You call that a storm? This is nothing compared to the great mes de tormenta of October 07.

  • Nick Gibbs

According to popular stereotype, we Brits are obsessed with talking about the weather.

Of course in the UK it tends to be more about how wet, cold, deep it is. There is even a certain British pride in our ability to withstand the worst that the heavens can throw at us, perfectly illustrated by the Vicar of Dibley’s, ‘The weather and the window’. This is the full episode, but Jim and Owen’s ‘great storm’ argument is right at the start.

For those that love to talk weather, we bring you Ibiza’s record weather statistics as published by the Spanish weather agency AEMET.

The readings are all collected by their weather station at Ibiza airport. The equipment is 6m off the ground, and so likely to record lower temperatures than may be experienced on the streets in urban areas.

Figures for rainfall were collected from 1944 to 2016, temperature from 1953 to 2016 and wind from 1965 to 2016

Ibiza’s Record Weather Statistics

Max. number of rainy days in the month: 20 (November 2008)

Max. number of snow days in the month: 2 (Jan 2005)

Max. number of stormy days in the month: 13 (Oct 2007)

Rainfall max in one day (l / m2): 156.5* (17 Sep 2005)

*equivalent to 15.65 cm or 6.16 inches

Rainfall max in one month (l / m2): 244.8* (Sep 1996)

*equivalent to 24.48 cm or 9.63 inches

Rainfall minimum in one month (l / m2): 0.0 (Aug 2008)

Wind speed maximum (km / h): 130* (December 16, 1981 3:48)

*equivalent to 80.8mph

Temperature absolute maximum (° C): 36.6 (10 Aug 1989)

Temperature average daily highest (° C): 33.1 (Aug 2003)

Temperature average daily lowest (° C): 3.7 (Feb 2012)

Temperature average overall month highest (° C): 28.6 (Aug 2003)

Temperature average overall month lowest (° C): 7.4 (Feb 1956)

Temperature absolute minimum (° C): -3.0 (12 February 1956)