Ibiza Time set to Become a Real Thing! 8pm Ibiza will be 6pm UK

  • The Balearic Government is asking the Spanish Parliament to approve a new law that will keep the Islands on permanent Summer Time.
  • The Islands do not wish to turn the clock back one hour along with the rest of Spain (and the European Union) this coming Sunday.
  • If agreed, it would put Ibiza 2 hours ahead of the UK in winter months, and 1 hour ahead as at present during British Summer Time.

The proposal was initially put forward by the small MES Menorca party referred to by El Pais as “eco-nationalists”. Their idea struck a chord in the Balearic assembly and the motion gained support across the house, with all political colours signing up in agreement.

Highlighting the effect of the time change they point out that on Sunday, the sun will go down at 5.45pm in Mahón, at 5.52pm in Palma de Mallorca and 6pm in Ibiza. This is nearly 50 minutes earlier than Western Spanish cities such as Lugo, in Galicia.

Lack of Sunlight “Causes Depression and Insomnia”

In a statement issued by MES, they list various reasons for wanting to step out of sync with the rest of Europe. They consider that the daylight saving change has the effect of reducing people’s exposure to sunlight, something they say is “key” to people’s health and state of mind. They go as far as saying the resulting one hour reduction in sunlight “causes mood alterations leading to depression and insomnia.” Well that certainly would explain a lot about the U.K.

In addition to the perceived health benefits, the argument extends to include the detrimental effect on people’s ability to follow outdoor pursuits and sports. They claim that the current situation results in unnecessary energy usage and that a later dusk would assist the economy in encouraging winter tourism and giving a push to retail sales.

El Pais’ report of the initiative, which has been widely covered in Spanish press, says that there has been social pressure to adopt such a change for many years. “The movement Illes amb claror (Islands with clarity, in the Balearic dialect of Catalan), which supports adapting to solar time, has been gaining significant support on social media in recent years. The group demands adapting the vital needs of citizens to solar schedules, not to the schedules of large corporations.”

Sync with GMT is “obsolete”

The regional government has concurred that living on a time zone marked by the Greenwich Meridian is the result of “obsolete political decisions of an industrial nature.”

The document supports “a rational, logical and natural timetable” because “modern society needs the hours of daylight to adapt to its leisure time.”

Now, the regional assembly is echoing this call, noting that the Balearics are the easternmost region of Spain, and thus the place where the sun rises and sets the earliest.