the beautiful Roman Catholic churches that are lent to us, with such friendly priests, are places of great blessing.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name I am there with them” (Matthew 18:20) This is the reality of when we meet together and the Risen Lord Jesus is present and beautiful things happen where Jesus is. People are filled with His light and joy. Life has meaning and purpose. God’s strength and courage are received, sometimes there is healing. So there is everything to look forward to.

Farewell from Walter and Diana.

Services Sun 2nd Nov: 9.30am BCP Communion, San Rafael. 11am Service of the word with Praise and worship, San Rafael.

Around The Island Walk

  • Claire B

Toby Clarke from Walking Ibiza has just completed his fourth walk around the coastline of Ibiza, taking a group of eight walkers with him this time. Beginning on October 12th, their 11-day adventure covered a distance of almost 250km, with them completing a full day’s walking and then camping out under the stars each night.

The first time Toby did the Around the Island walk was in October 2010 when he set off with his dog Cosmo and just 1€ in his pocket. Relying on the generosity of strangers, many gave him food, water, shelter and encouraged him in the moments where his energy levels and spirits were low. This first adventure revealed the depth, beauty and spirit of the island and after that, Toby was hooked and wanted to share the routes and places he discovered with like-minded people.

Toby says that the island still surprises him. Asked for his personal highlight, he replied “all of it”. “Actually the campsite at Cala D’Albarca was just beautiful. Every morning we would all get up to watch the sunrise, but the sunrise that morning was particularly beautiful. Everyone was there just going, ‘wow’. It was really special.”

After crossing the finishing line in the port in Ibiza last Thursday, the adventurers looked both elated and knackered as they sipped on a celebratory glass of chilled champagne.

One of the walkers, Rebecca Simpkin said, “You see the island from a completely different perspective”. Looking happy and tanned, Rebecca commented that “abseiling down a cliff to a beach” was one of her “definite highlights”. “Camping at Es Vedrá was also magical. There’s a lot of Ibiza that’s completely untouched and to see it all, to see the ruins where people lived hundreds of years ago, it was just beautiful. I’ve fallen in love with the island all over again”. “It really clears your head as well. I’d highly recommend this walk if anyone’s suffering from any kind of depression. On a serious note, it really elates you! When you look back each day at what you’ve achieved you feel so amazing”.

For Joe Buckle, this was his third time walking around the island and he has already signed himself up for next year, as has his sister and some friends from England, who will all be raising money for charity. The Around the Island Walk is something which quenches his desire to “explore and know everywhere in Ibiza – every cala and every cove”. “I love nature and I love the fresh air. I like to feel strong and it’s the best fitness challenge you can do – it’s pure, natural exercise”.

As well as the regular guided walks that Walking Ibiza organise, the Around the Island Walk is becoming an annual event, and you can sign up to next year’s walk starting on October 11th, 2015, for a deposit of 99€. Go to the website and follow the link to reserve your place:

Doris Loves The World

State Of Grace

Overwhelmed with furniture, burning clumps of sage,

Sending ancestors and ghouls on their merry way,

So at last I’ll be released from that rainy day,

Seven years of service to a crumbling house,

Odds were stacked against me, but tenacious mouse

Chewed her way through residue, tenants wouldn’t leave,

With six thousand academic books he couldn’t heave!

Finally we gave the push, sold our old Dad’s home,

Which he’d carefully constructed from good Cotswold stone,

All their love was in them walls, it made my heart bleed

To see his old greenhouse, broken, gone to seed,

But materialistic things lose their sturdy grip

When we cross to other side in Death’s battleship,

Halloween brings all souls near, veil becoming thin,

Had to put his garage tools in the skip or bin,

Grandfathers whose artistry created fine antiques,

Had us flogging wardrobes on internet for weeks,

Solicitors argued small print, inventing disputes,

While I cleared that old garden of our ancient roots,

Forty five years I remember playing in pig pen,

Took the furniture and made it into hidden den,

Where I lost National health specs, deliberately I think,

Somewhere for a safe escape from the demon drink

Which beset our family with such painful tales,

Now all that can rest in peace along with ebay sales,

So I’m left with memories of playing ghosts in sheets,

Down Queens head in scary masks, skeletons for cheeks,

Cobwebs decorating dungeons, apple-bobbing, soaked,

Witches hats and brew galore, devil’s fork that poked,

Ghastly gnashers, blacked-out eyes, scars and evil grins,

Graveyards coming back to life to play for all our sins,

Next of course come sparklers, childhood Guy Fawkes’ nights,

Dad’s bonfires and street parties, not just family fights,

Home-made effigies we’d burn on that funeral pyre,

Sending sparks to Heaven so we could rise higher

Than the past remembered to a brighter place,

Where sun shines on all relations in a state of grace,

That’s where I’m now settling, no more need to fear,

Feet up for the winter with all that I hold dear.


