Ibiza Sun News 29th May 2014


Shotgun Execution.

  • Man dies in gun attack by his Wife’s Uncle.
  • Ibicenco man turns himself and shotgun in to Police.
  • Family property dispute thought to be cause.
  • Reports of three shots fired, first to back and last  ‘execution’ round to the temple.

At 4pm Monday a 65 year old local man waited by an isolated country path in the Sant Jordi area for the arrival of his 35 year old Dutch nephew-in-law.  The fatal encounter took place at a warehouse owned by the older man. Reports in various local media sources talk of a discussion followed by shots fired. The shotgun was fired three times, first believed to be in the back, then the chest and finally  in an execution shot to the temple. If, as is suspected, the Shotgun was of the type typically owned by older generation Ibicenco farmers it would have required him to empty the barrels and reload for the third shot. This has resulted in much opinion that the killing was not one of a heated exchange getting out of control, but instead that it was

The victim died instantly from his wounds and was left lying by the side of the track.

The older man is said to have left the crime scene giving his weapon to a friend to take to the police and later turning himself in.

As police started their investigation and cordoned off the crime scene, the older man, in his initial statements, suggest that the killing was the result of a family argument over property & inheritance. It appears that the bank was about to repossess the land and buildings where the shooting took place. The Nephew in law had made the older man an offer for the property on behalf of the rest of the family and was hoping to discuss the situation that afternoon before the banks stepped in. .


Green Icon Arrives In Ibiza 11th June …

Julio Barea, responsible for Greenpeace’s campaigns in Spain announced that their flagship, Rainbow Warrior III, will be docking at the Port of Ibiza between the 11th and 13th of June, and will then move to Palma de Mallorca until the 15th, with the objective of campaigning against Oil/Petrol surveys in the Balearics, Canary Islands and the Artic Pole.

Greenpeace will give a news conference and will be accompanied by media personalities to support their campaigning. They will also have an open doors day on the boat where you will be able to get information about Greenpeace and their activities first hand. Barea pointed out that they want to come to Ibiza to give our anti-petrol survey campaign maximum broadcasting and to claim that it’s possible to have energetic independence from hydrocarbons.

This announcement was given last Thursday during an Alianza Mar Blava assembly in Ibiza Town. The Alianza Mar Blava also explained the efforts and work they are doing to stop the Oil surveys and announced their calendar of future activities. On the 7th of June, to coincide with the World Environment Day, the day will be destined to children, so they can also expresses their opposition, and on the 28th of June a Global Day of Action has been set up in which industrial actions will be coordinated with other anti-petrol survey platforms.

Apart from these more social diffusion, the Alianza Mar Blava continues their legal work, here at home and in Brussels, they are preparing a complaint to put forth to the European Union and are propelling a work group to favour the new energetic model in Ibiza. Carlos Bravo from the Alianza Mar Blava also told the press they are preparing a resource to put through to the Administrative Court in case the report on environmental impact, that the technicians from the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente are preparing, are positive for Cairn Energy.


Black Pigs Recognised As Special Breed.

After visiting fifteen “Black Pigs” (porc negre de Formentera y de Eivissa) on a farm in Formentera, the Balearic Government Minister, Gabriel Company, said that they had sufficient differences to make them distinct from other similar breeds of pigs found around the Baleares. He said that a law passed this month classed these “special” dark skinned pigs a breed of their own found only in Ibiza and Formentera.

 Spanish Economy to Grow 0.4% This Quarter

Luis de Guindos, Spain’s Economy and Competitiveness Minister, has announced that the Spanish economy will grow by a further 0.4% during this second quarter of the year.

De Guindos claims that the “signs regarding the immediate future of Spain are positive”, although his forecast is made with precaution and prudence. He did go on to say, however, that at least the same growth from the previous quarter would be repeated and left it at that.

And, whilst the economic recovery in Europe is fragile and slow – even negative in some countries, in Spain “figures point to the fact that the Spanish economy is growing at a faster rate than the euro zone average.

