Ibiza Tourism ‘16

  • 26/10/16 Nick Gibbs

Ibiza tourism statistics reveal some very interesting information on the 2016 tourist season.

Peak Season Occupancy

ibiza-tourism-16-4We took the average of the occupancy rates from July to September over the past 3 years—except for San Juan that is, who give the impression they are not the most favoured municipality at Stats HQ. As is commonplace with much data issued by the institute, San Juan have gaps in their figures in years they have not provided the information.

All municipalities (except San Juan, but we take their figures with a pinch of salt) have shown an increase in occupancy over the previous year.



The most notable success is in San Jose, including the in vogue resort of Playa d’en Bossa. Ibiza’s Southern state  have taken occupancy from the lowest position in 2014 and 2015, at 77 and 78% respectively, to now leading the way with a whopping 92% capacity.

Average Room Rate

ibiza-tourism-16-2Among the most startling of the figures released is the increase in the average room rate around the municipalities since 2010.

Low season statistics can give skewed returns and so we took August as the true barometer of what Ibiza is charging, is able to charge, in the context of peak demand.

Ibiza Town leads the pack with an increase of 90% in just 7 years—and an average room rate of 227€ reflecting the many luxury hotels in the capital.

Aside from San Juan who haven’t bothered to send the figures in again, bless ‘em, it is only San Antonio who do not reflect the barometer shift in Ibiza’s seemingly never-ending march towards total VIP.


San An’s 29% increase, is 44% behind the next on the list Santa Eulalia. Whether this is a reflection of a strategic decision to maintain their hold in the lower cost end of the market, or is a consequence of their troubled reputation leaving them no other choice, is open to debate.

The Ibiza Factor

ibiza-tourism-16-6Figures comparing the Pitiuses to the rest of the Balearic Islands, show in stark contrast that the Ibiza Factor has a cash value in the tourism world. Ibiza’s average room rate at the various quality standards of Hotels is higher from one star to five. Again it is in the upper echelons of VIP that the difference becomes a gulf.

In the 5 star sector our hotels charge an average of almost 100€ more per room per night. More astonishing still, Ibiza’s 5 star tariff has increased by 75% in just one year.

ibiza-tourism-16-5Insane numbers, kind of makes you understand why San Juan don’t bother with it all :-)