Bossa Brothels Outrage Residents

‘Pornographic’. That is how the neighbours of Platja d’en Bossa define the brothel flyers that for the last ten days, they found every morning on the windshields of their cars. The leaflets have completely naked women in very explicit sexual positions and messages in which subtlety is not a key feature.
Neighbours complain that the pamphlets are available to everyone, including children and do not understand how the municipalities of Sant Josep and Vila have not taken action against the clubs that are advertised. They say that in previous seasons they had also found cards and advertising strip clubs, girls offering sexual services or agencies escorts, but none of them had pictures or posts of this type.
In fact, ten days ago the first of these flyers appeared, in which three young women offered all types of sexual services and the flyers have since proliferated advertising in this same tone several of these businesses.
The cards appear on parked cars from the crossing between Avenue Pere Matutes Noguera with street Músic Vicent Mayans Mari to the end of Platja d’en Bossa, near the tower des Carregador. Both the City of Ibiza as Sant Josep explained yesterday that their local police have detected these flyers and are trying to locate people that put them on the windshields of cars during the morning.
At first, the Consistory of Sant Josep noted that in the case of pornography, it was the responsibility of the Guardia Civil to arrest or fine those responsible. However, the provincial Force Headquarters indicated that the only thing they can do is bring the case to court if a neighbour complains because it is not a crime but a violation of a municipal ordinance.
Later, however, the City stressed that they can implement the ordinance and that their agents are trying to detect who distributes leaflets. The Ibiza Town Council agreed and said that when located, they apply the appropriate sanction, which will range between 150 and 3,000€
Ed: Stating the obvious but to find those responsible has anybody thought to dial the telephone number on the flyer?

Cannibal Drug.

Already called the drug testing market for Europe, Ibiza has seen over the last few weeks the reappearance of a drug called MDVP, which induces very violent behaviour and has even led those under its influence to biting other people in a Cannibal like fashion, hence the name.
First detected three years ago on the island, the drug appeared not to be a hit at that time, but in the last few weeks there have been cases of violent dug intoxicated people, thought to have taken the Cannibal drug, causing havoc in the San Antonio Emergency Centre and Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza. So much so, that the staff have had special training to deal with these very aggressive patients and restrain them whilst they are being treated for the affects of this drug.
The drug appears to be taking over from Calvin Klein (cocaine and ketamin mixed) as the fashion in areas of San Antonio and Ibiza, with one case also reported in Mallorca. It creates hallucinations and is a very dangerous, addictive and strong drug, often leaving the consumer in a Zombie like state, or unconscious, and with heart palpitations after first passing through a violent hyperactive phase. Often called bath salts on the drug market, the authorities are warning everyone to stay well clear of this drug and are trying to find who is supplying the drug on the island.
Ed: See article by our own Kevin Russell on page 16.

Tax Reforms Benefit Locals

The income tax reforms, proposed last week by the national government, will benefit around 19,000 people living in Ibiza and Formentera. Aimed at helping low paid workers or families with lots of children as well as disabled people, the 10,000 residents in Ibiza and the 600 in Formenrtera, who officially earn less than 18,000€ a year, will see their income tax bill reduced by 31%. A family with two children jointly earning 25,000€ will receive nearly a 14% reduction in income tax. Special grants and allowances for disabled people, families with lots of children and working mums with children under three will be maintained whilst the new income tax deductions will still be applied to these situations. Other tax reduction help will be given to low income families struggling to pay their mortgage and the urban taxes charged by town halls.

Civic Agents Start To Patrol.

This week saw eight Civic Agents start patrolling San Antonio in the areas known as the West End, the sea front promenade, the fountain promenade, the sun set strip and the north part of the area known as S’Era d´en Manyà. These agents will patrol in pairs and their job will be to improve the relationship between the residents of the town and the tourists by detecting uncivil behaviour, as well as health and safety problems, thus hopefully avoiding the police being involved. Trained in basic English, first aid and crowd control, as well as in constant contact with the emergency services, the Civic Agents are a pilot project for San Antonio that is copying a system already used in Catalunya. The actual police in the town are reportedly unhappy about this initiative claiming that they don’t need more eyes to help detect problems but more man power to deal with them.

Caught After Three Years.