Report Crime in Less Time

The Guardia Civil has launched a new service whereby victims of crime are able to fill out a crime report form, or ‘denuncia’, online and hand it into their nearest Police station. There are certain crimes excluded, and the scheme is conditional on the form being presented within 24 hours. The benefit to most people would be avoiding the need to wait in long queues during the summer months, often making a bad day even worse. The crimes that can be reported using the new online form are:-

  • Lost or stolen documents or personal belongings
  • Any documents or possessions that have been found
  • Stolen cars
  • Thefts from cars or other vehicles
  • Non-violent theft and damage

You can find the appropriate form by visiting the website : and click on the ‘Denuncias’ link, then the  ‘Presentación de denuncias penales’ link. If your Spanish is not up to scratch you’ll need to find a friendly translator as the form is currently only in Spanish, and has to be completed in Spanish.


Private Plane Problem Disrupts Airport.

This week a small private plane punctured its rear wheel tire as it was preparing for take off at Ibiza airport. The plane slewed sideways blocking the runway which took the emergency services an hour to clear. Several planes, including a London flight, were delayed or diverted to Palma.

Winter Unemployment Increase.

In the last five years the number of the residents living on Ibiza who depend on unemployment or other social benefits to get through the winter has increased by 17%. The total last December reached 16,324 residents needing this support out of a year round population of about 100,000.

Costly Reservoir Still Not Used.

The reservoir, constructed in the Sa Rota area of the borough of Santa Eulalia, is still not in use. Built in 2003 and costing 2,7 million €, it was designed for agricultural irrigation of 114 hectares. Seemingly the reservoir has not been used because it is suspected that, the water which will be used to fill the reservoir will be salinated and, though useful for irrigation, it will negatively affect the drinking water wells used to supply the town. The town reportedly already has sufficient problems with the quality of the drinking water and will not use the reservoir until the new desalination plant comes on line to reduce the necessity to use wells to supply drinking water to Santa Eulalia.

Less Days Off Sick.

The Baleares is the region of Spain where the workforce has less days off “on the sick”. The average on the islands is 29,21 days compared to 34,36 for Spain as a whole. One area of Spain, Lugo, reported figures of 58,58 days off because of sickness of the local workforce.

Ibiza and Formentera Disenchanted With Europe.

With a high level of those entitled to vote not appearing at the booths, the PP Conservatives won the most votes for the EU elections on Ibiza. They sustained a loss in support but still won by gaining 30% of the votes registered.

The PSOE Socialists suffered similarly coming in second with 25% of the vote. Smaller parties managed to gain representation, in particular the “Podemos” party which is new on the political scene here and did particularly well in Ibiza Town. Political interpreters analyzed the results as a vote against the handling of the economic crisis by the two main parties as well as general apathy towards the EU.

 Thousands Of Properties Can Be Legalized From Today.

Chalets, villas and other types of building, built illegally in rural areas of the island, can be legalized as of today as long as they have physically existed for eight or more years. The legalization process has to be carried out at Town Hall level though the law is an island wide law dictated by the Consell Island Government. Already there have been lots of enquiries about the process of legalization and Town Halls, such as Sant Josep, are expecting an “avalanche” of applications to legalize properties and Sant Josep has set up a special section to deal with the process.

Grounded Boats To Be An Eye Sore All Summer.

The two remaining boats washed up on the Arenal Beach in San Antonio last winter during storms are set to stay where they are for the duration of the summer season. It appears that neither the relevant authorities or the owners are planning to salvage the vessels. As a response from businesses in the area worried about the danger these wrecks present to the general public and to the eyesore they create, the Town Hall is going to put up signs and take other measures to warn the tourists to keep away.

Poor Quality Water.

