Speaking at the official reception of Ibiza’s Day of the Tourist celebrations, Consell President Vicent Torres said “We must preserve that which makes Ibiza unique & exceptional”

day of the tourist - unique ibiza

Five families and two individuals were invited to the reception by the Consell, in order to give recognition to each having given over 25 years loyalty to Ibiza as a holiday destination. Those thanked by President Torres were Spanish, British, Italian and German, and each received a statuette of the goddess Tanit in recognition.

Deepest Gratitude

Vicente Torres said “my deepest gratitude to the people that today we pay tribute to their loyalty and love for our island.” He continued “Their example should represent an incentive to continue making ourselves worthy of that loyalty.”

To make this possible, the president said that “We must preserve that which makes Ibiza unique & exceptional” continuing to say that this must include “respect to its ecological and cultural heritage” and “a commitment to offer its visitors the highest levels of quality and excellence. ”

Vicente Torres explained that the Consell is working “to develop initiatives and projects to Ibiza, in addition to its beaches and its leisure” with the aim of consolidating Ibiza “as a top notch destination for holding sporting events and for tourism conventions and conferences. Also food or services dedicated to wellness, and all with attention to the preservation and enhancement of our rich natural and historical heritage and creativity.”

The President said that those tourists acknowledged for their loyalty at the ceremony “are part of the essence of the island, the purest Ibiza, always.”

“Ibiza Is Having One Of Its Best Tourist Seasons”, Vicent Torres, President of Ibiza