• Ibiza Town Ban Retail Alcohol Sales from 10pm to 8am
  • Further new offences include: Drinking in public places in the company of minors. Discarding alcoholic drinks/containers in public places. Various forms of advertising.

Ibiza Town Council are the latest municipality to add to the seemingly ever growing number of controls and regulations affecting its residents, tourists and businesses.

Though the Town Hall state that the controls are all aimed at the protection of minors in the fight against under age drinking, the effects are bound to be seen also in being another step to curb the party people culture.

The new regulations are being passed in a session of Ibiza Town Council today, Thursday 19th of July, however there is as yet no information on whether they will be in force immediately.

Ibiza Town Ban Retail Alcohol Sales from 10pm to 8am
Ibiza Town Ban Retail Alcohol Sales from 10pm to 8am

The regulations, as reported by the Council in a statement, are enacted in the interests of “child protection and prevention from alcohol abuse,” as well as “ensuring minors are not targeted in the advertising of alcoholic beverages, and do not have access to purchase alcoholic beverages.”

The Council have stated that their position is one where the rights of the child to protection outweigh the rights of the adult to consume.


The regulations include:-

A prohibition on the sale of alcohol from all shops, bodegas, petrol stations etc, from 10 pm to 8 am.

A prohibition on the advertising of alcoholic beverages aimed at minors, “which use messages or arguments aimed at this age group and which induce them to drink”. In addition, you cannot use the image or voices of minors or young people in the advertising of alcoholic beverages.

A prohibition on the advertising of alcoholic beverages in municipal facilities, sports venues, exhibition halls and educational centres to which minors can access.


Infractions are classified as minor, serious and very serious. Penalties can range from 750 euros for minor infractions to 3,000 for very serious infractions.

Minor infractions include;

failure to display information of the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages in authorised establishments.

The promotion of beverages through the distribution of information in mailboxes, mail, telephone or computer networks, unless that it is directed nominally to those over 18 years of age.

Leaving alcoholic drinks or drinks containers in public places*

Serious infractions include;

The consumption of alcohol by under-18s

The consumption of alcoholic beverages in public when accompanied by a minor*

Very serious infractions include;

The sale, delivery, dispensation, offering or supply of alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 years of age by commercial establishments, including vending machines.

In addition to financial penalties, the Town Hall intend to introduce a range of educational alternatives aimed at achieving behavioural change.

Editorial Caveat

*Can these be true? The official notice from Ibiza Town Hall translates literally as ‘public roads’. If that means public places, I would have been breaking the law when I had a cup of mulled wine on a family trip to the Christmas market. Perhaps I am missing some point of emphasis or colloquial usage? The original text is below – perhaps somebody can tell me it does not mean what we think it means, otherwise this truly is a big leap in Ibiza’s big brother state.

“el consumo de bebidas alcohólicas en la vía publica, acompañados de menores, son infracciones graves”