• Nick Gibbs

In the years I have been writing articles on Ibiza tourist statistics I cannot yet remember one with figures going down. On a day to day level we all notice this increase in visitors in the traffic on our streets and flesh on our beaches.

With this seemingly never ending upward trends in Ibiza Tourist statistics, we ask whether the market should be allowed to dictate when the island has reached its finite achievable numbers, or whether the Government should step in to control Ibiza’s visitors at a sustainable level.

Here we bring you 3 key statistical returns – Ibiza Tourist Numbers, Airport Passengers, and Hotel Occupancy

Please let us know your thoughts, put up and shut up, or fed up we’re full up?…


Tourist Count – Balearic Statistics Institute



Year to July Tourism Up 11%

Figures released by Ibestat, the Balearic statistics institute, show Ibiza tourist numbers to be up by 11% in the year to the end of July compared to the same period in 2015.

Of the 1,647,000 visitors, only the Spanish show a decrease in numbers down by 3.4%, but still comprising the second largest nationality.

At 455,000 tourist visitors the UK is up 8.4% and represents the biggest national group by far. Aside from Spain the UK brings more than double the number of tourist to the next biggest nationalities of Italy at 204,000 and Germany with 190,000.

Though still a very small overall percentage, the Scandinavian market has shown the biggest increase up 58%, with France also showing a marked increase up 28% to 88,000.

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Ibiza Airport had a record 1,390,009 travellers in August 2016

Year to date traveller figures up 12.7%

A total of 5,332,497 passengers have transited through Ibiza airport during the first eight months of the year

Ibiza airport’ August traveller tally came in at 1,390,009 passengers, 6.9% more than during the same month last year.

Spain heads the list of movements with the United Kingdom second with some 368,497 travellers representing an increase of 5.3%. In third place is Italy with 216,234 passengers, 0.6% more than in August 2015.

Aircraft movements carried out last month totalled 12,992, an increase of 4.1%.

Cumulative figures

Passengers in the eight months to date show a substantial increase of 12.7% over the same period in 2015, equating to 5,332,497 passengers.

August hotel occupancy reached 95.4% in the Pitiusas

Throughout the season it has been 88.6%, 6.5% higher than that recorded last year

Speaking of the figures, Juanjo Riera, president of the Pitiuses Hotel Federation said yesterday that they had actually predicted even higher at 97% – a figure he felt the islands could handle.

According to Riera it was the last few days of the month between Sunday 28 and Wednesday 31 August that dropped the overall occupancy level in certain parts of the islands.

Surprisingly perhaps given it is considered the boom area of Ibiza, it was actually the Ibiza Town sector that includes Playa D’en Bossa that let the numbers down with a rate of  93.72% in the last fortnight, when in the same period of 2015 it was 95.77%.

Riera considers that as well as being the most expensive area, it is also the current attraction for the younger crowd, many of whom may have been returning to studies towards the end of the month. That was not the case in Sant Antoni and its bay, also a younger hotspot, where occupancy was 95.19%, 0.5% higher than in 2015.

Juanjo Riera believes that Ibiza must concentrate on its infrastructure to avoid a feeling amongst visitors that the island is reaching saturation point.  By way of example he stated improvements to the Ibiza to Santa Eulalia road, drainage and through its problems bad odours in Ibiza Town, and the interconnection of desalination plants as all being important improvements for Ibiza to withstand the increasing tourist numbers.

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