Luv doris, the new age guru x


Old Tavern Coffee Morning

“Could you please put a thank you in the paper from me to tell all friends and customers that we raised 835.82€ on our Old Tavern coffee morning in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Appeal. A big thank you to everyone who baked cakes and savouries including Pam Bennett, Carol Winch and Jo from the Highlander.”

Thanks from Just Jackie…

Well done all, and just to offer my services if you’ve every any leftovers that need eating …


Against Regulations

  • L T Kelly, author of Falling Into You / Falling To Pieces.

I threw myself back into the office chair. Sweat coated my skin beneath the beige camouflage uniform. A loud sigh followed a huff broke the silence in the tent.

I’d scoured the Internet for the American soldier that had been standing in front of that same desk. The last time had been three weeks ago.

I took my bottom lip in between my teeth as I thought of how foolish I’d been. I’d tried to play hard to get when he’d asked for my number. Turned away from him so that his soft lips rubbed against my cheek instead of my mouth.

It wasn’t that I hadn’t liked him. It was the exact opposite.

Jeremy Fuller was a keeper. I’d played hard. That seemed so stupid now.

I flinched, caught off guard by the sound of the zip on the door of the huge domed tent. I flicked my eyes to the clock hanging against the white tarpaulin lining from a piece of string.

“Still looking for him then?” My colleague, Suzie stepped into the accommodation cell where I worked.

We were deep inside the confines of a compound close to Basra airport. A place you’d never expect to find the man of your dreams. But I had.

Now he’d disappeared without a trace.

“I think it’s time I gave up,” the words caught in my throat. My body ached with the realisation that I wasn’t going to find him. I squeezed my eyes shut and slammed my fist on the desk.

“How can a thirty-year old American not be on any social media? I just don’t get it.”

I needed to scream and cry like the girl I was, not the soldier I was meant to be. I sent my chair flying as I stormed out of the tent. Suzie called after me, pity laced in her voice.

I kept running until my boots sunk into the moonlit sand as I strode across dessert away from the neat rows of beige accommodation tents. I slumped to the ground, glad of the quiet isolation that the desert gave me.

I couldn’t get him out of my mind. The thought of his smile created a nauseating ache in my stomach.

“Kate? You okay?”

My head snapped back. I leapt to my feet throwing myself at him, almost knocking him to the ground with my embrace.

Jeremy clutched the tops of my arms, holding me away from him he dipped his head to meet my eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked me again, frowning.

I hesitated, turning away from him for a moment to catch my breath.

“What happened? You were gone? I thought I’d never see you again. I searched for you.” I wanted to wave my arms around but he still had a firm grasp on me, like he didn’t want to break contact with me.

He pulled me close to him so that my head rested on his chest. The heat from him warmed me more than the midday sun.

“I’m so sorry. I had to leave very quickly. My brother was involved in an accident. It was touch and go for a while, but he’s going to be fine.”

“Oh,” I muttered, guilt swarmed me. “I hope he’s okay. It’s just…I thought,” my throat constricted as I gulped back tears.

“I’m just glad you came back, so I could,” I hesitated before finding my bravery. “Tell you that I’ve fallen for you.” I held my breath and waited for him to laugh at me.

His head dipped down, the smile he wore reached his clear blue eyes. His lips, those beautiful lips crushed against mine, his fingers caressed my cheek.

“That’s the best news I’ve had in a while,” he said breaking away, his forehead still against mine.

I grinned before taking full advantage of being in the darkened dessert. After all, kissing whilst in uniform is totally against regulations.


Health Matters – Cannabis.

  • Kevin Russell

There are many rumours about the good and the bad of smoking cannabis. Taking legal substances, like alcohol and cigarette smoking out of the equation, it is the most commonly used of all drugs. It is widely available, comes in many forms (and names) and the legal restrictions regarding the growth and selling it can be confusing. It is now legal in many countries, states and cities. Colorado state sales have generated $47 million since the beginning of the year, not to mention secondary industries like tourism. In Spain marijuana clubs are becoming popular, there are 300 registered associations in Barcelona, the largest having 1,600 members, 25% of all adults have tried or smoke it. The newspaper El País reports that in Cataluña the sector pays approximately 5 million euros every month to the government in IVA and social security. That’s a lot of money.

