We bring good news! After a pretty grim couple of weeks the Ibiza weather is set to sizzle over the next few days.

Well most of Ibiza is anyway.

4 Municipalities are set for clear skies and non-stop sun. 1 will be cooler with cloud cover.

The Island micro-climate is set to do its stuff with your location on Ibiza making the difference between sunny skies and cloud, and a couple of degrees temperature.

Blow you have detailed 7 day predictions for each of the 5 Ibiza municipalities.

Island Summary

According to Spanish national weather agency AEMET. Data taken at 10pm on 19th September 2018 …

  • All areas of Ibiza have 0% probability of rainfall Thursday & Friday.
  • No areas of Ibiza have a greater than 5% probability of rainfall Saturday & Sunday.
  • No areas of Ibiza have any storm risk for the next three days.
  • Thursday & Friday temperatures will be around the 28-30 mark.
  • All municipalities except one are predicted to have pretty well unbroken clear skies and sunshine until the weekend.
  • No municipality has a greater than 20% chance of rainfall until next Tuesday.

From next Tuesday, well it’s best not to ask frankly, so let’s enjoy the sunshine while we can.

  • Remember everybody, weathermen are 100% reliable. They never, ever, get it wrong. So you can take the charts below as cast iron guarantees. Think positive, yeah, we’re having a good time. 

San Antonio.

Ibiza Town.

San Juan.

Santa Eulalia.

San Jose.

Unfortunately it is San Jose as the one exception to AEMET’s prediction of a perfect late summer sizzle. Ibiza’s Southern most municipality is predicted to be a couple of degrees cooler than the rest of Ibiza, and with intermitent Sun and Cloud until the weekend.

But even within San Jose, things can be hugely different one side of the Island to the other. If you are a sun worshipper it will certainly pay to shop around.