Ibiza Tourism; Ibiza is participating in the WTM fair in London with the aim of consolidating the growth of British tourism in the low season, counteracting the effects of Brèxit

Ibiza will again participate in the International Tourism Fair, WTM London, from the 7th to 9th of November. The stated aim of the delegation is twofold. First in consolidating the growth of the British market in the low season, which shows an increase of over 10% in 2016 compared to 2015. Secondly to use the seasonal increase in British tourism to offset the negative effects of Brexit.

London bound – the Ibiza delegation

The chairman of the Ibiza Tourism Promotion Foundation, Vicente Torres, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism councils and insular director, Vicent Ferrer Torres, explained the details of the island’s objectives in one of the world’s biggest international tourism events.

“Last year we promoted Ibiza’s strength as a destination to its maximum potential for the first time. A year later, we can say that the balance has been very positive. There has never been a better time to market our low season tourism”said Vicente Torres, adding that increases in tourism outside of the high season “have a direct benefit in employment and in enhancing the economy of our families.”

The Torres twosome also highlighted the importance of initiatives undertaken by Ibiza’s individual municipalities. “The promotion of off-season activities such as gastronomy, cultural fairs, sporting activities and many other highlights are important factors in our presentation to the tourism fair in London.”

Numbers Up

According to passenger arrival numbers through Ibiza airport, the island has received a cumulative increase of around 11% more British visitors to the end of September, compared to the same period in 2015. (ed – though if the objective is to show an increase in low season business it seems odd to use the cumulative figure which includes all passengers up to September, including the peak season – by using the cumulative figure there is nothing to say all of the increase was in July and August – just saying)

With regard to hotel occupancy, the president said that the biggest increases have occurred in the months outside of high season. (ed – I’m not being deliberately awkward here, but that is surely to be expected when the peak season is at near capacity anyway? – see our recent tourism statistics report here http://theibizan.com/news/ibiza-tourism-2016/.

the 2016 stand is significantly bigger than 2015


Regarding the possible negative effects of Brèxit, and what the president described as “the loss of economic capacity of British families due to the devaluation of its currency”, Vicente Torres felt the effect may not be fully visible until 2018. However, rather than await the negative, the delegation is aiming to “seize the current positive increases in British tourism to counterbalance the possible negative effects that might result with the output of the UK from the European Union.”

Ibiza, through the Island Council, the five Municipal councils and Tourism Promotion Foundation, will participate in the WTM with its own stand, and considerably larger increasing from 44 to now 71 square meters. This is a result of increased demand by co-exhibitors. The budget for the fair is 90,000 euros, up 20,000 compared to 2015.

2016 Stand

The 2016 stand includes a sculpture of an Ibizan hound, which readers will be disappointed to see is not actually a journalist from the English newspaper, but instead a Podenco dog. The sculpture was lent to the trade delegation by the P art gallery, which is said to represent “the art of counterpoint contemporary” in conveying the message to visitors that Ibiza is far more than the stereotype of “sun and beach”, though we can’t help thinking that knowledge of colloquial English may have resulted in making that point with something other than an old dog wearing too much make up.

The last thing we want is a stereotype

View and/or Download the Ibiza delegation info, stand, location and itinerary below

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