A 26 year old British man was detained in Manchester this week after jumping bail three years ago in Ibiza, when he was detained for drug offences along with several other suspects. The man was alleged to be part of a 13 strong gang caught in 2011 with possession of 5 kilos of MDMA, 4 kilos of Cocacine and 3,600 pills ready for sale as well as 69,900€ in cash. Extradition proceedings are now under way for trial in Ibiza.

Luciano Party Disrupted.

The Luciano and Friends Party at the Cova Santa Night Club, located in the country side in the borough of Sant Josep, was disrupted after police responded to complaints from neighbours about the noise. Reportedly, after receiving complaints at the beginning of June about the noise generated by the party and because the organisers had apparently previously refused to allow them to take sound metre readings, this week the police entered the club and sealed the music equipment as the party was taking place. It looks like the club now faces hefty fines and will have to have the sound equipment measured and metered by the Town Hall, as well as having a noise limiter installed before they can hold another event.

Palm Tree Fall.

A local man was injured badly when he fell 5 metres to the floor from a Palm tree he was pruning in Playa den Bossa. Initially treated at the scene by the emergency services, the man was later taken to an intensive care unit because of the seriousness of his injuries.

Cyclist In Intensive Care.

A 53 year old man was knocked off his cycle by a car near Sant Carles village. The injuries were severe, especially to the cyclist’s head and the he was taken to intensive care at the local hospital where he remained for more than 24 hours.

Injured In Police Escape Bid.

A young couple were seriously injured when they tried to avoid being stopped on their motorcycle by the police in Ibiza Town. As the couple fled and a chase started, the 25 year old man lost control of the motorcycle and the 23 year old Italian girl passenger was thrown from the bike receiving the worst injuries.

Excursions In Formentera.

The Balearic Government’s environmental sub committee Red Natura 2000 went against the wishes of Formentera’s Consell Island Government when approving two maritime excursions landing on Ses Illetes and Espalmador—both being protected areas of coast in Formentera.
Claiming they were parties and nothing to do with enjoying the natural environment of this natural park, the Consell sent a representative to Palma to argue the case that these and other similar excursions should not be allowed to operate. Backed by reports from Natural Park rangers that these excursions were not to enjoy the nature of the area, the Consell said that they wanted to keep the tourism on Formentera different from that on the other islands. They criticised that the Red Natura 2000 appeared to just check that the area where the landings were going to take place was not destroying an important natural habitat or endangered and protected plants or species, rather than verify what the excursionists were actually going to do once they reached these idyllic spots. Apparently, checking the company web sites shows that they are party excursions not nature excursions.

Snake Population Study.

Snakes which arrived here from the mainland, possibly in vegetable and fruit shipments, or pets that escape are increasing in population. For the last two months, a study in which the difference between these snakes adapting to the new environment of the island and the rest of their species on the mainland has been taking place. Specially trained dogs were used to detect the main centres of snake activity on Ibiza and a top Snake Specialist, Juan Manuel Pleguezuelos, from the University of Granada, arrived on the island this week to check out at first hand the results of the study so far. The results of the study will also help control and understand how snakes are arriving on the island.
While Pleguezuelos was on the island, a motorist reported running over a big snake on the Sant Miquel road. Inspecting the incident, this expert explained that these snakes were not dangerous but were a threat to other local species and fauna, needing to be controlled as they were not natural inhabitants of Ibiza.

Taxi GPS.

The Town Hall in Ibiza has signed a deal with the company Pitusred to provide a GPS service for taxis in the borough. This will replace the traditional radio taxi system of connecting taxis with customers. All taxis will now have to officially install the GPS system, even though in initial trials they were reportedly not too happy about the efficiency of the system with multiple taxis being sent to pick up the same ride.

Publicity Wrist Band Excuse.

Using a publicity wrist band for a club as an excuse to approach tourists on the Arenal beach in San Antonio, a 23 year old British youth was detained by police for drug dealing. At first, the man tried to run off as the police approached but when he was finally caught officers found he was in possession of forty six pills, three grams of cocaine and 1055€ in cash. The youth admitted to the police his modus operandi for selling drugs to tourists.

Pensioner Drunk Driving.

An 84 year old man was found to be drunk whilst driving in San Josep at 7am after he crashed his Volkswagen car into a Fiat Panda coming the other way driven by a 38 year old woman. The accident happened at the corner just after the petrol station in the village and blocked a lane of the road needing the police to assist in controlling the early morning traffic. Both vehicles were right offs and the drivers were hurt in the accident needing ambulances to take them to hospital for treatment.

Illegal Wedding Celebration.