But are the dangers and benefits known? Cannabis has many side effects, the active ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), affects the way your mind works so can make you feel chilled, happy, giggly and relaxed, even more sociable. It also alters your senses and can make you have visual or auditory hallucinations. Anxiety, paranoia, reduced motivation and light-headedness are also reported. It can also exacerbate pre-existing psychological illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression. The risk of lung cancer is twenty times higher from cannabis smoke than cigarette smoke. Mixing cigarette smoke with cannabis can augment the risks of bladder, breast and throat cancers.

But it’s not all bad. There are clinical trials underway investigating the effect marijuana (or more accurately THC) has on multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, cancer pain, appetite loss, migraines, gastrointestinal disorders and epilepsy. The medical community is giving it some thought. One of the problems arising from this is social acceptance and the standardising THC strength or potency so it can be used. Many people have used it ‘medicinally’ for many years and would swear by it, but recognition of the medical effects needs to be studied rigorously. Many people believe that taking cannabis is the first step to taking stronger drugs. This may or may not be the case, but what is clear is that people need to be well informed so they can make their own decisions bearing in mind their own background and medical history.  It is clear that smoking cannabis causes harm both physically and psychologically and this needs to be considered and weighed up against any sensation of wellbeing or social benefits.

If you have any concerns around cannabis Talk to Frank is an informative website that deals with many drug related issues.

If you want me to discuss any health related issue please get in touch via my email below or see my advert.

Gardener’s Corner—Green Roofs Pt2

  • John Hitchin

Following on from the last article, Green Roofs can be classified as either intensive, semi intensive or extensive. It is the depth of the planting system that denotes the classification. Extensive roofs support about 50-120kgs of vegetation per sq meter whilst intensive roofs support about 390-730kgs per sq meter.

Therefore an intensive green roof is one that would support a garden with vegetables, lawns and trees, whereas the extensive roof is one that would allow a low maintenance cover of plants. This type of roof would need to be weeded once or twice a year and have a treatment of fertiliser annually.

One of the advantages of the extensive green roof is that it can be laid on a much thinner growing medium than an extensive roof. The type of plants grown on these roofs are normally sedums or different types of moss.

There are some designers who build both types of roof on one building, which needs careful planning. Anyone thinking of building green roofs should seek specialist advice as the different loads involved need adequate structural support. Specialists will be able to calculate the load bearing needs of the structure and design the waterproof membrane system needed to keep the roof dry underneath.

There are also some green roofs laid on pitched roofs that will not need so much waterproofing as the water will run off. One consideration with regard to the membranes is an allowance in tolerances for additional weight of water pooling.

An alternative is the brown roof and these are gaining in popularity. These are laid on the same type of structure as green roofs but use locally sourced materials such as gravel and stones. There have been roofs built in the UK using crushed brick and concrete that will slowly be covered by different plants that make a good habitat for spiders and insects.

These roofs are also known as biodiverse roofs because they help to keep endangered species of insects alive. These roofs are good for large cities as the insects attract birds which in turn helps to preserve balance in the environment. Some people seed brown roofs instead of letting them cover naturally.

Green roofs are gaining popularity all over the world due to the huge benefits they bring to the environment and micro-climate, especially in cities. They also give considerable benefit in building insulation.

A further economic advantage is that  green roofs last over twice as long as a conventional roof. In allowing growing medium to be reused, they cut the cost of replacing a roof by about two thirds of the original— a huge saving.

Anyone interested in this topic but without a suitable property can start by growing plants in containers. This will start a journey of discovery about plants and the environment that will benefit everybody.

John Hitchin can be contacted via

New Baby

Our most heartfelt congratulations to Yamilet & Javier on the birth of their son Saúl Eloy. Born on Monday 13th October at 3.35pm and weighing in at 3.9kg. Dad Javier will be known to many of our readers as Manager of Villa Mercedes restaurant. As a bit of a workaholic we were surprised Jav had the time for making babies, but then January is the one month they close. You figure it out.

Local Services & Classifieds

Sport Report

Jezza’s Sport Report

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Interesting week, certainly for some (say no more!) and isn’t it just great to have our island back! Easy parking, traffic free roads, empty beaches and yet, still the sun shines, the sea is lovely and warm and the colours, simply amazing! Autumn is here and don’t we love it!

Rugby Union

The two European Cups continued with the second group matches. There were wins for Munster over Saracens, Harlequins over rivals Wasps, Scarlets, who surprisingly beat Leicester and Leinster over Castres.

Bath lost yet again, this time against 4 time winners Toulouse. Glasgow beat Montpelier and Sale lost at Clermont.

In the Challenge Cup, London Irish lead their group after their second win, ditto Exeter, Edinburgh and Gloucester. London Welsh were the only one of the home Countries to lose.

