Ibiza Tourism January to April

Official FITUR tourist statistics have been released for April so allowing a picture of Ibiza Tourism in the low season.

In the period 1st January to 30th of April the island recorded a total of 268,492 tourists, a 10.3% increase on the previous year.

British visitors actually fell by 6.5%, the first time we can recall any set of statistics showing a drop in British numbers since the end of subsidised international winter flights.

Ibiza Tourism January to April 2017
Ibiza Tourism January to April 2017


More than double dutch

The most remarkable figure to be drawn is a further reflection of the huge increase in business from Holland and Belgium.

The number of low season tourists from the low countries jumped by 62.5% and for the first time ever pushed the U.K. into second place on the international list.

Though we cannot read too much into these figures in so far as the main tourist season is concerned, it does seem that the Dutch are utilising their winter connections to a far greater extent than the British.