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Ibiza Taxis in San José Must Prove They Are Not Avoiding Taxes

Salaried taxi drivers have reported ‘layoffs’ by the licence holders of ibiza taxis.

According to claims made, Ibiza Taxis licence holders are not fulfilling their duty to work a minimum of 24 or 35 hours per week. This is in order to keep their income below 150,000€

If they go through the 150,000€ income level they would be liable to pay a higher rate of tax under current taxation law.

Ibiza Taxis continue to campaign vigorously for more action to stop Ibiza’s pirate taxi trade who they claim are taking income away from them.

Within the municipality, there are 103 seasonal licences and 83 fixed. A decree is issued demanding that the taxis must justify they worked four days of the week between 19th and 25th June.

The deputy mayor, Paquita Ribas has given them the choice of which four days they wish to present. They do have 10 days to present their proof in the form of GPS or tickets.

The mayor has assured the public that the council are aware of the problem. “There are taxi drivers who do not do everything they have to do” she said. The move is in response to reports that during the period chosen, calls were not responded to and services not provided due to a lack of vehicles.

Contractual Obligations

The councillor explained that taxi drivers have an “obligation to serve their minimum hours that, whether 24 or 35”. Taxi licences are for either 24 or 35 hour minimum per week. They must work that minimum as a condition of their contract. “The car must be working,” insisted the deputy mayor.

The council is looking to check the working hours of taxis in June. Specifically what reasons they have for not working. “A taxi which stopped working from 5am to 7am because there is no work is not the same as 7pm to 8am the following morning” said Ribas.

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