Rugby League

In the first rounds of the 4 Nations Series, England started off well with a win against Samoa, while, surprisingly, New Zealand beat favourites Australia, thereby ending the Aussies 16 match unbeaten run.


Congratulations to Andy Murray who, by winning the Valencia Open in a gripping Final against Spaniard Tommy Robredo, virtually cemented his place in the season ending ATP Finals at the O2 later this year. Having said that, this was made that much easier as Rafa Nadal had withdrawn from the O2 to have surgery, thereby releasing a further place from the top 8. Elsewhere Roger Federer continued his great run this year as he won his home ATP tournament in Basle for the 6th time and having replaced Rafa at World No 2 must now be one of the favourites for London together with Djokovic.


Both European competitions held the third group matches where, on the positive side, Chelsea stuffed Maribor 6-0, and there was a last gasp 2-1 win for Arsenal against Anderlecht. On the down side, it’s looking more difficult for both Man City and Liverpool. City, having had a 2-0 lead, were pegged back at CSKA Moscow to 2-2. Liverpool were soundly beaten 0-3 at Anfield with group leaders Real Madrid scoring all 3in the first half and maintaining their 100% record with 3 wins from 3.

In the Europa, Tottenham were easy 5-1 winners and Everton, top of their group, held on for a scoreless draw.

In the Premier League, Southampton continued their good form with a 1-0 against Stoke, to stay 2nd, leaders Chelsea were held to a 1-1 draw at OT against a rapidly improving Man Utd. Man City surprisingly lost ground with a 2-1 defeat at fast improving West Ham, Arsenal continued their good run with a 2-0 win at Sunderland, both goals coming from new boy Sanchez, the second of which, I am told by an informed Gooner, was their 1500th Premier League goal. Arsenal are only the second team after Man U to achieve this particular feat!

Tottenham continue to falter, as they were beaten yet again, this time 2-1 by a resurgent Newcastle, thereby taking the pressure off manager Pardew. Liverpool continued their miserable run and could only draw 0-0 with Hull at Anfield where Balotelli continues to be a complete waste of space as well as £16m, Swansea won 2-0 at home to Leicester, West Bromwich drew 2-2 at home to Crystal Palace, and Everton ran out 3-1 winners against Burnley with a brace from Eto’o.

Sky’s Monday night football featured bottom side QPR against Aston Villa with QPR coming out on top 2-0 winners and giving them a much needed boost  before this week’s encounter with the league leaders at the Bridge.

In La Liga, what a great game in Madrid. Real, having gone 1-0 down to a Neymar goal, pulled back and dominated the rest of the first Clásico of the season, to win 3-1. Ronaldo scored his customary goal (that’s 22 already this season and we’re not even in to November yet!) and the win  closed the gap at the top to only 1 point.

The big surprise was that Messi, normally so lethal in front of goal, missed two absolute sitters— at least by his standards. The match also marked the Barça debut of that famous ex-Liverpool ‘biter’ Suarez who, to be fair, produced both Messi chances and showed that he certainly hasn’t lost that special talent.


Finally some local sport. Keen veteran Squash player and regular Ibizan reader, Arthur, has written to me asking for an announcement of an Open Squash Tournament being held at Punt Groc, Santa Eularia, from November 3rd to 6th. The event is being held to commemorate the club’s 25th Anniversary, plus that of the first and still very active member, Jaime Velarde. All are welcome. For more info contact 971332978 or go to

That’s it for this week, ciao for now!

Quite a Week to be a Real Madrid Fan

Despite Liverpool fans and many a pundit seeming to blame their 0-3 drubbing at  Anfield on the half time exchange of garments in the tunnel, the official records will show the 3 goals conceded to Real Madrid in the first 45 as the reason Madrid top their group with 3 wins from 3.

This joy would be nothing compared to the win in the first Classico of the season coming from a goal behind to beat Barca 3-1 and take them to within a point at the top of La Liga.

Instrumental in both matches was that man Ronaldo who then scored a hatrick of awards at the Spanish top flight’s annual gala.  Cristiano was named La Liga’s best player,  best striker and best goal, for his back-heel against Valencia.

Rubbing salt to the wound for committed Catalan fans was him beating Messi to the award for the first time—Messi having won the last 5 years straight.

Ronaldo said  “It is a very good moment in my career,” later tweeting he was “happy and proud”.

Real dominated the individual awards at the La Liga gala, with Sergio Ramos being named best defender and Luka Modric winning the prize for best defensive midfielder.

Ronaldo was also named on the shortlist for the 2014 Ballon d’Or, the award given to the world’s best player.

Real Madrid and Wales forward Gareth Bale also made the 23-man Fifa shortlist. He is the only player from the home nations to be nominated.