With two new fetish nights hitting Ibiza’s bare cheeks in the next week, we take a look at Unleashed and Submission, plus Ibiza’s established swingers home Liberty


  • Eden, San Antonio, Friday 8th July


Unleashed, and in Ibiza perhaps unknown, but very well known in their Amsterdam home …. Very well known if you mix in certain circles that is. Leather studded circles with a skin tight covering of PVC would be the type of circle you’d be looking for. Unleashed are bringing their fetish fiesta to Eden on Friday 8th July, taking over the suitably dark and moody back room for a night mixing dance with stance and freak with chic.

Get Your Freak On - Ibiza Fetish
Get Your Freak On - Ibiza Fetish

There will only be a limited amount of 500 tickets available, a more exclusive and elite fetish experience than they often deliver at large-scale festivals.


  • So what to expect? Here is how the Unleashed people describe their night….

“UNLEASHED fuses gay and straight together into multi-sexual sensual spectacles, and always attract a playful and alluring crowd that want to explore their fetish fantasies in complete freedom and with a festive, energetic spirit. An essential feature of UNLEASHED events is the high-energy dance floor; providing an innovative and powerful, uplifting blend of Techno, Minimal, Hard House, Progressive, Electro and Industrial that perfectly suits the UNLEASHED tagline: when fetish hits the dance floor!

As there are only limited tickets available for this upcoming Ibiza event, every single guest should feel like a VIP and will be provoked into celebrating a night of fetish desire. In an intimate setting everyone is promised to enjoy the striking shows and breathtaking visuals that UNLEASHED has become known for. Think along the lines of fetish underground, sensual dark fantasy, chic sultry style and avant-garde surreal entertainment.


  • And a bit of advice …

As is common practice with fetish events, a dress code is enforced to ensure an inviting and seductive ambience. Although this Ibiza edition will be less strict than larger serious events, street clothes are still not permitted. Everybody is challenged to unleash their sensuality and creativity by following these dressing guidelines: fetish, sensual, leather, mini bikini, rubber, lingerie, elegant dark, glam, body art, incognito masks, transformation, drag, and fantasy.

More information and online ticket sale can be found at the UNLEASHED website or eden ticket site




  • Heart, Ibiza Town from Saturday 16th July.


Ask Club Submission what they are all about and they draw analogies with the Ibiza ethos of old. The Ibizan virtues of tolerance and acceptance that made it the island of choice for extroverts, subversives, artists and non-conformists for a long time before its most famous insurgents the hippies took refuge in under its live and let live sombrero.

“We choose to seek out like-minded, non-judgemental people, where financial status is irrelevant, and to fulfil hedonistic goals.

“Our events are open to adults of all ages, genders and sexual orientation, Bigotry is left at the door.

Heart feels a potentially great choice for the leftfield. A combination of the dark shadows on the ground floor and strut your public stuff glam of the first floor terrace should give an option for most types of turn on, and the stage sought by everyone from mail order bondage beginner to the full time freak n chic in the Leigh Bowery school where what most people term getting ready for a night out becomes the creation of an artistic exhibition.  As for financial status being irrelevant, we wouldn’t go quite that far, but at a price point a few euros per drink below the biggest clubs, it is certainly within reach of many.


  • As to their credibility Submission submit some bold claims and boast some big clients.

The founder, Ronald Lloyd Hugh Eliston, known to his familiars as DJ Rubber Ron, says that having expanded the already established Submission nights to Ibiza, his one off event here in 1995 was the inspiration for the legend that was the Manumission years that followed. Attendees of his nights include such a-listers as Alexander McQueen, Paul Oakenfold, Jean-Paul Gautier, and Vivienne Westwood.

Of one thing there is little doubt. Sexual and expressive liberation and acceptance is getting ever more mainstream. Whereas Unleashed and several before them have looked to one off events, Submission have committed to a season of themed nights at Heart. We were a little confused by the themes, ball types, sub themes and some type of playing card loyalty scheme(?) in the press we received, but we’ll forgive them that. It may have been hurriedly prepared, as we understand they were tied up all day.


Liberty Swingers

  • Port Des Torrent, from 9th July

3For liberated party people who care to share, Liberty Club in Port Des Torrent hold regular swingers parties in what many people will know under its previous owner’s name of Beverley’s Nightclub.

Liberty is a club with two sides. The main room is a red feast of burlesque style. Deep red velvets and leather come alive under 70’s disco lighting. To one side of the dance floor is the bar and table seating, and to the other huge sofas sink back into the darkness.


It is only if choosing to explore the corridors and doors leading away from the main room, that you will find a world of exploration and suggestion suited to all manner of deviant desires and fetish fans. Darkrooms, peepholes, and some frankly mind boggling contraptions and apparatus are all there for the taking or the watching.

Liberty have a clear policy of ‘no means no’ and absolute respect is expected of patrons. Liberty have forthcoming parties on the 9th and 23rd of July, and 13th of August. Open from 11pm to 5am, entry is 60€ per couple which includes 4 drinks.


So is Ibiza is ready to take on the fetish club experience?

As with all parties in the world of perv, the acid test will be in the execution – and we’re not talking about snuff cabaret. As far as residents are concerned, whereas in London the anonymity of millions gives a reasonable risk ratio to those who wouldn’t want their weekend tutti-fruitti to be spotted by people in their Monday to Friday life so Vanilla, Ibiza’s village may make all but the most confident of perv reluctant to bare all at the outset. Whether Ibiza has the attraction for international fetishists to have crammed their vices and devices into a Ryan Air friendly suitcase is something that at present only Hotel Maids will know.

The problem comes if, with a door less than the promoters may have hoped, the temptation to either earn the confidence of their club hosts, or simply earn some cash for their own pockets, results in abandoning door policy. Even amongst those who most desire the voyeuristic attentions of the eyes around them, there is a need that the environment remains one of style and individuality. The entrance of jeans and t-shirt may give extra revenue on the night, but it can destroy a reputation in fetish land as quickly as listing DJs who aren’t really on the bill in club land – and we know from recent experience how crippling that can be.

In Fetish it is fair to say that if it’s good on the door, its good on the floor, but often better tied to the wall.