Ibiza Taxi App

Possibly The Most Incredible Thing We’ve Ever Written About In Ibiza!

Ibiza Taxis have released a booking app. The app is pretty cool and does things that will seem a little like witchcraft to people who have not used similar software elsewhere in the world.

But it isn’t the app itself that makes it a contender for the most incredible thing we’ve ever published. It is the people behind the app, Federación Insular del Taxi, the representative group of Ibiza Taxis.

Regular readers will know I have given Ibiza’s taxi drivers some considerable stick over the years, and I stand by it being fair and justified.

If you want to read the reasons why I give them a hard time there is an explanation after the information on the app itself.

However, my opinions on Ibiza Taxis have nothing to do with the Ibiza Taxi App beyond explaining why I would describe it as the most incredible story ever. So let’s get on with the app itself.

Ibiza Taxi App

Installation & Use

Installing it from the Play Store for Android, you are asked for the obvious permissions including location service. Edit: Thanks to Katey for confirming the app is available on IOS – links to both android and apple are at the foot of the article.

You are then literally ready to hail a cab within seconds.

Having identified your location, the app tells you how long a taxi will take to reach you, and if they are close enough you will even see green ‘free’ taxis on your screen. Quite a lot of them at this time of year.

Additional Functions

The app includes options to send your taxi driver a message with additional instructions, which to my cynical mind seems hugely over ambitious, and to apply coupon codes.

Rather more usefully you can enter a destination address to get a fare quote at the outset.

I see that function being used by people to get a starting price quote with which they will then barter with the so called ‘worker taxis’. If worker taxis continue to exist at all that is, as with the app removing the need for people to reach out to the illegals for the reasons of communication, it remains to be seen whether availability issues or lower pricing will be enough to make it a worthwhile illegal Ibiza job choice for the what’s app  wagons.


The play store gives a vague idea on use, stating ‘over 1,000 downloads’ which could take it anywhere from 1,001 to 9,999. Its admittedly limited reviews to date are good, with an overall score of 4.3

Both of the negative comments received so far are from Brits, saying they don’t turn up, though our experience of the app so far is that they do. More importantly in review terms than my limited use, it is given a hearty 5 star rating from my local bar who are called upon to hail tourist taxis several times a night. The good people at BN3 are no doubt enjoying the break from having to endlessly explain the vague possibilities of whether a cab would arrive to now being able to show the holidaymaker how long it would be, what car it is etc.

Amazing, I am writing an article about Ibiza Taxis and it feels that the word ‘efficient’ would not be out of place.

High Season

There is one caveat that must be applied to such unabated adoration. Working well in May and June does not mean it necessarily will in July and August. To get a cab at this time of year has never been so difficult. Whether or not the system will be able to cope when demand outstrips supply we must wait and see. Any such system must face challenges and problems. The question is whether the drivers will support it through its tribulations.

I hope so, as on all evidence to date, it is brilliant. Credit where it is due, well done Ibiza Taxis.

Did I just say that?

For my own contribution, just to be helpful like, I suggested that the next version of the app include a game in which you bet on how far over the speed limit the taxis are driving across the island based on how quickly the little green cars move across the screen of your phone. Hours of fun. They haven’t come back to me on that yet.

Play Store Link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.taxiibiza.ibiza

Apple IOS Link, https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/taxi-ibiza/id1460144852?fbclid=IwAR1gIpkCuEuWi8gNib1R5tdoTHxDBKqq_qymOe5u21qZqGKGn3H_nucCFUM

Ibiza Taxis Self Awarded ‘Special Case’ Status

The key point for me has always been that the Taxi drivers consider themselves a special case above all others. That the commercial world and rules the rest of us have to play by do not apply to them. They have consistently refused any change to their working practices through technology or other means.

The taxis consider all competition a threat to their trade and that they are entitled to stop that competition regardless of its merits or need, solely on the grounds of it threatening to impact their own earnings. When the idea of a night bus service from Ibiza’s clubs was first raised, the Taxi drivers protested by an Ibiza Town sit in, bringing the town centre to a standstill.

In the same way they have constantly refused to even discuss ways to alleviate the acute shortage of taxis in high season. They protest against illegal taxis but will not discuss allowing more legal licences to be issued.

And they are a law unto themselves on the roads. They drive at insane speeds with apparent impunity, and if you dare to delay them you will have flashing headlights inches from your rear bumper.

Stories of poor taxi service received by the Ibizan are second only to street sellers. Most of those complaints involve dangerous driving or abrupt termination of a journey.

All in all, I am not the Taxi Drivers’ biggest fan, and I am  not alone in that view.

Dazed & Confused

With all that said of the Ibiza Taxi service, I was amazed to see this technology available. I would have expected any mention of anything that could be construed as ‘change’ resulting  in years of strikes, protests, threats, and the revolting sight of politicians pandering to them in a way no other special interest group can expect.