04/11/2016 Nick Gibbs editor@theibizan.com

Ibiza Winter Tourism has been an unseasonably hot topic of debate for decades. A copy of Pam Deakin’s Ibiza Insight Magazine from the 60’s leads with the challenges of encouraging winter tourism – so that’s half a century of trying to find a way to get the winter season working in the way we all know it could.


Now Dutch tour operator Corendon have given an object lesson in how to do it. They are offering a new winter package holiday from Holland to Ibiza, and the first 100 travellers arrived at the beginning of November.

Corendon do have one major advantage – they own the hotel and an airline. Corendon do not have to deal with the chicken and egg problem that has blighted many initiatives. You won’t get flights if there is nothing open, and you won’t get hotels to open if there are no flights.


Corendon have become a sizeable airline in the Dutch and Belgian market since they formed in 2000. Last year they arranged holidays for 750,000 clients using their fleet of 14 aircraft.

In the close season 2015 to 2016 they purchased the 295 room Stella Maris Hotel complex in Cap Negret/Cala Gracio, just north of San Antonio. The hotel, always popular in the Dutch market, is now branded under their Marble hotel company as Marble Stella Maris Resort. The expansive buildings and grounds underwent a multi million euro top to bottom refurbishment before opening at the start of the season.

You can see where this is going ….

Winter Holidays

From November through to April, Corendon will offer Marble Stella Maris Resort in a package deal combined with flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.


The first 100 guests arrived this week on the 1st and 3rd of November. Corendon offers five-day vacations including flights, transfer and accommodation with breakfast. Prices start at 189 euros.

Atilay Uslu, founder of Corendon, said “We want our customers to experience Ibiza during winter season, because it’s the perfect time to enjoy the relaxed and beautiful atmosphere of this normally very lively and touristic island. We will inform our customers about the great possibilities the island offers during the winter months”.


Besides the package deal, Corendon also offers excursion trips including an island tour and a visit to Formentera. There is also a culinary package on offer including lunch and two dinners.

The hotel itself has two swimming pools, sports facilities including tennis courts, and several restaurants and bars.


The welcome initiative in promoting Ibiza winter tourism has been supported by an advertising campaign in the Dutch press and television.

Welkom op Ibiza!