Ibiza Consell has begun the tourist promotion of the island at the WTM fair in London with the aim of “consolidating a sustainable tourism model, in which our 3 million tourists are distributed more evenly during all months of the year” as reported in a press statement by the Consell Monday evening.

Highlights coming up include a presentation to British media entitled “Ibiza will always welcome you”

Numbers Game

Editorial comment: The Consell’s statements continue in the vein of those issued in the lead up to the event, to concentrate on numbers – specifically using the AENA airport statistics to demonstrate Ibiza has a much smaller drop in UK visitors in 2018 than some other destinations. One word of warning here that you need to understand in considering these figures. The AENA airport statistics take no account of the duration of stay or average spend of tourists, just the amount that get off and on a plane again. Other, more comprehensive, statistics have shown that he average stay of Ibiza’s tourists has reduced sharply in the last decade – from 8 days to now 5 days. In my humble, but in this case I think pretty sound, opinion, this reduction in the duration of holidays makes the AENA airport statistics misleading and completely unreliable when monitoring Ibiza’s tourism, particularly when comparing it to other destinations that have not had the same drop in average duration. So, you are warned, and with that – back to the Consell press statement. 

Consell Statement

More than 3 million tourists now visit us. The trend in recent years has been continuous growth, rising from 2,733,000 tourists in 2014, 2,755,000 in 2015, 3,010,000 in 2016 and 3,239,000 in 2017. The trend indicates that in 2018 for the third year will reach the figure of three million tourists, according to the provisions of the Council of Ibiza.

The accumulated passengers Ibiza Airport until September 2018 this was an increase of 1.7% over the same period of 2017. Decreased movement of passengers in July and August but has increased in June and September.

Of all passengers arriving at the airport in Ibiza in 2017, 39% were Spanish, 26% UK, 12% Italians, Germans 9%, 6% in the Netherlands, 3% in France, Switzerland 2%, and the rest to other European destinations.

2018 has been a season of consolidation, where products and prices begin to adjust to demand and which also confirmed the extension of the season. In fact, according to data from AENA, the Ibiza Airport has registered an increase of 10% places available for the next winter season.

As part of the WTM fair, the president of the Island Council, Vicente Torres, accompanied by the insular director, Vicent Ferrer Torres will make a presentation on Monday ahead of the British media of tourist Ibiza, titled ” Ibiza Always Welcomes You. ” The event will take place at 14 pm in the North Gallery Room 5 Exhibition Center which hosts the WTM.

The presentation will present products related to wellness and health tourism called ‘wellness’, which are growing every year, the cuisine, activities and cultural visits, destination recreational and tourism developments as Bridal, among other products.

Another highlight of the promotion of tourism, in order to consolidate a longer season and balanced is the segment that looks familiar British tourist accommodation and supply of quality, highlighting the major renovation of the hotel plant that has been in years.

As for the British tourism, destination, Ibiza has not been affected as other Spanish destinations by the general decline of the market recorded in 2018 mainly due to strong price competition from other Mediterranean destinations such as Tunisia, Turkey Egypt and Greece. However, the Council of Ibiza will keep promoting policies to consolidate on 2019 figures British current levels, taking advantage of the strength of the brand and its website offer quality and differentiated from other competing destinations .

to September 2018, statistics AENA.



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