The residents associations in Playa den Bossa have jointly reported the Town Halls of Sant Josep and Ibiza Town to the consumers association because of the poor quality of the water supplies they receive. Not fit to drink and damaging to electrical appliances and piping etc, the consumers association are taking on the case for the affected neighbours as they believe the Politicians should assume their share of the responsability for the bad water supply rather than, has apprently happened, brush aside the complaints of over four hundred residents and blame the water supply company “Aqualia” for the problem. Hopefully this will bring the residents a step closer to getting compensation for the damage the poor quality water has caused.

More Ferry Connections To Formentera.

Eleven more ferry routes will now connect Denia on the main land and la Savina in Formentera each week. Leaving Denia at 8,30am and the return voyage leaving Formentera at 9pm each day with extra midday sailings on Fridays and Sundays, these services will last until mid September.

Illegal Publicity.

The opposition Town Hall Councilors in Ibiza criticized the increase in the number of posters “illegally” displayed on properties around the town. Businesses advertising in this way can face 600€ fines but it appears that the actual Town Hall is also guilty of using this medium to announce events to the general public!

Cruise Tourism Is Good.

Last year Ibiza received 108 cruise liners bringing 191,814 tourists to the island for a short visit. It was calculated that each of these tourists spent an average of 100€ whilst here. With this in mind, on the 30th there will be a day long conference given by experts discussing how to promote Ibiza to this type of tourism and what more can be offered to the cruise tourists whilst they are here visiting the island. Some suggested that we need to improve the transport links from the port to the centre of Ibiza Town so that we can get the maximum economic benefits from these visits.

Parking Made Better In Formentera.

Formentera Government Minister, Santi Juan, was happy to report that the Island Government had finished work on improving the parking behind the church in Sant Francesc and in an area known as “el Jardí de Ses Eres”. The parkings have both been made safer, better lighting installed and access for pedestrians improved.

Santa Eulalia Stops Building Work At Water Park.

The old “Aqualiandia” water park in the borough of Santa Eulalia was the focus of the attention of the Town Hall planners in Santa Eulalia this week. It appears that building work was underway at the site without the proper licenses in vigor. The authorities visited the site and ordered the work to stop within 48 hours ordering the promoters to apply for the correct licenses.

Jelly Fish Numbers Increase.

Large banks of Jelly Fish have been detected around the islands. It appears that the warmer than normal sea temperature (19º average) this spring has increased reproduction amongst these creatures. The authorities say that this is a normal phenomena and may not necessarily mean more jelly fish on our beaches this summer. The good news is that none of the dangerous “Portuguese Men Of War” (Physalia physalis) jelly fish have been detected this year.

Successful Blood Donor Campaign.

In a campaign lasting thirty-three days, residents on the island gave 1,335 blood donations. These are much needed as the health authorities use an average of 200 transfusions a day. The Blood Donor bus will again be visiting all the towns in the next few days so please help the cause as each blood donation can save three lives!

Caught In The Act.

Reports say that an American man was caught in the act of swopping drugs for money in Ibiza this week. The man was detained and found to have various quantities of ecstacy, cocaine and ketamin.

In a separate action, the police detained an Italian man in the Figueretes area of the town. He was found to be carrying 6 kilograms of marijuana.

Fight In Car Leads To Crash.

Police said this week that the evidence pointed to a fight between a man and a woman in a car as leading to the car they were driving crashing into three parked cars at 7am in the morning in central Ibiza Town. Apparently as the car came to a stop, the woman jumped out and ran off with the man giving chase. The woman finally took refuge in a passing taxi whilst the taxi driver stopped the man from also trying to get in. When detained, both the man and woman showed signs of having more injuries than could have been caused from the car crash. The man was also found to be under the influence of drugs.

Opening Party Crime Report.

With several big opening parties taking place last weekend, police activity was intense particularly in the borough of Sant Josep. Police made fifteen detentions for drunk driving, nine detentions for drug offences, one detention for disobeying the police, twenty-two cars illegally parked were towed away and numerous complaints were received about noise levels. Over seventy traffic offences were detected, a ticket tout was detained for illegal propaganda activities whilst another man was arrested for possession of a self defence spray which is classed as an illegal weapon in Spain.