A beach club located in the Cap des Falcò area of the Ses Salinas natural park was reported by the GEN ecologist group to the authorities for staging a wedding celebration in an area of the natural park beside the club. It appears that the beach club set up a stage, lighting and other installations needed for the wedding without the correct permits in a protected area and the many cars bringing the guests caused problems by parking in the natural park. Sant Josep Town Hall claimed that they would take action against the organisers. Apparently, on the day of the wedding, once the authorities had checked that the permits were not in order, there were too many guests attending the event and police intervention at the last minute could have caused possible public safety issues.

241,000€ For Fishermen.

241,000€ in grants will be given to local fishermen to help compensate for the expenses they incur daily in controlling and registering catches and in helping manage local fish stocks. There will also be some money to help with the expense of employing more hands to help on board the fishing fleet.

Call to ‘Be Civilised’.

That is the message of a publicity campaign which is going to be set up in the UK by the Spanish national tourist authorities after certain excesses of the youth tourist market on the islands made head lines. Several reports of incidents of bad and uncivilised behaviour on Ibiza and Mallorca have made the news and there has been controversy in the last week over the British Consulate backed warning brochure about behaviour and the dangers faced in the resort of San Antonio by young Brits on holiday. However, it appears that an international headline and a video going viral on the web of a young girl allegedly carrying out oral sex with twenty three men in a bar in Calvià, whilst on a binge drinking pub crawl, finally made the authorities take action and get this publicity campaign on the go.

Warehouse Robberies.

Between Sunday night and Monday morning, it seams that a very organised gang broke in and robbed the safe at a warehouse of an ice cream company located in the Ca Na Negreta industrial estate. There are no details of the loot obtained in this robbery but it appears that there are possible connections to three or more similar robberies which have occurred in recent days on an industrial estate located near the airport.

Police Attacked By Moldavian Women.

Local Police in the village of Sant Josep were physically attacked by three young Moldavian women when they asked them to leave a bar in the town. The police were responding to a call from the owner of the bar who reported that the women were intoxicated and were smashing glasses and plates as well as damaging the premises. Once the police managed to control the aggressive women they were taken into custody before being charged and handed over to the Guardia Civil.

ONCE distributes 210,000€ in Sant Jordi

The Friday ONCE Coupon left 210,000 euros in Ibiza, in seven coupons awarded with 20,000 euros each in the draw of El Cuponazo. The award was handed by the seller, Daniel Sepùlveda Gomez, whose selling area is the commercial area of ​​Sant Jordi.
Sepùlveda, who has spent the last six years working for the organization and always in the same area, said yesterday to be feeling very satisfied with this award, the first dealing in his career.
ONCE has 1,274 members in Baleares, of which 259 are totally blind and others visually impaired, and 604 disabled members and vendors, as reported yesterday the organization through a press release.

Can Misses Opens

One hundred and sixteen patients attended the new hospital, built next to the Can Misses hospital in Ibiza town, on its first full day of operation this week. Initially offering the services of Endocrinology, Internal medicine, Neurology, Neuro-psychology, Children’s medicine, Dermatology and Urology, fifty of the future nine hundred staff which will work at the hospital were on hand to help patients. Over the next few months all twenty two different consultation services will start to operate, reducing the need for seven hundred patients to travel to Mallorca for treatment and check ups. The other positive spin off is that the waiting time for consultations will be drastically reduced as the new facilities come on line.

Balearic Breakthrough in Alzheimer Battle

The Univerity of the Balearic Isles (UIB) has brought us a small step forward in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease with their molecule HDHA.
The group of Molecular and Cellular Biomedicine of the UIB has designed a molecule that allows mice to recover normal levels of lipids that are altered by this degenerative disease. The key point of this research group, led by Dr. Pablo Escribá and Xavier Busquets, is to design a molecule: the hidroxidocosahexaenoica acid (HDHA). Their initial hypothesis is that the neurological disorder that causes the neurodegenerative process associated with Alzheimer’s is related to altered levels of lipid in the neuron membrane. Escribá stresses that they are already conducting human trials to evaluate the effectiveness of this molecule in the treatment of this degenerative disease and so far the results are encouraging, with noticeable results after three to five weeks of treatment. The path between research and the disposal of a drug in pharmacies is very very long, and even if they are doing clinical trials Escribá indicates that it may be many years of waiting until their investigation becomes a drug available to the general market.